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RE: New Adventure

Neji was led down the center of the Chapel it was like a typical place of worship with long seats on both sides and an Alter at the top. The light shone the stain glass windows making main room shine brightly, Neji stood in awe at the mainy windows which told many storys of the elves when they were in their prime, but the ones that stood out the most were the four above the Alter.

The first one has the picture of a great Sea Serpant, powering through the water fighting off the evil in the sea and purifying the water for the people to drink.

The Second was of a great multi coloured bird which flew through the sky shaping the clouds and balancing the forces of Nature bring everything around it to life and chasing away those who chose to disrupt the natural order.

The Thrid was of what looked like an elderly sage, passing Judgement on Evil by blasting them with Lighting from his staff. He was surronded by people how stood in respect for him as those at court would rise for the Judge.

The fourth was the one which struck Neji the most, mainly because he recconised the main creature on the picture, it was Diablos. He stood at the center of a firey dark domain, surronded by deamons which he commanded and concured other deamons with them, but it also showed a smaller picture of an elf, human, Guado and Ronso army marching against him and sealing him. Neji stopped Retala and asked about the storys on the windows for he couldnt read the writting below them.

"They are the Aeons which reside inside of you and your friends, the first picture is of Levithan, it tells the story of his conquest of Sea, long ago all water was pure and could be drank from straight of of the Sea this was all thanks to Levithan who fought against the evil in the ocean, but then Machina came along, the waste produced made work harder for Levithan, and then it wasnt long until Sin came into being, Levithan fought Sin along with the other three Aeons, Levithan was incharge of fighting from the Sea with an army of sea creatures however after a long battle Levithan was killed after destroying one fifth of Sin. The sea became salty, but Levithan left a ray of hope in pure springs and flowing streams.

The second is of Tritoch, also known as the Balance bird, long ago heavy winds destroyed the land, then heavy rainfall flooded the world and lightning storms destroyed land scapes followed by scorching heat which dried the land completely so the cycle could begin again, the land was dead with no life, it elements were ruled by an escaped deamon from the deamon world. Then One Day Tritoch came into being and in a ray of light killed the deamon and brought balance to the elements and brought the land back to life. All was well until Sin came, Tritoch fought from the air leading an army of winged cretures, like Levithan it died after destroying a one fifth of Sin, but it did not die without leaving something behind, it left behind a little of its self inside the elves to maintain a certain balance in Nature.

The Thrid is of Ramuh, he was once human, a Judge who passed Judgement on those who comitted crimes, one day he obtained the power of Lighting and used that power to travel the world to maintain law in other parts of Spira, and banish evil which would seek to disrupt order, the people loved him and he became a well known figure from around Spira, mainy would follow him and learn his ways and his laws. When Sin first arrived he rallyed the forces of the ground and led them against Sin, and destroyed one fifth of Sin before perishing. When he died he left behind his laws and his followers, not many people know but all the laws we follow nowdays origanated from Ramuh.

And Finally we have Diablos, the Deamon world was once in great chaos, differnt regions of there world were fighting against eachother and some deamons escaped the chaos by invading our world, Diablos got sick of the fighting and raised an army and absorbed the other six regions and was the first ever to unify a land to be ruled by one deamon. With the Deamon world in Peace he raised an army and set out to unify our world, which just like his world was stuck in a chaotic war between Elves, Humans, Guado and Ronso. When he marched his army throught the void. He was discusted with the way humans fought, using machinery and with no honor they even fought eachother, he wanted to kill all humans but was stopped in his conquest by a beautiful human woman, he instandly fell in love with her and his raging spirt was calmed, she convinced him to return to his world and leave the humans alone. He returned to his world but when Sin attacked the other three Aeons called on him to emerge from his domain and help them destroy Sin, he led his Deamon world from throught the void, they were winning the battle and he also destroyed one fifth of Sin and even became friends with the other Aeons, but he had one major weakness, he lusted for Glory and power, Sin told him that if he helps destroy Sin or even if he kills Sin he would receive no glory and no respect and that the minute the battle was over the other Aeons would turn on him and kill him and gain true power. Foolishly he beleived him and abandoned his friends in the final Battle and the other three Aeons were killed. Many blamed Diablos for Sin still being alive today and the other Aeons getting killed, and that is why he is resented by many and is know as a traitor. He retreated to his Deamon world but the humans, elves, Guado and Ronso joined forces and attacked him. He sealed the Deamon world with an a great gate, to keep the Deamons and the united army apart. however he got stuck on the our world and was hunted endlessly, until he was killed by the united army."

"so is that why Diablos asked me to kill the others and promised me power?"

"yeh he was testing you, he wanted to make sure that you wouldnt make the same mistake as he did,"

"If Diablos was only testing me, then why all this to seal him in me, its clear he aint as dangerous as he sounds?"

"he hates to be controlled by anyone, he also has a deep lust for revenge, power goes to his head and he may once again try to kill all humans, including you, the one who tamed him died over a thousand years ago, no one will be able to stop him, let it not be mistaken he is evil"

"like i said before, im the the dangerous one here not him,"

"your arrogance and cockyness worries me, thats just the kind of weakness Diablos and Sin will look for, but enough talk, lets be on our way, the high priest is waiting."

(occ dude Neji starting to sound more like a pansy every post i make, i gotta come up with something which will make him lose it, i know Kiba will bring out the old Neji)


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“Concentrate,” Alariele urged gently.

Bisingr!” Sonya said for the third time - high magic took even more concentration than the difficult master-level spells. To her surprise, fire roared into life in the palm of her hand, spiralling upwards in great orange flames and forming a glowing sphere that burned like a small sun.

“See, you can do it,” Alariele said proudly, “Now you’re turning into the powerful mage my cousin always said you would become.”

Sonya smiled at the praise, closing her fingers into a fist to cancel the bisingr she had just summoned.

“Right then,” Alariele said, producing a quarterstaff and spinning it in her hands and round her back, “Let’s do some combat practice.”

* * *

“Ready, master Kobie? 3...2...1...”

They spun round and Tyrion was once again instantaneously on the other side of the arena. Kobie’s vision blurred and he stumbled. Turning, he saw that he was several metres from his starting point.

“Nearly!” Tyrion commended him, “Very nearly! I’ll be interested to see how you put this into use in a mock duel…”

* * *

Sonya brought her staff down and Alariele parried horizontally, throwing her back with a strength one would not have expected from her slender frame. The elf flipped over Sonya, landing behind her and sweeping her staff round in a low arc. Sonya spun her staff to the vertical to check the blow and flicked it upward to disengage and knock Alariele’s staff aside. She allowed the movement to spin her round and swung her staff towards Alariele’s head, but the elf had recovered by then and blocked successfully. Sonya swept the other end of her staff forward to keep the attack flowing but Alariele deflected that too, stepping backwards. She counterattacked with a complex combination of strikes but Sonya managed to parry or dodge them all, even though her conscious mind was about three steps behind her hands. It was becoming instinctive. Seeing her opening, Sonya thrust her staff forward to catch her opponent in the stomach, on an impulse shouting “Firannon!” - the lightning spell she had heard Alariele use the day before - as she did so. Her staff crackled with coruscating electricity and Alariele was thrown backwards.

“Sorry!” Sonya said anxiously, but Alariele was laughing as she picked herself up.

Now we’re talking!” she said.

* * *

“Well, that went a lot better than yesterday,” Sonya said cheerfully as she and Kobie climbed down from their arenas, slipping her hand into his as they began walking back to the main camp.

Kobie nodded and smiled back, looking at her. Sonya had been almost painfully thin after weeks of near-starvation rations on the Rikers when he had first met her, but over time and now that she was eating properly again she had developed quite a curvy, attractive figure, though without losing any of her wiry strength.

“You coming for something to eat before Aeon-training?” she asked, pushing a flyaway strand of her honey-coloured hair out of her eyes with her other hand.


“Okay then - I’ll start cooking while you go and get Fariel.”

Kobie winced slightly as she mentioned Fariel and braced himself, knowing what was coming next.

“What exactly did she say to force you to cover for her the other day?”

“Er…ask her.” Kobie replied awkwardly. Sonya winked at him as he disappeared into the trees.

* * *

“Fariel!” Kobie called, glancing around as he wandered through the forest. Where was that girl?

“Fariel? You’d better not be taking the p- aaargh!”

Someone grabbed him from behind and he fell with a yelp, his heart pounding as he saw a wave sword being held to his throat.

“Tut tut, Kobie,” said Fariel with a cocky smirk, “I would have expected better from you - you’d be dead in seconds if we had a real fight.”

“It wouldn’t be that easy…” Kobie replied, and in a blur of motion he was no longer pinned beneath Fariel, but standing several metres away with a confident smile on his face. Fariel laughed.

“So, you mastered that elvish mind/body bull****, did you?” she said, sheathing the wave-sword.

“And I see the elves haven’t been able to tame your mischievous streak. You coming back to camp for lunch?” he asked, “Master Laconfir’s training starts in about an hour. You haven’t seen Neji and Melina have you?”

“Nope. Not since this morning. Come to think of it, not since last night.”

“I hope he’s changed his mind about accepting this training. He’s got the hardest task out of all of us - all our Aeons are essentially benevolent and are going to work with us when we call on their power, but Diablos is a monster he’s going to constantly have to struggle for control over.”

“I’ll ask Silarion when we get back to camp,” Fariel said with a shrug, and wandered off back through the trees.


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Fariel thought about Kobie's little trick, it didn't take him long to get the hang of it. It was quite entertaining in a sense. Although she really should have got some training in but she hadn't seen Silarion around and ended up attacking a tree instead.

Kobie followed her back to camp, asking every few seconds what the heck she was laughing about, once the camp was in view she caught site of Silarion and yelled for her to wait up, the elf stopped and waited as she jogged over to her leaving Kobie to go and sit by Sonya by the fire.

"Hey Silarion, me and Kobie were wondering if you had seen Neji or Melina around anywhere?"

"No, sorry la-, Fariel. Neji is with Retala, i know that much and Melina is around here somewhere."

"Thanks, and you don't know if Neji's accepting the training or not do ya?"

"No i don't know that either. I must go, we are preparing for your training."

"Oh, okay, i'll talk to you later then."

Silarion walked off and Fariel took her place across from Kobie and Sonya as she handed out bowls of food.

"Oh yummy." Fariel commented with a big grin making the others laugh. "This is very weird."

"What the food?" Kobie asked sarcastically.

"No being here, with the elves. We've only just got here and everything's going crazy, and all that about Tanis, and now training again."

"You miss him don't ya?" Sonya asked with an alknowing grin.

"Mebe, but that's beside the point."

"Another thing that's not the point is that what is it that you told Kobie that made him cover for you?" Sonya said completely changing the subject but Silarion stepped up beside them.

"We are ready early, so when your ready please do come."

"Sound's good!" Fariel said pretending to be excited but thankful for getting out of the awkward situation and followed the elf away from the others, "Food was good bt the by. Don't take long...i bet they are dying to get this over with as much as i am." Fariel yelled back over her shoulder.

(occ - i'll let you do the honours of our fun little aeon stunts and stuff Fenix :p i know your itching to make the elves look in awe and their special avenging angels XD two ex-convicts, a theif and a pirate XD hahahahaa this should be good)



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Neji was led into the high Priest room, it was far differnt from the rest of the building, Nature seemed to have seaped in the room, roots and grass surronded the room and all manners of wild life floated around, it was as if Neji was outside once again. The high Priest sat legs crossed on the floor with burning inscence on both sides of him meditating silently. He rose to his feet and looked at Neji with unopen eyes, yet he faced him as if his eyes were open

"Welcome Sir Neji, it is an honor to meet you," the high Priest approached Neji with his hand out to greet Neji, nobody has ever approached Neji so calmly before and greeted him so warmly, it was confusing. Slowly Neji rose his hand and shook hands with the old priest,

"umm to meet you do." The Priest smiled at Neji and began with idol small talk, which slowly began to eat away at Neji's Patients, rudely Neji interupted him "listen old man! i'm really getting impatient here are you gonna seal this deamon or what,"

"How dare you speak to the high Priest that way, he has showed you nothing but kindness and this is how you thank him," Retala raged

"hey i dont have time for this, i came here to seal Diablos, not to have a nice conversation with Gramps here," Retala gritted his teeth at Neji, trying to hold back the many curses he wished to rage but couldnt infront of the high Priest.

"Calm done Retala its quiet all right, and he's got a point, who am I to delay this very busy man, please follow me Neji."

The high Priest led Neji to one of the towers, and they tracked up many stairs to the highest room. The room was purely black, their wasnt even a window, all that was in their were six other elves four of which carryed bows. Retala slammed the door closed closed and locked it with some magical force. Neji could barely see his hand infront of his, until the floor lit up with a magical green glyph which covered most of the room. "now Neji please stand in the middle of the Glyph." Once Neji was in the middle the High Priest shouted something in Elvish. The high Priest stood at the top of the glyph, Retala at the bottom and two other Elf priest stood on the two sides. The four elves with bows stood inbetween the Priest with arrows read and aiming at Neji.

"everyone ready," The high Priest called out, the immediat reaction from all the elves was yes.

"right, now Neji, release Diablos power like you've done before, i want you to contain him in place in your body, use your spirt to grap and hold him, and leave the rest to us,"

Neji nodded and wasted now time in opening the door, and let loose all of Diablos' power. The unbearable pain of something trying to burst through his skin came once again and Neji had to restrain it asmuch as he could, the black markings spread through his body and the wings sprouted from his back, the black aura swirled around him as thinker than ever and it shook the walls, he could feel Diablos all over his body, and could restrain him in one place.

"No Neji, not like that, your letting him run free! youve gotta contain him," Retala shouted from behind him.


"damn it! he's lost sorry Neji." Retala said sadly. The other four elves readyed their bows and were ready to kill Neji, when the High Priest raised his hand.

"Wait, give him more time, he is not alone in this struggle, all he has to do is relise that."

Retala looked on in concern. And then Neji collapsed on the ground. "no he's out of it, he cant fight him in this state, we have to kill him before he become more powerful,"

"No! look more closely Retala! he continues to fight,"

Giving up on himself Neji began to weep to himself, "i i'm weak, i cant do this alone,"

"but Neji, you arnt alone, you'r allies are many," the High Priests voiced echoed in Neji's head

In Neji he head a figure stood out, as a ray of hope. "Me..Melina?"

"no not just Melina, Neji. you have more than one friend." Energy sprang back to Neji's bones and slowly he rose to his feet.

"Kobie....Sonya....Fariel.....Raiga....Tanis and Melina,"

"thats it Neji, they are all with you, even Raiga, all the way from the Farplain, remember why you want this power,"

"to protect Melina, Kobie, Sonya, Fariel and Tanis, i dont wanna see another close friend die infront of me again, and i never will,"

Neji roared and began to supress Diablos, the wings disappeared back in him and the black markings retreated to half of his body and eventually to a small patch on the side of his neck.

"Now, you fools! dont make stand here all day."

A Smiled appeared on Retala's face and he looked at the High Priest who looked equally as happy, the four elves lowered their bows and the four Priest slowly began to advance on Neji. The Glyph lit brighter than ever and a mark appeared on Neji's neck. The pain quickly went away and an exhausted Neji fell to the ground but was caught by Retala. "easy Neji, you did well," Neji quickly turned over and threw up.

"how do you feel Neji?" The high Priest said with concern, while reaching into his robes and pulling out a Cantina of water.

"hungry, havent eaten a decent meal in days,"

"well thats you fault Neji, there was plenty food at camp, if you hadnt been so distant,"

"dont lecture me old man," Neji brushed off Retala and got to his feet, still panting.

"I'm going back to camp."


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“Through here,” Silarion said, beckoning them into the great stone chapel. Fariel, Kobie and Sonya just stared at the scale of the building and its stunning stained-glass windows, but they didn’t have time to admire the view for long.

“That corridor leads to a portal into the elven city,” Silarion explained, pointing, “And the High Priest’s chambers are through here.”

She led them into the great room overrun with roots and flowers, and High Priest Laconfir was there waiting for them just as he had been for Neji. His hand rested on his jewel-topped staff and Tyrion and Alariele were standing either side of him.

“Where’s Neji?” Fariel asked.

“We thought it best to perform his binding first, and alone,” Laconfir said, “Fear not, for he passed the test and is no worse for wear. He was probably on his way back to the camp just as you left. Come.”

He beckoned them through the door into the dark room, lighting the way with a spell cast by his staff. In its steady white light, they could make out the gigantic glyph - now dark and dormant - that Neji had stood on only an hour before. Laconfir and the others led them past it and through another door into a similarly dark room with three rune-covered daises, upon the top of each was carved an image of one of their Aeons. Laconfir motioned for them to take their places.

Kobie gently squeezed Sonya’s hand reassuringly before they parted and Tyrion led him up onto Ramuh’s dais.

“This room is a link to the Farplane,” Laconfir explained, “I want you to stand here, clear your minds, and focus on trying to make contact with the Aeons inside you. Accessing their powers will come later.”

“Stand here for how long?” Fariel asked the High Priest.

“For as long as it takes.” he replied, his golden eyes unblinking.

Then he put out the light on his staff, and they were plunged into darkness.

* * *

Fariel stood there for a long time, not feeling any different.

Leviathan? she asked, for some reason not aloud, are you there?

No answer. She was starting to feel a bit silly.

Then she felt a presence begin to grow around her. Her ears were filled with the roar of rushing water, and a vision flashed in her mind - growing and growing until it filled the entire room and pushed beyond its boundaries - a vision of a glowing nimbus of light spinning slowly in the air before her. From out of the shimmering corona a great blue and white serpent emerged, slipping and sidewinding effortlessly towards her. The ground quaked and split apart, and the serpent slithered and coiled round a mountain of jagged rocks that was pushing up from the earth below. It froze at the top with its body forming a great glowing S, and in an explosion of light a tidal wave had appeared in its place and was thundering down the waterfall formed by the rocks, straight towards Fariel. Instinctively she braced herself but the water parted of its own accord and flowed to either side of her, until she was standing at the bottom of a huge whirlpool.

As she looked on in wonder, Leviathan had reappeared and was circling her slowly beyond the veil of water.

Hello Fariel, she heard a voice inside her head say. It was soft and fluid, like running water. I have been wanting to meet you in person for some time…

* * *

Come with me, Sonya. I have much to show you.

The voice coming seemingly out of nowhere surprised Sonya, but she was not afraid. She sensed something was in the room with her, something other than Kobie and Fariel and the elves, but somehow she also knew that it would not harm her.

The darkness seemed to melt away before her, to be replaced by a green and fertile landscape with shimmering rivers and fast-flowing white streams winding their way across the land while innumerable payraflies drifted and danced overhead.

You are looking at the Farplane, said the voice. Once Spira was like this also, before Sin came.

A group of payraflies were gravitating together in front of her, melding into each other to form the outline of a giant bird. Their ambient glow grew brighter, whiting out the landscape around, and forcing Sonya to shade her eyes with one hand. When the light faded, a beautiful, swan-like bird of such size that it seemed to tower above her had appeared, hovering before her as if on a strong thermal. Its multicoloured feathers, crest and tail plume rippled and swayed, although there was no wind. It turned its eyes towards her.

“Tritoch?” Sonya whispered.

The bird’s eyes smiled.

* * *

A pinpoint of light had appeared before Kobie’s eyes, a far away image that was swiftly growing brighter and more distinct. He wasn’t sure whether the image was drawing nearer, or if he had left the ground and was flying towards it, but he knew exactly where he was going.

He was standing again on the desolate plateau, sheet-lightning flickering overhead. Every few seconds a bolt of forked lightning would lance down from the dark clouds, sending stone chips and gravel spraying upwards from the ground around him.

The clouds spun like a hurricane overhead, and a particularly large lightning bolt flashed out of the vortex, quaking the ground right in front of Kobie. The familiar but still awe-inspiring figure of Ramuh had appeared before him in a swirling swarm of Payraflies.

“So, we meet again, Kobie,” the old mage said, his voice somehow carrying without effort over the howling winds, “You have done well to make it this far, and yet the journey is still only beginning.”

Lighting slashed down to hammer the ground all around Ramuh, and the strong wind whipped his cloak and beard around him fiercely. The scene was a lot more violent than in Kobie’s last vision.

“Where are we?” Kobie shouted over the gale.

“A realm of chaos, to where I was exiled after being defeated by Sin. But with your help I am now growing stronger. And soon…”

Ramuh held his staff up high and multiple bolts of lightning flashed down to swirl and coruscate over it. He slammed it into the ground between his feet, and a shockwave seemed to blast outwards from him in an expanding disc of light. As it passed, the sky overhead rippled and calmed, turning azure blue. Trees began to burst from the dead, blasted ground, growing at an incredible rate. Jagged spires of twisted rock disappeared, to be replaced with gently-rolling hills and orderly forests.

Kobie watched stunned.

<ooc - booyah! Now how’s that for dramatic? Asreal, don’t tell me Shakey’s storytelling is cooler than that, even if Fariel’s bit is just Leviathan’s “Tsunami” attack straight from FF8!>


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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As Neji made his way back to camp. He could sense something following him, stalking him, he paused for a second then continued to travel back ignoring the strange prescence. It wasnt long until he reconised the prescence, it was Retala.

He continued to walk on in an effort to fool Retala, and catch him of guard, and that he did, Retala got closer and closer to Neji, slowly taking out a small knife from his robes he lunged forward, but Neji sidestepped the assualt and effectivly tripped Retala up so he fell down hard on his face. Retala tried to get up but was stopped by Neji foot pushing down on his back.

"Pretty good, it appears you'r skills have improved rapidly,"

"what is the meaning of this Retala," Neji demanded

"just testing you out, see the knife's blunt and the size of it wouldnt even scratch you'r skin," Neji snatched the knife to check that out for himself soon relising that Retala wasnt actually trying to kill him. He released his foot and let Retala get to his feet.

"I take it that you are familier with the powers you have recevied from Diablos, i trust Diablos has informed you on his old skills,"

"no i made him tell me,"

"well then there is one i wish to try out, i beleived Diablos called it the lightning edge, the move which he used to break through Sin's armor, it is by far his most powerful attack,"

"yeh he told me how to do it, havent tried it out yet,"

"then would you like to?" Retala held out his hand and lightning began to spark from his finger tips. Neji nodded and prepared for the attack, he grapped his right arm around the wrist with his left hand and pointed his right hand, open palm towards the ground, slowy he bagan to gather dark energy into his, and released to power of Diablos, he only realsed half of the power so the black markings only covered half of his body. Focusing all the energy into his hand and pushing it out his hand began glow with a black light, energy shot from similer to lightning and cracked like it to, but it was more faint and sisister (occ see avater). Neji lifted his hand up and let go of his wrist, "ok i'm ready." Retala launched the lightning attack.

Neji thrusted his hand forward, the lightning struck it with force but it seperated as the dark energy cut through it, negating the magical attack. "very good, Neji, here i have a gift for you."

An elf came out of the bushes carrying a big case. "When Diablos was slain his sword was given to the elves to keep it out of the reach of other Deamons, the sword has a mind of its own, and can only be weilded by Diablos, which is why we are giving it to you." The elf opened to case and Neji gazed upon to great sword, it was single edge much like Silver Wolf, but it was much bigger, yet not as big as Kiba's sword, it was black and had a strange prescence around it, Neji picked it up, it was light and sturdy, a very impressive piece of work, it bore strange markings, Neji enqired on what the markings said.

"this sword is called Set Sword, Set was the most powerful and vile Deamon, he was feared by those in the Deamon world and nobody stood against him, until Diablos rose up and destroyed him in combat, as proof Diablos stole his sword from his treasurey and sealed in it Set's power, making Diablos the powerful deamon every, well until Sin arrived,"

"I see, what a sword this is, I thank you Retala,"

"thats not all Neji, remember when you dropped your pistols, and i picked them up, well i had our skilled blacksmiths enchant them with power, and heres the end result," Retala took the two Pistols from out of rob and presented them to Neji, they looked the same shape, but were coloured differntly, they were black, but were decorarted with dark red lines. Neji took them and aimed at a nearby tree, "they look and feel the same,"

"just try them out," Neji shot at a nearby tree and amazed with the devistation caused, the bullet tour throught the tree leaving a gapping hole, but wasnt all it also left a gapping hole the tree behind it, and the one behind that until the bullet eventuall had stopped after tearing thorugh 4 trees. Neji was amazed with his Pistols. "such a great weapon deserves a name, i know, Loki and Hades,"

"but why those names, how did you know of those names?" Retala asked

"i dont know Diablos told me,"

"they were Diablos' powerful generals who served under him, they were killed by Sin."

Neji put away his Pistols and strapped his sword to his back, "looks like the bady devil has grown up, to the king of Devils now."



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"Okay this is far too weird!" Fariel said breaking the scilence that had befallen the room and running past the elves and trying to find the way out of the chapel.

Kobie and Sonya didn't notice anything that was happening around them but Silarion quickly followed Fariel out of the chapel.



"We aren't finished come back inside."

"I'm sorry but this is just a little too much for me." she retorted continuing to walk away from the chapel and Silarion and into the forest.

"You need to do this Fariel, you've been chosen for this fate and you have to accept that."

"Fate is never final Silarion! You accept that."

"Do it for Tanis." she said hitting a nerve. Fariel spun round and stared down the elf, "You know he wants you to succed are you really going to throw all hes done to get you here away, all because its all too much?"

You know shes right Fariel

"Oh shut up Leviathan, i'm talking to her not you...wait, get out my head!"

Silarion took a step back and watched confused as Fariel started yelling to what looked like herself but smiled as she knew what was going on.

You can't get rid of me by ignoring me Fariel. We have to fight Sin together, do you not want to avenge your parents?

"Whoa, your walking on thin ice with that one Leviathan. Sin may have killed them but it was the meastors fault, its that i should kill!"

Alright the, you work with me to defeat sin, and i will help you defeat the meastors?

"What kind of aeon are you? Your so manipulative and twisted."

Much like you, no?

"Ok ok! Please just get out of my head!"

Sorry not that easy then Leviathan's voice dissapeared.

"Are you two finished?" Silarion asked with an all knowing grin.

"Don't start!"

"Come back in with me please?"


A few minutes later she found herself standing back on the same glyph as before in the same dark room, Kobie and Sonya hadn't moved from what she could make out in the darkness. Sighing she did as she was told and it started all over again.

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Tanis collapsed after another training session.

"I'm getting the hang of it. It shall soon be under my control. But, DAMN! it is still to draining. It wont get me anywhere against Melina. But as soon as i have it...i wont lose. Not even to the angels...i won't let myself."

It had been tough but Tanis was finally learning to control the power of ultima. Now that he was beginning to understand its power and was starting to control it, all other things seemed puny. He could rattle off huge amounts of ancient magics as well as an almost endless supply of master level spells...he still coulden't heal though. He had become faster than his sister...or at least faster than she was when they met back at the cave. His own personal power had gron to overwhelming proportions. Even greater than that of the strongest full elf. He had gained even greater perception skills and could manuver as well as normal even when blinded. His strength had increased tenfold and his swordplay even more so. Tanis could now easily defeat all of his friends without breaking a sweat...of course that would all change as soon as they gain control of the aeons.

Ultima was the final hurdle for Tanis. Once he had mastered this spell he would easily be a match for his sister. He was still not overly confident though. Sure, his friends would be there to help. But there powers would only manifest themselves when someone close was in danger...or they personally were...Tanis had no intention of letting those kids -his friends as he had come to accept them- have to save him. Either his sister of him would perish at one of the others hands. Tanis now thought of his job as complete with the angels. He had guided them to the elves. Now his task was over. He knew what had to be done.

He was going to leave the group.

He knew it would be hard...especially to leave Fariel...But it was something that he had to do.

And he knew how he would do it.

They were all accustomed to Tanis dissappering to do whatever it was he did. They had no idea he was taking energy from people. So he would innocently dissapper as usual..and just not come back.

Tanis knew he had to do it. He could no longer help them. They would soon all be stronger than him. He was obsolete.

He would still have to avoid the elves. Which would mean going back to his lifestyle of lonelyness. But again it had to be done. He was lucky to have gotten away so easily. He shouldn't have been surprised. Thank yevon that they didn't ask to ready his mind. He would have had to decline. Not only to save his secrets. But to stop them knowing the truth.

They could have read anyone's mind there but they would never have found out that Tanis had killed many a time with his power. None of them knew him to have done that because Tanis was not with them when he did.

Tanis silently went through his plan once more. and, content that it was the best thing to do, Drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

(O.O.C- Tanis is leaving :P but only when you meet back up again and you will all run into each other again.)



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“Alright, Leviathan,” Fariel whispered through gritted teeth, fighting the urge to shout, “We’ve done it your way and I’m back in the temple, now what do you want?”

I can see you are not in the frame of mind to listen to me today, Fariel, said the voice inside her head, but please understand I am not trying to dominate you. I am trying to help you - you and millions of others throughout Spira.

“But why me?”

I can assure you the others have asked themselves the same question. I know it is hard to accept, Fariel, but you must. Together we will destroy Sin and bring about again an age of peace. Surely that is worth fighting for. We can do it, you and I, and the other Avenging Angels.

“And how do you know that?”

I won’t lie to you, Fariel. I don’t. But the task falls to us to try, and no-one can shirk from their destiny.

“I make my own destiny, Leviathan!”

A vain thought. Then why is it you and not another on the stone tablets and stained-glass windows of the elven realm? You cannot fight fate, Fariel. Any more than I can.

* * *

Sonya flew through the cloudless sky of the Farplane on Tritoch’s back, payraflies zipping past and her hair blowing back in the wind as the Aeon soared effortlessly over the dream-world below.

To try and unlock the vast powers of an Aeon is a dangerous process, Sonya, Tritoch was saying in a soft, musical voice, but High Priest Laconfir and I will guide you through it as best we can. At the end of the day however, it is your will and your power alone that will allow you to call me forth to battle Sin.

“But what if I’m not strong enough, Tritoch? What will happen to Spira then?”

Sonya, you’re only 22 and you’ve already mastered white, black and a good deal of elven high magic. Your guide Tanis wasn’t lying when he said you had huge amounts of untapped magical power - you just need to learn how to unlock it. You have already proven that by combining your power with mine you can heal even better than Silarion. Imagine what we can accomplish when you reach your full potential! And with the other Angels by our side! Sin cannot stand against the Avenging Angels combined, just as the highest mountain cannot stand forever against the four elements.

They wheeled in the air and began descending. Sonya saw a building below them surrounded by trees and recognised it as the elven chapel where she really was. The Farplane around her began to darken and dissolve, as did Tritoch as they swooped down towards the chapel.

As if waking from a dream she found herself standing on the dais in the pitch-dark room, Tritoch’s voice echoing as it faded from her mind in a rush of wind-noise.

We will speak again soon, Sonya.

* * *

“Did you commune with your Aeons?” Laconfir said, relighting his staff and making all three of the Avengers blink in the bright light. They nodded.

“Good - you are making excellent progress, young Avengers. Tomorrow we may even try manifesting your Aeons.”

Kobie did not know how long he had been gone, but the sky had grown dark and the stars were out as their guides led them back out of the chapel. They spoke little, but Alariele and Tyrion were conversing quietly in elvish, discussing Tanis’ trial and Selina’s unexpected treachery. Unthinkable that she would use her powers to steal the souls of others. And if Laguna was to be believed, her father had not died fighting Sin at Besaid as she had claimed.

“I see it all now,” Alariele said, “We all thought my cousin Lauthelias would be the one to train the Angels, especially after he found and began training two of them - lady Fariel and lady Sonya.”

She glanced over her shoulder at the two as she spoke.

“A strange twist of fate that it should not be the master, Lauthelias, but his outcast pupil Tanis who was destined to be their prophesised guide.” Tyrion mused.

“Selina thought Lauthelias was the guide too. She was ever power-hungry and tried to stop him.”

“And came dangerously close to undoing everything we sought to bring about.” said Tyrion.

“I see her mind now,” Alariele continued, “When he hired her, maestor Mika could not have known what he was doing, much less her ulterior motive. After Lauthelias’ death, Selina has been hunting the rest of the Angels ever since, for if the prophesy remained unfulfilled she could continue to build her unholy powers, eventually transcending mortality to become an Aeon. Taking her father’s soul would have been a long way towards this, with perhaps her brother Tanis being the final step. Then she would defeat Sin herself, and after the 10 year calm, replace him as the new Sin and the ultimate power in this world. She nearly succeeded.”

“She may still yet, “ Tyrion said gravely, “With your cousin’s death we thought all chance of fulfilling the prophesy was lost. But then, three days ago Yendor appeared and announced the arrival of some unexpected guests,” he glanced fondly back at the three adventurers following them, “And hope was rekindled. They can still stop them, Alariele. They can stop Selina and Sin and save Spira.”

<ooc - and I think we’ll be confronting Selina and company soon enough…well there you go, how’s that for some rambling, inconsequential philosophising :p we’d better wrap this training up relatively soon, guys - don’t gloss over it, do the summonings justice, but we need to be moving on to face the assassins and have the final showdown with Sin. Have you given any thought to what your characters might do after this is all over (if they survive…)? BTW my next post is going to be them noticing that Tanis has buggered off! LOL>


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[BOSS]Fenix wrote:

ooc - and I think we’ll be confronting Selina and company soon enough…well there you go, how’s that for some rambling, inconsequential philosophising :p we’d better wrap this training up relatively soon, guys - don’t gloss over it, do the summonings justice, but we need to be moving on to face the assassins and have the final showdown with Sin. Have you given any thought to what your characters might do after this is all over (if they survive…)? BTW my next post is going to be them noticing that Tanis has buggered off! LOL>

(occ - lol how cna we notice if Tanis has buggered off when we can't leave the forest? Answer that :P lol
Anyway lets get this aeon thingy done and go kick in Kerr :3 lol oh um and selena and that :p lol
I already told ya what Fariels gonna do when they defeat sin though i have another thought though its kinda sucky and one of those happily eve after things so i'm thinking not :p and stick to the original plan :p lol uh oh, better get ready for school bus comes soon XD lol
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"Fariel, when it comes to your next lesson please try not to run off again, alright?" Silarion asked looking over her shoulder to where she was, but it was only Kobie and Sonya who hadn't seemed to have notice. "Where did she go?"

"Who, Fariel? I don't know. What do you mean again anyway?" Kobie asked curiously.

"During your meeting with your aeon's Fariel got, agitated, and ran off."

"She did?" Sonya jumped in, "I don't remember that."

"Well you wouldn't you weren't exactly, paying attention to what was going on in the real world."

"Uh huh. You want us to go and find her?"

"No no, i'm asuming she'll come back in her own time."


"No no, i'm asmuing she'll come back in her own time."

Fariel watched them walk away with a grin from the tree she was hiding in before clambering down out of it and walking off into the forest, Bout time you gave up Silarion

"Leviathan? You listening to me? Well of course your listening, your in my head. I probably don't even have to talk out loud. I'm gonna accept your twisted little deal alright, you help me take revenge on the meastors and i'll help you with Sin. But one other little thing, next time i face Kerr, which will probably be soon i suppose, you have to help me kick his ass."

That sound's fair

"Ah so you are listening."

You did just say that i was

"SO, have you always been, ya know, inside me?"

In a sense yes.

"Why didn't you say something sooner, If you've always been there you should have at least said something."

There was no need to, and it would have only brought up problems.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Now what's around here to do. It's so boring here."

You could do some training, seeing as you always manage to avoid it.

"Yeah i could but there's noone to train against."

"Is there not?" Silarion asked gracfully landing in front of her from the trees above.

"Any reason why you keep creeping off? Its becoming a bit fustrating when it comes to finding you."

"Yeah sorry about that, but it gets a little boring around here."

"Well then lets change that for you. Attack me."

"Are you serious?" Fariel asked but her question was answered as Silarion launched at her.

She was pretty serious

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(occ - ha triple post :p lol yeah, then there was soul calibue 3 moves left right and center!!! I have so many more, it'll be sweet :D lol :p yeah i'll shut up. Fenix do your filler post and lets go beat up the assassins :D lol)

Silarion ran at Fariel again, Fariel responded with a vertical attack but it was stopped as Silarion grabbed her wrist and using the momentum of her run and Fariel swing, skidded down through Fariel’s legs pulling the girl over herself and crashing into the ground.

“Ouch much?” Fariel moaned. “See that would have been cool if It didn’t happen to me.”

“Well then, I’d better show you how to do it.”

It took several attempt’s, each failing with Fariel half way through the manoeuvre with a dagger held at her neck, which she kept cursing at. Then she got it right and Silarion was soon on her back with a smile.

“Congratulations Fariel, beat you can’t do it again.” Silarion said stirring Fariel’s sneaky grin.

Fariel quickly ran at the elf again but Silarion sidestepped and Fariel faltered as her wave swords were taken from her and was jumped on from behind the wave swords sitting about to slice through her shoulders.

“See now that would hurt.”

“If its preformed properly without hesitation it will disembowel the opponents arms.” Silarion explained climbing off of Fariel’s back.

That would do it

“That would do it aye. Teach me teach me teach me!” Fariel said jumping up and down.

Silarion grinned and started the routines again.


“Not only did Fariel run off but Silarion’s gone too.” Kobie commented rolling his eyes.”

“Where do you think they went?” Sonya interrupted.

“I don’t know, how bout we go for a walk and find them?

“Alright.” Sonya replied taking his hand in hers and walking off into the forest.

It wasn’t long until they found themselves walking past the arenas again and joked about attempts at training the day before.
Fariel and Silarion looked down at the pair walking through the forest and grinned, once they had heard their arrival they had retreated into the trees. Fariel finally discovering Silarion’s sneaky side.

One, two, three! Fariel indicated with her fingers the pair of them launching from the trees and landing silently behind Kobie and Sonya. Silarion drew her dagger and grabbed Sonya while Fariel kicked Kobie down in the back of the knee and put a wave sword to his neck.

“That’s twice Kobie; you should learn to glance around you, peripheral vision and stuffs?”

“Fariel you cheeky little fiend.” Kobie said as she let him up, and Silarion released Sonya who was looking slightly worried.

“She’s done this to you before?” Sonya commented rubbing her neck.

“Yeah, don’t get used to it Fariel. I’ll get you back.”

“Sure you will, that should be the day.”

“How did you rope Silarion into that one?”

“I think I rubbed off on her, she’d make a good thief.”

“I’m sure.” he said rolling his eyes again. “Go on away with ya.”

“Yeah yeah we’re going.” Silarion said making Kobie cock an eyebrow.

Fariel laughed and disappeared back up the tree and jumped out of another onto the arena.

“Come on Silarion, that can’t be the only two moves you’ve got?”

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Whether it was because they were beginning to harness their Aeons’ power or because the elves were simply outstanding teachers, the Avengers’ training was coming on by leaps and bounds. Kobie and Tyrion awed the others using their timeshift ability to duel so fast that they were both just a blur, Kobie’s thunder-infused Dragon’s Claws showing only as sparking blue contrails where they swept through the air. Sonya had now mastered most of the high magic spells to such a degree that Alariele was hard-pressed to beat her, and had adopted an acrobatic fighting style that impressed even the agile elves. Fariel was now less of a fighter than a deadly assassin capable of getting the drop on her hapless friends almost every time with attacks that, had they not been only dummies, would almost certainly have been lethal. There had only been a couple of notable exceptions, like when Kobie somehow saw her coming and timeshifted out the way, or when she tried to surprise Neji and he smashed her to the ground and snarled in a voice that didn’t sound completely like he was joking that if she tried that again he’d break her arm. Neji himself had not attended the official training sessions, but nevertheless seemed to have greatly improved his skills over the last few days, and as for those new weapons of his…

Tanis however was nowhere to be found, a fact that kept cropping up in conversation over meals.

One evening, an hour or so before what Laconfir had said he was confident would be their final summoning lesson where they would manifest their Aeons for real, Fariel said to the others:

“You don’t think he’s gone on another one of his little adventures without telling us has he?”

“He might have,” replied Melina from where she was leaning up against Neji, “But doesn’t he usually tell you guys first?”

“You’d better keep watching the skies, Fariel,” Kobie said with a grin.

“Yeah, Tanis takes ‘dropping in’ to a whole new level!” Fariel said with a reminiscent laugh, “Still, I’d like to know where he’s gone.”

Sonya felt a now-familiar presence touch her mind.

“I know how we can find out,” she said.

“How are you going to do that? He’s a slippery one when he wants to be,” Neji put in.

“Not me,” Sonya replied, “Tritoch.”

She closed her eyes and calmed her mind, then let it reach outwards. Her consciousness soared up through the trees and flew across the forest, scanning every detail and missing nothing with a hawk-like, omniscient gaze. Whether Tritoch was extending her sight or whether she was seeing through the Aeon’s eyes she didn’t know.

Suddenly she found what she was looking for, and swooped down on Tanis where he waited crouched between two rocks, checking that the coast was clear. Somehow he sensed her presence, and turned to face her with an amused smile.

“Hello Sonya,” he said, “Yes, I know you’re there - I can sense you. Very interesting, I didn’t know you had the gift of Farsight. Only a few of the most powerful mages do. I have something I need to talk to you all about, something very important. Tell the others I want you all to meet me on the hill near the forest edge after your Aeon training.”

Wondering about that mysterious message, Sonya let her vision retreat back to the glade where they were sitting and re-enter her real body. She opened her eyes to see Fariel looking at her with a questioning eyebrow raised.

“He wants us to meet him later this evening,” she said.

<ooc - okay, I know this is brief by my standards but we don't want to be here all year>


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Neji stood in the middle of a battle scared clearing, clothes slightly tattered and with a few bleeding cuts. He raised his sword and pointed it at Melina who was standing on the edge of the field.

"ok Melina, lets go again,"

"ok, the usual two?"

"No this time, im taking on three,"

"Three!? as you wish then,"

Whether it was the atmosphere of the elves which made Melina stronger or helping out with Neji's training but Melina had became a far more powerful summoner, she had learnt how to summon more than one Aeon at the same time a trait which is very rare with summoners, this pleased Neji greatly he was proud to see her grow stronger and it was also useful for Neji's training.

"Bahamut, Ifrit, Ixion! come forth!" she yelled.

In front of Neji Bahamut crashed on the ground shaking the land as he landed, a tremor which shook the tree, but Neji stood his ground unmoving. To the right Ifrit emerged from the ground in a hail of flames which danced around the flaming beast, and to the left coming out of a vortex of lightning Ixion emerged Lightning dancing of his body as the proud Stalion walked closer to Neji.

"Ok Melina dont hold them back now,"

she groaned, "this means i'm going to have to fix up your clothes again, very well, everyone dont hold back go all out!"

Bahamut spread his wings and charged at Neji and clawed at him, swiftly Neji jumped back high in the air, Bahamut claws tour a chunk out of the ground. While in midair Ifrit swung at Neji catching him off guard and sending Neji pummeling to the ground at Ixion's feet, he looked and saw Ixion mighty hooves come down hard, quickly he rolled out the way but got struck by a bolt of lightning which Ixion launched as his Hooves struck the ground.

Despite that Neji rose to his feet easyily. The Aeons then surronded him in a Triangular formation, Ifrit conjured up a great ball of fire, Ixion's horn began to shine, getting ready to launch and Bahumut charged up an Impulse attack. A smile creeped in on Neji's face, he began to glow blue which soon charged to a dark shade and Neji realeased the power of Diablos, the black markings covered his entire body but the wings did not emerge, it appeared he was only using about 75% of Diablos's power plus his own.

The attacks were realeased and each scored a hit but Neji remained standing. His body appeared to have absorbed the attack and he stood with no extra cuts or burses on his body but his clothes had seen better days. The Aeons charged at him, Ixion thrusting forward with its horn, Ifrit coming down with his claws and Bahamut charging forward with his claws with an upward strike, each attack was parried with Neji's sword and as were the following attacks which Neji nimbly dodged or were swatted away by his sword. The aeons retreated back from the attack and surronded Neji once again, and again they charged up their attacks. "heh heh fools you can't hit what you can't see," With that Neji put away his sword and folded his arms a black began to swirl around him and then spread throughout the area, engullfing the Aeons and Melina. The mist was thick nothing could be seen from out of arms reach. The Aeons searched desperatly for Neji but with luck, eventually a gun shot could be heard and then the mist faded, only Ixion and Bahamut stood, all that could be seen of Ifrit was the shape of his deamonic figure as it faded away in hail of Pyrflies. Standing next to it was Neji pistols drawn and pointing to where Ifrit stood. Ixion readyied for another charge but to its shock Neji put away his Pistol and only pointed his hand open palm towards Ixion "....demi,". Suddenly a black sphere appeared around Ixion and sucked it in then realeased it just as quickly crashing it to the ground, Ixion was still able to fight but severly injured, Neji drew his sword and charged towards Ixion with speed never seen before from him, He thrusted forward and slew Ixion with one blow. A voice came from inside Neji, "hey Neji, behind you," coming fast from behind Neji was Bahamut claws drawn, "may I?" the voice said once again. Neji smiled and looked towards to ground, "heh very well," When he rose his head once again. His eye had chaged to a sheer black colour. He quickly turned around dodging Bahamuts blow and and then successfully cutting it in two, defeating it instandly. Neji took a deep breath, and voice came from his mouth which did not belong him, "Ah i'll never get tired of breathing the air once again." His eyes changed back to Neji's normal eyes. He sheathed his sword and aproached Melina.

"looks like you'r deal with Diablos is working out well for both you,"

"Yeh, but thats enough for now, Melina lets return,"

"good i need to fix you'r clothes and you seriously need a bath."

"yeh Neji, listen to you'r girlfriend," The voiced echoed in his head.

Neji snarled "Shut up Diablos."

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Aimlessly walking through the forest thinking about what Tanis wanted to meet with them about watched leaves drop from a tree and looked up, then leaves fell from a different tree closly followed by Silarion pouncing down towards her, Fariel quickly dodged out the way leaving Silarion the roll back into standing as she reached the ground.

"Well done Fariel."

"For what?"

"Knowing were i was going to attack you from." then she was gone, back into the trees. But it was just scilence, no leaves fell, nothing rustled, just scilence. Then a knife flew out from nowhere and flew towards her, diving out the way it embedded itself in the tree in front of her.

Then three more, all from different directions. Jumping up and grabbing a branch she hoisted herself up as the three knives flew past underneath her letting her down saftly.

"You got faster." Silarions voice said, btu from all directions, not in just one place. "Close your eyes."


"Becuase you can't always see when you are being attacked, and therefore you need to be able to hear when your being attacked." Silarion explained jumping down from a tree. "Say you in a crowded street, your a target and anyone could attack you from anywhere. Like when Kerr shot you through the shoulder, you could have prevented that."

"Right, so you want me to listen for something that makes no noise?"


"Your insane." Fariel said jokingly and closing her eyes as Silarion dissapeared into the trees again.

Listening carefully, clal she could hear was the leaves in the tree's and the sound of the birds that sang in the peaceful forest. THen she yelled a knife cut her arm.

"Fariel listen! Pin point the noise that isn't natural."

Listening again she got fustrated becuase all she could hear was the birds and the leaves, then there was something else, the faintest of whistling in the air to the left. Diving forwards she heard the knife lodge itself in a tree.

"Much better. See, now your ready."

"Ready for what?"

"To leave the forest. After you finish your aeon training, you will be ready to leave to forest and complete your mission."

"You mean that we're finished finished?"

"If finished finished is i have nothing else to teach you then yes."



"I dunno."

"Go on, go back to the others and complete your aeon training and make sure to listen when you meet Tanis."

"What is it with your elves?!" Fariel protested but Silarion was already gone again. Heh, at least i wasn't the only one that learnt anything. I think i taught her something too."

Like how not to stay still?

"Yeah." she siad with big grin.

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"It's almost time...when they arrive i shall test them personally...the elves can teach...but i can show. I just hope that Neji has control over his power, otherwise i could end up a stain on the ground..."

Tanis had been pondering it for a while now...he had mastered ultima. It was time to see if his power..a power that had manifested itself splendidly over the past few days, was strong enough. He knew the angels still wouldent be at peak game. They were still learning to read there aeons. Tanis knew that Neji would be a problem though...diablos...not one that he would willingly battle.

"I have to do it...when they get here i shall battle each on of them and not stop until i have beaten them all or been defeated. I just hope Diablos dosent resort to bloodshed...


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“What the hell happened to you?” Fariel said as she rejoined the group and saw the state that Neji was in.

“Just killing time with a bit of training before the final summoning lesson,” Neji said offhandedly. He had declined to attend further Aeon training after the binding ritual, but Retala had eventually convinced him to join the others for the last and potentially most dangerous lesson. Melina smiled fondly at him.

“But you’re still having a bath before then even if I have to cast Watara on you myself!” she laughed.

Suddenly there was a flash behind them, and they whipped round to see a lightning bolt flicker down from the sky to strike somewhere outside the forest.

“What was that?” Kobie asked, and then, “Are you okay?” to Sonya, who seemed to be staring into space.

“Shh,” she said quietly, closing her eyes, “I think Tanis is trying to say something…”

“You wha-?” Fariel began, but Kobie hushed her.

“He wants us to meet him on the hill where the lightning struck as soon as possible.”

“What? But training with Laconfir’s in an hour!” Kobie said.

Sonya closed her eyes again and opened them with a confused frown.

“He says it can’t wait. And…and that if we go and see him now, we may not need that final training session…”

“What’s he on about?” Neji growled. Sonya shrugged helplessly. Fariel was the first to get up.

“Come on then!” she said light-heartedly, looking around and seeing that no elves were nearby to stop them, “I want to hear what that pointy-eared pest has been up to these last few days!”

* * *

Tanis watched impassively as his five companions emerged from the trees. They had all come - good.

“Tanis, where have you been!?” Fariel shouted as she ran towards him, stopping just short of hugging him and looking slightly embarrassed.

“I will explain later, and I have something very important to tell you. But first, I want you to fight me.”

Fariel’s smile wavered.


“Consider this your trial by fire before you take on the assassins,” Tanis said smoothly, “Come on now, defend yourselves! Bisingr!

Sonya reflexively deflected the fireball he had launched at her with her staff to send it streaking off harmlessly into the air.

“Tanis, what are you…?”

She blocked another Bisingr, and this time rebounded it back towards the half-elf. It burst in a bright glare against his magic shield.

“That’s more like it!” Tanis said with a flicker of a smile, “Now don’t go easy on me - I’m telling you now I’m not going to go easy on you!”

They circled him warily, Kobie extending his Dragon’s Claws with a hiss of metal and standing next to Sonya. Neji placed himself protectively in front of Melina, his fingers flexing on the grips of his pistols. Fariel opened the attack, leaping at Tanis from behind. He leapt aside and let her roll back onto her feet.

“You’re still too impatient to rush your target, Fariel,” he said quietly, “Think. Adapt your fighting style so that you don’t need the element of surprise.”

Neji raised his pistols and Tanis braced his shield ready to receive the bullets, but to his surprise the first shot punched effortlessly through his magical defence, scoring a deep gash in his cheek. He dived aside, dodging through the other bullets as they threw up fountains of earth behind him. Kobie seized his chance but Tanis saw the tell-tale blur of his timeshifting and raised his katana in defence. Kobie’s claws sparked against Tanis’ blade, then the half-elf’s other arm flicked out. To Kobie’s surprise it held Neji’s old sword - Silver Wolf - reforged, though he had no time to wonder at this and he had to leap backwards to avoid Tanis‘ counterattack. Despite his dodge, the sword still struck him a glancing blow, leaving blood trickling down his forearm from a minor flesh wound.

“Mind your defence, Kobie,” Tanis said, “You’re fast but you’re not invincible. And Neji - very good but let’s see your swordplay.”

As Neji obediently spun his pistols back into their holsters and drew the Set sword, Tanis spun and easily dispelled the Blizzaga that Sonya had cast at him.

“Come on, you can do better than that!” he chided her, “I said don’t go easy on me!”

Ishara!” Sonya shouted in response and slashed her glowing staff downward, sending a spiralling vortex of water roaring towards Tanis. For a second the column of water seemed to assume the shape of a giant hand that closed around Tanis before crashing down on him. As he reeled to keep his balance Kobie leapt forward, spinning through the air in a whirlwind of blades that Tanis barely avoided.

“Better! Now you’re working together!” he said as he defended himself against Kobie, Fariel and Neji simultaneously. He blasted them all backwards with a shockwave of raw magical power and saw that Melina had her hands raised and was about to summon one of her Aeons. He cast Aero <ooc - that’s the spell by the way, not the chocolate bar LOL>, hurling her off her feet and slamming her against a tree behind with devastating force. As she crumpled to the ground, Neji roared in anger and fear and pushed Sonya roughly out of his way to get to her side.


She did not reply, only moaned faintly.

Neji’s head snapped round, and Sonya gasped in horror when she saw the bestial snarl of rage that had contorted his face. His eyes, fixed on Tanis, had turned jet black.

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"you'r not gonna let him get away with this Neji?" Diablos encouraged

"Melina, speak to me!"

"come on Neji, realease everthing, show him not to hurt Melina,"

Neji continued to ignore Diablos as his main concern was Melina, he lay her done flat on the ground so she confortable. Melina looked deep in Neji's eyes before passing out. Anger swelled deep in him, the dark aura swirled around him his hands dug into the ground as he gripped it. Gripping his sword he rose slowly to his feet to face Tanis who looked on in horror as he rose his head so his eyes would meet Tanis's. The Black markings had spread through out his body, his eyes turned pure black and he had grown two devilish fangs. It wasnt long until the two wing sprouted from his back and with a great roar an eruption of power shook the land the wild life within the radius fled in all directions. Kobie readied his dragon claws fearing this new Neji was a threat. Tanis knew he was indanger and immediatly raised his Katana and readied his shield.

"Neji, just calm down abit ok? I'm sure Melina's alrite, Sonya will see to her," Fariel said as she caustiously approached Neji, but Neji ignored her words.

"I'LL TEAR YOU APART!" He roared in a wicked voice. Gipping his sword he lashed forward at Tanis who in response put more power in his shield. Neji Thrusted forward shattering the shield, in order to avoid the attack Tanis jumped back. Neji followed up with another slash which Tanis bloked with his sword, although avoiding Death the force sent Tanis flying. Skillfully landing on his feet Tanis recovered from the attack easyily raised his finger tips and realeased fire from his finger tips but they were simply cast aside by Neji, swiftly Tanis dodged Neji next swing but got caught with the blunt side of his sword and was sent flying and crashing into the rocks. With a wicked smile Neji slowly approached the injured Tanis who could barely stand after such a strike but as if appearing from no where Kobie appeared infront of him Dragon Claws ready to strike, "out of my way Kobie!"

"Neji stop this rite now!"

"OUT OF MY WAY!" Neji swung at Kobie fist clenched and sent him rocketing to the side, Sonya ran to side and helped him to his feet.

"Whats wrong with Neji, Kobie," Sonya asked

"Neji's anger has taken a hold of him it has given him incredible new powers which he can't control," Fariel appeared by their side.

"Diablos must of taken hold him again,"

"no thats not it, this is all Neji, its his anger, Diablos only encouraged him and is now regretting it and trying to calm him down, but its of no avail," A mysterious voice said from the behind them. They turned around to see Retala walking out from behind a rock with a strong look of concern. "at this rate, Tanis is not the only one in trouble but everyone in the world he is just as dangorus as Sin with this much anger,"

"Then what do we do?" Kobie asked

"we must stop Neji, try to reach Neji and calm him down,"

Neji towered above the battered Tanis and rose his sword to finish the job, but the time Kobie had bought Tanis gave him enough time to cast an elf healing spell on himself and he dodged the finishing blow. Tanis swung sword in upwards and cut Neji up the middle, but the wound sealed up quickly, Tanis kicked Neji and jumped back putting away his sword,

"I didnt want to do this Neji but you leave me no choice!" Tanis began to get ready to use Ultima, when all of a sudden Fariel, Sonya, Kobie and Retala formed a wall infront of him.

"NO! get out of the way! i'm about to cast Ultima." But Tanis's words of warning fell on deaf ears and the four didnt budge, instead they called out to Neji trying to calm him down, but it did not work, Neji spreaded his wings and took to the sky. Neji raised his hand and sky turned purple as dark clouds and violent lightning storms surronded Neji. He raised his hand to the sky, and huge black ball appeared above his hand. A strange yellow light was pouring from Neji's hand to the ball.



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Tanis screamed at the top of his voice. Not even he could subdue Diablos alone. he would need there help.

"Goddamn it! i knew this would happen. The elves have not done there jobs! at this rate he will be the one to destoy us!"

The angels stood behind Tanis weary from battle. They had noted how much he had improved. His power was vast. But...ultima? how could he think of casting that? surely that was beyond him.

"Quickly everyone give me your palms! i must have your energy! your aeons will protect you! hurry theres not much time left he is almost free!"

The angels held there hands out obediently and Tanis swiftly cut there palms. Chanting, he waved his hand above theres and started to absorb there energy...

Tanis recoiled...he fest unlimited power sources in all of them

"Such could they not defeat me?"

Tanis finished absorbing energy and left them to be healed by Sonea.

"Now when i say the word i want you all to try and contact your aeons. I know you have had little practice but i need you and there help. Now get ready...because here he come.."

Neji was standing there but it was no longer the Neji they all knew. He had the black markings of Diablos on his body. A dark, boding aura surrounded him and power radiated visibly off of his body. He spoke with a voice not human or demon.

"Now half-elven you and these so called anges shall die and i shall reign supreme again!"

"i am sorry Diablos but i cannot allow this to happen. You will not kill us...We shall defeat you!"

Tanis lunged towards Diablos, surprised to see that he didn't even flinch. he drew his katana and slashed at Neji's, Diablo's, neck. But Diablos was having none of it. He drove his knee into Tanis's abdomen sending him recoiling into a nearby tree. tanis could not defeat him. He was a mere puny half elf.

"Damn it...i'm usual."

tanis lunged again, feigned to his left and struck Neji from below. But again He was brutally repelled, this time sent flying at the angels feet.

"hold my friend its almost time..."

"but Tanis? what are we waiting for? you'll die!" whispered Kobie.

"No i wont. You will save me!"

Again Tanis threw himself towards Neji, this time managing to draw blood. But staring,wide eyed, as the wound simply healed.

"Tanis you fool your power is no match for mine give up and accept your fate!"


Power radiated from Tanis as he released the energy from within him. The power was even greater than before. He was vaugely aware of hearing the angels screaming for him to stop. But it was to late. The energy consumed Neji and imploded with such ferocity the angels were thrown 20 meters back.

Fariel was first on her feet scanning the area where the two titans were battling.

Neji was first into view again. Diablos was still in control although he was losing his grip...there was only so much he could stand against in a human body.

"That was foolish...he cannot defend himself no-"



Another wave of pure energy hit Neji. Again consuming him. Fariel had just enough time to see Tanis standing there preparing his spell before he unleashed it. Then she had the sense to hit the ground. As did the others. Again the energy flowed past them and again the energy surrounded them. And yet...again!?


Although this time there was another sound.

"Now guys unleash the aeons! stop him!"

fariel looked at the others they nodded, then began to concentrate...

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Fariel could barely belive what was being portrayed in front of her, first he wanted them to fight him then cast three ultima's he could barely cast one the last time she saw him. But it was no time to be debating with herself over that the heck was going on and called upon Leviathan.

Fariel he wants you to summon me

"No **** Leviathan."

What are you waiting for then? You have to power within you, i will come forth if you wish it

"I wish it, now hurry up!"

I'm not something that can be ordered into existance, concentrate

Fariel took in a deep breath and tried not to argue, closing her eyes she concentrated and calling forth her aeon. She was suprised at how easily she found it, just like Leviathan had said, she had the power within her and Leviathan came forth. The earth around her feet rippled like it was made of water and from its depths first came the head of the serpent and escalated upwards in a spiral around Fariel, like a snake coiling around its prey. He was huge, and towered around her, opening her eyes she looked around weakly at the giant beast surrounding her.

Stay with us Fariel.

"Hey you try summoning you and see how you feel afterwards, and don't say i told you so!"

"Kobie, Sonya hurry up!" Tanis yelled from ahead of them, not able to be seem as the smoke from the explosions was still settling.

Leviathan's mighty eye's peirced the area as if it was as clear as the ocean and saw Kobie and Sonya climbing to their feet and stepping away from each other, closing their eyes.
Fariel closed her eyes and steadied herself, it was a great drain to summon Leviathan but the smooth scales of the aeon met her back and supported her.

Here come my brother's Fariel. Watch.

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(occ meanwhile in Neji's head)

"Diablos! stop this now,"

"i'm only doing what you wouldn't do yourself Neji!"

"Damn it Diablos at this rate, you'r gonna get Melina killed to!"

"Good, she is your weakness, this power you have rite now was supressed by Melina, and i know that aslong as she lives you will continue to be weak! thats why i was waiting behind this seal, waiting for someone to hurt her so you would realese your anger, and alowe me to break through the seal and finally take control,"

"This is my body I will never allow you to control it!"

Neji fought back hard against the invading Diablos, and soon located him inside his head he could see Diablos sitting on his throne, laughing wickedly at Tanis and the other's attempts to defeat him. Neji raised his sword.

"DIABLOS!!" Diablos turned to Neji and got up from his throne all that could be seen in the darkness in Neji's head was alone figure Neji staring down the daunthing Diablos.

"Diablos! its time for me to finally defeat you and lock you back in you'r cage, this battle will decide who has complete control of this body,"

"you fool Neji, you cant defeat me," Diablos drew his sword and readied for battle.

"enough talk, lets Fight!"

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<ooc -okay, slight time-sync inaccuracy here>

Kobie leapt to his feet in the wake of Tanis’ impossible second Ultima, concentrating as hard as he could as he slammed his thumb against his bow’s Thundara rune and sent a bolt of incandescent lightning arcing towards Neji where he hovered above them, beating his vast black wings.

He was aiming at Neji’s shoulder, unwilling to risk killing his friend even now, but to his horror Neji continued casting Dark Messenger with one hand and with the other used lightning edge to bisect his magical missile with a pulse of black energy. The two halves of the bolt streaked off in opposite directions, causing nearby trees to burst into flames. Neji, or Diablos, or whatever it was up there, simply laughed.

Sonya had run to Melina’s side and knelt beside the badly hurt summoner.

“Melina, please!” she pleaded, willing her to awaken, “For Yevon’s sake wake up! You’ve got to get through to him! You’ve got to make him stop!”

Melina didn’t move. Desperately, Sonya placed her hands on her forehead and began to cast the elvish healing spell. Neji spun round in the air and saw her.

“Get away from her, you bitch!” he thundered in his demonic voice. He cancelled Dark Messenger and swooped towards her, dragging the Set sword from its scabbard. With a blast of raw magic power he hurled her backwards, slamming her into the ground a good 10 metres away and landing with ground shaking force beside her, towering over the stunned Angel with his glowing sword held high in both hands. Kobie dived in front of him with his arm held up to shield Sonya. As Neji’s blade slashed downwards some higher magic intervened, causing Kobie’s Dragon’s Claws to blaze with white light and stopped them shattering under the superior power of the Set sword. Nevertheless the mighty blow drove Kobie to his knees and the Angel cried out in pain. Neji whirled the Set sword above his head for another attack but suddenly Tanis was there, meeting the attack with his katana. The magical backlash as the swords clashed sent both combatants reeling.

“ULTIMA!” Tanis roared for the third time, and, as Neji recoiled into the air, “Now, guys! Unleash the Aeons! Stop him!”

Kobie helped Sonya, who was still only just recovering from Neji’s savage attack, to her feet. He winced at the pain in his arm - the force of Neji’s blow must have fractured or broken one of the bones in his forearm - as Fariel raised her arms, the ground shaking and rippling around her. The great serpent Leviathan burst from the ground below her, coiling up into the air towards Neji.

Kobie concentrated, letting Ramuh’s power flow through him, feeling the Aeon struggling to break through to the mortal realm.

Concentrate, my son! You must focus!

“I’m trying!” Kobie cried aloud, “Laconfir hasn’t completed our training!”

You need no more training! Ramuh’s commanding voice echoed in his head, You can do this! Release me and save your friends!

Neji, Kobie thought, we can still save him. We can still save Tanis and Fariel and Sonya… And as Sonya’s face burst clearly into his mind he found himself screaming and falling to his knees as a swirling vortex of white light rent the air before him, shooting off lightning in all directions. With an almighty thunderclap, the regal form of Ramuh appeared, towering above Kobie as his robes blew around him in an unearthly wind.

“Well done my son!” his voice thundered over the gale, then the cyclone carried him up into the air towards Neji where Leviathan was already circling, slipping through the air as if it was water.

Kobie saw Sonya rear back as if in pain next to him, her arms held out and a halo of light surrounding her so that he could barely see her. As he watched a second shape appeared, a great bird with outstretched wings, which seemed to emerge and detach itself from her body like a ghost before soaring upwards with a trail of fire and ice in its wake.

“Listen to us, Neji!” Ramuh shouted to Neji as the three Aeons surrounded him, “You must control Diablos - send him back to the shadows and reassert your will!”

Neji was screaming with one hand pressed to his head, and something seemed to be forcing the hand which held the Set sword downwards. The sword itself was shaking violently, and throwing out beams of green light.

“NO!” Neji roared in the demonic voice, ripping his hand back upwards and clenching the sword more tightly, “You will not defeat me, Neji!”

Tritoch shot a brilliant beam of blue light towards him, encasing him in a prison of ice. With a roar of anger, he shattered it. Leviathan slithered forward and coiled his powerful serpentine body around Neji, restraining his movements.

“Fight him Neji!” Ramuh shouted, “You will prevail!”

Melina had somehow recovered during the fighting and was on her feet.

“Fight him, Neji!” she screamed up at him.


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In the Darkness of Neji's mind all that could be heard was the clatter of steel as Neji and Diablos' blades pounded into eachother. It was a bitter fight and one that would seem go on forever.

"damn it Neji just give up! you can't beat me!" Diablos swung his sword reletlessly pushing Neji further and further back.

"No way! Diablos, this is my body and your in my world you cannot defeat me in here!" Neji knocked aside Diablos' sword and allowing him to gain more ground. Diablos snarled he was starting to tire.

"Whats wrong Diablos? You seem distracted? I trust things arent going well out there,"

"I have enough power to defeat you and your pathetic friends,"

"really, then why havent you won yet? Face it Diablos even you can't fight 2 battles at the same time,"

"SHUT UP!" Diablos rushed forward thrusting his sword at Neji, which he easyily side stepped but the back swing was so powerful that it knocked Neji's sword out of his hands and causing him to fall back. Diablos rose his sword for the finishing blow but Neji's swiftness allowed him to dodge the strike, with a powerful Drop kick Neji knocked Diablos off his feet which gave him enough time to get a resonable distance beatween them.

Diablos laughed at Neji's febel attempts to buy time. "You have no chance Neji not without you'r sword,"

"I dont need my sword to beat you, you seem to have forgotten you'r own attacks Diablos," without wasting anymore time Neji prepared the Lightning Edge attack, the pure energy crackled in the dark but something was differnt about this Lightning Edge it didnt turn the usual Black Colour, it crackled and sparked with a bright blue colour which illuminated the area around Neji's hand.

"You say this attack can cut through anything, care to test it against you'r sword?" Diablos immediatley knowing of the powers of the attack put his sword away and also prepared the Lightning Edge attack, his went the usual Black colour.

"You only know how to use the attack you dont know the Science behind it, it is effective at cutting through everything because it is created from a power not of you'r world, but if 2 powers of the same world and effects meet they will cancel eachother out and it will come down purely to the physicle power of the user, you can't win in a test of Strength against me,"

"I dont care of Science of things, i only have one thing on my mind and thats putting you back in you'r cage, and i have a feeling I wont lose."

Diablos snarled and charged towards Neji at full speed, Neji did not back down or cower at the charge and instead raced towards Diablos with equal force.

The 2 powers collided with an eruption of power, the energy of the attacks sparking as they both pushed towards eachother never giving a inch, eventually the collision of energys gave off a great blinding flash followed by a mighty explosion.

When the flash faded away into the darkness, all that could be seen was Diablos' daunting figure panting over Neji's body.

Diablos speaking beatween pants taunted the fatigued Neji, ", you can't," Diablos drew his sword and lifted it high above Neji's head, "now vanish from this world Neji."

Neji noticed just out of arms reach lay his sword, he tried desperatly to reach it but to of no avail, Diablos' sword came pummeling down towards him. When suddenly Diablos stopped his attack and jumped back in pain. It appeared that a powerful attack from the outside had crippled Diablos who was attacking Neji's friends it had weakened him greatly. Neji knowing he had no time to waste rolled over to his sword, rose to his feet and swung his sword with what was left of his energy. It connected with great force and as it struck a blinding white light filled the area, "stay in you'r cage were you belong. Diablos."

When the light faded Neji found himself lying on his back looking up at the blue sky as the dark clouds parted and surronded by the concerned faces of Melina and the Angels. He slowly fell out of conciseness.



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Fariel rolled back and sat down as Neji fell back out of consciousness. Neji and Sonya too sat down next to the two and Melina knelt next to the fallen with a worried face.
They looked over just to see the tail of Leviathan disappear back into the earth, the other two already gone replaced with Tanis striding over to their place with Retala flanking him.

“Well done Angels.” Tanis said looking somewhat proud of them through his new cuts and bruises.

“Is Neji going to be alright?” Sonya asked out of the blue.

“He will be though I’m not very sure of your methods Tanis.” Retala said flatly.

”He would have kept Diablos under control if you had done your job.” he retorted.

“Calm down, jeez…” Fariel interrupted lying back on the ground and looking up at the pair of them “But that was kind of screwed up ya know…and damn I didn’t know summoning was so draining, got a new respect for summoner’s” she said with a smile looking at Melina who had a slanted smile on her face not knowing whether to thank her for the comment.

“Agreed.” Kobie stated.

“I suppose we should get Neji back to the forest…no doubt that display attracted the assassin’s attention.” Sonya said calmly.

“We could take them…” Fariel said arrogantly.

“Still as cocky as ever then Fariel?”

“Damn right…”

Retala stepped past them and helped Melina to get Neji to his feet.

“You can stay here and talk as long as you want but I’m taking him back. Try not to get into too much trouble.” Retala said bluntly walking away with Neji held up by his side.

“Whatever.” Fariel said quietly loosely saluting.

“There was something else I wanted to discuss with you Angels.” Tanis said interrupting again.

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Tanis let the silence hang for a few seconds, as if reluctant to say what.

“I must leave you again,” he said at last, “There is something I have to do.”

He silenced their protests with an upraised hand.

“My role of guide has been fulfilled. You do not need me anymore.”

“What about your role as friend!” Fariel snapped back. Tanis smiled at that, but only for a second.

“Maybe, but I still have to go. I saw you safe to the elves and that’s what mattered most, but there are still other things I have to take care of before my part in this is over.”

“But Tanis, when will you be back?”

The half-elf looked across the hills and trees towards the setting sun, unblinking.

“I don’t know.”

“Well I’m not letting you go!” Fariel said firmly, stepping infront of him with wave swords drawn. Tanis’ voice flashed in her mind as he stood looking at her.

Don’t make this any harder than it already is, young one.

Gently, he pushed her aside and began striding off down the hill. Fariel let the wave swords drop to her sides as she watched him go.

“He’ll be back. It’s just another one of his little adventures, right?” Melina said hopefully.

“I don’t know,” Sonya replied pensively, biting her lip, “Have you ever seen him that gloomy when he went away before?”

Retala, who had been carrying Neji back into the forest with a strength belied by his slender frame, put him down and rested him with his back against a tree as he suddenly woke up with a groan. Melina was by her guardian’s side in an instant, and allowed Sonya to cast her healing magic on him.

“Neji? Is it really you?” Melina asked.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Neji replied, “I beat him. I put Diablos back in his cage. But for a minute there…did I hurt…?”

“It’s okay, we’re all fine,” Melina said gently, “Sonya, Kobie and Fariel managed to summon their Aeons and restrain Diablos long enough for you to get back in control,”

“Retala,” Neji said suddenly, looking up at the elf, “Don’t…don’t tell Laconfir…”

“Too late,” the elf replied, pointing, “He’s already here.”

They spun round to see the regal figure of Laconfir stride from the trees with many of the elves behind him, his carved staff with its glittering blue jewel held in his hand.

“Most impressive, Angels,” he said, to their surprise, “I think you have proved your power - not in the way I would have liked, perhaps, but nevertheless proved - and you are ready to play the part destiny has assigned you all.”

They didn’t know what to say as the High Priest inclined his head.

“Get some rest,” he told them, “I’m afraid that tomorrow you must leave our forest. There is just one more thing we must discuss first. Please go with your guides one last time - they have some important information for you. Melina, you stay with Retala. Neji, would you please come with me.”

His face was stern and unreadable as he said those last words, and they couldn’t think of anything to do but obey. The elves led them silently back into the forest.

* * *

“There‘s one more challenge you must face before you confront Sin,” Tyrion said as he motioned them to sit down in their tent and Silarion closed the flap behind them,

“The assassins,” Kobie said darkly.

“The assassins,” Tyrion confirmed, “How much do you know about them?”

“That every time we run into them we get pulverised!” Fariel snapped, “Those guys are powerful!”

“Yes,” Silarion said gravely, “The one who is hunting you - Kerr Locke, was it? - in the beginning he was just a rogue like yourself, but he has recently grown into something far more sinister.”

“No ****…” Fariel said under her breath, looking down at her hand which Kerr had driven his sword through in their last encounter. Thank Yevon Leviathan had saved her that time…

“He has been consumed by his hatred,” Silarion said, projecting an image of Kerr from the crystal globe in her hand. She was right, Kerr did look far more dark and sinister now than the vindictive teenager who had betrayed them on the Thunder Plains, “And that has unlocked his full magic potential.”

The image flickered and changed to the daunting figure of Kiba.

“Neji told us about him,” Melina said, “He’s the leader of a bandit cartel and he wants his revenge on Neji because he killed his brother.”

“He’s more than that now,” Retala answered, “Maestor Mika has somehow infused him with the energy of a Dark Aeon.”

“So that’s why he had such superhuman strength!” Melina breathed, “And I’ll bet that’s where he got his Sand Shield power from!”

Silarion’s globe shimmered again to project a picture of Sonya’s assassin, the witch with the purple orb.

“We are reasonably sure that this is the witch Kirareq,” Alarielle said, “The only human we know of to have learned and utilised the forbidden life-drain magic. How she did it we don’t know. You see the payraflies trapped inside her orb? Those are the imprisoned spirits of mages she has killed, and she forces them to obey her, increasing her own magical power.”

Sonya recoiled in shock - living souls trapped as slaves, unable to escape to the Farplane…it was a horrible thought.

“This one we’re not sure about,” Tyrion said as Silarion projected an image of the Guado assassin who had been assigned to hunt down Kobie, “All that the Guado we’ve talked to have told us is that he is an outcast, a deranged killer who abandoned his clan and until recently hid out in the Thunder Plains, murdering those who crossed his path for sport. He’s insane, he’s sadistic, but he’s a frighteningly efficient killer. They did not know his name, if he even has one. How Mika convinced this cold-blooded killer to work for him I have no idea.”

“And this…” Silarion said as she tapped the globe to make it produce its final image.

“Selina,” Fariel growled.

The projection was indeed of Tanis’ sister, perhaps as she had looked before she had turned to darkness. Fariel was frightened by the resemblance she bore to that innocent elf-maiden, now changed almost beyond recognition to the Selina they had fought at Macalania.

“She has become everything we once feared that Tanis was,” Alarielle said sadly, “And more. Do not be under any illusions about her abilities.”

The Angels and Melina nodded silently. The mention of Selina had made them think again of Tanis and how he had suddenly disappeared.

“These assassins are the last thing standing between you and the final battle against Sin,” Tyrion said, “They will never stop hunting you. However, I am pleased to say that you are now far better equipped to face them than you were before. But whatever you do, do not underestimate them, even with your Aeons.”

“I don’t think underestimating them is going to be much of a problem,” Kobie said gravely.


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The next morning came quickly, Kobie stirred as the light filtered down onto his eyes. Today was the day that they would leave the forest and go fill their destiny, his feelings were mixed but he was determined. Opening his eyes he yelled and scrambled back as the largely grinning face of Fariel was instantly the first thing to view.

“Good morning! I thought you’d never wake up!”

“Did you even go to bed last night?”

“Yeah, for a few hours, but I’ve spent most of the morning in the forest with Silarion. Morning Sonya!” she drifted off as Sonya awoke to the yelling, she too yelling and jumping back. “C’mon!” she yelled crawling out the tent and running off somewhere.

“She scares me sometimes…” Kobie said quietly.

“You’re telling me?” Sony are retorted, getting up and stretching before following the girl out.

Laconfir stood tall with the angels guardian’s by his sides, Kobie was surprised when he left the tent, in the time it took him to leave the tent Fariel was already ready, fully armed with a new black cape since her last one was completely trashed.

“Angel’s,” Laconfir started as Neji and Melina appeared beside Fariel, “You have completed your training with us and today you take your leave. It has been a most, interesting, experience” he said with a slight smile, “We wish you and your aeon’s luck to your journey’s end. Guardians.”

The four elves that had been assigned to each of the angels stepped forwards to stand before their angels.

“Good luck Fariel, try to stay out of trouble.” Silarion said leaning forwards and placing a silver necklace with a small pendant of a serpent around her neck before nodding and stepping back.

“Watch over your friends Kobie and stay well.” Tyrion spoke to Kobie as he placed the wizard pendant necklace round his neck and stepped back.

“Learn from your experiences here Neji, and keep in control.” Retala whispered placing the demon pendant around Neji’s neck; he looked down at it and nodded as Retala stepped back.

“Stay safe Sonya and good luck, to you and Tritoch.” Alariele said with a smile placing the necklace with the bird pendant around her neck and stepping back.

The eight nodded to each other and the angels followed their temporary guardians through the forest to the edge, with Laconfir and the other elves close behind.

The four angels left the trees and took one last look back at the elves and thanked them and said good bye before starting their hike back to where their journey had stopped.

They travelled in a strange silence, Melina and Neji walked in lead without a word, Kobie and Sonya behind watching the area around them as they went, the strange feeling of not being surrounded by trees and elves anymore strange but familiar.
Fariel trailed along a the back thinking about where Tanis had gone, she was somewhat thankful to be out the forest and back on the road but she was back on the road to face her destiny that seemed more like a suicide mission then a destiny.

“These necklaces are kind of cool, though they kind of remind me of, hm never mind.” she said second guessing the idea of bringing the maestros into conversation. “These ones are nicer anyway.” she said quietly to herself.

“Where are we heading anyway? You think the assassins are just going to conveniently appear? I know, why don’t we head to the calm lands, they are close by and its wide open and flat, if the assassins were going to attack us we would see them from miles away!” Fariel said light heartedly, getting a glace from Kobie and Sonya.

“She has a point.” Sonya admitted.

“I’m guessing she just wants to play with the chocobos.” Kobie said looking back at the girl again who had large innocent grin on her face.

“What makes you say that?” she asked smoothly not being to help herself from smiling.

“Just a thought. Well then I guess the Calm Lands it is?” Kobie put forwards, Sonya nodding and catching a nod from the two up front.

“Woo! I’m sure we can kick in some fiends on the way two!” Fariel jumped up and down rubbing her hands together before running on ahead.

“Whoa hey come back Fariel! Stay with us!” Kobie yelled running after her, closely followed by Sonya.

Neji rolled his eyes but Melina smiled as she saw a hint of a smile on the mans face as they jogged on after the others.

(ha boredom! Looks like we are going to the calm lands anyway :D lol)

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As Tanis turned to leave the angels he breathed a sigh of relief. If Fariel had challenged him he couldent have one. The ultimas were one thing...but he took a beating buying them time! But Tanis had promised himself...he would never allow anyone to see him in the state that the angels had. They were a past time in his life. It was time to move on. Wether he liked it or not. He decided to head towards east. He had no idea where he would end up but it was better than standing around like a fool.

"Phew this has been a run! i must have covered around 3 days worth of travelling tan when i was with the angels!"

It has only been 8 hours but Tanis had already covered immense distances. He was regaining some of his strength and was feeling quite happy.

"maybe leaving was a good thing! I can finally have to stop babysittin- Hang on whats this?"

Tanis bent down and picked up a shread of cloth...


A dark shape dropped form the trees above Tanis, forcing him to dive to the side. Before he hit the ground he had already done two things. one, he had drawn his katana. Two, he had figured out that he was dead. he was still to weak to fight her. He came out of the dive and spun to face his sister. But puzzled he saw that Selina had not moved nor even drew her blade. Catiously he sheathed his blade and stood.

"So Selina...may i ask why you have not already ran me through?"

" brother. I know that i would destroy you now if i attacked. But although my quest for power has left me down the seperate path from you...i still have my respect and honor."

Tanis spat in the ground.

"Thats what i think of your honor."

"Very well...i shall depart. But i am making my proposal. A duel. In a month. You and me."

"Ha why should i trust you? Your nothing but scum!"

"Brother your words hurt. But i shall let them go. You can trust me...i give you my word. And you know what that is to use elves."

"...I do indeed. One month...where?"

"I have recieved information that in one month to this day your friends will be fighting sin. I wish to engage you there...wherever your so called "angels" you accept?"

"I do month we end this. I look forward to it."

"As do i Tanis as do i..."

And with those words Selina dissappered as quickly as she arrived.

"Well well...isn't this a turn of events...looks like i will have to go back to the angels afterall...oh well it could be worse."

And Tanis started running again...relishing the time...perhaps his last month of life.



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Kiba stood proud on the edge of the platform overlooking the Farplain, before him stood the image of his dead brother, the man who Neji had Mercilessly killed back in Luca.

"Soon Brother, very soon." Standing not to far from him on the Platform Kerr sat twirling a dagger in his hand. Speaking to himself, "Far...I look forward to the day i can see you pitful face in this place." He saw a small figure followed by a tall women walk into the Farplain. He was expecting privecy has he sat in the quiet room, he rose quiet angerly at the approaching figures but soon changed his attitude when he relised it was Mika, followed by Kirareq.

"Assasins the time has come for you all to complete you'r missions, the angels have now left the safty of the elves and are travelling to the clam lands," Kirareq held out her orb which swirled in a purple mist before a clear image of Fariel appeared, Kerr growled at the sight. It then panned to an image of Kobie and Sonya walking calmly behind Ferial and then it turned to Neji and Melina.

"I want you all to head them off at the Calm Lands, and their in the open plains clip their wings, but be cautious, as you can see in the image they all carry these amulets and also a couple carry new weapons, i have no way on telling on how much they have learned, yet i am confident in all you'r abilities, now as for the summoner, if you wish i could deal with her if she become a burd-," Kiba burst in "if the summoner interfers i shall deal with her,"

Mika turned to Kiba and nodded in agreement. "What about that elf boy, the guide?" Ker asked

"I wouldnt worry about him," Mika turned to Kirareq, the orb swirled with a purple mist once again and before them stood an image of Tanis speaking to Selina. "I dont think that he will be a problem,"

"Now assasins if you have no further questions, please hurry and reach the Calm Lands before they do.

The three left the Farplain and out into the Thunder Plains, There the Guado came creeping out from behind a rock and hurried towards them.



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They travelled right through the day taking the occasional time to rest, Kobie didn’t think it was wise to set up camp, and a fire would only attract attention. So they found themselves travelling through the night, it was a clear and cold night, the crescent moon high in the sky, the stars dotted across the black ocean above them in limitless numbers.

They had all again fallen silent, not wanting to bring unwanted attention to themselves; Neji had taken the occasional opportunity to slash down a few fiends that decided to cross their path, and even let Fariel have one at one point in the day which she didn’t take long in dealing with.

Fariel flanked the others fiddling with the necklace she had been given and not watching where she was going tripped on a rock jutting out the ground. Everyone turned to look at her expecting trouble and she blushed at her clumsiness and waved.

“Getting tired?” Kobie asked with w slight grin

“No, no, I’m just not watching where I’m going that’s all. Anyway it can’t be far to the calm lands can it?”

“We’ve come a fair distance; you can see Macalania Lake from here, not that you could miss something that, white.” Neji said from up ahead pointing over at the large iced lake that was maybe a mile or two away.

“Wee chocobos!” she laughed getting all excited again.

“It’ll be day soon, we should rest. We can go the rest of the way when we can see what we are doing better.” Neji said as Melina sat down on a nearby rock.

“I suppose we should, we need our strength if the assassins should appear again.” Sonya jumped in having been silent the whole time.

“Alright then, you guy’s rest I’ll take watch.” Kobie said sitting up on a flat rock and holding his bow in his lap ready as the other’s all found a space and slept.


“You think she’s gonna wake up? You woulda thought she would after being carried like that.” Sonya said quite amused at Neji holding the girl over his shoulder.

“Well its pay back for that rude awakening yesterday then isn’t it?” Kobie remarked with a sly grin.

“What the heck?” Fariel exclaimed before being dropped from Neji’s shoulder and onto the green grass below, “Ouch much? Why were you carrying me?” Fariel asked rubbing her head as she sat up.

“Cause when I tried to wake you up you tried to stab me so Neji carried ya.” Kobie retorted quiet hurt.

”I don’t remember that.”

“I’m not surprised at how deeply you sleep” Sonya cut in, “Hey look a chocobo!” she said light heartedly pointing to the large yellow bird looking at them strangely.

“Where! AH CHOCOBO!” she screamed, and before they could say a word she was already speeding towards it.

“I’m shocked it didn’t run away the moment she laid eyes on it.” Neji said watching as Fariel climbed onto the birds back and pulled on the reigns, the chocobo Kweh’d and started running in circles.

“Alright I think we should get her away from the poor thing.” Kobie said slightly worried as she got it to run down the hill to the vast flat plains of the calm lands.

“let her have her fun, if there's trouble she’ll see it. You can’t really miss anything in this place is so open.”

(ha boredom wins again, chocobo! I totally want a chocobo, they are so ace :D they are like giant, yellow, chickens XD lol yeah anyway, someone want to get the assassins in here? :p lol woot)


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Devoran, an Al’bed engineer of some distinction, wiped sweat from his forehead and stood back to admire his handiwork.

“There, good as new!” he said to himself as he looked at the newly-repaired airship, and pushed up his mechanic’s goggles to reveal his distinctive spiral-pupil eyes.

Suddenly there was a loud crash that made him jump.

“Hello?” he called, peering round the dimly-lit workshop, “We’re closed - come back tomorrow.”

No-one appeared, although there were dozens of places someone could hide among the piles of tools and half-finished machina projects that cluttered up the workshop.

“Who’s in here?” Devoran called again, more suspiciously this time, and picked up a bulky pistol from the nearest workbench. They didn’t often get thieves in his small town despite the legendary quality of his machina, but he knew how to deal with them when they did.

“You’d better not be one of those damned Yevonite emissaries come to rant on about heretical machina,” he muttered, checking round the side of a large crate of spare parts and then standing with his back against it as he took another look around the workshop, “I’ve had just about enough of…”

Without warning an arm lashed out of nowhere and Devoran tensed as he felt the hard, cold edge of a knife press against his neck. Instinctively he froze, dropping his pistol with a clatter.

He died anyway.

The Guado assassin cackled to himself as he stepped out from behind the crate and over Devoran’s still-twitching body.

“Safe is,” he hissed over his shoulder, and the other assassins emerged from their hiding places to stand beside him infront of the strange Al’bed airship.

“I have to admit, this idea of yours wasn’t bad,” Kiba growled to Kerr as he stepped forward, the metal shoes of his black armour clanking against the floor, “For a sewer-rat,” he added, drawing an angry scowl from the thief.

“Cool it, you two,” Kirareq snarled, before turning back to the airship, “Yes…this should suit our needs well. We can catch up with our targets easily.”

And on the wide open prairies of the Calm Lands, there would be nowhere for the Angels to hide.

* * *

Mika inclined his head to Seymour as the half-Guado maestor entered the room.

“Have they caught up with that miserable thief yet?” Seymour asked impatiently.

“Soon,” Mika replied as Seymour paced the room in agitation, “Calm down my friend - why are you so tense?”

“Because she stole my bloody amulet, that’s why!” Seymour snapped, “And yours too, remember?”

“Relax,” Mika said placatingly, “We can always step in and help the assassins finish them off if needbe.”

“You can,” Seymour said, “I have other business that needs dealing with.”

He lapsed into silence, his thoughts focused on summoner Yuna and on Sin.

<ooc - And the assassins will catch up with us for the big showdown in a couple of days. You know As, you could come back after Sin is defeated and pay a visit to Mika ala the final scene in Blade 2 - “Didn’t think I’d forgotten about you, did ya?” WHAM! ;) >


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