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RE: New Adventure

"You know...i do believe that the twin thunderbolts mean shouldent be lazing about here"

Fariel spun ready to attack...but no one was there. She must have been hearing things. She turned back see a black clad figure standing there!!! She took a swing which he nimbly dodged.

"Hold Fariel it is me"


"Aye...greetings vinr alfakyn have you been well?"

"Ye...yes Tanis i have and you?"

"Not bad...for the moment i am content and shall travel with you"

"But how do you kno-"

"I do believe that your friends are in trouble...come let us depart...i know the way...follow me"



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Fariel could only nod in reply, and climb to her feet holding onto her arm as it shot pain through her.

"That's going be a pest." she said gritting her teeth and following the already running man. "wait up" she complained as she sped up after him across the cliff tops.

She could see the djose temple and highroad from were they were. The cliffs went on for a large part of the djose road, looking out ahead of them the cliff ended but Tanis didn't slow. Instead he ran on and lauched off the end and free fell, she ground to a helt at the end and looked down, he landed safely into a roll on a lower platform and continued at the same speed.

"Coming?" he yelled back to her over his shoulder.

Turning she took a few large strides back, turned again and full speed luached from the cliff to the lower level. The gap below them the road leading to mushroom rock road and the mission. She heard yells from below but ignored them and landed gracfully on the platform.

"Of course." she yelled back at them as she ran after them.

Soon they were lowering closer to the ground as the open flat of the mi'ihen highroad neared. They soon saw the little convo of crusaders and the cage holding the spawn. It was a small battle field, the two familiar faces against a group of well armed crusaders. Being left behind as the sin spawn quickly got towed away by the chocobos.

"Now thats not a fair fight." Fariel said smuggly.

"Lets even it out then." Tanis retorted as they jumped down from the last platform onto the open grasslands of the highroad and ran straight to the fight to help.

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(occ: Alright, kick ass fight scene here we come >:3 hehe)

Tanis ran into the group drawing his katana, sliced upwards through the front of the first crusader that came at him. Fariel froze as she saw the familiar face crumple to the ground dead. She was brought back to reality quickly as she was tackled down by two of the younger crusaders. Scrambling around the ground she kicked one in the chest knocking him back winded. The second clung on and pinned her down.

"Get off!" she yelled kicking up her legs and wrapping them around the mans neck, pulling him down and slamming him into the ground. "Stay down!" she ordered with a grin.

Looking up she saw kobie punch down another crusader knocking him out and letting him fall to the ground. The only female crusader of the group ran in fright after the cage and its captive sin spawn.

"No you don't" Sonya spoke to herself dashing after the terrifed girl.

She quickly caught up and tackled the girl down by the waist causing them both to fall into the rough terrain.

"I'm sorry i'm sorry! I didn't even want to join the crusaders, i don't want to fight, don't hurt me!" the girl pleaded.

"I ain't gonna hurt you girl. Though i ain't letting you go after that sin spawn either!"

Kobie looked over to the two girls climbing to their feet staring at each other, Sonya obviously talking her down. He smiled before getting charged towards by the oldest of the group and most experienced by the looks of him. He was huge, towering over Kobie like he was a child.
Holding a great sword he swung it down at Kobie who went to parry with his claws but a sword cut his path and pushed the man back. Tanis stepping in front of him and Kobie stood in disbelief but with a quick glance from over Tanis's shoulder he backed away and clawed down another crusader.

Tanis started speaking the familiar phrase from Luca in the strange language again, the crusader although his vision was and air dissapating, refused to go down. He swung his sword wildly but Tanis easily stepped out of the way of them before the man stabbed his sword into the ground and lent on it before collapsing.

A hand grabbed Fariels shoulder and instictivly she grabbed it and using her weight as momentum pulled the person over and threw them over her shoulder and into the ground.
Sonya growled at her and grabbing Fariels arm with her other hand pulled her down and putting up her leg she pressed it into Fariels chest and brought the girl over her and into the ground past her heavily.

"Ow..." Fariel compained.

"Next time look first, kick ass later." Sonya retorted.


"Get up you two stop messing around. We have to get out of here before the rest of them come at us!" Kobie said urgently.

"Noone else is going to come after us..." Fariel stated grimly.

"And why not?" Kobie snapped back out of breath.

"Becuase they are already dead..." she said quietly

The explosions, gun fire, warcrys and screams echoed out across the plains and smoke filled the air above mushroom rock. A tear came to her eye as she looked blankly into the sky.

"Couldn't save any of them."


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"Come. We must depart sin will be upon here soon. I know of a is not glamourous but it will suffice for the night" Said Tanis bleakly.

"How can you be so heartless?" said Fariel, through sobs "I knew these people...they used to be my friends...and you want to abandon them!?"

"they are dead Fariel i do not see the point in caring...there gone and as soon as you accept it we can go."

"P..p..perhaps we should stay for a while...just so that lady Fariel can get herself together." Said the girl that was travelling with Fariel.

"Listen do what you want. I'm going now. Head south-east when you are ready.You will find the trail. Farewell...again."

Tanis walked away and Fariel stayed slumped on the ground.

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(occ - night)

"C'mon guys..." she said wiping the tears away. "Hes right, their all gone. Nothing i can do about it now." she said climbing to her feet, forgetting all the pain in her arm and walking after Tanis, steadily becoming more confident in her stride as she forced back memories of all those who had died.

Kobie and Sonya looked at each other and didn't know what to say. They didn't know any of the people who had died, but felt Fariels loss. They caught up to her and they walked after the robed man quietly.
Sonya saw Fariel's arm bleeding through the poorly made bandage but decided against saying anything.

They didn't know were Tanis was leading them but followed without query. Fariel was still wondering where he had gone when he left them in Luca and hw he appeared just as they needed him. He was a strange character but he had a heart under it all.

Tanis continued on walking when Fariel stopped, she urged the others on and they did so under protest. She watched them walk away before removing the bloodied fabric from her arm. Drawing a conceled throwing knife from the back of her belt she carefully pushed it into the wound and flicked out the bullet, she forced back a yell and just dropped the knife and held her arm.

"Heh, guess i don't have anyone to get back at for that scar then..." she spoke to herself before reaplying the torn peice of her cape tightly. Getting up and walking at normal pace after the three further ahead of her.

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Neji managed to infultrate into the ranks of the crusaders by causally joining a squad in their march to Mushroom rocks.  Once their he gathered his gear and started to get fired up it was great since the Crusaders were running around with Al'bed and with Machina he didnt have to hide his twins pistols.  He clutched his fist and began shacking all over with excitment,

"Man i cant wait to get out their im gonna show these so called experiance soilders how to fight!  Sin's gonna be remembering my face after this one!  And think of glory up for the taking." 

Suddenly a voice came out shouting at the group of warriors i was with."  It was captain Lucil.

"Chocobo knights, get ready to travel to the main camp and present yourself to Maester Seymour,"

He heard from one of the Crusaders that the Chocobo knights were gonna be on the front lines, so naturally he pretended to be one, but he thot Chocobo where those big yellow birds which power his boat, "people dont actually ride they? I think its just a name.  No im certain its just a name." He thot to himself.


After a long boring speech from Maester Seymour, we were finally dismist and told to relax before the battle as i walked though the main camp, their was a strong feeling of death in the air, i could feel alot of negative energy floating about, many men were praying for their safety and praying to Yevon to protect their loved one, many men and women thot strongly that this would be their finally battle, i was one of the few who were actually were confident on the outcome and were actually excited.  While wandering the main camp i heard the voice of a young child.

"No dad, dont leave me! take me with you!"

"Im sorry, but all children are to stay in the main camp under the protection of the Warrior Monks of Yevon,"

"No dont leave!" The child sobbed

"Im defending the main camp, i won't be far away, and if things get rough then i promise i will protect you, i lost your mother to sin, i wont lose you,"

The Child wiping his tears away said "Promise?"

"I will protect you with my life," and with that the childs father left.

Neji knows that line all to well, soon after the father had left, he started having flash backs of some of the many times he said that exact same line to his Summoner Melina, the one girl every to tame him.  She had long flowing Brown hair and to Neji was beauty in its most natural form.  The last flash back was when he said it while they were traveling from Kilika back to Luca after retreiving Melina's 4th Aeon Ifrit, and they were attack by Sin on the highseas and the whole Ship was capsied by a mighty wave and that last he saw from her she was slipping through his hand as he was trying to keep her close during the confusion.

He approached the crying child. "Hey Kid, you heard your father go get to safty,"

"No im gonna stay here until my father returns!"

"Dont be a fool kid, if the enemy fight their way up here then you'll be directly in their line of fire,"

"I dont care, i will fight them, im not afraid,"

"this kid?," Neji had another flash back, this time it was in Besaid temple when Melina had just received her third Aeon, Valefor.  He came with the reality that when Melina defeats Sin she will die, and he tried to convince her to give up her prilgamige,


"Melina, I beg you!, please stop your prilgamige, you really dont want to die do you!?"

"I dont care if i die, i will fight Sin, im not afraid,"

"Please Melina, i dont want to lose you,"

"............i'm sorry Neji, but it must be done,"

"NO! Raiga say something to her!"

"Neji give it up, Melina's mind is set we cannot change it,"

"Raiga this is your sister we are on about! do you really want her to throw her life away"

"Im not throwing my life away, this is what i want to do, i want to give the people their next calm and do what only a handful have done before, you said yourself this is mein and your chance for glory that is what you've always wanted"

"Melina, what i really want is for you to live on, be happy, please don't! we can stop here we can live out the rest of our lives peacefully, all 3 of us!"

"But if i destroy Sin then i wouldnt be happier, i can live in the farplane forever and i will be happy, Neji you can live on be happy and be proud of me,"

"I can't be happy without you, and if you are sent to farplane then you will proberly get lonley, That is why i promise that when you die, i will to,"

"oh Neji"

"But until then I will protect you with my life!"

(Back to reality)

"So you wish to fight them?"

"Yes i will make my father and mother proud,"

"Without a weapon?"

The Child look down to ground in embarrisment.  Neji pulled out one of his pistols and presented it to the young child.

"For me?"

"Sure kid, just dont lose it,"

"But i dont know how to use this"

"Its easy"

Neji gave the child a quick teaching of using the pistol and it wasnt long until the Child was aiming Straight.

"Thank you so much mister,"

"Hey call me Neji,"

"my names Itachi,"

"well then Itachi look after yourself and take good care of me....sorry, your gun,"

"I promise."

"BATTLE POSITIONS!!" a voice echoed though the Mushrooms rocks.


Neji eager to fight rushed down towards Djose Beach into the front line.  When he was stopped by a Captain Lucil, "Here is your chocobo soliders,"


"whats wrong?"

"im actually gonna have to ride that thing into battle,"

Lucil looked on with confusion.  "You are a Chocobo knight arnt you,"

"umm yeh.....ofcourse i just dont want to indanger the thing," Neji said quiet proud that he had came up with a good excuse not to ride it.

"These Chocobo are specialy trained for these sort of situations, it is proberly more capible than you," with that Lucil departed leaving the Chocobo with Neji.  Neji and and Chocobo faced eachother and the eager bird began to jump up and down with excitment Neji looked on with a blank expression on his face.

"You better not get in my way."

(occ next time the explosive operation Mi'hen, dont miss it)


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<ooc - if you’ve got an exam why are you wasting time on here? And OMG that bit where you deck Sonya is hilarious LOL>

They had been walking for what seemed like hours.

“Not far now,” called Tanis from up ahead.

They were just cresting a hill that the path Tanis was leading them on ran over, and as they climbed above the level of the lesser hills behind them, the plains below came into view. They all stopped and stared.

It was a scene from a nightmare. The ground was stained black and hundreds of broken bodies were strewn across the valley floor among the smashed remnants of Al’bed war machines. The town of Luca beyond was lit by the lurid, flickering lights of firestorms raging in the streets and the outer suburbs were already ruined and gutted by fire. Hovering over it all like an angel of death was Sin - though faraway he was still a huge dark sphere that eclipsed the setting sun and seemed to suck the light from his surroundings into his reflectionless black surface.

Kobie just stared in horrified disbelief, numbly putting his arm round Sonya in support as she cried on his shoulder. Fariel sank silently to her knees, making no sound but unable to stop the tears from welling up in her eyes. Even Tanis looked slightly shocked, and bit his lip.

No-one said anything for a long time. After what seemed like an age, approaching footsteps made Fariel look up.

“You okay?” Sonya asked, kneeling down beside her.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine…don’t worry about me…”

“I meant your arm.”

Fariel looked down and saw blood running down out of her sleeve and onto her hand.

“Here, let me help,” Sonya said, rolling up Fariel’s sleeve and removing the crude bandage. She placed her hand over the oozing bullet wound and said something Fariel didn’t understand, something that sounded similar to the words Tanis had used earlier that day. Sonya’s hand glowed with blue light momentarily and when she removed it the ragged puncture-wound had disappeared, the skin intact and unmarked.

“An Elvish healing spell,” Sonya explained, “I’m afraid though that you wont have a battle scar to impress your friends with.”

A smile flickered across Fariel’s face, but then she glanced back down the valley and found she was fighting back tears again.

“We couldn’t have saved them,” said Kobie gently.

“Couldn’t we?” Fariel replied bitterly.

“Come on,” Tanis said at last, “We have to keep moving.”

<ooc - Okay Sean, I know the timing's out of sync with your last post but since it's a point of view thing just post anyway - we can fix the order later on by the addition of a simple phrase like "a few hours earlier..." at the top>

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The Sin spawn was ready, the cannons where prepared, all that was left was the guest of honour.  Our forces where lined on the shore awaiting the orders, the battle feild was silent.  And then the water began to raise and out of it game a great big orb of water hover high above the ocean.

"READY AND..........FIRE!" The cannons on top of the cliff began to open fire on Sin but they only seemed to bounce off Sins protective sheild.  The orb of water disappeared to reveal the monstous creature it was protecting, Sin.  One would think Sin was great aquatic creature, but its fins also seemed to work as wings, but they need not flap to get sin afloat, he seemed to hover in the air was ease thus the creasture that our sins creatated. Its many pure black eyes searched the area to reveal to him our tighty formed forces on the shore and the mighty cannons on top of the cliffs firing upon him.

He realeased his many creatures which seemed to grow on his fins into the water, they landed with a great splash and powered their way to shore, swimming faster than any Blitzball player could ever dream of.  Captain Lucil called out the charge and the Chocobos stampeded toward the enemy, pounding into them as they reached the shore, the force that my chcocbo hit the enemy caused me to lose my balance and i fall off my stead and i landed into the water with a mighty splash.

Quickly i sprang to my feet the water was up to my knees and i noticed one of the creatures coming towards planning on a sneak attack but i slammed my sword down on it, another 3 came towards me but they decided to jump out of the water at me planning on a direct attack but they all jumped straight into my sword and where sent in differnt directions.  As i looked around the battle feild i noticed many Crusaders getting draged into the water to, their doom.  They have the advantage in water so i fell back to the shore.

The enemy pushed their way out of the water, not only where they aquatic creatures, but when on land they would fight on all fours, they also have wings but they are not used for flight but instead as offensive weapons, they where razor sharp and very powerful, as i have found out on many of my journeys.

"Bring it on Freaks of Sin!!," I charged into the enemy, swinging my sword and firing my pistol showing everyone who the dominent figure on the battle feild was.  Must of killed at least 20 when my pistol ran out of bullets, i put it away and held my sword with 2 hands, 3 enemys approached me but they did not charge instead they kept their distance.

"Come on i'm waiting!"

Their wings began to flicker, "oh i know this trick," I sheathed my sword and placed my hand on the ground, and used the quake magic attack, the ground around the enemys began to shake and they faltered and misfired their needles, i drew my sword and annihilated 2 of them but the third fired at me and stuck me in the arm.  "YOU BASTARD!!! YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT" I charged forward and sent it flying.  As i watched my attacker fly off into the distance i noticed that fighting had erupted from everywhere, Sin had launched his Minions at the Cannons on the cliff and at the main camp, also it appeared that the sin spawn had fused together and had broken free, luckly Summoner Yuna and her many Guardians were locked in combat with it, and where pushing it back.

The appeared to be going well, i swung my sword skillfully and slaughters a further 10 enemys. But then, Sin appeared to be gathering energy, and lauched a mighty shockwave, it completely wiped out those fighting in the water, nothing was left of them friend or foe, and it continued to proceed in my direction, i braced my self for impact and the shock wave crashed into me and the thing i knew was darkness.

I awoke, sometime later.  "Im-im alive?" I stagered to my feet and gazed upon Sin.  "Ha! you'r not powerful enough to defeat me yet Sin!"  Although our forces lost the our little skirmish the final battle was yet to begin, our ace in the hold, a mighty Al'bed weapon was aimed at sin, Sin knowing of this threat turned to face it the power war machine.  It opened fire and crashed into Sin protective Sheild, it seemed to have no effect until the Al'bed powering it increased it power and it began to push sin back.  "Come on! Come on!" but then Sin realeased all its power and within a matter of seconds our ace in the hole was reduced to rubble. "Damn You SIN!! DIE!!"

Sin casually left, retreating back into the ocean.  "Dont you run away from me!" i heard in the distance, it was that Blonde Kid who was playing for the Aurochs and he also appeared to be one of Yunas guardians.  He was running into the ocean after Sin.

I looked around the battle and all i saw was death, the hundreds of crusaders bodies lying around the beach, un-moving, still lifeless bodies surronded me, the cannons on top of the cliff where destroyed and the main camp had crumbled to the group.  It was deadly silent, all that could be heard was the faint sound of moans.  But i noticed next to the main camp the Sin spawn had lived, and was locked in battle with Sir Auron, Measter Seymour and Summoner Yuna.  "Come on men, their is still some glory left for the taken!" i called out and i hurryed up the cliff but by the time i arrived Seymour had already destroyed it, "damn you seymour you stole my glory again."



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"Go on ahead with Tanis i'll catch up." Fariel said after thanking Sonya for healing her arm.

"I really thin-" Kobie started but was cut off.

"Just go. I'll find you." she snapped.

Kobie and Sonya looked at each other and backed away from the upset girl and followed after Tanis who didn't slow his pace.

"Alright, but stay out of trouble." Kobie said with a cheeky smile.

The pair jogged on after Tanis and left Fariel kneeling on the small hill. From under her cape and form within her trouser pocket two necklaces, thin chains with matching pendants, small diamond shaped silver peices with a strange swirling design.
She sneered at them, they were worn by the maestors as proof of their position or identity of something she didn't see much point in but she had stolen them from Seymore and Mika at mushroom rock without any notice from them. You half wit fools, you think your so high and mighty with your summons and autority of the masses...and yet you don't even see when you are so simply robbed.
She opened her other hand and a fireball blasted and flickered in her hand.

"It is your fault for the deaths that have occured today and to come and i'll never forgive you for it Mika, Seymore. Both of you are heartless..." she said as she held the chains above the fire and watched them melt and die down to a small solidifying puddle of silver on the ground beneth her feet.

She knew well that noone would see the meastors at fault, they were so flawless and perfect how could it be their fault that thousands of misplaced loyalitys died by the hands of Sin.
Stupid fools...killed my friends, companions...parents...I'll be the last face you see when you die! she thought to herself as she forced back all the losses that had happened.

"I'm stronger then this..." she complained to herself as a tear came to her eye. "Revenge is all thats left, no time for memory lane..." she continued trying to calm herself.

Sitting back she watched the terror happening right in front of her eyes, then Sin left and disspaeared into the ocean without a second thought. Sin had destroyed barely any of the city...why?

"Stupid creature can't even do its job right..." she s****ed. The sun started to set and the three figures that had covered a fair distance ahead of her became silohettes in the remaining sunlight.



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I began to search the main camp for surviours our ever it was no easy task, many bodys had disintegrated so it was difficult to tell actually how many died, as i gazed down at the beach i saw the seemingly endless line of bodys gathered by the few surviours, i sawthe many wounded soliders get carryed away to Djose temple, how many would actually make it their, i can not even begin to count.

While searching the main camp i came accross a body, it was the boys father.  I knelt down to see if he was alive, unfortunatly there was no sign of heart beat and he failed the breath, but as i turned him over i noticed underneath him was the young boy i had gave one of my guns to, i check for signs of life and was successful, he appeared to still be alive, and that the father managed to keep his promise, he protected the kid with his life.  Also i noticed the Kid still gripped on to my pistol and it appeared in mint condition.  Man even the kid was able to keep his promise, and i cant even keep mine!  Ok calm down Neji, this not the time to get soft.  The kids lifesigns where faint and he needed medical help, i had to get him to Djose temple, or his father sacrifice would be pointless.  I slung him over my shoulder and went as fast as i could along the Djose highroad and towards Djose Temple.  But i still had not recovered completely and the straine it had on my body was great, i was about half way there when i noticed a couple of injured Crusaders, turned to stone, an obvious sign that a Basilisk was around, they seemed to be quiet common along the Djose highroad, this cant be good, i can't fight and carry this kid, i better hurry up, but curse my luck what would be blocking my path, none other than a Basilsik, damn i took a few paces back and hope someone would be around to support me but their was no sign, damn it.  "Alrite then, you wanna fight!" I yelled.  But then a stroke of luck came my and i heard a familer squak it was the chocobo that i had to ride on during the battle with sin, i thought all the chocobo where wiped out, that things pretty tough.

It came rushing to my aid and stood next to me trying to get me to jump on.  But instead i put the Kid on his back and told it to hurry to Djose temple.  Loyaly it followed my orders and invaded the Basilsik and hurryed toward the temple.

"Ok now that their are no distractions, lets get this started!"

But just then another 2 Basiliks approached, all 3 started to close in on me.  And with my wounds and after not having a decent rest after Opertation Mi'hen, i was in deep ****.

"Hmph no matter how many of you there are, im still gonna beat you wimps!"

Then another arrived.

"ummmm, no matter the harder the fight, the more fun i have! Lets go weaklings!"

(occ how does Neji, survive, stick around, P.S no one come and save him, i got something cooking but cant be assed writing it tonight, cause im shattered)



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(occ: cause if we wait for squall we'll all die of old age i'm putting up a post for him...dunno what i'm gonna put you guys but i'll think of something *goes to find ff10 walkthrough*)

They had walked for hours and were soon up again on the wide perimiter of muchroom rock road.

"Where are we going?!" Kobie asked desperatly wondering how Tanis wasn't at all out of breath or weary from their long walk.

"The long way around, or would you rather i take you straight into the hands of whats left of the crusaders?" Tanis spoke.

"Alright, your way is good. But don't you think we should wait for-"

"Fariel?" Tanis cut the man off turning to face the two tierd people, "Its not as if we left her back on that hill Kobie."

"Morning folks!" Fariels familiar voice yelled from above them. It was indeed the next morning as they had treked through the night. Kobie and Sonya both looked up and saw the sillohete in front of the sun.

They shielded their eyes as they watched the girl jump down adn land bwteen them and Tanis.

"You guys sure walk fast ya know. Thought i lost your tracks a couple of times but here you are."

Tanis smiled slightly in the black of his cape, turned and walked on across the rocks. Fariel went to follow but after a glance at kobie she giggled and from her belt threw a water bottle.

"You have everything on that belt of yours don't ya."

"Of course, made a slight detour back to Luca before i came after you guys. That place is a mess. But its all good the, remaining, crusaders have everything out of control" she said with a slanted smile before skipping on after Tanis.

"She seems happier." Sonya said accepting the bottle from Kobie.

They hadn't walked for much longer before they had djose temple in view. The twirling rocks surrounding it, like flying all connected by what looked like lightning. Kobie watched it in wonder as they walked past, Sonya was watching happily too.

"Thats the Djose Temple. Home of Ixion, the rocks flying aorund the temple means that there is a summoner praying to the faith."

Kobie nodded but the three of tham all bumped into each other as Fariel stopped. Kobie and Sonya complained as they nearly fell back down were they had come from but then they noticed they were standing at the edge of the cliff over looking the moonflow.
The lake glistened in the sunlight and the many purple lilies laid on the water, swaying quietly back and forth in the breeze. Pyraflies flew and danced above the waters. They all looked upon its beutiful sight. Kobie and Sonya watched as if they had never seen it before.
Tanis jumped from the edge of the cliff edge and almost flew down to the level far below.

"Looks like we're heading out. Its prettier at night by the way. We'll have to come back here sometime so you can see." Fariel siad with a smile before jumping down after Tanis.

"What ever happened to climbing?" Sonya asked sarcastially.

"I don't think it comes under their vocabulary." Kobie retorted before peering over the edge. "Oh well, can't hurt to try." he said jumping off.

"Yes it can!" she yelled down after him before following warily.

Both of them landed safely on the platform of rock unharmed and relieved but Tanis and Fariel were already leaping down again.

"Yeah don't waste any time." Kobie smirked, "Whats the rush." then he heard the crack.

"Jump!" Sonya yelled pushing him off the platform and down to the lower one, she followed quickly and they landed on the second platform as the first gave way and fell towards them.

Leaping down the last few thy reached the ground and ran clear of the cliff as each level crashed into the other and fell down to the bottom, thundering into the ground and filling the area with dust.

"Well we aren't going back that way." Tanis said almost as a joke.

Fariel smiled at Kobie and Sonya who were just relieved not to be under the rubble and followed as the two ahead of them moved onto the track through the forest walk beside the lake.

"Hey Tanis where are we going exactly?"


"Umm is that wise? Thats Seymores place."

"We will only cut through and head onto the lightning plains, Rin owes me a favour."

"Rin?" kobie asked from behind them.

"An al'bed that runs travel agencies all over the place for travellers to rest in."

"Oh, oh ok. So how to we get to Guadosalam then?"

"On a Shoopuff!" she said with a giant grin.

"A what?"

"THAT is a shoopuff!" she said jumping up and down point at the giant creature.

(occ: thats it for me, someone else can continued i have work to do. Oh and Fenix, this is a shoopuff! : )


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<ooc Shoopuff? Who invents these names anyway LOL they’re almost as bad as the names for 40K aliens like Chuffians and Hrud and the Mind-Eating Khrave…BTW Asreal, why is Fariel in such a good mood? She didn‘t do something she shouldn‘t have when she went back to Luca, did she? *shifty eyes*>


Maester Seymore strode angrily through the door into the Archive room, slamming it behind him almost before his servant was through the door. His silver amulet was still missing - almost certainly stolen. Him, a Maester, robbed! The impudence!

And he could think of only one person who had got close enough to him the day it had disappeared. It had been that shifty-eyed ex-crusader Fariel Oreen who had just waltzed up to him at Mi’ihen HQ and demanded he call off the operation with no respect whatsoever. It might even be fair to say the damaging effect she had on the men’s morale - screaming “they were all going to die” like that - was partly responsible for the failure of the mission.

He grabbed a silver sphere from its alcove and used it to project an image of a slightly-younger Fariel in crusader’s attire.

“This is Fariel Oreen,” he said to his servant, “She is a traitor and a thief and I want your men to hunt her down. Her and anyone who is helping her, subdue them and bring them to me.”

“Yes, Maester.”

“And don’t go easy on them.”

<ooc - you really shouldn’t have nabbed his amulet, Asreal - we’ve got quite enough on our plate without Seymore after us as well! Oh well, keeps things interesting LOL>


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The first Basilisk charged at Neji full force, intending on trampling him into the groud, but the quick witted Neji, caused quake and it stumpled and crashed into the ground and was then finished off, with Neji's sword.  Angered at the loss of their fellow Basiliks the other charged forward and attack Neji together, stiking in sync but Neji's sword skill and quick reflex enabled him to evade and parry the attacks.  As the battle continued to rage on Fatigue eventually caught up on Neji and his sword started to get heavyier, and he was unable to dodge the attacks and could only parry.  As the battle continued he took many wounds, and was soon knocked off his feet.  One of the enemy tried to finish him off but ran straight into his sword and collapsed in a heap on the ground.  Neji looked up awaiting the other two, too attack but they didnt, instread they stood quiet a few paces away from him, confused Neji stared down his oppents but then it hit him, but by the time he relised it was to late, they where gonna use stonegaze, he felt it hit him as his eyes met those of one of the Basiliks.  But nothing happened, again they used stonegaze but still nothing happened.  The Basiliks started to get worried but they contined their attempts to finish Neji off with stonegaze.  Also Neji noticed that steadily he was catching his breath and his wounds where healing.  He took out the amulet that he wore round his next, and it was glowing an erey yellow glow.

He had recieved the amulet from Melina, back when they first left Machilania Temple on their pilgrimage, she gave it to him when he first made the promise that he would protect her with his life.  He also made the promise that as long as she lived he would not die and would protect her.  The amulet was called the oathkeeper, it is Neji's most prized possession thats why he where's it round his neck and keeps it well hidden from theifs under his clothes.

He gripped the amulet, "this is proof that Melina is alive! for aslong as she lives i cannot die, unless i die protecting her!"  A great grin appeared on Neji's face and he slowly approached the Basiliks.  One came charging towards him but with one swing from his sword its head flew off.  Shocked Neji looked at his amulet, still glowing but brighter.  Not only did it protect him but it gave him incredible power.  Also changed his appearanced, his muscles where far more tonned, his eyes had changed from a peircing black to a fiery red.  He could feel the power flowing through his vains.  The Basiliks imediatly turned and fled but was not fast enough to escape Neji, and it soon found its path blocked.  Neji's thrust for blood became greater and he also became more ruthless, he stuck the Basiliks many times, knowing exactly where to hit it, so it wont die and be in great pain, before he finished it off.

"This power! is incredible!"

After the trouble was over, the amulet stop glowing and Neji collaped on the groud, back in his origanal form, but he was in more pain and even more tired than he was when the amulet activated and he passed out.

(ooc. Info on Amulet - Auto Regan, and anti-stone, anti-poison ect,  that crazy Neji form that is caused by the amulet is similar to Overdrive/Trance, (think of it as his ultimate) by the way in operation Mi'hen when he sent the enemy flying after it hit him, that was overdrive aswell)

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"Would you likez to ride ze shoooopuf?" the hypello asked in his strange accent.

"Yes, as soon as possible." Tanis said, impatienly with the slow talking man.

"We can ride ze shooopuff now if you likez?" the hypello continued.

"Yes that's fine." Tanis retorted there after hearing a laugh from behind him from Fariel who always found the hypello some what amusing, and the short patience in Tanis's dealing with them.

"All abordz the shooopuff!" the hypello yelled leading them onto the crane like lift that slowly took them up to the square basket sitting atop the shoopuff with seating on each side, the farbic canopy keeping out the sun. THe hypello was quick to push them out the lift and into the basket before he progressed up to his chair with the reigns.

"A hypello huh?" Kobie asked as they all sat down all on their own side of the square seperated.

"Yeah. He'll take us to the other side of the moonflow and then we can get to guadosalam. Right?" Sonya interupted even though the question was aimed at Fariel.

Fariel nodded and turned to sit side on and look out at the scenery of the moonflow they were crossing. Tanis was as silent as normal. Sonya and Kobie started talking about the moonflow and whats going to happen for them now.

"Look ish friendsh of yours?" the hypello yelled down at us.

"Friends?" Kobie asked worriedly

Fariel leaned out farther and looked ahead of them at the three small sized boats coming towards them from the other bank. Tanis leaned out beside her and quickly looked around for options.

"Guado!" he hissed.

"Looks like we're going for a swim!" she said going over beside Kobie and climbing up and over the chair standing on the back of the shoopuff looking down its tail to the water.

"We cannot out swim ships Fariel." Tanis spoke abnormally calmly. "We will have to fight."

"That will bring too much attention to us! Kobie how good are you at swimming?" she asked quickly, the boats nearing, their yells for the hypello to stop the creature already audible.

"Pretty good, what are you planning?" he asked almost not wanting to know the answer.

"We don't have to fight them, we have to sneak up the boats the drill in some holes, then when their fafing around trying not to sink we can all swim away."

"Thats a very flaw full plan Fariel." Tanis said doubting her words.

"Yeah, well when you come up with better you tell me. When the first boat starts going down follow us okay? Kobie lets go." she said sliding down the tail and diving into the water.

Kobie looked back at the other two standing watching him leave, sonya wished him luck and he slid down and joined Fariel in the water.

Taking in deep breaths they dived under the water and started to quickly swim towards the led boat. The boat was soon atop of them and they grabbed on and got taken with. They both drew a dagger each and stabbed straight into the wooden boat, bits of wood chipping off and splintering through the water.

the water was soon filling up the boat, the guado desperatly ran around the boat trying to stop the leak but couldn't stop it nad the boat started to sink. Th second boat came up beside it and they all bailed into it as their boat fell down into the depths of the lake. Sonya and Tanis were already diving off the tail and into the water following after their friends.

It was taking to long to chip through the second boat and they were both needing air but they couldn't risk being spotted. Kobie was faring better then her but she held on to the boat and continued to stab away.

On the boat the guado heard the muffled dull tapping and started looking for its origin.

"Under the boat!" one yelled. "Tromell, your orders."

"You two, get under their and stop the traitor!" Tromell said pointing with his long nailed finger at the two from the front of the boat.

The two instantly dived out of the boat, Fariel saw the splash of water beside her and knew there was nowhere to hide. Great, i'm gonna be drowned by a guado, i don't want to go out like that, bring it! she thought to herself although the need for air was still nagging at her.

The two guado saw her and swam towards her, they were pretty poor swimmers by the time they reached her they had built up some speed, she drew her daggers and prepared for thei charge, she narrowly dodged out the way of the first, cutting him in the arm but was tackled from behind as the second reached her.

THe blood rose to the surface and the guado went up for air.

"you two, get down there!" Tromell ordered again sending another two down off the other side of the boat.

Kobie panicked and swam away from the boat as the two came towards him. He sheathed the dagger and his dragon claws sprung out and he floated in the waster ready.
Fariel splashed around trying to get out the guados grip, they were stronger then she remembered, she dropped one of her daggers and it begun to sink. No!
Wriggling a arm free she elbowed the guado in the face making him retreat back and relaease her. Swimming down she went straight for her dagger, it was sinking fast. Air, air, air, air, dagger, air, air, air, shut up brain! she thought.

She grabbed the dagger and sheathed it but was tackled down again by the presuing guado, she instantly reacted and stabbed the guado with her other dagger. The guado yelled out in pain but got a mouth full of water and retreated to the suface. But she had to follow, and striaght into the hands of the guado. She swam upwards but away from the boats she saw kobie swiming up as well, two guado floating to the surface limply. Either dead or knocked out.

Reaching the surface she was grabbed by hands, guado hands, they must have seen her and changed direction. Dragged onto the boat she yelled in protest. Her daggers where quickly stripped from her and she struggled and punched at any faces she saw but was quickly pinned to the wooden floor of the boat, three guado holding her still.

"Get off or suffer the consequences!" she yelled but they just laughed.

"And how are you, pinned, surrounded and unarmed going to deliver the consequences?" Tromell asked smuggly in his old husky guado voice.

"Who said she had to deliver them?" Tanis asked from the front of the boat quickly slicing down the back of the first guado.

"Seize him!" Tromell asked retreating to the other boat and being taken back to solid ground by the few on board.

The guado not holding her down launched towards Tanis, the first two were cut striaght across the chest in unison with one swing of his sword. The remaining three stood back, too scared to attack. They drew their swords, immediatly becoming a threat, Tanis lunged forward at them and metal met metal as two swords held back his own. Realsing the hold of the sword with one hand he drew a second and cut low across the lower chests of the two guado. The two of the guado holding down Fariel jumped over board and swam for the shore the last one was quickly brought down by the hands of fariel and thrown over board.

"Those are mine! Give them to me!" she yelled at the last remaining guado holding her daggers up defensivly.

The guado dropped them on the command and jumped off the boat. Fariel jumped as Sonya climbed out the water and onto the boat followed by Kobie from the other side.

"Well i suppose we combined our plans in the end."

"No, yours was badly thought threw and failed. We should have fought from the begining instead of messing around in the water." Tanis said harshly

"Well it worked last time i did it." she retorted under her breath crossing her arms.

"Lets just get to the shore before more are sent after us." Sonya spoke breaking the silence that followed Fariels muttering.

(occ: right whoever wants to take us to the strange little city of guadosalam and to Rin's be my guest :p I'm not controlling your charaters all the time. We should sneak into the farplane or something :p lol i'll explain that to ya tomorrow Fenix cause in know you won't understand. And the getting wet and swimming around the moonflow came form a stupid joke between Fenix me and keith today at break so yeah ignore us :P )


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<ooc - a little plot twist before we go to Gaudosalam - bear with me here>

The four travellers had reached the far shore without further incident and had since given their Guado pursuers the slip, for the moment at least. They were in the last regions of fertile land before the barren wastes around Guadosalam, so there was still the occasional wood or copse. Normally they threaded their way through them for cover, but as night fell they approached a forest that Tanis (who was leading them) seemed reluctant to enter.

“We should go around it,” he said after staring at the outer trees for a long time, “I don’t think I like the feel of this place.”

“Are you sure?” Sonya asked, touching one of the trees curiously.

“Yeah, come on.”

They continued walking. Kobie looked back and saw that Sonya hadn’t moved.

“Sonya, come on!”

“You guys go ahead,” she called back, frowning, “There’s something familiar about this forest…”

Kobie hesitated, torn between wanting to stay with the group and wanting to protect his friend.

“Alright, but I’m coming with you,” he said finally.

Fariel looked horrified and even Tanis shook his head in disapproval.

“Don’t worry guys,” Kobie said, “What could happen? You go ahead and we’ll meet up with you on the other side. We’ll signal if we run into any trouble.”

Fariel shrugged.

“So Sonya wants to go sightseeing,” she said, turning to Tanis, “It’s just a forest, and we’re about to make camp anyway. And it’s not like we haven’t seen them take care of themselves before.”

“Okay,” Tanis said at last, “We’ll make camp in that cave about half a mile away. Don’t be long.”


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Kobie picked his way carefully through the trees behind Sonya. Although he was alert to danger, the forest didn’t feel evil - there seemed to be a kind of good aura around the place - why Tanis was so afraid of it was a mystery to him. The only disturbing thing about it was the occasional feeling that somehow the forest, or its inhabitants, knew they were here and were watching.

“I think I’ve been here before,” Sonya said over her shoulder to him. Something was making her talk in a whisper, “It’s so much like the forest where I…never mind…”

“Look!” Kobie suddenly whispered, pointing. In a clearing ahead was a ruined building - a temple of some kind with a moss-covered dais in the centre and once-smooth designs painted on its half-collapsed walls.

“Elvish!” Sonya breathed, recognising the swirling runes that seemed to have been burned rather than cut into the dais, “I knew I recognised this forest. Lauthelias used to pick me up from the city and transport me here using wind-magic to teach me. He said it was best to learn elemental magic in a natural environment. This must be where he lived.”

“Have you ever been to this ruined temple before?”


They approached the worn fresco painted on the far wall with growing wonder. At the top was Sin, a great black sphere, but in the picture he had been pierced by a glowing sword inscribed with words, some of which they recognised as the names of Aeons. Holding the sword was a figure surrounded by a halo of light, a figure that Kobie thought looked remarkably like Summoner Yuna. Sonya translated the flowing script underneath as saying “The Saviour of Somewhere”

But that wasn’t the strangest thing.

Underneath were painted five more figures, under the inscription “The Avenging Angels”, and the figures were them! There was he, with his Dragon’s Claws extended and a longbow slung across his shoulder, next to Sonya who looked the same but for some reason wasn’t wearing her mask. She had a green halo round her head that Sonya explained showed she had learned Elven magic. There was Fariel - she had one of the green halos too - and Tanis, with his hood thrown back to bring his elven features into sharp relief. The fifth man, a hard-looking rogue with two Al’bed pistols and a sword, they did not recognise.

“Wait a minute, Lauthelias taught Fariel too?” Sonya asked, “And why doesn’t Tanis have the elven halo?”

“What are we even doing in these carvings?” Kobie replied, “What is it, some sort of prophesy?”

Suddenly there was a shout from behind them. They turned and saw Gaudo soldiers emerging from the trees with weapons raised.

“Bloody hell!” Kobie shouted in surprise, extending his Dragon’s Claws, “Where the hell did they come from!?”

The Gaudo from the boats had caught up with them.

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Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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Neji awoke Several hours later in one of the beds at Djose Temple.  One of the monks at the temple approached him with a great gleming smile.  "Ah glad to see you'r awake, we feared you would never wake up,"

"how long have i been out?"

"serveral hours, crusaders travelling back from operation Mi'hen found you lying on the road, apparently you had been striped of all your belongs, i am sorry to say that Bandits found you before they could,"

"What! Bandits! damn them, my sword, my guns, my Amulet!"

"now dont worry child about your belongings the important part is that you are still alive, they could of killed you, you know?"

He punched the wall, "im gonna kill every last one of those bandits!"

"calm yourself, apparently these attacks have happened to many people, Crusaders have already begun searching for them, it wont belong until our enforcers bring them to justice and they be trailed by Yevon,"

"Those Bandits dont need enforcers, they need an excutioner!"

Neji blood began to boil and he sprang from his bed and headed for the exit the monk running after him.

"now dont do anything rash, these bandits are dangorus you could get yourself killed,"

"I'm far more dangorus than them,"

"you best leave this to the profesionals,"

"I am a profesional,"

"these bandits are dangourus, they're monsters!"

"A raging wolf is more dangorus than a monster!"

"but you cant go out unarmed,"

Neji paused for a second, the monk was right by marching out their unarmed he was marching to certain doom.  But then it hit him, the child still had his second gun.

"A child from operation Mi'hen was brought here on the back of a chocobo, tell me what happened to the boy,"

"Ah i know who you are on about, im sorry to say that his wounds where to great and we could save him,"

"Damn! Tell me where is his body,"

"in that room along with all the other people who have passed away under our care,"

"Did the child have a gun with him?"

"Yes he did, it was one of that god awful forbined Machina pistols, even after he had passed we could not remove the gun from his hand, also, no matter how hard Summoner Yuna tried she could not seem to send him, it was dishearting,"

Neji pushed aside the Monk and proceded into the room.  "please dont go in their, it is not a nice scene."  But those word did not stop Neji and he pushed open the doors.  In the room was the eary silentness of death, the same feeling he had felt after operation Mi'hen.  The bodys of men, women and children where laid across the room, with blood stained blankets coving their damaged bodys.  It was indeed dishearting, but atleast all these people, where given a decent sending.  Neji began to look frantically for the body of the young boy, pulling back the blankets of many dead children, it was not something Neji enjoyed, it pained him to see all these innocent children, destroyed at the hands of sin.  He cursed sin but also cursed Yevon and the crusaders for letting innocent children watch over the bloody battle of operation Mi'hen, leding them to beleive that they where given the chance to witness Sins defeat.  And then it hit him, he was not a champion fighting to defeat sin, he was a sacrifce of Yevon, he and all of the brave people who fought believing in a false hope, that Sin can truely be defeated, when in truth he can't, Summoners are sent on Suicide missions to kill Sin, only for it to be brought back, and then another Summoner goes to their doom and another, its never ending, and all the Masters of Yevon do is sit back and watch those who beleived in their teachings and die for their teachings.  All the pain and suffering Sin is causing and they sit back and say, beleive in Yevon, follow its teachings and Sin will go away.  And he never does.  Everyone who has fought for Yevon, has died.  But Neji hasnt, he has done battle with Sin many times and each time he has walked away, and why, because he has never fought under Yevon, he does not beleive in their teachings, he fought for himself and the ones he loves never caring for Yevon, only for the future.

He became lost in thought as he gazed over the many dead bodys.  And he came to the concultion that Sin and Yevon where in league, Yevon worshiped Sin they send Summoners and Crusaders to their doom as sacrifces, on the while letting the people beleive that what they are doing is for their benifit, that they are the good guys fighting against the evil Sin, Sin cannot suvive without Yevon and Yevon without Sin, so destroy one and the other will fall.  Destroy Yevon, Destroy Sin, it was clear what Neji's mission was.

At last he found the body of the child.  And to the monks suprise he took the gun from him with ease and pyr flies could be seen as the child's spirt left for the farplane.  "Dont worry i will avenge your death."

"You! you are the one who uses forbinned Machina, Guards! Guards! come quickly!"

A couple of warrior monks arrived at the scene and drew their swords to Neji.

Neji rose up to the warrior monks.  "Scum of Yevon, I Neji the avenger, the exucutioner, will avenge the fall of all those who died under the false beleive of Yevon,"

"Heretic!" The monks charged at him, luckly for Neji the child did not fire off many rounds at operation Mi'hen and he still had plenty of bullets left, quick to the trigger Neji shot one monk, killing him instandly,  the second stopped in his advance, and took a few paces back.  He dropped his sword as if he was summiting, but Neji noticed that his other hand was reaching for something, he drew a pistol from his armor, one similar to Neji's, quicker to the draw Neji killed the monk the peaceful monk fled in terror, to get more quards, Neji seached the two fallen monks and found bullets for his gun.  "now whos the Heretic,"

Neji left the temple but outside his path was blocked by Crusaders, "You will pay for your crimes Heretic, you will soon be judged by Yevon, the crusaders advancted to Neji, to arrest him, but sudden out of the group came a chocobo, the same one from operation Mi'hen, Neji jumped on and ran past the guard to safty.  The crusaders beleived strongly in Yevon so he had no fears of being shot at, also the warrior monks dared not reveal their forbinned weapons infront of the overwhelming Crusaders, So Neji escaped without problem.

"Now time to find my equipment," Neji immedaitly headed towards the moonflow, that was where many Bandits gathered to spend their loot, and trade their treasures.



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(occ: wow you guys posted something :p ok Fenix, i suppose we are off to guadosalam with out ya for the moment then. Don't beat them up to bad ;) hehe)

The pair dived into the trees as they heard yelling up ahead, a group of guado reinforcements on their way to held their already defeated friends, ran past completely unaware. Fariel smirked at their complete unawareness though it was hard to see Tanis in his full black outfit, her cloak blended her in but didn't have the same impact.

Once the guado were out of site they left the trees and continued on the trail they were soon cautiously entering guadosalam, its strange small village of three floors layered in walkways, dead ahead of them was a shop but there was no time for that. Noone was in visual range yet but there was something she wanted to do. One of the walkways was just above them but to get to its entrace she would have to wlak past seymours front door.

"Tanis you go on ahead and meet the others ok?" she asked queitly.

"I don't see it wise to split up further Fariel."

"Losen up, i'll only be a few minutes, just go." she said pratically ordering him.

Tanis stared at her for a few moments that dragged on forever but he soon nodded and followed the path quietly until he was out of sight and out of guadosalam.

"Right then, may as well do some sightseeing while i'm here." she said sneakly.

She first went into the shop just infront of her. Going down the stairs she was greeted by the messily displaded shop, a hypello left just as she entered empty handed, the women behind the counter was snooring on the desk. She grinned and looked around, there wasn't much worth taking along but she found a basket of cloths.

"Here we go."

Leaving the shop as quietly as she had entered she now wore simply designed cloths, baggy black trousers, a black shirt and her own cape and belt still with all its attachments.

"Much better." she said quietly to herself.

Now was the hard part, getting onto the next floor, past seymores door, she walked quickly but casually, not to gain attention. Seymores manor sat right in front of here merely a meter away but quickly went past and onto the sloping walkway up to the next floor. On her way up she drew a black ribbon from her pocket and tied her hair up out of her face, she liked it better up, made her look different then what everyone expected her to be like.

The next floor was just as dull sa the one before, there was a couple of doors but she was uninterested. Instead she went straight up onto the last floor, a simple walkway to a cave like enterance, noone stood in front of it, luckily, where was everyone? She didn't care, she ran straight into the cave and up the zigzag to a set of stairs.

Looking up she was the shimmering portal between the realm of the living and the farplane. She walked up the stairs and ran her finger over the water like walkway. Then she stepped through.
Pyraflys quickly appeared before her and flew on past in their normal aimless wonderings. The floating rock platform that she stood on looked over the amazing view of the farplane, like a giant meadow, with a river and beautify waterfalls, with all the pyraflys of the dead flying around. It was somewhat depressing seeing all the spirits of all those dead.
She risked getting here for a reason and was going to fulfil it. Stepping to the edge of the platform she thought of her parents, pyraflys whized around her and infront of her and then were replaced by a couple standing holding hands happily, in crusaders attire, smiles on their faces. They looked so happy, just like they did when they died.

They died by the hands of sin, not in the battle, but when it had finished, she had run to help them but it was too late, die'n together like they had lived with smiles on their faces. She had joined the crusaders to get revenge on sin but didn't work out.

"Hey guys, i'm doing good. Dropped out of the crusaders ya know. I'm a theif now, not that you'd approve, just moving from city to city with my new companions. I can't stay long. Seymore has me on the top of the hit list and isn't giving up. Anyway my friends are waiting. I'll come back and see you when this is all over."

"No you won't" the annoyingly familiar voice said behind her.

Spinning around she saw the group of armed guado and meastor seymore standning blocking her way.

"Kill her." he said flattly before turning and leaving.

"Heh, to much of a wimp to kill me myself. Thats pathetic."

Either he didn't hear or chose to ignore her but he left the farplane and left her faced with the six guado standing with swords aimed towards her. She moved slowly towards the first one as they spread out to surround her. Then they started to move in, she drew her daggers and smiled. Dashing towards the one infront of the portal leading to the living world. THe guado looked terrifed at the sudden charge and ducked as she lauched up and using him as a pedestal kicked off him and flew through the portal.

On the other side she fell from the height down onto the stairs, slipping and falling two or three to a flat before the next set. She complained as she landed on her bum but got up and ran as the guado appeared behind her. running down the stairs and through the cave she saw Seymore striding towards his mansion.

"Guess you couldn't catch me 'ey seymore?" she said cockily as she dived from the walkway to the ground floor and rolling back into standing. The mhalf guado half man growled and sent a flare spiraling towards her she ran past it and was soon out of the town as guado got to the bottom floor, too chicken to jump.

She heard seymores orders to find and kill her but she ran on as she heard the footfalls catching up behind her.
Soon she could here the cracking of forked lightning flashing down from the clouds ahead. The thunder plains, and her saftey.

She saw the tall arch ahead of here which marked the entrance to the wide open wasteland of the thunder plains. Tanis stood leaning against the arch when she came running and pushed off and stood quietly as she approched.

"I thought you were only going to be a few minutes?" he said sarcastically.

"No time, run!" she yelled grabbing him by the arm on the way past and dragging him along with her before he ran at his own accord. "Kobie and Sonya will find us, but we gotta hide now. Don't go being a hero and trying to take them all again."

Tanis had no time to object before he pushed her out the way of a lightning bolt crashing down between them.
The guado stopped in their steps as lightning flashed down and stuck one of them and as cowardly as a kid against sin turned and ran back to guadosalam.

"Well that worked." she said with a grin "Always knew they were afraid of lightning." she said mockingly.

"I told you it wasn't wise to split up further. You risked your life to go shopping?" Tanis interupted.

"I didn't shop, i never shop."

"Riight, lets just wait under the lightning rod for the others before you go robbing anyone else."



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(ooc U guys seem to be hurrying along so i thot i better speed things up with Neji in order to catch up)

After many hours of questioning the local merchant and squeezing information from local Bandits, Neji discovered the hideout of the bandits who stole his equipment, they hid deep in the forest near Quadosalam, across the moonflow.  His Chocobo had to be left behind for it was to big for the Shoopuff, he had to let it go into the wild where it once became before it was drawn into the Crusaders.  He was sad to see his friend go, but was confident that he would meet him once again.

He slowly crept up to the camp site, deep in the forests, it appeared to be next to some ancient runes, which proved many cover for Neji to sneak up on his attackers and claim his stuff back, he scouted the area, his second gun was nowhere to be seen but his sword was slung over, a preticularly tall man, very big build, he towered above the other men, he was far bigger than Neji.  And appeared to be the leader of the group.

The way he drunkenky laughed with his fellow bandits, carrying around his sword as if it was his own angred Neji greatly, he gripped his gun trying not to burst out in rage and blow his cover, but that anger was nothing compared to the angre he felt when the big boss reached into his pocket and revealed Neji's Amulet, "damn him!" Neji tried even harder to hold back his anger but found that he couldnt when the boss put the amulet round his neck.

Neji burst out from behind a runed wall, and fired 3 shots, and 3 Bandit fell, the other 3 (not including the Big Boss) Rose from their seats and drew their weapons, one drew Neji's pistol which he instantly noticed and fired upon him, he dived down behind the Wall he emerged from, from cover and the bullets ricosade off the wall, he heard as the other 2 men spilt up to surrond Neji from either side of the wall.  The first one peared over only to meet Neji's fist which knocked him out instantly, the second tried to attack him from behind but Neji skillfully dodged his strike and placed his gun on his temple, Neji grapled the man and lead him out of cover, to use as a meat sheild, the last Bandit could only try and aim his gun in order to miss his commrade, but in the blink of an eye Neji imediatly aimed his gun and killed the man with his skill and finished off his meat sheild.

Angered by the fall of his underlings the Boss stood up, picked up a great club and relentlessly attacked Neji Swing his club blindly only to miss the nimble Neji and perhaps destroy a wall or make a crack in the ground, after enough play Neji tired to finish him by shooting him in the chest twice, but it had no affect of a man of such size, and he all neji did was make him bleed.  He knocked Neji off his feet with a mighty swing from his fist sending him about 6 feet into to the air and causing him to crash down hard on the ground.  Dazed Neji came to his senses just to see a great club come powering down from the sky.  He rolled out the way and grapped his sword which had fallen to the floor when the battle begun, sliced the man on the back of the knees causing him to fall to his knees, he then turned around and aimed his gun at pointblank range to his eye.

"You stole from the wrong, dude,"  The final shot was fired tearing through his eye and splattering god knows what along the ground.


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<ooc - Underdog, have you been watching Rome? I think you sneakily ripped off the gladiator scene from the final episode the way you took out the Bandit Boss…“THIRTEEN!” LOL>

Kobie knocked one of the Gaudo to the ground and knifed down hard with his Dragon’s Claws. Beside him Sonya’s staff caught another Gaudo on the temple, sending him flying back against a nearby tree. She then turned and thrust her staff towards three more charging Gaudo, and a blast of wind like a shockwave knocked them off their feet. The other Gaudo, fearing magic, temporarily ran for cover, but one who was already coming up behind Sonya attacked instead. She managed to block his sword lunge, but then he backhanded her across the face, knocking her mask off. Sonya immediately fell to her knees in front of him, dropping her staff to clutch at her throat and gasping frantically as if the air was suddenly empty of oxygen.

With a shout of rage, Kobie threw himself at the Gaudo, catching a sword strike aimed at Sonya’s neck between the blades of his right Dragon’s Claw. The sword scraped over his metal hand-guard, then he twisted his arm to spin the sword out of the Gaudo’s grip and stabbed upwards with his left Claw. As the Gaudo collapsed, Kobie frantically searched the ground for Sonya’s mask, picked it up and placed it back on her face. She gasped convulsively and her eyes began to come back into focus.

“You okay?” Kobie asked.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine…”

The Gaudo were regrouping, their leader Tromell who had commanded the boats shouting at them to advance.

Shouting a challenge, Kobie charged them, activating the Thunderstrike magic bound within his Dragon’s Claws and causing them to crackle with electricity as he drove them into the chest of the nearest Gaudo. He spun completely round, slashing one claw then the other into the next Guado that attacked him and used the dying man’s chest as a springboard to launch himself at another opponent. The Gaudo raised his sword to block one Dragon’s Claw, but the other slammed into his chest, skewering his shoulder and pinning him to the ground as the force of Kobie’s attack knocked him onto his back. The other Gaudo were already fleeing into the trees.

“Why are you after us?” Kobie demanded, holding his still-crackling claws to the Gaudo’s throat.

“Maester Seymore,” stammered the terrified Gaudo, trying to twist away from the white-hot blades, “He told us to kill Fariel Oreen and anyone who was travelling with her.”


The Gaudo hissed in pain as Kobie pulled the blades of the other Dragon’s Claw out of his shoulder.

“Argh! She…she stole his Maester’s amulet…”

“She what!?” Kobie said incredulously, letting the Gaudo get up. Not needing any prompting, he turned and ran after his comrades, “I’m going to kill that little…”

He looked up and saw Tromell standing at the edge of the clearing, shouting uselessly as his men fled past him. With a snarl of rage he drew an Al’bed pistol and levelled it at Sonya, who was still only just getting to her feet.

“No!” she screamed, as Kobie sprinted towards them, knowing he was already too late.

“Yes, you bitch.” Tromell snarled, and pulled the trigger.


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Kobie saw Sonya convulse as the bullet struck her chest and screamed her name as she staggered back, blood seeping through the slits in her mask, and fell.

Tromell laughed and turned to run, knowing that he had too great a head start for Kobie to catch him, but then he was spun round as something flew out of the trees and thudded into his chest. It was a black-feathered arrow. Tromell fell to his knees with a surprised choking sound, dropped the pistol and keeled over sideways.

A tall figure with long flowing hair and pointed ears emerged from the shadows, leaping lithely over a fallen trunk with an impossibly long, graceful jump to land beside Kobie. The newcomer slung his bow over his shoulder and regarded Kobie with unfathomable golden eyes.

“You’re…you’re an…” Kobie stammered.

“An elf, yes,” the archer replied, “And who are you?”

“A friend of Lauthelias.” Kobie answered, before remembering that elves could read minds.

“Lauthelias is dead,” the elf replied, raising an eyebrow, “And you have never met him. But I recognised your friend as one of his pupils and I saw how hard you fought to protect her, so you have nothing to fear from us.”

He motioned to two more elves who had just dropped from the trees - Kobie wondered how long they had been hiding there watching everything - and they moved to pick up Sonya’s limp body.

“Take her to the Temple of Healing,” he said, and then to Kobie, “Come with me, friend of Lauthelias.”

* * *

The elves took Kobie deep into the forest to a glade where there was a small village. Well, not really a village - the dwellings were trees that seemed to have grown together into house-like shapes. Kobie looked on in awe, wondering how the elves had managed this seemingly-impossible feat. The elves of the village greeted him as a friend and invited him to a meal, but he was too worried about Sonya to eat and so just paced restlessly outside the Temple of Healing - a stone building that was the only one in the village that had not been shaped from living trees - while the elves inside worked their magic to try and save Sonya.

After a long time, he looked up to see two figures emerge from the door. One was an older-looking elf in white robes, and the other was Sonya, looking no worse for wear - in fact, she was positively glowing. She ran towards him and before he knew what he was doing he had thrown his arms around her. She smiled up at him as he stroked her hair and that was when he realised - she wasn’t wearing her mask!

“I don’t know how they did it,” she said, touching her face, “But when I woke up not only had they healed the bullet-wound, I found I could breathe without my Al’bed mask. They fixed my lungs.”

Kobie turned to the elven doctor and thanked him. The elf smiled warmly back.

“The least we can do for a friend of Lauthelias,” he said, “I hope someday you bring his killer to justice. And for one who helped to defend our forest home against our enemies.”

This was to Kobie, and at this the elf produced a finely-crafted bow marked with glowing runes and handed it to him.

“This bow is enchanted with elemental magic, and it will serve you well.” he said.

Sonya and Kobie turned and saw the elven archer walking towards them.

“You must go now. Your friends are waiting for you in the thunder plains,” he said, “That is some way from here, but I think we can help you out in that department.”

The elf closed his eyes as if concentrating very hard, and the leaves under their feet began to rustle and shift. Soon a small tempest had engulfed Sonya and Kobie, and they felt themselves being lifted off the ground and whirled through the air. They landed with a thud in the middle of an arid wastleland, beneath a lightning rod that jutted up towards a stormy sky.

“How the hell did you do that!?” Fariel asked in surprise.

Suddenly Kobie remembered what the Gaudo had told him. Siezing Fariel’s collar, he slammed her up against the lightning rod.

“Hey! What are you…?”

“Fariel, did you steal Maester Seymore’s amulet!?” Kobie demanded, his eyes blazing.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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Fariel Squirmed in his grip but she knew fine well that she wasn't strong enough to escape it. "Let me go Kobie!" she yelled "Tell me! Did you steal his amulet!" he growled pressing further into her. "Yes! Ok i stole it! Now let go of me!" she yelled in return scratching at his hand but he did not release her. "Let her go Kobie." Tanis interupted although it had no effect on Kobies grip. "Let her go now." he repeated a knife appearing at Kobies throat. "Why should i! She nearly got us killed! Twice! And all becuase she stole his stupid amulet!" "It was my right!" she muttered between gasps of air as he feet left the ground. "Like hell it was!" "Let me go!" she continued. Kobie still didn't let up, his percing gaze drilling into her like a dagger through the heart. Then he growled out in pain as he was shot backwards hitting the ground heavily. She had sent a fireball at pointblank range blasting between them. She fell from her raised position to teh ground and breathed heavily. Tanis and Sonya stepped back as Kobie got up and glared at Fariel as she rose. "It was seymores fault that my family was killed! I had every right to steal his amulet, its only the start in my revenge for their deaths!" Fariel growled as Kobie stepped towards her. Kobie stopped in his tracks and looked at her thinking it over. "Kobie, he ordered my parents to their death! Don't you dare tell me i don't have a right to revenge!" she said turning and walking away towards the next lightning rod. Sonya stepped over to Kobie who stared speechless at the back of Fariel as she stormed away. Tanis had already sheathed his blade as silently as he had drawn it and looked at the two standing watching Fariel leave. Tanis opened his mouth to say something but shut it again following Fariel at a similar pace in silence. Kobie and Sonya looked at each other and then away again at the two walking away from them. It was apparent to them that they could leave if they wanted, though they made an unwritten agreement to go with Fariel after she helped them out of Luca, they could see that it didn't apply any longer. They stood for a moment in silence, Fariel was already a fair distance ahead, he had definatly hit her nerves and opened memorys she didn't want to relive, but they followed her anyway, at a distance. They would dicuss the situation when they got under the safty of Rin's favour to Tanis. (occ: hurray for randomness :p anyway guess you never showed up squall, where did ya go?)


Tanis looked at Fariel. he knew she has...he had read it the moment the question was asked. But he decided to let her handle was -after all- not his problem. Fariel stuttered as she looked for an answer to the question...thinking of the correct way to word it, but Tanis jumped in before she could speak.


"Tell me Sonea...did the elf that took you to the forbidden temple and hel you tell you his name? or is he still a mystery to you?"


Sonea did a double take...Of course She thought...Tanis is half elven as well...


"No Tanis he never told me. Why? and what do you mean forbidden temple..."


Tanis stared at her indifferently...she could not be lying...or he would have sensed it...


"Damn it...i guess that means that we part here then...i need to go and have a little "chat" with that elf. Oh...and dont wait up.I dont know how long this will take. If we dont meet up again...well good luck."


Tanis looked at them all again and saw a flash of something in Sonea's mind...a tablet of sometype...with pictures...of people but Tanis could gain no more...Sonea had blocked him out of her mind. Hmmmmm...her master taught her be able to hide herself from me...


"Oh and fariel...those daggers may have served you well...but i fear that our enemy will take more than those...take this until...well if i come back. These should serve you well.They have the magically enhanced blade that i enforce on all of my weapons. You should find them comfortable."


Tanis the proceeded to unlash his Daiko (samurai dagger) from his waste and produce another weapon of only a small amount of roughly the same size...


"Take these...they should do the job...oh and if i come back...i want my Daiko back!"


Tanis did not wait for a reply from anyone...he tossed the weapons to Fariel and darted into the thunder...


"Now" Tanis thought "Time to see what the enndenti tribe wanted with Sonea...and why they did not just kill her like they would anyone else...this could get bloody...better steel myself up for some serious fighting...its been a while since ive fought an equal...another elf...this should be most entertaining...if i live anyway..."


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(occ - honestly Fenix ive never seen Thirteen, and the only rome thing ive seen is Gladiator and Sparticus)

Having reclaimed his weapons and Amulet Neji proceded to Guadosalam.  He marched through the enterence with fire burning in his eyes.  The first on his list was Seymour, the half man half Guado freak who insists on stealing his glory.

He approached Seymours mansion, but two guards stood in his way.  "Maester Seymour is not accepting guest at the moment, he is a very busy man,"

"Let me through, or i will cut my way through,"

"You mean to harm Maester Seymour! Heresy!"

"I aim to destroy the lie that is Yevon, now move!"

Neji quickly dispatched the guards and burst through the main door.  "SEYMOUR!"

Seymour calmly came out of his room and stood at the top of the stairs.  "What is the meaning of this."

"I have come to end Yevon, starting with you, the Maester, now come down here and face me,"

Four Guado came from behind Seymour and marched down the stairs, they surrond Neji with swords drawn and began to close in on him.  "All who stand in my way will receive no mercy!"

Neji eliminated then with ease, and walked to the first step.  "I see,"

"See what, you see your demise! the fall of Yevon, and the fall of your god sin!"

"No i see an arrogant little rat, which become irritating if it is allowed to continue in making a mess,"

Two more Guado warriors appeared from behind Seymour, but they did not carry weapons, they stood at the top of stairs looking down on Neji with confident smiles.

"So you truly wish to challange me then?" Seymour asked

"Enough talk and lets fight!"

"hmph very well," An arrogant smile came on Seymours face and he began to slowly walk down the stairs carrying his Maesters staff which he is often seen with when going through dangorus territory towards Neji. He drew his pistols and began firing upon seymour but the bullets reflected off a protective barrier around Seymour, the need for the two other Guado was to cast Barrier magic on Seymour.  Seymour lauched a powerful Thundara attack on Neji which Neji had to dodge skillfully.  Seymour continued to advance towards Neji constantly firing, Thundara, Fira, Blizzara and Waterara spells on him, Neji had to continue on the defence and had to somehow, dodge all Seymours attacks, Neji managed to get in close sometimes but the strikes from his sword only reflected off Seymours barrier.  Seymour was confident in his victory but Neji had one more trick up his sleve, he knew the powerful Dispel magic which breaks the enemys barrier, but he was not experianced in using it and needed a break from Seymours strikes, and finally the opportuinty arose, Seymour paused, "have you had enough?" he boastfully asked.

"Ha, you Fool!" Neji took this time and cast Dispel, Seymour looked on in horror as his protective shell crumble around him, Neji charged full force at Seymour, summoned all four elements in his sword attempted a downward slash on Seymour, quickly Seymour rose his staff and to block the attack.  The two Celestal weapon collided with earthshattering force, the paintings of the previous Maesters shook as the two weapon collided.  Both men stood their with bitter snarls on their faces as they pushed against eachother in a heated deadlock.

Eventually Seymour pushed Neji back and them blasted him out the door with an incredible Firaga attack.  Seymour strided out the door after him and procced with a Thundara attack while Neji lay on the ground, he then struck another and another until he finally stopped.  Neji Lay limp on the ground and it appeared as if he was dead, his clothes where all tattered up and Seymour was confident that he had one.  But to his shock and horror Neji arose using his sword to help lever him up.

"That should of killed you,"

"Ha you fool, one with such a purpose as mine dose not die with such trival attacks,"

Seymour growled, "very well, but you will not survive this,"

Seymour began to cast some strange spell, one in which Neji had only heard of and never seen, it was mainly used by Chaotic devils and undead fiends.  It was the spell known as Death.  Before Neji's eye he saw death himself appear as if from nowhere, he floated slightly above Neji and a great hand reached down and burst into his chest.  But all did not go as Seymour planned, surpisingly Death's hand burst out of Neji's body, empty handed and then disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared.

"How is this possible!"

Through Neji's tattered clothes his emulet was shown clear, glowing with the erey light it shone on the Djose highroad.

"A magical artifact!? where did you get such an item?"

"It was a gift from a very special friend, its called the oathkeeper and it will make sure that i dont die until i have fulfilled my oath,"

"And what is your oath,"

"That aslong as she is still alive, i will live to protect her, when she dies only then can i die,"

"similar to the oath of the guardian, abmiralble,"

"You got that right, i am her guardian,"

"A guardian that lost their summoner, how embarrising,"

"Shut up!"

"touchy on this subject are me?"

"arrg Seymour, Lets finish this!"

"Powerful you amulet may be, but everything has its limits, i aim to push it their, you can not survive the power of Anima!! Come forth!!"


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<ooc - No, Underdog “thirteen” is just a quote from that scene - an ex-legionary who’s sentenced to death in the arena at first refuses to fight until the other gladiators start slagging off his legion, then he kicks seven kinds of crap out of them but gets beaten down by a huge guy with a mace. One of his mates jumps in to help him and takes out the gladiator by hamstringing him, then they stand up shouting “Thirteen!” - their legion number - and are instant heroes. It’s weird. Oh and Squall it‘s Sonya with a “y” (American/German spelling)>

Kobie sighed deeply as he watched Tanis disappear back the way they had come. Fariel, after stowing the blade he had given her safely inside her cloak, continued walking in silence.

“Where’s he off to?” he asked Sonya.

“Gone to talk to the elves,” she replied, “Though the way he said it I don’t think it’s going to be a friendly encounter.”

“Why not? I thought he was half-elven?”

“I know - there’s a lot more to this guy Tanis than meets the eye, I think.”

“Tell me about it.”

“You should go and talk to her,” Sonya said, nodding towards Fariel. Kobie sighed again, knowing she was right - thief or not, they couldn’t have made it out of Luca without her. He lengthened his stride to catch up with Fariel.

“Fariel? Can I talk with you?”

A hint of defiance flashed in her eyes, but then she just looked away.

“What do you want?” she murmured.

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry for losing it with you. I wasn’t really angry with you - I couldn’t care less if you stole that bastard’s amulet and it’s not like we haven’t got folk after us already - I was angry at myself. It’s just that, when the Gaudo came after us, Sonya would have died if the elves hadn’t healed her.”

“Ah, is that why she doesn’t have that mask on any more? I thought that was weird coz she said she couldn’t breathe without it.”

“I don’t know what they did, but they healed her somehow…elven magic really is a mysterious and powerful force.”

“I have to agree with you there,” she replied, looking at him for the first time.

“Friends?” Kobie asked, holding out his hand.

“Friends.” Fariel agreed, shaking it. Kobie turned and made a thumbs-up gesture to Sonya, who had been walking behind to give them space. She ran now to catch up.

“So,” she said pleasantly to Fariel, and Kobie noted that she had a very pretty smile when you could actually see it, “We’ve got some catching up to do. What have you been doing while we were busy in the forest? And where exactly did you sneak off to in that so-called “detour back to Luca” of yours, before we got to the Hypello village?”

Fariel grinned mischievously.

“Ah,” Sonya said, laughing, “I thought you looked too happy to not be up to no good. What happened then?”

<ooc - idea for next event: we run into trouble on the Thunder Plains (just another excuse for a kick-ass fight scene *evilgrin*) but get rescued by a Summoner who turns out to be Melina>


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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(occ - if melina is gonna come and save us then we are gonna have to wait for underdog to catch up with us or something so he can control her, she is his creation after all :p lol anyway yeah.)

"I didn't do anything." Fariel said with a innocent smile.

"Aye right, like i'm buying that. What did you ACTUALLY do back at Luca?" Sonya asked again.

"I destroyed my life there." she said looking up at the sky as it started to rain. "Did a few things that would get me arrested, gave my territory to Kerr and other stuffs like that and, said goodbye to some friends."

"Thats very vague." Kobie sais with a slanted smile. "Who's Kerr?"

"Kerr was my rival of sorts. Me and him, we were the top theives in Luca. If he wanted something i would get it first just to annoy him. He was a good friend. Cuase i'm never gonna get my life back in Luca i gave him my territory."

"Shame he's not gonna use it though." a familar voice spoke up ahead.

They all stopped and looked ahead of them at the next lightning rod, a tall slender man was standing leaning against the rock base of the rod with a smile, wearing similar clothing to what Fariel was wearing before she stole her new outfit also he wore a nasty looking black eye which Kobie could only speculate where it came from.

Fariel smiled and ran towards him, he ran back at her and they both drew their daggers from their belts. Metal met metal as their daggers clashed, Fariel ducked down in the second that followed and swung up leg round, clipping the back of his heels and tripping him backwards before she jumped and pinned him removing his daggers and grinning smuggly.

"Your still as slow as the first day i met ya Kerr."

"And you still as cocky Fariel." he said as he hooked his legs up around her neck and brought her down heavily into the ground.

kobie and Sonya had stopping in their tracks and watched the strange display ahead of them between the two young theives.

"Ouch." Farielf complained as Kerr took back his daggers. "Cheap shot" she stated with a smile, "nicely done."

Kerr extending a hand and helped her to her feet as they both dusted down Kobie and Sonya stepped forward.

"Great, two theives." Sonya said sarcastically.

"Heh, guys this is kerr Locke. I JUST told you about him." Fariel said pushing him to the side.

"Riight, just to interupt but why is he here if you just gave him the whole of Luca to terrorise?" Kobie asked abruptly.

"Cause i've been in Luca as long as Far has, and it was about time i moved on. I started tracking you guys down when i heard about the mi'ihen ooperation, got told that Far made quite the display and pissed of the meastors. Anyway, back in Luca they were turning the place up side down looking for her and found my trail and i had to leave or be arrested. So yeah here i am. Don't mind if i tag along do ya? By the by wheres the black robed guy gone."

"It'd be okay if you tagged along yeah, always useful to have another blade around." Kobie answered, sonya nodding in agreement.

"Cool, oh thats Kobie, Sonya and the guy that went off hes called Tanis, he dissapears sometimss but always reappears when we need him."

"Ah alright. Well then, were you guys headed?"

"To Rin's. We need to hide for a while."

"Ah yeah, got the Guado on your tail don't ya. They won't follow you onto the lightning planes without Seymore, they are complete wimps like that." Kerr said mockingly

"Heh yeah. Anyway lets get to Rin's just incase Seymore decides hes coming for a trip."

Kobie and Sonya nodded and walked on towards the next lightning rod and its shelter, Fariel followed closly tagged by Kerr who seemed to have gone a bit distant.

"So how did you get that black eye?" Kobie said disturbing the scilence only to get a grin from both theives.

"T'was a parting gift from Far, kind of a sign that she was giving me her territory but she didn't do it outa a likeness for me." he said jokingly.

They all laughed and continued on, soon they were all seriously drenched. Fariel cursed the storm for its "neverendingness" which made the others laugh and they decided to take shelter under the larger lightning rod that had a shelter type over hangning built onto it.

"When do ya think Tanis is coming back then?" Kerr asked randomly.

"Dunno, probably not any time soon i don't think. Why?" Fariel responded.

"Thats why." he said pointing to the large group of guado in a traditional formation but no sign of seymore yet.

"Well as long as Seymore dosn't appear then we're fine for now. All we have to do is hide behind some rocks or something and we'll be fine right?" Sonya asked slightly worried.

(Occ - i gotta go onw so if someone wants to appear and have us kick some guado ass before Seymore appears and kicks our asses go ahead. Though underdog still has to finish his ass kicking first :p )


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Tanis darted through the underbrush moving quickly not caring for stealth...the elves would know he was there soon enough anyway.

" do i do this...i suppose i might as well walk right in. I can handle a few elves...but not as many as seems to be here."

"Tanis why have you returned?"

An inquisitive voice came from above him. But Tanis knew well who it was...Yendor, an old...old.. "Hmmm...what shall i call him...?"

A reply was sent direcly into his mind..

"Who cares have returned...and now you die!"

Tanis threw up a magical barrier as Yendor threw a hail of fireballs at him and Tanis deflected them all. he drew his blade and created his own fireballs..."Bisingr!" Tanis cried, as 5 flaming bolts shot from his hands. Yendor dodged them all. "Damn" Thought Tanis "I i'm in over my head...i may be able to take any human...but a full elf..."

Tanis had no time to dwell over it. His blade met Yendor's and all thoughts were trained to subduing his foe. Swords flashed faster than any human could use them and spells flew back and forth...but nothing really causing damage.

Yendor lunged at Tanis and Tanis parried expertly. He swivelled around Yendor and struck at the elfs back. but the elf was not there anymore, he had already jumped and was coming down at Tanis...intending to cleave him in two. But Tanis was prepared he dived to the side and turned to face Yendor again. tanis knew he was begining to tire. he was only half elven after all...he did not posess ALL the strengths of the elfs. He was neither race...a bastard half-elf...but no time to worry about that now!

Tanis lunged knowing that Yendor would win the fight. Tanis was a gifted fighter...even among elves...but Yendor. He was a different story. Yendor parried and stabbed at Tanis's abdomen but went awry as Tanis threw another wave of firebolts at him. But again Yendors speed allowed him to dodge. Tanis looked for a weakness but couldent see any..."Thing Tanis what was his weak spot all those years ago...?"

Tanis smiled he knew what to do. He feignd an attack to the right and spun to the left...Yendor fell for it-he always did- and Tanis's blade made contact. It sliced through Yendors arm and drew blood. Tanis knew that it wasnt over yet. Yendor threw all of his power into a wave of ice strikes...and Tanis shielded...but he did not see the firse strikes Yendor had concealed behind them...they hit the ground around Tanis obscuring his sight with dirt...Tanis only had time to recognise the blade flasing down towards his head and cried a spell...

"Geuloth du knifr!!!"

Then Tanis's world went back.

A few years earlier...

"Tanis we cant do this..."

"Yendor we must. Were already screwed...we might as well make up some merit before the execute us."

"Execute!? they wouldent do that would they Tanis!?"

"Hmm...not to you Yendor my friend...but to know the magic i use is forbidden...i will be killed indefinately...after tonight i shall flee anyway. Become a mercinary or something...i'll make a living..."

"But Tani..."

" he comes...we must stop him killing Lauthelias at all costs come lets go."


"So Tanis you have returned...why?"

"I had to find out...what did you reveal to the woman...sonya?

"Ah her. Do not worry Tanis she knows not of her destiny...nor of anyone of her friends or even yours or your black history."

"Yendor you knew i had no elf could defeat him if i had not learned-"

"Hush Tanis i know...but what you did was still forbidden. It is my duty to execute you...oh and pray tell what spell did you use to stop my killing stroke?"

"I used "Dull the knife" why?

"Ah of course...."

"You know Yendor we could avoid this. There is one way you can avoid killing me."

"Tanis there is no way...our friendship means lots to me...but that lost all of my respect. Although..."

"You know what i am going to suggest Yendor...come with you were going to those years past. Let us make amends for what happened that night...let them think it was my fault if they wish. But you know that executing me will just doom us all.

"Tanis i...i...Damn you! i can't do it...your right. Come let us leave here...i shall fufill the promise i made to your sister...but let us not tarry. If we were found out here..."

"Fear not my friend...i have some of them will remind you of someone...she did to me you will like to meet them..especially the one i seak of. Fariel...i am sure of that. Come let us go."

"Yes" Sighed Yendor..."Lets."

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"So whos in charge out of you lot?" Kerr asked from behind the large rock they had taken cover behind.

"We don't have a leader, but we do follow Fariel." Kobie replied not at all understanding Kerr's cheery attitude in their situation.

"Alright then Far, whats the plan, i reckon we sneak on over and kick their green haired asses." Kerr said with a large smile.

"Yeah, not like seymores here yet. You guys think we might be able to just sneak past?"

"Yeah, its possi-" Sonya started but Kerr cut her off.

"Sneaking around?! Don't be stupid, lets kick some guado ass!" Kerr yelled.

The guado's head turned towards their direction and then drew their swords.

"Kerr you idiot!" she siad pushing him.

The guado started towards their position and they were forced to draw their weapons.

"NOW!" the familiar voice of trommell yelled from the archway leading to guadosalam.

Then from all around appeared groups of guado. In a wide circle closing in. Fariel drew the daggers that Tanis had given her and looked at the Daiko then at the others. Kerr had a cheesy innocent smile on his face which Kobie and Sonya didn't share or find in anyway amusing.

THe three of them jumped out from behidn the rock, split up and took on a group each. The guado had taken on a strange formation, three guado in a triangle at the front, swords drawn and two behind them completing the od diamond shape but withhout any weapons. She had never seen a formation like it in the crusaders and asumed it something new, but no matter, they had just lined themselves up for a fall.

Fariel launched at the first guado she came to, slicing upwards but it hit something, she couldn't see, and was thrown backwards back into the ground. She quickly rolled backwards out theway as the three swords swung down towards her. protect spell by the look of it, typical, no doubt shell and reflect as well, dammit, stupid guado.

Sonya and Kobie were faced with the same problem. SOntya was sending out dispell spells at the tema she took on but the two guado in the back were casting their spells to quickly for it to take effect. Kobie was faring a little better, parrying each sword that came towards him.

"Bring it on bitches!" he yelled with a grin as another sword came down onto him, his dragon claws crossing over it and pulling it down towards the ground taking the guado attached with it. The guado at the back faltered and then he struck, stabbing the fallen guado in the back of the neck he sliced up and took down the left mage at the back.

Fariel sent a dispel spell towards the side guado and the mage faltered, two throwing knifes were then flyingthrough the air and both peirced the necks of the mage and warrior guado. Both fell instantly choking on the blood filling their airways as they gasped for air.
All three of them growled as the spaces in the formations were quickly refilled by guado appearing from nowhere.

"Theres to many of them!" Fariel sneered backing away from the group.

"You only just notice Far?" Kerr yelled from the rock he was sitting casually on.

"Weres Tanis, we can't take all of them ourselves!" Kobie added.

"Oh you only just notice that TOO, man you guys are relaly slow on the uptake today." Kerr retorted laughing his way backwards off the rock.

"You set us up you bastard!" Fariel screeched at him.

"You are really SLOOOOW!" Kerr yeled from behind the rock.

"That does it!" Fariel growled dashing towards him.

Running past Kobie and Sonya she ran towards the man taking his seat back on the rock. Looking up he saw her charging towards him, but it was too late to react and he was thrown off the back of the rock pinned beneath her.

"Get off me Far!" Kerr complained but was quickly cut off as Fariel gave his blackeye a twin.

"You set us up!" she said punching him again.

"You would have done the same!"

"Like hell i would!"

"Your just as much of a low life theif as the rest of us, you know you would!"

Fariel punching him again but was thrown sideways off him in a blast of fire, fira?! How does he know magic!
Luckily becuase of her clothes being so wet it did minor damage but the landing wasn't helpful. They both got up and she charged towards him again but was thrown back again by another fira attack then another while she was still in the air and her back cracked into the the rock base that held the lightning rod. Fariel growled and scrambled around in pain looking for her blades that she dropped on impact.

"Looking for this?" kerr asked waving around the Daiko that Tanis gave her.

"Thats not yours to steal!" she growled.

"nothing a theif steals is their own."

"Give it back!" she sneered getting up ignoring the pain and charging towards him.

She had to jump out the way twice as he sent two more fira's towards her. She landed on him and grbabed the knife, she sheathed it quickly into her boot in a hidden holder and started to strangle him.

Kobie and Sonya's backs met as the circle tightened around them and swords slashed down in every direction, kobie parried as many as possible but they both got cut occasionally, then lightning, thundaras, started raining down at them.

"Shit!" kobie and sonya yelled in chorus as they started dodging them.

"Fariel!" Sonya screamed as she cuaght the horrible sight of seymore appear onto the plains.

Looking up Fariel grabbed a quick glimpse at the hald guado half man marching towards her, his long fingered and clawed hands rise.

"Shit!" she muttered as firaga blasted into hetr and sent her flying back into the lightning rod again, knocking her out instantly.


"Fariel!" Kobie repeated nudging her again.

"Fariel would you wake up!" Sonya yelled after nudging her from the other side.

"FARIEL!" Kobie yelled impatiently

"What?!" she yelled in return as she awoke, face down on the clod stoen ground. "Augh, what hit me...?"

All three of them had their hands tied behind their backs with ropes, all bond together by a chain connected to the wall. Kobie and Sonya were bloodied and looking worse for wear. Fariels clothes were tattered and burnt, joined by burns down the side of her arm and side.
She rolled onto her back and groaned as she sat up.

"Seymore hit you but more importantly we are top of the lsit for the farplane and its your fault." Kobie bitched but realising that he was accusing her again he stopped.

"Don't start Kobie this isn't the time. i will kill Kerr for what hes done, everything hes done over the years."

"They took out weapons, and we're in seymores mansion. Explain how we are getting out."

The room was nearly completly black, the only light filtering in was the outline of the door in the wall ahead of them.

"They didn't take all the weapons." she said stretching down and reaching into her boot drawing the Daiko and quickly cutting through the ropes gritting her teeth as the burns started to hurt.

"Are you alright?" Sonya asked.

"Been better but now isn't the time Sonya. There!" she said as her hands snapped apart.

rubbing her wrists she started to saw through the ropes around Sonyas wrists. Once sonya was free she went to cut through Kobies when the light coming form the door widened. Fariel cursed and dived beside the door as it opened.

"You guys alright?!" Kerrs voice asked from his sillohetted body before Fariel punched him and dragged him by the hair into the room.

"Whos side are you ****ing on you two faced bastard!" she bitched as she dragged him into the ground.

"Neither but i ain't going you leave you in here. Seymore thinks i gave you to him, therefore my half of the deal is over and luca is mine and he can't do anything about it. Anyway, you helped me and i'm repaying the favour now go before i lock you back in here."

"What about seymore? How can we trust your not setting us up again."

"Look seymore is upstairs with summoner yuna and her gaurdians, and his little army of guado have gone to help out at the highroad. Your safe to get out of here and get to Rin's."

"If your lying Kerr"

"I'm not!"

"If i EVER see your face again don't think i won't stab it!" she said cutting kobie free and running out the door followed by her to friends.

"Thats friendly...but Far-" he fell scilent as he saw the door close in front of him, he ran towards it but fell backwards as he felt his hands tied behind him and attached to the wall. "Fariel!"


They ran quickly across the plains, from lightning rod to lightning rod and soon had Rin's travel agency in site. Kerr was telling the truth so far, they didn't run into any trouble on the way but they weren't in anyway far from guadosalam yet. They stopped running as they got within a few hundred yards of the travel agency and looked back at what they had just raced across.

"Sorry Fariel." Kobie said breaking their scilence.

"don't apologise, i shoudl have known he was going to do something like that."

"Don't you feel bad for leaving him in guadosalam?" Sonya asked

"Not for setting us up, he lost all my respect for that. But he seems to have redeemed himseldf by getting us out of there...i dunno. I suppose its just how things work."

They didn't really talk until they reached Rin's. Kobie got there first and opened the door, holding it for the two girls who passed through.
The first room was simple. bookcases lined the walls and a rounded desk was ahead of them with a blonde hairs dark skinned albed standing behind it.

"Welcome again Fariel, long time no see." rin said cheerfully.

"Hey Rin." Fariel said shaking his hand. She knew him from when she was in the crusaders. "Here you owe my friend Tanis a favour, have a place for us to hide for a while?"

"Yes of course, go down the corridor and the third door on the left."

"Thanks Rin." they said one by one as they passed by the desk and through the door.

Following the corridor they reached the third door and walked into the room, eight beds lined the back wall all neatly made, wooden chests at the end of each. Three strange machina sat inactive in the corner, strange little robots that had a blade hand and a gun hand, but really short.

"Well may as well rest until Tanis reappears i suppose..." Sonya said stepping forwards to the first bed and flopping on it. Kobie sat on the one next to it and relaxed. Fariel watched them both and then walked down the room and sat on the bed at the end, taking off her cape and laying down gritting her teeth and sighed happpily as the pain backed away a bit.

(occ - me got to go, but i suppose we just have to wait for squall :p and we have to wait for underdog to catch up too so we may as well stay put at Rin's)


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Fariel woke with a start. She was having a nightmare. She could remember seeing seymore standing there...casting a spell. And Tanis standing beside her...if she could only reach him she'd be safe...almost...

Fariel looked around noting the open door with a silent curse. She drew the dagger and daiko that Tanis gave her and began to causiously move toward the door. 3 steps...2..1...

someone burst through the door! It was an elf! but why was he here...and why was he staring..."No time to think about that!" Fariel slashed with her blades...and fell to a crumpled heap on the floor.



"You were right Tanis..she's the image or you sister..."

"I know the resemblence is remarkable isn't it? i could hardly believe it myself...but as soon as i saw her i knew she was the one on the tablet...i worked out my sister wasn't when...well you know."

"I do indeed my old friend."

"Friend?" Fariel thought "i didn't think Tanis had friends"

"Look Yendor she awakens."

"Lady Fariel can you hear me? i am Yendor are you ok?"

"Look i'll heal her...she'll be mad when whe finds out i knocked her out again"

"This is a usual thing?"

"You would be surprised."

Fariel heard Tanis mutter a few words under his breath and felt her groggyness receed. She knew what happene...Tanis had struck her from behind...but why?

"Tanis" She said "What the hell was that for?"

"Told you Yendor...Forgive me Fariel it was the quickest way to disable you."

"OK so tell me then...what tablet? and what do you mean sister? and...just tell me Tanis!"

Tanis sighed " i cannot Fariel although i will reveal some things to you. For starters my sister died 15 years ago. You look just like her...she eas to be wed to Yendor here. But it stopped that..."

"Tanis...what is it"

"Sit down Fariel...i shall tell you"

15 years ago

"Yendor lets go...if i cant stop him...her...well then, the elves are screwed"

"Ok Tanis... good luck."

Tanis dropped through the roof and landed between Lauthelias and the one.

He drew on his magical power and sent a hail of force at the black clad person.

"Hmmm" Tanis thought "same robes as me..."

The person repeled his strikes and sent even stronger ones towards him...Tanis charged towards the person deflecting the strikes and slashed at them...a her by the body shape. The woman sidestepped and slashed at Tanis...she caught his arm and sliced through his shoulder. Tanis cried out and healed himself. he knew he could not win this bout...she was to was time to end this...

"Lauthelias...neither of us will get out of here...give me you power...we shall end this."

"OK was a pleasure teaching you..."

"And you master"

Tanis felt power flow into him...power such as he never felt before...its time to put my traning to the test....

"ULTIMA!!!!!!" Tanis screamed at the top of his lungs and let forth the power helf in his body...he felt the power rip his body apart...the pain...but he kept control...he focused the power towards the assailient and was gratified when he saw her face recoil in horror...wait her face...her hood had slipped down...Tanis barely had time to register the face..."Selena..." Before the explosion was let loose and the place was destroyed....including Tanis, Lauthelias and Selena...his sister...


Tanis had tears in his eyes.

"Ive never seen an elf cry before...then again maybe its because hes half elven..."

" did you live? Tanis" Asked Fariel.

"I was lucky Yendor did not leave like i told him to. He charged in and shielded us both before the explosion...but the force was to much...he was knocked unconsious...and i was gone when he returned."

"Where did you go?"

"I don't know...all i know is i survived then somehow i was in a forest and was completely fine. I then abandoned my post with the elves and became a mercinary. and thats about it"

"what thats it?! there must be more!

"there is but i wil not discuss that here...i shall leave it for another time...for now leave me be...i must be alone."

"So Tanis actually is a good guy...but he killed Lauthelias...what does this mean...and his sister? i guess ill have to probe Yendor for information."

But Yendor was already gone



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<ooc - hang on, I thought we were going to meet Neji in the dungeons of Guadosalam? What exactly was the outcome of his duel with Seymore? Oh, and cool fight scene Asreal, although I can’t really imagine Kobie saying “bring it on, bitches” LOL A minor point - you didn‘t explain whether we got our weapons back or just ran for it, but I’m assuming we did>

Kobie sat staring into the fire in Rin’s currently-deserted common room, allowing himself to relax for the first time in days. He half-consciously rubbed his wrists where the Guado ropes had cut into them. He laughed to himself - a lot had happened, but little had changed; that was the second time he had had a lucky escape from a prison.

“You alright?” Sonya asked, looking at his bleeding hands with a concerned look on her face. She took them one at a time in her own and invoked the same elvish healing spell she had used on Fariel’s arm to heal the cuts.

“Thankyou,” said Kobie, “Seems strange now, really.”

“What does?”

“The feeling of déjà vu when we were stuck in that Guado prison. I half-expected that bastard Ash to come strutting past with his nose in that bloody logbook of his…”

Sonya shuddered.

“The Rikers is a place I’d rather forget.”

“Yeah, I know…”

He hadn’t told the others but he still had nightmares about being trapped like a rat in that cramped cell, with the weight of the death penalty hanging over him. To take his mind off it he picked up and examined the elvish bow that the elf healer had given him. Sonya pondered over the runes etched into it.

“These look like spells,” she said, “A bit like the Thunderstrike power you’ve got woven into your Dragon Claws. I’ve never seen them on a bow before, though…”

“I wonder when I’ll get a chance to use it…hopefully I won’t have to.”

“I don’t know - we seem to have a talent for attracting trouble.” Sonya said, grinning.

Their eyes met. The incident in the forest sprang to Kobie’s mind, and how close he had come to losing her.

“I’d give my life if it would save yours.” Kobie said quietly, touching her face.

They were interrupted by Fariel bursting into the room, causing them both to jump.

“Hey guys!” she shouted, “You’ll never guess what! Tanis is back!”

<ooc - aaaw, they’ve come a long way from trying to kill each other on that beach outside Luca, haven’t they? Anyway, what’s next - do we wait for Neji to show up? Plus I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Kerr…And Squall woah, Tanis accidentally blew up Lauthelias and his sister!? *stunned* Why was she trying to do in Lauthelias anyway?>


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"You guys know i shoudlnt be telling you all this but thats just whats happening. I thougth it was be a little aqward for you guys to travel with Tanis when your gonna speculate and not know whats really going on. But don't talk to him about it, hes a little gental about the subject"

Fariel eventually noticed between her talking before thinking that neither of them werereally paying attention they were sitting looking at each other, not really registering anything she said. Sighing Fariel stood up and looked down at the too, she knew the way they felt about each other before they did and now it had finally clicked.

"I'm gona go for a wlak or something." Fariel interupted but they just nodded and she slipped out the door and into the loud crackling of the lightning.

Tanis had dissapeared again, she looked around but coudln't see him or his friend eYendor anywhere, but she wasn't suprised that was alot t get off his chest and she was sure it wasn't easy."
She walked around thebuilding and found cracks in the stone work, using them she climbed up onto the rooftop, probably not the best place to side in a never ending storm but it was habit.

It was alot to accept in one day, how did she look like his sister and why was his sister after Lauthelias...who was Yendor and why did he call her lady, that was a new one on her, noone had ever addressed her in that way, but she didn't expect someone to call her lady when she was just a traitorous theif.
She looked across the cratered wasteland, the rain was still pouring and she was quikly sodden again, then she heard a weird squeak.

"Squeak?" she said to herself looking down from the roof.

On the gound bouncing up and down on one leg was a strange little green cactus, with eyes...and arms and legs?

"Kawaii!" she said with a smile, "Aren't you just eh cutest little thing!" she said jumping down and reaching out to touch it.

She pulled back her hand as it puffed itself up slightly, taking a few steps back she watched it partly scared and partly curious but the ciriousity jumped out the window as hundereds of needles burst from the cactus and flew towards her. He eyes widened and she dived out the way, only narrowly missing the main steam but three of the needles caught her leg and she hit the ground heavily.

Cursing she looked up at the cactur as it squeaked its strange squeak again and scurried off. Sitting up she looked around at the many needles littering the ground. Pulling out the needles she cursed again, just some more cuts and bruises to add to the recent collection. Next time...just stay on the flipping roof.

The holes didn't bleed much which was good and she climbed back onto the roof and took her perch with her legs hanging off the edge. She caught the occasional glimpse of the strange little green fiend running away. Painful little bugger, not so cute anymore...

Where did ya go Tanis? SHe had been told alot but it was still full of holes there was still so much he hadn't told her. THough she didn't want to know much more yet. And she knew well that Tanis wasn't ready to tell any more. Where was he...she was slightly worried aboout it but Kerr crossed her mind.

"Some theif i am, leaving my rival for the dogs. I suppose he deserved it, can't believe he set us up after all i did for him. Jerk."

She had met him early in her crusaders life, he was just a kid running away from feinds in kilika forest, it wasn't till alot later that she met him again, after she dropped out of the crusaders and found him in Luca. She taught him to be a theif, and soon he was challenging her as a rival then a student. He always was one for cheap trick but when did he learn magic? and who taught him...not like it mattered, he wasn't coming out of guadosalam anytime soon to answer her questions.

SHe drew the daiko from her belt, now that Tanis was back she needed to return it to him, she wouldn't miss the weapon much, it was great but she still laid her faith in her own daggers and knives. She balanced the knife blacde down on her finger tip and sat quietly waiting for Tanis to return.

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