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New Adventure

Name: Fariel Oreen
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Thief
W.O.C: Twin daggers, minor black magic (training)
B.Background: Born at Kilika, was previously part of the crusaders but quit after death of father, left Kilika looking for adventure and now hangs around Luca, robbing etc.

(occ – Set around the same time that Yuna and the gang started their journey to destroy Sin. Its freelance roleplay, you can go off on your own as a player or join into a group and go off on some random journey. Up to you guys. Can chose your backgrounds, who’s your friends, foes, so on so forth. Big bad is Sin, most major events will probably have some link to the game so yeah. FF10 roleplay lets go)

Fariel sat perched on the top of the roof over looking the circular market as the children ran free with their balloons and toy swords. It was unusually quiet; nearly everyone was at the stadium watching the blitzball match, the faint cheers could be heard from stadium itself, muffled drunken cheers could be heard from the cavern to the side of the market below. She smiled to herself, watching the occasional traveller come down the stairs from the Mi’ihen Highroad.

Her cape waved around her as the wind gusted, she had only been in Luca a month and had connections everywhere and knew the streets like the back of her hand. It was somewhat boring, stealing from easy unaware residents of the city, though she didn’t want to go back to being a soldier with the crusaders, continued failure one after the other by sin. Wasn’t something she wanted on her shoulders.

“Blah…where is everyone…”

(occ: not exciting first post i know, need to know more about you lot before anything can happen. POST!) :3

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(ooc- raven um bloody glad u started an ff r'p gunna stay on to post to join me?)

Name: Tanis


Race:Half Elven

Occupation: Ninja/Mercinary

W.O.C: Katana/wakizashi/daiko/black elven magic

Background: ...

Tanis stood in the bar scouting for possible jobs. He had been a mercinary for 4 years now and was one of the best. His speed was uncanny and his elven blood gave him strength and reactions superior to most humans...but less than that of full elves. His golden almond shaped eyes peered out through the mask of his Ninjitsu outfut...loose billowing black robes that concealed everything about him, even the swords strapped to his side. Tanis had decided that he would wait for one more half hour for someone interesting to show up. If no one did then he would continue his travels.

  He waited for 25 minutes then decided that it was time to go. He began weaving through the bar, avoiding people and never looking up. He had reached the door and was in the process of opening it when he felt a bump and his body lighten...he whipped round and grabbed the arm of his assailent...surprised to find it was a human woman...a thief by the look of it. He reached into his robes to his wakizashi so he could teach this thief a lesson...not to harm her...just scare her a bit...when the door opened and someone knocked him off balance! It was only a brief respite but the girl took her chance and darted out the door...Tanis's gold pouch in her hand. Tanis knew what he had to do. He brezed through the door in pursuit of the thief woman. She was surprisingly swift and seemed to know the streets well...but the elven in Tanis gave him the upper hand. He grabbed onto some scaffolding he was on and -with an speed no human could match - yanked himself up it. He ran along the rooftops following the girl until she stopped running...she looked around obviously thinking she was safe.Tanis took this chance to heart...he launched himself the 3 storys off the building and hit the ground. He rolled and stood up quickly...luckly the girl had been to startled to run when he suddenly appered...obviously she was not used to being caught. Tanis grabbed her arm and declared:

"Who are you and why did you see it nessecary to steal from me?"

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Fariel attempted to pull her arm free but was obvioulsy not going to succed and looked up at the black robed figure, he was fast, surpisingly fast, she thought him worthy of a challenge as it was not often to see people in Luca in such strange dress. She noted his golden eyes but dismissed it quickly as the grip on her arm refused to losen.

"Who i am is not of importance, and i saw you as a challenge, it is not necessity that puts me into theivery."

She pulled her arm away while he thought it over in his head and threw the pouch at him before turning and walking away, looking over her shoulder with a sly grin.

"By the way," she said stopping and turning back to him, "what brings you to my streets? I don't see often people of your, calibur and dress often."


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Tanis looked at the woman...he had to admit...she had spirit, even if a little arrogant.

"As you say who i am is of no importance. As for why im here..." he hesitated...should he tell her of his real journey? he decided against it. "I am here to find work...i am a mercinary...and a highly skilled one at that. I only work for people that i think would intrest me. I shall do anything provided it is possible and i am paid."

Tanis ran an apprasing look over the nimble thief. She was clad in albel clothes and given a little more time could become very attractive...but Tanis only pondered over this for a second...he knew that she was an able thief and that was all that mattered...not her looks.

" Tell me, young one, Have you need of one like me? i have become bored with the usual murder jobs and hope to pursue something a little more interesting. Tell you what...if you have work for me -of any sort- meet me back in this spot in exactly 24 hours...i must rest...farewell..." The girl saw Tanis stare into her eyes and averted her gaze

"Farewell Fariel until we meet again"

With this he released a smoke bomb and in the 4 seconds it took to clear, was gone.

Fariel stared on in had he known her name? it took her about 2 seconds to make up her mind...she would go and meet with this man again even if it was only to find out how he knew her name and why his eyes were glowing gold...

(ooc- on that note im goin 2 bed....l8r)




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(occ: lol thought you would be, alright, talk to ya tomorrow)

She walked down the street contemplating over how he knew her name and if any of it was really real. How could someone so obviously up for a new adventure like herself just wimsfully appear just as she wanted it to happen, she felt like it was all a dream. Except he said that he would work for money, she didn't have money to spare. Though she wanted to find out what he was really about before she told him that.

Taking a few side passages she entered through a weathered red wooden door, inside she was presented with the familiar surroundings of her small house, a fireplace sat ablaze at the side, the chair sitting peacfully infront of it and the makeshift bed against the far wall. From under her cape she unstrapped her belt and threw the weapon clad leather onto the chair, followed by her cape and jacket. She killed the fire before laying down onto her small floor level bed, a dagger sitting by her side as she dozed off as the rain started to fall outside.

"How did he know my name?"


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Name: Richard Kobie

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Occupation: Fugitive

Weapons: None (yet…)

Weapons of Choice: Forearm blades, longbow

Background: Ex-soldier in Sin’s service - defected but was arrested and sentenced to death.

Start: A beach not far from Luca.

<ooc - I've never played FF10 so this should be interesting LOL>

Slowly, laboriously, but insistently, Kobie climbed the hill, ascending towards the boundless turquoise sky. He used his staff to vault up onto a large rock and ran the last few yards to the top. The world seemed to stretch out endlessly below him, the sun rising crimson in the east, and the wind whipped across his face and blew his short dark hair back. He spread his arms, drinking in the wonderful feeling of freedom that engulfed him.

With a crash he was pitched from his bunk onto the hard, cold floor of his cell. The shouts of the other prisoners and the violent pitching of the ship quickly reminded him of where he really was - the prison-transport vessel Vortex Rikers, the furthest thing in the world from the freedom in his dreams. The timbers creaked ominously and water was trickling steadily down from the ceiling, and Kobie could tell something was wrong.

Rushing to the locked door and looking through the bars, he saw Ash, the head guard, pass by and stop to scrawl something in his ever-present log book.

“Hey Ash, what the hell’s going on?” Kobie shouted.

“What do you think’s going on, genius? We’re caught up in a mother of a storm and the ship’s coming apart around us. Now shut up and hold on to something!”

“Are you insane? Let us out of here - we have to get to the lifeboats!”

Ash’s amused smirk as he turned and strode off down the corridor filled Kobie with almost enough rage to smash down the cell door and tear his damn head off.

“Ash!” he shouted, beating his fists bloody against the unyielding oak door, “Open the doors! Don’t leave us in here! Wait a minute! Open the frigging doors you son of a…”

The most violent wave yet buffeted the Rikers and this time Kobie heard the scream of splintering wood. He was thrown across the cell, his head smashed against the oak wall, and his vision exploded into stars that faded into blackness.

* * *

Kobie awoke to the sound of surf crashing against the shore. He opened his eyes to see gulls wheeling overhead. He was lying on a deserted beach with a large piece of driftwood gripped in his arms, and it looked like it was early morning. His head felt like it had been flattened then reinflated by some sadistic giant. The salt of the sea stung his injuries. He staggered painfully to his feet and looked around.

He was still trying to remember what had happened the night before when someone leapt at him from behind brandishing a dagger. He fell heavily, just managing to knock his assailant’s arm aside to deflect the dagger that had been aimed at his neck, and kicked the attacker off. Jumping to his feet, he saw that his assailant was a young woman in torn clothes, streaked with blood and dirt. Another survivor? She jumped at him again, but his military training saved him and he managed to seize her wrist and twist it downwards. His assailant dropped the knife with a cry of pain and he tripped her, rolled on top of her and grabbed her by the throat to choke the life out of her. She struggled and screamed but he kept the pressure on, every fibre of his being screaming at him to kill her. He looked down as her attempts to tear his hands away from her throat grew more feeble, saw her eyes begin to glaze over and…

He couldn’t do it.

He let go, leaving his assailant choking and gasping on the ground and grabbed the dropped knife, holding it to her throat.

“Why did you attack me? Is it not enough that I’m sentenced to hang that you have to cut my throat as well!?”

“You’re…you were a prisoner on the Rikers too?” she answered, her words coming between sobbing gasps.

Surprised, Kobie let her up, but kept hold of the knife.

“Yes,” he said warily.

“I attacked only because I thought you were a guard. I’m sorry…but when you’re sentenced to death by torture for a murder you didn’t commit…!”

Kobie regarded the young woman before him. She looked tired, dishevelled, and her hair was plastered lankly to her forehead by a mixture of grime and the seawater she must have recently emerged from. What colour it was under all that was anyone’s guess. But then, he probably didn’t look much better himself.

Her eyes were blue and hard-looking, and a kind of metal mask covered her mouth and nose. It was black and had several vertical slits in it. She noticed him looking.

“It’s an oxygen converter - the al'bed made it for me. I was born with damaged lungs so I can’t breathe without it.”

She smiled ruefully behind the mask.

“What’s your name?” Kobie asked.

“Merek - Sonya Merek. You?”

“Richard Kobie - I was a soldier in the service of Sin,” Sonya’s eyes opened wide with shock at this, but he held up his hands soothingly, “But when I heard about what that bastard wanted…the kind of atrocities he orchestrated…” he shut his eyes to block out the painful memories, “I defected, and I made it back to Kilika, but they locked me up anyway.”

He laughed bitterly.

“We’re the same,” Sonya said sympathetically, “Two condemned innocents.”

Kobie saw sincerity in her eyes, and warily spun the knife in his hand and offered the handle back to her. She took it and stored it in a sheath concealed in the forearm of her left sleeve.

“I’m sorry I attacked you,” she said, “But you spared my life and where I come from that counts for something, so I’ll come with you wherever you are going, if you’ll let me.”

Kobie thought for a moment.

“Luca,” he said, “They won’t have heard about what happened to the Rikers yet, and I doubt we’ll be recognised anyway. We can get weapons and supplies there.”

Sonya smiled wryly, fingering a strand of her filthy hair.

“And a bath.”

<ooc - please keep your characters in Luca til my 2 guys arrive so they can run into them ;) >

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Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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(occ: Fenix you know the basic story of FF10 yeah? I might have to lend you the game so you can get the low down. Its basically that Sin is a big mother ****er of a beast that well destroys everything that its many eyes see, i don't relaly know how to describe it, anyway sin was created 1000 years ago in the game to destroy all those who had commited sins and wouldn't dissapear until everyone had made up for it. SO 1000 years later, there are no machines or other such things that we take for granted, all kinda medevilish, and everyone, mostly, follows a religon, Yevon, being their god. SO on so forth. And so to defeat Sin, summoners have to go on a pilgramage to gain the aeons (summonings) and then the final aeon to then destroy sin, then there is a 10 year calm before sin returns. So on so forth. I hope that made sense. I'll lend you the game, it kicks ass. Anyway yeah, just remember everythings lacking technology, instead of tv's and stuffs like that they use spheres that record and play back blah blah. Anyway)

Fariel wondered the streets aimlessly, it was still morning and the storm the night before had finally passed, she still had a few hours of day left before she had to meet the black robed mercenary and find out what he was really about and so she was just wasting time.

She would occasionally over hear the complaints and praises of fans from the match the day before. The Luca Goers had won again, of course, they always win.
But then umongst the converstations in the crowds were rumours of a ship that got taken down by the storm, some saying it that it was sin.
It made her think, but they were only rumours. Heading back through the streets to the familiar market she went up the steps, she could easily just run across mi'ihen highroad and continue running and find a new place to set up but that would be too easy. Climbing the steps she passed all the usual travellers, and teams, all filled with determination that they would defeat sin, yeah right, only summoners can defeat sin, thats how its always been.

Reaching the top of the stairs she walked across the open balcony infront of the last flight of stairs leading to the high road and looked out across the ocean and beach below. It was peaceful for something that could kill you on a whim.
A yell disturbed her thoughts and she peered over the rails down at the beech below the feet of balcony, two people, were fighting, a girl and a boy, or more of a man and a woman, they were in very ratty cloths and were dirtied with sand and dryed salt water. The man soon had the woman pinned in defence and they started to yell at eachother. If the man was going to kill her he wasn't doing it very discreatly.

She was very close to yelling at them and jumping down but they were already seperating themselves from each other and calming down into lower voices that she couldn't make out.
Fariel quickly pushed off the rails and ran down the stairs, she was going to go and spy on them, she had time to kill, what better way to spend it then sneaking up on people and seeing their reactions for a laugh.
She tooka shortcut through the streets and ran down the stairs to the beech, keeping into the shadows and under the feet of the city above out of veiw while she listened tot he remainder of the conversation.

"The rikers?" she spoke to herself quietly, "thats a transport for criminals...that must be the ship that sunk, gossip preveals again" she said laughing to herself but quickly pressing up against the wall as the man looked up in her direction.

"heh heh heh..."



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Name: Neji


Race: Human

Occupation: Pirate/Treasure hunter

Weapons Of Choice: Single Edged sword (called Silver Wolf, It is has Waterstrike, Thunderstike, firestrike and IceStrike) Twin Pistols (Machina)

Background: Was a Guardian, after a run in with Sin while sailing between Kilika and Luca, he awoke on board a ship of treasure hunters, and taken in by the Captain called Chouji, he was soon taken into the treasure hunting trade and on his journeys he stole the twin pistols from an Al'bed and while swimming deep under water he discovered Silver Wolf (its called that cause it has the picture of a wolf encraved on it).  He travels searching for his lost summoner and his best friend Shino who was also a Guardian.  The crew on the ship are from all walks of life, Guado, Al'Bed, Human and Ronso, from them he has learned to be more than capble at sword skill, and a pretty good shot with a gun aswell as being quick on the trigger, not to mention he has been trained by the Captain who is highly skilled in Black Magic.  He is very hot headed and loves a fight, very optimistic and laid back but gets bored easyily. When it comes to some action he's the first there.  On a side note Neji and the crew are well known Treasure hunters and are often hired out, they except work from everyone as they follow no religon or beleif.


Finally, we arrived at Luca port, bout time aswell, we accepted some information from a Guado we met at the bar, turned out to be a false lead and we came back empty handed!  Man i'd like to run into that guy again.  But ohwell im sure i will and he's in for it.  The rest of the crew are tending to the ship or wandering around town looking for some leads on treasure or spheres, me? i think i'll go to the bar or maybe play a bit of blitz ball, thats always fun.  I left my Guns back onboard the ship and set out with my sword, never know what you could run into in these times.


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  Tanis looked over Luca...watching the people saunter about aimlessley. He almost envied them...after being expelled from the small population of elves left he travelled the world looking to make a living. His elven talents gave him the upper hand on most humans and it was this that caused him to follow the path he was on. Tanis was lonely...but could not allow his personal life to interfere eith his career. There was only about 100 elves left in the world...hidden deep in there forest. No one knew of them. He had already decided to move on. But he had to wait one more day. Something big was going to happen, but he had no idea what. He wanted to move on as fast as possible but this-for some reason he felt- couldent wait...he would wait till tomorrow evening...if nothing had happened, he would go...if something DID happen,well, he'd go anyway.

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She had scurried away unnoticed from the two people on the beach after nearly being caught watching and was now once again aimlessly wondering the streets looking for something to do, someone to rob, still wondering how the black robed man knew her name and what was so unusual about his eyes.

"What were your going!" the woman yelled as she walked right into her without looking.

"Sorry, wasn't paying attention." she retorted with fake innocence.

"Yeah, well make sure you do next time ok kid?" she said continued to walk on.

"Ok, sorry again." she said as she quickly puck up the pace and hid in a side street, opening up the pouch and looking inside. "Stingy" she complained as there was only 35gil in the pouch.

Bored she headed back to her room behind the market on the way robbing three other people making a handy profit of 235 gil umoungst the unaware people.
Slumping in the chair she looked at the dead fire place and it lite up into flames filling the room with a steady warmth. There was still another few hours of day before she met the man from the night before.


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<ooc - okay, so my original story didn’t quite check out with the background but things can be modified>

Kobie whipped round for about the tenth time since they had left the beach, the uneasy feeling he kept having stubbornly refusing to lift.

“What’s the matter?” Sonya asked, turning to peer curiously in the same direction.

“Do you have the feeling that…never mind…” That we’re being watched.

It was now evening, and they wandered the streets of Luca amidst the raucous post-game celebrations of a Blitzball match for some time, keeping their heads down but trying to look inconspicuous. Eventually they found an inn and Kobie booked a room from the wizened old innkeeper, paying with coins from a dropped purse they had found in the street, while Sonya surveyed the tavern. There were all sorts here - merchants, Blitzball supporters, and a tall man who sat apart from the others shrouded in a black cloak. His eyes glinted an odd yellow colour from under the hood.

“Did you here about the shipwreck the other night?” the innkeeper was saying to Kobie, “Prison ship went down in the storm - no survivors as far as we know.” Good, thought Kobie, let them think that… “Some folk say it was Sin that did it.”

“Sin?” Kobie gasped, “Here?”

“Yeah, but if he was he’s disappeared since. Here’s your key. Bathrooms are down the corridor there. No offence mate, but you and your friend look like you could use a clean-up.”

* * *

Kobie thanked the waiter and took the two bowls of steaming soup from the tray he was carrying and laid them down on the small table of their modest room, making sure to close the door behind him. He and Sonya had agreed it was probably better to eat in their room and not mix too much with the other people at the inn - it was unlikely they would be recognised but they weren’t going to tempt fate. Kobie didn’t realise how hungry he was until he tasted the soup, and not having eaten in days he finished it in seconds. He tensed as the door opened, but it was only Sonya returning from the bathroom. Kobie just stared.

Her clothes, though clean now, were still as badly torn up as his and they would need to buy them both some new ones tomorrow, but that was not what had caught his attention. Her newly-washed hair was a golden honey-colour and curled about her shoulders, framing a pretty face that he had not noticed before under the sand and dried blood from the shipwreck. Despite the disfiguring black mask, Kobie realised, she was beautiful.

<ooc - Is that Asreal retching with disgust in the background? ;) >

“Well, you look better! Thanks, I’m starving,” she said, sitting down opposite Kobie and pulling the second bowl towards her. Unconcernedly she tapped a button on the side of her mask and the part covering her mouth slid back, folding neatly into itself, while leaving her nose covered so she could breathe.

“What?” she asked, laughing at Kobie’s surprised expression, “How did you think I ate?”

Suddenly Kobie leapt up, grabbing Sonya’s dagger from the table. That time he had definitely seen a face at the window.

“What’s up?” Sonya whispered.

“Someone’s outside - they’ve been following us since we left the beach. Stay here.”

“Be careful Kobie,” there was genuine concern in her voice.

Kobie dashed outside into the deserted streets. He was just in time to see someone briefly silhouetted in a lamp-post’s beam before disappearing round a corner. He followed cautiously, and rounded the corner to find that there was no-one in sight. He stared down the dark street for a long time before deciding that whoever it had been was long gone and turned to go back to the inn. A figure in a dark cape dropped down from the rooftops right in front of him.

“Looking for me?” asked Fariel Oreen.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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She surveyed the man infront of him, he did look alot better then he did on the beach earlier now that he was clean, she found his friend most strange with the weird machina that she carried. In one quick movement she had already drawn the two daggers from her waist and was holding them in a casual readiness

"Hello Kobie." she said flattly with a sly grin, "you know that someone is soon going to find you and finish the job of the Rikers right? I have a propasition for ya." she said looking at him.

"And that is?" he asked somewhat unpatiently.

Kobie tooka step back as he saw the man in black robes come around the corner behind her.

"I was wondering if you were going to show yourself merc."

"I said i would meet you here and i have, you doubt my word?" the robed man asked , hard to tell if he was joking or being deadly serious and insulted.

"Before we get started, tell me how you knew my name."


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o.o.c= fenix sin is a giant black ball...its FUKING HUGE!!!! we woulda noticed if he'd came and gone XD and im gunna speed things up a bit to make things more interesting)


"That is-as they say-for me to know and you to find out."

Fariel looked dumbstruck at this...she had at least expected him to tell her SOMETHING.

Fariel took in another breath..."can i at least have your name?"

Tanis looked at her...never removing his cloak and never breaking that stone cold stare...


Tanis looked briefly at the stadium...

" i was right....I'll tell you what im going up to the stadium...come with me...we shall see what you got your friend too" He inclined his head towards Kobie who had been silent throughout this whole time...the man seemed to stare right through him...but he paid it no heed.

"As i was two manage to live...then i'll grant you my name...if not...well, tough luck."

With this Tanis turned and charged towards the stadium. It was time to play...



Tanis leapt from the rafters into the horde of monsters...his sword flying free, tearing up monsters left right and center. He saw Fariel and her friend rush into the stadium but was having to much fun to pay them any heed. It had been a while since he had enjoyed himself as much as this.

He stared over the banisters to the floor below...sighting a man in glasses with a red coat and a young blonde boy, both using swords...but he didnt really care...they were inferior to least for the moment. He continued tearing apart monsters without a care in the world...when something captured his eye...a summoner! Maester Seymore...Tanis decided it was time to make himself scare...he sheathed his sword...and without a thought for Fariel and her companion...left the summoner to do his thing...he didnt want to run into ANY aeons again.



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"Hehehehehe brillant, time for some fun." she said s****ing away sheathing her daggers "Kobie, you in?"

"Well when its over and i'll finally get told what is going on then yes i'm in!" he said running straight past her.

"Excellent!" she said running after the pair. Kobie wasn't as fast as herself and the other man but kept up.

They ran quickly to the stadium and through the masses of people flooding out the archway in terror.
Fariel tried despretly to scrabble through the crowd but they kept shoving her back, fed up she followed with them before breaking through the side and climbing up the giant blitzball statue, throwing herself from it she dug her daggers into the stadium wall and hung there looking down at the ground far below.
"heh, not so good plan." she said with a s****.

She heaved herself up the wall, one stab at a time, before reaching the top and scrambling over, the giant ball of water that made up the blitz ball arena was falling out of its evelated state in peices. the players were swimming away despretly from the monsters as they burst out of nowhere and attacked everything and everyone around.

"Come get some!" she yelled running down the stalls to the first flat level to were a group of shanghai were chasing a group of people.

Thowing up her hand she yelled at the monsters, just as they turned from their prey they were struck down by a bolt of lightning that blasted down from the sky. Two got back to they feet but she was already upon them and kicking them down.
After they finally fell their spirits flew away, as the familiar beautiful payraflies, she looked away from the spirits quick enough to dodge out the way as a lesser drake appeared from around the corner.

"Oh crap." she said backing away, she quickly threw a blast of fire towards it but it didn't even harm its thick layers of scales. "Right then, this calls for a theifs ultimate weapon!" she said before turning and running away from the over size lizard. Blasting down another group of shanghai before running down the next layer of stalls.

"hehehehehehe" she was enjoying herself alot, then she stopped and froze, "Maester Seymore...? oh no." she said to herself.

Catching sight of Kobie she blasted down the stalls and grabbed his arm and started pulling him to the closest exit.

"Hey! What are you doing!" he yelled in protest as she dragged him.

"Trust me you don't want to be anywhere near Maester Seymore when he acts the hero." she said as the sky turned dark and a hooked chain flew down from the sky and slammed down into the ground that cracked open and let the hook down into the depths of hell, then it stopped and started back up pulling with it Anima.

"What the hell!" Kobie yelled "ah!" she yelled as she pushed him right out of the stadium and running down a stair case trying not to fall.

She took one glance back at the stadium turned battle field as the aeon looked down iwth its one bleeding eye.

"Auron...?" she spoke to herself.

"C'mon then!" she heard Kobie yell from below draggin her back to reality and to running down the stairs.

Walking down the quiet street, all had quietened, everybody terrified and hiding in their houses from the outside world, her cloak dancing behind her.

"So that was Maester Seymore..." kobie thought out loud.

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<ooc - Hey, Sin could have easily disappeared if he was out at sea in the middle of a storm, no matter how big he is. And it was Asreal who said it might have been Sin that sank the Vortex Rikers anyway…>

“What the hell was that thing!?” Kobie gasped as he ran to keep up with the thief and the mysterious cloaked stranger.

“Anima.” Sonya said quietly.

“And who the…”

“Look out!” Sonya shouted suddenly, spinning to face a Shanghai that was bounding towards them. To Kobie’s amazement, lightning arced from Sonya’s fingertips and blasted the monster out of the air just as it leapt at them. It fell heavily in a reek of burnt flesh and ozone, its payrafly spirit zipping away towards the heavens.

“Come on, we have to get out of here!” the stranger shouted from up ahead. Sonya, Kobie and the thief rushed after him.

“You’re a magic-wielder?” Kobie asked when the screams and flashing lights of spell-casts had faded behind them.

“Only an apprentice,” Sonya answered, “I was learning from an Elven mage called Lauthelias - until he was murdered, that is.”

“And I’m guessing you caught the flak for it,” said Kobie grimly, remembering what she had told him on the beach. She nodded, and Kobie saw that she was fighting back tears.

“I never found out who killed him, but my guess is it was a hired killer or mercenary. Though who they were working for I don’t know. Who would want to kill Lauthelias?”

Kobie put a comforting arm round her shoulders, then a particularly powerful spell from the stadium made the ground beneath their feet heave and quake.

“The s*** is really going to hit the fan tomorrow when word of this gets out,” said Kobie, “Monsters in the Blitzball stadium…”

He turned resolutely and strode off down a side-street.

Monsters in Luca - what could it all mean?

“Where are you going?” Sonya shouted after him.

“To find an armoury.”

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Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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o.o.c i forgot most of the fiends names.


I had just finished watching the final match between the Besaid aurochs and the Luca Goers, and what a watch it ended 3-2 with the final goal scored by Wakka the team Captain in his last game, but the real star was this new blonde kid who scored 2 in the first half, pretty impressive.

The crowd were in an uproar rooting for the Aurochs, i to was up on my seat, cheering for the Underdogs. 

And then suddenly Fiends appeared as if from nowhere, attacking the players and the fans, i jumped down from my seat and drew Silver wolf, a giant bird fiend after seeing my draw my sword came flying at high speeds towards me.

"Oh yeh! i've been itching for a fight!" i yelled at the bird.  It came at me giving off a mighty roar and when it was within striking distance i quickly slashed it with my sword and it crashed into the group behind me, restlessly it tried to stuggle up into flight again but i damaged its wing badly, i then sliced its head with one mighty swing to put it out of its misery.

More fiends approached me and each met a similar fate.  I noticed in the stands below me a fan getting brutaly attacked by a couple of wolf fiends i jumped down onto the stands below and implained the first one a i came down, i split the seconds one head, and helped the injured fan to safety.  Once the distractions were out of my way all that was left to was continue the fight in the stadium, but by the time i got back into the frey more had joined the fight and their was less sport, but still plenty of fun!

I Giant Lizard approached me and began breathing fire, i soon shut it up when my sword pierced through its thick armor and closed its mouth shut, yet it continued to fight, so i found my way onto its back and cast drain on it until it had no life force left in it.

More creatures approached me and i waited for them to get within stricking distance of my sword when all of a sudden, a great chain pieced the gound and out popped Anima.  It then began killing the fiends left and right, the fiends charging me soon disappeared in a flash of darkness.

It wasnt long until the battle was over, and Seymour was given all the glory for the battle.  Damn that Guado, he ruined all my fun!

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Fariel watched as Kobie and his friend ran off down a seperate road but they were easy to find the first five times she would find them again and decided to follow the black robed man who had stopped running and had started walking at a normal pace. Catching up to him she walked quietly beside him.

"You weren't even going to warn us that he was summoning Anima were you, you just left us there." she complained to no response. "I don't like maestor Seymour, gives me the creeps." still scilence.

"Okay cut the crap merc, tell me who the hell you are and how you know my name!" she yelled.

the robed man stopped a few paces ahead of her and looked at her, she could tell that he had a slight grin on his face under his black cloak but he didn't speak.

"Tell me!"

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<ooc - What exactly was it that you censored in your last post, Asreal? *confused* It doesn’t make sense>

It was almost midnight and the full moon was shining down on a scene of chaos.  Whoever that summoner (Maester Seymore, was it? He was sure he’d heard the name before) had been he had certainly taken care of the fiends, but he had made a hell of a mess of the Blitzball stadium in the process. The authorities were now picking up the pieces and trying to keep order - although most people were cowering in their homes, more than a few panicked civilians were trying to leave the city as fast as possible and were cramming the approach to the main city gate that led out onto the Mi’ihen Highroad.

Sonya stood beside Kobie on the inn balcony, looking down at the chaos below and spinning her new quarterstaff in her hands to test its balance. As well as being a passable defensive weapon, being made of wood it could also serve as a focus for the elemental magic she had learned from the Elves. <ooc - I thought elemental magic (fire, water, lightning etc) would fit best as Elves are quite “natural”> More importantly she could pass it off as a walking stick, which would be useful as the two fugitives would be trying to go incognito.

Kobie had also acquired weapons - a pair of metal bracers with two retractable knife-blades on each and also small metal shields that slid forward to protect the backs of his fingers in combat. When retracted they were hidden completely by the sleeves of his overcoat, and so were easy to conceal. These were the trademark weapons of his people, and he had learned from a young age to slash, stab and parry in their unique fighting style to deadly effect. Even better, this pair of Dragon’s Claws (as the weapons were known) must have been crafted by a master as they also had a small amount of magic bound within them. <ooc - okay, so I wanted to give my guy something different ;) and I can think of so many cool fighting moves he could use them for…> He would have liked to have bought a bow as well as he was a lethally accurate archer, but a bow and arrows were too difficult to hide.

“We should probably slip away in the confusion,” said Sonya, “We already know that the people here have heard something about what happened to the Rikers, and they’ll be on the lookout for survivors.”

“We can’t leave yet,” Kobie replied, “That thief who followed us from the beach knows who we are and she’s right - it’s only a matter of time before someone comes after us to finish the job Sin started. But she also said she had some sort of proposition for us. I guess we’ve got no choice but to find her and ask her about it.”

“I don’t like this, Kobie.”

Kobie frowned. That thief Fariel wasn’t the most trustworthy of characters and she already knew too much. Perhaps they should…no. There was already too much innocent blood on his hands because of Sin. He would not, could not, kill her unless it was the only option left. He sighed.

“Neither do I.”


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.

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o.o.c-never heard of seymore!? jeeze where ya been lol XD oh and dont all go knowing the elves lol...they dont actually exist...thats y theres only 100 left...then again if we all know elves somehow we all have something in common! :P


Tanis looked at Fariel with a slight grin...he had no idea that she had magical powers...and the style she had reminded him of someone...someone he thought had been taken care of a long time ago...

"So. You can use magic...praytell who taught you?"

Fariel seemed reluctant to say...the elves didn't want to be known...should she tell him...she wasn't sur-

Tanis butt in "Lauthelias...?"

Fariel looked at the man in barely concealed could he know of him! "OK" She said "You tell me whats going on now!"

Tanis whipped himself towards her and before she could make a move had his smallest blade to her neck.

"You would do well to NOT try and order me about" Tanis released her

"But since you know Lauthelias i guess i can tell you is the old man doing?"

"don't you know?  he was murdered."

"Hmmmm guess you dont know...never mind forget it"

"i suppose i can give you some information...but don't expect me to be so friendly all the time"

"ha" thought Fariel "like he was ever friendly before"

Tanis looked her in the eye...

"My name is Tanis. And i'm...well its easier to show."

Tanis slowly removed his cap...and Fariel audibly gasped.


"Thats an elf...well half elven to be precise. How did you tell?!"

Fariel knew was not the slender elven features...yet with stubble on the mans...Tanis's cheeks and chin. It wasn't the black hair that fell over his face...or the multiple was the ears...the pointy ears, the symbol for the elves.

"Your ears..."

Tanis sighed "Its never the eyes...always the ears" he said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

Fariel began to speak. "So you.."

"yes i read your mind...a gift of the elves that i never regretted having. Anyway i have digressed let us return to the point. As i was saying, i really am a mercinary"

"better i dont tell her" Tanis thought

"and i really am looking for work. As i say though. If you have no need for me i shall what do you want me?"






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Looking down at the balony where the two stood she frowned, she couldn't hear what they were saying but her liip reading skills surficed. And the grim expressions didn't at all add to the dim atmopshere.

She and the robed man had stood there ground for many minutes, staring each other down, fariel waiting for some hope of a response he had finally expained himself although she knew somehow it wasn't all of it. And that he was a half-elf, could read her mind. It put her off him, that he could see everything that she thought, maybe even before she thought it. In the end she accepted his offer but still hadn't told him she didn't have money for him but told to meet her at the market the next nught.

Watching the pair on the balcony she was suprised at how nimble they were with weapons then she had expected and the girl being a magic bearer added to the possiblities. She would go and meet the merc tomorrow, though she qeustioned its worth. He was strange and didn't seeem one to be trusted.

Launching from the roof she almost flew across the street and landed in a roll down past Kobie and into their room. Kobie and Sonya spun round weapons ready as they saw the shadow of the cloaked girl fly over them.

"Hey there, don't think i ever properly introduced myself. I'm Fariel and i know you won't get out of this city without my help. The gates are crawling with crusaders. You ain't getting out easy."

"Is this your proposition?" Kobie asked taking hold of the end of Sonya's staff and lowering it.

"Yes, i suppose it is. A little change in plans though."

"Well what do we have to do in return for you getting us out of here?"

"You have to be my new travelling companions. i'm going after sin, while robbing and having general fun on the way. What do you think? Wanna come? The merc will be with me as well. I'm meeting him tomorrow in the market. I expect your answer then."

She walked up to them and through them casually before jumping off the balcony, Kobie ran to its rail and looked down over but she was already gone.

"I guess we're meeting them at the market tomorrow."



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While casually wandering around the docks at Luca, i was ambushed by a group of thugs hiding behind the many crates, they took silver wolf and all my gil and then made off with their bounty.  I pounced back onto my feet and immediatly gave chase, it wasnt long until i had almost caught up with them and then suddenly they stopped.

Standing before them was a tall man, wearing black robes.  The one who had grabbed my Silver Wolf and the one who was most likely the leader had ran into him, unfazed by the man mysterious aura he squared up to him and pointed Silver wolf at him but in one swift move he disarmed the man and point Silver Wolf right back at him, his gang immediatly turned and began to flee in the opposite direction only to have me block their path.

"out of our way, unless you want beat down again,"

"You caught me off guard, things will be differnt this time,"

"Ha-ha i dont think so," one of thugs stepped forward and revealed a belt of throwing knifes.

"now i dont mean to brag but my knifes fly faster than any bullet,"

"is that so?  Well lets see," i said with arrogance

The thug immediatly threw two knife at me, and quick to the draw the two knife flew off in other directions.  Yeh Gasped in shock.

"Looks like the bullet won the race,"

"Forrbinen Machena!"

He quickly went to throw another knife at me but i shot him in the leg and he fell to the ground, i followed up with an immediate shot to his hands, "that takes care of you now, so whos next!"  They picked up their injured friend and fled past me as fast as their feet could take them, "you have my money," then without even looking i aimed one of guns behind me and shot the one with my money down.

I then turned my intentions to the mysterious man who has my sword, and the leader who is still face 2 face with him still in shock and horror at the abilitys of the black robed man, eventually he came to his senses.  "get him boys!..........boys?" He turned around only to see me standing their with a cheeky grin on my face.

"i think they ran away, which i highly reconmend you do to."

He dared not approach the black robbed and instead ran away in my directions, but he ended up getting closelined and gripped in a head lock by me.  "Shame if you ran away in the other direction, you might of lived," and with that a snapped his neck with ease, his body fell on i heap on the ground.

"Their was no need for that," the robbed man said

"oh yes there was,"

"his followers defeated, his weapon taken off him, he posed no threat to you,"

"correction, his weapon, was my weapon, speaking of which can i have my sword back,"

"Your to dangorus with a weapon, we could of had a massecure here, he was practically beging for mercy,"

"oh yeh! and how many people do you think have begged for mercy at his feet! but he killed them anyway! how many lives do you think have been ruined by that man, did they show me any mercy when they ruthless attacked me and took all my belongings and left me for dead!"


"also  if i hadnt killed him, he would of hunted us down with twice the man power, i know what there kind are like,"

"An enemy begging for mercy should always be given the chance,"

"Not when its me they're facing, if i had let him live then nothing is stopping him from attacking another innocent, and possibly taking a life just has they tried to take mine, and then they're is nothing stopping them from doing it again and again, it better that it all gets ended with the first encounter, that way they dont have to live with the shame of loss, and i dont have live with the threat of being assinated, now can i have my sword back!"

He turned and began to walk away with my sword, i cast Thundara infront of him stopping him in his path, he turned around quickily but by the time he was ready to strike i had a Blizzara hover above his head, "im gonna ask you one more time,"

Swiftfully he smashed my Blizzara and charged at me at fun speed, i tred to cast Fira but although i can use powerful magic i am not designed for magic and am limited to 3 magic attacks per day, another may kill me, or if the magic is too powerful it may back fire on me, "damn i forgot about the Drain i cast on the Giant Lizard," Quickly i drew my pistols and began firing upon him, but damn this guy was good and he dodged my bullets and soon had Silver Wolf pressed against my throat.  "Drop your weapons," I smirked and dropped my guns but now with free hands i took his Katana from his sheath and drew it against him, we stared at eachother for what seemed like ages, and we soon broke up from our deadlock.  I brief swordfight took place and then eventually i managed to get back Silver Wolf, but at the same time he managed to get back his Katana.  Another sword fight took place which neither side taking the advantage.

"Your pretty good, man it been along time since i've had such a good fight, my blood is getting excitied, lets continue! dude im having great fun!"

"I'm sorry but i'm afraid i have to end your fun,"

"heh-heh you'r alright friend!, i like your fighting spirt,"

"No in afraid i have to leave our fight,"

He threw a smoke bomb on the ground and soon disappeared.

"Ha-ha oh no you dont im gonna start looking for yay in the morning."

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Sitting quietly atop the arch way above the lower staircase leading to the Mi'ihen highroad she sat waiting, holding her dagger balanced point down on her finger infront of her. It was the new morning but none of them had appeared.

"C'mon Tanis, wouldn't expect you to be late." she complained to herself but as if by her will she saw him walk into the market looking around the circluar arrangment with his golden eyes. "Right, now for Kobie and Sonya."

She didn't move from her position, Tanis knew fine well that she was sitting atop the arch and took his place in the shadows of a building, leaning against the wall waiting for her to make the first move. He was quite attractive when he let his face show. She thought that elves had died out, noone seemed to know what they were anymore, just that they were fictional characters in stories.

She didn't dell on the fact for long becuase he could be reading her mind from the quiet market below. Sheathing the dagger she pulled up her leg and leaned on her knee while she waited.


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 Tanis was troubled. That sword had looked familiar. He could not remember where though....but he reconed it was about 70 years ago. That man must have got it of its previous owner...but who was that. His fighting skill was definately above was his attitude. Tanis always had been merciful to his opponents...but not in the way the man must have thought. Tanis ment to give the man a weapon so he could fight to death...either way he was going to die. Tanis did no dwell on the subject any longer...he decided to have a little fun.

 He knew Fariel had seen him...but she wouldent expect this...

 Tanis withdrew into the shade...not enough to make himself look suspicious. But enough so that she could not see him. He looked up and judged the roof to be about 10 feet above not high. He lept off one wall to the other until he reached the top. He peeked over the edge and saw Fariel still loking at the alley...obviously still puzzled at his lateness.

"This should get her heart pumping" Tanis thought

Tanis silently dipped down onto the arc that she was on...and very slowly...crept up beside her. He squatted down beside her and peered at the alley. "So. Who we waiting for?"

"Tanis hes lat..."

Fariel turned her head looking at Tanis. She done a double take...then fell off the arc!

"Oh boy" Thought Tanis..."that wasn't ment to happen"

Tanis lept off the rafter and hit the ground before her. He caught her in his outstretched arms and set her down gently.

Tariel looked at Tanis. He was chuckling lightly obviously amused. It was an odd gesture...she couldnt imagine Tanis laughing.

"So" He said "where to"

he had already slipped back into his normal melancholy mood seemingly unamused by everything.

Oh well thought least he's not COMPLETELY heartless!



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Fariel blushed a bit at her embarresment and his quick suddeness of kind heartedness towards her. Looking away she quickly made up for the seconds defensivness by quickly black slapping his chest playfully.

"Shouldn't sneak up on me! You pest..." she was to proud to thank him for his help and was just hoping that she didn't let it show. "well then we are just waiting for Kobie and Sonya"

"Wouldn't that be the two standing over there trying not to be seen in the shade over there?" he said pointing with a obvious grin hidden under his cape.

Looking over she saw the two talking to each other on the other side of the market.

"Well then i suppose then we're ready."


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"Hey listen you guys can sort out where u wanna go. i must take my leave"

"WHAT!?" cried Fariel. Astonishment in her face.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to abandon you people.I just have...things to do"


"O.K then...stop me."

Fariel looked like he had just slapped him. She hadn't expected a challenge! She knew what she was getting herself into but her pride was all consuming.

"Fine i will!"

 Fariel threw herself at Tanis drawing her blades. She slashed intending to nick him, but Tanis just took a step back and she fell to the floor. She could feel the blood rising to her would make a fool of her this way! She flipped herself up and looked for her amazement he was back up ont he arc with his hands in hs pockets...he hadn't even drawn a weapon!!!! Fariel bounded up to the arc...straight up the wall as she had done before. As she grew level with Tanis he drew his katana-his longest blade-and studied it. "This will no do" he murmered he then said what sounded like gibberish

"Geuloth du knifr"

a green glow eminated from the blade...but what did it do...

"Come Fariel!Lets see if your blade skill match your speech skills!"

Fariel lunged at him...but he simply parried her blow. She attacked again but this time he moved! his blade knocked aside her daggers and moving at that speed towards her arm....bounced off! It hurt like hell being hit with a cudgel. "What the..." she breathed then went at him again. Tanis again muttered words:

"Thrysta vindr..."

And suddenly she couldn't breath! spots appered in her vision and she couldent move...she dropped her daggers...she couldent see or hear anything...she was dying...

Tanis muttered something under his breath and sudenly she could breath again. And the glow on his sword faded. He sheathed his weapon then looked at her. She felt so helpless...

"I shall be going now. I bid you farewell."

He sighed...

"Atra esterni ono Thelduin. Mor'ranr lifa unin hjarta onr. Un du evarinya ono varda."

She asked him what he ment.

"You do not understand? hmmm seems you were not taught the way of magic vey matter. I shall find you when you need me. Cya around."

With that Tanis turned heal and walked away into the distance...

Fariel passed out.

(O.O.C- no one meet me or control me. i'm gunna do somit.)

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(occ- had fun with that post didcha lol)

Opening her eyes she looked up and saw the clouds above her, she was still lying on the arch, she was out for only a few minutes. Sitting up she grabbed her head and looked around and her eyes blurred as they adjusted. When her vision returned she grabbed her fallen daggers and shethed them shakily, she heard her name yelled and saw Kobie climbing up the wall to her aid.

"What the hell was that all about..." she muttered to herself.

"Fariel, are you alright? What did he do to you?" Kobie yelled as he got onto the roof and jogged across the arch next to her.

"I dunno, he said that he was leaving, but he can't leave...but i suppose he already did..." she said sadly "he cast a spell on me, i didn't know was in a strange language."

"Riight, well, lets just get you down from here and lets get out of this forsaken city and up to the Mi'ihen highroad." Kobie spoke glancing down at Sonya looking up with concern. "You said there was a way out, lets see it."

(occ - I'll finish up this tomorrow, i have to go now."



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While searching Luca for the mysterious robbed man, I overheard a group of Crusaders taking about the upcoming battle with Sin.  Operation Mi'hen uh? ment to be the final battle with Sin? I approached the Crusaders in order to get more information.

"Hey dudes! so whats all this about operation Mi'hen?"

"We have teamed up with the Al'bed in order to crush Sin using some powerful Machina,"

"Aint you going against the teachings of Yevon?"

"Yes but im afraid we are out of options, but if all goes well then we can finally be rid of Sin and bring in the Calm and without the Sacrifce of a summoner, that leaves us and the Al'bed happy,"

"a chance to defeat Sin............I wouldnt miss this for the world! think of the glory i can get! What a guy gotta do in order to join this operation Mi'hen,"

"Only Crusaders, and specialy selected Al'Bed will take part in the battle,"

"What!? then i wish to join the Crusaders,"

"only experianced soliders will be taking part in the battle rookies will have to either not take part or will be incharge of defending the main base,"

"aww dude c'mon, i can ensure you that i have seen more action then you guys ever had put together, i sail the sea man! i've fought Sin many times on my adventures, not to mention countless Sin spawn!"

"im sorry but only Crusaders can take part,"

"you sure you dont need any able bodies around,"

"I'm sure,"

"Fine, just tell me where is operation Mi'hen taking party,"

"I'm sorry i will not tell you,"

Just then a young soliders came running through the crowds and approached the the man i was talking to.

"Captain! Mushroom rocks has been sealed off at the end of Mi'hen Highroad, also the front line has been set up along the beach at the Djose highroad, now all we are waiting for is for the Sin spawn to arrive,"

The captain started to shake his head towards the ground, as i stood there wickenly smiling at him.

"and the main camp?" i asked

"thats been set up at top of Mushroom rocks sir!"

"Thank you very much Crusader, you are dismissed," I said


The solider walked away quiet cheerful of the praise i just gave him and proud that he had accomplished his mission.

"ha-ha that was good lad there, well i'll see you on the battlefield."

And with that i took my leave and headed straight to the Mi'hen highroad.

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Running along the narrow alley she took a glance over her shoulder, both Kobie and Sonya were keeping up and ready to leave.
They decided to quickly take leave after Tanis inexpectedly left them. What was with him anyway...he wanted to go on an adventure, can't actaully do it if hes not with us...oh well he can do what he wants. If he wants to come back he can come back...can always use an extra sword.

"Ok guys stop." she said suddenly and castually leant against the wall.

Kobie and Sonya stopped were they were and jumped to the side and pretended to be talking to each other.
Ahead of them at the cross road in the street a group of young crusaders ran past, two of them very familiar.

"Hey wait!" she yelled and the crusaders head popped around the corner.

"Captain?" the shorter girl asked saluting across her chest as the crusaders did

"Hey Cap'n how you been?" the taller man continued.

"Im not your captain anymore remember. But you can do me a favour."

"Anything sure, what's up?" they asked in chorus, the two of them were close friends and always ended up saying the same and the same time, it used to really annoy her but it was good to hear them again.

"I need to know what's going on up on the Mi'ihen highroad."

"Oh operation Mi'ihen? We the crusaders, have joined forces with the Al'bed to use ancient machina to deafeat sin. We are luring him in with a sin spawn. Mushroom rocks has been sealed off, and the front line has been set up along the beach at Djose highroad. All thats left is the sin spawn that is travelling across the highroad now."

"Your going to use machina? And you teamed up with the al'bed?! You guy have really screwed up now. Promise me you'll keep yourselves safe? I trained you better then to act as rashly as the rest of them."

"Yes ma'am. Oh and also, who are your friends?" they asked pointing at the two behind her.

"Hm? Oh they travel with me."

"Ah got a new team already then? Well good luck. No doubt see you at mushroom rock road." the man said with a wink before running off.

"Cya captain" the girl said after.

"Hey wait a sec" she said grabbing the girl by the shoulders "one more thing."

Walking casually up the road they saw the west gate out of luca, two gaurds were stood posted as gaurds. As the three of them neared the two gaurds came to attention and blocked their paths with their swords.

"You cannot cross i'm sor- Captain?" the shorter of the two asked.

"Aye, i need to get through to headquarters."

"Sorry captain, but we're not allowd to let anyone but crusaders through." they spoke pointing to Kobie and Sonya.

"They have been newly assigned from Besaid, Kei and Rainy. They are under my command."

"Oh well, go on through then, good luck in the battle." they said saulting.

"Thank you, see you around." she replied with a smile as the three of the walked past the gaurds and out of Luca.

THey walked across the dirt road until the gate was out of audible range.

"Well that was easy. You were a captain in the crusaders?" Sonya asked from behind Kobie.

"Aye, but i am well and truely past the crusaders, although i didn't really tell anyone i was leaving, they either think i'm dead or i'm taking that holiday...months later." she replied with a wink.

"Well then, back to the present, we have a battle on our hands that should not take place." Kobie jumped in, and they picked up their pace


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“What the hell do they think they’re doing!?” Kobie said in disbelief as they approached Mushroom rock and saw the Crusaders massing for battle along the Djose Highroad. Here and there among them were Al’bed, recognisable by their distinctive dress, their unusual eyes and the arcane-looking war machines they were attending to.

“I never thought I’d see Yevonites and Al’bed working together like this,” said Sonya, touching her mask thoughtfully. Yevonites had always been frosty towards her just because she wore an Al’bed mask, and it was strange to see them working side by side like this. It must be a big operation.

“Yeah, but all the Al’bed machina in the world won’t do them much good against Sin without the Aeons,” Fariel replied grimly.

“It’s like bows and arrows against the lightning,” agreed Kobie, who had seen firsthand what Sin was capable of, “All they’ll do is bring his wrath down on Luca.”

An image formed in his mind of the allied army reduced to bloody ruin and Luca in flames - an image similar to ones he had seen for real and far too often.

“This is madness - we have to get to the HQ and stop them,” said Fariel, “Some might recognise me as an ex-crusader and I should be able to get some of the ordinary soldiers to step aside but I don’t know how I’ll convince the senior officers…”

“Either that or we stop the convoy carrying the bait Sin-spawn,” Kobie suggested.

“Let’s split up,” Fariel decided, “You two go get the Sin-spawn - if they give you any trouble say Captain Oreen sent you. I’ll head up to headquarters and speak to the officers.”

“We don’t have much time,” Sonya said, “If your plan works and they listen to you, cast a lightning bolt as a signal. If you can’t get them to see sense, cast two in quick succession and we’ll stop the Sin-spawn convoy at all costs.”

“Good luck,” said Fariel simply, and dashed off up the hill.

* * *

“There it is!” Kobie suddenly shouted as he spotted the convoy in the distance as a smudge of dark smoke coming up the Highroad. They made their way towards it, trying to move as quickly as possible without seeming suspicious. Halfway down the road a group of crusaders barred their path.

“Halt!” called one, a young man with a drawn sword, “This road is closed to civilians.”

“We’re not civilians, we’re crusaders - just transferred from Besaid.” Kobie lied smoothly.

“You don’t look like crusaders,” the man said, frowning, “Who are you, and where are you going?”

“We’re under orders to link up with the convoy and escort the bait into position,” Kobie said, trying to sound impatient.

“She an Al’bed engineer?” the crusader asked, indicating Sonya and staring curiously at the mask covering the lower half of her face.

“Look, we don’t have time for this,” Sonya put in, deciding it was time to play their ace, “Captain Fariel Oreen sent us to…”

“Fariel? I served under her in the last crusade. Of course, ma’am - carry on.”

Kobie and Sonya were just breathing a sigh of relief when another crusader wearing lieutenant’s insignia stepped forward and blocked their way.

“Wait a minute,” he said, “Fariel was listed AWOL months ago. Who are you really?”

“She returned for Operation Mi’hen, now step aside lieutenant this is important!”

“I don’t think so. Oreen’s probably dead by now and your friend ain’t no Al’bed, she don’t have the eyes. Now turn around and go back to Luca right now or I’ll arrest you.”

Sonya cursed under her breath and Kobie’s thumbs tensed on the spring-loaded mechanism that extended his Dragon’s Claws as the crusaders closed in on them, blades hissing as they were drawn from their scabbards. Kobie didn’t want to fight the crusaders, but it didn’t look like there was any other way. He glanced desperately at the sky for a sign from Fariel.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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(occ - remember Fenix, that the operation goes ahead no matter what in the game. Cusae in the game we try and stop it too but anyway :p yeah. No harm in having fun. Don't beat up the crusaders too much. lol)

"Captain?" a less then familiar voice yelled. Sighing she turned around and saw a young man in crusaders uniform running oddly towards her, stopping and saluting.

"Yes Yaible?" she said saluting back.

"Good to have you back with us Captain." he said before running of the way he had come and stopping infront of a group of travellers.

"Summoner Yuna?" she said with disbeilf, "well of course, summoners are always around when sin is. Anyway." she spoke to herself.

Taking one glance at the group she ran on up to mushroom rock road. She was met and escorted the final stretch of the area by two new recruits and then shown onto the open lift that carried her up to her destination.
Looking across the vast area, the cliffed bay, lined with ancient war machina - strange cannons and other strange weapons. Crusaders were preparing their chocobos and weapons for battle, the bird's kweh's in complaint at the obvious danger of the mission. THey knew sin was coming.

Looking around she caught a glimpse of Meastor seymore, he walked straight past her, nodding to her on the way. She saluted to him b ut sneered as he went past. Turning she saw him greeting Summoner Yuna and her gaurdians. Hes not going to be much help if hes showing off to Yuna. Who else is there...

Then she saw him, the other meastor, meastor Mika. Running over to him before he took his place on the pedestal to address the massing army of al'bed and crusaders she yelled for him to wait.

"Measter!" she yelled, he looked over to her, his old and impatient face demanding an explination without words. "You can't go through with the mission, you have no hope of defeating sin! Your sending all these men and women to death!" she said with obvious urgency.

"You don't quite understand. Now that we have an agreement with the al'bed we will no doubt defeat Sin, their machina will be distraction enough for our crusaders to destroy the beast"

"You just don't get it! Noone is going to survive this mission!" she yelled with complete lack of respect for his authority.

Turning and running to the nearest group fo crusaders she nagged them not to go through with it, that they was no hope of survival. Sin cannot be defeated.

"I'm sorry captain but we are loyal to the crusaders mission we aren't about to abandon it."

"Even if you are to die where you stand and never see the light of the tomorrows to come?!"

"Sorry captain. You taught us better then that. You taught us to never back down from a fight."

"If you can win it! You can't win this one!" she pleaded.

"Captain!" Mika yelled angrily. "your loyalty is a disgrace to the crusdaers!"

"I'm not a captain! I'm not part of the crusaders! I havn't been for months and months. Keep up old man!" She said throwing her hand up to face the skies.

Two lightning bolts snapped down from the skys and struck the top of the cliff and sent small rocks tumbeling down the cliff side.

Then she ran, ran as fast as her feet would carry her, she heard yelled behind her and quick footfalls of crusaders, her past friends, chace'n her.
Stopping she backed up a few paces and jumped onto the rocky wall, and started to climb with ease. The crusaders below were barely begining the climb after her when al'bed were lined behind her, strange guns aimed up towards her and then they fired, their aim poor, the bullets ricoched off the rock and left small dents. She had to climb faster, soon they would get her. She was nearing the top but they refused to stop their attack. She didn't dare risk a look down but she knew that the crusaders had stopped climbing.
As least i'm distracting them while Kobie and Sonya do their stuff...she thought optemistically.

She hand felt the top but the fire continued and a bullet dug deep into her upper arm making her grit her teeth in pain. She still had to pull herself up onto the cliff. With all the strenght she had left she send a fireball flaring down into the gunners and left them scared and out of formation. Throwing her arm up onto the top of the cliff she dragged herself up and over to the top breathing heavily.

"Catch me now bitchs" she laughed against the pain. Crawling away from the edge and out of vision from below she pulled around her cape and torn off the bottom with her teeth.

She wrapped it tightly around her bleeding arm knowing fine well that she had to get the bullet out before she got an infection. It had to wait.

"C'mon Kobie, stop them. I've done the best i can..."

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