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Galna In Flames

Army - The Shadow Walkers

Race - Night Lords Chaos Space Marines

Side - Evil

Start - Galna system

My name is Cormorant, Aspiring Champion and acting commander of the Shadow Walkers. I was once Cormorant the Executor, the instrument of Lord Xorak’s will. Under his command we launched our terror raids and lightning-fast strikes from our base within the Christos sector warp storm, reminding the servants of the False Emperor that the battle they believed won at the Seige of Terra is far from over. Lord Xorak, known to his servants and enemies alike as “the Executioner”, was truly worthy of the Dark Gods’ blessings; not only was he a warrior without equal, he was a master of strategy, willing to patiently win a hundred small victories to achieve his objectives rather than pin everything on one big battle as perhaps an over-eager Word Eaters Lord might have done. Two years ago now he enlisted the help of two Tzeentchian sorceresses, seeking to reopen a long-forgotten Warp Gate on the nightworld of Elsinore, and crush the weakling Imperials in a tide of daemons for the greater glory of Chaos.

We were so close. The memory of that day boils my blood still. We were thwarted by the accursed Eldar of Reia-Hal Craftworld, who unleashed their Avatar upon us at the moment of our victory. They drove us back, closed the Warp Gate, and with my own eyes I watched powerless as their Avatar’s wailing blade struck down my lord - flames blasting from the joints and eyepieces of his mighty armour, his blackened skeleton crumbling to dust on the ground, his Dark Blade shivering to pieces while the daemon imprisoned within the sword appeared briefly as a blinding, winged spectre before disappearing back to the Warp with a harsh, mocking laugh. Those of us who survived the battle fled the planet, our plans in tatters.

Since that day we have regrouped, replenished our ranks thanks to the help of the Primogenitor Fabius Bile, and every day my thirst for revenge - on the accursed Eldar, on the forsaken fools of the Imperium - grows stronger. This time we shall not fail. My hand finds the small hourglass hanging from my belt. Its brass case is carved with tiny but perfect images of human skulls and daemonic faces. In its crystal bulb sits a small amount of red liquid. We unearthed this ancient and incredibly potent Chaos artefact on the dead planet of Nostromo mere months ago, and it is the key to the new plan I have formulated.

“Concordance in one minute, Executor.” reports a heretic tech-priest from across the bridge of my flagship, the Hades-class battlecruiser Incendria Mortis (“Burning Death”). We speed along on the shifting tides of the Warp, flanked by our two Carnage-class consorts Iron Fist and Final Hour, accompanied by the Devastation-class carrier Secutor (“Pursuer”) and protected by a small squadron of Idolator escort vessels - Eviscerator, Merciless, Constrictor and Deathblow. A sizeable fleet in its own right, but our real weapon is the legion of Night Lords travelling within them which I am about to unleash upon the Imperial world we are fast approaching.

I flex the fingers of my right hand restlessly, clenching them into a fist. As I do so a small blade slides from the wrist of my spiked vambrace. Even without my power sword and bolt pistol, I am too wary to go about a Chaos vessel completely unarmed.

The time for revenge will come soon.

“Concordance in three…two…one…”

The swirling purple clouds of energy outside the viewports melt into a glittering starfield as my fleet bursts from the Warp and accelerates to attack speed. Ahead, the Imperial planet Galna III looms larger.



Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.

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A heavy explosion shook the ground, and corporal Frost of the 21st Christos Regiment of the Imperial Guard tried to crawl deeper into the cover of the makeshift log bunker as red-hot earth rained down on the rapidly dwindling number of human survivors. The Night Lords had come out of nowhere, descending on the planet like wolves, and now Frost’s platoon was cut off and surrounded.

A missile streaked through the night with a tail of white fire and slammed into the bunker, detonating with a thunderous concussion. Logs and Guardsmen were thrown into the air by the blast. Frost silently offered up a prayer to the Emperor.

“It’s no good!” a Guardsman with a commlink shouted over the sharp snap-crack of Imperial lasguns and the roar of the enemy’s weapons, “Something’s jamming the vox signal, I can’t get through!”

“We have to get through to HQ Company!” sergeant Herix yelled over the din of weapons fire and explosions, “Vasquez, get word to Captain Remus, if he’s still alive!”

“I’m on my way sir!” said Vasquez, and headed off at a crouching run. Within seconds the shadows swallowed him and he disappeared into the night.

Private Daros commando-crawled towards Frost and blindly fired off a burst from his lasgun into the darkness.

“What the feth is going on out there?” Frost shouted, and ducked as a shell screamed down from the sky and exploded violently somewhere behind them. A scream from someone who had been hit rent the air. Red bars of light flashed away into the night as Daros fired a second hail of shots.

“Don’t know, corporal!” he answered, “The Chaos bastards seem to be…”

Daros was abruptly cut off and thrown backwards as he was struck by a bolter round. Blood splattered over Frost and he tried not to be sick as he looked at the gaping red crater that had a second ago been Daros’ face.

Sergeant Herix crawled over, looked out over the top of the makeshift bunker and quickly ducked back down.

“Feth!” he cursed quietly.

Another volley of bolter fire hammered into the bunker, sending wood splinters flying from the barricades, as Cain and Drecta dived for cover behind the wall of logs and slammed fresh power cells into their lasguns. Peering into the darkness ahead, Frost could just make out the scene through the intermittent flashes of light from laser weapons and exploding ordnance. A monstrous Chaos Defiler scuttled forward on six jointed legs, blazing away with all its weapons. Its turret swung round, and the ground quaked as it fired its battle cannon, discharging a high explosive shell towards an unseen target. As Frost watched, a lascannon beam lanced out and struck one of the Defiler’s insectoid legs, smashing the joint and bringing the walker crashing down. As it slashed the ground uselessly with its claws, the daemon within the machine howling in impotent rage, several Guardsmen came running out of the darkness past the immobilised Defiler, firing at something behind them. Suddenly, a mechanical roar split the night. A Rhino APC that’s very hull seemed to warp and shift into images of screaming faces careered out of the dimness with a siren-like howl, a crewman at the top hatch spitting fire from a pintle-mounted combi-bolter. The explosive projectiles threw up columns of dirt as they sought targets. The rearmost Guardsman screamed as he was hit and pitched forward with both his legs blown away. He continued crawling frantically towards the safety of the bunker, but the Rhino bore down on him relentlessly. His scream of terror and pain was quickly silenced as the Rhino ground over him, crushing the unfortunate Guardsman beneath its armoured treads.

Frost looked around. Everyone was crouching behind the cover of the barricade as bullets ripped through the air above them, everyone except for Commissar Arcturus. The Commissar stood defiantly upright by the barricade, seemingly oblivious to the enemy fire screaming through the air around him. He calmly fired his bolt pistol as if on the firing range, and the gunner on the charging Chaos Rhino slumped as several shots found their mark. He snapped off another shot and the now unmanned combi-bolter was ripped from its swivel mounting in a shower of metal confetti.

“Get up!” the Commissar roared to Frost and the others, “Stand and fight!”

Commissar Arcturus’ last bolt pistol clip clicked empty. He discarded the weapon and pulled a laspistol from the hand of a dead Guardsman who had been cut in half by a burst from a Reaper Autocannon.

“You are Imperial Guardsmen!” the Commissar shouted, “Come on, men! With me!”

Their morale bolstered by the Commissar’s calm, commanding presence, the few remaining humans broke cover with murmured prayers and opened fire.

Laser bolts scored black marks on the front of the Rhino, but it did not slow down, its shifting, mutating hull seeming to absorb the shots. It crashed through the bunker wall, sending logs and guardsmen flying and smashing it to pieces with its immense weight. As the vehicle slewed round to a halt, a rear ramp lowered, crashing down with a sharp metallic ring, and several Chaos Marines in morbidly decorated midnight-blue armour leapt screaming from the APC. Genetically engineered warriors of superhuman size and strength, gifted with horrifying mutations by the dark powers of the Chaos Gods, they fell upon the Imperial Guardsmen with a blood-chilling war cry and a flurry of blows from daemonic claws and talons. Frost brought his lasgun up to parry a vicious downward slash, but the Possessed Marine’s other clawed hand came up out of nowhere in a lightning-fast uppercut and slammed into the Guardsman’s body. Frost fell back in a pool of his own blood, with a gaping wound across his chest. Sergeant Herix’s chainsword roared into life, hacking off the arm of one of the Chaos marines, before one of its foul brethren raised a hand and shot arcing lightning from its fingertips. The ice-blue electricity coruscated over the sergeant, and the man screamed as a smell of burning flesh filled the air. Frost dimly saw the sergeant’s blackened skeleton fall heavily to the ground and disintegrate as Cain was decapitated by a sweeping blow. His executioner held the man’s severed head aloft and hissed. A Possessed Chaos Marine with fingers mutated into barbed tentacles that coiled and writhed with a mind of their own ensnared Drecta, crushing the life out of him. A barbed tongue shot out of his mouth, piercing the Guardsman’s throat. As blood spurted over the Possessed marine, he ripped a bloody shred of flesh from the man’s neck with serrated teeth. Another fallen Guardsman screamed as two Chaos marines tore at him, eating him alive.

Commissar Arcturus roared in anger, slashing with his glowing power sword and bisecting one of his opponents, the crackling blade cutting easily through his armour.

“Emperor damn you to hell, you bastard!” he roared as he struck down another Chaos marine with a sweeping blow. Blood hissed as it vaporised on his white-hot blade.

Suddenly the Commissar staggered and fell back as both sword and hand were cut from his wrist by the lightning-fast blow of a taloned hand. The claws swept back and forth again and the Commissar collapsed, his chest shredded. As human blood flowed freely and stained the dark earth, the Chaos marines gathered eagerly round the fallen Commissar. As they towered above him, the Commissar’s face was still twisted into a defiant snarl.

“I hope you choke on me you fething bastards!” he spat.

A daemonic claw slashed down, and blood splashed against the barricade.

As the Possessed marines stooped and began feeding on the Commissar’s corpse, Frost saw another towering figure emerge from the Chaos Rhino, his ceramite boots clanking against the metal of the ramp.

The tall imposing Chaos marine laughed, a low threatening sound that made Frost shrink back in terror. The marine wore a black cloak and his armour was covered with raking spikes. Hanging from his belt was what looked like an hourglass, only instead of sand it was filled with something red. He removed his winged helmet, sculpted in the visage of a terrifying daemon, and turned to look at Frost. A disfiguring scar ran diagonally across his face, twisting it into a permanent snarl. That snarl was even more pronounced now as he advanced on the fallen Guardsman, rows of spikes glinting on the armour of his forearms, his eyes burning like bale-fire. Those pitiless eyes staring down at him was the last thing Frost ever saw.

* * *

Slowly, I survey the bloody scene, and laugh coldly. One of the fallen Guardsmen twitches. The Possessed looked up, their fanged mouths stained crimson, and make a move towards the still-living human, but stop as I raise a gauntleted hand. I stride over to the disabled Guardsman, seize him by the throat and haul him upright, slamming him against the barricade. I clench my right fist and the concealed blade slides out - I punch downward, stabbing into the Guardsman’s neck once, twice, three times, before finally letting him slide down the wall in a spray of blood. In the hourglass at my waist, a tiny droplet of blood materialises and splashes into the lower crystal bulb. I throw the body to the feeding Possessed, and laugh again before touching a communicator built into the wrist of my left gauntlet.

“No prisoners, no survivors.” I broadcast to my troops, glancing around at the bunker that has been transformed into a charnel pit.

Around me, the screams finally die down as my Night Lords complete the destruction of the Imperial outpost.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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RACE:Space Marines




  I looked around at my battle bretheren. The men who had been at my side at the attack on Chogorus. The battle was devestating for my marines, over half of our chapter wiped out by the ruinous hands of chaos. We had barely got back to Ultramar befor we got a distress signal from Galna III.It posed a difficult conundrum. We were too low on numbers to assist fully and we needed men to stay back and initiate more Marines...athough i fear it will be years before we are back to our full strength. We finally decided that a small-but able-tactical unit would be sent to Galna III. There was me, Squall, one of the head commanders. Our chief of librarians Tigurius (with whom i had struck up an astounding friendship with) Battle brother xavier and Galanoth, both specialising in heavy weapons, and sporting a good amount. Battle brother Orin, Terminator of the Second company. Two scouts, by the names of Erin and Michael. And finally our Commander, Marneus Calgar. The only one with a higher rank than me and Tigurius. They are all in a state of rest, not quite asleep but not quite awake. They had all had there breifing.To assist the 21st regiment to the best of there abilities.

  They knew that there chances were virtually non existant. Six space marines and two scouts taking on an entire Chaos force...the emperor will need to be with them Squall thought...For we will need his help to win this battle...i lower my head and initiate my resting mode. I shall be fresh, for our arrival.



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Army - Brothers Of the Shadows

Race - Dark Eldar

Side - Neutral

Start - Galna III (Hide out)

"It looks like the Imperial Guards grip on Galna III will soon be lost," Said a young Mandrake

"Indeed but this Chaos is an excellent chance for you, brother Fury,"

"Yes, my brother this great un-balence on the warp will surely attrach Dark Eldar loyal to Vect, and i will be able to find out the were-abouts of him,"

"Do not be so eagre to get your revenge so early, Fury, you are still not strong enough to face the mighty Vect yet, you still need much quidence from me before you can achive such a feat," Said a calm yet asurted voice from the top of the room.

I am Fury Mandrake Champion, the very same Fury that led the Great Fury Rebellion against the Dark Eldar on planet Chogoris.  After losing a battle against Vects nephew Pheonix i took to hiding with my life partner Khiara, a powerful Wyche warrior.  While wandering from planet to planet raiding Dark Eldar ships along the way i found myself on planet Galna III, their i ran into some trouble with the Imperial guards on this planet but i was saved when a mysterious Mandrake came out of nowhere and rescued me and my partner, he went by the name Dong Zhou, he was extremely powerful, he even beat me in a hand 2 hand contest, also he is a very gifted Mandrake he posses great knowledge and is an incredible statigist.  He is the leader of a Dark Eldar clan called The Shadows they are an army of Mandrakes highly trained in the arts of assination, spying, poisons and the use of throwing blades, they have the incredible abilty to move silently through the darkness and move with the shadows.  Sima Yi he convinced me to join his cult with promises of my eventual revenge on the dark eldar and that he would teach me their deadly art.  They specialise mainly in killing targets silently via use of poison and throwing stars called Shiruken and throwing knifes called Kuni and also via use of sword.  But they are not just deadly assasins they have a worthy army which is often used in campaigns agianst Dark Eldar or anyone who posses a threat.

When i joined the Shadows Dong Zhou decided to make a unit of powerful warriors and skillful assasins this unit would be called Brothers of the Shadows and it consited of me Fury.

A powerful Mandrake who can hold his own against me in single combat and loyal Guardian of Dong Zhou, Dian Wie

A young and talented Mandrake called Pang De and a devious Mandrake called Xu Huang, and leading this elite group was non other than Dong Zhou, together along with a select groups of warriors we make high officers of Dong Zhou and we often gather in Dong Zhou's royal guareters and discuss inssues and battle plans, aswell as assination attempts of Rival Mandrake clans and dark eldar kabals.


I stood in Dong Zhou's luxcery chambers, although our hideout is a deep cave with many twist and turns Sima Yi is dedicated to having it is quarters as comfortable as possible, where he gathered such silks, gold, silver and his great thrown is beyond me, although he is but the leader of a small guild he see's himself as a king and leaves behind no plunder from his many campaigns through the universe,  and the many artifacts that he has stolen, at the click of his fingers he can have women of many different races (preferably Eldar and Human) fetch his every need and entertain him as he wants be that fight to the death or dance or difile them as some people would say, these women are poorly treated apart from a few of his favourites who are treated like queens.

Often i ask him why he desires so much, he simply replys that this is just a little to wet his appitiet, one day he will have complete control of this planet and will turn it into his own person paradise.  When asked what is in it for his loyal followers he often replys by saying that all loyal to him and successful champions will be rewarded handsomely, those who fail me or betray me will suffer a thousand crule deaths and all those related or close to this person will meet a similar fate.

I hate working for such a vile man but the many things he has promised me and how much i owe him keeps me loyal, although i feel that my pride is at stake.  I am just glad that Khiara is not one of his servent women.

I stand to the left of Dong Zhou's Thrown to the left of me is Xu Huang, to the right of the Thrown in Dian Wie and to the right of him is Pang De.  Standing in front of the Thrown are 4 officers, Zhou Yun general of the Jet bike squads, he is under Pang De, Cao Pi general of Talos squads, he is under Xu Huang, Chang Wu General of the Hellions and Scougers he is under Dain Wie and finally Gan Ning he is general of the infantry and Incubi he is under my command but of course they are all under Dong Zhou's command and whatever he says goes.

"This Chaos unrising is an even greater chance for our lord Dong Zhou," insisted Dian Wie

"Yes i shall quell this Chaos uprising and restore the order on this planet, thus gaining the Imperial guards trust and perhaps forging an alligance then i will be able to take the planet from right under thier noses," said Dong Zhou

"IMPOSSIBLE!" cried Cao Pi "the imperial guard will never allie with the likes of us they would simply not trust us, they will kill us with our backs turned!"

"But why would they do that, we have been on the planet from many years now and not once have we been in open war with the imperial guard, not once have we caused problems,"  Zhou Yun said to reassure Cao Pi

"Yes-yes we are just renegades living on this planet away from the twisted Dark Eldar," remarked Chang Wu

"If the imperial are that desperate to protect this planet from the Chaos then they would allie with anyone, they arnt to bright those humans," Pang De remarked

"Then i believe that it is decided, we will aid the Imperial Guard in their fight against chaos and forge an alligance, but one thing still remains we must rid ourselves of our rivals," Said Xu Huang.

"Ok then!, Fury! i want you, Gan Ning and Xu Huang to investigate the situation between Chaos and Imperial Guard, if you are at the postion to aid them, then do so, the sooner we gain their trust the better,"

"As you wish," I replyed

"Rite! leave it to me!," Shouted Gan Ning

"This should not be a difficult task for us three," said Xu Huang

"Now then Pang De, Cao Pi, Chang Wu go and hunt down our rivals and mark their where abouts we shall deal with them soon, Now everyone you are dismissed and dont fail me!"

And with those words we split up and went on about our missions, damn i hate taking orders like a lap dog!


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I look up and see the Imperial Guard massing for battle. They form up on the hillcrest, while under cover of the nearby woods my warriors in their midnight-blue power armour do likewise, assuming combat positions with practiced efficiency. Our enemy are mainly Conscripts from the new and hastily-raised PDF regiments who should prove little challenge in the coming battle. The Ultramarine squad standing defiantly on the hillcrest above me however interests me. Loyalist scum, pale shadows of true Marines after millennia of decay, I think, but with them are three mighty figures, one of whom I recognise with horror thanks to his trademark Gauntlets of Ultramar. Marneus Calgar, here? Anger grips me - very well then, he shall die like the rest of them.

I stand alone at the bottom of the hill, in front of several roughly-hewn wooden crosses to which are nailed the mutilated corpses of our latest victims. One of the loyalists steps forward from the ranks and walks slowly towards me. He holds a finely-crafted two handed sword and his Terminator armour is richly embellished with purity seals and prayer scrolls.

I holster my bolt pistol and raise my own blade, a warp-forged sword with the hilt crafted into the Night Lords badge of a winged skull, in ironic salute.

“Traitor,” the champion hisses, “You turned on those you swore to fight by until the end and sold your soul to the Ruinous Powers, but even now it is not too late. Submit to the will of the Immortal Emperor, save your soul and earn His forgiveness. Repent your sins and I promise you a quick and painless death.”

I almost laugh behind the snarling mask of my faceplate.

“I will not extend you the same offer, son of Guilliman” I say mockingly, “Death to your False Emperor.” I add, knowing it will infuriate the champion.

With a snarl of rage he lunges towards me, his sword flashing in the failing light. Our crackling power swords crash together, arcs of lightning flickering outwards as each power field strains to override the other. I step back, blocking each of his blows in turn. This champion is good but I am better. The loyalists take perhaps one in a hundred recruits to become Space Marines. I was the only one of over a thousand aspirants to succeed in becoming a Night Lord, and one of the few of many more to survive the thousands of battles we have fought over the centuries. Also I have a greater advantage - speed. The champion’s Terminator armour is strong but cumbersome. Bringing the sword in my left hand up to parry his latest lunge, I lash out with a backhand blow of my right, slamming the spikes on the vambrace of my armour into his chest and sending him reeling back.

“You are no match for me, loyalist.” I say, lowering my sword and turning my back on him, “Very well, I will give you this one and only chance. Shoot me.”

A tense silence hangs in the air for several seconds. Then I hear a dull thud as the champion throws down his storm bolter.

“There is no honour in shooting a defenceless opponent in the back,” he says at last, “I don’t fight that way.”

This time I really do laugh.

“I do.” I whisper icily. I spin round, and the skull-engraved bolt pistol I have just drawn roars in the still air. The flame-wreathed bolts, enchanted by the Tzeentchi sorceress Taimat, tear into the champion. He jerks back, sparks flying from his breastplate, blood spraying where the explosive rounds pierce his armour. His sword dropping from his nerveless fingers to clatter on the ground, he falls to his knees. Placing the heel of my right hand on the pommel of my sword, I drive it through his ribcage, the shimmering powerfield cutting through his armour like a hot knife through butter. Blood vaporises off the glowing blade in a red mist as the tip explodes from his back.

“Long live the Dark Gods.” I snarl at the dying warrior, and kick him off the blade. Another drop of blood drips into the bulb of my hourglass.

I hear enraged shouts from the hillcrest and see the remaining Ultramarines heroes charging towards me to avenge their slain champion, followed closely by the Guard. But, disdaining to run, I walk calmly back towards my own line. I catch the eye of Dekreth, Aspiring Champion of Soulcrusher squad, and he smiles coldly before donning his winged helmet. Raising my still-smoking blade, I point it towards the advancing Imperials and slash it downwards. My troops surge forward. Raptors soar into the air on screaming jetpacks. Battle is about to be joined.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.

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The blood is running freely down the inside of my hourglass now as I carve my way through the Imperial ranks. I slash my sword across the chest of the Guardsman before me, and allowing my inertia to spin me round, raise my bolt pistol and fire twice into his face. As he collapses I put another explosive bolt through the chest of the next Guardsman, who pitches forward in an explosion of blood. A sergeant behind me roars a challenge and charges with his whining chainsword held high. I lash out backhand and impale him on my forearm spikes - his own momentum flips him off his feet as I bring his charge to a bone-jarring halt, and as he falls I reverse my sword and stab down through his heart.

“Forward!” I shout to my warriors, “For the Dark Gods! No prisoners!”

The Raptors plunge from the sky like diving birds of prey with keening, inhuman shrieks, their chainswords tearing through armour and flesh in mighty blows, their raking talons latching on to their victims to drag them screaming back up into the air before dropping them onto the razor-sharp rocks of the ravine below. Bikers roar across the battlefield on their iron steeds, and I see one Aspiring Champion armed with a lightning claw cut two Guardsmen in half with one scything blow.


The furious shout makes me turn. A tall Space Marine is striding towards me, hacking down my warriors who try to stop him with cold efficiency. He has lost his helmet in the melee, and blood is running down his face. His armour is emblazoned with Captain’s insignia and the name-scroll on his shoulder pad reads “Squall”. I level my bolt pistol, aiming between his eyes, and pull the trigger. The gun clicks empty.

“Damn!” I curse, throwing the pistol aside and raising my crackling power-sword. The captain called Squall charges towards me, blazing away with his plasma pistol. I raise my sword in defence, blocking one of the incoming energy bolts - it stops it but the shot detonates in a massive blast that throws me to the ground. Flipping back onto my feet and blinking to clear my seared vision, I realise that Squall is already upon me. His long, keen-edged katana (Samurai-sword) slashes across my chest and I stagger back.

“Hmm…” I say to him, focussing beyond the pain and bringing my sword up to parry his lightning-fast follow-up, “You are a worthy opponent - it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my own blood.”

“I’ll spill all of your vile blood, traitor,” Squall snarls, “And burn the grass it taints!”

I feint low and lunge at his neck. He steps back, parrying expertly.

“Look around you, fool!” I laugh, as in the distance the Raptors swoop down once again to butcher heavy weapons squad. Though the Imperials are fighting back fiercely, and the Ultramarines with particular fury - I see them cut down Chaos Marines with every sword-cut and psychic blast - time is on our side, “Your cause is hopeless! The day is mine!”

Almost before the words are out of my mouth, there is a thunderous roar and a blinding flash from the sky. We both look up to see a drop-pod plunge from the sky and land with ground-shaking force. It’s hatches blast open and a squad of Stormtroopers stride out, hellguns spitting fire.

Another drop-pod comes, and another, each disgorging more Stormtroopers who open up on my Night Lords with a withering hail of laser fire. I curse loudly and slam the spiked pommel of my sword under Squall’s guard into his chest, knocking him backwards.

“Fall back!” I roar over my comm-link, and then to Squall, “You think you’ve won today Captain, but this is far from over!”

I head at a crouching run back towards our pre-prepared rally point, shoving cheering Guardsmen aside and cutting down at least one who tries to bar my path as bolter shells scream overhead. Squall tries to follow but the press of the melee sweeps him away from me. My Shadow Walkers begin to flee the battlefield while their comrades further back keep up a constant covering fire to pin down any Guardsmen that try and pursue, forcing them into cover. Night is falling, which will aid our retreat, but I know it will not be long before the Imperials reorganise and send their Stromtroopers after us.

I stop at an area of broken ground as my remaining warriors regroup. Dekreth and Soulcrusher squad come running past, but as they approach they slow to a walk to show me that they are merely retreating and not fleeing in panic.

As the last rays of the setting sun disappear over the horizon, the enemy are in possession of the battlefield, but we have achieved something far more important. My Hourglass of Blood is now full, and I can now put my plan, the whole reason for my presence on this world, into action.

And so, victorious, I gather my Shadow Walkers and melt away into the night.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.

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I pace the pitch-black chamber of my personal quarters on the Incendria Mortis restlessly. Every now and then, a flicker of static lightning from the stellar dust cloud my ships are using as a base - the nebula masks us from enemy sensors and also lets us strike at passing ships without warning, like an assassin’s dagger - bathes the room in reddish light from the viewing-port before plunging me back into blackness. I am not troubled by the dark, for my entire legion are disciples of shadow, but the last battle has given me pause for thought. The Imperial Guard PDF, predictably, barely even tested our patience let alone our skills, but the Ultramarines were a force to be reckoned with. Their legendary Chapter Master, most powerful psyker, and a Captain who had matched me in combat, were not to be underestimated. Stranger still, I could have sworn I saw a squad of Dark Eldar pirates in jagged armour fighting alongside the Guardsmen…

I turn as the door irises open behind me, and comes to rest with an echoing clang. My two elite bodyguards either side of it turn as one, training their boltguns on a tall, thin silhouette standing at the threshold. Red laser targeting beams play over the figure, but she whispers a password with a sibilant hiss, gesturing angrily. The bodyguards lower their weapons and return to their stations as the Chaos sorceress Taimat glides into the room. One of the sorceresses that orchestrated our doomed summoning ritual on Elsinore, she too survived the battle whereas her mentor Morrigan perished. A seemingly slight and pallid human girl of just seventeen, she is nevertheless a powerful psyker - I have seen her flip Land Raiders with a whispered word of power, and incinerate whole ranks of enemy troops with daemonic fire from her fingertips. In the Imperium, a psyker as powerful as her would surely have been condemned as too dangerous to be allowed to live, but in my service and in the service of the Dark Gods, she can develop and exploit her frightening powers to their full potential.

“Our preparations for the ritual are complete. It is time, Commander,” she hisses softly, her cat-like eyes glittering ominously in the darkness. I nod silently and push the uneasy thoughts from my mind - they are of little consequence for the present. As I move out of the room after Taimat, my two bodyguards silently leave their posts to follow, flanking me protectively.

* * *

I stand in the centre of the eight-pointed star formed by the dark chamber, surrounded by my hand-picked bodyguard and the Aspiring Champions of my force. At my side, Taimat chants softly, her strangely-elongated canine teeth glinting in the purple Warp-light that plays about the otherwise unlit room as she nears the end of the complex incantation.

I step forward and hold up the now-glowing Hourglass of Blood before turning it over and placing it on the stone altar in the room’s centre. The blood inside immediately begins to trickle through, and Taimat’s chanting reaches a new peak of intensity. As the last drop falls through the Hourglass, she raises both hands in the air, Warp-lightning crackling along her arms. The Mark of Tzeentch on the back of her right hand and the Mark of Chaos Undivided on her left blaze like fire. A blinding light fills the chamber and a fountain of blood explodes outwards from the altar, covering me, Taimat and everyone present. As the light fades, a blood-drenched figure has appeared on the altar. Slowly, he looks down at his red-stained hands, then touches his face. A low, menacing laugh fills the chamber. As he reaches down to pick up the glittering black sword at his feet and holds it aloft, we all fall to our knees as one and bow low. He steps down from the altar and with my Chaos-gifted night vision I see his face and know that the ritual has worked. Lord Xorak the Executioner is born again.

“Rise, my trusted lieutenant,” he says, placing a hand on my shoulder. I do as he commands, though I cannot hold his gaze and avert my eyes, bowing my head respectfully.

Xorak bows to the sorceress Taimat, who returns the gesture and moves to retrieve the now-empty Hourglass of Blood from the altar. Sheathing his re-forged Dark Blade, Lord Xorak strides purposefully from the chamber.

“Come, Executor,” he says to me, “We have much work to do…”


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"Ah Fury you have returned i trust with good new?,"

"i come with news my lord, whether it be good or bad is up to.  We came across a battle between the Imperial and Chaos, we helped the Guardsman until the Space Marines arrived to support their allies,"

"Go on,"

"although the guardsmen where reluktant at first we soon found ourselves helping eachother out..."

"Good that is the first step, they now know they have allies in us we can start nagothiations, i trust the battle went well?"

"At first no my lord, but when more space marines arrived the chaos retreated,"

"and why could you not finish off the battle before the marines arrived!"

"we were to few my lord we barely had a presentable force,"


"But!.......i'm sorry my lord,"

"You're dismissed,"

"but i have more to report, during the battle i caught eye of the commander, he had a strange hourglass that with every Guardsman he killed it filled with blood, i tried to confront him but a Space Marine Chaplin beat me to it, our ever the commander managed to retreat and with the hourglass full,"

"This does not boad well, normally in those circumstances the Chaos are trying to revive a fallen hero, or summon one of their gods! we can not wait any longer we must begin the nagothisations with the humans at once or my personal paradise may be destroyed,"

"Fury you have let me down! you are dismissed,"

I stormed out of Sima Yi chambers and made my way back to my own, where Khiara would be waiting for me.  I stormed in and slammed Fury and Decapitator in the ground, breaking through the ground.  Then i felt a soft touch on my shoulder and come down my arm, this insantly soothed me and began to calm down, thus the soft touch of Khiara she is the only one who can calm my spirt without her i would become the raging beast again, the heartless deamon who craves nothing more than blood, just like all Mandrakes.  I am often called the Deamon of Commaragh by those who fear me and the baby devil of commaragh by those who hate me.

"Sima Yi?" Khiara asked

"Damn that man, how can i achive my ambition if i have to follow that bastards dream of a personal paradise,"

Just then their was a knock on my chambers door, and in walked Gan Ning and Pang De.  Although i come to know some of my commrades as brothers those do are the only ones i would call friend, just like me they dispise Sima Yi but remain loyal do to favors and promises.  We often gather together and discuss issues.

"Hey Fury Pang De's got some interesting news,"

"Rival Dark Eldar clans have joined 2 rise against us, this could be our chance to defect, leave Sima Yi and his paradise to crumble, i'm tired of fighting under for Sima Yi and i know you are to,"

"I do not fight for him, i fight for myself and only for myself, i do not care about Sima Yi!"

"Then leave him bud, lets all leave and achieve our own ambitions,"

"as much as i would love to leave Sima Yi, he is to powerful to ingnore, we can still gain so much from him,"

"very well, we shall fight for him a little longer, i'll will see you soon my friend"

"See ya bud,"

They left my quarters leaving me to wonder about what will happen in the next few days, just they left a messenger came in saying that i had to go to Sima Yi's quarters.

Their all the brothers had gathered.

"We shall begin the nagothiations with the Imperials now, you four will escort me, now obviously we cannot walk in through the front door so we must infultrate their main base and begin speaking to the leader, Now lets go,"


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“Our agents have done their work well, my Lord,” a heretic tech-priest reports as we stand on the ramparts of the captured Imperial base where we are stockpiling supplies for the next phase of our campaign, “Around 10% of the local population has rebelled against the Imperial government since we arrived, and the slave workforce of mutants is also rising up against their oppressors.

Weak, frightened fools, I think to myself, turning on their own comrades rather than face our terror troops in the vain belief that we will spare them their wretched lives.

“Let them,” answers Xorak as he gazes out at the blood-red sunset, “It does not concern us, and the anarchy they cause will greatly benefit our operations.”

I turn towards Xorak expectantly as the tech-priest bows and makes a swift exit, all too glad to be out of the presence of this sinister Chaos lord, the dark ceramite plates of whose armour seem to suck all available light from their surroundings and give him an overpowering aura of ominous darkness. I sense that I am about to hear my lord’s new plan.

“You must know that the Hourglass of Blood is an incredibly powerful artefact,” he begins, taking the small object from me and turning it slowly in his hand, “And you know of the power it has to resurrect the dead.”

“The moment I heard of its existence I knew what I had to do, my lord,” I said.

“And you have my thanks, Executor,” he replies, “But did you know that the Hourglass also has power over time?”

I stare at the tiny hourglass in wonder, my thoughts turning instantly to the debacle on Elsinore, and how close we came to unlocking the Warp Gate.

“You mean to go back and rewrite the events on Elsinore?” I ask, clenching the hilt of my power sword as I think of the revenge I will take on the Eldar of Reia-Hal.

“No,” Xorak says abruptly, “I have set my sights on a far greater goal than that. We shall go back 10,000 years to the time of the Horus Heresy itself, and change history by destroying the Emperor before he can challenge Horus aboard his battle-barge at the Seige of Terra. That is where the outcome of the war was decided, and if we can change that…”

“…Then the Imperium will never exist, and the dream of a galaxy ruled by the Dark Gods will become a reality!” I finish, stunned by the enormity of his proposal.

“I entrust the Hourglass to you, Executor,” says Xorak, handing it to me. I look at it with a new awe, almost feeling the dark power radiating from it.

“Such a timeshift will take ten, twenty, maybe a hundred times as much blood as was needed to resurrect me,” says Xorak, “The teeming capital city of Hive Santiago would be the ideal source.”

At this he points over the crimson horizon.

“Assemble a strike team, Executor - go forth and spill the blood for the greater glory of Chaos! And you,” this is to Aspiring Champion K’tel standing behind us, “See that nothing happens to the base during our absence.”

“Yes, my lord!” K’tel replies dutifully, ejecting the sickle magazine from his bolter, checking it and then slamming it home again.

As night falls and we prepare to move out, a slight rustle in the undergrowth of the nearby wood makes me turn. Gripping my bolt pistol and wondering whether to alert K‘tel, I stare at the trees for a long time. Nothing emerges. I turn to follow my strike force with a frown - it must have been just a passing breeze.


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 The loss of Orin was a devstating one, and the fact it was done so easily...i shuddered. I had managed to match his killer in combat but we had still got out of the battle through sheer good fortune. If the drop pods had not arrived when they had we would have been hard pressed to push the tainted ones back. But we were not grieving we were rejoicing! for in those drop pods...were 2 of the most esteemed of the followers of the machine gods. Kirith and Lathor. And they had brought down one of our most prized relics...a suit of dreadnaught armour. Through this they would be able to revive Orin so he may fight again, for centuries under the glory of the emporor...i stood to them-Marneus and Tigurius to busy to see them-

"Tell me, how long will it take to revive Orin into his new body?"

"My lord" replied Kirith "We do not know. each marines spirit chooses itself when to inhabit the carapace. It may happen when we first introduce the two...or in a hundred years. We cannot tell"

"Very well" I say with a sigh "Do what you can. I fear that Orin's services will soon be needed."

" As you wish"

 With that the 2 tecmarines scuttles away to gather there tools and begin work on Orin...The chaos champion wil regret the day he ever struck down my brother in combat...

 But for now i am away. I must meet with Tigurius and Marneus. We must plan what to do next...and what the hourglass object on that chaos's armour was. Or even why the dark eldar chose to aid us...this has already become more threatining and confusing that Chogurus...hopefully the results will not be near the same.


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As the Chaos officer finally turned away and joined the last of the Night Lords setting out north, Squall breathed a sigh of relief.

“Praise the Emperor,” Tigurius whispered beside him. It was the Librarian who had cast a psychic cloak of shadows around the kill-team so as to hide them from the curious officer. Squall had wanted to cut down the traitor right there as he had recognised him as Orin‘s killer who had escaped him once before, but he controlled the urge.

“Is it time?” Erin asked, his sniper rifle trained on the lone sentry guarding this stretch of wall. He had loaded a silenced bolt round instead of the usual toxin dart because the Night Lord, as a space marine, would probably have been able to metabolise its poison.

“Now!” Squall confirmed.

The sentry crumpled without a sound, a smoking hole in the eyepiece-lens of his helmet, and the kill-team stalked forward from the shadows with melta bombs held ready.

* * *


It has been a fruitful raid. We fell upon the pathetic inhabitants of Hive Santiago and slaughtered our way through its winding spires and plazas after we had dealt with the PDF and Arbites police that attempted to stop us. Our Raptors drove hundreds of fleeing civilians into ambushes to be captured and sacrificed to the Hourglass. Before the nearby Imperial Guard units could intervene, we vanished into the night leaving behind us a hell of flame and anarchy, the streets of the Hive’s western Habs running with blood. In the wake of the terror and panic caused by this first of many attacks, the Imperial citizens of Galna III will be under no illusions that the war is just beginning.

I sit alongside Taimat and Xorak inside a Rhino APC as it roars back towards the outpost at the head of our column. I am pleased with our night’s work, and with the amount of blood that has been added to the Hourglass. Though we still have a long way to go, achieving Xorak’s goal does not now seem so improbable.

“You are sure, Executor?” Xorak asks me as we discuss our last battle before his resurrection, “You definitely saw Dark Eldar fighting alongside the Imperials?”

“Yes my lord, I am sure.”

“There were rumours of a brotherhood of Mandrake assassins living on this planet,” Xorak says thoughtfully, “But I didn’t expect them to intervene, a minor error on my part. But if they have decided to stand against us then something has to be done - they must be crushed ruthlessly.”

“Perhaps not, my lord.” Taimat puts in.

Xorak raises an eyebrow, and I fear that his potentially lethal anger is rising at this interruption. However, he merely says:

“Explain, sorceress.”

“Perhaps if they can be bought off, we will not need to waste resources dealing with them.”

“Continue.” Xorak says.

“I know one of the Brotherhood who is particularly…malleable, and who should be susceptible to the right offer. Such an alliance may also have benefits of its own…”

She lets that thought hang for a heartbeat, glancing at the Hourglass at my waist as she does so.

“Very well,” says Xorak at last, “You look surprised, Executor,” he adds, “I don’t have any qualms about accepting a good idea just because it wasn’t my own. As long as you are sure, sorceress?”

“Trust me.” she replies simply, with a wolfish smile. And with that she jumps lithely out of the Rhino, summons a winged daemon and jumps onto its back to disappear into the sky.

As we reach the crest of the hill before our base, our driver lets out a shout of angry disbelief.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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Throwing open the Rhino’s top hatch, I see our supply depot in flames. With a curse Xorak screams across the field on his Raptor jetpack to land beside a terrified-looking K’tel. I follow.

“What in the Warp happened here!?” Xorak snarls to K’tel as we catch up.

K’tel does not answer immediately. One of Xorak’s bodyguards steps forward menacingly, raising his boltgun, looking to bring swift justice to the one who has failed the Executioner. Xorak raises his hand, and the Chaos marine halts and steps back. He lets the silence hang in the air for a handful of heartbeats, and K’tel visibly cringes. He knows as well as all those present that Lord Xorak does not tolerate failure.

“My lord…” he stammers at last, “An Ultramarine kill-team - they penetrated the base and...”

Outwardly, there is no change in Xorak’s expression or stance.

“Did your sentries not detect them?” he asks calmly.

All Night Lords have pale skin and jet-black hair like our Primarch Konrad Kurze, but what little colour is in K’tel’s face abruptly leaves it. At last he says:

“They sneaked past the perimeter and reached the stockpiles, my lord.”

“You posted sentries round the outside of the base, but not inside to guard the depot?”

I see the Daemon sword at Xorak’s side shake perceptibly; the warp entity bound within the blade is surely sensing its master’s anger…but Xorak lays his hand on the black-jewelled hilt of the weapon, and it lies still again.

“I think a serious error has been made here,” Xorak says quietly, “Do you know the difference between an error and a mistake, Captain?”

The Chaos Lord’s voice is still even, but K’tel evidently feels every word boring into him. He can not hold Xorak’s eyes and bows his head, shivering, awaiting the inevitable deathblow.

“Anyone can make an error,” Xorak continues slowly, “But it only becomes a mistake when you refuse to correct it.”

K’tel looks up curiously, but the Executioner is still standing motionless, making no move towards him, and neither are any of his bodyguards. Perhaps for a brief second he dares to hope that his life might be spared.

But suddenly, in the time it takes to blink, Xorak lunges forward, dragging his Daemon sword free from its jewelled scabbard in one fluid movement. The blade glows hungrily, pulsing with black energy as Xorak plunges it deep into the Aspiring Champion’s chest. Blood smokes on its blade and seems to be sucked into the sword as though its dark surface is permeable.

“The error, Captain, has now been corrected.” Xorak hisses.

K’tel screams, his pallid flesh withering and crumbling to dust as life is leeched from his body.

The blade glows brighter, blazing with black Warp energy, and silent, daemonic laughter seems to echo eerily at the edge of hearing.

An ominous silence falls. There are many grim faces around the ruined base, but Xorak’s bodyguards are unmoved, and a few of them are looking down at K’tel’s skeletal remains with looks of mild amusement. Xorak’s face is unfathomable. Finally he speaks to me, and his voice is a menacing growl.

“Find me a more competent commander for next time, Executor…”


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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Sima Yi reclined easily on his golden throne, deep in thought. That Mandrake Champion Fury was getting more and more defiant of late - perhaps he should take his companion Khiara as his slave to remind him who was in charge here…

His thoughts were interrupted by two of his bodyguards entering the chamber, flanking a slender figure in dark blue robes trimmed with gold.

“This emissary of Chaos wishes to speak to you, sir,” one said, “We have searched her for weapons but be careful - she is a psyker.”

“Leave us,” said Sima Yi, clutching a Null Rod that had once belonged to a now-dead human Inquisitor as protection against the sorceress’ powers.

“My name is Taimat,” the sorceress said once the bodyguards were out of earshot, “I bring greetings from Lord Xorak of the Night Lords. We wish to negotiate a non-aggression pact.”

“What could you possibly offer me in return?” Sima Yi laughed, “I have more treasures in this room alone than you have probably ever dreamed of.”

“Do you know the extent of the power of the Warp, Sima Yi?” Taimat replied, glancing around at the great heaps of precious metals, gems and artefacts dismissively, “Your so-called treasures here are nothing in comparison. Imagine a realm of pure energy that, with the right disposition and training, can be harnessed, commanded and shaped however you choose.”

She waved a hand in demonstration, and with a flash of light a glowing scimitar appeared in her hand. Sima Yi reached for the poisoned dagger concealed in his sleeve, but the sorceress merely held the Warp-forged blade out to him. He took it. The curved blade was warm but unsettling to the touch, and the grip and hilt seemed to be made of clear shimmering crystal - surely not diamond…?

“And what of the denizens of the Warp who can be yours to command?” Taimat went on, “Imagine warriors twice the strength of any mortal to do your bidding.”

With a flash of purple fire a towering blood-drenched minotaur appeared next to the sorceress and raised a great double-bladed axe in salute.

“Or servants to attend to your every desire?”

Another flash, and a beautiful woman with pure black eyes stood before Sima Yi, and smiled at him as she reached out to touch his face. Sima Yi felt a wonderful feeling of relaxation spread through his body and he gazed into her unfathomably deep eyes, almost hypnotised.

Taimat waved her hand again and the scimitar, Bloodletter and Daemonette vanished as suddenly as they had appeared.

“And what do you want me to do for my part of this treaty?” Sima Yi said at length.

“We want you to bring us prisoners,” the sorceress answered, “Any race - it does not matter.”

Sima Yi thought, guessing that the Chaos warriors wanted sacrifices for their mysterious Hourglass. The sorceress raised an eyebrow.

“Well, what is your answer, Sima Yi?”


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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"What you offer is highly tempting, but before i go making any alligances with you, i would like to know information, i also have certern terms,"

"What would you like to know,"

"First one of my scouts mentioned something about an artifact, a hourglass, i am gifted in great wisdom and am well aware that when chaos leaders are carrying around an artifact it is of high importance to a plan you have came up with, now tell me what is this plan you have and what are the powers of this hourglass,"

Taimat explained to Sima Yi the powers that the hourglass and the resurection of the Lord Xorak the Executioner,

"but as for the true purpose of the hourglass i can not tell you, but if you swear alligance to us you will become a high ranking officer and one of the leaders of this campaign, and you will be brought up to speed soon enough, should you remain loyal."

Sima Yi smiled "and finally my terms, i had plans for this planet to become my personal paradise, now promise me when we are done here this planet will belong to me,"

"very well,"

"if you can promise me the powers of the warp and this planet then i will remain loyal to you and your superiors, i will forever be your allie,"

"then it is agreed,"

"yes, the bortherhood of the Shadows is at your service,"



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Along with my fellow Brothers we entered Sima Yi's quaters standing next to him was a wicked looking women.  We stood at attention eagerly awaiting the urgent change of plans.  Sima Yi stepped forward and declared our alligance with Chaos.

"WHAT!? Alligance with Chaos, Sima Yi have you lost your mind!" Xu huang stepped forward raged

"If we are to achieve our ambitions then we must find more able allies i see none as able as Chaos,"

Pang De stepped forward both confused and angry "Our mission was to destroy Chaos, not join them!"

"Sima Yi you have doomed us all," Xu Huang said after finally gaining control of his anger.

"I have heard enough, you are all loyal under me and i am loyal to chaos, which means you are loyal to chaos aswell, This women here is Taimat she is a powerful phyker and if you can only see the gift that have been offered you to would swear loyalt!"

"Never give into the bribes of Chaos Sima, i beg you reconsider," Xu Huang readed his blade and approached Taimat, "lets us do away with this temperest and then carry on with our origanal plan,"

Sima Yi shot up and drew his Splinter pistol and placed it up against Xu Huang head, "HOW DARE YOU RAISE YOUR WEAPON TO HER! NOW LOWER IT AND LEAVE!"

Xu Huang stormed out of the room.  "Now everyone swear your alligance to me and Chaos,"

Dian Wei knelt down a swore his alligance, as did Pang De.  All four of them turned to me and awaited my reply.

Sima Yi spoke in a more calm voice "Fury, lets us forget all our arrguments in the past, swear your alligance to Chaos and i shall forget about your past difiances,"

Taimat stood forward, "Chaos could offer you incriedble powers, the dark gods reward those loyal to them, dont be a fool and let this offer slip by,"

"You think i can be bought?"

"Fury! dont be a fool like Xu Huang he has just sealed his fate, dont you betray me too!"

I slowly began to approach Sima Yi, "look at you, you were once an incredible warrior, and one with great wisdom, you had the oportunity to become one of the most well known in the Galaxy proberly the most feared warrior of our time, but now, now you are nothing more than a lap dog of chaos,"


"when i swore alligance to you i lost alot of my pride, and now you are asking me to give up what pride i have left, and join the ranks of Chaos!?,"


I was now face two face to Sima Yi, "we will meet again soon, and this time i will win,"

I looked at Taimat in the eye then turned my back on them and began to walk towards the door, Pang De and Dian Wei stood up to block my path, "Don't be a fool brother," they said

"you two were once my brothers we fought many battles together and i could trust you two with my life but now from this day on we are enemys," i brushed past them and made my leave.

"DAMN THAT FURY!" Sima Yi called out, "kill him and Xu Huang now"

"Wait," interupted Taimat, "leave fury to me, i will soon change his mind,"


I ran into Xu Hunag and Gan Ning they had gathered their belongs and were readying to leave.  Xu Huang had explained everthing to Gan Ning and the two decided to leave, but they were waiting for me, "Brother would should we do,"

"We should leave rite now they will be after us soon and i doute we will be able to survie in here,"

"I thought you would say that, I've gathered your equipment from your quarters but when i went their Khiara was no where to be seen,"

"yeh ive been looking all over for her but no sign,"

I feeling of concern came to me but deep down i knew that she would be ok.

"She will be fine but we must leave now come on,"

We took our leave and ran out onto the wilderness, the three man army.


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All is going to plan. Taimat has persuaded that weak-minded fool Sima Yi to fight for us and my forces have ambushed a column of Imperial Guard reinforcements heading for the besieged Hive Santiago. Already columns of smoke are rising from their Chimera transports and our Raptors are falling upon the beleaguered Guardsmen without mercy. This time I definitely see at least one squad of Dark Eldar warriors with the Imperials, although they are fighting their way out of the ambush and are already out of my reach. Something must be done - we must find out why these usually-standalone alien pirates are aiding our enemies. Mercenaries perhaps? My musings are cut short and I snarl as I recognise the Ultramarine captain trying to rally the Guard.

“Squall!” I shout as I hack my way towards him, “Squall, you bastard!”

I spin round at the sound of hissing hydraulics and grinding servos. An Ultramarines Dreadnought looms before me.

“I made the mistake of believing you would fight honourably once, traitor.” a voice rumbles from the Dreadnought’s vox-caster, “I won’t make that mistake again.”

With horror, I realise that this is the Terminator champion I thought I had killed in our first battle against the Ultramarines.

“What!? No - it can’t be…”

“This time you will not escape me.” the reborn champion within the machine says.

I feel my anger rising.

“Very well, loyalist - are you prepared to die a second time?”

“Your end is at hand, traitor.” the Dreadnought growls and starts towards me. His assault cannon whirs, spitting tracer rounds towards me. My Space-Marine reflexes save me and I dive aside just in time, shells tearing up the ground where I had been standing a second before. I leap forward with a snarl of rage, ducking a sweeping blow from the machine’s power fist and circle round him, slashing madly with my power sword and opening a gash in his adamantium armour to send sparks flying.

The seemingly-unaffected Dreadnought spins round, roaring “Die! Die! Die!” as the flamethrower on his combat arm fires with a hissing roar. I jump upwards out of the inferno, landing on top of the Dreadnought. With a curse I reverse my sword, grip it in both hands and ram it downwards through the machine’s body.

The Dreadnought roars in anger, rearing up backwards to throw me off and striking at me with his crackling power fist. It catches me a glancing blow and I am thrown spinning through the air to land heavily a good ten metres away. One of my ribs cracks audibly and I feel blood rising in my throat. I tear off my helmet and vomit it up onto the ground as my augmented physiology tries to staunch the flow of blood from the gaping rent across my breastplate.

I stagger to my feet as the Dreadnought comes at me again, and as he raises his assault cannon, the pain seems to melt away to be replaced by boiling anger. With a howl of fury I surge towards the Dreadnought, ducking and weaving through the hail of bullets he fires at me and leaping onto his front. I scream my rage at him, stabbing my power sword into the sarcophagus to punctuate every hate-filled word as I attempt to reach the shattered body of the Space Marine pilot.


The Dreadnought staggers back with a vox-amplified scream, reeling like a drunken giant as he continues to spit curses at me. I am thrown back again, striking my head against a rock as I fall. I feel the sickening introduction of bone to rock, then I black out.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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It seems that the Dark Eldar are divided - some are following Sima Yi in embracing our offer of power and others are not. That is probably why I saw some of the pirates aiding the Imperials in our last battle. No matter - even if they do not all turn they are sure to fight amongst themselves, taking them out of the war on Galna III long enough for us to complete our mission in any case. However, I doubt that I will live long enough to see it fulfilled.

I was knocked unconscious by the Dreadnought and my troops were forced to retreat, taking me with them. Though I am well enough now to face Lord Xorak, he will surely be furious at the defeat and I, as the commander, will be the one to face his wrath.

“Come, Executor,” Xorak says quietly as I enter the vast chamber, where all of our strike force is assembled. Xorak’s bodyguards stand behind him with bolters held in silent readiness, threatening figures in the Executioner’s shadow. The Chaos Lord himself stands with his hand resting on his daemon-sword. I kneel before him, knowing that my life is over.

“The ambush did not go as planned, Executor,” he says - it is a statement, not a question.

“With the Ultramarines leading them, the Imperials proved too strong for us, my lord,” I reply, forcing a calmness I don’t feel into my voice, “I can offer no excuse for my failure.”

Xorak’s daemon-sword scrapes from its ornate scabbard - a chilling sound in the silent amphitheatre.

“I am assuming by now that you know the difference between an error and a mistake?” Xorak says, speaking slowly and deliberately, “Your error, Executor, was to not finish the Ultramarine champion in your first encounter, but nevertheless you sought to rectify that. Few would survive single combat with a Dreadnought, and fewer still would have the courage to openly seek it. The fact that you lost the duel does not in any way diminish that.”

“My lord?” I ask, allowing a note of cautious optimism to enter my voice. Xorak raises his sword and touches the flat to my shoulder plate. It pulses with a dark glow.

“Yours is the kind of determination and skill I need in my lieutenants. I can think of no better bearer for the Hourglass.”

He motions for me to stand and hands me the Hourglass of Blood, which one of my warriors must have recovered from the field of battle. There is a roar of approval from the assembled Night Lords.

“I want you to correct your error, Executor - hunt those Ultramarine bastards down. Kill them. Kill the pitiful rabble of a Guard regiment they lead. Destroy all resistance so that nothing stands in our way, and harvest all the blood from this planet so we can unleash the Hourglass and rewrite history as it should have

been! Do this, and we will walk among the Dark Gods as heroes!”

The Night Lords cheer and I rejoice with them, imagining the power I could wield as the gift of daemonhood beckons me.

“Prepare for battle!” Lord Xorak shouts, holding his dark blade aloft. It vibrates and glows with black energy as the daemon within senses our hunger for bloodshed.

“Now, Sorceress,” Xorak says, turning to Taimat. The three of us remain standing as the room clears, the other Chaos Space Marines filing from the chamber and grabbing bolters from the weapon racks, slamming home magazines and clicking bayonets into position, “Is all going to plan?”

“Sima Yi has accepted our offer, my lord,” she replies softly, “With his desire for perfection and a personal paradise, I believe he has the makings of a devout follower of Slaanesh. Once we are finished with this planet, I see no reason why we should not let him remain to rule over it and shape it into a new daemon world for the greater glory of Chaos - that is, if he remains loyal.”

“Not that it will matter one way or the other after we use the Hourglass. And what of this Dark Eldar Mandrake, the one called Fury?”

“He and a few others still resist my offer,” Taimat said, baring her unnaturally sharp teeth, “But I still believe there is a chance we can turn him to our cause rather than have to destroy him. And one way or another I can do that. It is just a case of having the right…leverage.”

As she glanced behind her, Dekreth appears, dragging behind him a female Dark Eldar in torn Wych’s uniform. She is bound hand and foot by unbreakable, rune-inscribed chains that crackle with Warp energy. As Dekreth throws her down at our feet and keeps his bolt pistol trained on her, she stares up at me with a look of pure venom, her pallid features twisted into a defiant snarl.

It is Khiara.

* * *

“Echo 2, this is Tac Logis. Scanners read no activity in your area - enemy contact chance low. What’s your status?”

“Nothing so far, Tac Logis. We’ll continue the sweep but I don’t think we’re going to find any Chaos troops out here this close to the outpost.”

“Copy, Dallas. Keep an eye out for infiltrating Cultists or Night Lord squads trying to sneak through the perimeter. Tac Logis out.”

“Tac Logis, this is Echo 3 - we’ve found something we think you should know about.”

“Go ahead, Frost.”

“Someone’s been using the abandoned outpost for target practice recently. There’s still smoke coming from the bunker and there’s Chaos graffiti all over the walls. Urgh, is that blood they’ve painted it in…?”

“Understood Echo 3. Stay sharp - enemy contact chance medium.”

“Will do Tac Logis. Hey wait a minute, I’m getting a no-go signal. I’ve just lost contact with Echo 5.”

“Try the backup frequency - there’s a lot of dust blowing around in Gamma sector that might be scrambling the signal.”

“No good, Tac Logis - all contact lost. Maybe their antennae’s…wait, what’s that? Holy feth! Hostiles! Hostiles! Tac Logis, we’ve got Night Lord Raptors bearing down on us from all directions! We need backup, repeat…”

“Echo 3? Come in Echo 3! Dammit! Echo 2, this is Tac Logis. Possible hostiles entering your sector, engage on sight - enemy contact chance high, repeat, high.

Echo 2? Echo 2, respond. What’s going on…?

Echo 1, Drake, come in Drake. Echo 4, can you hear me Dietrich? Can anybody hear me? Come in! Come in!”


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.

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So Fury and his two mates went and snatched Khiara back from the Night Lords, giving Taimat a good kicking in the process. Then Fury strapped a nuke to his head, ran into Sima Yi's throne room and nutted the bastard into oblivion, taking the Brotherhood of Shadows and most of the planet with him.

"Bugger!" said Lord Xorak, as both his source of blood for the Hourglass and his chance of rewriting history went up in a puff of radioactive smoke, and slunk off back to the Incendria Mortis with his Night Lords to put the Hourglass on his desk as a nice paperweight until he could think of another evil use for it.

Squall, after Orin and Cormorant had settled their little vendetta in the time-honoured fashion of Rock, Paper, Scissors, decided that with the Chaos defeat his work here was done, took his small force of Ultramarines and went back to Macragge very pleased with himself.

Asreal, who had taken no part whatsoever in the whole silly campaign, just sat back and laughed.



Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.

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