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RE: New Adventure

(occ Sorry for the lack of posting, ive been busy rite the outcome of the battle)

Anima towered above Neji looking down on him with agonising eyes, Neji stepped back gazing at the mighty aeon.  "damn this is bad,"  he gripped his sword and let out a mighty roar "I aint scared of you vile creature of yevon!"

He readyed his attack but felt himself getting dragged down through the ground, he stared down in disbelief, as he saw himself sinking into the ground around a black aura.  Soon he was completely sumerged and was in a hellish place of nothingness, everything was black, it was place of pain and suffering.  "Wha-what is this, le-let me out! now!"  Sudden a creatured appeared it looks as if it was attached to anima, the second half, but this one had no bandeges, also it was skinnyer it was all bones with a vile coloured skin on top, its hair was long white and dank, it had horrific eyes, truly a demonic creature, similar to that of the creature children would see in their scaryest of nightmare, the creature that would make children afraid to sleep at night.  It was the incarnation of pain, suffering and evil.  Neji stared on in great fear the sight was almost enough to make him break down, but he noticed its great big hands where chained, but in an awsome show of strength it broke free of it chains and began to pound on Neji restlessly, it was unspeakable agony, with every blow it felt he was experiancing a most painful of deaths over and over again, and it would not cease he prayed for it all to end.  And in a sudden flash he was back in Guadosalam, with Anima still towering above him.  He lay their quivering in both fear and agony.  A laugh came out from behind anima.

"so how does it feel to experiance the full power of anima, the mighty oblivion, i bet you wish you could die, well nows the perfect chance, go back on your promise and this pain could all end,"

Everytime he closed his eyes he could see the horrific scene in the oblivion, but a figure pieced through the darkness, in the form of Melina, chasing away the fear and easing the pain.  The amulet became to glow greatly and by using his sword he pushed himself to his feat.  His sword felt like a lead weight dragging his body down, but he remained standing, clothes in tatters, panting for breath. 

"I will never take back my promise Seymour, my will can not be broken,"

"You'r will? hmph i have no intention on breaking your will, you'r fiery spirt can remain in the farplain for all eternaty for all i care, its your body i will break, Anima!"

Anima releashed a powerful fira attack which sent Neji flying back, but he rose to his feet, anima attacked again, but he refused to stay down, eventually Seymour stepped in and laucnched a Thundaga attack until Neji collapes, but once again he rose to his feet.

"How is this possible! You should be long dead by now!"

"I told you Seymour, i wont die," Neji's eye changed and he erupted with the power he felt at the Djose highroad, the full power of his amulet had been released.  Anima lauched a fira but Neji absobed the attack, he attacked again and this time Neji deflected it with his sword.

"This is your end Anima!,"  He lauched an all mighty Blizzaga attack, the ground around Anima began to freeze and great sharp icebergs pieced through him, slowly the freezing began to go up anima's body until it was at about his neck, Anima roared trying to resits.  Neji continued to cast the powerful magic, but his energy was draining fast and soon the ice around Anima shattered and feel to the ground.

"Damn i was so close," Neji collapes, he had no energy left in him, all he could do was look up as he saw Swymour slowly approach him.

"a Valiant try, but you should of known you are no match against a Meastor."

The amulets power was completely drained, it needed time to recharge and time Neji did not have.  Seymour rose his staff to finish off Neji, but as if from nowhere a spear came flying at Seymour, however it only shattered against Seymours protective sheild.  Seymour turned to face in the direction the spear came from but no was their.  Confused Seymour began to scout the area and then his sheild crumbled.  "What!?" he turned to see his two bodyguards lying dead and standing next to their bodys was a tall big built man, only slightly taller than Neji, but not at the height of Seymour.  The stood weilding a great spear, and pointed it towards Seymour, a familar voice to Neji came from the man.  "Seymour, leave that man or so help me i will strike you done,"

"Who are you, how dare you,"

"RIAGA!!" Neji yelled

"long time no see Neji, you sure are lucky im in the neighbour hood,"

"I see so you two know eachother, that very fitting, you two can die together,"

Raiga and Seymour fought some 20 bouts until Anima stepped in by launching a Watera attack on Raiga.  Raiga stumbled and Seymour knocked him down, Seymour tried to finish him but Raiga move out the way and they continued to fight.  But once again Anima stepped in.  Eventually Raiga became tired and his moves began to be sluggish. It was almost the end of Raiga until Neji ragained a little strenghth rose to his feet and attacked Seymour, but it was invain, Anima struck Neji down next to Raiga with Fira.  The two helped each other their feet and locked eye with their never tiring oppenents.

"Neji, you must escape,"

"what!? im not leaving you here by yourself,"

"please you have a promise to keep to Melina,"

"no Raiga, i cant let you face them alone, they are two powerful,"

"you must protect my little sister, go to her she is worried about you,"

"What? you know where she is,"

"she is in Macilania in rins shop, after we were attacked by sin we woke up on Besaid island, we searched everywhere for you but could not find you, she did not want to rest until she had found you, through the rain and hail she searched, she knew you where alive, however she eventually fell ill, and had no energy left, she's dying,"

"No! that cant be!, Melina!"

"but their is away to cure her, she is losing the will to live because she cant see you, once she sees you again, the two of you can live on happyly, she does not smile anymore, you must make my sister smile again Neji, before it's to late, when i left i promised her that i would find you and send you back to her, if she only hangs on,"

"no Raiga we are going back together, the three of us, back together once again,"

"i'm sorry Neji, i promised Melina that i would find you and sent you to her,"

"you'r abandoning your little sister, your the only family she has left, and not only are you her brother, your like a big brother to me,"

"and as your big brother its my job to protect you both, even if it costs me my life!"

Raiga raised his weapon and charged at Seymour.


Seymour knocked him aside, and fired a firaga at me, but swiftfully Raiga jumped in front of the attack and took it.  still standing.

"Go! Neji!"

Raiga continued to battle it out with Seymour and Anima.  The same black aura appeared around Raiga's feet just like what happened to Neji.  Knowing he had not long to live he turned to Neji as he slowly began his descent.

"Neji you made the promise that aslong as Melina lives, you shall live to protect her, and now its time for you to go to her and fufill your promise, forget about your mission to destroy Yevon and Sin, forget about you hatereds and rivalrys now it is you turn to grow up.  We are not slaves of yevon, nor are we sacrifices to Sin, we are humans who fight for our survial, no summoner or Crusader fight for Yevon they fight for the future of those they love, they die fulfilling their promises, and as like them, i will die fufilling mine,"


"The Neji i see infront of me is a great warrior and great friend who i am very proud of, however, the tales ive heard about you are not of the Neji i once knew, please become how you are ment to be go back to the old Neji, the caring, hyperactive boy i once knew, for Melina, and for me," 

A tear came down Neji's face, "no Raiga,"

"I'm helping you fufill your promise so you help me fulfill mine!"

Enlightened by Raiga words Neji began to flee and was soon as he was at a resonable distance he turned around to see Raiga's head get summerged, and in a sudden flash he reappeared, limp and lifeless.

"RAIGAAAAAAAAAA!"  Neji had to fight the urge to return to the battle.

"He had no energy to run anylonger so Raiga waited for Seymour to find him, but a Guado approached Seymour.

"Lady Yuna and her guardians have just crossed the moonflow, they should be here in a couple hours, also we have another problem in thunder plains,"

"very well, we shall prepare for Summoner Yuna's arrival and i shall deal with the problem in the thunder plains myself,"  Seymour dismissed Anima and returned inside his mantion forgeting all about Neji.

Slowly Neji made his way to the farplain to get some rest.

He sat their along the edge of the great platform, thinking of the memorys of Raiga, the times Raiga had saved his life and the constant scoulding he and Melina received from him in their younger days.  Deep in thought staring down on the farplain Neji ramained their for serveral hours, "damn you raiga, why did you have to go and die like that, i still had so much more to learn from you, why did you always have to put your life on the line for mine and Melina's sake.  The memorys of Raiga came flooding in on Neji, the happy times, the sad times, the exciting times and the fun time.  Neji began to weep over his lost friend.  But Raiga's image appeared over the Farplain.  "but raiga didnt get a sending, how?"  Suddenly at Raiga's feet a sphere appeared, Neji examined it, in this sphere was a recording of some of the adventures he, Raiga and Melina shared.  The last of the images was of Raiga, Melina and Neji when they first left on their Pilgramige the 3 stood their Melina in the middle happily smiling, a smile which had been long forgotten on Melina's face.  Neji looked up at the image the Pyr flies mad of Raiga, he stood their just like in the image on the sphere, holding his two spears and with his batle armor shining in the sun, standing proud with a beaming smile.  Raiga was happy and he wanted for Melina to be happy, with Raiga's words still in his head he gathered his equipment, pocketed the Sphere and headed out towards the thunder plains.



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"Stupid cactus thing." she could still see the bright green cactus running across the plains, making itself obvious just to be annoying. "That does it come back here!" she said jumping off the roof and running after the annoying little boucing feind.

She soon caught up with it and drew her daggers, it stopped and turned to look at her, puffing up again. She squeaked as it sent another burst of needles towards her but she managed to dodge them. She sent a fira attack flaring into it, it fell, but immediatly got up again! Which pissed her off. How could something so small be so irritating. She attacked it again btu each time she was attacked with another thousand needles and then it ran again.

"Augh, fine then, coward! Run away, see if i care!" she said sheathing her daggers and walking away back to Rin's when she saw him. "Tanis?" she said too quiet for anyone else to hear.

He was walked from guadosalam but why would he have gone back there. But there was somethign wrong about him, he was dressed differently and wore a very large sword. Steal it, was the first thing that came to her mind but she shook it away. She did like the looks of the sword, not that she was strong enough to weild it but it would be a nice collectors item. As a lightning bolt flashed down and lit the area she saw the mans face, it wasn't Tanis at all, but who was he. Whoever he was he didn't look at all in the mood to deal with a theif, his eyes were blood shot and he was a mess, slouched over and not looking at all happy with the world.

"Who are you i wonder." she hid behind a rock, he new but ratty black clothes made it easier to hide as he begun to get closer.

"Whos there!" the man called drawing the sword from his back as he came closer to her.

He was a real mess and she speculated what had happened to himbut kept quiet about it and tried to sneak around behind him to get back to Rin's. The man was scary and didn't look friendly, he wore machina on his hips but he was not albed although it was hard to tell without getting right in his face.
He spun on and looked striaght at her, she obviously wasn't quiet enough.

"Heh heh..." she said with an innocent grin.

"WHo are you and what are you doing?!" he demanded.

"I'm Fariel, aannnnd i'm trying to get back to my friends at the travel agency before you slice me to peices." she said trying to keep her attention at his face then at his attractive sword.

"Sorry theif but this sword is not for the taking" he said stepping closer towards her.

"WHo said i was going to take it!" she said in defience crossing her arms.

He studied her for a second but turned his back on her and kept walking. "...just forget it, i have no time to deal with you now."

"Where ya going?"

"To keep a promise."

She watched him walk away and thought about it before walking up beside him, trying to be as least annoying as possible.


"Macalania, look why do you need to know and why are you following me!" he asked immatiently.

"I was just wondering cause me and my friends are heading that way."

"And your point is?"

"Its always good to have another blade around, maybe we can come with you. I pissed off seymore and now hes after us."

"Hmph, you don't like him either huh?"

"Not in the slightest, i hate him, i hate yevon and i hate sin most of all."

"Well then we have something in common. If you are heading that way you can accompany me but don't expect me to save your asses when you get yourselfs into ****."

"Cool, don't go anywhere, i'll be right back."

Kobie and Sonya looked up as Fariel entered again, and indicated for them to follow. They both got up without question and grabbed their weapons before procedding outside to see the tall man towering over Fariel with his large sword back across his back.

"C'mon guys we're heading onto Macalania, he's going that way too so i thought it'd be good to have another sword around so we gonna travel with him for a little while."

"Alright sounds good, as long as he isn't one of your stupid little friends that will try and get us killed." Kobie said looking down at Fariel thereafter receiveing an evil glare.

"Whats your name?" Sonya asked.

"Neji, not that it is important. And you people are?"

"Kobie and Sonya" Kobie answered.


Neji started walking again, Sonya looked at him then at Fariel, her expression asking the questions rather then the words she didn't say. Fariel just shrugged and followed the man as Kobie and Sonya took their place by her side. Tanis came to mind but she knew that he would find them. He always did and she hoped he was alright.

(occ- lame way to join up with Neji yeah but i'm bored and i know the more i post the more it'll annoy Fenix cuase him adn his lacking of broadband :p lol so yeah, hes finally caught up and we're off to macalania :) i'm gonna stop posting now cuase you guys all seem to dissapear when we come to a fight scene or something so you can post now :p later)


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Tanis was collecting his thoughts. Until now the only other person that knew of his past was Yendor...but could he trust Fariel?

"Pfft of course not. She'll tell those two the first chance she gets..."

Tanis and Yendor began to walk back to Rin's, it was not like Tanis to mope and he didnt intend to start now.

"At least I have a companion i can rely on now. And hopefully will aid me in my magic..."

"Yendor...i have a request...although i am certain you will not like it."
"What Tanis? you can ask me anything...we are still friends"

Tanis allowed himself a brief smile.

"I...i need you to donate your strength to me. To my magic"

" is helping you i can be sentenced to death..."

"Heh heh Yendor by coming with me you have already damned yourself. Please allow me"

"Ok Tanis but only because it is you."

"Thank you my friend..if you allow me to draw from you each day..i shall soon become more powerful than ever"

Tanis drew his his Daiko was still with Fariel, and made a **** in Yendors arm...he lay his hand over the wound and focused himself. He felt Yendor's power...his life force and noted that it was strong, and slowly, he began to draw Yendors power out of him. He felt the elfs strength flowing into him and at the same time Yendor becoming weaker. Tanis stopped when he had enough and looked at could tell that the elf was weak now. But Tanis was all the more stronger for it...he now had the elfs power as well as his natural power.

"Wow...Tanis i feel so sapped of this normal?"

"No i am afraid i took a little to much...a litte more and i would have killed you. But i wouldent let that happen"

"So what is it exactly that you do you do the forbidden arts?"

"My friend i cannot tell you that without revealing the secrets of the magic i hold...i would not burden anyone else with that responsibility. Although i will tell you that i can do it through any flesh wound that pierces the skin. I can kill easily like that. I draw the power out of them and take possetion of it for my use...killing them in the process, or, as you saw, i can decide how much to take."

"Please Tanis tell me no more...let us return to camp"

"Yes my friend, lets."

Tanis and Yendor were almost back at Rin's when Tanis noted something odd..someone was with Fariel...he was familiar...

"Damn! that fool that i fought in Luca! What is he doing here!"

"Tanis you know fine well who he is...he must be the 5th avenger"

"Sigh i thought as much...he's no match for me thanks to the power that you i have nothing to worry about. But if he starts...i will not hesitate to injure him badly."

"Just do not kill him Tanis...if he do our chances."

"I know...why do you think that i protect the others...if they were not avengers i would have left them ages ago. But...this one could be a nuisance. And you cannot help have given me most of your power..."

"Fear not my friend if worst ever comes to worst then you have one last trick."

"I do...."

"I still have Ultima..."

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<ooc - we can’t go to Macalania (Macalania, honestly, who makes up these names? It sounds like a crazy song we used to have at Primary school discos - "Heeeeeeey, Macalania!") just yet, Neji needs to pick up Melina at Rin’s place - I’ll let Underdog write that bit. Plus, we‘ve forgotten someone…>

Seymore’s palace, Guadosalam…

Kerr had worked the bonds on his hands free some time ago, but the damned door was proving a real problem. The rat’s bone he had been using for the last hour to try and pick the lock suddenly snapped in half. Kerr swore loudly and threw the now-useless bone across the room.

He slumped against the wall, looking out the barred window at the Thunder Plains in impotent rage. Suddenly, the ground rocked and the voices he had heard upstairs became louder.

“…Farplane for all eternity for all I care…” That was Seymore’s voice, he must be duelling with someone. And he sounded really pissed off - Kerr didn’t hold out much hope for his opponent…

“…it’s your body I will break! Anima!”

“BLIZZAGA!” shouted a different voice.

Suddenly there was an inhuman roar of pain from Anima and a heavy explosion threw Kerr of his feet. When he came to, he saw that the cell door was hanging off its hinges. Taking his chance, Kerr bounded from the cell, taking out the Guado guard with a stunning strike to the back of the neck while he was still getting to his feet, and taking his sword. Ha, there isn’t a jail been built that’ll hold Kerr Locke…

“Leave me to die would you, Fariel?” he said to himself, “You’re going to pay for that…”

And amidst the confusion, he made his escape from Seymore’s palace.

<ooc - I don’t know what’s in Macalania so I’ll wait for you to post, but if there’s any fight scenes or otherwise interesting plot twists let me know ;) BTW where are Yuna and co at this point in the roleplay? Are we going to meet/help them at some point and earn the title “Avenging Angels”?>

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Macalania forest was a welcome change from the lightning-scorched wasteland of the Thunder Plains - it reminded Sonya and Kobie of the elven forest near Guadosalam, and even Tanis, who had appeared suddenly as he had a habit of doing, seemed a little less dour. He also seemed to have a new aura of strength about him, but the others thought that might have just been the uplifting effect of their new surroundings.

Sonya and Kobie had been trying to engage the rather withdrawn newcomer, Neji, in conversation but he wasn’t being very talkative. Oh well, thought Kobie, it isn’t our business to press him for information.

Fariel was skipping happily on ahead seemingly without a care in the world, which made Kobie laugh.

“Look at her,” he said to Sonya, giving up on Neji, “She’s a complete rogue of course, but at least she knows how to have fun.”

“I know,” said Sonya with a smile, “I’d give anything just to be able to let worries slide by the way she can at times…”

Suddenly there was the snap-crack of an Al’bed rifle and a bullet sent splinters flying from the tree right next to Kobie’s head, making him swear loudly.

“Bloody hell, didn’t we just leave this party!?” Fariel shouted, spinning round.

“Those aren’t Guado, they’re Crusaders,” Neji said, looking behind at the group of Yevonite crusaders and a few Al’bed soldiers (evidently survivors of the Operation Mi’ihen alliance) advancing towards them, “His highness the Maestor must have tipped them off!”

“Come on!” shouted Tanis, “There’s too many of them, but I know a way we can escape!”

To buy time, Kobie drew the elvish bow he had been given and nocked an arrow to it, aiming at one of the Al’bed who were the most dangerous as they had ranged weapons. Accidentally, his thumb touched one of the runes carved into the bow as he drew back the bowstring and loosed the arrow, and the arrow suddenly glowed and turned into a flying lightning bolt that burst amongst the Al’bed and sent them flying in all directions.

“How the hell did you do that?” Sonya shouted.

“It’s a Thundara rune…” Kobie breathed, suddenly recognising the symbol he had touched.

“Come on!” roared Tanis from up ahead, and led them ducking and weaving through the trees towards a lake deep in the middle of the forest. There they stopped, taking cover behind trees as their pursuers rapidly began to catch up.

“What’s the plan then, dude?” Neji shouted from where he stood with his back to a tree and both machina pistols held up ready before diving round the tree and firing a shot which snatched the lead Crusader of his feet, forcing the others into cover.

“There’s a secret tunnel that’ll lead us to another part of the forest,” said Tanis, “The catch is it’s down there.” he pointed into the lake.

“How far?” Kobie asked urgently, drawing his bow and this time launching a fireball towards the Crusaders before unstringing it and stowing the string safely in a waterproof pouch at his waist so it wouldn’t get wet and become useless.

“100, maybe 200 metres, then it comes back up into an underground passage.”

“200 metres underwater?” choked Sonya.

“Bet you wish you had that mask back, eh?” Fariel commented, throwing one of her daggers into the neck of an Al’bed who had been aiming his rifle at her.

“I couldn’t breathe underwater, even Al’bed machina isn’t that good!” she snapped back.

“Come on!” Tanis said again, “Take a deep breath and stay close behind me.”

He pulled off his cloak and dived into the lake.

<ooc - This is going to be good, just give me a chance to write the second bit…>

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The others dived in after Tanis as Al’bed bullets whipped up the water behind them. The water was crystal clear and they saw Tanis swim quickly downwards towards the bottom of the lake. He suddenly stopped, floating over a large flat stone. Kobie held his nose and blew to equalise the pressure in his ears and stop them hurting (the lake was quite deep) and watched as Tanis passed his hand over the stone. It glowed momentarily and slid aside of its own accord to reveal an underwater passage, into which Tanis immediately dived. Fariel followed, then Kobie, Sonya and finally Neji. The tunnel was surprisingly wide and they could all swim in a line, although the water was much darker down here. Tanis swam on ahead with a swift, effortless breaststroke, and made a round stone door ahead iris open with another wave of his hand. They followed.

The tunnel just kept on going. Fariel was beginning to feel her lungs burning and wondered desperately how much further they had to go, when she heard Tanis’ voice:

“Stay calm, young one - you can make it.”

Hang on, thought Fariel, you can’t talk underwater…was that telepathy…?

Suddenly Neji sped up and swam past her, almost pushing her aside. She looked back and saw with horror that four Crusaders were swimming after them, accompanied by an Al’bed with some sort of harpoon-gun. Oh crap!

Sonya turned and tried to cast Watara to create a current and blast the Crusaders back up the tunnel, but without being able to speak the spell aloud it was weak and barely slowed their pursuers. Those Crusaders were good swimmers, and they were gaining on them. Fariel panicked, taking on water as a harpoon shot past her.

“Keep swimming! The water-guardians will take care of them!”

There was Tanis’ voice again, although everyone seemed to hear it that time - Kobie was glancing around looking confused…

Suddenly two dark shapes appeared in the water behind them, closing on the Crusaders. They were green and serpentine, with long fish-like tails, clawed arms and huge mandibles either side of their fanged mouths. Their jet black eyes glinted as they glided through the water with impossible speed and attacked the Crusaders. The Al’bed, who had reloaded, fired another harpoon to leave blood trailing from one water-guardian’s arm. In response, it spat a jet of something green at him. Fariel and the others looked on in horror as blood billowed out through the water - the Al’bed’s face seemed to be dissolving…

The other water-guardian lunged at the Crusaders, who were trying desperately to swim away from it. Fariel saw their screams as trails of bubbles as the water-guardian tore at them with its claws.

They swam away blindly before the water-guardians could turn on them as well. Fariel’s lungs felt like they were about to explode and she choked on water again, but she could see light ahead…she made one last effort and swam towards it. Her head broke the surface and she gulped air convulsively as an arm reached down and pulled her out of the water. It was Sonya.

The others were already out, having got ahead of her. Kobie, Sonya and Neji were dripping water and coughing, clearly having been on the verge of drowning themselves. Tanis on the other hand wasn’t even out of breath. He motioned for the others to follow and headed off down the tunnel, casting a spell that made his katana glow to light the way. It reflected off the sides of the roughly-hewn tunnel which stretched off into the distance, although Fariel could see that it was leading up, thankfully, and not down into more water. Sonya used her elemental magic to collapse part of the tunnel behind them to discourage pursuit, and they followed.

* * *

Two battered and bloody Crusaders emerged from the pool, coughing and spluttering, to find that their quarry had disappeared. The other Crusaders were either dead or fleeing back up the underwater tunnel to escape the terrifying water-guardians.

One of the Crusaders was Kerr.

“Great,” his companion said, “It’s all well and good that you led us to them, but how are we supposed to catch them now?

Kerr ignored him and strode up the tunnel to find it blocked by fallen rock.

“Damn!” he shouted, “They’ve blocked the tunnel! I need a weapon!”

He held out a hand without looking behind him, like a doctor trusting a nurse to deliver the right medical instrument. The Crusader obediently handed Kerr his sword, not realising the mistake he had just made.

“Stupid bastard,” Kerr sneered as he ran the Crusader through, then turned and began pulling down the rocks blocking his path.

<ooc - soz for the triple post ;) >


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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(occ, ok fleeing was all well and good but its not really in Neji's character, he's immortal and he's knows it, and he's bloodthristy and enjoys a good fight which makes him to reckless, just a side a note, btw al'bed properly would have some sort of thing to let them breath underwater)

Thats twice in one day that Neji has had to flee, that did not please him at all.  He looked down at his amulet being careful that the theif would not see it, it had faint glow, it appears that it has not yet fully recharged and that long underwater swim did not help, he was not gd at holding his breath and had it not been for the Amulet to push itself to pump air into his lungs he would of drowned well before they met the guardians.  Although angry that he had to retreat from worthless scum, he was thankful for the quick escape, since his amulet would not of preserved his life much longer.

He looked around at his new party, they seemed like a curious and interesting lot, they would often ask questions about him, however he was never in the mood since the only thing on his mind was reaching Melina before she died.  But of all the group one stood out, the mysterious robed man he fought in Luca was their, it pleased Neji to know that at least one of his allies werent completely useless and he looked forward to a rematch with him someday, but that would have 2 wait.

He examined the area they were in he had explored Macinlaia woods many time, since its the area he grew up in, but this area was differnt he did not reconise it.  He was hopelessly lost here, and he only hoped that one member of his party could quide them to Rin's shop, before Melina died.  He could feel that Melina's time was short and it seemed that his party were taking their sweet time to catch their breath.  He began to grow Impatient.

"Hey what are you all still hanging around for, we gotta get moving i'm running out of time!"  He then turned to Tanis who seemed to be unaffected by the long swim.

"hey just where the hell are we!? and which is the quickest way to Rin's shop!? I have to get their quickly!  You led us her so you can lead us out,"

"Follow me," he replyed.  He then procceded down the tunnel lighting the way with a spell he cast with his Kantana.

Neji then turned back to the rest of the party.  "On you'r feet everyone, lets not hang around!"

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O.O.C-agreed Tanis wouldent run either. at least not unless facing OVERWHELMING odds...i.e an army lol.oh and 1--where did Yendor go? 2.'bed macina DOES allow you to breath underwater lol.


Tanis lead the way through the tunnels. Occasionaly glancing back at the group of travellers...

"Some angels...a bloodthirsty tyrant. An exitable rogue. A Past warrior for sin. And a woman...with power she didn't even know she had...and me of course...i wonder when they'll figure out that im taking them to the elves...they need the traning...ill let them learn a bit off the elves and maybe even teach Sonea of my magic...she already has a store of power...she could become more powerful than me without even trying...ah well to late now...i just hope Neji co-operates."

Tanis led on...further into the darkness...



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It seemed to her that they had been walking many miles but it was only many minutes, she flanked the rest of them, still out of breath and full of water from the swim. It wasn't often that she swam, but she enjoyed it nonthe least but that would have put her off a bit, watergaurdians, they were scary.

She followed quite happily as her strenght grew, they soon found themselves wlaking up hill which soon turned to stairs questions rose in her head about who built the passage and why but it wasn't important, she was kinda wondering where Yenador had run off to, and where Tanis had gone but she wasn't going to pry him for information.

Their new companion Neji still seemed strange to her, he was in such a hurry, it must be something important hes going to. Everyone in their strange little group had their own reasons for being here and each one had such a confused and mysterious past and life. Sonya and Kobie, their exconvicts that would probably be dead if the rikers wasn't destroyed, Tanis was a halfelf merc and she didn't know what to make of his past, then there was Neji, a yevon, maestor hating man who seemed to have the most in common with her but still scared her, and then ther was her, a excrusader now theif with no family. But what they all had in common was they were all being hunted by the same people, mostly was her fault though and it made her somewhat guilty.

She didn't want to feel guilty, didn't suit her, she wanted to play and be happy, be the usual laidback theifing little monkey she was back in luca but that life was gone. Where would she go now. THe only thing that stuck strongly in her mind was destroying yevon, the meastors and sin down with them.

It was funny how life seemed to play out, but how did the crusaders find them again. she sighed but picked up the pace.
Their was a stoney silence umoungst them and she found herself somewhat, bored.

Kinda wanting another fight...whys everyone so QUIET, well Rin's isn't far away i suppose i'll just have to wait but where are we going to go!

Tanis almost as if he heard her thinking turned around and looked at her but quickly turned away and kept leading the way.

"There." Tanis said pointing up ahead at a line of light in a rectangle.

Tanis waved his hand and the rectangle moved and the shimmering light of macalania flooded in, and snow sat upon the trees

Smiles crossed of their faces, they had reached the edge of macalania, ahead of them was the frozen lake of macalania and the ice trial that lead onto the temple which wasn't visible from their position.

"Finally, wheres Rin's?" Neji said bumping past Tanis.

Fariel went up beside him and pointed up a trail of transparent light and glitter that lead to a small slope and up to where Rin's was placed on the edge of the frozen lake.

"Great." Neji took a quick pace and headed up the trail.

"Well that was a nice thank you." Fariel said sarcastically.

The rest followed him at a slower pace, Kobie laughed as a trees branch flopped and a load of snow fell on her head. Fariel s****ed collected up the snow and threw it at him. He barely dodged it but a second snowball thwapped straight into his face.

"Hey!" he said looking at Fariel, but Snoya was the one laughing. Sonya had thrown it.

THe three of them, while following Tanis and Neji, broke into a snowball fight.

(occ - nice to see you lot been posting, but if we gonna get to rins then Underdog shoudl psot next maybe)



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(occ for the lovey sappy ****)

Neji burst through doors of Rin's shop the shop assitant got a shock as he ran up 2 the front desk.

"A women called Melina is here, where is she?"

"And you are?"

"Damn it! i dont have time, where is she,"

"i'm sorry but she is very ill and i cannot allow anyone to see her, only two people are allowed Raiga and her other Guardian Neji,"

"Im Neji!"

"And do you have proof of this claim,"

Neji reached down his clothes and took out the amulet from around his neck.

"You are Neji! quickly she's in the third room on the left,"

"thank you,"

Neji rushed down the hall to the room, but just as he was about barch through the door he paused.  This was the girl who he gave his heart and his life to, the only one to tame this raging beast, he lost her and was searching for many years for her and finally this door was the only thing in his way.  Neji came to his senses straighted up and opened the door.

And their she was, lying in the bed at the opposit side of the room, she was just as beautiful as she was when Neji last saw her, her long blonde hair still shone with great pride.  He approached her bed and looked down her, her eyes were closed tight and she panted for breath, her face wet from the sweat she gripped the thin blanket covering her as if she was reaching for a hand to hold.  Neji did like seeing her this way, normally she was full of life, gets worried easyily but Neji normally chased her worries away, she was very genourus and likes to help people and she had an aura around her that always imspired Neji and soothed him, it always seemed to make things feel rite and whenever she is around their is no need to worry, manly because she does all the worrying.

Neji pulled over a chair and placed his hand on Melina's, she whispered under her Breath "...neji..."

Neji leaned in closer to her ear.  "Dont worry Melina, im here now."  Melina gripped his hand tight.  "everything will be alrite now, i promise that i wont leave you again."



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(occ - aw cute :p lol) "Hey Neji wait up?" Fariel yelled on as he practically threw himself into Rin's shop. "Leave him." Tanis said quietly as they reached the wide open door, only catching a glimpse of the man as he rushed through the back door and down the corridor or rooms. The building was near identical to the one in the thunder plains but instead of Rin it was just an albed assistant. The group filed into the room and looked around, the albed watched them curiously but when Fariel tried to look down the corridor she was told off abruptly and shooed away. Tanis sat quietly in a chair under his black robes, Sonya dn Kobie sat across from each other with a table between. They all sat in the same scilence that they got here in. She wanted to know what Neji was doing but it wasn't for her to know. She went back outside and climbed onto the roof again holding her cape around her. The frozen lake ahead of them glistened in the lowering light as the sun started to set. She started to think about how she was going to get her payback on seymore, if possible, she wasn't strong enough to take him down yet, him and all his magic and summonings. Stupid Anima. Looking around she saw the occasional feind run randomly across the ice sheet and dissapear. THen everything went quiet again, it was really quite off putting. "Trommell i do not care how many men were killed, i do not care how many men will die i only want that annoying little theif dead!" the oh so evilly familiar voice yelled. "Ye, yes sir, sorry sir." Tromell replied. "Ack!" Fariel scrambled across the roof and jumped off the back, the building was right against a small cliff so it wasn't a far drop, and she laid atop it under the roof. "Don't go in the shop, don't go in the shop." "Lady Yuna will be on here way soon, i want to you to come back here and collect her , only, when the arrive. First we must get to the temple." "Yes sir." She heard their footsteps get closer and closer but then they were past the door, and going down the slope to the lake and towards the temple. Crawling out from her hiding place se snuck back around the shop and quickly scurried inside. "What's wrong?" Sonya asked "Um, nothing much...just that seymore is outside going to the temple." "Hes what?!" Kobie yelled "We must fight him." Tanis interupted. "No, we can't just fight him. Yuna and her guardians are on their way. besides the fact that we are no chance for him, well maybe we are, but not when we are against Yuna and her guardians as well." "I have had enough of your running away. We should is not a hopeless cause." (occ - i have to go out now so i can't finish. I suppose we could have Mika appeararound here somewhere like just after Yuna goes to macalania or something? we could kill him. Although Neji would want to join in no doubt but hes kinda attached to Melinas arm :p Anyway, i gota go. Someone fight something or whatever :p get some action into it somewhere :p lol)

edit: he squall here...just edited a bit out...Tanis isnt one to just throw his life away :P

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(occ i think we should have our own counter parts 2 fight just add some more close call battles and get more serious story lines and dramatic fights, just guess who fights who, it should be pretty obvious)

After tunneling through many rocks, Kerr finally got through and followed the long dark path in hot pursuit of Fariel, finally he came to the end but his path was blocked by a particularly small man, old looking, very grey, he walked calmly up him with many armed men at his side.  Kerr's first reaction was to draw his dagger but he was soon haulted by the sound of many loaded guns aiming at him.  The Old man stepped forward and became more clear to Kerr, it was Meastor Mika, but why would he be approaching him.

"Kerr, i beleive?" Mika said

"and what if i am?,"

"Meastor Seymour was not pleased with your recent betryal, normally i would see you dead but we Meastors of Yevon, have something more fitting in stall for you, an offer if you will,"

"Im not interested,"

"now now you dont even know what i was going to say, it pays very well?"

"forget it," Kerr began to walk away past Mika but just as he walked past Mika, he was stopped by two men.

"It involves, your friend Feriel, you seek her out do you not? revenge is it?"


"so do you plan on just attacking Feriel? when she travels with quiet a fearsome party? they are all very skilled you know, together they have killed many Guado and Crusaders, together they may even have the power to defeat a Meastor.  And you think you can just walk up to them and expect to leave alive?"

Kerr looked at the ground, thinking on how foolish he was acting, "ok you've got my attention old man,"

"Excelent follow me please,"

Kerr followed Mika through Macelania woods escorted by at least a dozen armed men, and into the Capital City of Bevelle.  Mika told him to wait at the enterence of the temple.

After waiting for about an hour, a warrior monk called him into the Temple.  He strutted into the main hall, and approached the Podium below the Balcony where Mika was standing, already standing there was a man, a fair bit bigger than Kerr, he had a huge sword strapped to his back and wore fine black armor, one would mistake him as a noblemin, at the other end was a women, an ugly witch who wore too reaveling clothes considering her age, Kerr found it hard not to look although he really didnt want to, she carried a dark orb with shone with a purple glare.  Standing next to her was a Guado, he slouged as alot of Guado warriors do, but this one looked differnt, he had a wicked look about him as he snickered at everyone in the room, and instead of wearing the normal Guado clothes he wore on top of it he worse along coat which covered the complete top half of his body.  As Ferr met eyes with him he immediatly thought that he was a Guado reject and that he was no use, but all so suddenly the Guado charged at him and before he knew it he had two very short swords crossed over his neck, Ferr stood obviouly shooken up from this sudden attack but the Guado merly smiled and then put his swords back, Ferr got a glimps of under his coat as he put his swords away, strapped all along him were throwing knifes, which looked very sharp indeed and some also appeared to be poisoned, their were many differernt colours of posion proberly to match his mood, and many werent posioned at all.  The quado then returned to the side of the Witch whom he seemed to have grown quiet attrached to.  Finally Kerr noticed someone sitting in the Shadows of the room, well hidden from everyone, he wore all black and was certainly mysterious, the only thing you could see was his sharp eyes peering through the darkness.  He walked out of the Shadows and revealed himself to Kerr, he wore purely black and covered his entire body, his sword was painted black and as was all his other impressive weapons, certainly a man, who you would not like to cross paths with.

Mika stepped forward and addressed them all.  He gave them all a sphere.

"On this sphere is a picture of your target, they are all part of a team who have recently been a thorn in Yevon's side, work together to take them out, be that seperating them and taking them out 1 by 1 via 5on1 or 1on1, or attacking them as a team, the choice is you'rs, the one on your sphere is your pathific target you may know them, you may not, but they are who your are best matched against,"

Kerr looked around at his allies, the witched looked on in disgust at her chosen oppent, the Guado snickered greatly at his, obviously excited, the mysterious man, only looked at his once then put the sphere away, and the tall man snarled angerly at his oppent, he seemed to of known him.

"Work together as a team, if you do not you are doomed to fail,"

"and whats in it for us," Kerr shouted

"whatever you desire, we will pay well,"

"All i want is revenge!" The tall man shouted

"Ah so it appears that one of my party actually speak, whats your name?"

"my name is of no importance but if you must know it Kiba,"

"well Kiba, im Kerr nice to meet ya," Kerr approached him with his hand out in greeting but the man snarled at him, "Get away from me theft!"

Kerr smiled and stepped a few paces back.  "Well then my Guado friend, what do you desire?"

"ghee ghee ghee,"

"say wa?"

"Ugh ghe,"

"is that all you can say,"

"Kill, die, suffer,"

Kerr pointed at the Guado, "enuf said," and walked away.

The mysterious man stepped forward "Lets go we're wasting time,"

"and who do you think you are ordering me around foolish child," the witch spoke.

"Lets just go,"

"i dont take orders from you," the witch snarled

"easy folks i can see this turing into a blood bath, now we all got a job to do and to do it we must work as a team, so come on hands in," Kerr put his hand into the middle but the others ignored it.

"agreed," the mysterious man said "we should not waste our energy on eachother.

Everyone apart from Kerr followed the Mysterious man out of the temple leaving Kerr behind still with his hand in the middle.  "Oh man, hey wait up."

The five left the temple to begin their long search for their targets.


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<ooc - okay, before we have a 5 v 5 showdown with the assassins, let’s have a few skirmishes first - I’m thinking they lure us into 1 v 1s so everyone can write their own character’s action scene. Maybe we’ll only have the skills to beat them after Tanis has taken us to the elves for training. BTW - is tall angry guy loosely based on 40K‘s Kharn the Betrayer (for those who don‘t know, a Khorne-worshipping nutcase)? Although his “Maim! Kill! Burn!” catchphrase seems to have passed to the unhinged Guado who acts a lot like a Dark Eldar Grotesque>

The campfire had almost burned itself out as Tanis and his group lay sleeping in the hidden cave. They had thought it unwise to remain at the travel agency with Seymore so close at hand, Tanis’ logic and Sonya’s caution having won over the others’ impulse to fight. Sonya was taking the first watch and sitting at the mouth of the cave keeping watch over the treeline below. She glanced back at the others - even Tanis it seemed slept sometimes, although his hand still rested warily on his katana. Fariel was curled up in a corner and Neji lay with one arm protectively around Melina, who though still pale, looked much better than when they had first left the travel agency. Her eyes lingered on Kobie who lay next to her, sleep softening his usually-serious face.

Her head snapped round, her hand flying to the dagger in her forearm sheath, as she saw something move in the dark fields below. A rabbit, maybe? No, there it was again, definitely a person. Coming towards her. The person drifted closer, seeming to float over the grass. It seemed strangely transparent…then Sonya gasped as the phantom’s face was revealed by a shaft of moonlight.

“Lauthelias?” she breathed, looking at the ghostly figure of the tall, regal elf, “No, you’re dead!”

“Sonya…” she thought she heard the phantom whisper. It smiled, beckoning to her, before dissolving into points of light and becoming a payrafly that drifted lazily down the hill. As if in a trance, Sonya followed, only just remembering to pick up her staff first. It couldn’t be - could it? Was her mentor really back from the Farplane?

The payrafly moved faster, dancing among the trees, and Sonya quickened her pace, not wanting to lose sight of it.

* * *

Back in the cave, Kobie woke with a start from an uneasy dream. Then he noticed Sonya was gone. He picked himself up and saw her running down the hill.

“Sonya, where are you going!?” he called, but she did not hear him.

Shouldering his bow and strapping on his Dragon’s Claws, Kobie ran down the hill after her. Behind him, Fariel woke up and yawned, looking around in confusion. Tanis was already on his feet.

* * *

Sonya ran after the payrafly of Lauthelias into the forest. It was zooming towards a figure standing unmoving under a large oak tree. They were holding a small orb that glowed purple, into which the payrafly flew and disappeared with a flash.

“Lauthelias?” Sonya asked, stopping and trying to make out who the person with the orb was. Suddenly, they thrust the orb towards her, there was a flash of magenta light, and Sonya felt herself thrown backwards by an unseen force. She was smashed against a tree and her staff went flying, landing in the undergrowth.

“Foolish girl…” the witch sneered, stepping into the light.

* * *

Kobie sprinted down the hill as he saw Sonya disappear into the trees, calling her name in vain. He willed himself to run faster, knowing something was wrong, but before he reached the trees he was knocked off his feet with a flying tackle by an assailant who was cackling madly. Instinctively he extended his claws and blocked the blade that flashed down towards him in the moonlight. He kicked his attacker off and flipped back onto his feet. The attacker hurled a small throwing knife at him, which he deflected with his claws and then spun to face his assailant. It was a Guado, who snarled a stream of meaningless curses as he spun two short blades in his hands and leapt at him.

* * *

Tanis split up from the others, running with long, graceful strides round the field to try and head Sonya off before she reached the wood. He already knew that even with his half-elven speed, it was not a race he was going to win. He stopped in a patch of long grass, scanning the area for Kobie, Fariel, Neji and Melina.

The grass on his left rustled. Quick as a flash Tanis had drawn his daiko and hurled it towards the disturbance. Leaping after it he found his dagger buried point down at an angle in the earth - nothing there.

Another rustle, this time on his right. He advanced more cautiously this time, unsheathing his long katana. Again, nothing there. He looked around warily. Suddenly, he laughed.

“Behind me, aren’t you?”

As he turned, a tall figure shrouded in black robes rose out of the grass, his jet-black sword glinting.

* * *

“What’s going on? Where are the others?”

“Shhhh, Melina - I don’t know,” Neji replied, “Something funny’s going on here…”

He drew his two pistols and flexed his fingers on the grips, standing protectively in front of his friend.

Behind a large rock to their left, Kiba growled and drew his huge broadsword.

* * *

Fariel watched as the others scattered down the hillside.

“Damn it, what’s going on now?”

She pulled herself nimbly up the rock face their cave was on and perched cat-like at the top to get a better view of the situation. She drew her daggers, spinning them in her hands nervously as she surveyed the scene below.

“If that bastard Seymore has sent more of his Guado after us…”

Hope the Maester himself doesn’t show up or we’re really in for it…

Above her, Kerr smiled wolfishly as he fixed an arrow into a small, wrist-mounted crossbow and aimed it at Fariel’s back.

Guess again, Far…

<ooc - okay, take it away, you guys - let ’em have it! Don’t kill them though, and it's okay if we get beaten up, they’re supposed to be our ultimate nemesis and we‘re going to have to cross swords a few more times before we kill them (or vice versa) at the end>


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(occ - woo i'm gonna get shot! :p lol you had fun with that didn't ya. Right now to kick some theif ass! mine or his...hmm. Dunno but we are all gonna get severly split up don't ya think? hehhehe how fun :D aint it great to condem your own characters to like death or something hahahaha i';m twisted, ok here we go)

Fariel jumped down off the side of the rock and climbed onto another still trying tos ee the others.

Stay still Far! Jeez, you always were the pest

Kerr reaimed his bow straight at Fariels back, his breathing light and unhearable, his black clothes blending him into the tree in which he perched in. Then he realeased it, the arrow whistled through the air and shot into Fariels shoulder throwing her forwards off the rock.

Hahahahahaha got ya he thought to himself with a hushed s**** as he quickly jumped out the tree and went after his prey.

Fariel tumbled down a slight slope and came to rest on a flat ledge covered in cold snow and leaves. Growling she grabbed her shoulder and pulled her hand back as blood covered it. Where are my daggers! She looked around desperatly for them and luckily they had fallen close beside her.
The bloodied silver nib of the arrow stuck out of sholder were it had peirced. Crawling across the ground she grabbed her daggers and taking in a breath cut off the arrows tip, it didn't cut easy instead tore in half and dragged down her shoulder with it. She yowled in pain and gritted her teeth, she could here the fast foot falls skidding down the hill towards the ledge.

Kerr nocked another arrow and aimed towards the ledge as it came into sight through the branches. He jumped down the rest of the way and released the arrow, it lodged itself into the bark of a tree and wobbled.

"Darn where did you go!" he snapped.

Fariel grabbed the branch with her free arm and kicked the unaware theif in the back sending him off the ledge.

"What you relaly thought i was going to sit still?!" Fariel yelled after him before grabbing her other dagger and sheathing them both.

She was going to have to get the arrow out but it was in such an awkard position to reach. She wasn't going to let him see her so easily hurt. Looking over the edge of the ledge she looked for the tumbling theif but he was gone. Typical.

She crouched down and drew her daggers, the pain hindering her movements.

"No i expected you to die!" Kerr yelled as he, almost like flying, appeared back up onto the edge infront of her and tackled her.

She fell right back and the arrow snapped in half making her scream as he pinned her down and drew a dagger.

"I won't be killed by the hands of a betrayer!" She snarled. "and now we're even"

She wriggled her hand free and stabbed him in the arm as he yowled and rolled off her she rolled to her feet and stepped back.
Kerr got up quickly and started throwing punchs and kicks at her. She dodged easily and threw a kick ot two back but he was all on the offensive and didn't let up for a second. Soon she was on the edge of the small ledge and the long slope down beside her. She sent a fira towards him but he rolled back out the way, the one second she had to run, dashing down the slope she soon left the man behind but he was quick on the persuit.

Where the hell are the others!

Grabbing a branch as she neared the bottom she swung up and crouched on the branch, scurrying into the mess of branches interlocked by three trees. With half a arrow stuck in her shoulder and a mad idiot on her tail she didn't have many options. THe one that came to mind was to run, the fall back plan of every theif, to run. And running was one thing she could do without being seen.

"C'mon out and play Far, you know you want to." he yelled at the trees around him, but the feeling that he was indeed all alone made the trees tower over him. When your prey cannot be found, you take its place.

Fariel peered through the branchs at the pensive man, twirling around in circles looking for any sign of where she had gone. She was having to force herself to keep her breathing calm, the blood was encrusting her clothes but at least it would hopfully stop the bleeding, if it didn't hit something important. She quietly tore another stip from her cape and wrapped it around her shoulder, such an awqard place to be shot.

"Far! If you don't come out i will be forced to find you! If you don't come out i will be forced to kill you!" he growled, she could tell that he was going to try and kill her no matter what she did but she wasn't going to stick around.

She scurried through the trees, luckily a light breeze rustled the leaves in all the trees covering her tracks. Thinner banches linked trees and she was soon made to jump from tree to tree to avoid the branchs snapping. She was mainly hoping the others were alright, Kerr wouldn't have come alone, hes too much of a coward to not bring cannon fodder.

Soon she found the shimmering walkways of the travellers route through the forest. Kerr wouldn't expect her to go were she would be seen so easily ans so it was her only hope to get a distance between them.

Kerr continued to call her but she was nowhere to be found, every second made him angrier, he wan't to kill her, not for mika, but for him.
Where would you go little girl, hide, run, no you'd go somewhere obvious...becuase you know i wouldn't look there. How predicitable.

Running across the walkways she soon found herself back at rins shop, not somewhere she wanted to be. She swore loudly as the door opened and she ran behind the shop and squeezed between it and the cliff. A small partol of guado walked past her and towards the forest and didn't even notice her although she wasn't covering up her presence very well.

Taking the chance she ran past the shop and down the slope, onto the frozen lake, the widest most open places to be, but if she could brake the ice enough to that Kerr would fall through then she would be alright, drawing her dagger she skidded to a stop a distance from the edge and the shop but not even close to the middle and got down on all fours and started chipping away at the ice.

"wait..." she said to herself and opened a small pouch attached to her belt, something she had stolen rom Rin's, opening it she found the fmailiar al'bed grenades. "these should do it...i hope."

Kerr saw her plain as day looking rather dead hunched over the ice and jumped off the side of the slope to run towards her, the ice was covered in snow which made for easy running but when he saw Fariel get up his thoughts raced as to what she was up to.

"You should have come out Far," he said drawing his daggers again stepping towards her.

"And you should have watched your step." she said waving the small metal pin around as she took a few steps away from him, she didn't know anything about the capabilities of the grenades and hoped that it wasn't going to crack apart the whole lake.

Kerr looked down and strung together a row of curses, his foot was just about to step onto the grenade but he saw it and took his foot away.

"You think that little things going to stop me, i didn't even touch it."

"You didn't have to."

The grenade exploded in a flurry of fire and ice and snow, which all rained down on them. Kerr yelled as the ice beneath hims shattered and set him screaming the long way down from the frozen laketop. Cracks splintered out from the large whole and cracked around fariel as the ice beneath her detached from the main ice and went down after Kerr who had stopped screaming, and had probably already hit the bottom.
Fariel stabbed her dagger into the ice her feet dangled out beneath her. The blade was the only thing from the drop and most likely, someone just as equally as dangerous.
Her injured arm was nearly unusable it hurt so much but she threw herself up, onto the ice and swore again as it cracked, climbing to her feet she blasted across the ice, crackz following her every foot step but eventually stopped as she neared the other side.

(occ - thats mega long so i'm gonna shut up, i'll be in a cave or something in the middle of the icey parts between macalania forest and the temple :p probably. gonna think about how to get that arrow out my shoulder :P and yeah thats mine for the moment. Meanwhile your characters were.....)



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Kiba charged full force at Neji, in the surprise of the attack he was only able to fire 2 rounds from his pistols but missed.  He quickly Drew his sword and met the attack head on, the force knocked Neji back and then Kiba stuck again.  Nimbly he doged the attack and then Neji countered only to have his blow parryed by the massive sword.

"Melina! get back into the cave!"

"No! i want to help!"

"No your to weak, wait for me inside the cave! NOW!"

Melina started to retreat back into the cave. "hmm i see she is prescious to you,"

"dont even think about going near her,"

"you killed my brother, so i will kill you'r partner!"

Kiba raised his sword high in the air then crashed it into the ground, a mighty shockwave toure through the ground towards Melina, sending dust, earth and rock into the air.  Neji jumped in the way before the attack hit Melina.  It was of incrdible force, it sent him flying back.  When the dust settled along the track of the attack a great crack in the ground could be seen where it travelled.  Melina screamed when the attack hit Neji, she was fearing the worst.  But Neji got up, "dont worry Melina, im fine, now get back into the cave,"

Melina was now safely in the cave, out of sight from the powerful warrior and of safe distance from the battle.

"hmm tougher than i thought, this might be interesting,"

"shut up and fight,"

Neji charged at Kiba and once again they met swords, a long skilled swordfight took place, both showing acrobatic skills, and mighty sword combos.  Kiba's sword was huge, and it was incrdible that Kiba could weild it so masterfully and so skillfully, the weight was incredible, Neji could feel it everytime he blocked a blow from his opponent.  The battle continued to rage on.  Kiba did not seem to be fatigued at all, and Neji was starting to feel the effects of the blast he took while protecting Melina.  He was running out of energy fast, he went to reach for his amulet, wondering why it's effects havent taken place, but when he reached for it, it wasnt around his neck, he began searching desperatly for it but with no success.

"ha ha ha, looking for this,"

Kiba waved Neji's amulet around boastfully.  "how did he get it, he must of grabbed it during the battle, he's just been toying with me!"

Time was running out for Neji, he had to think of something, quickly he fired a Fira at him, but Kiba used his great sword to nullify it.  But when the ember shots around his face had cleared Neji was not where he had been standing before.  Suddenly Kiba saw something at the corner of his eye, Neji was attacking from his side, he only had time to move slightly, blood splattered on the gorund, Kiba had avoided the deathblow of the attack but got caught with the tip of the sword slashing him along the cheak.  "why you!" he struck with his sword but Neji rolled to aviod the attack and attacked with an upward slash to Kiba's back as he rose from the ground, but Kiba's reactions where to great, he managed to block the attack from behind.

"good but not good enough, neji,"

Kiba swung round and struck Neji with his sword, his sword was blunt apart from the rounded top which was designed like a double bladed axe, the corners of it were designed for digging into its victim.  Neji went flying back, and lay on the ground, lapsing out of conciousness, he came to his senses with just enough time to see the daunting figure of Kiba about to land his sword hard on Neji's head, he moved out the way to avoid the killing blow, but got struck again with the back swing, he then kicked Neji even further away.  Kiba rose his sword, and was about to stike with his shockwave attack again, unable to move, Neji smiled "so this is it, im sorry Melina."

Kiba struck his sword down on the ground and the shockwave headed towards Neji.

Then a mighty creature came bursting out the clouds and headed at extremly high speeds towards Neji, it landed with a mighty crash just infront of Neji, and absorbed the attack.  "WHAT!?" Kiba yelled.

The creature was massive, it took Neji awhile to come to his senses again but once the world stopped spinning he relised who his saviour was, it was the mighty Aeon, Bahamhut.

"Bahamhut!?, who summonded you?"

Kiba noticed a figure standing behind Neji, it was Melina, she kneeled down towards Neji and began casting cure on his wounds.  Kiba snarled and charged towards Melina but his path was blocked by the incredibly powerful Bahamut.  "Why you? i'll kill you and your summoner, to kill that one man,"

"I dont think so, you will not harm Neji," Melina cried protectivly

"Oh yeh!"

Kiba got ready to strike, Melina simpley turned to Bahamut, "Bahamut, deal with him please."

Bahumut knocked aside Kiba's attack, and then charged up four black balls of energy and released his Impluse attack.  It sent Kiba flying but he rose to his feet again, and charged again, but was once again blasted back by Impulse.  It was clear he was no match for Bahamut.

"Damn you Bahamut! damn you summoner! just you wait, i swear him gonna kill your precious boyfriend.  Neji! until we meet again!"

Kiba retreated knowing that he was not strong enough to take on Bahumut. Yet.

"Melina i thought i told you to stay in the cave,"

"you would of been killed if i hadnt stepped in at the right time, and beside's a bet your glad i came in when i did," she said with a cheeky smirk.

"ok you win, thank you, but are you sure your are fit enough to summon an Aeon as powerful as Bahamut?"

"you worry to much,"

"i guess your right but so do you,"

"but if i hadnt worryied so much about you i wouldnt of came out to check on you and i wouldnt of been able to save your life?"

"ok you got another point, but nows not the time for this, we must find the others, and......he got my amulet, im sorry," Neji said sadly

"dont worry about it, we'll get it back, now lets go find the others, Bahamut!"

"Bahamut picked up Neji and Melina, then spread his great black wings and took flight in search of the others.

(occ, ah the benifits of having a summoner in your corner)

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"Oh joy...just what i need another goddamn wannabe"

"So are you going to actually do something? or just stand there and gawp at a REAL ancient mage?"

"Do not fear Tanis...your death shall be swift. And your "friends" will not have to witness it.

" cannot be....your not human...a half-elf...but your more than that...but how? when? why? you cant be here! your dead! i killed you myself! HOW ARE YOU HERE!?!?!?!?"

The assasin took out their...her weapon...identical to Tanis's in every way. And looked to him...

And then she was behind him. She drove the katana through Tanis's torso and out of his stomach...Tanis didnt even have time to move.


Tanis fell to the ground bleeding profusely from the wound..."So this is what it is like to die...i hope the others manage to fufill there seems my part has been cut short" and then the wound started healing itself!!!!

Tanis felt the blood flow stop and the pain receed.

"even i cannot heal a wound like that fully!!!...what has she become..."

Tanis didnt dwell on it. He lept to his feet and struck out with his blade, but found only air...he felt a blade graze his back and again...knew he should be dead. He knew he was out matched and had no chance whatsoever of winning this fight...but he wasnt going down easily...

"Come out here! Stand before! And we shall fight like we used to! This shall be done properly..."

The woman appered infront of him and bowed...Tanis returned the gesture then cast a spell barrier around himself...his opponent done the same.

"So this is how it ends...oh well...looks like ill have to use my trump card...but id rather we both go than just better wear her down a bit first though.."

"METEOR!!!" Cried Tanis hailing down flaming asteroids that pummeled the shield of his opponent. He charged towards her and felt his blade meet her. He felt numerous firagas, thundagas and blizzagas pummeling his shield but he put more of his power into it and it held.

"Flare!" He flares flew from his fingertips only to meet more flares from his opponent.

"Damnit...ill have to use elven"

"Bisingr!" He thought, as flames more powerful than the strongest firaga welld at his fingertips...but again the woman matched her move for move. She rushed him, but he sidestepped...both of them moving faster than humans would think possible.

"Now" Tanis thought

He lowered his shield and his opponent hesitated...this was a foolish move. But Tanis was not being foolish...he drew energy from the nature around him and on his final wells of energy that Yendor had given him. And of the he had tooken from his companions as they slept. Then he began to drain himself of energy putting everything he had into this one spell...

"ULTIMA!!!!!" he screamed...he felt the sensation of his body being torn apart again and the pain...the unbearable pain...then he was in the drained to think...on the verge of death he didnt dare to think he was safe. how could he be? he had just cast the strongest and most dangerous spell ever...surely he must have killed his opponent. But he doubted it. She was to strong...even for ultima. Tanis had poured his soul into that blast and yet it could not have been enough.

He tried to speak but could was almost beyond him to breath. he looked at the people above him.

"Melina? can they fly? how did they find me?"

But Tanis ran out of energy to even think. Sleeped embraced him...he thought no more.

(o.o.c- Tanis sis not die btw...just in case you think he did...and yes he is riding on bahumut)

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Fariel heard the explosion and jumped to her feet, running to the mouth of the small cave she had found herself in.
I hope you guys are alright...
She went back in and sat next to the small dying fire. All the trees were covered in snow which made a fire hard to make, wet wood wasn't great for that kinda thing.
Unwrapping her shoulder she looked down at it, it was black with dried blood and a small trickle was still dribbling from the wound. She would soon pass out from blood lose if she didn't do something.
Going outside the cave she laid down in the snow and buried her shoulder till it went numb, or as numb as it could get before grabbing the small amount of arrow avalible and pulling on it. It took a few attempts and a lot of pain with it to get it out but it was soon out leaving multiple splinters inside the wound but she couldn't help that.

Wrapping it back up again she lent against the cave wall and pressed the front side of the wound and waited for it to stop bleeding.

"What the heck is Kerr doing, who did he bring with him...I hope you lot are alright...don't go dying on me..."

She soon fell asleep, the cold numbing her body, she felt as if she was floating, in a dream, floating to the farplane where she should have gone years ago with her parents.

(occ - yes i'm bored again and felt like posting, someone come and pick her up before she dies of cold!)



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"Bahamut, take us back to the cave," Melina asked as she used cure on the passed out, Tanis.

"hows the outlook Melina,"

"he appears to very hurt, that blast we saw coming from him, it was incredible, i'm amazed he's even alive,"

"Think he'll make it?"

"he should, i mean, hopefully,"

"hmm it appears everyone was targeted, i hope we can find the others before it to late, these enemys seem to be like nonother,"

They landed at the site of the cave and Neji carried Tanis's body inside, on the way he noticed Feriel lying against the side of the cold cave.  He placed Tanis in the cave and left Melina to cast more cure on him.  He approached Feriel's body, and noticed that she was only asleep.  The cave around her shoulder was red with blood, it appeared she also was attacked.

"Hey wake up!" Neji yelled while slightly kicking her.  "What?" she complained.

"What happened to you?"

"Kerr attacked me,"

"hmm he must of been the one who led them to where we were, we found Tanis he's pretty banged up, me and Melina got to him just in time.  Have Melina see to your shoulder aswell."

Ferial made her way towards where Melina was and imediatly Melina saw to her shoulder, she removed the splinters and a bit of arrow deep in her wound and stopped the bleeding.

"Rite you girls stay here with Tanis, im gonna go look for Kobie and Sonya, if they enemys return then launch Magic in the air to signal me and i'll come as quickly as i can,"

"No im coming with you, we will have better luck finding them with Bahamut."

"No you stay here, summoning Bahamut has made you to weak, i dont want you to risk it again, it's too much for you in this state, also Kobie and Sonya might still be locked in battle when we arrive, i dont want you to be present or be at any risk if their is still a battle,"

Melina ignored Neji's words and summoned Bahamut again.

"to late Bahamuts here, looks like i'm going with you," She was always this stubborn Neji thought to himself.

"fine, but couldnt you of summoned Valefor, its alot less stressing,"

"Valefor cant handle asmuch passingers." she remarked.

Neji smiked and boarded Bahamut, helping Melina on as he did.

"Feriel you watch over Tanis, we shall return shortly."

With that Bahamut took off again in search of Sonya and Kobie.

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Fariel wanted to go with and help but they were already gone, she looked down at Tanis and frowned.
Wake up Tanis, what happened to you
Then she remembered what he had told her at Rin's, ultima, but he couldn't have done that, were could he have gotten that power from? He only survived last time becuase he was found in time, just like he had this time, she contemplated scenarieos over and over in her head but they al led back to the same thing. THe fire had died and it was getting cold again, as if it wasn't cold enough already.

"I'll be right back Tanis, don't go dissapearing on me." she said as she left the cave and slid down the slope to the nearest tree and snapped off some small branchs before heading back.

Tanis was still there, still lying still but his eyes were open, staring at her, their cold shimmering against the white of the snow behind her. She blinked and they were closed again, did she imagine it?
Sighing she set up the fire but it wouldn't light, throwing away the flint she cast fire on it and the banchs lit and crackled away.

Fariel took off her cape and laid it over Tanis's still body and went to sit at the mouth of the cave, looking down over the frozen lake and the hole she had cracked into it.

"Your not dead are ya Kerr, your probably already out of that hell and back up here to haunt me..."

Looking around she could see were Tanis' explision had it, a clearing of broken trees and a small crater now stood there. But were where Kobie and Sonya. Bahamut, she could still see flying over the forest.

"C'mon guy's."


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<ooc - thanks for waiting for me, guys - I spent all day today at Heriot Watt uni in Edinburgh (before you ask Asreal I didn't see Squall LOL) and it's ace! Okay, here's my long-awaited fight scene>

Kobie backed up in the face of the Guado’s relentless attacks, blocking or dodging the flashing blades. He tried to respond, stabbing forward with one claw, but the Guado stopped it by crossing both his blades and threw him back. This Guado fought like none he had ever seen before - with a bestial ferocity combined with a cold and deadly skill with his knives. One second he would be striking out with one blade completely independent of the other, the next using them together in a savage combination attack. Fortunately for Kobie, the use of Dragon’s Claws required a similar style of flexible, ambidextrous training.

The Guado’s knife sparked off Kobie’s right claws, and he had to jerk backwards to dodge the other as it scythed across in a slash that would have severed his jugular. He counterattacked, trapping the Guado’s left arm between the blades of his right claw and ramming his left down into the Guado’s forearm hard. The blades sliced right through, the tips bursting out the other side of the Guado’s arm in a spray of crimson.

The Guado didn’t seem to care - with a maniacal laugh he ripped his arm free and threw the knife in his good hand at Kobie. Kobie side-flipped out of its path, but failed to see until it was too late the Guado bearing down on him, yet another knife - this one dripping with some black substance - hacking down towards the arm he had thrown out to steady himself on landing. He dodged frantically but the blade caught him on the side of his arm unprotected by his claw’s hand guard, nicking the inside of his wrist.

An instant spasm of pain shot up Kobie’s arm and he felt his legs collapse under him.

The Guado laughed as Kobie lay at his mercy, unable to move at his feet.

“Ha ha ha…yes, paralysed…good,” the Guado gibbered to himself, “Not kill you just yet - be back for you soon…see your friend die first…”

Kobie tried to get up, tried to scream defiance, but his muscles seemed frozen by whatever toxin had coated the Guado’s blade. He could only lie there helplessly as the Guado darted off into the woods. No! I won’t let you hurt the others, you Guado bastard! And if you lay a finger on Sonya…! Her face flashed before his eyes, and his despair gave way to rage. He felt an unknown power beginning to fill his body, flowing in from somewhere beyond the mortal plane, an ancient and terrible power…

Suddenly, he found he could move again, the pain was gone, and he felt himself infused with greater speed and strength than he had ever thought possible. He jumped to his feet with an explosive leap, his elvish bow drawn as he sprinted towards the woods after the Guado assassin.

* * *

The witch cast Blizzaga with a wave of her orb, pinning Sonya against the tree with a fast-spreading prison of ice crystals.

“You are unworthy to even fight me if you fell for such a simple illusion, child.” she sneered.

A Guado emerged from the trees behind, capering madly and cursing to himself as he ran to the witch’s side, cradling a maimed arm.

“Took care of the one with claws, lady,” he said. Kobie? No! thought Sonya desperately, “Now I kill this one!” he went on, turning his leering face towards Sonya.

“No! She is mine!” hissed the witch.

She walked slowly towards Sonya, her orb pulsing with purple light as it charged for another spell. She stopped in front of Sonya and held it to her face, letting her see her own frightened eyes reflected in the glowing crystal.

“Be grateful I am at least granting you a quick death…”

Forcing herself to focus, Sonya called Fira into her hand, enough to melt the ice around it. Quick as a flash she ripped her hand free of the ice and drew her dagger from its forearm sheath, lunging forward to stab the witch’s ankle. Sonya blasted herself free with a more powerful Firara and leapt past the witch as she collapsed with a scream of pain. Sonya landed with a diving roll next to her fallen staff and retrieved it. She sprang up, holding it before her defensively. It glowed as she channelled her elemental elvish magic into it - knowing she was alone against a superior mage, but knowing she had no choice but to fight.

The witch cursed and cast a healing spell on herself as the Guado looked on stunned. She raised the orb again and sent a stream of purple fireballs screaming towards Sonya. She countered by casting Blizzara and turned them into shards of ice, which she sent flying back at the witch in a stinging hail with an elemental tempest spell. The witch snarled as she blocked them by summoning a shield of rocks and boulders and held the orb up high. Sonya raised an arm to shield her eyes as lightning flashed down and struck the ground all around her. Where it struck, bony hands suddenly thrust upward through the earth and four skeletons with glowing purple auras dragged themselves out of the ground, wielding great rusted scythes. Suddenly Sonya was defending herself against four undead opponents with only her staff. She spun it to block a downward slash and hit out at one of the skeletons, smashing it to pieces. With horror she saw it reform, its magic-infused bones flying back into place as it lurched back to its feet. She cried out in pain as a glancing blow from one of the scythes bit deep into her shoulder. Desperately, she remembered an elvish spell Lauthelias had once taught her, the most powerful protection against undead horrors.

Shea nudh rhiatha elthir erreintha asuryish!” she shouted, slamming her staff down into the ground between her feet. May the blessings of the Ancient Ones protect us from abomination. A blinding shockwave exploded outwards from her, obliterating the skeletons in a blaze of white fire. The witch’s smile of triumph changed into a snarl of disbelief, and she readied her orb again.

Suddenly a lightning bolt flew out of the trees and coruscated over the witch, blasting her off her feet. Kobie emerged at a run from the trees with his elvish bow held high, shouting Sonya’s name.

“I thought you said you took care of him!” the witch shrieked in anger to the Guado.

With a howl of rage the Guado turned and charged towards Kobie. Kobie raised his bow but the Guado kicked it aside before he could fire, knocking Kobie backwards off his feet. Kobie brought the bow up to shield his face, fearing that the Guado’s knife would simply snap the delicate elvish weapon but as the blade contacted the bow blazed with white light and it was the Guado’s knife that shattered. Kobie lashed out with his feet, kicking the Guado in the chest and flipping back onto his feet in the same movement. Kobie deflected another of the Guado’s throwing knives with the bracer of his left Dragon’s Claw and unsheathed their blades, letting the ancient power flow through him as he hurled himself at the Guado, spinning and slashing in an endless stream of attacks. The Guado reeled from the onslaught, staggered as one blade slashed across his face, and turned to run.

He spun to face the witch, but she merely cursed and disappeared behind a screen of black smoke. Whether it was a smoke grenade or a teleportation spell, when the smoke had cleared she had vanished. The reason was bearing down from overhead. Bahamut descended in a hurricane from his great black wings, Neji and Melina leaping from his back as he landed. Kobie felt the ancient power ebbing from him and fell to his knees exhausted, before collapsing sideways. Sonya too wavered, the image of the two riders swimming before her eyes as she finally felt how deeply the summoned skeleton had wounded her. Too weak to cast a healing spell, she too fell to the ground unconscious.

<ooc - you know, that was a hell of a fight, most of our team are KO’d! Soz this post is so long but I wanted to do the fight scenes justice ;) >

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o.o.c- lol the first total ooc post yet :P


Tanis lay there on the cold floor in agony. The cure spell had brought almost no relief to the pain but at least it was more bearable than before...

"maybe....just maybe if i keep practising the will take less and less energy and i will be able to cast it repeatedly...but the power that will still be needed...Tanis could bearly imagine it."

Tanis sensed another body enter the cave...where was Farel...Ah behind the intruder. She intended to sneak up on him...wait him...


"Tanis What have you done...? you knew that spell was beyond you."

Tanis could only gurgle in reply

"Here my friend i have been to see the elves. They say the will train long as you do not join them. I can see no option exept to exclude you my friend you know how important they are. Here take my strength you need it more that me."

Yendor made a small cut in his arm and held it to Tanis's hand, the area around there hand's started glowing and the energy flowed. Tanis sat up and opened his eyes.

it was at this point Fariel lashed out only to be disarmed and at blade point in about a second. But by Tanis!

"Hold Fariel...i think i gotta explain a few things to you."

"G'damn you bet you do! what where those lights! and how are you ok now! abd what do you mean about the elves and us being important!!!!


"Ok Ok Fariel sit down...i have alot to explain."

O.O.C- Time for some more background info :P u guys will have to wait till tomoz though!!!


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Fariel’s little stunt with the Al’bed grenade had made a real mess of the lake, shattering the ice and tumbling a large portion of it down into the chasm below, where it had recently been covered by a thick layer of new snow. Some of the snow shifted, rolling down the sides of a small mound that had suddenly bulged upward near the edge of the chasm. The mound collapsed back in on itself, then burst upward as a bloodstained hand thrust upward through it and grabbed an icy outcrop. As the snow fell away, a ragged figure heaved himself painfully up out of the chasm, using a dagger as an ice pick. He finally pulled himself up onto the cracked ice-sheet above and collapsed in front of the four assassins standing nearby, who had regrouped out on the frozen lake, concealed by the snowstorm.

“So, Kerr. You made it out, I see?” Kiba snorted derisively as the battered survivor staggered to his feet, “Isn’t it strange how scum always seems to float to the surface?”

Kerr glared at him as he sheathed his dagger and began binding his wounds. None of the others offered to help him.

“Peace, Kiba.” said the black-robed assassin, “We are here to eliminate the targets, not quarrel with each other.”

“He failed miserably in his simple task of taking out a teenage girl.” Kiba shot back contemptuously.

“Didn’t see you guys doing any better!” Kerr snarled.

“Making me fight that girl who thinks she can wield magic is an insult to my ability,” the witch snarled as the Guado muttered curses and s****ed to himself at her feet, licking at the blood that was dripping from his bandaged arm, “She was only lucky in that her friends arrived just in time.”

“Neji escaped my wrath because of his Summoner friend.” Kiba growled, “I’ll have his life-blood yet, but I’m not stupid enough to try and duel with Baphamut. But I did manage to aquire something of Neji’s…”

He brought out the amulet and dangled it in front of the others.

“That’s his Oathkeeper,” said the black-robed assassin, “It protects him from almost anything unless he dies protecting his Summoner. Without it he is vulnerable.”

“Excellent,” said the witch, “Neji is now a mere mortal, no matter how good a swordsman. That half-elven fool is greatly weakened after casting a spell beyond his ability, and the mage-girl was badly wounded by one of my undead minions.”

“Very well,” said the black-robed assassin, her mysterious yellow eyes narrowing behind the black hood and bandana covering her face, “Tonight was just the first skirmish - tomorrow the real fight will begin…”

The wind and snow howled around them as they leaned in closer to listen to the mysterious assassin as she outlined their new plan.

<ooc - I'm guessing they ambush us on the way to elf training camp, or wait for us to go in then nail Tanis on his own since he's kinda banned LOL lets post a bit more story before that though.>


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< ooc im coming in2 the story as naraku !!!>

naraku sat alone on the edges of the elven camp. he was waiting for some sort of prey of which to attack when he heard the rumbling in bushes to his direct right......

it was only sesshoumaru who had brought some boar meat for them to eat

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Bahamut landed jst outside the cave smoothly so not 2 desturb his injured passengers.  He help Neji and Melina, lower Kobie and Sonya to the ground and frm their Neji slung them over his shoulders one on each and carried his battered commrades to the cave, Melina then dismissed Bahamut who faded away in hail of Pryflies.  She began to head back to the cave but collapes with exhaustion, Neji placed Sonya and Kobie next to the roaring fire, along side the now awake Tanis and Feriel.  Although Tanis was now awake he still looked exhausted and weak, as did Feriel.  The cave was quiet no one was in the talkative mood and something seemed to be bothering Tanis and Feriel, must of been something they were talking about, they did'nt look like they wanted to share and besides Neji didnt really care, his mind was fixated on the powerful swords men he fought and nearly died against, and how he should really be dead right now, had it not been for Melina, then it hit him, wheres Melina?

Neji rushed out the cave in a panic and saw Melina's body lying out in the snow.  He ran over with a strong look of disspare in his face.

"Melina you idiot, i told you not to summon Bahamut,"

He picked up Melina in both hands and carried her to fire in the cave.  He lay her down gently and wrapped his top around her.  Once again he looked around at his party, three were unconcious and the over two looked as if they were about to pass out due to their wounds and the cold.  He was the only one who got off easy well compared to everyone else that is.  He turned to Tanis and Feriel.

"I'll keep watch tonight and until you guys are better,"

"You'r gonna stand out their with no top on, are you nuts?" said Feriel

"I'm the only one who could fight if they return, you cant be much use due to your injured shoulder and you dont really look like you could last long either Tanis, it best that you guys rest tonight, and look after Kobie, Sonya and Melina, come tomorrow we'll have to leave here since they know where we are and if these guys arnt awake by then, then i'm gonna need both of you to be resonabley fit to help we carry the others."

"but if those guys return i doute you will be able to last long 5 against 1, since none of us were a match 1 on 1,"

"yeh your right but hopefully they wont return tonight cause i know for definat that i managed to get a hit in on my enemy although it wasnt much, and i like to think that you guys managed to get a hit in on your oppents, so they are most likly to be resting tonight aswell, that and their humans, i think and humans sleep, but just incase,"

"alright but if they return, warn us,"

Neji nodded and headed for the entrence of the cave, and leined against the wall.  Deep in thought.  He could not get that guy out of his head, and could not begin to fathum just how powerful he was, and how outmatched Neji was to him.  He thought that his allies had faced similar battles but was unsure of what they faced.  But one thing was for sure.  He knew his allies were mighty warriors and for something or someone to hurt them so badly did not bode well for any of them.

"i have to get stronger," Neji immediatly thought. "i have to get stronger to protect Melina and to beat that guy,"

Neji wasted no time in getting stronger, he set aside his pistols but kept his sword attached to his back and started doing push ups in the snow to toughen up his body.  The snow was freezing since he had no top on and it wasnt long until he felt himself become numb. But he believed it was the best way to toughen up so he pushed on and continued.



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Fariel watched Neji at the front of the cave, he wasn't the same as when she had first met him, anything but the same, Melina must be very important. She crawled over to Kobie and Sonya and looked over their wounds. The cut in Kobies arm was encrusted with dried blood and something else black, not dark enough to be blood but something else. Using the edge of her remaining cape she wiped it off his arm and looked at it more closely.

"What's wrong?" Tanis asked looking up from the ground.

"This is black derel, its a very powerful poison...not easy to get your hands on either..."

"How is he still living after being attacked with such a substance?"

"I don't know but it must have been a small amount, only enough to i don't know paralyze ya and kill you VERY slowly?"

"How slowly is VERY slowly."

"If he rests and keeps fighting it he should be fine but if he gives up and it filters too much into his system then hes gonna start having a problem in a couple of days."


"But i don't see him giving up any time soon."

She sat back against the wall again and looked around, Neji had stopped his pushups and was leaning against the wall slightly dozing, the cold was going to get to him sooner or later.
Fariel got up and went to the cave mouth and sat down across from the man.

"Neji go to Melina by the fire. I'll keep watch."

"I'm fine, you people need your rest for the fights to come."

"Pfft." Fariel walked out the cave and climbed up ontop of the rock again.

"Hey get back in here Fariel."

"Make me."

"Hmph. Fine, but if you insist on being a pest and keeping watch don't fall asleep."

"Yeah yeah."

With that Neji went back into the cave and sat close to Melina watching over her with worried eyes.
Fariel sat perched on the rock quietly looking for any movements in the forest ahead of them, it was dark yet the moons light let you see the whole area with the white snow atop of it. SHe occasionally looked over her shoulder learning from last time that Kerr wasn't going to attack honourably.

(occ - yup i was bored again, Squall hurry up and post that history lesson for Fariel :p we're going on without ya t the moment :p lol)


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o.o.c- ok here we go. tell me if any of this makes no sence


Tanis waited until everyone was back in the cave. He had to let everyone hear this.

"Well...looks like i have to share some things with you. listen up. im only saying this all once"

"I was around 70 when i started training with my master. He was a good man, but mis-understood. I only started because i decided i needed to become stronger. My parents had died years ago. I never knew my father. he raped my mother and i was the product. My mother died giving birth."

Tanis stopped and took in a deep, haggered breath.

"The traning i recieved was nothing spectacular. I had to teach myself swordplay as master was to old to fight physically. But his magic...It was unbelievable. He taught me all of the basic spells. Then the higer spells and finally the master spells. But...there was always one spell that eluded me. One that i could never master. Ultima."

An audible gasp escaped the crowd exept from Neji wo looked as if he was in deep of though. Yendor was asleep.

"I finally asked Master about it and he told me that the power for that spell came at a terrible price. he told me that if i wanted to know i could never go back to the old way of life. And i had to promise to tell no-one about his part in it. After much deliberation i agreed and we began. he taught me...He taught me the power to absorb other peoples power. And if i so chose. I could even absorb there soul. The power was ok and it kept me growing stronger. But if i took the soul of someone...i would become unbelievably stronger. I would not only have tooken there magical power but there life force. There thoughts, memorys, there plans for life...everything. I would kill them and use there power to strengthen myself. I started small at first, taking energy from him every day. But not to much. This is what you, Fariel, witnessed me doing to Yendor over there. But the ability came at a terrible price...The elves despised this practice and banned it milennia ago. Anyone stupid enough to practice it would instantly be sentenced to death. So i began to draw up plans for leaving. I didn't want to bring any unwanted attention to myself and told only two people. Yendor, my best friend at the time, and my sister Selina. Yendor knew me...knew what i was like and knew that i could be trusted with this power. He promised to tell no-one, and that he would do everything to help. I made him promise though, if he was ever in danger bacause of this then he must cover his steps and make himself look inoccent...i would not have him in trouble for my choice. I also told another person, my sister. Selena. She took the news bad. She was a solid force for good. My ability fell under the blackest pits of evil. She thought that the fact i was practicing this ability meant i was evil. She woulden't listen to me and vowed that she would one day kill me and my master. She left that night and i didnt see her again.

Years later I had become much stronger than any elf magically. Physically i was still weaker. It was on one of my patrols in the forest surroundng my home city that i head someone talking. I used the skills that i had practiced to sneak up close enough to hear. All i hear was the end of the conversation. I knew that another with my ability's was going to try and kill my master. I never saw who the person was talking to.

I raced back to the city and told master and Yendor. Master started preparing defences and i snuck around the city taking energy wherever i could. Yendor on the other hand took some of the weapons from his store room...including the blades you see me wielding now. We waited all night for the assasin to show up and he...well she, didn't dissappoint. Unfortunately she was stronger than expected and overcame the traps easily. It was while she was confronting master that i revealed myself. We awesome powers. But i knew i couldn't win she was to strong. It was at this point that i noticed a fewelves standing watching...i knew that this meant i was going to be i did what i could. I got Yendor to make a vow to track down and kill me. And he escaped. making it seem as if i had kept him prisoner. Then i done the only thing i could...i attempted Ultima. master already knew we coulden't win and he gave me all his strength. I found out later that all the elves had seen was me cutting him, his energy flowing out and him crumbling to the ground. They thought i had killed him. He was still alive but severly drained. Then i unleashed Ultima. The power i released hadn't been seen on this world for years. It almost destroyed me. It also killed Master and gravely wounded my was only as i saw the hood being blown back that i saw the astonished face of my sister...apparently she had gone out and learned the magic that i had to defeat me...a hypocryte to the end.

It was her that i fought in the field...only she has become infinitely stronger. I stood no chance and she was all over me. I done it again though...Released Ultima. It was stronger than it was before but again not good enough. She escaped gravely wounded and i had to be carried here by Neji and Melina.

And thats my story basically...or at least the stuff you need to know"

As Tanis finished everyone turned to look at each thats why he was so cold...his own sister...

Fariel was the first to talk.

"Tanis we never knew..."

"Save it i don't need pity. I made my choices and i stand by them."

"So..what about the other part i heard? about us?"

"Ah yes. You aincient elven lore. There was a prophesy. That a wielder of the dark arts would guide and train others. There was a tablet made...i believe you saw it Sonea."

Sonea remembered back to the time she spent with the elves...she did remember something...a tablet!

"Yes Tanis i remember! it was us! all of us!"

"Yes. You can imagine my surprise when i found you all so suddenly. Thats why i had to get Fariel to "take me with her" or so to speak."

Neji broke in.

"OK OK we get it were the ones on the tablets...but what the hell makes us so special!"

Tanis pondered for a moment...he seemed to be choosing his words carefully.

"You guys have a power...the power of long aincient aeons residing inside you. Power that vastly exeeds anything i can ever become. There is only two exeptions. Me and Melina. I wasn't born with any powers. But i have no need of them. My magic is sufficent against most mortals. But you guys will be an exeption. You will outpower me by miles. and Melina. She was never on the tablet. Only us "Avenging angels"as we have been deemed are. But she shall play a no less crucial part. With her current aeons she will be our best ally for a while to come."

Neji burst in again.


He was cut off as Melina whispered something in his ear.

" do we unleash these so called powers? surely we would know of them?" Kobie added.

"Correct WONT realise them yourselves. Thats why i have been leading us to the elves."

The group gasped in horror.

"But Tanis! They will kill you! you cant do this!" Sonea burst in.

"Ha. Since when have any of you been interested in my welfare. But yes you are right they WILL kill me. The prophesy does say that if anyone will die first it will be the guide....but i'm not to bothered. as long as you realise your powers nowthing will be able to stop you. Not even me or even my sister...

And besides. Do you think i'd LET them kill me? ha not a chance. I shall guide you to the elves then lead our so called "assasins" on a false trail. If were lucky i'll survive and meet back up with you guys. if not...well you guys will be strong enough."

Th group could only sit in stunned silence.

"There is one thing that i ask of you though."

They all looked at him.

"I would wish to take some of your energy each day. Exept Melina of course. Because of this power you have you all have huge amounts on untapped magical power. You expecially Sonea. I can sense it. If you allow me to take your energy i shall soon be well past my previous power and will be able to deal with the assasins no problem. My sister....she will be another story. If i must i shall kill off as many as i can then unleash ultima again."

"Tanis you must not! you have already cheated death twice!"

Yendor had awokened and was shouting at Tanis.

"Do not fear because..."

Tanis hesitated

"I plan on practicing it while you are at the elves and i am on the run. I shall take as much power as i need from others to survive. And if i ever meet you again i can suck you guys almost dry and become invincible"

Tanis smiled. It was not a sneer as usual but a real smile.

"Now if you will let me be. Yendor has given me enough energy to scout and make sure the assasins do not find us...we are weak and vunerable. I shall return in the morning. And take your powers if you will allow me. Farewell"

And without another word Tanis darted out of the cave leaving the group to silently ponder this startling change of events.


O-O-C- happy now guys? lol hope thats good enough for you to have waited for!

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whilst waiting for his prey to turn up  naraku decided it was more important to get drunk for some reaspn so Sesshoumaru managed tofind some cheap elven ale



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Troubled by what Tanis said Neji followed Tanis out the cave.  He appraoched Tanis and stood side by side to him just outside the cave.

"Something troubling you Neji?"

"Yes i don't like the idea of you just helping yourself to our powers, sure you tell us now that you will be and have been helping yourself, and i just dont like it, frankly i dont trust you,"

"I told you it has to be done if im to defeat those assasins,"

"Oh yeh and another thing i really dont care what happens to the rest of those assasins but their is a man, a very tall big built man, i think his name was Kiba, he attacked me and also indangered Melina, note to yourself that I will be the one to kill him, you got that?"

"Fine," Tanis then walked away casually as if he was ignoring Neji's words and continued to scout the area, leaving Neji to stand confused and shocked with his sudden reply.

Neji sat down on a rock just outside the cave and began to think about this power he had deep inside him, if it truly is as great as Tanis made it out to be then if Neji masters all aspect of it then he can become invincible.  Not even Seymour would be able to stop him, all the Maestors of Yevon would not be able to beat him and he will finally be able to destroy Yevon and Sin.  He clenched his fist, he couldnt wait to gain this new power.  Just then he felt a soft touch on his shoulder, he turned around to see Melina smiling cheerfully at him, putting his top back on him.

"You freeze sitting out her Neji,"

"Nah dont worry about me i'll be fine,"

"You seem troubled whats wrong, is it about that Kiba guy or what Tanis said?"

"Abit of both really, also im not really up for this whole training by the elfs thing, the only one i am willing to train me is Raiga and well,"

Melina sat down next to Neji, the cheerful smile gone from her face and her head hanging down facing the ground "yeh i know, i really will miss him, but he died well,"

"Yeh and i wont let him down, i promise that i will tame this power and destroy Mika,"

"not more promises Neji," Melina complained

He laughed to himself, "yeh i guess i really should stop making all these promises they only end up getting me in trouble,"

"and then i have to bail you out,"

The two laughed together, "you have a fair point Melina i really should get my act together, when i fought Seymour i survived because of Raiga's sacrifces, in Machilania i survied because Tanis knew an escape route and again when fighting Kiba i survided because you stepped in at the right moment, damn i really should stop relying on others so much,"

"yeh you really should," Melina said jokingly, Neji stood up proud and looked up at the sky.

"Very well, i will achieve power in my own way, i will not insult Raiga by getting trained by the elves,"

"your a fool then," A voice said from inside the cave.  It was Yendor, he walked slowly out of the cave and approached Neji.

"I respect your wish to achieve power on your own, but for you that would be foolish,"

"what makes you think that," Neji protested

"well i can tell you for a fact that the Aeon you carry is not like your other Aeons, his name is Diablos and he is quiet power hungry and quiet evil, you can try and tame this power but the end result will end in Diablos taking over your body and you will lose yourself, that or if you absorb Diablos's power and use it at your own will you might become tainted by Diablos and live by his beleves, when you first make contact with Diablos it will become a struggle on who will be incharge and without the quidence of the elves i'm afraid that is a battle you will not win and nobody can come to your rescue either,"


Yendor took a step back "i mean no disrespect, i am just warning you, once Diablos has been tamed and sealed with the help of the elves then by all means go out and train by yourself, experiment with you'r new powers and develop them, trust me, you will not be disapointed, all i ask is that you allow the elves to support you in taming Diablos, actually restraing him is up to you, you will have to constantly struggle with Diablos for possibly a few days at the most until you will be able to leave the elves, a power like Diablos can not be aloud to wander around Spira free, if you know what i mean, should you fail you will have to be executed before the power manefest not even the elves would be able to defeat Diablos if his full power is realeased,"

"I guess i understand.......very well, but if those elves start to think that i will become their underling they got another thing coming,"

"i promise," Neji nobbed is head in agreement.  And returned to the cave with Melina.



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(occ - if we are getting new powers i think i'll give my assasin new powers aswell, what u do with urs is up 2 u guys)

"Kiba? what brings you here? I trust you have delt with Neji?" asked Mika

"not quiet Maestor it appears that Neji has a companion which you failed to inform me about, a summoner,"

"and? cant you deal with a summoner?"

"the summoner yes, but the Aeons no, i am not powerful enough,"

"so you came looking for power?"


"follow me,"

Kiba followed Mika down along hall, and into what appeared to be an empty room, completely black apart from the great red Glyph right in the middle.

"step into the glyph,"

"i aint stepping on anything unless you tell me what it is,"

"very well, have you ever heard of a dark Aeon Kiba? well they are Aeon fused with a dark energy from Yevon, they gain incredible strength and become very powerful, but it costs them there mind and they come complete blood thristy and have no thought of their own and follow the orders of the one who summoned him,"

"you want to turn me into your lapdog? forget it,"

"it has never been tryed out on a human before, and since i cant summon you, i doute that it will have that effect, but you may get all the power,"

Reluctantly Kiba stepped on the red Glyph and immediatly he began to get weird sensation, a red light surronded him and that sensation became great pain, he could feel his strenght grow at an incredible rate, he could feel the power flow through his vains as his body absorbed the light surronding him and then suddenly it all stopped and he collapsed on one knee.

"how do you feel Kiba?" Mika asked confidently, Slowly Kiba raised his head to face Mika, nothing of his phisical appearance had changed apart from his eyes with swirled with a red mist.

"I feel Great!"

"Then arise Kiba and continue your mission for revenge,"

Kiba rose to his feet and strutted out of the room and out of the temple.



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(occ - in come the dark aeons XD great XD lol)

Fariel sat quietly as Neji and Yenador seemed to argue at the mouth of the cave, Kobie and Sonya were deadly scilent but at least they were awake and well. Maybe the poison didn't get into him, though he was completly outa it when he got taken bcak here...
She started prodding herself in the chest and Sonya looked up at her with a cocked eyebrow and without having to ask Fariel grinned innocently.
"What are you doing?"
"Well i was wondering, what aeon it is i have, Tanis did say we each have one and if your paying attention to what their talking about if you can hear them, is that Neji has a weird one called diablo"
"Pfft nevermind." she retorted starting to get figety
"Whats wrong with you now?" Sonya continued
"I'm bored."
"Do push ups or something." Kobie jumped in making her laugh.
"Nah, i'm just gonna go for a walk or something."

Yenador and Neji both looked at her as they were walking back in, Fariel going out, Neji shrugged and followed Melina, sitting down by the small fire quietly but Yenador stopped and watched her.
She left the cave completely and wandered off uphill were the amount of trees got thinner and more rocks and cracks begun, out of pure habit she climbed up a tree and perched on a branch watching the area around her and Yenador as he emerged from the cave and followed her leaning against the base of the tree and starting to talk without looking at her.

"It's not far from the elves."
"It seemed weird enough the first time being with elves and i'm not one to enjoy numbers much, and now i'm going backt o numbers to unlock some unknown power aeon thingy thats apparently inside me."
"Unknown power aeon thingy? They have names."
"Oh yeah well what's my unkown power aeon thingy."
"Levi-what? Are they actually gonna kill Tanis?"
"Heh, they'll try."
"He dosn't seem to understand that we care about what happens to him."
"He may not show it but he does. There is no point arguing with him though, you won't change his mind and don't try getting the elves to accept him they won't change their minds either."
"You elves aren't very understanding of anything are you." she said almost sadly making him chuckle.
"We have our moments." he said as he walked back down to the cave.
"Hey you never told me what this levithon thing is."

After Yenador was out of site she left the tree and took the long route down into the forest and aimlessly wondered around, where did Tanis go...
She jumped and held back a yell in protest as Kobie's hand landed on her shoulder and turned around.
"Don't creep up on me, damn, ya scared me." she said thwaping him in the chest.
"Hey hey, clam down. You left the cave hours ago, wondering where you went."
"I'm looking for something to do until you lot are ready to go to the elves or whatever."
"No your not, your looking for Tanis."
"Is that a problem?"
"No, but he might see it as one. Come back to the cave soon kid, don't go getting yourselve in trouble now."
"What are you my dad?"
"I should hope not." he said walking away.
"And i'm not a kid."

Kobie just laughed and dissapeared into the forest, leaving her to climb another tree and sit bored.

(occ - yes random post! hahahaha, but i was in a hurry and i was bored. Had to drive little bro to school XD stupid snow XD lol)

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