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Avenging Angels 2 - Destinys Call


“Mum! Dad! Have you seen the storm outside,” Keiji yelled bursting into his parents’ room. But no one was in, the bed lay empty the covers appearing untouched.  Keiji’s attention was soon drawn towards the window as a strong breeze swept through, causing the curtains to flap violently, an aerie purple light shown through after a mighty flash of purple lightning.


Slowly Keiji approached the window and gazed out upon the black sky lit up by many violent flashes of purple lightning as it roared like the sound of a thousand angry lions.  It was then he saw his parents both of them were standing in the green meadow below gazing up, Keiji hastened to them.



“Neji you feel it also don’t you?” Diablos said


“It is what we all feared,”


“Penance…he’s free,”


Melina looked up at her husband.  “Neji! Is it really him?”


“Either him or some other threat, there is something behind this storm,”


“It is him, this is just like the feeling I had 5000 years ago,” Eden’s angelic voice said as her faith form floated out of Melina.


“Mum! Dad! What’s going on?” they heard Keiji call from the door, Melina swiftly turned to Neji speak softly.


“Neji I don’t want our son to get involved,” she said before turning towards her son with a gentle look, her face still had an element of youth but bore more of mature motherly look, she still remained as beautiful as ever after all those years.


“Don’t worry Keiji, it’s just a storm,”


“I’ve seen storms before, and this is no ordinary storm, please tell me what’s going on, I have a strange feeling inside,”


Melina’s gentle smiling look faded, and turned to worry.


“Mum I can tell by you’re face, there is more to this storm than you are letting on, what are you hiding?”




“Melina please wait inside,” Neji said interrupting Melina


Melina said nodded in response and quietly went inside; showing an expression of failure she was trying to hide the truth from her son to protect him but failed.


Kejij approached his father; Keiji stood only slightly smaller than the incredible man. He look up towards his face, Neji’s face was stern as always, the added gray hairs between his still black hair, and slight wriggles around his eyes gave him the look of a well seasoned fighter.


“You feel it don’t you Keiji,”


“I feel something, but I don’t understand it,”




“It’s the feeling of terror like all my greatest nightmares are coming true, yet excitement just before I’m about to enter a fight against a tough fiend, its as if I’m stuck in the middle of the decision, flight or fight,”


“as expected, the boys emotions are confused, his human blood and demon blood are confusing each other, not a healthy balance,” Diablos said silently within Neji.


“Son let me explain…” Neji’s sentence was interrupted by the sound of a pair of foot steps walking down the road towards there house. Keiji who was already on edge sprang to the alert and readied to put his martial arts through its paces, when Neji’s quick hand gripped his shoulder to ease him.


Two dark figures walked into the light, it was the elderly Cid the captain of Choiji, Neji’s second airship and Retala who had only changed in rank over the years, he was now the elf directly below the high priest he was now the lead Priest.


“Neji…” Retala said, Neji nodded in response and turned to his son


“Go back inside Keiji, look after you’re mother,”


“But dad, please explain what is going on,”


“In due time son, you’re emotions are too confused at the moment, you are not ready,”


Neji began to walk off towards Retala and Cid, leaving Keiji standing alone in the garden, the storm still raging around him.



2 hours later


Neji, Retala and Cid all sat round a great round table silently, when the door to the room burst opened to reveal a half asleep Zell, rubbing his eyes, Zell had grown into a fine engineer, shortly after the final battle with Sin, Zell went under Neji’s wing and went through tough training, he soon developed his own way of fighting, using his gift of engineering Zell has created a variety of weapons for his use, by combing machina and ancient Atellian technology. His best weapons are an armor made of a strange material, a small mana gun which can be held like a pistols and fires capsules of magical energy, and a rifle which has been modified for close combat use as well. Zell himself was taller, more up straight and had a cool look about him, even though he still the jumpy coward deep down. Zell has been promoted to chef engineer and is the soon to be captain of the Shadow, a renovated Atellian airship under repairs.


“What took you so long?” Neji demanded “You should have been here an hour ago!”


“Well it’s not everyday I get called up at 3 in the morning,” Zell snapped


“You mean you almost slept right through this storm,” Cid said in disbelieve


“The world is slowly turning to chaos and Zell sleeps through it all,” Retala said humorously


“Hey, you haven’t been working day and night on an airship have you, the day I decide to go to sleep early this happens,” Zell sighed “just my luck,”


“Enough talk, Zell take you’re seat,”


Zell sat down his head leaning on his right hand, struggling to stay awake.


“Well, it seems our fears have come to pass, Penance has found away to escape the demon world,” Neji said to start things off.


“We don’t know how he did it, the high priest has ordered me to find out how, the elves have already began investigations, but it will be a slow progress,”


“So I guess that will keep you guys busy for awhile,” Cid said




Zell interrupted “Aren’t you guys wasting you’re time? I mean its clear he’s already escaped who cares how he did it, if you ask me you guys should be trying to find away to stop him,”


“That is what we are doing, if we can find out how he got out then that would give us a place to start in trying to find away to put him back in,” Retala said towards Zell


“Put him back in? He’ll properly just escape again,” Cid said


“The original Angels fought against Penance for years, constantly being reborn after each failure and made no progress until they used a long forgotten magic to seal him in the demon world,”


“Then just use the spell again, we have new angels ya know and these guys are stronger than any angels that have ever lived,”


“Despite the fact the spell is long forgotten, its also sealed away the previous angels as well, that is not an option,”


Neji who had remained silent during the meeting soon stood up to take charge.


“Now guys, lets not get to ahead of ourselves, we don’t even know if Penance has actually fully escaped yet, that storm could just mark his coming, so here is what we are gonna do to,”


The other three went silent to listen to Neji’s plan.


“Retala, you and the elves continue you’re investigations, we need to find out how Penance is escaping, Zell I want you to continue working on that airship, if Penance has truly escaped then we are gonna need that ship, Cid you and me are gonna go see if Penance has actually escaped, we will take the highwind and Choiji and search Spira, we leave at first light,”


Zell and Cid stood up and saluted there captain, before walking off, Retala remained seated a stern look on his face.


“Neji, you know as well as I do, Penance has escaped, and he is ten times stronger than what has been written in the legends,”


“Yeh I know,”


“So why do you run to face him!”


“I have a plan; maybe I can end this before Penance becomes any stronger and starts his invasion,”


“What plan could you possibly have?”


“I have trained all this time for this reason, I have mastered the demon magic as well as strengthen my bond with Diablos, and that forgotten spell is not so forgotten anymore,”


“You mean?”


“Yes Diablos remembers it, since me and him share this body, his memories are mine and all his memories have come back to him,”


“Neji, at least wait for the other angels,”


“We can’t risk waiting any longer, its risky enough waiting to sun rise, also, Keiji and Eevee power deep within them as not been completely tapped, the others will need there help if I fail, but in order for them to achieve this power they will need more training, and I can’t think of anyone more suitable than the Avenging Angels,”




“Look after my family Retala,” Neji said while leaving the room.



Sun Rise


By the morning the storm had subsided, and the sky was calm, giving off a false sense of security.


After saying farewell to Melina, Neji left with Cid, seeing him off was Zell and Retala.


“Good luck Captain,” Zell said


“You just worry about finishing that airship Zell, I’m counting on you, and you’re men,”


Zell nodded then saluted Neji before facing Cid.


“Look after yourself old man,”


“Ha! You just watch you don’t work to hard friend, you might break something,”


“Don’t worry about me, gramps”


“I was talking about the ship, if you break it before it’s completed Neji’s gonna have you’re head,”


Zell and Cid smiled at each other before Zell saluted and walked off.


“Neji, please don’t do anything risky, check how powerful Penance is and if he is to strong for you to take on your own then don’t fight him,” Retala pleaded placing his hands on Neji shoulders.


Neji had no answer for Retala and instead he just smiled at his friend and turned towards his ship.  Neji and Cid walked along side by side backed up by there faithful crew towards there ships.


“Cid, you don’t have to come with me,”


“Neji my boy, I know exactly what you are planning to do and I won’t let you do anything risky alone,”


“Thanks friend, please look after yourself,”


“Don’t worry about me, there is still life in these old bones, but do you know where we are going,”


“Just follow me,”


Neji and Cid separated to there ships.



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Several hours later


“Neji, where the hell are we going?” Cid said through the com link.


“Just keep following me Cid,”


The two airships continued to power through the sky at a blinding pace. Soon they were flying over Bikinal Sands and were out into the vast blue oceans.


“Neji, why are we heading in this direction, we know these waters and there isn’t anything here,”


“Cid, look”


Cid gazed out of the main window of the airship, and there coming from over the horizon was a great black island surrounded by the crystal blue of the water, black clouds hovered above the island, and a black mist filled the floor, hiding what was on the mainland. Sticking out of the great island was a massive fortresses like creature, it’s bottom surrounded by mist and its top breaking through the clouds.


“Neji! What the hell is that,”


“That’s Penance, I know it is,”


“That’s Penance!?”


“he has changed,” Diablos’ voice said within Neji


“What?” Neji replied


“Look in my memories; I will never forget Penances true form,”


Neji caught a glimps of Penance before he was sealed, he was human shape but had four black wings coming out of his back, a sign of true power to the Atellians, he used to wear a full black plate armor covering him from the neck down decorated with golden lines, he carried a sword which constantly had a purple aura called Oblivion.  His face was evil looking but none the less human, a black mustache and pointed beard gave his face shape and he had thick black hair which he tied back, he had a red cape with white designs, its collar was filled with feathers which he picked from other Atellian, it gave them great pain and there was now greater dishonor. (I really could not think of a human form Penance so I copied a character from samurai warriors here’s the link ).


“Make no mistake Neji that is definitely him,”


“Ok…Cid! That’s Penance,”


“Haha, it’s been along time since I’ve seen any good action, come on Neji! Lets go get that freak,”


“hmph alrite, FIRE! USE EVERY WEAPON WE HAVE!” Neji yelled at his crew and through the com link.


“Heeheehe, you heard him boys, let him have it!” Cid said calling back to his men


Both ships opened all gun ports, and a flurry of missiles and bullets powered through the air and each scored a direct hit on Penance.


“Nice work everyone!” Neji said


“Nice shooting boys, we were certain to get his attention with that,” Cid called out


The massive monster turned around a let out a loud in human roar.  Penance stood unharmed from the attack, yet known the less angered from the annoyance. To display his power, a great number of bright circles appeared all around Penance, and from each came powerful shot of energy.  The airships struggled to dodge the many rays but managed to somehow survive the volley.


“Cid! Use the mana guns!” Neji yelled


“Right away Captain Neji!”


In both ships a small hatch opened underneath and a massive gun slowly appeared from them.  Both flickered in many different colures as they charged power and then in sync the airships fired there concentrated beams a multi colored light. Again they scored perfect hits, yet Penance was still unharmed. Once again the many bright circles appeared and Penance fired once again. The airships weaved in and out of the rays but eventually Cid’s ship took a heavy hit on its side and started to loose control.


“Cid, Penance is too powerful get the hell out of here, now!” Neji yelled


“Rite away Neji, but please don’t do anything to reckless,”


Cid’s ship turned and began to retreat quickly when Penance released one last beam of light, it collided with the back of Cid’s ship causing critical damage.


“CID!” Neji yelled, yet got no reply and all Neji could do was watch the ship slowly descend into the mist on the ground leaving behind a trail of black smoke.


“PENANCE YOU BASTARD!” Neji yelled and he ordered another volley of missiles and bullets. Penance took every hit and returned fire, causing great damage to the ship.


“Damn, so we can’t beat him with the ships, I guess I’m not surprised…I’ll have to fight him,” Neji said clenching his fists


“Listen crew, I’m going to fight Penance, I’ll distract him so you guys can escape, now I don’t know how far you guys can go with the ship this damaged, just try to get as far away as possible,”


“Aye Captain!” they all shouted.



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(Sorry for the super long opener, i had to post in three comments cause it was 2 long)


Neji head out on deck and gazed upon his opponent. Neji called upon all of Diablos power, in an instant black energy swirled round Neji, and two great bat wings bigger than ever before sprouted out of his back, Neji slowly levitated as the power traveled through his body, his muscles bulked, yet apart from that and the wings there was no real change in Neji’s appearance, he now had full control of Diablos’ power and could use it without changing his appearance greatly. As Neji stood the full power flowing through him, the occasional small bio-electrical bolt of purple would pulse from his body.


“Ok Diablos, this is what we have trained for, lets make sure he doesn’t forget us,”


“Lets rip him apart!” Neji exploded in power as he took flight letting the airship escape.  He rose his hand high in the air and a great black ball began to build.


“DARK MESSENGER!” Neji yelled and he threw the black ball at Penance, it collided with tremendous force, and caused Penance to recoil a little from the collision, a roar full of rage came from Penance, followed by an inhuman voice.




Neji threw a small demon ball at Penance to get his attention towards him. A fearsome laugh came from Penance followed by the same booming voice.




“Unfortunately they can’t be here, but don’t worry, you’ll find me interesting enough Penance,”




“I think you’ll find me and the angels of this time a cut above the others in the past!” Neji yelled before flying at great speed towards Penance.  Neji darted around Penance, launching demon balls in rapid fire at all angles. Penance countered, by creating the same lot of bright circles, and all fired at Neji. Skillfully Neji weaved in and out of them. He drew both swords and began charged at great speed at Penance. He began slicing at Penances body, making small cuts thought out his body, yet they did not seem to harm him. Penance unleashed a black shockwave with threw Neji back, and once again fired a volley at him but this Neji was still regaining his balance and had no time to dodged.


“DARK ENCAMPMENT WALL!” he shouted and soon a great black shield surrounded Neji and took every hit, before fading away.


“Can’t you do better Penance…No? well then let me just do this…DARK CLONE!” Neji split into ten, and all charged at Penance.  Penance once again fired a volley, he was successful in hitting all the clones but not the real Neji, each one faded away into shadow.  Once closer to Penance Neji yelled “DARK ELEMENT EXPLOSION!”


A large spinning pillar of dark energy drilled into Penance, causing him to drift back.




Penance began to shrink until he disappeared into the mist; Neji not afraid of his challenged gave chase. He darted through the mist and landed on a bare rocky area in the back ground stood the remains of a ruined city. He was greeted with sound of thousands of groans, he looked around him to see he was surrounded by undead creatures, most of which had wings, yet many looked like elves and some were human, Guado and even Ronso.


“What in the world?” Neji though to himself as the undead infront of him separated and a tall figure covered in black armor, four wings and carrying a sword with a purple aura walked towards him, it was Penance in his natural form.


“Hello there Diablos,” he said in a calm yet dominating voice


“The names not Diablos, I’m Neji, got it memorized?”


“Neji, you’re older than I thought, you sure you’re not too old to carry such power, I haven’t seen an Angel live past 25,”


“Look who’s talking, Mr. 5000 years old,”


Penance mockenly laughed at Neji “Indeed age does not count with power such as ours, and you are a lot stronger than any opponent I have ever faced before, had this been 5000 years ago you might have had a chance,”


“Today I will take you’re head Penance,”


“hmm had I a heart this would have been where I would of died of laughter, come, Angel,”


Neji exploded in rage and charged at Penance swinging both swords skillfully in a berserk fury, yet every swing was blocked by Penance showing great skill and balance.  Penance countered with many rapid swings and stabs, but Neji would not be so easily beaten, he dodged and blocked the attacks as if he would of 17 years ago even better in fact.  The battled soon heated up and the two fought furiously flying through the air, making many passes at each other both were striking within scant inches of a death blow, yet not a single wound was taking on any, Neji and Panance collided blades in flashing arcs, in a stand off they were equal in physical strength, yet it appeared Penance had more Stamina and sweat began to fall from Neji’s face as he struggled to keep the sharp sword away from his neck, Neji backed off and Penance blasted forward and made one heavy swing, Neji drifted back so Penance would soar above him and by placing both feet on his unguarded torso Neji kicked him higher in the air and by using the force of his double kick back flipped to land on the ground.  Penance regained his balance and stared down at Neji,


“He, he hit me? Impossible!” he thought to himself.  Penance shook off his disbelieve but Neji had already charged up a mighty Lightning Edge, and charged straight up towards Penance. Penance pointed his sword forward and charged at Neji to meet the attack, lightning edge met sword in huge collision of dark power but in the end both got thrown back.


The battle got to the point and which both sides were launching volley upon volley of magical attacks, Neji using his demon magic and Penance using a strange type of magic Neji had never seen before. This immediately put Neji at the disadvantage and it wasn’t long until Penance scored a critical hit on Neji when he threw an explosive purple ball at him. The blast sent Neji flying back some distance and he crashed into a group of undead warriors, Neji shrugged the monsters off but soon found himself stuck in one place by some unseen force. Neji struggled to free himself but to no avail, Penance approached him slowly, evil in his eyes.


“That’s you defeated all ready? Farewell…Neji,” Penance rose his sword to finish off Neji, but as a last ditch effort Neji yelled. “BLACK SHOCKWAVE,” the mighty shockwave blasted Penance and the surrounding undead back, and released him from his invisible prison. Neji tho weakened charged at Penance, but vaulting himself forward from the ground kicked Neji in the stomach causing him to grip his stomach in pain. Penance then flipped up to his feet kicking Neji in the air while rising. He chased Neji into the air immediately he clenched his fist and held it tight against his chest Penance stretched his arm forward aiming for Neji chest, but Neji with in open palm pushed aside Penances fist twisting his entire body along with the arm motion, following up from the block Neji turned a full 360 degrees and hammered his heel into Penances cheek.  Penance plummeted towards the ground face first, but by stretching his hand forward managed to flip back to his feet before connection with the rocky wasteland below.


“So you know, demon fighting art as well, let me show you how a true master does it,”


Penance moved to fast for Neji to react, and Neji soon found himself on the receiving end of an endless barrage of punches and kicks from all angles, before being thrown back by a mighty kick.  Neji staggered to his feet bloodied and battered. He reached for his swords but Penance was already there to retrieve them first.  Neji looked up at Penance who punched him with his metal armored hand; Neji fell back in a heap.


“You have no chance,” Penance boasted


Neji refused to give up, he got to one knee, and held both his hands forward, and the swords disappeared and soon reappeared in Nejis hand. Penance looked on surprised but soon drew his sword again.


“So you want to try this again do you? Well we never did get a winner in sword art,” Penance said


“No I just wanted my swords back,” Neji replied


“ok Diablos, we only have one option left, ready?”


“So then Angel what to you plan to do?”


A smile appeared on Neji’s battered face.


“I’m going to seal you once again,”


Penance stepped back in shock as Neji put his swords back and held both his hands out, energy swirled around Neji and then the sky cracked, Neji slowly took to the sky and with one flex the cracked sky shattered and behind Neji was a swirling portal to the demon world. Penance jumped back in fear, recognizing the portal which sealed him in an empty demon world for 5000 years.


“NO! NO! I will not be defeated again!” Penance yelled as the portal began to suck him in, he resisted with all his strength and a great stand off took place, Neji poured all he had into one last pull, yet it was not enough and Penance still resisted. Soon a smile came on Penances face.


“What’s wrong Neji, perhaps one angel is not enough to seal me! It takes at least two to even perform this skill properly…you fool,”


Penance darted towards Neji fist clenched and ready to strike, Penance fist flew forward yet did not reach its target, Neji had grabbed him by the wrist inches away from his face.


“We will go together Penance!” he yelled


Penance tucked his arm back desperately but could not break Neji’s grip.  Penance threw his other fist forward targeting Neji’s gut, Nejis hand caught the attack.


Penance stared at Neji’s face, Neji looked at him with stern eyes, the sweat and blood pouring on his face, clearly showing the effort he put in to stop Penance. Slowly they drifted back into the void and Penances eyes widened, but those eyes soon changed to bitter rage and unrestrained evil.


“Nice try angel, but all you’re efforts here today were for naught,” he barked mockingly.


Penance leaned back and slammed his foot in Neji’s stomach everything went into slow motion as Neji felt the pain shoot through him, his grip released and Penance took the opportunity to hold his open hand against Neji’s stomach.


“Enjoy the dark Neji,” he said as he blasted Neji back with a powerful demon ball attack.


Neji found himself thrown back into the void, he gazed forward as he saw the void close in front of him, the last of the light faded away as the hole sealed, leaving Neji in a cold empty oblivion.


Penance landed smoothly on the ground triumphantly. As many individuals approached him, clad in hooded black over coats.


“Well fought my lord, you’re strength is without a doubt,” one said


“That weakling angel was no match for me, I didn’t even break a sweat,” Penance boasted yet his claim was true, Penance stood only slightly roughed up, he appeared as if he never was in the fight.


“Come, I have much more power to bestow upon you,” the hooded individuals walked off leaving Penance, but then Penance felt something he hadn’t felt ever before, pain. Penance removed his armored glove and rubbed his cheek, and then his wrist.  Blood began to slightly pour from his nose and lip as a result of Neji’s crushing heel kick. Penance wiped the blood and stared at it, he had never seen his own blood, and the only blood to ever touch his hand was his enemies.


“Damn you Neji, if only I had been complete,” he said as he walked off.



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(occ - Introducing Fariel, no long a hyper active brat. More a very scary, sadistic bitch...kinda like me on a bad day :) Anyway, yeah. If any of you in your next couple of posts plan on going to meet Fariel in Kebel, your outa luck cause she's going to be in Luca evacuating her people.)
(EDIT - I didn't put a description of her clothes up in this one but i'll post a picture of it later)

“Last night’s weather cleared up quickly.” Larek smiled thankfully looking up at the clear skies, the night before he had been in Bevell with Fariel and her team to acquire an airship to replace the one that The Guard had shot down a few days before.

Though The Guard seemed to realise that Fariel would try something under the cover of the bad weather and tried to stop them, he hadn’t seen the winged women so ruthless in years, even now, hours later, she still had a scary look in her eyes.

“I don’t like this,” she commented bluntly, they stood high up atop a snow covered cliff near Kebel, and it wasn’t even snowing. Larek looked at her out the corner of his eye quizzically, “something is wrong, I can feel it.”

“I don’t understand.” He replied honestly.

“You wouldn’t.” She managed to smile and then jumped off the cliff top, “Come on, we’re going to be late!” She yelled as she landed on a ledge further down.


Fariel sat in silence through the whole meeting; she sat at a round table with six others, Sheana, Kale, Faber, Rico, Larek and Laguna. They discussed matters concerning Kebel, the sudden rise in defence by The Guard in Luca and Bevell and other such things.
Larek, sitting beside Fariel didn’t comment, but noticed that she seemed distracted by something.

“Larek.” Hearing his name looked away from Fariel and up at Sheana who had addressed him.

“Yes?” He replied simply, finding himself dragged into the discussion he forgot about Fariel.

The whole meeting was interrupted by a young man that came running in, “Fariel!” He yelled, Fariel immediately broke out of her daze and looked up at him.

“What is it, Dante?” Fariel asked dismissively.

“Sorry to interrupt but Clue is here, he said it’s important.”

“Clue, here?” Sheana asked in disbelief.

“It must be important.” Kale chuckled. “He would have had to get off his arse to come here.”

“And we all know that’s a rare occurrence.” Rico added.

“Excuse me.” Fariel stood and casually walked out, Dante flanking a step behind her.


Outside in the open flat stood a tall, thin man in black robes, long black hair tied back loosely, for a moment Fariel saw the elf she once knew, Tanis, but blinked it away as the man turned to see her approaching.

“Clue.” She nodded.

“Fariel.” He repaid the gesture

“What is so important that you had to come all the way here? You might have been shadowed.” Fariel said flatly.

“I was careful, don’t be so tense. I’ve come with news of The Guard; the Luca division has been torn down and replaced with the finest soldiers from Bevell and Kilika. They are mounting a full search of Luca.” Fariel scowled at him, “They are searching for anyone that might have a connection to you or Kebel, and all the men from the Luca division are under questioning, including your two men that had been working under cover.” Fariel’s face had grown scarier throughout his explanation and he struggled to keep his composure while talking to her.

“Dante, take Clue to sector three then put out the call for all our teams to return to Kebel at midnight if not sooner. Tell them to be careful for The Guard; they will be watching all the gates leading out of Luca for anyone that looks suspicious.”

“Yes Fariel.” Dante nodded, “Clue if you just come with me.” Dante indicated for Clue to follow, Fariel watched quietly as the man was led away.

“Fariel.” Sheana yelled, Larek following her out the cave towards her.

“Larek get Whisper, we’re going to Luca, we need to pay the good General a visit.”

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The nightmare whirled through Feyd’s mind in a blur of images. The Judgement Aeon Ramuh, looking out across Spira from a high mountain as a great storm raged in the distance, violent flashes of purple lightning splitting the sky. A numberless army of monsters, demons and Unsent horrors, pouring from a dark portal deep within some twisted landscape. His friend Neji, falling screaming into a bottomless void. A dark sinister presence all around him, suffocating him, nowhere to hide, and a menacing voice:

“The war is far from over, Avenging Angels. I have returned…”

Feyd Kobie jolted upright in his bed, cold sweat pouring down his face. Beside him Sonya too jerked awake, her eyes flying open in panic as she gulped air. They looked at each other and instantly knew that what they had both been dreaming was no mere nightmare. Slowing his breathing and putting an arm round Sonya - as much to steady himself as to comfort her - Feyd began searching his mind for the long-dormant presence of Ramuh.

“You must go to the Ellessar woods and seek council with the elves right away, Avenger. I fear some great evil has returned.”

“Something’s very wrong. I think we should go talk to Master Laconfir.”

Sonya nodded.

“Tritoch told me the same.”

“Okay,” he said, giving her a brief hug, “You go and wake Eevee, and I’ll start packing.”

As Sonya pulled on a dressing gown and left the room, Feyd walked over to a corner of the room where a large iron-bound oak chest sat, took a key from his bedside drawer, and opened it with a creak from the aging hinges. Inside lay his elven bow and Atellian bracers, glinting in the dark. He had hoped that when he had put them away 17 years ago he would never need to use them again, but judging by what Ramuh had just told him, this was not to be the case.

* * *

Sonya knocked quietly but firmly on the door of her daughter’s room.

“Eevee? Wake up sweetheart.”

There was no response. Sonya frowned. Her daughter was usually a light sleeper.


She pushed open the door, to reveal an untidy bedroom cluttered with all the usual possessions of a Spiran teenager. The twin daggers that Fariel had given Eevee for her 12th birthday - a present Sonya had disapproved of as rather inappropriate but had relented on when she saw how happy Eevee was when Fariel went about teaching her how to use them - sat sheathed on a stand on the bedside table, but the bed itself was empty. And the bedroom window was open.

Sonya sighed.

* * *

Eevee Kobie finished going through the balletic elven combat drills, the staff-like shape of the rune-inscribed Atellian force lance she had been given by High Priest Laconfir a year ago sweeping graceful arcs through the air around her, and spun the half-magical, half-machina weapon to the horizontal to deactivate it, the lance retracting telescopically into itself with a quiet snap-hiss to form a smaller tube about a foot long which she then stowed carefully in her belt. Sighing, she pulled herself cat-like up into the big tree in the middle of their garden, finding a seat in the fork of two of its bigger branches and leaning back to look up at the clear night sky.

Unable to sleep, she had come outside to see if she could tire herself out with some of the training rituals her elven mentor Alariele had been going through with her in the last few of her regular visits to the Ellessar woods. She enjoyed the scenery and ambience of the elven forest, for she was very much an outdoor girl, enjoyed the challenge of the training the elves put her through, something they said was important to her realising her destiny as a future Avenging Angel. She knew all the stories and the prophesies of course, and about the epic adventures her parents and their closest friends, uncle Neji and auntie Melina, auntie Fariel and Tanis, had been on - a tale that had amazed her and inspired her to explore everything she could and push herself to new limits - but she’d never really understood the point of it all now that Sin had been vanquished. But then, as auntie Fariel would have said, it was a challenge, and challenges are often worth pursuing just for their own sake. She smiled at that. She missed auntie Fari, who could be a bit scary at times but always seemed to dissolve back into this playful, mischievous kid when she was around Eevee. She seemed to view Eevee as some kind of protégé, teaching her all kinds of cool stealth tricks like how to climb about in trees without making a sound and get the drop on your friends. Auntie Fari’s occasional hints that Eevee would make a good apprentice “in her line of work” pissed off her mum no end. Eevee had never found out what auntie Fari’s “line of work” was - though she did know it went on at a secret underground city called Kebel up near Mt Gagazet, which she had visited once and found to be full of interesting people, many of whom were ****y and adventurous like herself.

Lately, auntie Fari had been more and more busy with her work and had come to see them less often. Her last visit had been months ago.

Eevee sighed again. She heard someone coming across the lawn towards her and turned to see who it was.

“Evelyn Jenae Kobie, don’t you ever sleep?” her mum was saying to her in that fondly exasperated voice she often used.

Eevee smiled innocently and slid down from the tree, brushing off her skirt as she did so.

“You’re not in bed either mum,” she pointed out with a cheeky slanted grin. She knew exactly how far she could push it with her mum before she went too far, and though her mother’s response was disapproving she saw her smile.

“Very funny, young lady.” Sonya replied, coming over to sit beside her daughter with her back to the tree-trunk, “How come you’re not in bed at 2am?”

Eevee shrugged.

“Couldn’t sleep. Tried to burn off some energy doing Alariele’s routines but it doesn’t seem to be working. There’s like this nagging feeling I’ve got that won’t go away.”

She didn’t see her mother’s expression change sharply as she said that, because suddenly there was a thunderous crash overhead as a great fork of purple lightning lanced across the sky without any warning. A great rolling boom of thunder followed as more lightning began to flash above them, strobing purple light across the garden and causing weird flickering shadows as great dark clouds swirled across the previously-calm sky. Sonya and Eevee leapt to their feet and Feyd came running out of the house to see what the commotion was.

“What the frak!?” Eevee yelled. In the stunning violence of the sudden storm, neither of her parents reprimanded her bad language.

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(occ - So you won't let me tell Eevee what i do for a living, that's no fun. Anyway, that's what's happening with me and the guys now, so if your going to introduce Jacen you'll have to do it now before Fariel meets back up with Dante and Zeke.)

Larek, Zeke and Dante under the cover of the shadows moved through the side streets carefully, they had questioned why it was so important for them to travel to Luca in daylight but her reply was, “Just secure an exit for our teams.” Both Zeke and Dante flinched when Fariel had snapped at the three of them.

“What the heck is up with her anyway?” Zeke mumbled.

“Quiet.” Larek hissed, putting an arm back to press the pair against the wall, the street ahead of them was clear but they could hear the routine marching of one of The Guards patrols. “Back, get back.” He shoved them; all three of them hurried back down the alley and slid out of sight.

“That’s the fifth one since we got here. What’s going on?” Larek growled, turning t Dante, “What was it that Clue said?”


Over the years of honing her shape shifting abilities, Fariel had soon created a new look that she could change to when going into cities, and found that she didn’t get stopped. She was slightly shorter, her hair much shorter and no longer blue, now a normal brown colour, her eyes green. Eventually she had managed to figure out how to conceal her wings, although it took more effort then her usual shifting.
Also, to be safe, she had removed her cape and weapons that had the symbol for Kebel on them, also it wasn’t acceptable to walk publicly with weapons anymore.

It wasn’t long until she found herself before The Guard’s building, she slipped in the door and the man sitting at the front desk looked up at her dismissively.

“Name?” He asked.

“Sheana Reeves.” Fariel answered without faltering.

“Purpose?” He continued, Fariel smothered a sigh at how bored he was that he had stooped to one word questions.

“I’m hear to report a sighting of Fariel Oreen to the General.” She muttered, making it look like she was trying to conceal the fact. The man’s eyes lit up.

“This way Ms Reeves.” He rose from his chair and led her through the building and upstairs, she pretended to be curious even though she had broken in so many times she knew her way around perfectly.

“What happened to the walls?” She queried, noting the bullet holes and singe marks that lined all the walls.

”Oh, that’s from Oreen’s last visit.” He finally stopped at a red door and knocked lightly.

“Come in.” Was the reply from within.

The man opened the door and ushered her in, “Ms Reeves has a sighting to report.” The man that had led her spoke before shutting the door behind Fariel and left her inside with the General.

He was old, and wore The Guard uniform proudly, his hair was white and his eyes a hazel colour, he had a neatly trimmed beard and even though he was sitting behind a desk, she knew that he was pretty tall.

“General.” Fariel inclined her head, concealing a smile.

“Is this a sighting of Oreen?” He asked.

“It is.” She looked back up at him, her eyes red, he fidgeted in his chair, her hair turned blue and her wing’s unfolded from behind her. “She’s in your office, sir.” She grinned as she was fully back to herself.

“What the hell do you want?” He calmed himself, rising from his chair and placing his hands on the desk where she could see them, he could see she wasn’t armed but he knew she was more then lethal with her magic.

“I have a question for you, Gerald.” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“Which is?” They stared at each other.

“Why have you fired all your men and replaced them with men from Bevell and Kilika?” Gerald’s eyes widened a bit but he composed himself.

“How did you know about that, the order was just put out this morning?”

“Answer my question.” She snapped, Gerald flinched as a ball of blue fire flared in Fariel’s hand.

“There were traitors within my ranks and because they wouldn’t step forwards we had to question each one of them individually.”

“But you didn’t find them.” Fariel grinned all knowingly.

Gerald nodded, “And as such we’ve replaced them with more trustworthy men.”

“Where are these traitors of yours?” She asked casually.

“In the holding cells.” He answered after a slight hesitation, but she knew he was telling the truth.

“Thank you.” She nodded, “Goodbye.” She raised her hand and the flames vanished, instead in a sharp flick of the wrist a throwing knife spun through the air and hit the general in the arm, “Sleep well.” She almost giggled as the General fell to the floor.


Not bothering to change back into her second form she had made her way to the holding cells which where in a small building behind the main one, they were connected by a small courtyard, a guard in each corner. Though none of them proved their use as a guard as Fariel walked past, they all retreated like cowards.

“Breezer, Lei, where are you?” Fariel walked down the ranks of cells, but smiled as she saw the all too familiar wolf sitting outside a cell, “Good girl, Whisper.”

Within the cell were two young men, “Good afternoon.” Fariel smiled, “Having fun?”

The two men smiled in relief, “Get us out of here, please.” Breezer laughed.


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“Freeze!” a cool but commanding voice hissed from above, echoing round the side-street the three Kebelites had been sneaking down, thinking it was empty.

“Frak!” Larek cursed, glancing around the alley and the many windows of the tenement blocks that rose up several stories either side of them. Even his trained eye could not locate the owner of the voice.

Guardsman, was his first thought, Only a Guardsman would be stupid enough to shout “freeze!” and give up the element of surprise. But damn it, he couldn’t turn the tables until he knew where his opponent was.

His hand drifted towards the dagger at his belt. There was a sharp report from a machina rifle and with the ping of a ricocheting bullet the dagger went spinning away to clatter on the pavement.

“I said, freeze.” the voice came again.

Realising the game was up, Larek and his two companions straightened, keeping their hands well away from their sides.

“Thankyou, Larek Atlen,” the voice spoke out, impossible to pinpoint as it echoed around the alley. Larek swore again under his breath at the fact he had been recognised, “I’m sorry but I thought that was the best way to get your attention. Don’t worry, I’m not from the Guard. I just want to talk.”

Ahead of them, a dark figure detached itself from the shadows and jumped down from a vantage point. In his hands he held a bolt-action machina rifle with a long barrel and a telescopic sight attached, stained dark so it would not reflect the light. He lowered it once he had stepped forward, close enough for the three Kebelites to see him, but far enough away for him to raise it again if one of them went for a weapon. He wore loose dark clothes that blended in with the shadows and broke up the shape of his body so it was difficult to tell his appearance and build, though they could see he was quite tall.

“What do you want?” Larek asked, utterly confused by this mysterious stranger.

“As I said, to talk,” the man with the rifle replied, “I’ve been making some enquiries around Luca and one of the shadier characters I talked to gave me your name as one that might be able to help me. What can you tell me about a man called Kerr Locke.”

Larek stiffened, instantly on his guard. Fariel rarely talked about Kerr, but Larek was one of the few she had confided in about her old friend and companion who had turned traitor and tried to kill her. If this stranger was interested in Kerr, then he was probably also interested in Fari. He wasn’t about to say anything that would put his leader and friend in danger.

“Never heard of him.” he lied smoothly.

Unfortunately, the stranger had obviously seen his momentary tension. He drew back into the shadows and there was a menacing click - the unmistakable sound of a rifle round being chambered.

“Wrong answer, Larek.”

Realising he was out of options, Larek settled for the best compromise he could, telling the stranger part of the truth, but only that which was no danger to him and Fariel.

“Okay, okay. Kerr Locke - that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time…he hasn’t been in Luca in over a decade as far as I know.”

“Ah, but you do know him.”

“Not really. I know he used to work as a thief here under the tutelage of another young rogue, but the two of them disappeared from Luca ages ago.”

“Who was the other thief?”

“I honestly don’t know. He didn’t speak about her.”

Larek instantly cursed himself for the slip. He shouldn’t have specified that Kerr’s teacher was a girl. Oh well, there was still no way for the stranger to connect his ambiguous reference with Fari.

“Interesting,” the stranger mused quietly, “Thankyou Larek.”

Then there was a sudden flash as a smoke grenade exploded in the middle of the alley. Larek, Zeke and Dante all went for their weapons simultaneously, diving for cover, but by the time the fog had cleared the stranger had disappeared.

“Don’t worry Larek,” the stranger said, his voice coming from further away this time, “The Guard doesn’t know you’re here.  You can avoid their patrols if you keep following this alley and turn right.”

They listened, but there was only silence. The stranger had gone. Dante cursed.

“If he’s a Guard agent he’ll go straight to the nearest patrol and tell them we’re here.”

"That advice about taking the alley has got to be a trap." Zeke agreed.

“No, I don’t think he’s with the Guard,” Larek said slowly, “If he was trying to get info about Fari that was a lousy cover story and he didn’t get anything from it.”

“Then who the hell was he?”

Larek sighed.

“I don’t know. Fari will probably want to know about this though.”

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“Breezer, take Lei and get back to Kebel, make sure you aren’t followed. Take the cave at the beach.” The two men did as they were told and made a quick escape for Luca’s beach.

Whisper head butted Fariel’s leg and then ran on ahead; Fariel took the hint and followed. The wolf led her straight back to Dante, Zeke and Larek who were standing watch at the back door of a set of houses, small groups of people filing out.

“Fari.” Larek grabbed her attention, “After you left we got pinned down by someone, I didn’t get his name. Though I don’t think he was part of The Guard.”

“If he wasn’t part of The Guard why was he interested in you three?” Fariel asked curiously.

“He wanted to talk, about him.” Larek hesitated and held back a curse as Fariel’s expression darkened. “He was carrying a black machina rifle and wore loose dark clothes; I didn’t recognise him, though he had a bit of a Kilika accent.”

“Call Faber on the radio and get him to look though the files see if he can find someone that fits the description. Zeke, Dante, get everyone from this sector out of here, I’m going across the way to get the others.”

“Sure thing Fariel.” Dante nodded, “Let’s go people, you heard her.”

“If this guy turns up again, tell me immediately, I want to know who he is and why he’s so interested with the past.”


It didn’t take long until all the teams were being led out of Luca, word must have gotten out that Fariel was in Luca, the patrols from The Guard almost doubled and made their lives difficult, but when there’s a will there’s a way.

Whisper didn’t pick up any indication of the gun man that Larek had encountered, neither did Fariel. They waited a while longer, Fariel perched a top a high building, until she got the word that all the teams were safely on their way back to Kebel with Luca in the distance.

“Whisper, we’re going back. This mystery man obviously isn’t going to make a second appearance today.” She said jumping down to where the wolf was sitting nearer the ground.


“Fariel, we’ve gone through all the files. There are only three people coming up that match the description that we got from Larek and the others. Two of them are in The Guard, the third is unknown, there is only a first name on file for him, Jacen.” Faber explained.

“Find him.” Fariel ordered.


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He looked down upon her...older, yet the same Fariel. He hadn't changed much due to teh elven blood in him. But he knew Fariel was impulsove and wouldent notice. He smiled and drew his katana..."Playtime"

"Who goes there! i heard you! come out now and maybe we wont hurt you...much." shouted out Fariel.

"I'm giving you to the count of 3!




A dark shape fell from the roof and knocked her to the floor."

"FRAK!" cried Fariel

Breezer and Lei were already on the floor when Fariel got up, binded by some unseen was the rest of her crew...even whisper!

The dark shape lunged at Fariel, dancing around her blades with ease. It lunged at her, knocking a blade out of her hand and bringing its weapon to her neck.

"Pathetic. you should know better than that!"

Fariel looked at the shape.


The shape jumped back to avoid the deadly fireball. And waited as Fariel retrieved her weapon. She rushed it and stabbed with both blades, one towards each side of the head. But it was no longer there.

"Behind you"

Fariel turned, and jumped back as a face appered out of nowhere behind her.


Fariel didn't hesitate, she balled her fist....and punched the man square in the jaw!

The man reeled. Spitting blood.

"Well i guess i deserved that. but it was still uncalled for!"

Fariel stared at the face a second longer befor realisation spread across her face.


"The one and only. I thought you might appreciate the irony of me...dropping in, again"

"Your a dick."

"But you love me for it!"

The man...Tanis stepped forward, and clicked his fingers, Fariels companians gave a gasp.

"Now Fariel...we have much to talk about. I don't have time to stay. I must find Kobie and Sonea..Melina too, and i must rush if i am to catch them before they reach the elven forests. I must also find all of there children. Neji is not a concern."

"But...Tanis its been"

"Shush. I will explain all in time. It seems my role as guide is not yet complete. 2 Days Fairel. Meet me at the calm lands. I will have the rest of us there. Now i must go. I don't have time...i'm still always in a rush you see!" Tanis smiled warmly.

"But Tanis i don't understand...we haven't heard from you in years...and"

"Our battle is not yet finished, we must now look to the young well as ourselves. 2 days Fariel. Be there."

Tanis turned and with a florish, sheathed his blade and walked out.

"Tanis you can't wear weapons...."

"Fariel...when did rules ever bother me."

And with a flick of the wrist. Tanis disappered into the distance.

Fariel sighed.

"Here we go again..."


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As the patrol of Guardsmen marched back towards their Guard precinct house, the sergeant stopped and drew to one side by an alleyway, leaning against a standing barrel and cupping his hands as he lit a cigarette. The NCO looked tired - the hunt for Oreen after her daring jailbreak, despite a methodical house-to-house search of half of Luca, had once again proved fruitless.

Suddenly a small coin flew past the sergeant and chinked against the pavement to his left. Instinctively, he turned to look. An arm flew out from behind him and hooked round his neck, cutting off his shout of alarm as he was dragged backwards into the shadows. There was the sound of a brief struggle, though no Guardsmen were around to hear it, and then quiet. After about a minute a figure stepped out of the alley adjusting his sergeant’s uniform - but not the same sergeant.

The same enigmatic man who had questioned Larek earlier walked confidently towards the precinct house, taking an ID card from his pocket and swiping it across the lock to open the great sliding door. It closed behind him with a dull metallic thud.

Avoiding more than passing eye contact with the few Guardsmen who moved to and fro about the building, the stranger made his way through the warren of dull grey corridors, peering through doors until he came to a quiet archive room, where a single technician was manning a machina computer console. Ghosting in through the door and closing it silently behind him, he rammed his thumb into the pressure point at the back of the technician’s neck at the base of his skull, his other hand professionally stifling the man’s scream by clapping simultaneously over his mouth.

“Thankyou,” the man whispered as he lowered the unconscious tech carefully to the floor. He wasn’t that good with the new inventions that were machina computers and probably wouldn’t have been able to hack into the Guard network if the tech hadn’t conveniently already been logged on. Bringing up the archive index, he typed a query into the search engine.


For a few seconds the computer processed the request, then opened a file. In the top-left corner was a picture of a brooding teenager in black overalls, his hair gelled up into spikes and a ****y sneer on his face. The stranger looked at the photo for a long time, the ghost from his past, only a more recent picture capture and an older face. His eyes darted across the file, skimming the text which detailed Kerr’s criminal record, and also the fact that he’d never been caught. That brought a smile to the stranger’s face. He frowned at the part which detailed the last known sighting of Kerr - 17 years ago. So Larek had been telling the truth when he said he had long moved on from Luca. He scrolled down the file until he reached the paragraph detailing Kerr’s known accomplices. There was only one - FARIEL OREEN.

He called up her file, and whistled softly at its size - bigger than half the other’s put together. He stared at her picture for a long time, memorising it, then scanned down the long list of offences until he found what he was looking for - LOCATION. He opened the file.


“Damn,” the stranger whispered, and entered another query into the search engine - PROBABLE LOCATION

The computer complied and brought up a file making reference to a hidden stronghold called Kebel, somewhere in the Gagazet mountain range. Finding it’s exact location seemed to be one of the Guard’s highest priorities, but by the look of it they didn’t seem to be having much luck so far.

With a satisfied nod the stranger closed the file and shut down the terminal, exiting the room as quietly as he had entered and heading for the main exit, leaving the technician still comatose on the floor.

* * *

“We’re going to the Ellessar woods?” Eevee asked her dad in confusion, “Why?”

Normally she would have been excited about such a surprise trip, but at 2 in the morning it seemed a little out of character. Then again, that sudden lightning storm had clearly spooked both her parents big time. Eevee had felt it too - some kind of ominous presence seemed to come along with the storm. Normally she was not in the least scared of lightning, but this storm - appearing suddenly out of nowhere, lurid purple bolts flickering across the sky - had left a deep sense of unease in her even after it had calmed. She shuddered, suddenly feeling cold, and lengthened her stride to catch up with her parents.

“We asked the Aeons about it, and they agreed it was the best thing to do, and that we had to go right away,” Feyd explained.

Eevee nodded and went quiet, well aware of the bond her parents shared with the First Aeons that she had learned long ago to trust without question.

They had dressed quickly, thrown together a few essential travelling items and a couple of days food, and set off there and then north towards the sacred forest of the elves. The comforting presence of her mum and dad steadied Eevee’s nerves a little, and she saw it was pointless to ask more questions about the storm yet as they clearly didn’t know the answers either, so instead she found herself getting excited about the prospect of returning to the elven woods and meeting its inhabitants again. She loved the forest’s beautiful scenery and the peaceful aura that surrounded it, and she also had many friends and family there, like her mentor Alarielle, some of the younger elves, and uncle Neji and auntie Melina’s son Keiji - although she didn’t get on as well with him as with the others. It wasn’t for lack of trying - every time she tried to engage him in conversation he seemed reserved, awkward, even a little hostile, a fact that she found partly confusing, partly disappointing and sometimes a little funny. She sometimes wondered whether it was because he was just shy, or because he was a bit of a lone wolf and saw her outgoing attitude as unwanted prying, or some other reason.

She laughed to herself, pulling her cloak closer around her against the wind. She’d never understand boys.

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"Well, its nice to know that the world still has some misery." Soven whispered to the shadows.

The sky outside the cell was dark and a taste of foreboding clung in the air. Soven had always loved storms, they inflicted fear and panic in the weak.  He once feared storms and would cling to the warmth of his mother, but he had aged, he became more powerful and fearful, he laughed at such storms.

That was before his step-brother, Soren, stepped in and ruined his fun.  Soven was a feared name, no one dared whisper it unless they wished a painful death.  Many tried to slay him but all fell, screaming and crying for mercy.  Soren begun to fear Soven too, and acted against him, but failed.  Soven wanted to kill him, had no doubt that he deserved it but she stepped in.  Their mother stopped Soven killing his brother by begging her eldest son to forgive the younger.

Soven learnt a dangerous lesson that day.  He still loved his mother and because of her love, Soven fled West to the ocean and became a pirate.  But Soven somehow changed his ways.  He fought for honor and devoted his life to helping others.  All the while he muttered about a Blood Debt and a man with wings.  After time, his brother came for him and they fought and Soven was victorious once again. Once again Soven let him live, unable to stop the tears when he thought of his mother's grieve.  Soven started drinking heavly and was drunk daily. Soren caught him drunk and he beat his elder brother.

Soren dragged Soven home, just West of the Thunder Plains and imprisoned his brother in a cell built solely for him and was guarded day and night by a thousand guards, and there Soven lay for 6 years, waiting, thinking, planning when he came for a visit.

Soven sat on his plain bed looking out the barred window, thinking of life and the point of it.  If there was a point.  Why live only to die one day?  Why seak so-called "happiness"?  Soven learnt long ago happiness was useless, with so much pain in the world.

"Do you always think with so much self-pity?  Or have you been here too long?"

I have been here too long, Soven thought.  I'm starting to hear voices in my head.

"Think agian, Soven the Warrior."

Soven jerked himself out of his train-of-thought and stared through the bars to a tall man, covered in shadows.

After a long silence Soven spoke.  "Who are you?  How'd you get in?  And why are you speaking to me?"

The stranger smiled.  "A while ago I was attacked by people wishing to kill me, and they almost did.  I'm speaking to you because I have an offer for you, Soven the Unbeatable.  How would you like to be my right hand man?  The right hand man of the new ruler Spira.  The successor of Sin."

Soven smiled.  "Nice bed time story."  Soven yawned loudly.  "I've been trying to get to sleep for hours.  Cheers."  Soven closed his eyes with a smile and began to wondered....



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Retala Sat at a wonderfully brown oak table, piles of open books littered his desk which was surronded by many untify piles of books and ancient texts. The massive stone room was lit only by the bright setting Sun shining a direct beam of orange light through the one massive window behind Retala.

Retala cursed and threw another book to the floor, "damn these books they tell me nothing useful!," he roared before slumping on his desk scattering even more books. The elf hadn't slept since Neji left and that was nearly two days ago, not to mention the sleepless night of the storm. Retala had bearly seen the world outside his empty office spending all his time reading though thousands of books then ordering the monks of the temple and the librarians to fetch him. Suddenly there came a knock a knock on the door and an elf wearing a brown monks cloak burst in.

"Master! An airship approaches it looks like the highwind!"

Retala's eyes lit up and he sprang from his desk and paced the corridors of the temple almost running to the exit. The great doors were opened for him by two sturdy looking elf guards, the setting suns ray shown on his deprived eyes and Retala had to shield them until he came into focus, he gazed up into the sky to see an ariship quickly descend to the landing area leaving behind a trail of black smoke.

It didn't take the elf long to arrive at the land area, despite the rocky landing the airship manged to land completely in tacked. The airship lowered its ramp and the freat door opened. Retala looked on expecting to see the great figure of Neji, yet walking out came another. It was Gau, now grown into a fine man and second in command of the Highwind.

"Gau! where is Neji?" Retala called out, Gau hastened down the ramp, his thin sword dangling from his side.

"He stayed to fight Penance alone,"

A strong look of concern came on Retala "Please follow and tell me everything you know," Retala said putting his hand on Gau's shoulder. Retala then turned to elfs around him, "Gather Zell and Melina," The elves nodded and left.

Night soon came and Gau, Retala, Melina and Zell all sat around a round table the room was dark, and a deppressing atmoshere shrouded the room. All sat quite, neither of the four have had much sleep if any over the past couple of days. The silence was broken when door opened and Master Laconfir paced in two elf guards by his side. Even he was trouble the comforting smile that seemed to never leave his face had vanished leaving on a face bearing bad news.

"Thank you, Master Laconfir, I know you are a busy man," Retala said as he walked into the room. The head elf had no answer, instead he nodded and took his seat of honor. Gau wasted no more time and quickly began to tell the story of there fight with Panance, he spoke all about this new mysterious continent, the beast of Penance, the battle, Cids ship crashing into the ground and final Neji ordering the retreat while he held Penance off. The last they saw of Neji he was decending into the mist to fight Penance in a smaller form.

"So Neji might still be alive?" Zell asked hopefully, yet Gau only shrugged.

"Neji is no longer with us," Laconfir said softy, everyone in the room fixed there eye on the high elf, a tear coming down his face.

"No," Melina said bursting into tears, Zell and Gau quickly went to comfort her, Zells eyes flared and he barked at Laconfir

"How could you say that! No way Neji could never be killed!"

"It brings me great pain, but I know, Neji could not, and did not defeat Panance, even he knew he wasn't going to return from this fight, he put his life into one final attack and failed, Penance lived and Neji perished, vanished from this world,"

Zell's eyes watered as he fought back the tears, with Neji and Cid gone he was in full charge of the entire crew, he knew his duty now, he Zell got up and left the room, Neji was like a father to him and fighting back those tears was harder than any of his training sessions, when he deep into the forest he burst into tears, punching the ground in anger.

Back at the room Melina continued to grief the loss of her husband, when Keiji burst into the room, he had listened in to the whole story.

"Impossible!" he roared, "My father can not die, no opponent could defeat him,"

"Keiji, get home now!" Melina screamed she did not want her son to her in that way.

"that Panance could not defeat my father, no matter how strong he is,"

Retala who had kept quite rose from his chair, "Keiji you stay out of this, you should not concern youreself with matters such as this,"

Keiji's blood boiled and he left the room and stormed home. "My father is alive and I will prove it,"

Keiji went into his rooms and from his top drawer took out his battle gear given to him on his 17th birthday by Retala, and hastened to put them on, he wore a black, loose, large V-necked sleeveless top which showed most of his neck and chest, to hide his Martial arts top he wore a white short sleeved T-shirt the sleeves coming to just above his elbow to give him more of a casual look, he wore black loose fiting trouser which matched his black fighting top and were perfect for fighting in and held up with a black sash, his boots were black with a red stripe down the middle, robe was tied to them to hold them tight and finally the suit came with black wrists bands, the clothes were magically enchanted they would protect Keiji from normal attacks much like a suit of armor would, and gave him added defence against harmful magical attacks, they were comfty and perfect for a maital artists, but did not supplie sutible warmth, to add Keiji wore a thin shirt like, light brown coat which he wore open. Keiji took few supplies and stored them in a pouch which he wore at his side attached to his sash. His gear looked stylish for someone his age to be seen around the streets with but were perfect for his kind of fighting.

(under the coat and the T-shirt it kinda looks like this but no black shirt underneith and not orange )

Leaving only a note Keiji left his home and left the safty of Ellessar woods to search for his father.



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“Larek!” Fariel noticed that her team was still picking themselves off the ground as Tanis disappeared, stepping to Larek’s side she helped him up, “Are you okay?” She asked sincerely.

“Was that, the, Tanis?” Larek ignored her question.

Fariel hesitated, “Yeah, and ironically enough I still can’t beat him in a fight.” She flexed her fist, “Though he totally deserved that though.” She smiled but Larek didn’t, Fariel sighed. “Don’t worry about it okay, this is my problem.” She hugged him; he eventually nodded and hugged her back. “Get everyone back to the flats; I need to talk to Faber.”

“Sure.” He nodded.

“Whisper, let’s go!” She beckoned to the wolf who chirped and ran on ahead; changing into a wolf she followed.


“All the teams are coming up dry, so far. For someone who asks so many questions he sure doesn’t want to be found.” Faber turned from his machina computer to speak to Fariel who was back in human form, Whisper sitting beside her.

“Blackbird, this is team 4. There is a lot of commotion at The Guard’s place.” Both turned back to the computer as the man on the radio started to talk.

“Let’s here it.” Faber answered.

“Two of their men were found down after they realised someone broke in with out notice and gained access to the archive room.”

“The archive room…?” Fariel mumbled, “Faber, bring up the camera’s from The Guard’s sector, trace them back and find this idiot.”

It took a few minutes but they managed to pin point a man heading to the building that matched Larek’s description, although he was in a Guard uniform. “Team 4, who were the two people that were down?” Fariel asked.

“A sarg and the archive keeper guy.”

“So he took the guy’s uniform and waltzed on in there. How unoriginal.” Fariel criticised.

“It worked though.” Faber almost laughed.

“That’s only because The Guard are useless. Zoom in on that man.” She pointed to the one they discovered as their suspected ‘Jacen’

“It looks a lot like him…” Fariel commented, moving to the computer beside Faber’s and searching for the file of Kerr Locke. “Family, family, family…” She muttered as she red down the file, “He…had a brother…?”


“Faber, where’s Fariel?” Larek queried walking into the machina filled room.

“I’m not sure, she ran off after reading Kerr’s file.” Faber held it up, “I’m guessing she’s gone looking for this Jacen guy as she thinks Kerr’s his brother.”

“That is not good.” Larek sighed, “Keep an eye on sector 4, if this guy looked up Fariel’s file then he’s going to come looking for her.”



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The lush green of the Ellessar woods was now behind Keiji, he found himself traveling through the frozen wastes which once was the beautiful Macalania forests since vanished into a wastland of dead trees and frozen plains, shorty after the all the faith vanished so did the mysical forest, the frozen lake still remained the same but the path leading to the temple had sunk along with the temple to the depths of the lake, even Rin abandoned his shop here, selling it to the late Oh'akka who mysteriously vanished along with the forests beauty. But the shop still remained in tact, now empty and desolace but proved sutible shelter for travellers.

As Keiji pushed himself through the snow a blizzard struck and Keiji was forced to seek shelter in the abandoned shop, it was empty and left in a reck, tables were broken, the stores had been stripped clean and usless mechandise scattered the floor, the fireplace how ever was kept in good order, and supplies for the fire were held in ample supply.

Keiji hundled up next to fire, the blizzard was strong and the door to the shop rattled with the gust of wind, the wind making the sound of thousand screaming souls. Keiji bagan to slowly drift off when he heard a scream coming from in the forest. At first he though it was the wind until he heard clearly, "Help Me!"

It sounded like a women, a young women, Keiji sprang to his feet, and approached the door, as soon as he opened it a stong gail of sleet and snow swept into the building, the chilling wind cut to the bone and he was tempted to close to door again when once again he heard the scream, the brave teenager knew if he did not go out this person was going to die and so steeling his nervse Keiji stepped out of the safty of the abandoned shop and the warmth of the fire.

He pushed himself through the shin high snow to where the scream could be heard, eventually after treking through the snow for sometime Keiji could see a faded image of a winged women crash into the snow infront off him, cased by three winged men.

The angel like person saw the faint image of Keiji and weakenly sqeezed out one more faint cry for help before passing out shortly after. The three winged men closed in on her heavy her from the ground.

Keiji through a demon ball at one the attackers, as he looked up the blast crashed into his face and threw him back unmoving.

The other two immediatly dropped the girl and drew similar looking swords, the first charged and swung his sword vertically at Keiji, but Keiji getting on the inside blocked the armored angels blow, Keiji immediatly grapped his sword arm pulling him closer and slammed his elbow and knee into the angels arm, the blow crushed its unprotected arm and he dropped his sword jumping back screaming in pain, Keiji thrusted his pointed foot forward and drilled into his armored stomach the blow breaking through armor, the angel doubled over and tried to back off, he looked up to see the powerful teenager charge at a blinding speed and slam his elbow into his face. The angel fell back some distance, dead or just unconcious, his parter did not take the time to check, he dropped his sword and retreated taking to the safty of the skies.

Keiji stood over his defeated ememys victorius, Keiji jumped back when the bodys began to mysteriously dissolve into the ground and vanishing from sight, a single pye flie drifting off from each and disappearing into the sky. Keiji was bewildered never has seen a human body dissolve into pyr flies, and never had he seen a single pyr file emerge from the body of fiend.

Keiji ran to the girl, she lay on her front face in snow her wings which vanished as he approached fell limply at her sides, yet Keiji was not the least bit surprised having seen his fathers and Fariel wings many times, yet still it was strange that this girl had wings and the winged men, why were they attacking her, why does she have wings, does she have some godly power like his father or Fariel. Keiji turned the girl on her back, he pushed aside her long soft dark hair, she was beatiful, and even unconsicous made Keiji nervous, he was never good with women being shy amougst them, and here he was, the most beautiful women he had ever seen yet he was to nervous to even check her vital signs, she wore a fancy silk dress as if she had just come from a rich party, which clung to her full figure. Her breathing was weak, and she shivered from the cold, Keiji shock his nervousness and check her pulse, it was there but weak and he had to act fast, immediatly he removed his shirt and jacket, putting the shirt on her and wrapping her in his jacket he heaved her up and put her on his back and began to short journey back to the shop.

The blizzard kept up its furious attack on Keiji all the way back to the shop, the relief Keiji felt when he pushed open the door and placed the girl next to the dying fire was great, closing the door and once again hearing the wind and snow outside brought a certain feeling of security and Keiji relaxed, he fed the fire until it roared with an orange heat, heating up the entire room with a comforting glow. While searching through the shop he found a few blankets and wrapped them round the girl lying still next the burning fire. Colour was beginning to return to her face and her breath became steady and gentle, as Keiji looked down at her he felt proud of the deed he had down today, and was certain his father would be proud of him. 

Keiji continued to watch over the girl constantly feeding the fire, he hudled up to slowly began to drift when he heard the girl move and mumble, as she slowly began to come to. Keiji shot to a red colour as she opened her dark eyes which matched her hair and they immediatly met his.


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<ooc - the rate of posting frankly amazes guys really were desperate to get this RP going! LOL>

Eevee stifled a yawn as dawn broke and the great forest before them started to come gradually into relief not far ahead.

“Not far now,” Feyd said, his hand wound affectionately around Sonya’s as he turned to Eevee, “Hope you don’t mind if we get there first and meet the elves before we stop for breakfast?”

“Fine by me, dad,” Eevee said with a shrug and a smile. Her parents had often taken her out for long hikes in the past - her mother taking the opportunity to teach her about the nature around them with an enthusiasm that almost matched that of the elves while her father showed her all kinds of cool fieldcraft skills he had learned as a Custodian - and this was neither the longest nor the most difficult, so walking for an extra half hour before eating didn’t bother her.

“I’ll let them know we’re coming,” Sonya said, stopping and closing her eyes to activate Tritoch’s Farsight gift. She hadn’t used it in a while but she felt the familiar lightening sensation as her consciousness drifted up into the sky and over the woods, searching for Laconfir or Neji or someone else they knew among the trees.

* * *

The blocky shape of the airship freighter drifted slowly across the mountainous landscape, the sun glinting off the Guard insignia on its steel side. If there had been anyone below, they would have observed the strange sight of the main bay doors opening slightly and a dark shape moving next to the entrance, before casting a rope outwards towards the ground and quickly shimmying down it.

The same rifleman who had questioned Larek and broken into the Guard’s Luca precinct house slashed a knife across the rope above his head and dropped the last few metres to the ground, breaking his fall with a diving roll.

“It’s all too easy…” he laughed to himself as he stood up, the airship continuing obliviously on its slow course. The man rested the black rifle on his shoulder behind his head and turned his gaze upwards towards the daunting sight of Mt Gagazet - thickly forested on its lower slopes, barren on the uppers, its highest peaks capped with snow.

He laughed to himself. He knew he stood almost no chance in the Farplane of finding a hidden fortress on such a huge mountain with such dense terrain and so many rocky crags and caves that might hide secret entrances, especially when the Guard had been trying the exact same thing for years with no success.

But he also knew he had to try.


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(occ - Fariel's a lier :p lol)

A few hours late Fariel’s patience was starting to dissipate, “Whisper!” Fariel yelled, the wolf up ahead that was sniffing the air and ground looked over her shoulder to see what Fariel wanted. “I’m not getting anything, are you?” Whisper looked away; she knew that was a no.

Changing into human form Fariel muttered curses, she was sure that this mystery man was going to come looking for her which would make her life easier. Though he still hadn’t made an appearance.

“If I didn’t know where Kebel was and I was searching for me…where would I go…?” She looked around, it was beginning to snow, but through it she saw mt Gagazet. “Whisper, we’re moving on.” The wolf trotted over to her side and stood ready, but they both paused as Fariel’s radio crackled.

“Fariel, we’ve got our mystery man, he’s two clicks west of you.” Faber appeared on the radio.

“I’m going to bring him in. Clear an area that we can keep him in where he’ll be out of trouble.”

“Understood.” Faber answered.

“Be careful Fariel, another storm is coming in.” Larek quickly added.

“I will, Larek, don’t worry.” She smiled, “Whisper. Let’s go.”


The weather was getting worse, any trails Jacen could have followed were quickly destroyed, the man could barely see a few feet a head of him. The one thing he noticed though was that the whole area was void of fiends.
The only sounds other then the wind was his breathing and crunching of his feet on the freshly fallen snow.

He stopped as he thought he heard something, a low growling, bumping the rifle from his shoulder he held it ready in hand, “Fiend…” He muttered to himself, it didn’t sound human whatever it was. Listening carefully he distinguished two sets of noises each coming from a different direction.

For a second he saw the dark grey fur of the fiend and fired, but missed, the bullet ricocheted off a rock, the figure had moved. A cold chill ran down his spine as a sharp thin blade touched his neck. “You’re good, I’ll give you that. A few inches to the left and you would have had me.” Fariel whispered in his ear, “Drop the gun and state your name.” She ordered, he hesitated, she pushed the blade slightly harder into his neck and he threw the rifle to the side.

“My name…is Jacen-“

“Locke.” Fariel completed his sentence; Jacen drew a breath, “So I’m right. That’s good.”

“You knew my brother.” He stated.

“I did.” She agreed.

“You worked together, as thieves.” He pushed a little harder.

“That’s correct.” She nodded, “A long time ago.”

“What happened to him?”

“We went our different ways a long time ago, Jacen. I don’t know anything of his whereabouts or what happened to him after we separated.” Jacen sighed; most of his questions were answered in one. “Can I trust you not to shoot me if I release you?” He nodded, drawing back her sword he knelt down to retrieve his rifle but pulled back his hand as a wolf appeared beside it.

"Whisper, it's alright." The wolf back away a bit and let him retrieve his weapon, "Go home kid." She suggested, though it was more of an order.

"I want to find my brother and your the only lead i have." He snapped.

"If he wanted to find you, he would have returned to you long ago. Don't start digging up the past, nothing good comes of it. Now go home." She started to walk away.

"Fariel!" He growled, she stopped and looked over her shoulder at him.

"What?" She asked flatly.

"Help me find my brother."

SHe changed into her wolven form, Whisper taking her place beside her, "No." The pair dissapeared.

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The girl jumped back as soon as her eyes met Keiji's but to her surprise the boy immediatly turned his head sort of jumping as she met his eyes, this immediatly put her nerves at ease, she found it funny and somewhat cute to see how nervous he was and saw him at no threat. She wondered who he was, he was handsome, had an innocent face, but the muscles around his arms and chest showed a much differnt side, yet he was quite skinny a healthy figure. It was then an image flashed before her eyes, the last thing she saw before passing out, the figure in the snow.

"Were you the one who saved me?" she asked

Keiji swallowed his nerves, he was starled by the girls sudden movements after he felt himself lost in her hypnotic eyes  "Yes, and I'm sorry if I startled you when you woke up,"

She smiled at his response "Thank you, and don't worry about, I've had a rough past few days, I guess I just wasn't expecting to wake up and see a friendly face, but what off my captors,"

"I think two are dead, and the third fled,"

"did you defeat them? All by yourself?" she asked surprised


"amazing, who are you?"

"my name is Keiji Leingod,"

"Leingod? are you Related to Neji Leingod?" Keijis eyes lit up, he had just started his search and might have already found a lead.

"My father! do you know where he is,"

"Well that explains it, no wonder you're so strong you are related to the mighty Neji, sorry I don't know where he is I've only met him a few times he's business partners with my dad,"

Keiji sighed. "has something happened to Neji?"

"I don't know, he went missing I'm out to find him,"

"hmm maybe my father knows, we can go see him together, I'll need an escort going home anyway,"

Keiji bowed "thank you for you're assistance, miss?"

"Oh I'm sorry, the names Tsunami Stead," Tsunami looked down at clothes she was now wearing and smiled.

"Here you better take these back, you'll get a cold, don't worry I have this blanket," Tsunami removed the T-shirt and the thin shirt like jacket and with small graceful steps approached Keiji. Keiji sprang to his feet and stood up right, she was about the same size as Keiji and now with colour in her face Keiji relised she was more beatiful than he thought, yet he kept steady and took T-shirt back and swifty put it on, "keep the jacket," he said refusing it, "it's cold,"

"Thank you, Keiji," Tsunami stared in Keiji eyes, and grabbed his hands, "Keiji you have no idea how thankful I am to you," Keiji went red, her hands were soft and gentle yet they gripped him, Keiji could feel and see it in her eyes just how much she actually went through.

"Don't worry Miss Stead its all ok now and I shall make sure you return home safely, but for now you should get some rest until the blizzard stops,"

"Come on Keiji, I'm 17, and I'm not like all those other rich girls, call me Tsunami,"

"Ok Tsunami,"

Tsunami sat next to the fire close the Keiji, almost touching him, Keiji's nerves were beginning to settle, he occosionally looked over to her, her eyes were staring at the fire, lost in though, it was then suddenly she broke down into tears, no longer could she hide the tears from her terrifying ordeal, Keiji moved in closers.

"Whats wrong," yet she did not answear instead she wrapped her arms round the unexpected Keiji, hugging his chest closely, tears pouring from her eyes. Keiji turned red and his heart began to rase, slowly he put arm around to confort her and it wasn't long until she stopped crying, yet remained hugging him, she could hear Keiji's heart race which made her smile, the warmth from his body was soothing and she kelt her troubles vanish, and then suddenly the blizzard stopped, and sunlight shown through the windows of the shop. Tsunami got to her feet her eyes now dry and looking as if she was never crying.

"I feel much better now, sorry Keiji, but I really needed that,"

Keiji still red replyed "d-d don't worry about,"

"Now I really must head home to Bevelle, its only a few hours walk from here," Tsunami approached the door and heaved it open, the sun reflecting off the fresh snow gleamed through the door and blinding Keiji.

"Come on Keiji, I'm not that scary to hug, get up," Keiji did as ordered

"Wait, I have one more question, when I rescued you, you had wings, why is it you have wings?"

Tsunami smiled and looked back at Keiji over her shoulder, "I'm an Angel," she said jokenly while winking at Keiji with flirtaous eyes.

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Soven fell into a deep sleep and he dreamed.  There was a wind blowing against his face, his eyes sore from the light of a clear blue sky.  He was sitting in an open valley with rolling green hills with wild flowers and sweet air in the wind.  He felt strange.  He felt... no anger, no malice and no need to fight. 

"Paradise? Strange, I thought only good guys got paradise and I'd get Hell.  I must be dreaming."  He smiled.  "I like it though."

Soven lay back on the hill and watched the air fly above, he closed his eyes and did nothing but breath.

"If you join Penance, you will never get this."

Soven's eyes snapped open.  He jumped to his feet and spun around looking for that voice, the voice of a man Soven hadn't heard in so long.  The man who has a Blood Debt over Soven.  But no one was there, not a soul for miles. 

"Where are you?  Where are you damnit!?  Why won't you show yourself?"  Soven yelled at the wind, hearing nothing but his voice echoing across the valley.  After a long time Soven spoke.  "Damn you.  Even in my dreams you won't let forget my Debt.  You called yourself an angel but you nothing but a Demon to me."


Soven slowly turned around not expecting to see anyone there.  But he saw a man.  The man in shadows.

"So, you were my mind then.  I guess my brother will be happy.  Watching me going hopping mad, and killing me out of mercy.  Is this always the fate of those who enbrace evil ways?"

"Evil is nothing but a word created by the weak to justify killing the strong.  Your stronger then everyone so all call you evil just so they can all kill you.  But they cant kill you as long as you serve me." 

"Ha!"  Barked Soven.  "Why should a great warrior, such as I serve you when your only a shadow in my mind?"  He asked.

"Hmm, you not very polite and your manners need work but all are bold untill they feel their master wrath.  I failed to introduce myself before.  I am called Penance and I can help you settle your blood debt."

"Really?  Sorry if your name doesn't impress me but that because I've never heard of you, but you claim you can help me settle the Debt.  How?"

"The one who has a claim over you has a family.  My offer is this: kill his family and I will give you anything you desire."

Soven stood silent then turned to look over the valley.  "The Family.  How many and where are they?"

Penance smiled.  "A wife and a son, the wife can wait but I want that boy's head in my hands as soon as possible.  Now, do you except, My Right Hand?"

Penance offered his hand to Soven, waiting for Soven to take it.  After a long time Soven didn't move then he spoke.  "I've made my decision."

The man of shadows smiled and waited.

"The man who has my honor in his grip is the father of my new..."

Penance swelled with pride, knowing he will say victim.

Suddenly, Soven leaped at Penance and threw a punch towards his nose but he fell through him as Penance swirled in smoke.

Penance snarled and yelled "FOOL!!"

Soven jumped only to find himself in his cell surrounded by bars and shadows. Soven smiled.

"So, My Demon.  Thats why you wont realise me.  You want me to protect your son.  But why?  If hes your son I souldn't have too.  Why then?  To tease me?  Your cruel Demon...


or should I say, NEJI!!!"


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<ooc - I’ll get back to Jacen soon (I think I’ll have him join up with the Kebelites in the hope of finding out more - he probably figured from Fari’s hostile and evasive response that she knows more than she’s letting on, so he’s going to be subtle. He does have a decent reason - he has been a thief since he was 5 LOL) but for now my other characters are lagging a bit behind>

“Ah. I thought I would be seeing you two soon enough, Angels,” Laconfir said with a tired smile from where he and Retala were poring over stacks of ancient-looking books in the familiar Ellessar chapel as Feyd and Sonya entered through the great arched doors. Light filtered down onto them from the many stained glass windows that detailed the elven legends about Sin and the First Aeons.

“We came to ask you about the storm a couple of nights ago, master,” Sonya began, “But, where are Neji and Melina? We thought they’d be here.”

“Yes, I know,” the High Priest said sadly, “I’m afraid I have some very bad news for you, my friends…”

Feyd and Sonya were suddenly seized by a strong sense of foreboding. A purple storm raging across Spira. Something terrible befalling their friend Neji.

Their nightmare was coming true.

* * *

Having been told to wait outside by her parents, Eevee paced up and down in front of the chapel doors, fidgeting restlessly with the cuff of one of her arm warmers. She pulled out one of Fariel’s daggers that was concealed within it in a clever holster strapped to her forearm and spun it dexterously in her fingers, a tension habit that she had picked up from the dagger’s previous owner.

Oh, frak this… she thought to herself.

Sighing, she got up and wandered off through the elven forest town, looking for someone she knew. She decided to try Keiji’s house - she didn’t expect any real conversation from him, but he might be one of the people who knew something of the storm and how it affected them. She walked round the side of the house to be greeted by the sight of Melina standing at the front door, looking very distraught. Her usually radiant face looked drawn and pale, and her eyes were red as if she had recently been crying. One hand was over her face, while the other held a scrap of paper.

“Auntie Melina?” Eevee ventured tentatively, “Are…are you okay?”

Melina started violently as if she hadn’t noticed her, dropping the piece of paper as she did so. Before Eevee could say another word, Melina had burst into tears again and vanished through the front door, closing it quickly behind her and leaving Eevee totally bewildered on the doorstep. This wasn’t like Melina at all. Curiously, she stooped to pick up the piece of paper and turned it over to find a hastily-scribbled note on the other side.

I’m sorry mother, but whatever Retala says nothing could be more my business than my father’s fate. He is alive and I will prove it. Keiji.

“Oh, sweet Aeons…” Eevee breathed. By the look of it something bad had happened to her god-father and Neji had set off to find him. Perhaps normally she would have made a joke about Keiji being even more nuts than she had thought, but she could appreciate the gravity of the situation. She turned to see her parents coming down the street towards her, their faces grim.

“I don’t think we should bother auntie Melina right now,” Feyd said quietly.

“Something bad’s happened, hasn’t it? And Keiji’s gone.”

Feyd nodded quietly.

“What’s up, dad?”

Feyd looked at his daughter. Despite her superficial pretences at immaturity, he knew she could be serious when required and was grown-up enough to hear everything he and Sonya had heard from the High Priest.

“I’ll explain on the way. Right now we have to catch up with Keiji.”

A long time ago he and Sonya had sworn to Neji that they would be there for his family if they needed them, and it looked like the time had come to honour that promise.

“Tritoch, come forth!” Sonya said, and as she spread her hands and looked upward, glittering Pyraflies began to rise up from the ground around her, coalescing in the air above her into a familiar avian form. With a silent flash of mutihued light, the awe-inspiring figure of Tritoch appeared in Spira for the first time in years, the sunlight scintillating off his brightly-coloured feathers as he gave a hawk-like cry and swooped down to land next to them.

Sonya looked into the soft golden eyes of the noble bird, who allowed her to reach out and stroke the feathers on his head.

“Good to see you again, Tritoch.”

And you, Angel, the Balance Bird replied, his powerful yet gentle voice flashing in her mind.

The three humans climbed onto the Aeon’s back and with a great sweep of his majestic wings, Tritoch took to the skies.

* * *

Sonya opened her eyes after another unsuccessful psychic sweep for Keiji using her Farsight. Her powers had limits and she could not scry over an infinite distance. They were now soaring over the snowy wasteland between Macalania and Bevelle, flying low under the overcast rain clouds that stuck close to the snow-covered landscape so they could get an unobstructed view of the ground.

“Anything?” Feyd shouted over the wind.

Sonya shook her head, “I’ll try again!”

Tritoch flew on relentlessly, never seeming to get tired despite the buffeting side-winds. They were affecting his passengers though - Feyd had his black elven-made overcoat pulled tight around him against the wind-chill and Eevee was blowing on her numb fingers to try and keep them warm.

Abruptly, Sonya’s eyes snapped open and she shouted, “Wait! There he is!”


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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(BORDOM POST - bad grammer, bad spelling. Yeah. I need to get out more. But anyway, Fariel's softer side. I'm not always a bitch XD LOL)

“Fariel?” Faber tried to get her attention as she, still in wolven form, walked past. Rolling his eyes he turned and went back to his cave.

“What’s wrong with her?” Sheana asked appearing out of no where; Faber paused before entering into his tunnel. “We just get back from Bevell to find the whole place has gone to hell.” She smiled; Faber lent back to see behind her. Rico, Laguna and Kale were leaning on the wall talking.

“I think it would be best to just leave her alone.” Faber smiled, “Here, come look at this.” He indicated to his cave and the three of them followed him in.

Whisper stopped following Fariel and looked across to Faber and the others, quickly she trotted off to join them.


Walking through the caves, following her usual route subconsciously, she soon found herself in her alcove, holes in the roof of the cave let for sunlight to filter through. Fariel had chosen this particular cave to set up home as it reminded her of her days on the road.
Because of the thick cave walls it stayed warm within it; the ground was a patchwork of grass and rock, a tiny stream of water dribbled down one side from a hole in the wall. At the back of the cave, a large tree stood, its branches inter twined with the stalactites, stalagmites and pillars of rock.
Beside the tree was a floor level bed, large enough for two. Upon it, leaning against the back wall was Larek, sitting reading a set of papers. Glancing up from them he saw Fariel sitting looking miserable.

“Why must my past haunt me? She whined, Larek smiled and put the papers down, opening his arms to her. The wolf picked herself up and dragged her paws over to the bed, flopping down with her head in his lap.

“Was it who you thought it was…?”

“Yeah…It was Kerr’s brother.” She muttered, the bad memories of her last few meetings with her forgotten student flashed into her head and she grumbled.

“Is he trustable?” He stroked threw her snow filled fur to warm her up.

“As long as he doesn’t find out the truth about what happened between me and Kerr, he’s no threat.”

“And if he does?”

“Then he’ll probably want revenge…” Larek sighed as she said it, he knew that if he did attempt to kill Fariel he would only end up dead himself. “Though I have other things to worry about.” She managed to smile.


“Yeah…I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing just appearing out of nowhere like that. Telling me to meet him in the calm lands in two days, does he think I’ll drop everything to go and see him?”

“Don’t go.” Larek said bluntly.


”I don’t want you to go. If you go, then you’ll get strung into whatever’s going on with him and the other angels. What about Kebel, and me? You can’t just go gallivanting away with him again.”

“You make it sound like we were together the first time I ran off with him to become an Avenging Angel.” She smiled.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt. You still have scars from when you fought with him last time, against Sin.”

“I know…Its silly, I remember telling Feyd that I would never settle down and that I would stay on the road forever. Now here I am, settled in Kebel, with you, only to find that I don’t want to get back on the road. Just as you said, it will happen if I go and meet them in two days.”

“Then don’t go.”



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Soven sat on his bed with his eyes closed and his mind racing.  He was thinking about his Demon and his mission to protect the son and why he was needed to protect the son.  Maybe the child has no strengh or no real skill or maybe he's not my Demon's true son.

Either way it didn't matter, at least not untill he escapes.  Soven began to formulate his escape plan.  After about 10 minutes of thinking, the plan was:  step 1 - wait for the guard to bring his food and to wait for the right moment, step 2 - kill him and the others, step 3 - search for his Scimitar and his Dirk and step 4 - steal money and a ride to the coast and search for the son.

Soven grinned widely.  He will soon be free of his Blood Debt, free from his Demon and free to what ever pleases himself.  He thought of the raids he did, the money he stole, the people he slaughtered and the women he raped.

But something was wrong.  When he thought of them he didn't feel pleasure, the rush of excitement and the thrill of blood.  Instead he felt... disgusted?  But why?  Why can't he make his mind stay sane?  Why have I changed?  Soven asked himself.  Where did I go wrong?

He thoughts were interrupted when he heard locks turn and a pressure hiss.  Dinner.  A lone guard walked down the long hall to Soven's cell, holding a tray with bread and watered mead, Soven's favourite drink, except stronger but he is also denied the simple luxury of getting drunk. 

Soren never wanted his brother to escape.  If Soven broke out of his cell, the guard next to the door would seal it shut and realise a sleeping agent before Soven could reach it.  But Soven loved a challenge.

The guard wore black clothes and a gas mask.  They wore mask for two reasons, one, incase he was still in the hall if the agent was realised and two, to keep his face hidden from Soven.  Soven still enjoys the fact that after 6 years, the guards still fear him so badly, that if he does escape he can't hunt them down.  Can't find what you don't see.

The guard with food always has no weapons, same for the one at the door.  Who'd be dumb enough to give Soven a chance to fight and kill his way free?

This guard.  He must have forgot to empty his pockets as Soven show his chance for escape, in the form of a silver hip flask.  Soven could dwel on the irony that a drunk will set him free when he was only beaten when drunk.

But he had no time.  His time to act was now.

"About time, boy!"  Soven snapped at the guard who jumped with an audiable squeak. "I'm straving!" 

The guard took keys out of another pocket and with 1 hand opened the door.  Soven waited.  He stepped into the cell.  Still, Soven waited.  The guard placed the tray on the floor and turned back to the door.

Soven flew from the bed, grapped the guard's neck, snapped it with an loud snap.  Soven reached into his pocket, took the flask and threw it at the second guard.  But he was slow to act and when he saw the flask coming, he could only gasp.  The flask smacked hard on his mask, smashing the glass.  The guard screamed for a couple of seconds before Soven could silence him.

"HA! I haven't lost my touch.  I'm still the best."  Soven s******ed loudly and looked around him.

A terminal stood next the door with moniters above and a swirly chair stood in front of it and a second door on his left was the only exit. 

"Hmm.  I should have some fun first,"  Soven mused,  "But I can't stay for too long."

Soven sat at the terminal.  Having no real experience with computers Soven relied on his basic computer skills.  He needed to find where his weapons are kept, the exit and a way to open every door.  After clicking buttons and getting no where, Soven pushed every button available.  The moniters flashed, pictures changied, the lights went off, an alarm sounded but for only a second and both doors opened and closed several times before staying closed

Soven snarled and raised his fist to smash the useless thing when a word flashed on the screan.


Soven clicked it and a list appeared.  "Soren, you make this too easy."  After a quick scan, Soven found what he needed.  His weapons were stored in a room not 100 feet from where he was, a generator was even closer and he was able to print a map off that showed the nearest exit.

Soven stood up and was about to head for his weapons when an idea struke him.  He needed money but Soren didn't store it here so he needed to use the guards.  He noticed a microphone while he was using the computer.  The fliped the switch:

"EVERYONE, GET OFF YOUR ASS!!  Sorry, but I need your attention for just a moment.  If you don't know me, my name is Soven, or Soven The Beast as my brother calls me.  Not everyone knows that though, but lets hope it catch's on, huh?  Oh, by the way.  If you haven't guessed, I've escaped and I plan to leave this pit.  Anyone wanna stop me?  If so, good.  I need some exercise.  See ya soon!"

Soven punched the consloe, smashing the thing to pieces and ran.  Although Soven has never been beaten, a thousand against one is a little unfair if Soven remains unarmed, so he made for his Scimitar and his Dirk.  Running through the metals hall Soven ran into either a patrol or deserters, he didn't care which, of about 15 men.

Without stopping, Soven jumped and kicked one in the throat, breaking his neck and the force threw him back in his campanions.  Soven noted they only had a black rod each.  The stunned guards tried to pick themselfs up and use their weapons but Soven snapped their neck and cracked skulls with punches and kicks not seen in years, with enough force to snap a boulder in half.  After the last died with his head facing the wrong way from a well placed punch, Soven continued to sprint for his weapons.

Soven turned a corner and encountered a door.  Soven tried to push it open but it was locked.  Soven smiled, stepped back readied himself, spun on the spot and slammed his foot against the door.  It caused a massive dent and bent the hinges but it held.  He threw punches and the door caved after a short barraged.

Smiling Soven said,  "Now thats interesting.  Since when could I snapped enforced doors in half?  I've never been able to do that."  The smile faded and a look of worry replaced it.  "Whats happened to me?"  Soven stared at his bruise free fists but snapped back to reality when he heard feet stampeding.

Soven raised his head and saw the most beautiful thing ever.  His great Scimitar and his Dirk rested on a table, layed next to their scabbards.  He rushed over and snatched them up, his Scimitar in his right hand and his Dirk in his left.

Soven laughed loudly,  "SOVEN THE UNBEATABLE HAS RETURNED!!!"  he yelled just as all the guards in the prison charged through the broken door, black rods raised, a battle cry yelled.  Soven leaped in the air and landed in a crouch in the middle of the guards, as he stood he spun his sword cutting those closest in half.  With new room to move Soven took on every guard and every guard fell to the Scimitar and all pitiful attacks were stopped by the Dirk.  The one sided fight shifted as Soven reigned supreme.


Soven walked out of his home for the past six years, covered in blood, his scabbards at his waist, the dirk on the left and the scimitar on his right.  With his honor satisfied and his money pouch full, Soven looked around at the scenery without bars.  The air was sweeter then ever, the world looked so beautiful and vast.  He looked around the Thunder Plains and felt so happy, the hills were perfect, the distant mountains were so large and he wanted to climb them all, but he felt, more then heard Keiji in his mind.

"Dont worry Demon.  I'm going."  Soven looked for a form of transport and spotted a garage and a small river.  He thought it best if he saw himself before others did.  He walked up to the river and bent down and saw himself.  His face was pale, shadows covered his eyes and his cheeks seemed to be pulled in, his hair was long and dusty and of course his clothes were ragged and worn out and covered in still wet blood.  He frowned.  Soven needed good food, a wash and new clothes.  The guards will have a storehouse and spare clothes and a bath somewhere in this place but he wanted to make sure that there was way out first.  He got to his feet and walked over to the garage to find it empty but for a brand new hover bike.

Soven laughed, "Ace!  A hover bike!  I've always wanted to try one and now I have my very own.  Today is a very good day for me."


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<ooc - “Everyone get off your arses! I’m escaping!” Heh heh heh, quite a character that Soven… ;) >

“Hey! Keiji!”

Keiji and Tsunami whirled round, Keiji instinctively raising his fists as he looked for the source of the shout.

He glanced up and saw a great bird, many times bigger than any he had ever seen before and more brightly coloured, that seemed to shimmer with light as it swooped down towards him. Unsure of whether it was a friend or an enemy, he flexed his fingers and a Demon Ball flared into life in his right hand.

As the bird flew closer, he saw that there were 3 figures riding on its back. One, the one who had hailed him, didn’t bother to wait for the bird to land and jumped down to land in a crouch next to him as the bird swooped over Keiji and Tsunami, banking round and slowing down to land gracefully a little further away. The figure who had jumped straightened, shook the long dark tresses of her windswept hair out of her eyes, and began dusting off her trench coat - a black gothic piece studded with decorative silver rings at the cuffs and hem.

“Drop the Demon Ball, Keiji, it’s only us,” Eevee laughed, unfastening the hooked catches of her jacket as she talked for now they were further south near Bevelle and the weather was milder, “I thought surely you’d recognise Tritoch as my mum’s Aeon? Though I guess the pictures in the elven chapel don’t really do him justice…”

Keiji grunted, and balled his fist to dissipate the Demon Ball he had been preparing to cast.

“So, what have you been up to since you left the elven woods?”

Her smile wavered slightly at his lack of response.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Eevee said as she noticed the other person accompanying Keiji - an angelic-looking teenage girl she didn’t recognise dressed in a figure-hugging silk dress. Obviously a rich girl, then, though what she was doing out here in the wild when she was dressed as if for a formal dance Eevee couldn’t fathom. She didn’t really know how to act around upper-class folk - they made her nervous - but she pressed on anyway.

“Hi, my name’s Evelyn Jenae Kobie, but most people just call me Eevee,”

The rich girl frowned.

“Evelyn Jenny…?”

“Je-NAE,” Eevee corrected, “Emphasis on the second syllable. But like I said, call me Eevee. And you are? Er, miss?”

“Tsunami Stead, and I’ve been through all this before with Keiji here so just Tsunami will do.”

Eevee gave her a smile and a wink, “Sure thing.  So how did you two end up here?” she queried, as behind them Tritoch dissolved into Pyraflies and Feyd and Sonya came walking towards them.

* * *

Jacen Locke cat-footed through the cave system, having tracked Fariel from a distance to find the entrance and then waiting for her to disappear before following. Placing each step carefully so as to make no noise against the uneven rocky floor, he suddenly stopped not far from the entrance as he was struck by a thought.

“Probably better announce my presence…” he murmured to himself. Slinging his rifle over his shoulder to appear less threatening, he picked up a reasonably sized stone and threw it hard against the far wall. It cracked loudly against the rock face, the sound amplified by the echoes within the cave.

“FARIEL! I need to talk with you!” he yelled down the tunnel.

There was a muffled curse from further down the tunnel. Almost immediately two armed guards in matching Kebelite uniforms appeared, shouting at him to stay where he was as they flanked him with raised shotguns. He put up no resistance, raising his hands to shoulder height so they could see they were empty as one Kebelite relieved him of his black rifle.

“Oh holy frak, not you again!?” Fariel snarled as she strode up the tunnel out of the shadows, Larek at her side, “I thought I told you to give up and go home!”

“Forget that,” Jacen said, “When I looked up your file at the Guard HQ in Luca I also picked up a few things about Kebel which interested me.”

“So what?” Fariel challenged him.

“You’re a society of thieves, yes?”

“That’s the official Guard description yes, but we’re a bit more than that - we’re also a refuge for people trying to hide from the Guard, and their families. What’s your point?”

“My brother and I weren’t born into a rich family, Fariel. I’ve been a thief to help feed my family since I was about 4. I was wondering if I could join your organisation.”

“You?” Fariel said sceptically, raising a contemptuous eyebrow, “We don’t let just anyone in, you know. It’ll take more than a few stealth tricks waltzing into a poorly-guarded precinct house staffed by inept Guardsmen to impress me.”

Jacen smiled wolfishly, “How about this, then?”

Without any warning he swept his arms round, striking the barrels of the two shotguns aimed at his head. Both guards fired reflexively but the blows had smashed their weapons aside and though the two shotguns roared in the confined space they merely sent chips flying from the cave walls. Ducking under his opponents Jacen drew a knife from a hidden sheath, bringing his other open hand up to strike one guard’s face and knock him backwards with such force he flew back against a rocky pillar behind him and slid down it unconscious. The other guard, unable to use his shotgun for fear of hitting his companion, drew a dagger and leapt forward. Jacen spun to meet him, sweeping the guard’s weapon-hand aside with one forearm and bringing his other fist forward to send the Kebelite reeling. He continued the spin and on the second pass his knife slashed down across the guard’s wrist, making him drop the dagger. On the third his fist hammered forwards and snapped the guard’s head back, sending him flying back against the far wall. Jacen dived after him and the blade of his knife pressed against the guard’s throat. In the same movement his other hand had drawn a second knife and sent it spinning towards Fariel to stick point-down in the earth between her feet, just to make the point that he could have hit her if he’d wanted to. He raised his eyebrows and flashed a smug grin so reminiscent of Kerr it made Fariel’s skin crawl. He let the stunned guard go, and even helped him up by offering him his forearm, taking back his rifle in the process.  Larek, who had drawn his weapons and stepped forward, slowly lowered them as Jacen again allowed the one guard still standing to flank him with weapon raised, standing further back this time in case he pulled the same trick again.

“I’m not just a natural with a rifle, see?” Jacen said. Fariel’s face remained impassive.

“So, you still think I'm not good enough?” he asked her.

<ooc - okay there’s a slight take on Equilibrium from that, but I didn’t want to go all the way and grab the trigger ends of the shotguns as they spun round as that would be just too impossible>


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Tsunami stood behind Keiji whispering to him.

"who are they?"

"Friends," Keiji replyed "Feyd Kobie and Sonya Kobie are my god parents and thats there daughter Eevee, she's a wild one, I've always liked her spirt and she's fun, if somewhat scary sometimes,"

"Keiji from what I gather from you so far every girl is somewhat scary to you," she said playfully mocking him.

Kobie and Sonya approached Keiji, "Keiji what are you doing? Melina is worried about you," Sonya said sternly

"I told her I'm going to bring back dad, tell her not to worrie I'm fine,"

"Keiji, Neji is...,"

"Don't even say that!" Keiji yelled iterupting Kobie

"Keiji please come back with us, if Neji is still alive we'll find him, Zell has almost completed the Shadow, you can search with him,"

"No, I'm not going back without my father, I promised myself, anyway, I must take Tsunami here home,"

Eevee stepped forward a smiling, "Keiji, never thought I'd hear you speak like that, and travelling with a girl,"

Keiji looked at Tsunami and blushed, but soon shook it off.

"Keiji you go back with Sonya and Eevee and I'll take Tsunami home,"

"No, I must also speak with her father he might know something about my father,"

Sonya and Kobie looked at eachother they knew nothing they could say would have Keiji leave Tsunami and go home.

"Very well, we will accompany you to where Tsunami lives, you can speak with her father get you're information, and you can then return to Ellessar woods tell everyone what you have learned then set out with Zell on the Shadow, to get Neji, how does that sound,"

Keiji had no reply instead he turned round and started walking towards Bevelle, "Very well, lets go then,"

It didn't take long to reach Bevelle, and the party soon found themselves following Tsunami through the massive capital, the busy streets were packed with travellers, merchants and and towns people, everyone going about there business. Guard soliders patroled the streets keeping the peace, looking out for anything suspicious.

They eventually came accross a massive arch marking the end of the busy part of Bevelle and the start the rich district, the arch was guarded heavily from thieves but the minute the guards reconised Tsunami they all passed unchecked.

Eevee ran forward to walk along with Tsunami.

"You, live here?,"

"Yeh, my father is a well none tradesmen, he is also the big boss behind the Machina faction," Tsunami stopped in front of a great mansion, it was impressive and bigger than many of the houses yet at the same time dwarfed by others.

"Here we are thank you all for making sure I got home safetly, and Keiji," Tsunami took his hand "I'll take you to my father, we won't be long guys, please walk around,"

Tsunami led Keiji into the mansion, the they opened they door maids and butlers walking the halls, keeping things tidy, all stopped and greeted Tsunami thankful to see her home and safe.

The Mansion was a wonderful collection of colours, flowers could be seen in all around, red and cold rugs made paths along the polished oak floor, the walls were decorated with paintings and many expensive ornamets could be see dotted around the halls. After ascending a stair case infront of the main door, they came across many long halls, many differn't rooms were dotted along the hall, yet only one was a concern to them, at the end of a hall they across a room door locked with a sign informing the Maids and Butlers to not disturb.

"This is my fathers occice, don't worry about the sign he likes privacy when working," Tsunami slowly opened the door and peered in, her father, a stout man lay still on his desk, wimpering to himself.

"Father? I home,"

Trevor Stead lept up from his chair, his eyes lit up upon seeing his daughter alive and well, he ran at a speed that you wouldn't expect to see a man of that size run and wrapped his arms around his daughter in a thankful embrace.

"My Daughter," he cryed "You're home,"

A tear came down Tsunamis face and she hugged her father. It was a happy moment to see Father and Daughter reunited once again, Keiji smiled and drifted back to leave them to the moment. After a couple minutes the two eventually drew back from there hug.

"What happened to you, Guard searched everywhere for you, we were afraid Kebel had taken you,"

"When I went outside I was attacked by three winged men, tho they were more like demons, they took me to Machilani,"

"how did you escape?"

"I was fortunate, Neji's son Keiji was around, defeated my captors and rescued me from them and saved my life from the cold, Keiji is outside, he needs to speak to you,"

Trevor straighten himself up and left the room, to see Keiji who was standing paitently in the hall staring at the paintings along the walls.

Trevor called out to Keiji and grapped his hands which shook the timid boy, "Keiji Leingod, the reason I am so successful is all because of you're fathers on time and perfect services not to mention that man as saved my life and that of colleges many times, and now you the son, have saved the life of my daughter, how could I ever make it up to you and you're family,"

"Well sir..."

"Call me Trevor,"

"Ok, I would to speak to you about my dad,"

Suddenly something came to Trevor, in the mits of his excitment and he turned to Tsunami, "You're birthday! it was interrupted by that storm, oh my we must start up the ball again! its not like me to leave a party unfinished, Keiji my lad you will join us, you can sit up next to me!"

"No no, I really must,"

"Nonsense, I'll be right back," Trevor said before pacing down the corridor, Tsunami came up behind Keiji laughing, "He gets like that when excited, won't listen to a word you say," Tsunami hugged Keiji, "Please come Keiji, it would mean so much to me."

Keiji couldn't say no when hugged by a beautiful women and shakenly said yes. Trevor came pacing down the corridor again this time followed by a clean cut, neat Butler. "Jevees here will fit you with a suit, don't worry about you're clothes my maids will look after them and clean them, I'm they will also clean you up for tonight,"

It was all to much for Keiji and the only thing he could say in reply was "What about my companions outside?"

"They can come too!," Trevor reply instantly he called over another butler and maid. "Get this lads companions invite them to the ball to night, and take them into town and get them some clothes, to night we will feast to my daughters return! and don't worry about whatever you want to speak to me about my lad, it can wait till the party,"

Trevor hurried down the corridor again this time taking his daughter with him, Keiji was left standing mouth opened in the middle of the hall Butlers and maids around him.

"Oh crap,"

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(occ - I'm in a bitchy mood today, so i thought i would take it out on Jacen ^_^ hehe)

“As impressive as that little display was, child, I’d prefer it if you hadn’t preformed it on my men.” She growled at him, turning to each of them in turn, “Are you both alright?” She asked, they both nodded slowly. Larek whispered something in her ear and she nodded, “Both of you go back to your posts, I’ll deal with him.” Both the men nodded again and walked away. Whisper who had appeared by Fariel’s side during the display growled at Jacen disapprovingly.

Kneeling, Fariel drew the knife out of the ground and rose again, examining it. “You stole this from the weapons merchant at the port side of Kilika.” Fariel tossed it to him, catching it he stowed it back in its clip, keeping a composed expression even though she was right.

“I told my team that you were of no threat and so they didn’t keep a track of your position while you made your way here, which is why you didn’t encounter any problems following me. I hope you understand that if you had come here intending to attack my men and demand information from me, you’d be dead by now.”

Jacen ground his teeth together, her eyes never broke contact with his as she said it, nor did she blink. If he was to put a word to it, he’d say it was creepily scary.

“I came looking for information from you, you answered my questions. Now I’m asking for shelter and you turn me away?”

“Go home, Jacen.” They turned away.

“No.” He replied flatly with pure determination, Fariel gritted her teeth and turned back to him.

“You should be thankful you got this far without injury but you will go no further. Leave before I knock you out and drag you to The Guard where you can rot in one of their cells.”

“No!” He snapped back.

Fariel growled, “Your even worse then him! Why must all the men in your family be stubborn bastards!”

Jacen paused and lowered his eyes, “I just want to find my brother, Fariel.”

“Does it look like I care?” She snapped, “Leave Jacen, now.

“I will not.”

Larek and Whisper took a couple of steps back from Fariel as Jacen said it. “Enough!” She growled.

Jacen flinched, finding himself being stared down upon by a jet black dragon with red eyes, “He’s done it now…” Larek muttered to himself, Whisper whined in agreement.

The sharp talons of Fariel’s front foot thundered down towards Jacen, he faltered with his rifle but quickly fixed himself to hold it up towards the on coming attack, but before he could fire he was thrown to the ground, being pressed down upon by the giant foot, the claws sat on either side of his head and arms. Taking in a breath he tried to move but the foot was too heavy.

“What you probably failed to notice in my file, Jacen, is that I’m a very strong magic and blade user, not to mention a highly skilled shape shifter. Do you really think it wise to be pissing me off?!” Fariel yelled at him, Jacen stared back up at the dragon as she pressed down on him. “I could kill you right now without hesitation but I won’t. Be grateful.” She closed her claws around him as he struggled.

“What are you doing!?” He yelled as she ran out of the cave and spread her wings, launching into the air and taking flight, “FARIEL?!” He cursed as he dropped his rifle, it landed at the exit of the cave where Larek and Whisper looked up at him shaking their heads. Whisper picked up the weapon and the pair disappeared into the tunnel.

“You want into Kebel? Fine, you can come in! You’ll be kept under guard at all times, without your weapons, and your position will be monitored by our cameras as well as a tracking device. You will have no communication with anyone out of Kebel as you will not be allowed to leave. If you try, I will kill you.”

Jacen held on for his life as she manoeuvred through the blizzard of white. He was shocked at how soon it was that they landed and entered a new cave, Fariel released him and changed back to her normal form. Jacen rose his hands as he found himself surrounded by a group of people, he recognised a few. Dante and Zeke, as well as Larek and Whisper, Fariel obviously. There were others, but he didn’t know their names.

“Welcome to your new home, and say hello to your new friends.” Fariel indicated to the cave then to Dante, Zeke, Breezer and Lei. "Don’t let him out of your sight for a minute.” She growled.

Lei stepped up to Jacen and took his arm, clipping a bracelet around it and tightened on him, “This is a tracking device, if you try to remove it, it will shock you until you are incapacitated.” He smiled.

“Thanks…” Jacen replied dryly.

“Larek, Whisper, lets leave the child with his new friends.”

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“What’s going on, Keiji?” Eevee asked, allowing one of Trevor Stead’s butlers to take her jacket for her as she and her parents were ushered into the hall. Keiji shrugged.

“Tsunami’s dad was so happy to have her back that he went and invited us to her birthday ball, and wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“Keiji,” Sonya began, “We really don’t have time for this…”

“Aw, lighten up mum,” Eevee joined in, “I don’t know about you but I’m in the mood for a party. So it’s Tsu’s birthday?” she shot at Keiji, “That bit of info, I missed.”

“I didn’t find out until just now,” Keiji replied, shrugging again.

“Come on mum,” Eevee pleaded, turning to Sonya, “What harm could a few hours do? And it obviously means a lot to this Trevor guy, and Tsu would probably want Keiji to be there.”

Her mother sighed, finally relenting. Feyd for his part just gave an exasperated smile.

“If sir and madam would care to follow us?” one very formal butler, accompanied by a similarly stiff and smartly-dressed other who could have been his identical twin, said to Feyd and Sonya, as Eevee skipped off to follow Keiji, the butler called Jeeves and his small entourage of footmen and maids down the main hall and towards a magnificent red and gold staircase.

“So where to?” she asked as they climbed the stairs, “Though I’m not exactly turned out for a formal ball.”

She laughed apologetically, looking down self-consciously at her gothic-patterned corset top, half-length black skirt and lacy knee-high boots which, while suiting her style, didn’t really lend themselves to an upper-class dinner party.

“Perhaps we can help miss with that,” Jeeves commented, pushing open a gilded door and gesturing politely for them to go through. It led into a room full of clothes - racks of expensive dinner suits, tuxedos and ball gowns stood in aisles, while yet more exquisite clothes were folded neatly in cupboards next to the walls, “If sir and miss would care to select an outfit of their liking, the fitting rooms are at the far end. We will have your normal clothes laundered, pressed and returned to you by the end of the evening.”

Keiji wandered off through the aisles of smart dinner suits, while Eevee ran straight to a dark-red crushed velvet dress with flared mesh sleeves and lace-up front - just her size - that was hanging on display on one of the walls.

“Now this I like,” she said with a grin, her eyes shining as she fingered the soft material.

* * *

“I’m afraid you can’t take that into the ballroom with you, miss,” the maid accompanying Eevee said as she finished doing twirls in front of the mirror and picked up her Atellian force lance that she had removed from her belt when she unbuckled it, “You’re not really meant to be carrying it around the building at all,” she added disapprovingly.

“Oh, right,” Eevee said - she hadn’t of course been planning on carrying the weapon around the ballroom with her, she had just been picking it up to store with the rest of her clothes, but unfortunately it had drawn the attention of the maid. She spun the foot-long tube round her back, threw and caught it, then handed it to the maid who seemed equally disapproving of the little display, but also seemed too polite to say anything.

“Will you be keeping those on, miss?” the maid asked, indicating the lacy black-and-purple arm warmers Eevee still hadn’t taken off.

“Yes, thanks, I reckon they go with the dress,” Eevee said, though in truth she just didn’t want the maid knowing she had yet more weapons hidden about her person - Fariel’s daggers were still sheathed underneath them.

“So where do we go now?” she asked, changing the subject.

“If you’ll come with me please, miss.” the maid said with a curtsey, gesturing for Eevee to follow her while another maid picked up her old clothes.

* * *

Jacen leaned up against the cave wall and slid down it into a sitting position, and with an effort managed to slow his breathing. Whatever answers he had found so far in Kebel had led only to more questions. Fariel’s voice, thick with wrath, echoed in his head.

“Your even worse then him! Why must all the men in your family be stubborn bastards!”
What had he done to make her hate him so much? Or, what had Kerr done? Jacen had always looked up to his older brother when they had been young, before he had disappeared when Jacen was still only 5. He had gone to see if he could salvage anything from a battlefield where the Crusaders had received their latest pasting from the Custodians and Sin, and had simply not come back. Jacen’s distraught parents had assumed Kerr had fallen foul of the Custodians, but Jacen had known better. His brother was cleverer than to get caught by those Sin-worshipping bastards. But then why had he just picked up and left? Jacen had been searching for the answer ever since his parents had let him leave home at 18. He had been following one fruitless trail after another for years since, each new lead getting his hopes up then invariably bringing them down again. But this time…he knew he was on to something. He just couldn’t work out why Fariel flared up like that at the mere mention of his brother’s name, and was prejudiced towards Jacen because of it. From what he had gathered, she and Kerr had been good friends, partners in crime. It just didn’t add up.

Too many questions. Too few answers.

He sighed and opened his eyes, to see the group of Kebelites regarding him impassively. Well, he had made it into Kebel, as more of a prisoner than a guest, he thought wryly, but at least it was something. There was going to be no quick answer to this mystery as he had hoped, but as a thief, hunter and marksman, Jacen was nothing if not patient.

Well, even a journey of a thousand miles had to begin with a single step.

“Hi,” he said to his new neighbours. Guards, more like, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get some of your names?”

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Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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(occ - A trying to do anything but study post!)

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get some of your names?”

Dante glanced at him and ****ed a brow, Breezer looked out the corner of his eye at a hidden camera in the far wall where no doubt Fariel was watching from, Lei and Zeke were sitting sharpening their weapons when he said it and looked up at him.

He sounded sincere when he asked but Dante remained sceptical and looked away, as did the others. Jacen sighed. “Talk to him, try and get some more information out of him, but be subtle.” Fariel’s voice appeared in the ear pieces that each of the four men had connected to their radios.

“Dante.” Jacen’s mood lightened and he looked up at Dante as he announced it, “My name is Dante. That’s my brother Zeke, and that’s Breezer and Lei.” He indicated to each of them in turn, Lei smiled and waved as his name was said, Jacen smiled and waved back.


A cold chill ran down Fariel’s spine as he watched Jacen on the screen, “Record the conversation.” Fariel spoke at no one specific; the machina filled room was equally filled with people to man them.

“Fariel, are you alright?” Larek placed a hand on Fariel’s shoulder and she flinched but calmed herself.

“I’m fine; I’m going out for a bit, keep an eye on the child.”

With that Fariel walked away and disappeared into the skies above.


Landing on a decollate beach, not far from Kebel she walked down near the waters edge and sat down, the sun was lower in the sky now, it would be night soon.

“Leviathan?” The response was slow but she got one.

He is a lot like his brother, but weather he possesses the same petty traits of betrayal and greed are yet to be seen. You should give him a chance, Fariel, if only to forget and replace your painful memories.

“But just looking at him brings them back, they won’t go away. I killed my best friend.”

Was he still your friend when he betrayed you?

“No…I guess not.”

Then you should feel no guilt over an act of self-defence.

“But I do! That’s the frakking problem!” She slammed her fists into the ground, the water ahead of her flared and shot out in all directions. “I don’t want to befriend Jacen and end up in the same problem I was in with Kerr. I don’t want to have to hurt him as well.” She laughed, “It’s a wonder why I’m not living as some old hermit on the far corner of Spira where no one can ever get to me.”


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<ooc - gatecrashers! XD>

A badly shaken winged man swept down out of the darkening sky and made a stumbling landing near the circle of hooded men, falling to his knees as he crash-landed. Penance spun round angrily at the intrusion to turn his sinister gaze on the black-armoured Atellian.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded, “Where are your companions? And where is the girl?”

“My lord,” the Atellian stammered, “My companions are dead - I was forced to flee and leave the girl behind when we were surprised by a young warrior who wielded Demon magic.”

Neji’s son, Penance thought.

“You let yourselves be defeated by a teenager!?” he roared, black energy swirling around him in his anger. A dark stream of fire lanced from his fist and consumed the Atellian in a swirl of purple flames. A charred skeleton tumbling to the ground in pieces and a glowing Pyrafly were all that remained when the fireball dissipated.

““If I want results I must stop sending incompetent fools to do my bidding!” Penance growled, “My lieutenants!”

Three of the hooded figures stepped forward.

“Find her.” Penance ordered them simply.

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Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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(the three the retrieve her is actually Kiba, Gaget and Xipetotec, Beelzebub is everyones enemy and also is Ghede)

"There, Start it up guys!" Zell shouted.

"Aye aye," came Gau's voice in reply, the engines began to vibrated rapidly before sparking into a steady rythem.

"Its works!" Zell shouted "We did it! It works," The airship lit up the landing zone with flashing lights, it rumbled silently. Zell stepped out of the airship, he gazed up to his master piece. One Year ago this airship was a wreck of Technology he had no idea how to work and now here it was his own ship, The Shadow, the fasted and most powerful Machine ever a combination of Machina and Atellian technology. The four who stayed late into the night all lined up next to Zell, Gau amoughst them. They cheered and shook hands congradulating eachother.

"Well boys, this is it, The Shadow, Gau roll out the barrels lets celebrate!" Zell called out. But before Gau could even leave the landing area, a thousand beastial roars could be heard from the sky. Zell immdiated looked up yet wished he hadn't desending upon Ellessar woods was the the shape of hundreds of winged men and demons, throwing spears and magic to the ground.

"Zell what are we gonna do? we going to use the airship?"

"No to risky, we might damage Ellessar woods,"

"Then what? we going to do,"

Zell froze, he had no idea what to do, he cursed Neji and Cid for not being there.

"Umm, lets get inside the airship for now,"

The five were safely inside the airship when the winged beasts and men landed, the sound of fighting could be heard from all around, along with the sound burning and screams.

"Zell, we must do something,"

Zell paniced, yet he knew deep inside it was his duty now to lead his troops, he knew that Neji would not have given him such responsiblity if he couldn't handle it.

"Ok you guys go the the armory, equip yourself with a gun and close combat weapon," Gau and the others nodded and ran off to the onboard armory.

"Ok Zell, time to put you're training to the test," Zell went to what had been his room for the past year, in there was chest containing his inventions. Throwing off his work clothes Zell put on his armor made from an ancient Atellian metal, it appeared tight fitting but fitted perfectly alowing for fast and easy movement, it was black decorated with Red and blue colours, Zell strapped his cutom made rifel to his back, built for both accrracy, it had functions of single fire and burst fire, and was made to be a deadly weapon in close combat, laced with spikes and blades and a retracted banette, he strapped his pride and joy to the back of his belt his Mana gun which fires capsuals of concentrated magic donated by the elves, he had capsuels for Fire, Ice, Water, Thunder, Holy and even demon magic. All were kept in a pouch attacted to his belt. and finally strapped to his hips was a gift from Neji, Loki and Hades. All suited up Zell returned to the main deck where his four man army was waiting.

The enemy had advanced on the airship and slowly approached the door, suddenly it shot open and a rain bullets cut into the ememy ranks. Slowly advancing out of the airship came a straight line of five warriors, Gau had a single Machina pistols and his own thin curved sword strapped to his side, the other three all had rifels capable of firing single accracte shots in quick succssesion a deadly mix. A stead stream of bullets pushed the enemy back and off the ramp, then enemy charged at all angles, blades flashing, yet the quick thinking Zell had his men go into circle formation and wasn't long until every enemy in the landing area was now a bloodied corpse on the ground.

"You guys stay here and protect the airship, I'm going to check the situation around Ellessar woods,"

The sound of fighting could be heard from all over and still more winged creatures continued to desende from the sky. Zell saw in the distance a great flash of white light and Eden took the skys to engage, cutting smoking holes through the enemy with her massive blades.

The enemy advanced to the temple but walking out came Retala, the enemy surronded him, and steadily Retala slipped two short swords out of his robes, and with graceful moves and slashing actions Retala cut through the enemy.

The other elves along with the remaining crew also took up arms to defend there homes, even high priest Laconfir stood, blasting the enemy back with powerful magical attacks. It wasn't long until the remaining enemys fled in terror from the overwhelming skill of the citizens of Ellessar woods.

The now clean cut Keiji sat on a magnifant round wood table, with a snow white table cloth, the meal was over and now the higher ups around the room were sipping brandy, dancing and discussing matters of business, it appeared to be a success, many had turned up from around Spira and the massive ball room was packed with both young and old.

Keiji sat on a table seperate from Sonya, Kobie and Eevee, he had the honor of sitting next to the host Trevor.

"Trevor, I really must speak to you about my father,"

"Ah yes, tell what is it, is something the matter,"

"When was the last time you saw,"

"I'd say about three weeks ago, why do you ask Keiji, is something the matter?"

"No my father went missing about 4 days ago, I'm trying to find,"

"Oh well I'm sorry my boy, but I did here from a college in Home, that he saw Neji's ship fly over Bikaniel sands and heading towards that new continent everyone is on about,"

"The island ofcourse! why didn't I think of that before, Thank you Trevor you have been a great help,"

"I don't know what going on Keiji, but if you ever need anything at any time, don't hesitate to come to me,"

"Thanks again Trevor,"

"Don't worry about it, now lets not think to much of those matters tonight, ah look at my daughter, one of the most beautiful girls you would ever see, another reason I hold these balls is so she can find a boyfriend, yet she turns everyone down,"

Keiji looked on as he saw many handsome rich boys about his age and some older approach Tsunami, they would ask her to dance, yet she always politly refuses, she turned to Keiji and smiled which he returned.

Keiji kept his down for most of the ball, occasionally getting into the odd conversation with someone about his father, Tsunami was now up from her seat and standing in the middle of a group of young men, a wine glass in her hand. Occasionally she would look over to Keiji, who sat there, pretending to like Brandy as he drank with Trevor.

"Excuse me boys," she said and she paced accross to the room to Keiji.


Keiji looked up to Tsunami she had her had extended open palm. "I like this song, would you please dance with me," Keiji could not find any words, he did know how to dance but was sketchy at best. Trevor smiled.

"Go on my boy, don't worry,"

Keiji couldn't say no, she wore the same type of dress as she wore when he saved her, but it was now a bright red colour, her hair was shiny and appeared silky, a diamond necklace dangled from her neck. Keiji took Tsunami's hand and was pulled onto the dance floor. The song was slow and Tsunami pulled Keiji in closer to her. Keiji was not quite sure what to do, his heart raced and his nervse were building, Tsunami never stopped looking it his eyes almost laughing at his nervousness.

"Keiji you're cute when you're nervous, come on I'll lead," Keiji did not know who to react yet he couldn't help but smile and feel more at ease, Tsunami pressed his hand against her hip.

"Come Keiji, suck it up," he heard Sonya's voice echo in his head. It was then Keiji knew his godparents were watching and he had to straighten up, he swallowed hard and danced putting in his heart and soul, they spun, came together drifted apart as they danced along with the wrest of the room, the other young men looked on spiteful, for years they had tried to get the honor and then this unknown boy comes along and she asks him. The song ended and Keiji found himself closer to Tsunami her arms around the back of his neck, his hands on her hips. Keiji's nervousness had vanished and he felt himself getting drawn closer to her.

"Thank you Keiji, you're a good dancer,"

"So thats how an Angel dances," Keiji replied smoothly but humourusly, no nervousness in his voice. Tsunami laughed.

"Smooth Keiji, where that come from,"

"Must be from my mothers side," They smiled together.

"Keiji, I want to tell you something,"

Tsunami took Keiji's hand and led him out the ball room and into the street, they walked down the paved street, it was the dead of night and the streets were bare, they eventually came to a paved hilll which looked over Bevelle.

"Keiji, when you saw my wings why weren't you shocked?"

"I was in a way, but ive seen it before, my father has wings and also does his friend Fariel, but I know why they have wings, my father has a demon inside of him giving him power and Fariel has an amulet, I wondered why you had wings,"

"Thats abit hard to beleive Keiji, but then again it could be possible, I don't know why I have wings, Trevor isn't my real dad, he found me when I wasa new born and I had wings eventually I found out I could them whenever I want, when I saw those three winged men I thought I might get some answears but all they did was attack me and kept mumbling something about a guy called Penance,"


"Do you know him?"

"Not personally but I know about him,"

Keiji explained the whole deal with the avenging angels and Penance and his fathers disappearance, he also told her that he has Demon blood in his vains and Eevee as the powers of two aeons.

"Thats some story,"

"I know,"

"Yet something inside me say it's all true, and after seeing you're power and that giant bird, also I knew the minute I first saw you I could tell there is much more to you than meets the eye,"

"Its confusing I know, and I really shouldn't be telling you all this, yet I feel you are some how connected to all this and you need to know, also I feel I can trust you more than anyone,"

"Keiji I feel the same about you, I hid most of my life, and everyone who tried to get close to me was either interested in my fathers fortune or just because of my looks, but you're differn't I know that and Ive only known you two days yet it feels like two years, I feel safe around you, Keiji would you protect me, if those men came back would you rescue me again," She said while slipping her hand into Keijis.

"I Promise," Keiji felt himself being drawn towards her as he leaned towards her.

"Sorry to break up you're date kids, but that girl is coming with us," Keiji spun round to see three hooded men stand at the only exit to the hill, behind them was a large group and winged men, beasts, demons and what appeared to undead citizens of Spira.

Tsunami cowered behind Keiji who stood deviantly infront her blocking the hooded men, he threw off his suti jacket and bow tie, and clenched his fists standing in a fighting postion. A winged man dropped from behind Tsunami, and Keiji grapping her pulled her away and punched the man sending him flying over the side of the railings. One of the hooded men signaled for his troops to surrond then. Keiji held Tsunamis hand tight.

"Stay close,"

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<ooc - Damn LOL Okay, I'll change it to make the three lieutenants more ambiguous>

Eevee watched, doing her best to conceal a smile as Keiji and Tsunami left the hall hand in hand.

“So much for being awkward around girls…” she giggled to herself, “Keiji, I’d never have thought it of you.”

Then again, there was something different about Tsunami - she and Keiji just seemed to connect somehow in a way most strangers didn’t.

Under the pretext of going to get a drink from the buffet table, Eevee stood up, wound her way through the crowd, and surreptitiously left the ballroom through the main door. She knew that Keiji and Tsunami probably wanted privacy, but was unable to contain her curious, mischievous streak. It wasn’t like she’d let them see her anyway…

Or was it just curiosity? She wondered as she stepped out into the cool night air and saw Keiji and Tsunami some way ahead, walking up towards a viewpoint. That uneasy feeling had crept over her again, the same one that had kept her from sleeping the night of the mysterious storm.

She looked around nervously at the suddenly darker-seeming streets, as Keiji and Tsunami stood talking quite happy and oblivious above her.

She saw the demons descending before they did.

Eevee let out a gasp as a group of about 20 creatures - some of whom looked like Atellians, others pale, gaunt and unnerving, like ghosts, and others still like the misshapen monsters out of her childhood nightmares, all led by three sinister hooded figures - swept down from the sky and surrounded Keiji and Tsunami.

Eevee’s hands instinctively went for her Fariel’s daggers concealed underneath her arm warmers as a stand-off developed on the viewpoint - thankfully the gang of evil creatures hadn’t noticed her, yet. Tortured by indecision, she looked up at the viewpoint, back down the street towards the Stead mansion, and back again. Should she dash in and help her outnumbered friends? But how much help would she be against so many? She had been training for years with the elves but had never been in an actual battle before. Should she run back to the mansion and fetch help? But then by the time she got back with it she might be too late…

She closed her eyes and put her hands to her temples, a desperate plan forming in her mind. The elves had said she might one day have the same powers as her parents, though it was impossible to tell yet. So maybe she had inherited her mother’s gift of Farsight telepathy…

Mum! Dad! she thought as hard as she could, focussing her mind on their faces and the ballroom where they were, Please Aeons, I hope you can hear this! You have to come outside right now! Keiji and Tsunami are in trouble!

* * *

Feyd turned to his wife curiously as she suddenly started.

“Are you okay, Sonya?”

Sonya frowned and put a hand to her head.

“I’m not sure, I thought I heard…hang on one second…”

* * *

After trying for the third time and seeing no-one emerge from the mansion, Eevee saw above her Keiji send one of the Atellians approaching him flying back with a huge punch, and the other monsters advance. She couldn’t wait any longer.

Still in her ball gown, she kicked off her shoes and began running as fast as she could up the hill towards the developing fight, crossing her hands and pulling Fariel’s daggers from their sheathes above and below each forearm as she went.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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"Step aside boy, we don't need you...yet," The middle man said

"Not going to happen,"

"Very well, kill the boy, save us doing it later,"

"Don't underestimate me!" Keiji yelled before creating five clones to surrond him and Tsunami.

"Just like his father, a fool" the one on the left said mockenly

"Don't speak about my father that way!" Keiji roared and all five clones charged into the enemy, taking them on two at a time, yet they Clones of 1/10th of Keijis power were not enough, 8 henchmen fell before the final clone was defeated.

"Such a patheitic trick,"

"Shut up!" Keiji threw a demon ball at the middle man, but the magical ball was cancelled out when he raised up his hand and nagated the spell.

"So you wish to fight me then?" the middle man laughed.

"Very well," suddenly he charged at an incredible speed, he came at Keiji from a side and inorder to block his crushing fist Keiji had to release Tsunami's hand.

"Not bad kid," he said looking at Keiji from within his hooded robes, looking at him with intense yellow eyes glowing out of the darkness.

"Keiji!" Tsunami yelled as three henchmen grapped her.

"No!" Keiji turned his head

"Fool!" the hooded man called out and the next thing Keiji felt was a crushing fist into his stomach, Keiji dropped to knees holding his stomach pain travelling through out his body.


"No, Keiji!" she called out struggling to break free

"Lets leave the boy for now,"

Keiji could only stay on his knees holding is stomach as he watched them walk off, suddenly they stopped.

"Let her go!" Keiji heard a familar call out.


"Is that the daughter of Feyd Kobie and Sonya Kobie," one of the hooded men said

"Thats right and I susjests you guys drop Tsunami and leave here before something bad happens to ya,"

The three hooded men laughed, "looks like we've got another tough talking Teen here,"

Keiji wiped the blood from mouth and got to his feet.

"Thanks Eevee! I really appreicate it, now then it looks you're guys trouble has just doubled,"

The henchmen charged at both Eevee and Keiji.


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