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<ooc - yeah, I don't really know what to make of that post so I'll assume for the minute at least that we're still in the same place>

As Kobie disappeared back into the trees, Fariel pulled out one of her daggers and began idly spinning it in her hand. She hated all this sitting about…

She did not notice the purple payrafly hovering behind her, which suddenly turned and flitted away towards the lake.

* * *

“I don’t believe this!” the witch said as she looked at the image projected from her orb, “It’s just too easy - the thief is just sitting out there in the forest by herself!”

“Far never could sit still,” Kerr said, “She was always wandering off back in Luca.”

“Then let’s make her pay for her stupidity!” the black-robed assassin said, “Kerr, go and deal with her - properly this time. Kiba you’d better go with him, just in case.”

Kerr’s protest died in his throat as Kiba growled acknowledgment and stepped forward. Whatever Maestor Mika had done to him when he had gone back to the temple, it gave Kerr the creeps. Kiba hardly talked anymore, somehow even more menacing than his usual tirade of threats and curses. A dark aura seemed to have come over him and his eyes had changed…they glowed red somehow…

Kerr shuddered, trying to stay as far away as possible from Kiba as he stalked silently into the forest. Kiba followed slowly, purposefully, one hand resting on the hilt of the great two-handed sword slung across his back, the other still gripping Neji's Oathkeeper. Kerr carefully nocked a silver arrow into his wrist-mounted crossbow, vowing that Fariel wouldn’t escape him this time.

The black-robed assassin watched them go impassively, and turned to the two remaining assassins.

“I have seen Tanis heading away west,” she said quietly, “He is a treacherous half-blood, but he’s no fool. He’s probably trying to lead us away from the others on a false trail to buy them time to reach their destination. But we can take him out and get back to finish the others before they get anywhere. You two, come with me.”

The Guado cackled loudly, toying with one of his wickedly sharp daggers. The cut across his face that Kobie had given him the day before twisted his grin into a grotesque leer. The witch merely nodded. The three assassins turned and began running west after Tanis.

“Be on your guard, though,” the black-robed assassin warned them as she bounded along with graceful, unhurried strides, “He is the most powerful of them all - and he knows Ultima. But my skills are far beyond his and together we should make short work of him…”

I’ll drink your soul, brother, she thought to herself.

* * *

Sonya turned as she saw Kobie walking back up the hill towards the cave.

“It’s alright,” he called, “Fariel’s just down in the woods.”

“Make sure she heads back soon,” Sonya answered, “It’s getting dark and none of us should be wandering off alone.”

“Don’t you think I told her that?” Kobie laughed. The laugh turned into a cough and he doubled over as a sharp pain shot through his chest. He straightened to find that blood was running copiously from his nose.

“Kobie!” Sonya shouted, running towards him, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” Kobie answered, wiping the blood from his face, “I’m…”

The world swirled around him and went dark.

Kobie found himself lying on a rocky plateau with thick grey storm clouds rolling overhead. He wondered vaguely if he was dreaming, or if this was a hallucination brought on by the black derel, or if he was already dead. Was this the Farplane?

A group of Payraflies danced before him, then converged in a silent flash of light. An old man in a long cloak materialised in front of Kobie. He had a long white beard and held a staff in his right hand.

“Stand up, Kobie.” he commanded simply, his deep voice quiet but carrying untold power. Kobie obeyed numbly.

“You shouldn’t have got up and gone looking for Fariel - even a small amount of black derel is lethal if you don’t rest and just allow it to flow through you.”

Kobie knew then that he must be dead.

“Who…who are you?” he stammered.

“Me?” the old mage said, looking surprised, “I think you already know. I am Ramuh, speaker for the Aeons, and you are my chosen vessel.”


“Did you ever wonder about your affinity for thunder magic?”

“But it was just bound into artefacts, it wasn’t my…”

“But it still requires will and focus to wield. And did you not think it strange that though Sin destroyed your prison vessel - oh yes, it was Sin,” he added at Kobie’s incredulous look, “You survived? You know the odds of escaping both Sin AND a storm at sea? That was more than just luck. And your friend Sonya too, although that was Tritoch’s doing, not mine.”

“You…you did…?”

“And last night?” the old man went on, “You were able to shake off the effects of black derel long enough to save Sonya.”

“Yes, but…I thought…”

“Your will, and your need to protect the one you love, allowed you to call upon my power for a short time. You cannot control the power I give you yet, but you will learn.”

“So you…?”

“I protected you, of course,” the mage said with a smile, “Just as I cure you of the black derel now.”

He touched Kobie’s forehead with his staff.

“But why have you chosen me?” Kobie asked, finding his voice at last, “How am I special? Why did you even save me? I helped stop those who challenged Sin and allowed him to go about his work - and because of that I’ve got the blood of hundreds, maybe thousands of innocents on my hands!”

“You give yourself too much credit,” Ramuh laughed, “It was not your fault. You did not know, you were brought up to think of Sin as the hand of Yevon, purging evil from the world. Once you saw the truth for yourself you made a choice. And you have tried to atone for your previous life ever since. You have seen evil and resolved to fight it - I can think of no better summoner for a Judgement Aeon. You are more special than you know - you and your friends.”

“What do you want with us?”

“We seek to destroy Sin of course. And you and your friends will help us. Once you’ve been to the elves, we will be able to manifest fully. Leviathan. Diablos. Tritoch. Do these names mean anything to you?”

Kobie tried to answer, but his voice seemed to have deserted him again.

“They will.” Ramuh said with a mysterious smile.

Then the Aeon, the storm clouds and the rocky plateau all began to fade away…

“Help! Neji, Melina, help!”

Kobie jerked awake with a shuddering gasp.

“Kobie? Can you hear me?”

His vision was hazy, but he recognised the voice. Sonya? He tried to sit up and felt a hand press him back down.

“Hey, take it easy! What happened?”

Kobie blinked, and as his vision cleared, Neji, Melina and Sonya came into focus above him.

“I…I don’t know…I’m fine, Sonya,” he said, reaching up to reassuringly stroke her hair, pushing it back behind her ear. She still looked concerned. Kobie sat up slowly, trying to remember what had just happened.

“Have any of you guys ever heard of Ramuh?”

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Fariel threw her dagger in the air, caught it, threw it in the air, caught it and continually reapeated the pointless exercise, then a blur of motion sent the dagger falling from the air away from her, she grabbed it none the less but saw the small arrow embeded in the tree beside her own. Kerr.

"Shit." she said scanning the area around her, she couldn't see him, where was he.

She launched from the tree as she heard a loud grating growl flying down towards her followed by a large sword shearing through the branch where she was sitting. A throwing knife was already in the air spinning towards the attacker but missed as the largly built man jumped down after her.

"Who the heck are you?!" she demanded backing away but was only responded to with a growl.

Another silver arrow missed her as she ran, the arrow zooming straight past her and past the ear of the tall man who sneered at Kerr who was perched in a tree.

That guy was flipping huge, probably working with Kerr...he must be one of the ones that attacked the others. Wait...

She looked back at the man walking somewhat casually after her, as casually as you got with a gaint sword, in his hand, wrapped around the hilt of the sword, Neji's was she going to get that?!

"whoa!" she yelped as she dodged another arrow, "would you stop that!"

Turning she ran again, the man picking up the pace after her, there was comotion in the trees, the birds were fleeing. Kerr was in the trees, typical, just another trick she showed him that he was going to use against her.
Where was she supposed to run, she was already running further away from the cave and any chance of help, and they were not in any state to be attacked by a beefter with a sword and a theif with poor aim. She was running the oppisite way from everything, the lake, the cave, rin's, she was running back out the forest, the wrong way, the very wrong way, and she had to assume that there was more of them. Risking a glance over her shoulder the man was out of site.

If you are trying to kill me, your taking your sweet time about it

Stopping and looking around she was coming to a small clearing, the crystal paths leading off in random directions and the known route leading up to Bevell.

Okkkay, this isn't good, how can i get Kobie and the other's attention without getting Kerr's attention....i can't, typical.

Raising her hand two lightning bolts flashed in the sky straight after the other.


"Was the lightning?" Kobie said looking past Sonya

"Yeah." Sonya replied slightly confused "But there's no storm."

"Fariel!" he said urgently jumping to his feet and blasting down the hill quickly followed by Sonya.

"You guy's don't know what you running into! Wait a minute!" Neji cried after them but was completely ignored, melina sleeping quietly in his arms. "Fine..." he wasn't about to abandon Melina, they could take care of themselves.


"C'mon..." she said raising her hand again, two lightning bolts zapping down above her position. "You've got to see me."

She smiled as she got a response, two lightning bolts zapped down above her.

"You should learn to stay still!" Kerr complained as he tackled Fariel down from behind and into the mix of snow and soil. "You make something as easy as killing you so difficult!"

Rolling over she was quickly pinned down and a knife put to her throat as Kiba detached from the trees shadows.

"Kiba stay back, she's mine." he said with a large grin, kiba mearly crossed his arms and watched scilently.

"You are quite the bastard you know." Fariel muttered.

"And that's a problem?"

"No i don't think it is anyway. Except when you get out numbered."

"Yes i'm really outnumbered, one against two. Scary."

"I was thinking more along the lines of three against two."

Kerr looked confused until an arrow peirced his shoulder from Kobies evlin bow, the man yelped and flapped around helplessly in pain, dropping the dagger which landed pathetically handel first on Fariels chest. Grabbing the man she pushed him off and threw the dagger aside. Kiba watched with slight amusment at Kerr's pathetic display and dissapeared back into the shadows leaving him for dead.

Kobie ran in notching another arrow and aimed it down at Kerr as he knelt over the ground, blood bleeding from his shoulder. Sonya went to Fariels side and helped her up.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, his aim got worse since i last fought him. Where's Kiba?!"


"The big scary man with the sword?"

"We didn't see anyone else."

"Watch Kerr, i have something to steal."

With that Fariel ran back into the forest after Kiba, It wasn't until the man was in sight and his build and sword brought up second thoughts that she was challenging someone that would kill her in seconds easily by standing on her head he was so big compared to her. Sonya barely had a second to pretest before she was already going after him.

Kiba spun around, unsheathing the sword and staring where Fariel was standing, but wasn't anymore. He growled and looked around, he knew she was there, somewhere.
Fariel looked down at the man causiously, hanging from the tree. He held his sword horizotially, the blade parrel to the ground, an odd stance but she was sure it worked for him but it wasn't the matter at hand. The oath keeper hung around the hilt on the chain that was once around neji's neck. She remembered it from when she met him in the thunderplains, he covered it, probably thinking she would steal it.
Dropping down she free fell, landing down on one knee on the large blade, grabbing the chain all in one movement before Kiba threw up the sword, using the strengh of the movement she jumped off and backflipped away from him, hiding the oathkeeper in her pocket making sure it was out of sight.

"Heh...Hi there. Nice weather don't you think?" she said with an innocent smile. "I've got to go..." she said turning and running away hearing the almighty roar from the man as he gave chase, actually running, though not very fast, he was so large he probably couldn't, so she had an advantage.

The clearing was soon in view, Sonya standing looking into the trees for any sign of her, and Kobie still standing arrow pointed at Kerr who dind't look like his condition had improved.

"Kobie shoot him in the leg and lets get out of here!" she yelled a she left the tree line behind her giving Sonya a shock. Kobie immediatly released the arrow, it dug into Kerrs calf and left him rolling over in pain.

Then the ran and were out of the clearing and out of sight before Kiba arrived on the scene of Kerr slowly bleeding to death.

"You pathetic creatue." he snarled.


"See this is why i told you to come back..." Kobie said flopping against the cave wall and closed his eyes.

"So your alive then." Neji cut in as Fariel entered.

"Did you expect anything less?" she retorted before second guessing the question by Neji's raised eyebrow, "Hey, a theif as good as me cna scuttle out of any situation."

"In other words you ran away."

"...well yeah, but i like my wording better...oh and incase you were wondering, Kerr had some guy called Kiba with him. I'm guessing hes the one that attacked you when we were all targeted before."

"Yes, he was. How do you know that."

"Because he had this?" she said holding up Neji's oathkeeper.

"Now how in hell did you get that from him?"

"Rash thinking and master theifing."

"Riight, just give it back." he said extending his hand to recieve it.

Fariel handed it to him and he put it back around his neck satisfied that it was still in one peice, turning to Sonya and Kobie her smiled but got a pretend immpateint glare from the two of them.

"What?!" she said innocently

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(occ, thats cool, i kinda actually forgot about it, since he wouldnt need with the power of Diablos, it will give him a reason to like u guys, also i guess i could give it 2 one of u when Neji departs for his training, just so u know he will come back.)



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(occ - cool cool :p lol yeah give him a reason to like us :p theres gotta be something lol)



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Kerr sat up and desperately grabbed the arrow extruding from his leg and held his breath closing his eyes pulled it out and gritted his teeth as he held back a scream.

”You let her escape again.” Kiba said almost mockingly as he stepped up beside him and towered over him like a skyscraper.

“Look…tall, dark and gruesome, I didn’t see you doing much to stop her!”

“You should have been able to take care of her on your own if your aim wasn’t so poor.”

“Dammit Kiba, just arg-“ Kerr snarled as Kiba dragged the arrow from his shoulder, “…thank….you.”

Looking down at the two bloodied arrows he snarled, Fariel had gotten away, again, he was not going to let it happen again, he wouldn’t let it happen again. She left him for dead at guadosalam and almost killed him by grenading him through macalania lake, and now, she had scurried away again and left him for dead, again. He refused to stand for defeat again, Kiba’s mouth twitched at the sides to turn into a smile as Kerr was consumed by his own rage. Kerr in a flash of light rose to his feet, his wounds healed and his cloths patched themselves back together, his daggers extended to short swords. When the aura dissipated Kerr stood in an aura of his own inner darkness and rage, he looked at Kiba with a smirk on his face, the larger man more of an equal then a scary towering individual.

“I won’t let her escape me again!” Kerr snapped. “She won’t ever escape again!!” he yelled all the surrounding trees exploding into flames.

Kiba took a step back and lowered his head slightly into a nod, the flames surrounding them, their blazing heat filling the area and the smoke filling the skies.

“What is this power?!” Kerr yelled clenching his fists.

“It is you,” the annoyingly familiar voice of Mika said as he appeared, walking through the flames as if they were not there. “You’ve let yourself be consumed by your own rage and darkness, unlocking your full potential.”

“Why are you here old man!” he retorted harshly.

“I came to check up on you, to see if you had finished the job yet. But its obvious to me that you have been unsuccessful, again.” Mika said with a smug grin getting a growl in response.

“The next time I see that sorry excuse for a thief it will be her begging for her life from beneath my blade”

“It had better be.”


“What the heck was that?!” Fariel said jumping to her feet and running to the cave entrance.

“An explosion?” Sonya said walking up to her side.

“That’s a pretty big explosion…look at all the smoke. What the heck is up with that?!” Fariel added.

“What ever it was we should get moving, its not safe to stay in one place too long and we’ve been her too long.” Neji spoke as he and Melina exited the cave following Yenador.

“Their right, we should go.” Kobie jumped in brushing his hand over Sonya’s shoulder.

Sonya and Kobie followed the others quickly leaving Fariel at the cave mouth watching the smoke billow up from the forest. After a yell from Kobie she jumped and ran after them, Kobie and Sonya had told her repeatedly since they got back to the cave to stay within eyes sight until they got to the elves and she was going to do what they said this time, or the next time she ended up fighting Kerr she might not have anyone to come and save her.

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“I wonder if Tanis is alright,” Fariel said, turning to look back the way they had come. The woods were many miles behind them now and the snowscape of Macalania forest was a thin white line on the horizon, behind which the sun was slowly setting. She had felt a new compassion for Tanis when the half-elf had explained his tragic story to them the night before, even though he had said he didn’t want their pity. And what he had said about them all having the dormant power of ancient Aeons inside them had completely floored her.

“He’ll be fine - he always disappears into certain death and reappears out of nowhere a few days later without a scratch on him and makes us all jump,” replied Sonya optimistically, glancing round as if expecting Tanis to do just that.

They walked on in silence for a while. They had been on the move for most of the day and Yendor, who was leading them, never seemed to get tired. The others were feeling it though. Neji had his arm round Melina, who seemed to be struggling to stay awake, and Sonya found herself leaning on her staff more than usual. The rocky hill they were slowly climbing seemed to just keep on going. Sonya stopped for a second to get her breath back, her arms and legs feeling like lead.

“You okay?” Kobie asked. Sonya nodded.

“Tired though.” she added. Kobie playfully swept her off her feet and carried her with long strides to the crest of the hill.

“Feyd, put me down!” she protested, unable to contain a laugh. <ooc - yes, I changed his name because Richard sucked for a FF story XD>

The use of his first name seemed to temporarily stun Kobie, then he gently laid her down on a large flat rock nearby.

“Just doing the chivalrous thing,” he replied with a grin as he sat down beside her and put his arm round her shoulders. She snuggled into him gratefully as the sun finally set and the wind began to blow colder.

“Well, you just take it easy,” she said good-naturedly, though with a serious note to her voice, “You’ve still got black derel in your system, remember?”

“I don’t think so,” he answered, “When I collapsed last time and had that vision or whatever it was, Ramuh told me that he’d cured me of it, that he was protecting me.”

Sonya just looked baffled. He had explained his “vision” to her while they had been walking, but even after Tanis’ revelation about the lost Aeons, it didn’t make much sense to her.

“I don’t even know who this Ramuh guy really is,” Kobie continued thoughtfully, “But I’m telling you he wasn’t just a dream.”

“Ramuh? Isn’t he one of the Aeons?” Melina put in, stifling a yawn as she and Neji crested the hill and sat down nearby, “Maybe your dream was something to do with this prophesy thing?”

“Alright,” Yendor called, “We’ll stop here for the night. The home of the elves, my people, is just over there.”

He pointed east, to where the sky was darkest, but they could just about make out a treeline not far from the bottom of the hill.

“You guys rest and have something to eat. I’d better go and announce our arrival.”

With that, Yendor strode off down the hill, leaping gracefully over the rocks in his path, and was soon lost to sight in the gathering darkness.

“I’ll take first watch,” offered Neji, standing up, “But hopefully if Tanis has done his job right we won’t need to worry about company…What have we got in the way of food?”

“Not much,” said Fariel, rummaging around in her backpack, “I hope the elves are feeling hospitable.”


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(occ - warning, bordom post XD i'm waiting for Shakespear to arrive so we can go to art but before that i'm bored XD lol)

"Nothing at all?" Neji continued.

"Well no not really, got some crumbs if you want them?"

"Nah i'll pass. We should camp a little bit off the trail, and avoid a fire, that'll point us out to everyone within miles."

Everyone agreed and walked a couple of minutes away from the trail they had followed and ended up making camp in a small area that sloped down from the main level and was partially covered by a lone tree and rocks stuck in its many roots. Sonya and Kobie lent against the wall like backing and quickly fell asleep, weapons in hand ready for anything. Melina laid down nearby and Neji took his perch on a rock above the pit.

Fariel although tierd took a seat on a rock at the other side of the small area looking over the area that they would travel on the next day. Yenador was probably already at the elves. Drawing her dagger she started to throw and catch it in the silly excersise that she did when she got bored. With everything on her mind she didn't want to sleep, and also with kerr and his friends out there, if he was still alive.

Sighing she spun round on the rock and looked over the group she traveled with, it seemed slightly lacking without Tanis, although he was probably going to appear infront of her at any minute, he had a habit of doing that. Its expected now.


"Kerr, Kiba, you have both been granted new abilities, for the same reason. THe others are searching out the one called Tanis, correct? Then you head on and track the main group. Take them down and you will be rewarded. Meet with the others and attack as a group once you find where Fariel is and the others have taken down Tanis. Understood."

All mika recieved from the pair was a shrug and a sneer before they dissapeared into the trees leaving the meastor and snow of macalania behind them.

"I'm coming for you Fariel."

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Neji scouted the surronding area careful not to miss anything that may pose a Threat, they're wasnt much Fiend in the area, a couple Elementals, some snow wolfs and a Mantigore. All which where not a problem.  Satisfied with his Patrol Neji began to return to camp when he heard a rustling in the bushes. He drew his pistols and aimed steadily at the bush, eyes fixed on the push he flexed his fingers on the trigger, and all that came out was a little white rabbit. Neji smiled and took a sigh of relief. And he sudden got a chill down his spine, the feeling of something evil was staring at his back he turned around Pistols drawn.

Their standing between two trees stood a daunting black figure, with eyes which glowed with a red mist. "Kiba?"

"Ha ha, this time you will not escape, and you have summoner to help you, ha ha ha,"

Neji took afew paces back shock, Kiba looked differnt this time, he looked more evil and appeared to be more of a loose cannon. He was powerful before but now Neji couldnt begin to imagin how much more powerful and dangorus he has become.

"Lets not waste anymore time," Kiba charged at Neji sword in hand and swung his mighty sword. Neji ducked in order to keep his head. and then stepped back, Kiba's speed has doubled since they last fought, Neji tried to strike back but before he could lift his sword he found himself ducking another swing and then another. In order for Neji to strike he had to somehow slow him down, or have him stand stationary. Neji remember that Kiba prefers to bash his oppnent with his sword then kill him with the sharp tips.

He backed him self against a tree and then awaited for Kiba's strike. And at the last moment he ducked, in hope that Kiba's sword would get stuck in the large tree. But to his horror the sword cut straight through the tree with a clean cut. Neji jumped back and stood in aww at the destruction Kiba just caused.

"no way!"

"I sharpened my sword just for you Neji,"

Things were grim. Neji readyied for another attack but Kiba did not attack. Instead he turned around and picked up the tree he just cut down and hurled it at Neji.

"What incredible Strength!"

Neji could not avoid the attack, so he called upon his amulet's power, and as expected it came through, giving Neji enhanaced Strength and speed. Neji cut straight through the tree and procedded to attack Kiba, but Kiba mearly straped his sword to his back and and folded his arms. This confused Neji but he still attacked head on and thrusted forward with his sword. It looked as if Neji had scored a fatal hit but just short of Kiba sand raised from the ground and blocked the attack. This startled Neji but he continued to attack serveral times from many differnt angles but the sand was to quick and blocked every blow.

The effects of the Amulet began to wear off. He stopped his attack and looked to the ground to find out the where sand came from in an area covered in snow. Around Kiba was a circle of sand, that seemed to follow him where ever he went.

"Surprised? Neji, this is what i call the sand sheild, one of my many new abilitys, it protects me when ever my guard is down or an attack i cant block come at me, nothing can break through the sand."

Neji collapes to one knee, the amulets powers had been weak ever since his battle with Seymour. Kiba laughed and raised his hand in the air, Sand began to surrond Neji and then formed around his body covering him apart from his head. The sand lifted him up in the area so he was at Kiba's eye level. Kiba then closed his hand slowly and the sand began to crush Neji.

A great roar could be heard from the sky and coming down once again to Neji's rescue was Bahamut. Kiba released the sand around Neji and turned to confront Bahamut. Melina rushed to Neji a pulled him away from Kiba as Bahamut closed in a swiped at Kiba. But Kiba skillfully dodged the attack.

"we meet again Bahamut, i was hoping this would happen, i can finally test my Strenghth,"

Bahamut realeased the Impulse attack but the sand Sheild absorbed the attack. "Is that the best you've got Bahamut!"

"Bahamut jumped back and went on all fours. the ring on his back began to spin rapidly, and a bright light formed in his mouth. "now we're talking," Kiba remarked.

Bahamut released his ultimate attack, Maga Flare. The great Beam scored a direct hit on Kiba. And it appeared the battle was won, but when the dust settled Kiba stood as if nothing had happened to him, arms still folded. The Sand had gathered all around Kiba in a protective orb. "ha ha ha, yes, yes, this power," Kiba yelled as the sand spun around him. Bahamut flew forward full speed and and attacked once again. Kiba swung his sword and cut Bahamut in two. Bahamut disappeared in a large collection of Pry flies.

"No! You Monster!" Melina yelled

"get out of here Melina, i'll try and hold him off,"

"no you cant, you saw what he just did to Bahamut," Melina helped Neji to his feet, the sand had shreaded Neji's skin and had ripped apart alot of his muscles. Neji could bearly lift his sword and his hand flopped towards to ground, blood dripping from his many rips and tares.

"I don't have time to argue Melina, Just Go!" he pushed Melina off as Kiba rose his sword to the air to bring down hard on his head. Using all his Energy he rose his sword in order to counter the attack. Neji braced himself for the collision, but Kiba's stike was to powerful and it snapped Neji sword. Kiba got ready for the final attack, when an arrow came flying out of the trees and hit Kiba's sand sheild. Kiba turned around to meet this new opponent. Standing their with another arrow ready to fire was Kobie, next to him was Sonya and Melina.

Kiba got ready to attack the three butas he took a step forward, another arrow from Kobie's bow struck his Sheild. Then a couple fireballs from Sonya hit him aswell. Enraged he turned to Neji to to finish him off but his battered body was gone, dragged away by Fariel. Kobie fired again and so did Sonya. Neji was dragged behind the protective three person wall. And then Fariel joined up aside them aswell, all ready to attack.

"hmph, Neji you coward, i'll get you next time!"

The Sand surronded Kiba in a whirlpool action, and Kiba began to descend into the ground and soon the sand also disappeared.


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"Damn...this REALLY isn't one of my best ideas..."

Tanis made a mental note not to do something as stupid as this again. He had been running for hours, constantly refreshing himself with the dregs of magic he had left. He knew that his sister was not stupid and if they were following him they would have a reason and a plan. But he ran on regardless.

"Rather i don't find out what they plan to do!"

Tanis knew what he would do. He would run south for another 4 miles and the backtrack through some mountains. It would take around 3 days and if he slowed is pace once then he was dead...if they were following him anyway. Again Tanis pushed all negative thoughts out of his head and focused on living...focused on survival...focused on his companions.

Focused...on the fate of the world.


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Tanis reached the mountains earlier than he had thought. It was day earlier than he expected. he stopped to refresh himself with magic he had stolen from various monsters and wild life...that tonberry had given him plenty. He stared up at the peaks...they had to be a good 15 thousand feet to the top. But he wasn't going that far. Tanis knew that the group had caught up with him...if not even overtook him. Maybe they had missed him? No. they werent stupid. They must have placed an ambush or something up ahead. Tanis steeled himself up and looked at the peaks again. He decided he'd climb around half way up then start going around. hopefully he could use the mountains natural uneveness to his advantage..losing his pursuers in the process. At least now he knew who followed him. His sister, The witch, and another one. The one he had not seen would not be a problem but he knew the witch held power...and lots of it. As for his sister he knew that he was no match for her.

                                        12 hours later

"Shit **** ****!" Thought Tanis. The assasins had spotted him as he began his descent. He was in trouble now. He had fended off a few attacks from the witch and the random But was almost out of energy. If his sister chose to attack he hadn't a hope in the world. he continued to press on regardless firing fireballs and ice shards behind him trying to slow them down or even cause an avalanche. But he knew he couldn't outrun them forever. Eventually he would have to stop and recharge his energy.

"Damn it! I should never have done this. I may be there guide but im not here to die for them!" Tanis sighed

"Oh well looks like i'm done for. Hopefully i'll have given them the time to get to the elves. They should be able to handle the two that stayed behind."

Tanis stopped running and turned. He saw the trio only around 200 meters below him. He thought fast. And suddenly a plan formed. The rocks...the mountains...his magic...he had it! he could get out of here alive! He stood his ground as the trio charged at him now level with him. He raised a shield and Concentrated on stopping the magical attacks. He was to weak to cast the spell he needed but if one of them cast it he was sure that he could deflect it. If they never cast it however...

The first of the spells hit the shield. It wavered under the power but held. Tanis drew his sword and prepared to fend of the third one as his sister and the witch cast spells at him. Tanis focused more on his shield and lunged at the attacker. He deflected the blow and struck out at Tanis. But the blow was rendered useless against his shield.

"Damn if they don't cast it soon im done for...i cant hold on for much longer!"

"Wait...there! my sister is casting it...this better work!"

Selena hadn't wanted to finish Tanis like this but as long as he was gone the rest wouldn't be much of a problem. She welled up her energy into a massive aero. A hurricane basically only much more compact and deadly. She intended to break Tanis's guard and charge him head on. She released the spell. And was suddenly caught up in her own aero being pelted with rocks and dirt! "Damn you Tanis what have you done!" but Tanis was nowhere to be seen.

Tanis had dropped his shield the second the aero had been sent at him. He pushed back his assailent and focused his energy into his katana. His efforts paid off. He deflected the aero back at his sister and had forced some of the boulders from the mountain into the saro at the same time. tanis knew thateven this wouldent be enough all three of them were able to survive something like this. SO he done the only thing he could. He massed up his remaining energy and threw himself into the aero! He used it's energy to slingshot himself around a few times and then to throw himself off the side of the mountain! at the speed he was going he estimated he would land about a half days travel from the elven woods. Plenty to make himself scarce and to recouperate. "Oh boy...i don't have the energy for this! I'll never make it!"

Tanis felt himself falling faster than he had anticipated. "Damn...this is going to hurt...hang on...NO WAY!"

Tanis had looked at where he was going to land. He was going to hit a brush of thorn bushes...but it wasn't that the stunned and amazed him...there was Fariel!!!!!! By a strange twist of fates he was going to land on Fariel!!

"Unbelivable!!! what luck! but...oh boy...this is still going to hurt..."

Tanis hit the ground hard...heard a muffled cry from Fariel as he landed next to her. Heard the snap of a few bones...then blacked out.

O.O.C- ok a few things...i decided to hook back up with you guys lol so that was a way to do it! and the third assasin that was attacking me was kobies assasin...couldent remeber what he used or who he was so i kinda made him a bit vauge. Take it from there folks!


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Kobie pressed his thumb down hard on his bow’s Thundara rune and loosed another arrow, sending a lightning bolt flashing towards Kiba as he disappeared behind a whirlwind of sand. To his surprise, the bolt went straight through the sand, causing a tree behind to split apart in a fiery explosion. The sand settled, and Kiba was gone.

“What the…?” he said as he advanced cautiously towards the motionless sand, his Dragon’s Claws extended. Nothing happened - the assassin was really gone.

“Neji! Neji, can you hear me!?” Melina was asking urgently. Neji only moaned faintly in reply from where he lay on the ground.

“Here, let me help…” Sonya offered, stepping forward and placing her hands over Nejj’s many wounds one after the other, using her basic knowledge of elvish healing magic to repair them as best she could. The minor cuts and bruises glowed and disappeared as she touched them, but his more serious injuries would take one with greater skill than her’s to heal.

Suddenly there was a piercing scream from somewhere out among the labyrinth of rocks.

“Fariel!” said Melina, looking up sharply. Sonya and Kobie immediately jumped up and sprinted towards the source of the scream while she stayed to watch over Neji.

* * *

Fariel had been weaving through the rocks looking for Neji’s sword, Silver Wolf, which he seemed to have dropped during the fighting. Finally, she spotted something glinting under a gorse bush and ran to retrieve it. The sword had been broken cleanly into two pieces by what must have been a ferocious blow.

“Maybe we can fix it?” she said to herself hopefully.

Then without warning someone landed on top of her. She yelped as she collapsed under their weight and began fighting furiously to push them off of her, thinking it was Kiba who had returned and jumped her. She managed to throw the person off, and then gasped as she recognised who it was.

“Yevon’s teeth, Tanis!” she complained as she picked herself up, “I know you like to make an entrance but that’s the most extreme one yet!”

Tanis didn’t reply, only lay unmoving next to her. His arm was twisted at an unnatural angle.


Suddenly there was the sharp zip-twang of a crossbow and a searing pain shot up her leg. She shouted in pain as her legs gave way and looked down to see a silver-tipped bolt piercing right through her ankle. She staggered to her feet, watching in agony and disbelief as Kerr jumped down from the nearby tree.

“I’ve been working on my aim,” he smirked as he drew his short sword and, ignoring the unconscious Tanis, advanced towards her.

“Why won’t you just be a good boy and die, you bastard!?” Fariel shrieked at him.

“After you,” sneered Kerr as he leapt towards her.

Fariel parried his lunge with her own daggers and did her best to counterattack, but her crippled leg put her at a massive disadvantage. Kerr sidestepped nimbly and came at her again, his knife slashing forward to leave a deep gash across her cheek.

“That’s for leaving me to die in Guadosalam,” he snarled.

“Fira!” Fariel shouted desperately , sending a fireball hurtling towards Kerr. He dispelled it with an almost dismissive wave of his hand and it dissipated right in front of his face, then he brought his fist up to smash into Fariel’s eye so hard that she felt the ridge of bone over her eye splinter, snapping her head back.

“Now we’re even for Thunder Plains,” he added as she instinctively stepped back to steady herself, but put all her weight onto her injured foot and fell with a cry.

Kerr’s sword slashed down as Fariel dropped her daggers, impaling her right hand and pinning it to the ground. He drew a second knife and held it hovering over her arm.

“Above or below the wrist, do you think?” he asked conversationally, “Or maybe I should cut your fingers off first?”

Fariel really did scream then - screaming in pure terror, screaming for help.

Help came.

“You bastard!” snarled Kobie as he and Sonya came pounding towards them. Kerr spun and sent a Fira at them, but they dodged aside - Kobie loosing an arrow from his elven bow even as he dived sideways. The arrow flew straight towards Kerr’s face and -

He caught it in his hand! Kerr grinned at Kobie, still clutching the arrow. Kobie grinned back, and touched the Firara rune on his bow.

Kerr yelped and dropped the arrow as it burst into flames, and cradled his badly burned arm.

Sonya took her chance and cast Watara - a swirl of magical energy appeared before her and transformed into a tidal wave that thundered towards Kerr. He snarled and punched his fist towards the sky, casting Thundara with such force that it blasted a gaping crater at least 20 metres deep in the ground between them, into which the Watara drained harmlessly.

With a curse, Kerr dragged Fariel to her feet and towards the steep-sided edge of the crater.

“And this,” he shouted at her, “Is for your little stunt on the lake at Macalania!”

He threw her into the crater, doubting very much that she’d have the strength left to stay afloat in the water below.

“See you in hell, Far!” he shouted, before bounding off through the rocks. Sonya sent a Thundara arcing after him but missed, and Kobie was still scrambling to his feet after being knocked flying by Kerr’s last spell. Fariel had disappeared below the surface of the artificial lake below.

<ooc - Good enough, As? ;) BTW, since Leviathan is a water Aeon, now would be a good time for him to subtly manifest himself and save Fariel. And Squall, Kobie's nemesis is the deranged Guado with too many knives, remember? ;) >

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Kobie ran to the side of the crater and grabbed Sonya by the arm before she jumped down after Fariel.

"Look!" he said pointing down at the nw strangly bubbling water.

The water seemed to explode into a strange colom of spiralling water that spun just above the crater base taking on the form of a serpert. Sonya and kobie took a step back and watched not know what the make out of the display, but they could see Fariel now, laying at the bottom of the crater unmoving and bleeding.

Today is not your day to die Fariel. Wake up!

The serpent seeminly shattered like glass adn sent rain dropping down across the area, each drop washed away a drop of blood and at the drops landed upon Fariels wounds the water seemed to be absorbed through the skin and healed the wounds, first the gash on her check, then the one in her hand, then the one in her leg, the arrow dissapating like it was never there.

Sonya snatched back her arm and skidded down the side of the crater to were Fariel laid coughing and loooking around in a haze. Kobie quickly followed although the rain was still falling.

"Fariel!" Sonya yelled as she slipped and landed by the girls side, "Are you alright?!"

"Where's Tanis...What the heck hit me...?"

"Um, well Kerr and a giant serpent of water...?"

"The hell...?" was all she said before her eyes closed again and she fell asleep.

"I'll take her." Kobie said quietly scooping up the girl in his arms.

"Why did she ask about Tanis?" Sonya asked inturupting the scilence as they left the crater and started through the rocks back to their other companions.

Sonya screamed and jumped behind Kobie as a hand grabbed her foot. Tanis laying between the rocky crops barely concious.

"Tanis?!" Kobie yelled in disbelief, "What happened to you?" But he didn't get a response, he was already unconcious again, "How are we going to take him with us, we don't have enough hands."

"I'll take Fariel, you grab Tanis."

"Are you sure?"

"She's not that heavy."

Kobie handed Sonya Fariel and she carried her the best she could, she was right, she wasn't that heavy but she was still a handful. Kobie analysed Tanis, he wasn't in the best position to be moved but they coujldn't leave him there, helping the halfelf up he slung his unbroken arm over his shoulder and walked him along after Sonya, as well as a battered unconious man could walk anyway.

"The elves aren't going to be amused by us are they." Kobie said jokingly but didn't get a laugh.

"Lets just focus on getting there. Look there's Melina down there."

"Right, well who's going to carry Neji then?"

"Oh um. I don't know."

(occ - we are lacking hands! :p lol too many half dead people not enough carriers :p i suppose Melina could summon Valefor or something? :p i dunno someone post something :p lol the elves to the rescue maybe? XD lol)


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Oh bloody hell, Kobie thought to himself as they made their injured companions as comfortable as possible back at the camp, we just got completely fragged again and this time it was only Kiba and Kerr…

“Does anybody have any water?” Melina asked, discarding her empty water-bottle as Neji mumbled something about being thirsty.

“Here,” said Sonya, casting a Watera spell for her once she had finished pillowing Fariel’s head with her cloak. The young rouge was looking very pale, but most of her injuries had miraculously healed themselves when the giant serpent had appeared. Leviathan, Sonya remembered, Leviathan was Fariel’s Aeon. Could that have been…?

Fariel stirred with a groan and opened her eyes. Her right eye was not the pulverised mess it had been a few minutes ago, but she had still been left with a black eye to rival the one she had given Kerr on the Thunder Plains.

“Hey, you’re awake!” Sonya said brightly.

“Wish I wasn’t…” muttered Fariel in reply, putting a hand to her head.

Kobie, after doing all he could for Tanis - binding his arm but still unable to wake him - slumped against the big tree and let himself slide downwards.

Sonya left Fariel to rest and sat down beside him.

“Hey, Feyd…what’s the matter?”

“I don’t know if we can do this,” Kobie replied quietly, “We were just ripped to shreds by two of the five assassins the maestors have sent after us. So far we’ve barely escaped with our lives, let alone matched them. And if they don’t kill us, how are we supposed to take on Sin? I’ve seen what he can do, and we’re no match for him. Not by a long shot.”

“That’s why we’re going to train with the elves,” Sonya said gently, “We’ve made it this far, and that’s even without our Aeons. Remember what Ramuh said? You’re more special than you know - you and your friends.

Kobie turned to look at her. Her blue eyes were honest and full of conviction.

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Sonya’s face broke into a broad grin then.

“Yeah right,” she said, “It’ll probably end up being me that has to save you!”

Kobie laughed, the tension dissolving, and hugged her.

“We should probably carry these three down to the elven forest,” Melina put in as she stood up, “We won’t be making much of an entrance but we’ll be safer there than up here.”

“True,” replied Kobie, “But how are we going to carry all three of them?”

“I could summon Valefor perhaps?” Melina suggested.

At that moment, Yendor came running up the hill towards them, his face pale in the moonlight.

“The elves are on their way.” he said, “And they are very interested in meeting…Tanis!” he exclaimed as he saw the half-elf lying unconscious next to Fariel.

“When did he get back?”

“You know him, he just dropped in out of the blue. Literally.” said Fariel, trying to smile, but it turned into a wince of pain.

“Very well,” said Yendor with a sigh, thinking fast, “You five go on ahead and meet the elves. I will hide Tanis and look after him until he gets his strength back. I will try and sneak him into the forest to see you at some point if it’s not too dangerous. But whatever you do, do not mention him to the elves - he’s still a wanted man.”

“Okay, let’s go then,” said Fariel, getting slowly to her feet.

“Whoa, Fariel, what are you doing?” said Kobie, stepping forward.

“I’m not going to let the elves see me lying on my back!”

“Still as proud as ever,” Sonya sighed in affectionate exasperation.

“And neither am I!” came a determined voice from behind them. They turned to see Neji pulling himself up, his face resolute. At first he staggered and fell heavily against the tree, but he raised a hand as Melina stepped forward to help him and heaved himself upright to stand, shaky but defiant, before them.

“Well, what are you all staring at?” he said to the others, “Come on!”

And with that he led the others down the hill, leaving Yendor with the still-unconscious Tanis.

* * *

As they approached the woods they saw tall figures beginning to appear just inside the treeline, standing waiting for them. Their robes and cloaks whipped around them in the gentle breeze, but the figures themselves stood unmoving. From under hoods and finely-crafted silver circlets proud, slender faces with high cheekbones and pointed ears regarded them with unblinking golden eyes.

One of the elves strode forward from the trees to meet them. He carried an oaken staff carved with many runes and with a great blue gemstone set into the top, and though he looked physically no older than 40 or 50, there was an unmistakable aura of venerable age about him. The travellers expected him to be surprised, even sceptical, when he saw the state they were in. He was not.

“So, here stand the Avenging Angels,” he said slowly, each word sounding like a rounded stone being dropped into a deep pool, “Our kin of the Enndenti told us you would be coming. Who is the sixth who travels with you?”

He turned his piercing but gentle eyes on Melina.

“A summoner, and friend,” answered Neji, “I am her guardian.”

“Then welcome,” the elf said, inclining his stern head. His eyes rested on each of them in turn.

“Lady Fariel, chosen of the water Aeon Leviathan. Please go with Silarion.”

Fariel couldn’t help blushing. She wasn’t used to being addressed as “lady”. The eyes of the elves turned to follow her as she walked to stand beside the female elf that the lord (or high priest, or whatever he was) had indicated, wondering if they too were thinking about the apparent similarity between her and Tanis’ fallen sister that Yendor had pointed out.

“Master Kobie, chosen of the judgement Aeon Ramuh. It will not be long before you face your demons again, but you will prevail. Please go with Tyrion.”

Kobie bowed to the elf lord and did as he was instructed.

“Lady Sonya, chosen of the elemental Aeon Tritoch, and pupil of Lauthelias. It is time for you to complete your training. Please go with Alariele.”

Sonya bowed, feeling again the awe and wonder she had felt in the presence of her old mentor.

“Master Neji, chosen of Diablos, and lady Melina, his companion. Welcome. Please go with Retala.”

He held Neji long in his penetrating gaze, which the adventurer returned impassively.

“Tomorrow we will talk,” he said, “But tonight you may rest safely. Nothing will harm you while you are under our protection.”


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Neji lay on the ground next to Melina, hanging onto life by a string. He could faintly hear Melina's soft voice calling out to him, tell him to hang on, but above her voice echoed a sinister voice ringing in his head, it called out to. "You really are weak, you'd be nothing without me." The darkness had shifted in great flash and his eyes opened quickly as if he was waking from the most terrifying of nightmares.

He looked at Melina, she had jumped back staring in horror at him. Slowly he rose to his feet he could feel a dark energy coursing in his vains, it healed all his wounds and repaired his torn muscles. The feeling was getting stronger and more painful as if something was trying to take over. His body was covered in black markings, and a dark arua circled him. He left off a great roar then turned to Melina.

"who made you cry Melina," The voice spoken did not belong to Neji, it was a mix of Neji's voice and some other Voice, a sisister voice. Melina could not speak, frozen in horror.

"NEJI! what is the matter with," Kobie shouted

Neji ignored Kobie's call and continued to look at Melina. "Melina, who made you cry!"

"Ne..Neji, whats wrong with you, this isnt you get a hold of yourself, peace" she weeped.

Neji grapped his head with his hands and fell to his knees. Fighting the evil force inside of him, but it was a losing battle, Melina ran up to him and hugged him, begging him to get a hold of himself. Eventually the black aura faded, and his black markings disappeared. He gasped for breath, fighting Diablos took everything he had.



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Sitting scilently on the branch leaning against the main tree with her legs pulled up to her chest and her head resting on her knees Fariel thought to herself about Tanis and what was going to happen to him. THough it wasn't a smart to think about him with so many elves around, probably end up blurting something out about him and get him into trouble.

"Lady Fariel are you alright?" Silarion asked appearing at the base of the tree.

"Better then i was but could you do me a favor?" she responded quietly.

"Yes, what is it that you need?"

"I need you to stop calling me Lady."

"But Lady Fari-"

"I'm no Lady! I'm a theif not some saviour of the world!"

"I'm sorry, Fariel, i will stop calling you lady if you wish it. You should come back to the main camp soon, you need rest."

"Righto." she retorted with a lazy salute as the elf turned and left to the main camp.

Instead of following she drew her dagger and started started throwing it up and down.

"Those are very old dagger's."

"They were my father's when he was alive. Wait were are you?"

An elf swung over from another tree in a blur of motion and landed on Fariel's branch, a very young elf by the looks of him, strange curved swords across his back with a bow and quiver in black and blue robes.

"Hello Levithan, I am Laguna"

"Don't call me that"

"Alright, hello lady Fariel."

"Or that. Fariel is fine. Who are you?"

"I train the younger members of our community how to wield weapons. Do you always rely on your daggers?"

"Yeah, they've always been faithful. Your very to the point aren't you?"

"Show me."


Standing a few meters apart they stared at each other, both drew their weapons, Fariel stood slightly crouched with her daggers while Laguna stood with his curved swords.

"These are called wave swords. They are basically your daggers but longer but with no extra weight."

Nodding Fariel stood ready waiting for Laguna to make the first move but he didn't, the wait felt longer then it was and sh broke it by lunging towards him daggers up. Laguna stood still and quickly as Fariel reached him to stab ducked and sent on wave sword up hilt first bashing on of her hands aside then twirling it up to cut across the wrist of the other hand making her drop the dagger as the second wave sword came towards her neck, leaning backwards the wave sword went past her, she could feel the air of the sword brush past her it was so close. With her only remaining dagger she tried again to attack him at the side but he stabbed the sword into the ground and grabbed her wrist, twisting it around and up her back pulling her down face first into the ground.


"You could use some training," he said realeasing her, "although i'm sure your way of fighting works for you."

"It did, until recently."

"I'll show you a few things tomorrow, how about that?"


"come back to the main camp, its not safe on your own out here, even though their are elves everywhere."



Kobie appeared from one of the tents with a worried look on his face as Fariel and the elf appeared from the treeline.

"Kobie whats wrong?" Fariely yelled jogging over to him.

"There's something up with Neji," he said but grabbed fariel as she went to find out, "I think you should leave those two alone."

Fariel shrugged and went and went with Kobie and sat beside Sonya infront of a fire, elve's walking around and busing themselvs around the area. laguna sat down next to them and introduced himself to the others.

(hurray for bordom!! )

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O.O.C- LMFAO Laguna? ah well i suppose some1 was gunna add another FF name some time or other.


"What happened to you Tanis...I never thought anything could best you...exept your sister...i guess things have changed over the years. Tanis, i know you cannot hear me but...i'm going to read your mind...i must know what happened in your absence."

Yendor plaved his index fingertips on each side of Tanises cranium and focused on Tanis's mind. As he expected there were innumerable barriers but they all gave way when they sensed the the familiar presence of Yendor. All exept one. Yendor reasoned that the information there was to secret to let out. So he didn't try to open it...although he would ask Tanis of it later. After 5 minutes of aimless wandering Yendor found what he was looking for. Tanis's memorys. Yendor concentrated on the past few days and found what he was looking for. He saw Tanis's escape and the sheer effort he put into it. He saw the pain he felt and the struggle inside of Tanis. He surely not! He saw the angels. And he saw how Tanis felt about them. BUt it was what Tanis felt that astonished him...Love. He felt that Tanis loved the group he was in, He felt Tanis's desire to keep them all safe...even though they would soon all be stronger than him.

And suddenly it clicked. Tanis wasn't the 2-dimensional character he always thought he was. And he certainly wasn't the same person that he let others see. Tanis...actually cared...


Yendor felt himself being tossed out of Tanis's mind with such ferocity that he stumbled in reality and fell over a tree root. He sat up to find himself staring at an infurated Tanis.

"What...Yendor did you see...and tell me the truth...or else!"

"Ha Tanis you don't even have the energy to stand"

"Don't i?" Tanis got to his feet.

"I do not appreciate you invading my mind Yendor...If you weren't my friend you would surely be dead..."

"But Tanis why do you conceal you feelings? surely there bust be a reaso-"

"QUIET YENDOR!!! WE SHALL TALK NO MORE ON THE SUBJECT! now, be gone. i need to rest. You can tell me what has befallen the angels later."

And with that Tanis fell unconsious once again.


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Morning dawned in the elven forest with brilliant shafts of golden light filtering down through the trees to the tents where the adventurers were sleeping. Sonya awoke with the warm sunlight playing across her face. She lay with one hand behind her head for a minute, drinking in the peaceful atmosphere of the elven forest and the sound of the birds twittering a dawn chorus overhead. Eventually, she sat up. Kobie was still asleep beside her, and she gently shook him awake. He started slightly, his hand instinctively groping for his Dragon’s Claws that lay nearby, but then he remembered where he was and relaxed.

“Sorry,” Sonya said, smiling sheepishly.

“It’s alright,” Kobie replied with a smile, getting up and pulling on his clothes. The elves had evidently taken them away during the night and washed and repaired them as they looked good as new - better in fact.

“Come on, Fariel,” he said to the young thief who was still curled up under her blankets and snoring gently, “Time to get up.”

“Sod off,” replied Fariel, throwing a sleepy punch at him.

Kobie looked at Sonya and raised an eyebrow. Sonya raised her hand towards Fariel’s feet, which were sticking out the bottom of the bed, and cast a mild Blizzara on them.

Fariel yelped, fell out of bed and glared at the other two who were doubled over laughing.

“What was that for?”

“Because otherwise you’ll miss breakfast.”

“Breakfast?” Fariel asked, jumping up, for the unmistakable smell of cooking was indeed drifting into the tent.

* * *

Later that morning, after meeting up with Neji and Melina (who looked a little shaken but otherwise fine so they felt it would be impolite to press them for information about last night) they were taken by a guide to a clearing near the centre of the forest. Their individual elvish guardians were waiting for them there, along with Laguna.

“So is this where we learn how to summon our Aeons?” Kobie asked Tyrion.

“Not yet, master Kobie,” the elf replied, “That training will take place later this evening with High Priest Laconfir, and I suspect it will take you many days to learn to successfully call forth the ancient power of the Aeons.”

Neji growled under his breath at this perceived insult to his abilities, but Melina put a soothing hand on his arm, and Tyrion seemed untroubled.

“Today we are going to explore and build upon the talents you already possess.”

He looked up, and for the first time the group noticed the flat wooden arenas held suspended a long way overhead, secured to the trees around by thick ropes that seemed to be made of vines.

“Up there?” Sonya said, swallowing hard.

“Not a problem,” grinned Fariel.

* * *

Fariel stood on one side of the arena, gripping her two daggers nervously. She still remembered the pasting she had received from Tanis back in Luca, and he was only a half-elf. She quickly pushed the thought away, remembering that elves could read minds.

Silarion walked gracefully towards her from the other side of the arena, spinning two short swords easily in her hands.

“Alright, lady Fariel,” she said, “Let’s see how you fight.”

“May I step in?” Laguna said, and Silarion stood up in surprise from her battle-ready crouch. She stood up and looked at Fariel, who shrugged. Silarion stepped aside and Laguna drew the curved wave-swords sheathed across his back.

“Very well,” he said, “Let’s dance.”

He circled Fariel warily, again unhurried to make the first move. Fariel lunged and he dodged aside, circling round behind her and Fariel only just brought her other dagger up in time to meet his as it slashed towards her face. She counterattacked, but Laguna blocked every blow with ease.

This’ll fix him, she thought, and feinted a lunge with her left dagger, stabbing forward with her right as he moved to parry it - a move that had almost never failed her before.

To her amazement, Laguna didn’t fall for it - blocking her real attack with one sword he grabbed her left wrist and pulled her off balance, flipped over her head and kicked her in the back to send her sprawling forward. She nearly went over the edge of the arena, only just managing to grab the ledge with one hand. Laguna sheathed his wave-swords and helped her up. Fariel was breathing heavily, her face red with anger and embarrassment.

“Not bad for a human,” Laguna said, “But you need to learn to close your mind.”

Then it hit Fariel.

“You were reading my mind, you creep!” she exclaimed, “That’s how you knew what moves I was going to use!”

“Don’t worry,” said Silarion gently, “I think I can help you with that.”

“Yeah, forget it for now,” Laguna said, “For the moment I’ll concentrate on teaching you some new moves. And I promise I won’t read your mind this time. Let’s go.”

* * *

“Relax, and focus on the passage of time,” Tyrion instructed Kobie as they stood side by side in the centre of the platform. Kobie took a deep breath and flexed his fingers nervously, clenching them into fists. Tyrion was in the process of teaching him timeshifting, the combination of anticipation, mental discipline and physical control that allowed elves to move so impossibly fast that they could almost appear to be in two places at once. Kobie had seen Tanis do it often enough, and his sister too, who had appeared behind Tanis in Macalania and almost slain him before he could react. Tyrion had never tried to teach a human the art before, and seemed interested in how Kobie would fare.

“Time is not fixed,” Tyrion continued, his voice calm and even, “It is all about perception. Try to see yourself already at your destination. Are you ready, master Kobie?”

Kobie nodded, concentrating as hard as he could.


They both spun round simultaneously, and in a blur of motion, Tyrion was standing on the other side of the arena. Kobie merely spun on the spot, nearly losing his balance. He cursed quietly.

“I didn’t expect you to manage it first time,” Tyrion said, putting a hand on Kobie’s shoulder, “Not even elves do. Let’s try again.”

Kobie stretched his arms and the muscles in his shoulders, and turned back round into the slight crouch that Tyrion had shown him, ready for another attempt.

* * *

Sonya thrust her staff towards Alariele, sending a long crackling stream of lightning arcing towards her. Using a spell unfamiliar to Sonya, the elf somehow caught the lightning bolt in her hand, gathering it into a ball of swirling electricity and launching it back at her. It burst against a shimmering wall of blue energy Sonya cast before her just in time, but it still sent her staggering back with the force of the impact.

“Firaga!” Sonya shouted, and a volley of fireballs hurtled towards Alariele, who used her seemingly-effortless elvish agility to dodge and pirouette around them to avoid injury.

Bisingr!” she cried, a raging whirlwind of flame bursting into life between her spread hands and roaring towards Sonya in one massive fireball. The Watara Sonya cast to counter it hissed into steam and her defensive shield spell collapsed with a white flash. She was thrown backwards to land heavily on her back, and Alariele leapt through the halo of fire from the dissipating bisingr with her elvish sword flashing in the firelight. Sonya tried to defend with her dagger but Alariele soon had her sword held to Sonya’s throat.

“Lauthelias taught you white magic well, Lady Sonya,” Alariele said, sheathing her sword and bowing, “But as you can see, even master-level basic magic is no match for elven high magic. We may also want to look at improving your hand-to-hand combat skills, as even elves cannot rely on their magic all the time.”

“Will you teach me high magic?” Sonya asked.

“In time,” the elf replied, “Lauthelias was the master of the art of high magic, but as he is gone now, I will do my best to teach you in his stead.”

“Did you know Lauthelias?” Sonya queried gently, sensing the elf was troubled. Alariele looked at her, smiling sadly.

“He was my cousin.”

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It had been a good few hours since they had started, Kobie and Sonya had had enough for the day and had given up, leaving the strange areanas behind to get some lunch, leaving Fariel and Laguna still fighting on their arena.

"You'd think she would give up." Kobie said as he sat down by the fire, being handed a bowl of what looked like soup.

"Yeah, she's definatly determind to beat that guy." Sonya replied looking bakc over her shoulder at teh trees

"You think she will?"

"Not anytime today," kobie said smelling the food, "eat, she'll come back when she's ready."


Fariel growled and pulled herself back up onto the arena as she was kicked off again.

"You certinally are persistant."

"I bet i could beat you if you didn't keep reading my mind!" she said sitting down on the edge sheathing her daggers.

"Or you could block me out like we showed you."

"Look no offence or anything but i'm not going to be fighting elves, i'm going to be fighting Kerr! Hes no elf, hes a theif just like me, with no weird physcic powers like mind reading. This isn't a fair trial of our abilities."

"Kerr really knocked you off your high horse didn't he."

"You reading my mind again?!"

"No, but i was. All day, all you've had on your mind is Kerr, you have quite the interesting history."

"You know thats really quite creepy."

"Levithan saved you yesterday, you probably can't remember, you were pretty out of it. And you have feelings for Tanis? You do remind me alot of his sister."

"Whoa now! You stop right there!" she said leaping back from him nearly going off the edge.

"I have no interest in Tanis, his past or his situation. I won't tell anyone of what i've seen."

"If you dare mention anything about him to anyone your life won't be worth living."

"You think that threat holds anything after your display today?"

"Back off, i don't need this. Just go away."

"If you want. I'll see you tonight when your training with High Priest Laconfir."

With that Laguna dissapeared, he jumped from the arena and dissapeared in umougnst the trees Leaving Fariel to slump back down on the wooden arena.

Bloody i that transparent?! I can't bare these elves much longer, then and their mind reading and tricks. Just don't think about Tanis...who am i kidding, i need to get out of here.

Looking through the trees she could make out parts of the camp but it was not very visible, jumping down from the arena she started walking away from it, deeper into the forest, trying to find somewhere where she could be alone.

"There are so many people here, don't know why i'm in their silly prophesy, i'm a theif not a hero. Elves, seriously."

That's not a very appraising way of looking at yourself Fariel

"Who's there?!" she said spiralling around and drawing her daggers. "Kerr if thats you we have a score to settle!"

Calm yourself Fariel. My name is Levithan.

"Levithan...? Ok that's enough, where are you?!"

Inside you. Fariel, you hold a power within you, my power. You will not learn to control it unless you learn from the elves.

"And what if i don't want to learn, what if i just want to go back to Luca and put everything back the way it was!"

Then the power will consume you and you will never get back to your old life

"Don't you try manipulating me."

Why would i do that?

"Look shut up!"

Looking around desperatly she listened for the voice, but it dissapeared, shaken and confused she climbed the nearest tree and sat quietly not wanting anyone to find her.


"You know we relaly should go get her, shes going to have a very big dent in her pride if she dosn't stop soon."

"It's a good lesson to learn."

"Which is?"

"Isn't that Laguna?"

"Hm?" Sonya murmered looking around as the elf appeared, "Yeah, heh probably left Fariel steaming at the arena's."

"I better go get her before the food's gone."

"Alright sure."


Fariel heard Kobie yelling her name, he had noticed her missing at the arena's and had started looking for her. She watched him as he neared, looking up at the trees knowing that she would be in one. He jumped backwards as one of Fariel's daggers landed between his feet.

"Fariel?" he said looking up at the tree she was sitting in, her black clothes blending her into the shadows but her red eyes cutting through it. "Come back tot he camp, your going to miss lunch." he said as more of a suggestion as he picked up the dagger. "look if your fuming over being beaten i wouldn't let it worry you, we all fell down today."

"Your aeon thing, its Rumah right? Has, he, it, whatever talked to you?"

"Um, yes actually. Look come on down here."

"Levithan talked to me just now. Its weird the thought of a strange water serpent dragon thing inside me. I just want to go home."

Kobie looked around then clambered up the tree not very gracefully and sat down on a branch not too close to her incase of scaring her away. "That's not whats bothering you, What's actually wrong? it can't just be that you were beaten and then talked to by your aeon?"

"Laguna, i don't trust him. He's been reading my mind all day. He knows about Tanis."

"He what?!"

"He says he dosn't care about Tanis or anything to do with him but i don't trust him. Elves aren't supposed to be all dishonourable and stuff to disturb my privacy like that."

"No, he shouldn't have. But what are you going to do about it, you can't exactly coinvict hims of anything without mentioning Tanis somehow. And if you don't he will and put us all in danger, and most of all Tanis."

"Look Kobie, last night Laguna appeared out of nowhere from somewhere in this forest, and he wasn't at the camp for more then two minutes at dinner, where do you think he keeps going?! He's not like the others i think hes feeding information to Kerr and the others and hes going to tell them where Tanis is and then tanis is going to be in more trouble then its worth and its going to be my fault."

"Whoa now, calm down. What havey ou got going on in that little head of yours that i know i'm not going to approve of."

"I'm going to follow tonight, when he dissapears, and if he is who i think he is then i have to find and warn Tanis, i'll get a head start so i'll get to him first and then we'll be able to hide him."

"I knew i wasn't going to like this. I cna't let you do that. Its to dangerous, and how are you going to leave the forest without the elves noticing?"

"Your going to cover for me."

"You are joking right?"

"Nope. And your going to do this for me if you like it or not."

"I don't see how your going to make me do that."


"You find her?"

"Yeah, shes gonna come back soon, shes just messing around in the forest, you know her."

"Oh alright. Well i hope she comes back soon, we're going to be getting our training with the high priest in a few hours."

"She'll be back by then no worries."

(Hahahaha :p ok i had a really good idea about how i convicned Kobie to do what i told him but i can't remember what it was XD lol typical! XD lol
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Kobie watched curiously as Laguna left the main camp and entered the trees again, he had barely appeared for more then two minutes before he left again. Sonya’s face appeared in his line of view and smiled, he smiled in return and sat talking about recent events watching what they said and didn’t.

Laguna walked casually through the forest, past the arena’s and further towards the other end, Fariel stalked him from above, she saw his arrival shortly after Kobie’s departure, and she made sure to stay a fair distance back as not to be heard although the noise of the birds and insects light in the air covered any possible sound from her.

She followed him for what felt like an eternity, it got ever harder to keep quiet and hidden as the trees thinned, and soon she was forced to remain at the pathetic tree line remaining and was no longer able to follow until he got further out into the rocky out crops, the forest was much larger then she thought. It was going to be a lot harder to beat the assassins to Tanis while keep being hidden then she expected.
Then she froze, she saw Kerr and Kiba appear from nowhere atop and beside a large rock.

I knew it! She thought to herself, her lip reading skills coming in handy, although she couldn’t tell what Kiba said, if anything, he muttered and growled and didn’t use full sentences much.
But were where the other assassins…she peered at them and saw a small flittering purple pyrafly hovering beside them. Why didn’t she spot it sooner- no! The witch, the witch was listening to them, then they weren’t there, they were elsewhere, closer to Tanis, all her plan’s caved it. She would never reach him in time. This was all her fault, she couldn’t help but feel guilty, she pushed it from her thoughts as the three stooges walked down behind the rocks out of sight.

Now was her chance, she didn’t have a hope of getting there by the tree’s, she would have to run. But the elves will catch her, she’d have to run around the camp, which will make the trip even longer!

Launching from the tree she landed without a sound, the leaves on the ground flying out the way with her landing before she dashed across the forest as fast as her legs would take her. Her cape danced behind her as the wind caught it, to her surprise none of the men were chasing her, she was quieter then she thought, although they seem to appear and disappear as if they are nothing, and Laguna is much faster then her and would catch up without an effort and if he is really as evil as she thought then would take no time at all in killing her.

Though they didn’t peruse and they soon were pushed from her mind as she thought about where the other three were, they were probably already on top of him. Curses run in strings of words through her head but then the camp came into view and she had to change direction to avoid it.


“Lady Sonya, Master Kobie.” Silarion said addressing them, “Have you seen, Fariel, we are nearly ready to start the next part of your training with the high preist.”

“She’s in the for-“ Sonya started before Kobie cut her off.

“She went for a walk, don’t worry she’ll be back in time to the training. Just give me a few minutes notice and I’ll fetch her.”

With that Silarion nodded and left leaving Kobie defending off an accusing scowl from Sonya.

“Where is she and what has she done now?”

“Umm…yeah, about that.”


“I’m coming Tanis.” The edge of the forest was in sight and no assassins or elves or anything else blocked her way. She stopped from breath behind a tree before peering around and scanning the area, “Where are you…”

She didn’t have time to think about it, bursting from the trees in another act of rash thinking she blasted up the hills side of rocks and bushes looking for where Tanis made his whole new realm of the ridiculas entrance.

It didn’t take long for her to find it, the vaguely familiar crater was easily found and silver wolf still laid snapped in the bushes to the side, something she still had to retrieve and get back to Neji in hope that it could be fixed. There was still no sign of any living thing, the only thing that moved besides her was the bird in the sky flying in circles, how anything could live in such an arid landscape with nothing but rocks was beyond her but there was always the forest.

No, it wasn’t a bird, it was the pyrafly from before, the witch, she followed her, bugger was the only thing that crossed her mind before lightning flashed down towards her but she was tackled down by the familiar elf of Yenador and thankfully out the way of the lightning.

“Fariel what ARE you doing here!”

“Regretting falling for an obvious trap?”

“Move!” The two of them jumped out the way as another lightning bolt arced down towards them although there was still no sign of the assassins.

“Get back to the forest now!”

“What about you and Tanis!”

“They aren’t here yet we will be fine, just GO!”

She never knew elves could be quite so commanding, she did exactly what he said and started blasting down back towards the forest but Kerr appeared before her when she got near it.

“Be a good little girl and die, you bitch!” Kerr sneered.

Kerr jumped down towards her his swords appearing in his hands, she parried the lunge and knocked his blades aside but they were quickly back upon her and she was being forced back away from the forest again as she parried each blow in turn.

“I, have, no, time, to deal, with, you, know!” she said pushing his swords back, “Fira!” she yelled but it wasn’t fira that happened, it was more powerful, it was a firaga, and it sent Kerr bustling backwards as he managed to block it.

She followed it up by tackling him, causing him to drop one of his swords, although it didn’t help much he quickly stabbed at her as she backed off a bit from the scramble on the ground, his sword piercing clean through her shoulder making her screech in pain. She punched him as hard as she could with her other hand and sent him falling back down again, pulling out the sword she threw it to the ground and ran past him and towards the forest. She only had to reach the tree line, but she was abandoning Tanis again, and left him with the assassins upon him, again.

Then she made it, Kerr roared as she disappeared into the trees and turned and looked up at the pyrafly, the other assassins still hadn’t arrived and he didn’t understand where they were, why they weren’t taking advantage of the situation. They must have a new plan.

“Fariel!” Sonya yelled as she ran into her scurrying through the forest, “Where in Spira what you been! Are you alright?”

Fariel fell to her knees as the amount of running took its toll and Kobie and Sonya kneeled next to her as she muttered hard to understand sentences.

“It was all a trap…Laguna is working with the assassins! They used my stupid curiosity against me! Now they are going to find Tanis and he’s not in any state to fight and this is all my fault.”

“Calm down, what happened?”

“I followed Laguna, he met up with Kerr and Kiba and a pyrafly that the witch was using to listen. And then the witch tracked me with it to Tanis and Yenador and then Kerr appeared and attacked me and then I ran and then I ran into you and now I’m rabbiting on and I’m in so much trouble…”


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“We have to tell the elves,” Kobie said decisively.

“What? But we can’t let them know about Tanis!” Fariel sobbed.

“We don’t have any other choice!” Kobie snapped, looking almost as worried as she was. He sprinted back through the trees.

Sonya bit her lip as she watched him go. She really was upset with him for letting Fariel wander off again but this was not the time.

“Come here,” she said gently to Fariel, using her healing spell on her deep shoulder wound.

* * *

“Tyrion! Alariele!” Kobie shouted as he ran. He skidded to a halt, trying to remember the fastest route back to camp. “Neji! Melina! Silarion! Anybody!”

Neji emerged from the trees, looking confused, with Melina behind him.

“Better hurry or you’ll be late for the meeting with the High Priest,” he said, “You didn’t actually stay at those stupid little training sessions this morning, did y-?”

“Look Neji, we’ve got a problem!” Kobie shouted, “The assassins are here and Tanis is in trouble!”

“Did you say Tanis, master Kobie?” Silarion said darkly as she and several other elves appeared, bows on their shoulders and swords at their sides.

“There’s no time to explain, only for Spira’s sake hurry!”

The elves did not need their mind-reading skills to see that the earnest, wild look on his face was genuine, and silently sprinted towards the forest’s edge, nocking arrows into their bows and swiftly overtaking Kobie as he ran back to Fariel and Sonya.

They met them just inside the treeline, and they were looking anxiously out towards the rocky outcrops, where the tell-tale flashes of magic use were already flickering. Tyrion said something to his kin in elvish, and they began to fan out in a wide circle closing in on the hill where the flashing lights were coming from. Fariel was the first to run after them, followed quickly by the others.

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Turning on the elves she scanned the forest for Kobie, found him and ran towards him. He turned to see her a split second before she pushed him into a tree and started yelling at him.

"Dammit Kobie! He would have been better off against the assassins!"

"Fariel stop! Let him go, he did what he had to." Sonya said pulling her away from him.

"Yeah and now its my turn!" she said running back to the camp.

"Where are you going now!" Sonya yelled after her but got no response.


"Laguna!" she yelled as she got to the camp, but no response, and ran towards the arena's continueing to yell his name. "Dammit Laguna show yourself."

"What's with all the yelling Leviathan?"

Laguna asked landing behind her, she spun round and grabbed him by the collar of his robes.

"You used me to get to Tanis! Now hes going to die and it's all you fault!" she screeched a tear coming to her eye. "I told you if you told anyone-"

"I don't think it's me you have to worry about."

"What are you blabbing about now."

"The elves are going to Tanis yes? But Kerr and the others are coming in from the back. Its not me you have to worry about."

"Gr damn you!" she growled releasing him and stepping back. "Your lying."

"Am i?"

"you've been lying since i first met you."

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As Sonya and Kobie ran after the elves, they saw a figure appear in amongst the rocks ahead. The elves saw it too, and quickly moved to encircle the intruder. Sonya and Kobie ran, trying in vain to get there first.

It was Tanis, bloodied and leaning heavily on his Katana, and stooping over a motionless Yendor. His hand was pressed to a cut on Yendor’s forehead and was beginning to glow…

“NO!” Silarion screamed as she ran towards them. Tanis looked up and saw the elves closing in. He leapt to his feet.


Firannon!” Alariele cried, and lightning arced from her fingertips to blast Tanis off his feet. She kept the electricity flowing in a long, stuttering stream, keeping Tanis pinned to the ground as she advanced on him. She desisted as the line of elves parted to allow High Priest Laconfir to approach Tanis.

“Tanis, what have you done!?” he thundered, his usually-calm face transformed into a mask of fury. He thrust his staff towards Tanis in some kind of dispell, and the bisingr Tanis had been trying to summon flickered and died at his fingertips. “We warned you never to come here again, and you attack one of our kin within sight of our sacred forest!?”

“I didn’t!” Tanis gasped, “The assassins…I was trying to heal him!”

“Silence!” Laconfir roared, “Tyrion, take him away!”

Tyrion hauled Tanis to his feet, twisted his arms behind his back and marched him back towards the forest while another elf followed with his bow levelled between Tanis’ eyes.

Sonya and Kobie tried to push their way through the circle of elves, imploring them.

“Please, he was our guide! You don’t understand!”

But their pleadings fell on deaf ears. Ahead of them, Silarion was bent over the immobile form that had been lying crumpled at Tanis’ feet.

“It’s Yendor,” she said in an appalled voice, “And someone has tried to cast a forbidden life-drain spell on him.”

A ripple of shocked whispers passed through the assembled elves.

“Is he alive?” Laconfir asked quietly.

“I cannot tell…”

“Master Laconfir, please, just listen to us!” Sonya sobbed from the background as two elves picked up Yendor and carried him carefully downhill.

“My apologies master Kobie, lady Sonya,” Laconfir said, turning to them as the elves began heading in a subdued crowd back to the forest, “But your Aeon training will have to wait until tomorrow night.”

Sonya was on the verge of tears.

“Master, you’ve got the wrong man! Please just give us a chance to explain to you - read my mind if you must!”

“Tanis is the one who brought us safely to your forest in the first place,” Kobie put in adamantly, “The maestors sent five assassins to stop us - one of them was his sister Selina - and they’ve set him up!”

“Selina?” Laconfir asked, “Yes, after Tanis murdered Lauthelias she vowed to hunt him down. She must have enlisted others to help her. You were lucky Tanis did not try to murder you Avengers before you got here.”

“No, no, you’ve got it all wrong, please just give us a chance! We can explain everything!”

Laconfir frowned, not looking convinced.

“Very well - I will let you speak your minds. But we must get back to the safety of the forest first. Tanis is going to pay for what he has done.”

He headed off with long strides, Sonya and Kobie following distraught in his wake. A purple payrafly hovered unnoticed nearby, watching them go. Safely out of sight on the other side of the hill, Selina and the other assassins looked at the image projected by the witch’s orb.

And smiled.

<ooc - don’t worry Squall, everything’s going to be fine! After the elves have read the Avengers’ minds and Yendor’s (if he’s still alive) to see what really happened it’ll all pan out and we can get back to getting knocked flat in our training sessions LOL. Yes, it was Selina that tried to drain Yendor and yes, Tanis was trying to heal him by transferring some of his life-force to Yendor>


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"Stupid, damn over zealous fools! They should know by now i can handle myself! now i'm in the worst trouble yet!!! If i manage to get out of this there getting a good pasting!"

Tanis thought to himself darkly as they marched him towards the elven forest. Now he was in for it. If those fools had just left him. He and Yendor would have been fine! Damn Fariel and her meddling ways.

"If they try to read my mind ill have to fight...i wont have them learning the secrets of my magic. I'm dead anyway...god damn it guys...


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The elves had assembled in a clearing with rows of wooden benches set up in a circle, like some kind of amphitheatre. At the centre of the circle Tanis stood, held captive by chains attached to his wrists and fastened to nearby trees. They glowed with magical power - there was no way he could break them, or avoid the two elven guards who were flanking him.

Sonya, Kobie, Neji and Melina watched from the front row as Laconfir strode into the circle.

“Tanis,” he said in a low voice that still seemed to echo in the silent amphitheatre, “You have been brought here, before those who were once your kin, to answer for your crimes. This trial is long overdue, and now you must pay for your learning and use of forbidden magic, and worst of all for the murders of Lauthelias and Yendor.”

“I have to go,” Sonya said abruptly, standing up.

“But we have to tell Laconfir about…what are you…?” Kobie began, but she had already run off into the trees.

* * *

Sonya skidded to a halt in front of the tent where Silarion was tending Yendor, and dashed inside.

“Lady Sonya, what are you doing here?” Silarion asked in surprise.

“How is Yendor?” she replied urgently.

“Alive, but his life is hanging on by a thread. I almost didn’t notice it before. I don’t know if it will even be possible to revive him.”

Sonya stepped forward towards the bed where Yendor lay. His wounds had been dressed but he was still as pale as death. She couldn’t hear him breathing.

“I’ve tried everything I know, but so far there’s been nothing I can do.” Silarion told her sadly.

Without really knowing what she was doing, Sonya placed her hands on Yendor’s forehead. It was icy cold. She tried the elvish healing spell Lauthelias had taught her, but when the glow of the spell faded and she lifted her hands there was no change in Yendor’s condition.

“I’ve already tried,” Silarion said, “It’s no use.”

Sonya replaced her hands, biting her lip and praying - to Yevon or to something else entirely, she did not know.

Please help me…please give me strength…

For an instant, a face flashed before her eyes. Not a human face, more like a bird’s…it regarded her with soft eyes before vanishing again. She wondered if she had imagined it.

“Focus your mind, Sonya. Draw on my power.”

This time she saw the great bird hovering wings outstretched above her, wreathed in fire, ice and lightning, light scintillating off its multi-hued feathers as it poured a beam of golden light from its beak down onto the unconscious Yendor. Silarion didn’t seem to see it - she was still staring pensively at Sonya’s hands…

The bright golden glow faded, and with it the giant bird. Sonya stood silently after dropping her hands to her sides again, looking for some sign of life from Yendor. The tension in the air was almost palpable. Yendor didn’t move.

Then suddenly his eyes flew open and he gave a loud, choking cough before sucking in a huge breath of air.

“Lady Sonya!” Silarion exclaimed, “How did you…?”

“The assassins!” Yendor gasped, seizing Sonya’s arm in a vice-like grip, “Where’s Tanis!?”

“He’s alright for now, but the elves caught him and he’s about to stand trial for your murder!”

“Where are they?” Yendor asked urgently, throwing himself out of the bed while Silarion stood temporarily stunned, “I have to tell them what really happened…”

<ooc - see Squall, nothing to worry about...if they don't believe us they'll have to believe Yendor>

-- Edited by [BOSS]Fenix at 14:28, 2006-02-19


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Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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"Why would i have any reason to ly about something so serious?" Laguna asked with a strange smug face.

"Because they have something on you! Why in hell would the assassins blow their cover to the elves after trying so hard to frame Tanis! They used you like a pawn, what could they possibly have on you that would make you turn on your "avenging angels"?" but he did not answer her, "Speak!" but he still did not answer. "You have information i need and its just a matter of how much you want it to hurt!"

"That's quite the threat coming from someone who couldn't win in a training spar."

"Didn't you know theifs were good actors?" Laguna yelped as a shot of ice shards rained down on to him although he dodged them with ease, "and didn't you know that i'm quite the bitch when i'm pissed off?" another raining of shards fell down towards him but he jumped back out the way, "and didn't you realise your really pissing me off!" she yelled as more shards fell down towards him in distraction for the blast of water she sent thundering into him sending him falling backwards. "Hey that was kinda cool. Ahem. Didn't see that one coming did ya Laguna?"

"That was a cheap shot."

"Tell me what i want to know before i drag you to the other elves by your hair!"

"Persistant much Leviathan?"

"I thought i told you not to call me that!"

"I'm just pissing you off"

"Thought so."

Another blast of water shot towards him followed by another but he was to his feet and dodging the attacks nibly.
She continued the attacks, though they didn't weaken to his suprise. he was slowly being forced backwards towards the camp but didn't realise it until he managed to read her mind and see her intentions.

"That won't work Leviathan."

Laguna launched into the air and went flying over Fariel's attacks drawing his wave swords. Fariel drew her daggers and rose them in time to parry his attack but she was pushed back as he landed. Thouygh he didn't react quick enough while he landed to block the lunge Fariel had started and end with her tripping him and putting her dagger to his throat.

"You of all people should be able to hold your balance when landing Laguna. Tell me, now!"

"Now that, was a cheap shot. Is ti really important that you find out? Tanis is only paying for his crimes, what's it to you?"

"Hes paying for something that was out of his hands, and its everything to me so you tell me right now!" she said pressing the dagger into his neck, blood starting to drip down from where it cut him.

"Alright alright, They were going to kill me if i didn't comply with their wishes."

"Thats it?! You selfish bastard."

"Hey! You would do the same in my position."

"Like hell i would, get up!" she said pulling his to his feet. "You know what your going to do for me? Your going to go and help me save Tanis's ass like the good little elf you are."

"Bite me!" he retorted and Fariel stabbed him in the arm making him yell.

"Gladly, want another? Cause i keep my word, your life won't be worth living after i'm through with you if you don't do what i say."

With that the conversation ended and she dragged him at blade point back to the camp where hopefully it wasn't too late to save Tanis.



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(occ, sorry for being so late in posting, ive been busy, right Neji's feelings for you guys. and dont worry Squall if push comes to shove Neji will save you, it will be good way for Neji to leave the elves)

Retala approached Neji, "welcome Neji,"

"what no sir Neji or Master Neji, what kinda elf are you,"

"dont get cheeky boy, you dont deserve that title, your repetation is not very impressive, baby Devil,"

"now thats a name i havent heard in along time,"

"but i have to say you have changed greatly, perhaps your travels have softened you up," Neji growled and clenched his fist in sheer anger, remembering how long ago his last victory was. (occ the bandits outside Guadosalam).

Melina held Neji's arm trying to calm him down but this time it did not work, he continued to let the anger run through him then shrugged Melina off and stormed away. Melina tried to follow but he only told her to leave him alone. Neji disappeared into the forest.


Eventually Melina found Neji, sitting legs crossed, he appeared to be speaking to himself. "Neji? whats wrong?" He rose to his feet.

"look at me Melina, i've become soft,"

"but Neji, thats a good thing, your a good person, dont let what you used to be ruin that, i remember how kind you were when you where with me and Raiga on our journeys, and when we were kids, i dont know what happened to you when we all got seperated, but when i had heard of the people you stole from and those you murdered, i couldnt beleive it, and thats what made me ill, but when we were reunited in Rins shop, i could see that i was wrong to think that and that you were still the same Neji deep inside,"

"no you dont understand Melina, i was once the perfect warrior cold and ruthless, never showing mercy, and i liked it, i liked to be acknowledged, but then i met those guys, and i began to settle down, and even grew quiet fond of them, and thats what made me weak, Diablos has helped me see that, he's told me how to achieve true power,"

"Neji, just what do you mean? What did he say to you,"

"he said, that i must kill my best friends,"

"your best friend, but Raiga's already dead, unless you mean.."

"dont worry Melina, you've become far greater than a best friend, those guys, my journeys with them were not pointless i now see why i was destined to be an Avenging Angel and destined to meet them, they have become my best friends," Neji pushed back Melina to return to the camp. Melina chased after him and hugged him from behind.

"Please Neji, this isnt you, please dont do this!" she sopped, she was heartbroken of what Neji was about to do.

Neji Stared up to the sky, tears running down his face, he soon got ahold of himself and wiped his tears away. He turned around to face Melina, tears were running down her face. "i dont want to lose you again Neji," Neji hugged her.

"You dont underastand Melina, i know im about to lose it all but nothing last forever, its to late and i cant go back, i'm sorry i cant be perfect" Swiftly me hit Melina knocking out instandly, and lay her gently on the ground, "please forgive me."

(occ normally i would stop posting now, but since i havent been posting laterly i'll carry on)

"Now that, that nuscence is out of the way, you can go about obtaining true power Neji," The sisister voice inside of Neji said.

"dont speak of Melina that way,"

"very well but get a move on, before you miss your oportuntiy to kill them,"

"you'r right," Neji sighed


Neji slowly approached Fariel, Kobie and Sonya, they were relaxed and their guard was down, Kobie and Fariel where eating happily and Sonya was just minding her own businsness quietly soaking up the atmosphere. He flexed his fingers on the trigger of his pistols, and aimed one at Fariel's head and the other on Sonya's. "do it Neji!"

Neji continued to stare at his targets, working up his courage to pull, the trigger, he knew that after he had killed them he would have to be quick, in order to avoid the elves. "what are you waiting for! do it now!"

Memories of Neji's traveles began to spira through his head, the good time he had with them, and even the tough times where they helped eachother out. At the end of the spiras of memories was Melina's crying face and in a great flash he can to his senses. And he through his Pistols on the ground. "No i refuse to do what you say, i will achieve power in my own way, i will supass even you, Diablos, this is my body and i will do things my way!"

And with those words Diablos' voiced disappeared in a great roar and Neji was once again at peace. Retala dropped from a tree behind Neji.

"congratulations Sir Neji, you have proven urself, you have shown you have the will power to repel Diabols' influence, and im glad to say i dont have to kill you, yet. The true test is just about to begin, when we tap into Diablos' power for your use the true stuggle will begin."

"No need i already have the key for that door," To show off Neji's power, he began to swirl a black aura around him, and the Black Markings covered his body. "impressive you have already found away to use Diablos' power, but dont get to carried away, you are letting it run free."

"you'r wrong, i have complete control," to further show off his power Neji, began to realeas more of Diablos and grew to great big Devil wings sprouted from his back.

"NEJI! control urself, this is your first time, using it, you cant control it properly,"

Neji got a shooting pain through his body and feel to his knees. Retala quickly put his hand on Neji, in an attempt to surpress the power. Slowly the wings went back into Neji's body and the black markings diappeared, Neji done on his hands and knees was gasping for air, he then coughed up blood, which splattred on the grass.

"You fool Neji, you thought you could control him didnt you, you nearly just unleashed the Demon on this world again, please allow us to seal him in you,"

When Neji caught his breath, he slowly got to his feet. "very well."

"good we will start in a couple of days, i trust you will be at the training?"

"hmph, nah." Neji left Retala to gasp at his arrogance as and returned to Melina.


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Sonya, Yendor and Silarion sprinted through the trees towards the amphitheatre, Sonya only just keeping pace with the two elves. She could here raised voices up ahead. The amphitheatre suddenly came into view and she saw Kobie standing in the circle next to Laconfir, gesticulating towards Tanis as he addressed the elves and apparently arguing Tanis’ case.

“That is as maybe, master Kobie,” Laconfir was saying, “But the fact remains that he killed Yendor by trying to drain his soul from his body - we all saw it, even you.”

“You didn’t see what you thought you saw, though!” Yendor shouted as he strode into the clearing, eliciting a gasp from the assembled elves. Tanis gaped.

“Tell them, Yendor!” he shouted, “Tell them!”

“Yendor?” Laconfir asked, seemingly as stunned as the rest, “Is it really you? Did Silarion manage to revive you?”

“No, master Laconfir,” Silarion said, “It was lady Sonya’s doing.”

The elves conferred amongst themselves, and Sonya couldn’t help blushing as scores of awed golden eyes turned towards her.

“Tell them about the assassins, Yendor!” Kobie said urgently, “Tell them what really happened! Even if they won’t believe me they’ll surely listen to you!”

“What happened this evening, Yendor?” Laconfir asked in soft command, “Did Tanis attack you?”

“No,” Yendor said evenly, but with a hint of defiance in his voice, “He was helping me fight off the maestors’ assassins. Selina has turned to darkness. She bested me and attempted to use the life-drain spell on me.”

Several of the elves were on their feet but Laconfir held up his hand for silence and gestured for Yendor to continue.

“Tanis beat her off me just in time, and the assassins ran. Before I lost consciousness, I remember Tanis saying he was going to transfer some of his life-force to me to try and save my life.”

“And Tanis bears no ill will towards the Angels?” Laconfir asked slowly, his face impassive.

“Far from it. I read his mind - without his permission and for that I apologise - and I found that whatever face he presents to them, he cares deeply about what happens to them. I suspect…I believe…that he even loves one of them.”

* * *

“You give your word as an elf that this is true?” Laconfir asked seriously.

“Yes, master.”

Kobie had slipped aside and was now standing with his fists clenched at his sides by Sonya.

“I told them everything, Sonya,” he said quietly, “I had to. Even what really happened the night Lauthelias was murdered.”

They were suddenly interrupted by a commotion at the edge of the clearing. Fariel dragged Laguna into the circle and threw him forward. He stumbled and nearly fell.

“Tell them the truth!” Fariel shrieked, “Tell them about the assassins and how you’re the treacherous bastard who helped them set Tanis up!”

After Yendor’s revelation, all eyes were suddenly on Laguna.

“I’m no traitor! Selina blackmailed me!”

“What are you saying, Laguna?” Laconfir asked gravely.

“She said she‘d kill me if I didn‘t help her frame Tanis for Yendor’s murder,” Laguna stammered, “She said wherever I ran she’d find me! And that she’d…she’d…” he swallowed hard, “She said she’d devour my soul, just like she did her father’s!”

There was an audible gasp from the assembled elves, who began conferring urgently.

“I am disappointed in you, Laguna,” Laconfir said, then he turned slowly round to look at Tanis.

“Well, Tanis,” he said, “The Angels, and perhaps most importantly Yendor, have made an impassioned defence on your behalf, and as far as I can tell they are not lying. If this is the case, then we owe you an apology. But by the same token they do not deny that you have been using forbidden life-drain magic - a fact that we cannot overlook. However, as you have so far only done it with permission, and have never actually taken a soul, we will reserve judgement for now. You will be allowed to remain here under guard until the Angels finish their training, but then you must leave and continue your quest. If you do defeat Sin then perhaps the ends will justify the means and we will reconsider your case. Until then, you must stay away from our forest, and if you do return without permission, we will have you executed.”

Tanis merely nodded silently as the two elven guards moved to unshackle his hands.

“We will recall Selina,” Laconfir continued, “And she has a lot to answer for. But in the meantime,” he turned to regard Fariel and the other Avengers, “I bid you rest, for your training continues in the morning, and I will help you begin the difficult process of unlocking your Aeons later that day.”

<ooc - tomorrow I'm thinking we don't embarrass ourselves quite so much at training LOL anyway we can't spend too long mucking around here as we need to keep the story flowing, but Underdog's subplot where Neji battles Diablos is a good start>


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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Fariel had again found herself in the same tree in the forest as before, they had won and Tanis was free but it was a shame that he couldn't come into the forest. It was more dangerous outside the forest now, although she did owe Kobie an apology for yelling at him.
Though she was unsure what to make of Laguna, he was so easily blackmailed into betraying them although she did stab him, maybe she owed him an apology too. She couldn't really decide until he appeared walking through the trees below.

"Leviathan?" he called but she just rolled her eyes and swung down the branch out the tree in front of him.

"I told you not to call me that. What do you want?"

"I want to apologise for what i've done."

"Go ahead and try." she said going to walk past him but he blocked her path.

"I'm serious, Fariel, here." he said unstrapping the the belt across his chest holding the sheathed wave swords on his back. "Take these." but he got a blank look in return. "These belonged to my father, and they helped me alot, but i don't think i'll get to use them again after what i've done. I want you to take them."

Fariel looked at him warily, but he had a very serious look on his face which she found off putting to say the least.

"Look i'm sorry for stabbing you and stuff-"

"Fariel, take them."

Fariel accepted the blades and nodded, they were a lot lighter then she had imagined, they were as long as her arms but no heavier then her daggers.

"Good luck in your training tomorrow."

"Whoa where you going?"

"To talk to the high preist, then i don't know where."

with that he turned and left leaving her standing in the forest holding the two blades, as he dissapeared into the shadows of the trees she slung it over her back and strapped it on.

"I guess elves aren't so bad after all...I suppose i should go do my apologies now..."

Drawing the blades she spun them around and slashed at the air to get the feel of them as she headed back to the camp. Then she noticed on the blade it had insribed a symbol that wasn't there before, she'd have to ask Sonya or Kobie what it was.

Sheathing them again she looked around for Kobie and wasn't long till he found him sitting talking to Sonya on one of the wooden arena's, lookingvery relieved.

"Kobie?" she yelled up at him getting his attention instantly. "I wanted to say sorry for yelling at ya before."

"Don't worry about it, its over now."

"Yeah but still"

"Come on up here."

Fariel smiled and climbed up onto the Arena and sat down next to the pair.

"What's with the weird swords?" Sonya asked starting up the conerstation again.

"Their called Wave Swords, Laguna gave me them as an apology. Some how i don't think we are going to see him again any time soon"

"How so?"

"I don't know. Oh can you tell me what this means?" she said drawing the swords and pointing to the symbol on each.

"It means water." Sonya said with a smile.

"Shoulda guessed. So what do we do now?"

"Wait for training tomorrow." Kobie said with a sigh.


"Yes, very. Don't go leaving the forest looking for Tanis out of the pure excitment though."

"Don't worry i won't."

(BORDOM! XD hahahaha)



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As Neji rushed to Tanis's trial dragging Melina by the hand he was stopped by Retala, "i think its time Sir Neji,"

"time for what?"

"for you to seal Diablos, the high Priest would like to get you out of the way for now before he gets busy with your friends,"

"Not now, i have to get to Tanis's trial," Neji brushed past Retala and continued to make his way, but was suddenly stopped, Retala had stopped Melina thus stopping Neji.

"dont worry Neji, Tanis will be fine, your friend Kobie is pleading his case, also Sonya has revived Yendor and Ferial has captured the traitor Laguna, the odds are in his favor for now, and it wont take long the High Priest is very skilled,"

"Alrite lets get this over with, Diablos is beginning to annoy me anyway,"

Retala laughed "you'd be best to be on level tirms with Diablos, you two will be together for along time,"

"ha yeh, but he aint so bad, he just acts tough and evil,"

"He is said to be the king of Devils,"

"then whoever named him that obviously hadnt met me, im much more dangorus and ruthless, now lets go."


Retala led Neji and Melina quiet some distance through the beautiful elf forest, past many yurts, and across sparkling streams.

"this is way differnt from the rest of the forest," Neji remarked, he turned to Melina to see a great smile on her face. She turned to Neji, "it wouldnt kill you to smile Neji, ya know," Neji smirked and then continued to look forward.

"its to peaceful here, frankly it bores me, i havent killed anything in awhile....its also to bright here,"

Melina shook her head at Neji, not surprised at his answer, he has revealed that he does have a heart, shame it covered in an Iron casing.

"Beauty and goodness tend to follow the High Priest around, Nature swirls around him, and here we are."

Neji stood outside a great building looking like a chapel, it had two great towers, stained windows and a massive door with two elf guards with spears pointing high.

"Whats a great building doing here in a camp," Neji questioned.

"Just beyond here is the last major city of the elves and our last refuge this Chapel marks the main entrance, and if it wasnt for the high priest and this building that city to would no longer exsit, their is quiet a history here and many tales to be told,"

"but i heard from Tanis that there was just over 100 elves alive today, and by the sounds of this city alot more have survived," Melina remarked

"and that is why the city is pretty much empty, but do to the rumors of us being extinict, we have been left alone all this time and we have been given more time to rebuild, and what Tanis told you was true, but since he became a fudgitive we have repopulated a little, and are on our way to almost being at full strength again,"

"ok thats enough of this idol chit chat lets get a move on,"

"very well."

Retala led Neji into the building, ourever Melina was stopped on the way and was not permitted to enter, reluctantly she made her way back to the camp.


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