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Argue Argue Argue

(occ - And of course, Fariel and Leviathan can't help but argue over the subject. lol)

Fariel paused at the question and handed Jacen back his sight, looking at Larek she managed a crooked smile; he couldn’t help but smile in return, “No, I’m not going to meet them.” She answered Jacen’s question. “I didn’t even expect them to turn up.” Fariel watched as the silhouetted bird swooped down and landed gracefully in the Calm Lands and let it’s passengers off before disappearing into pyraflies.

She could tell that they were looking around for her, no doubt Feyd was making some comment on how she couldn’t stay still for more then 5 minutes, which would be ironic seeing as she had been waiting for their arrival for most of the morning.

Jacen looked to Fariel as she started muttered to herself, but it looked more like she was having a conversation with someone, he watched her as she walked a few steps away and started pacing as she talked.

“Um, Larek?” Jacen switched his attention to the man who seemed not to care about Fariel’s strange behaviour.

“It’s alright, Jacen, she’s not insane. She’s just talking to Leviathan.” He smiled, and Jacen scrunched his eyebrows together in confusion.

“Leviathan, you know what is going on, yet you’ve been silent all this time. Tell me why the Angel’s are suddenly reuniting.”

You know why, Fariel, you had the same dreams and feeling as the other Angels, you just denied the idea that it could happen.


Correct, he has risen. The only line of defence against Spira’s defeat is you and the other Angels now.

“I thought that Penance got sealed away and that there was no way that he could come back! We had enough trouble battling Sin, and Sin is like Penance’s bitch in comparison…”

Yes, but it’s been many years since Sin was defeated, you are all much more powerful and are able to defeat Penance.”

“No, I won’t get dragged into something like that, not again. I only played along with the Avenging Angel crap with Sin cause I had something I had to do. Not this time, this has nothing to do with me.”

You’re an Avenging Angel; it has everything to do with you.

“I’m sorry Leviathan.” Fariel muttered and Leviathan objected no more and fell silent.


“Sonya, can you see her?” Tanis asked as Sonya searched the Calm Lands using her farsight.

“No…” She opened her eyes and shrugged.

”She probably left already.” Kobie laughed.

“She might not have been here at all in the first place.” Neji commented.

“Fariel would not abandon us.” Tanis defended her.

“Tanis, you’ve been gone way too long.” Kobie shook his head with a smile as Sonya closed her eyes and searched further towards Kebel with her farsight.


Fariel stood at the edge of the cliff, Jacen knelt beside her with Whisper while Larek flanked her other side, they watched as the group of four people stood in a small circle, they were probably arguing over whether or not she was going to turn up.

Though Fariel noted that Sonya, or the one she guessed was Sonya was the only one standing still and not joining in the conversation, she was using her farsight.

“Leviathan, tell Tritoch to stop Sonya from looking for me. I’m not going.” Fariel commented flatly.



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RE: Avenging Angels 2 - Destinys Call

(Fenix you can edit that in word doc if u want, i guess it is abit outta place, maybe I should of added "before they tried to kill her")

"Eevee?" Tsunami paused for a second before hearing some comotion outside, gripping her Cross staff and spreading her wings she took flight, flying high above the Stead mansion, and gazing down at the garden to see group of strange demons carrying glowing battle staffs search the area.

"Eevee must be down there," Tsunami readied her staff and was about to charge when something haulted her.

"I can't just charge down, I'll be overwhelmed," then she heard doors burst opening from below, Keiji had burst out of his room and after seeing the demons below in the garden lept from the balcony right into the middle of a group, grapping the staff of a demon and snapping it in two before sending the creature back with a powerful elbow, those near by immediatly pounced towards him swing there staffs and claws, Keiji dodged and weaved through there blows stiking out when seeing an opening, it wasn't long until all the creatures had him surronded and he had his work cut out for him dodging both blows and balls of energy, he drifted back struggling. Taking many hits.

Tsunami sighed, "Keiji, too brave for his own good I'd say, Eden was so right,"

Tsunami swooped down and brough her staff down hard on one Demons head and to her surprise the staff passed straight through him, cutting the creature in two leaving behind a smoking trail of white as its dissolved. She swung her staff left and right cutting through the surronding creatures with ease. Keiji down on knee looked on shocked as Tsunami turned her head and winked, she pointed her staff towards Keiji and a bright light surronded him, healing his wounds, Keiji got up and stood next to Tsunami before the many demons.

"Thank you Tsunami,"

"You really shouldn't be eager to jump into to battle with out assessing the situations, you could find yourself in trouble," the creatures charged forward yet haulted when a figure came leaping out of tree, coming down hard on Demon.

"saved by a girl huh Keiji," Eevee taunted, which Keiji replied with a saracatic smile taking a major blow to his pride. "You stay back and let the girls handle this, huh Tsu," Tsunami giggled and laughed in agreement. The girls spun round to engage the demon in the garden.

"No way, I ain't letting you guys take all the fun," Keiji said setting his pride aside.


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<ooc - Sorry guys, I hope this was worth waiting for Afternoon…>

Sonya gave a helpless shrug as Tritoch evanesced to Pyraflies behind her.

“Are you sure she knows about this meeting, Tanis?”

Tanis’ only response was an unblinking stare.

“Well there’s no-one around for miles barring a Guard airship well off to the West, let alone anyone coming down towards the Calm Lands.”

“She’ll be here.” Tanis said calmly, “I have faith in her.”

“Surely we still mean something to her?” Feyd put in, going up to a careworn Sonya and gently massaging her shoulders as she slumped gratefully against him, “And surely she felt Penance’s return? We all did - right, Neji?”

He turned to his friend for confirmation, but Neji had wandered off a few yards to stand facing the horizon back the way they had come, towards the Ellessar forest.

Tanis, sensing all too easily what was troubling Neji, walked up to him and tried to speak.

“My friend, we all feel Melina’s loss…”

But Neji cut him off with a smouldering glare. Tanis merely turned and went back to his other companions.

“Let him be for a moment,” he said to Feyd and Sonya, who were casting worried looks at Neji’s back, “Come,” he said to distract their attention, drawing his faithful katana from its scabbard on his back, the gold filigree of elvish runes woven into its grip and pommel as bright as ever, “I have not seen you fight in years. I hope you haven’t lost your touch?”

Feyd and Sonya looked at him incredulously for a second. A half-mocking smile appeared on Tanis’ face.

“Do we have anything better to do until Fariel makes her appearance?”

* * *

“Oh for frak sake, are they still there?” Fariel cursed as she walked past one of the computer screens connected to a remote stealth-probe monitoring the Calm Lands, doing a slight double-take as she saw the four other Avenging Angels still obstinately refusing to give up and go home.

She turned on her heel as Larek came up behind her, typing away on a palmtop computer.

“Larek, would you go down to the Calm Lands and tell our friends I’m not coming? That Guard airship’s still on patrol so that’d be a decent excuse. Tell them to meet me at the safe house in Luca or something, I don’t know…just get rid of them. AND SHUT UP, LEVIATHAN!” she snarled, making several nearby techs jump.

* * *

“Hey, Jacen!” the ever-upbeat Lei called out, making Jacen Locke look up from his corner of the cave where he sat performing maintenance on his rifle, “Some of the guys are holding a little get together down in the lower levels to kick back after the op last night. You game?”

Jacen carefully set down his black rifle and stood up, leaning against the rocky pillar beside him as he gave an amused smile.

“You’re throwing a party?”

“Hey, this isn’t the Guard. And Fari’s not an ice-queen like that arse General Beni.”

Jacen laughed, then winced in pain because he had leaned too hard against the pillar, jolting the tracker on his wrist and sending a painful electric shock up his arm.

“Oh, sorry man, I completely forgot…Dante! Dante, you bastard!” Lei called out cheerfully, and Dante appeared at the rocky entrance to their section of the cave, “I don’t think Jacen needs his tracker any more, what say?”

Dante laughed too and took a small cylindrical device from his pocket. It bleeped as he held it up to Jacen’s tracker, then the bracelet unclipped itself with a sharp click. Dante returned both the gadget and the now-harmless tracker to his pocket.

“So you coming then?” Lei asked, returning to his original question.

“Give me a second,” Jacen smiled. As Lei and Dante left the cave deep in conversation, Jacen walked over to the small spring which flowed from a manmade hole in the cave wall, forming an artificial tap. He splashed some cold water on his face and wiped it out of his eyes, then stopped as he sensed someone else creep quietly into the cave behind him. He turned curiously to see who it was.

But he saw only an empty cave. <ooc - cue Twilight Zone music>

* * *

<ooc - Evening…>

Eevee dived aside as a serpent-demon came hurtling towards her feet-first, talons extended. As it flew past her she reversed the fluted barrel of her force lance and shot a bolt of white fire into its back, causing it to disintegrate in flames. Nearby some of the demons were hanging back, spinning their battle-staffs and hissing as they pulsed bolts of green lightning towards the three humans. Eevee threw up a Shield spell but it was not a power she had completely mastered - it buckled after several hits and the implosion of energy as it collapsed knocked her backwards. Keiji tried to help by casting Bringer of Darkness on the demons to rob them of their vision, but it was tersely dispelled by the snarling Atellian demon who hung back casting black fireballs from his clawed hands and urging his minions on in his strange, guttural language.

Instead Keiji leapt forward to engage his opponents more closely. For fear of hitting their compatriots, the demons had no choice but to come forward. One hissed a challenge and whirled its staff above its head to attack Keiji, but the nimble young warrior rolled under the attack and came back up to sink his fire-wreathed fist into the demon’s stomach and send him flying back.

Tsunami blocked an attack with her cross staff and spread her wings to jump back away from her opponent, but then gasped in horror as she saw Trevor Stead emerge from the mansion in his dressing gown, a confused expression on his face.

“Father, no!” she shouted, but it was too late. The mutated Atellian leapt forward with a roar, one of his wings shooting out over his shoulder. The bladed tip tore through Trevor’s shoulder, spinning him round and slamming him into the garden wall as the demon ripped his wing free.

Tsunami leapt skyward and flew to her adopted father’s side as he slid to the ground with a gasp of pain, clutching his shoulder and leaving a thin trail of blood streaked down the wall. Tsunami whirled to see the demon leader towering above her, a great evil phantom against the sinister backdrop of the night.

“Child, use my Sanctuary power!” she heard a voice whisper urgently in her head, and without thinking she screamed the word aloud, thrusting her cross staff towards the demon before her.

A blinding light radiated from her, expanding in a bright hemisphere until it enclosed her, Trevor, Keiji and Eevee. With a howl the demon leader recoiled into the air, beating his wings frantically as he fell back, and around him the other demons too shrank back from the light. They stopped beyond it and shielded their eyes from its pure glare, unable to pass through the White Magic shield Tsunami had just created.

With a growled command from the mutated Atellian, the demons vanished in swirls of red and purple fire. When the light faded, the garden was empty save for the three teenagers and Trevor, who was still gritting his teeth against the pain in his shoulder where the demon’s wing had pierced him.

“Father!” Tsunami said urgently, “Father, are you alright?”

“I’ll live, my dear,” Trevor gasped, trying to sit up a little straighter.

“Do either of you two know how to heal?” Tsunami asked, tearing a strip of fine elven cloth from her sleeve as Keiji and Eevee came running up. She felt drained after using the power of her staff and didn’t know if she had the energy for another cast.

“Only basic Cure spells…” Eevee said, biting her lip, but she knelt down next to Trevor and tried anyway. She placed her hand over the wound and a blue light shimmered beneath it for a second. When she took her hand away the bleeding had stopped, though the puncture wound still looked nasty. Luckily it hadn’t broken his collar bone or hit anything vital like his lungs, and as the healing spell took effect Trevor began to breathe more naturally.

“Thankyou, Eevee,” Tsunami said, hugging the younger teenager, “And thank you Keiji you were amazing,” she hugged him too, “But you really need to think before you charge in with Demon Magic blazing all the time - you could get into a lot of trouble.”

Keiji sighed - he would have denied it angrily if Eevee or someone else had been the one to mention it, but he couldn’t argue with Tsunami. Then he clicked his fingers as he remembered something.

“Oh yeah, Eevee?”

“The vampires called - they want you to take better care of their jacket.”

Eevee looked nonplussed until he produced her silver-studded black trench coat and threw it to her.

“You left it in your room.” he explained. Eevee smiled her thanks and pulled on the coat, buttoning up the front.

“What were those…things?” Trevor gasped.

“I’m not sure,” said Eevee, turning to him, “Penance’s men I think, one of them appeared in my room while I was out on the balcony…”

* * *

“Interesting power, yes?”

The Atellian who had been possessed by the demon Shuruk’jaar, now back in his normal form, raised an eyebrow and turned to the lurking shadow that was Xipetotec as they watched from a safe distance, concealed among the apple trees and unnoticed by the humans.

“Yes,” the reptilian Lord of Pain hissed, “Perhaps now the Atellian girl has these new abilities she is ready to be reintegrated with Penance? Ghead will be most excited when he hears the news.”

The two demons grinned evilly.

“I grow tired of toying with these mortals,” the Atellian said. He had hoped for the abduction to go without incident, but he had not expected it to do so, and he had called forth Shuruk’jaar’s demonic warriors mainly to ascertain the abilities of the targets.

“Let us end this.”

The three young humans were still crouched around Trevor talking anxiously among themselves when the two demons burst amongst them like a thunderbolt.

Keiji had the fastest reflexes and whirled to attack, but was knocked flying by a lashing blow from one of Xipetotec’s extending arms. The Atellian growled a Dark Prison spell, and a sphere of inpenetrable black light engulfed the humans so they had nowhere to run.

Before Eevee and Tsunami could raise their weapons, Xipetotec voiced a sinister word of three low, hissing syllables. All three teenagers screamed and fell to their knees as Xipetotec’s Word of Pain spell flooded their nerves with unbearable agony. The merciless demon only lifted the spell when the three had blacked out from the pain and lay unmoving at his feet. He hissed in victory - the targets had been incapacitated but would suffer no lasting damage, so the power Penance wanted to absorb from them would remain intact. With only a passing sneer at Trevor, who was yelling denial and trying to get to his feet, the two demons seized their unconscious captives and took to the skies - Shuruk’jaar spreading his vast wings, Xipetotec growing in size and striding over the mansion’s outer wall.

<ooc - Baby Angels successfully screwed over…now, with regard to where they’re going next, do you want them held together or in separate cells, and do you want them restrained (with magically-impervious chains, obviously) or not? Coz that may be important :) >

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(Ghede would want the bodies in good shape so don't rough them up too badly, I don't really care where you throw them, lets just escape and kick ass)



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Hello , Goodbye.

(occ – HOVERBOARDS! :D lol for the win. Why would anyone want to walk when you can have one of those? :p lol
Anyway, yeah, Larek's telling the Angel's to sod off. Your gonna have to get Eevee to call Fariel around about now :p lol And also, whos doing Kerr and Jacen's post?)

Larek made a slanted smile as she asked him to get rid of the angels but nodded anyway, turning he made his way out of the cave leaving Fariel arguing with Leviathan, “Oh and Larek, take Dante and Zeke with you!” She yelled, and Larek waved dismissively, knowing that they were having a party.


“Dante, Zeke, we got a job to do. Get off your lazy arses and meet me in the flats.” Larek ordered over the radio, only to get a half-hearted reply from the brothers.

It took them a few minutes to arrive which gave Larek enough time to gear up for leaving Kebel, though he kept his weapons concealed as to not agitate the Angel’s. “Why do we have to come? It’s just a messenger job.” Dante moaned, slightly annoyed for leaving the party right as everyone was starting to arrive.

“Fariel said so, and besides, I don’t want the Angel’s bringing all their wrath down on me and me alone.” Larek laughed, Zeke and Dante grumbling as he said it.


It didn’t take them too long to leave the Gagazet range, their knowledge of the area made for easy travel. Reaching the Calm Lands they looked across the mass of green and saw the Angel’s at its centre, sparring by the looks of it. Unstrapping their hover boards from their backs they quickly made their way towards the group, as they neared the Angel’s stopped their mock battle to stand ready for them.

“Angels.” Larek nodded to them, and made a passing glance at Tanis, stepping down from his board.

“Long time no see, Larek.” Kobie extended a hand, and Larek accepted it, As Larek stepped back again Dante whispered something in his ear and the three men looked towards the Guard airship that was flying closer now.

“Where’s Fariel?” Tanis asked, trying not to let it slip that he couldn’t read any of the three men’s minds, Laguna must have taught them to shield their minds…

“The Guard are keeping a close eye on the whole perimeter of the Gagazet range, she can’t risk making an appearance in such an open place with the birds flying over head. We shouldn’t even be out here.” Larek commented flatly. “She wants you to meet her in Luca, in one of our safe houses where The Guard can’t touch any of you.”

“And where in Luca is this safe house?” Kobie inquired, someone irritated by the fact they need to travel even further to meet her which would take time, and time was somewhat important.

“On the northern outskirts, it’s more of an abandoned workshop then a safe house but we know it isn’t being watched.” Dante answered it for him.

“Why can we not just follow you back to Kebel and meet her there?” Neji’s expression was dark.

“Because she’s in Luca, or did that not occur to you?” Larek retorted.

Neji glared at him, his comment making him look stupid didn’t do anything for his current mood.

“We have to get back to Kebel.” Zeke commented to Larek, the airship was getting disturbingly close now.

“When do we have to meet her?” Sonya asked quickly as Larek got back on his board.

“She’ll know when you arrive.” Larek answered as his board spun around and the three of them jetted back to Kebel and to safety.


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RE: Avenging Angels 2 - Destinys Call

“Yeah, I’ve been using a rifle since I was 10,” Jacen was explaining to Breezer and Lei as they and several others sat round the stone table playing cards, “My father used to go poaching from Maestor Mika’s private estate nearby, and one day I asked if I could go with him. A stolen rifle and five bullets later we both realised I was something of a natural.”

He smiled apologetically at the boast.

“No ****, man,” Zeke laughed as he picked up a card from the deck and slotted it into his hand, “We all saw you take down about 20 Guardsmen in Bevelle last night.”

“It was only 11,” Jacen replied modestly, “Not counting the one I jumped at the end.”

They laughed. Jacen glanced back over his shoulder as Dante came back in bearing a tray of drinks. And froze as he saw the figure leaning up against the cave entrance behind Dante, his arms crossed in a relaxed fashion. The figure’s face was partially hidden by his hooded cloak, but his eyes were fixed steadily on Jacen, and Jacen would have recognised the man anywhere. Kerr.

“What’s the matter Jacen, it’s only Dante?” Breezer commented as he followed Jacen’s gaze curiously, making Jacen turn round and breaking the spell. Jacen frowned and accepted the glass Dante passed him silently, looking back at the cave entrance. There was no-one there.

* * *

Consciousness returned slowly, and as an unwelcome guest. Eevee moaned softly as she was dropped from blissful oblivion back into a harsh, cold reality. All her limbs ached from the after-effects of the black scaly demon’s spell, and her head was hammering with pain in time to her heartbeat. She tried to move her sore, stiff arms and found they were bound to the wall at head height by rune-inscribed manacles. Instinctively, she tried to free herself with a Fira spell, but nothing happened save a few weak sparks guttering around her fingertips and the shackles glowing temporarily.

“Don’t you think we’ve already tried that?” a riled voice muttered, “They’re covered in Dispel runes.”

Eevee twisted as best she could towards the voice, and saw Keiji sitting slumped against the wall nearby, his hands similarly bound above him at half-stretch by the same rune-etched restraints. On the other side of him was Tsunami. Eevee looked slowly around the small, dank cell and found little to lighten her spirits. The walls were all of the same dark, cold stone; some were damp and covered with slimy green algae. Droplets of water were falling from the ceiling and splashing insistently against the floor with a sinister drip-drip-drip sound. A few ancient-looking bones were scattered on the floor next to a dark stain. Eevee swallowed hard and tried to ignore them. The cell didn’t even have a window - they could have been underground for all Eevee knew - and the only source of light was a dim blue glow filtering through the edges of the thick wooden door. There were occasional grunts and shuffling sounds from beyond the door. <ooc - 2 of Ghede’s creations, for future reference> So they were being guarded then, even if they could have got out of their restraints and through the heavy locked door. She cursed silently to herself.

“Are you guys okay?” she asked quietly.

“As well as can be expected, given the circumstances,” Keiji said with a grimace.

“Where are we?” Tsunami asked.

“Looks like Ghede’s tower.” Keiji replied, recognising and not liking the forbidding architecture.

They fell silent and stiffened as there was a low growl from beyond the door, followed by slow dragging footsteps heading away from them. Maybe one of the guards had gone to tell this guy Ghede that his prisoners were awake?

Eevee tried half-heartedly to wriggle free of the restraints again, but knew it was futile and quickly gave up. It seemed their captors hadn’t bothered to search them before throwing them down here - her force lance was gone and she cursed the loss of the precious artefact, though she could still feel Fariel’s daggers digging into her skin under her arm-warmers where the manacles constricted her wrists. Not that they’d do her much good even if she could reach them. But the fact that they hadn’t been found and taken from her was very good news indeed.

“Well,” she said with a wry smile, “It could be worse, I guess…”

Keiji stared at her.

“Eevee I admire your spirit but sometimes you really piss me off,” he hissed under his breath, “How could things possibly get any worse!?”

Eevee twisted gymnastically to bring her leg up next to her right hand, and managed to tease a small black object out of her boot. She relaxed and gripped it tightly, being careful not to drop it.

“We could be without Fari’s radio.” she whispered with a cheerful wink.

She fumbled one-handed with the buttons until it came to life with a quiet crackle, making Eevee glance nervously towards the door. Thankfully there was no reaction from the guard outside - evidently the thick wooden door had deadened most of the sound. Eevee twisted in her restraints to lean as close as possible to the radio and said in the barest whisper:

“Hello? Faber?”

There was a tense second where the radio remained silent. And then:

“Hello, who is this?”

Part of Eevee breathed a sigh of relief that the device was working. Magic-users often forgot about the powers of machina, just as tech-users often underestimated magic. But the reply had come through alarmingly loud.

“Shhhhh!” she hissed as loud as she dared, glancing fearfully towards the door. Something in the urgency of her response meant Faber’s next reply was somewhat quieter.

“Who’s there? Is that you, Larek?”

“No, it’s Eevee,” Eevee whispered.

“Say again? Speak up.”

“I can’t speak up, dammit, I’m kinda in a situation here!” she snapped softly.

“Okay, I’ll remodulate the amplifier…” came Faber’s reply, “Try now.”

“It’s me, Eevee. Me, Keiji and Tsu are in it deep and we need your help.”

She sensed an immediate change in Faber’s voice.

“Where are you?”

Eevee turned and mouthed where are we? at Keiji. Penance’s island, he mouthed back.

“Ghede’s fortress on Penance’s island.” Eevee said softly.

“It’s not hard to find, it’s a bloody great tower,” Keiji whispered to her, and Eevee repeated for Faber.

“Okay hang tight kids, help is on the way. I’ll go get Fariel. Stay on the line.”

There was a dim crackle from the radio, then silence. Eevee bit her lip, glancing from the radio to the door and back again. Then she froze as the muffled sound of footsteps began to grow louder beyond the door.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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(occ - so ripping off Naruto! XD LOL But i am the one with the water aeon so it makes sense that i can do things like that!!!)

“FARIEL!” Faber yelled jogging out into the flats and looking around desperately for her, or someone that would have seen her, but no one was around. They were all having the party, “Lazy sods.” He growled, “FARIEL!” He yelled again, he knew she was out here on a minute before so she couldn’t have gone far. Then she caught site of her and sighed in relief.

“Faber, what’s wrong?” Fariel asked as Faber beckoned her over quickly.

“I have Eevee on the radio, she’s in trouble.”

“****!” Fariel cursed pushing past Faber and into the machina cave, grabbing the radio and calling for Eevee, “Eevee, are you okay, where are you?” Fariel asked quickly.

“Fariel?! You have to help us, we’re on Penances island in Ghedes tower.”

“The heck…?” Fariel grumbled, “How did you manage to end up there…?” She asked but didn’t expect an answer.

“Eevee, hide it quick!” Fariel heard Keiji in the background.

“Someone’s coming, hide it!” Tsu added.

“****, too late! Wow you’re an ugly one aren’t ya…” Eevee yelled, there were muffled growls and yells as Eevee tried to hide the radio but Fariel flinched as there was a loud cracking noise and then static.

“Dammit!” Fariel growled, “Faber, pin point the location of the radio they used.” Faber quickly worked on the computer and found the source of the communication before it was cut off. Fariel memorised the location of it on the island and its distance from the beach nearest from Kebel and ran out of Faber’s cave and towards her own to get her weapons.


Fully armed and prepared for anything Fariel made her way to the beach that she would usually go to, to be alone, typically it was the one with the shortest distance to Penances Island and she made her way to the edge of the water.

“I know I haven’t really practised this much but please give him your strength Leviathan, I need to help Eevee…”

My strength is yours, Fariel, now go. Was Leviathans simple reply, he sounded somewhat smug that even though she had no intention of getting wrapped into the problem of Penance’s rising, she was getting dragged in anyway just by different means.

Concentrating Fariel changed into the large spotted cat, as it was the fastest creature she could think of, the winds out at sea would slow her down so running would be her quickest route seeing as she had been putting off the fixing of her hover board for a few weeks now.

Stepping onto the water she held herself atop it by channelling hers and Leviathan’s strength into the bottom of her feet and top of the water. Her first few steps were unsteady but she soon got a hold of her spell and made her way into a fast sprint across the water. “I’m coming Eevee, don’t do anything stupid…”

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Zell sat on brown rock staring up into the black mist, Ghede's tower stood far behind him, Zell deciding to get away from the strange groans.

"Cid's is here somewhere," he thought to himself, "But where," He stood up and looked around the dead land around him, dead trees loomed at the distance, the land was covered in rocks and dust, perhaps where he stood was once an open meadow, not to far from him he could see something stick out of the ground, a wooden sign with arrows pointing in many directions. Zell examined the sign, it was written in syllables he reconised yet could not read, it was Atellian.

"Oh man, I'm stuck on an ancient Atellian continent where the bad guy lives with his freakish army, why is it always me," Zell said to himself, Zell heard a loud roar coming from the distance, drawing Neji's pistols he spun round yet he could not see a thing for miles, the roar came again, he had heard many differn't fiend roars before yet had never heard anything like that. "Oh man I really don't like this place," he said gripping his pistols.

"You shouldn't be here," a deep voice said from behind him, standing tall behind him was a muscular demon like man, a great axe on his back. Zell spun round pistols drawn and ready to fire.

"Stand back," he said calmly, the man raised his hands as if shocked by Zell's reaction, he held them open peacefully.

"I am sorry to alarm you, I saw you out here and I thought I better warn you, there are dangours creatures in this place, not to mention a great powerful Tyrant rules these lands his name is Panance, I have warned many who have ventured here, some heed my warnings other, well I can only prey for there safety," Zell was taken by surprise by the somewhat evil looking mans calm and nobel answear. Zell withdrew his pistols.

"I am sorry to have acted such, I know very little of this island except that Panance rules here and after hearing some strange roars I was on edge,"

"You also look a little should I say rough," he said with a smile, examing Zells wounds.

"Yeh I just got out of a fight against a man named Gaget,"

"Gaget! one of Penances best men was here, and you survived," the devil man snarled and drew his axe, "is he still here, we must kill him,"

"Don't worry, I killed him already," Zell said boastfully, the man's eyes widened and he lowered his axe.

"You killed the mighty Gaget? you must truely be a powerful warrior, my name is Beelzebub, I am part of a resistance group against Penance, I came out here to investigate an airship our scouts saw heading in this direction,"

Zell smiled and while rubbing the back of his head replied "well I wouldn't say I'm that powerful, I just got lucky I guess, took a gamble and won, oh and the names Zell, I searching for my friends who's airship crashed here when they battled Penance awhile back,"

"A pleasure meeting you Zell, but you should of come to this island alone, please come with me I will take you to my leader, I'm sure he would love to meet the slayer of Gaget,"

"I sure he is a great man but I must find the airship that crashed,"

"We already found the ship we witnessed the battle against Penance, when we searched for survivors we found now, we counted 20 bodies, the ship a reck, I feel no one could of survived it, and if they did the creatures of the wild would surely get them eventually,"

"That comfirms it there must be survivors, there were 30 men on that airship, all seasoned warriors, they are here somewhere, I know it,"

"Well then we must find them, please come with me, I'm sure our leader would lend you couple warriors to aid you in you're search,"

"Thank you, very well I shall follow."


Zell and Beelzebub travelled some distance through the dead island, Zell took the time to exam the area, they travelled through dead husky forests, past lakes which looked more like oil, until eventually they came accross a hill which over looked a massive ruined town, in the middle stood a mighty castle surronded by thick walls.

"Please excuse our roughed up home, we just won it back from Penance a couple days ago and we are currently repairing the town yet it is taking some time for we are short of men. They walked through the empty town until eventually they reached the massive enterence of the castle, the walls were manned by what seemed like armored Atellian, yet he could not see the face through there great helmets.

"good they are hidden," Beelzebub said softy to himself "Open the gates, I Beelzebub have returned. The wooden door opened swiftly and Beelzebub led Zell up a red carpet which went up three flights of stairs avoiding any of the many rooms or other corridors. Until eventually they stopped at a decorated door.

"Through here is the throne room, where our leader is sitting," Beelzebub opened the door, the room was dark, lit up only by many small candles, sitting at the far end on a golden thron, sat a powerful looking man, glad in black plate armor and red cape. (bear in mind Zell has never seen Penance)

"My lord this is Zell, he slayed one of Penances best men, the one Gaget," Penance stood up, arms out invitenly.

"Ah, you must be some fighter, truely an pleasure to meet you,"

"the pleasure is all mine lord...?"

"Ah lets not worry with names right now, you slayed one of my most powerful enemies, is there anything we can do to make it up to you,"

"Well I am currently looking for my friends whos airship crashed here while battling Penance,"

"Ah I know what you are on about, and I'm sorry to say we found all the dead, no one survived,"

"Well I think some may still leave, you found 20 dead bodies, well there were 30 on the ship," Penances eyes widened, fire began to burn in them, yet he quickly calmed down with out Zell noticing.

"If it is alright with you, I would like to see the airship for myself yet I don't know this land, and I don't know where it is, I would greatly apprieciate it if you could lend me a guide,"

"Certainly, but for now please rest, Beelzebub take him to the guest quarters," Beelzebub bowed and led Zell out down one flight of stairs and to a guest room, the room was well kept and clean. Yet Zell couldn't help but think something was a miss with Beelzebub and his lord, he didn't say at the time, but he could faintly hear strange noises from around the castle on the lower levels, and that Beelzebub and his lord, why wouldn't he tell him his name, and there was something about the way Beelzebub and his lord spoke it seemed to good to be true and there was something, evil around.  And the town, Beelzebub said they had just won it from the enemy, yet there was no sign of any battle, the castle was great and obviously wouldn't be taken easily, yet there was no sign of fighting on the walls, no sign of a siege. Zell knew he had to find out more.

Zell gather his weapons and opened the door slowly he peared out, no guards. stay close to the wall he snuck around the corners of the castle trying to remember the route Beelzebub told him. As he brushed past window, something caught his eye, he looked to look upon the ruined city, yet it wasn't there, instead stood a great vast army, of sisister looking demons, hell hounds, flying bat like creatures were only some of the vast army, he could here there roars and screeches. Suddenly something flew past the window and Zell jumped back, the creature thinking it saw something turned around and gazed into the window, it looked around before finally letting off a loud screech and flying off leaving Zell crouched and pressed against the wall, his heart raising. Now he was sure something was a miss. Wiping the sweat from his brow Zell picked himself up and carried on down the hall until finally arriving at the great stairs, he was about to start the climb when he heard a shouted from below.

"Get up those stair scum!" a serphant like voice echoed. Zell drifted back disappearing round a corner and perring towards the stairs climbing up the stairs surronded by four armored Serphant like Atellian was a ragged man, his hanged down weakly chains strapped to his arms and angles, he dragged himself up the stairs, but through the blood, dirt and messed hair Zell reconsised the man.

"...Seifer?" Zell followed as the soilders took Seifer into the throne room. They closed the door yet Zell fast on his feet stuck his foot in the way to avoid it closing and peering over investigated what was happening. Seifer was thrown below the lord.

"Lord Penance, we have brought the prisoner,"

"...Penance, I knew it," Zell said softy, Penance rose angerly from throne he approached Seifer and with a mighty boot, kicked him the ground.

"Lying human!" he boomed as Seifer got to his knees. "What did I torcher you for scum!? When you told us there was only 20 on that airship you lied didn't you!"

Seifer smiled.

"I'm going to ask you one more time, how many were on the airship!"

"tw...twenty including...myself," Seifer replyed weakly. Penance kicked Seifer, he rose in the hair before landing heavilly.

"There were 30 on that ship,"

"gu..ess...I...missed...a few then," Seifer said smiling

"Tell me where they are! all who oppose me must suffer!"

Seifer remained quiet and instead picked himself up, he weakly lifted his head to face Penance showing the iron in his will. Penance explode in anger and great purple fire engullfed Seifer throwing him on his back as he slowly burned to death. Zell's rage burst out and he swung open the door unleashing a barrage of bullets which tore through the armor of the serphant soilders throwing them onto the ground.

"PENANCE!" he yelled aiming both pistols at him.

"Ah so you found out,"

"I will never forgive you!" Zell shouted and opened fire, Penance swifty sliding from side to side as he advanced on Zell dodged the bullets haulting a mere 3 foot infront of Zell. Zell stepped back in awe of Penance but soon opened fire again this time hitting Penances armor, but the bullets harmlessly bounced off the enchanted armor. Penance grapped Zell's wristed and with demonic strength threw him in the air over his head. Zell dropped his pistols but managed to land saftly by twisting his body and landing on one knee, drawing his rifel he fired at Penance, the bullet scored a hit on Penance's forehead as he turned round, yet he didn't even flinch, the bullet bounced harmlessly off him. Zell stepped back in disbeleive.

"No way!" he shouted in frustration, Penance laughed.

"You fool Zell, I am Penance, I am a god, normal bullets won't work on me,"

"Well then how about this," With one hand Zell strapped his rifel onto his back again, and with the other drew his mana, gun went for his pouch holding his capsules when he discovered the pouch wasn't there.

"What!? but I'm sure I brought it,"

"Oh you did, you just don't have it anymore," a soft voice said from behind him. Zell turned around to see a weak figure of a pale man, holding his pouch.

Zell did not see this new individual come in, he must of moved at an incredible speed and how did he manage to steal Zells mana capsules pouch that easily, he only knew one person capable of such master theivery.

Zell was now helpless against Penance having dropped Hades and Loki and with his ammo for his mana capsule taken from him, he had no means of fighting. Dropping his rifel Zell surrendered.

"So this is the man that killed Gaget, he had potential," Ghede said

"He will not become one of you're creations Ghede, Zell since you supassed my chief engineer, I need a new one," Penance said sternly

"Forget it Penance, I will never join you,"

"Oh you won't have a choice,"


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<ooc - for this to make sense we’ll have to assume Ghede got back to his tower pretty sharpish, though since he can Timseshift maybe it doesn’t matter so much :) A quick filler before Fariel bursts in and saves the day>

“The heck…?” Fariel’s voice crackled faintly over the radio, “How did you manage to end up there?”

Eevee was about to spit out a scathing response in spite of herself, but it died in her throat as there was a loud growl from beyond the door, and the sound of someone fumbling with a set of keys.

“Eevee, hide it quick!” Keiji hissed as Eevee‘s eyes widened in fear. She twisted her leg round and tried to stuff the radio back into her boot but fumbled out of panic and dropped it with a clatter onto the floor.
“Someone’s coming, hide it!” Tsunami urged her frantically as a screech of hinges echoed through the room. Eevee was still trying desperately to sweep the radio out of sight behind her as the door flew open, blinding them all with the sudden light. They all froze as a menacing silhouette appeared in the doorway.
“****, too late!”

The guard dragged itself forward on misshapen legs and Eevee caught a brief glimpse of the monster as it towered above her. Its legs and torso were vaguely human, albeit lumpy and twisted in unnatural configurations, but on its head and arms black scales like insect armour blended over the skin and its head was just an elongated dome of shiny black chitin. It had no visible eyes or nose, but Eevee guessed that somehow it could see her only too well as it turned towards her and hissed menacingly through jagged, mismatched teeth.

“Wow, you’re an ugly one aren’t you…” Eevee said with a shocked grimace, but then the mutant monstrosity snarled as it looked down at the radio on the floor next to her and raised a fist with 6 long, multi-jointed fingers before bringing it crashing down on the radio, smashing the delicate piece of machina to fragments. With an enraged roar it leapt at Eevee, its clawed hand closing around her face. Behind them Tsunami screamed.

Fighting back panic Eevee drew in her legs and kicked out hard, terror lending strength to her 16-year-old body. Her booted feet hammered into the guard’s torso and it staggered back with the force of the blow, its claws grazing Eevee’s face as it let go and fell back. It recovered its balance and let loose an almighty scream of rage, its jaw unhinging so its fanged mouth gaped open to an impossible size. It rushed at Eevee with its mouth still open, clearly intent on ripping her head off.

“STOP!” a voice roared and just as the creature’s fangs were about to close around Eevee’s face it jumped back and cowered against the far wall. A thin, frail-looking man in a black overcoat had appeared in the doorway, flanked by another creature similar to the first guard, though this one had a barbed, whip-like tail swaying to and fro behind its head.

Any momentary gratitude Eevee might have felt towards the man quickly evaporated into fear as he stepped forward to reveal his long white hair, withered long-fingered hands and bland, unsettling face with its emotionless blue eyes. Keiji recognised Ghede from their last encounter, and his face darkened into a snarl.

“We don’t want to be harming Penance’s prize, do we?” he said in a soft, eerie voice that sent a shiver down Eevee’s back as he regarded her coldly, “Well, not yet…”

He let that ominous threat hang in the air for a heartbeat before ghosting over towards Tsunami, who shrank back in fear.

“You’ll forgive me,” he said to Eevee, “But you’re a somewhat secondary concern for the time being, though.”

He turned his chilling, vacant gaze on Tsunami, and produced a threatening metal syringe filled with dark liquid. Tsunami began to struggle and scream, but the two mutant guards held her fast and pulled her head to one side, exposing her neck. Ghede rammed the syringe downwards in one sudden, swift motion, and slowly pushed his thumb down so the dark liquid within injected into Tsunami’s bloodstream. Almost immediately, her struggles began to grow weaker, like a clockwork toy winding down.

“Sleep, my pretty…” Ghede crooned softly, caressing Tsunami’s face with his pale hand and wiping the trickle of blood from the small puncture wound the needle had left. Eevee just sat frozen in horror, while Keiji roared in anger, spitting curses at Ghede until a backhand blow across the face from one of the mutants quietened him. As Keiji spat blood from his split lip, Ghede unlocked the now-comatose Tsunami’s shackles with a wave of his hand and gestured to one of the mutants, who obediently picked up the unconscious girl and slung her over his back before limping out of the room. Ghede followed, leaving the two remaining captives alone with the second guard.

“Tsu, no!” screamed Eevee, and Keiji yelled “Tsunami!” as the door banged shut behind him with an awful finality, plunging them back into darkness.

<ooc - okay, there’s not a lot that can match this Ghede guy for sheer creepiness…*shudder* anyway, bring it on Fariel :) >

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Wow I'm Late...

(occ - Are these things holding them have keyholes or anything or are they just magical little bastards? Cause i never really thought to ask how i'm supposed to get the angels outa them :p lol So yeah. Either i'll finish my post saving them when you tell me or one of you can do the next bit.)

Fariel’s paws touched solid ground and she breathed heavily, sitting down to catch her breath she looked around her surroundings. The air was heavy, everything looked dead or dying, even the sand beneath her paws was a strange, unnatural charcoal colour. Feeling slightly drained from the heavy magical run across the water she headed for a more sheltered place to rest so she could figure out how she would approach the situation.

It didn’t take much effort to spot the tower that Eevee had spoke of, it was a depressing and dark building. Having changed into her wolven form she kept to the shadows, her dark fur blending her in. The tower was guarded; the guards looked vaguely human, but were deformed and disturbing as if they were half fiend, half human.

She was only there to get the kids out, not to bring every guard in the area down on her, the whole way there she had noted that the area was void of animals so if she was going to get in she would have to be very discrete, shape shift into one of the guards or just bust in.

So what do you think?

“What?” Fariel whispered.

How do you like your choices?

“I don’t.”

That’s what I thought.

“It’ll be easier to work my way down the tower rather then up. They are probably closer to the top anyway…I think I’m going to have to risk flying, it’ll make the escape harder if I’m seen but I’ll work out that problem later…”

Be careful Fariel.

Fariel smiled at Leviathans concern but it was also unnerving that he would say for her to be careful, he must know something she doesn’t about what she’s up against.

Shifting into a small black bird she took flight, keeping close to trees and other tall rock formations but it wasn’t long until her presence was noticed, cursing she flew up as high as she could before guards higher up the building gathered at the window and started to throw things, changing into her human winged form she flew straight towards the tower, dodging objects.

“Ishara!” She growled as she neared the building, a powerful blast of water shot forwards and plummeted into the tower, the bad construction of rock that made that area of wall caved inwards giving her a clear passage in.


Keiji struggled furiously against his binding but in vein, he could still hear the dull yells of Tsunami calling for him. “Dammit, dammit, dammit! Tsunami!” He cursed continually, force and magic didn’t work on their restraints and it was starting to get annoying. Eevee too was struggling, but up against the wall as their guards came in and glared at her; now that Ghede was gone he could finish what he started. The guard that Eevee kicked went towards her again she tried to kick him again but he grabbed her leg and threw it down, Eevee yelled for help as he picked her up by the hair and wrapped his other hand around her neck and begun to choke her. “Eevee!” Keiji yelled, he was restrained too far away to be any help and just yelled and cursed to try and get his attention off her.

Keiji with drew back and flinched as the whole wall between himself and Eevee exploded inwards followed by a winged figure swooping in and spinning around to kick Eevee’s assaulter away from her, the guard cracked his head off the opposite wall and fell unconscious.

“Keiji, language! Honestly…” Fariel grinned as the second guard came towards her, “Wow you are really ugly…” Fariel agreed with Eevee’s prior statement.

He ran at her, she jumping up and flipped over him to kick him sharply in the back, the deformed guard staggered forwards and tried to regain his balance before tripping over the edge of the floor, Eevee lashed out from where she sat and clipped his ankles, the guard’s feet were lost from under him and he fell from the tower screaming.

Fariel knelt next to Eevee, “Are you alright?” She asked quickly, looking over to Keiji who was still squirming around cursing.

“We have to save Tsunami!” He growled.

“Where is she?” Fariel asked calmly, assessing their restraints.

“She’s being taken to Penance!” He snapped, “We have to save her!”

“Alright, alright, let me just get you out of these…If I can figure out how.”


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RE: Avenging Angels 2 - Destinys Call

<ooc - they Dispel all magic, apart from a "codeword" spell that Ghede uses to open and shut them, but seeing as we don't know that, the proper application of a little brute force should do the trick ;)>


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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[BOSS]Fenix wrote:

<ooc - they Dispel all magic, apart from a "codeword" spell that Ghede uses to open and shut them, but seeing as we don't know that, the proper application of a little brute force should do the trick ;)>

(occ - fabulos, then shall i post the next scene to set you guys up for your battles?)



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Run run as fast as you can, they can catch us easily XD

“Magic won’t work.” Eevee moaned as Fariel tried to break them open with a mixture of spells.

Growling Fariel looked at them thinking, “I haven’t seen things like these in years…I can’t pick the lock because there isn’t one. I’m going to have to force them to open…” she said drawing a small package from one of the pouches on her belt, “This might hurt a little Eevee, I’m going to put a shield up but I don’t know how well this’ll work.”

From the small package she drew a small ball of white putty, tearing off a bit and rolling it into a thin line she placed it across the shakles in-between the dispel runes, a equally small black square came out the package next and she stuck it to the putty and pressed a small button on it. Instantly she drew on Leviathan’s power and created a shield of water around the shakles as best she could, it wasn’t as strong as her usual shields because she was fighting the dispel runes.
In a few seconds Eevee yelped as within the shield were was an explosion, releasing her shield Fariel eyed the work of the explosive and smiled as the runes faded and cracks criss-crossed the shakles as they broke from her wrists, turning to dust as they hit the floor. Eevee sighed in relief and looked at her now free wrists and grumbled as she saw her arm warmers were slightly singed, “These were expensive…”

Fariel moved quickly to Keiji and repeated the process and he leapt from the ground and started down the route where Ghede had gone. Fariel was quick to follow with Eevee, who summarised the situation for her.

They were stopped by multiple guards on their decent after Ghede and Tsunami, Keiji didn’t waste any time in sending them to the farplane, his determination to save Tsunami lending him strength.


Reaching the bottom of the tower, Ghede stopped and laid Tsunami on the floor, kneeling beside her he placed his hands just above her chest and head and started to mutter in a strange language under his breath as he started the extraction.

A bright purple light flashed to life and rose into Ghedes hand from Tsunami, he closed his eyes as he absorbed her hidden power. His eyes snapped open as a crash took his attention from what he was doing, Guards filed in and surrounded him, everyone kept quiet and waited, the only sound was from Ghedes spell. The silence was disturbed as a fallen guard rolled down the stairs and stopped on the floor, Fariel and the two young angels were quick to follow, Fariel walked towards the guards drawing her wave swords, Keiji ran forwards while Eevee drew her force lance that had been held by the guard outside their cell upstairs.

Keiji’s mood darkened as he saw Ghede rise behind the guards, the purple light that was there just moments before diminished. “I must get this power to Penance, deal with them.” Ghede grinned.

Keiji jumped to the side of an attack and spun around to kick one of the guards in the side of the head, following it up with a flare of punches. The deformed guards ran towards them all, Fariel expertly sliced through them acrobatically, she was the first to near Ghede and saw Tsunami and the ground. “What did you do to her?” She demanded, as Ghede stepped back.

Eevee spun her lance around her, cracking it into the side of one of the guards faces and then another. Stabbing it into the ground she launched up into the air and drew it up above her, bringing it down heavily onto an one unprepared for the strike. They all fell around her and she saw Keiji too having taken down all those around him. Keiji ran forwards and fell to Tsunami’s side, she had gone very pale, “I’ll kill you!” He growled jumping over her and towards Ghede but fell through him as he time shifted away. Fariel ducked quickly, she could sense his movements, he was going for Eevee.

“Eevee move!” She yelled but noticed that she was still standing even after Ghede had moved on; he had taken her force lance, Fariel watched for him to reappear from his time shift and it wasn’t long before he did, holding Eevee’s and Tsunami’s weapons, he nodded to them and disappeared again, fleeing the tower.

“That’s mine!” Eevee objected running after him, Keiji scooped Tsunami up in his arms and followed as Fariel and Eevee gave chase.

Once out of the tower they froze as they found themselves surrounded, gripping her wave swords Fariel stepped forwards, “Time to run guys.” She smiled to them.

Keiji held Tsunami close as the group of them ran to the left where there were less guards but Ghede had gone the other way towards the castle. Fariel leapt forwards and cut through those in the way giving the young angels a clear path to flee, more can towards them but Fariel mowed them down before following her young friends.


Fariel slightly behind the three youths risked a glance over her shoulder and saw the group of guards following them, gritting her teeth she shape shifted quickly into her dragon form, her red eyes snapped open and she yelled forwards, “Get on my back all of you!” She ran faster so that she was beside the three of them, Keiji jumped up onto her back and sat Tsunami in front of her, holding her in place with one hand while extending his other to Eevee who accepted it and was pulled aboard a second before Fariel launched skyward.

It didn’t take long to get a safe distance from their pursuers and Fariel swooped down closer to the ground, even from a height none of them had spotted Ghede, and they had to stop him.

“Fariel!” Keji yelled a warning and Fariel veered upwards as some kind of magical attack blazed towards them, the sharp changes in direction caused Fariel’s passengers to lose their balance and quickly start to fall, luckily they weren’t that far from the ground. Eevee yelled and wrapped her arms around Fariel’s long draconian neck, Fariel cursed as Keiji leapt off her to postpone their fall, “GO AFTER GHEDE!” He yelled as he landed, the face of their opponent making its appearance, Xipetotec.

“Eevee, hold on!” Fariel did what Keiji said and barrel rolls back to follow the direction that Ghede had fled to. Eevee clung on as much as she could as Fariel navigated through the skies and sighed in relief when she found they were flying the right way up and she could sit safely on her back.

“Fewer acrobats, please!” Eevee joked and Fariel grinned as they flew on, though they were both worried about Keiji and Tsunami.

Leviathan yelled out but Fariel missed what he said and cursed, yelling out in pain as something drove into her side and knocked her out the sky and heavily into the rocky outcrop below, “Anistara!” Eevee yelled as she fell from Fariel, her spell cushioning her fall and letting her land without harm. Fariel didn’t get off so lucky, she skidded through the meadow of rocks in a hail of dirt and dust that was kicked up from her landing. The dragon came to stop upon hitting a large rock jutting out the ground. “Fariel!” Eevee yelled and ran a few steps towards her but jumped back as a figure landed in front of her.

“Hello there, little girl.” Shuruk'jaar hissed.

Fariel groaned and stood up, her wings were no more battered then the rest of her but her thick scaly exterior had saved her from any serious harm. “Fariel you have to catch Ghede!” Eevee yelled from somewhere near by, looking around she saw Eevee backing away from what was obviously one of Penance’s men.

“I’m not leaving you as well!” Fariel objected.

“Just go, I’m alright! You have to stop him!” Eevee snapped back, summoning a shield to protect her from her opponent.

“Don’t you dare die before I get back!” Fariel growled launching back into the air and continuing her pursuit. Shuruk'jaar growled as he saw Fariel escape, but Eevee drew his attention back to her.

“Leave her alone.” Eevee ordered.



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RE: Avenging Angels 2 - Destinys Call

"You're quite the nusicence boy," Keiji layed Tsunami down leaning her against a rock, using his jacket to keep her warm and white T-shirt as a cusion. He turned to stand before Xipetotec in full battle gear.

"I must get that from my father,"

"It does not matter now, soon Penance will become complete we have no more use for the girl, she can die with the rest of Spira, but you, you have potential, I have an offer for you, join me, be my student I will teach you true power and together we will wipe out Spira under Penance's name, you will be spared and able to live in the new world Penance will create,"

"As tempting as that may be, I could never join the side that killed my mother,"

"I have given you a choice or would you rather have Ghede turn you into a mindless creation of his, or be forced to serve Penance as a mind slave doomed to die when he brings in the new world, you have three fates to choose Keiji, choose the one in which you get to keep you're mind,"

"I have a forth fate, kill you, kill Penance and live out the rest of my life as I see fit,"

"You idiot Keiji, you have no peaceful future, if you have a forth fate then it would be to be killed by me, here and now!"

Xipetotec and Keiji charged colliding fists in a smash of brute strength, it was then Keiji knew he was no match for his opponent, as his fist collided with a pain shot up his arm, suddenly Xipetotec's other fist came flying out of nowhere catching Keiji under his ribs, causing him to grit his teeth and double over onto his knees.

"You are weak boy," Keiji lept up with an uppercut in response yet hit only hair as Xipetotec fell back in the air and planted a dropkick into Keijis unexposed gut launching him back through the air, Keiji didn't even have time to hit the ground when Xipetotec as if bursting out of the air kicked him skyward, pain travelled all through Keiji's body. Xipetotec stretched his arm forward grapping Keiji by the angle and pulling him back, this was no time for Keiji's counter he pointed his foot forward hoping to hit Xipetotec before he hit him.

"Not going to happen kid," Xipetotec boasted catching onto Keiji's plan. Before Keiji was close to hitting his target Xipetotec whiped his arm flexibily and Keiji crashed into the ground, still holding Keiji's foot Xipetotec swung him him round three times before relising the beaten fighter. Keiji flew through the air for some distance scidding on the ground on contact he weakly looked up at Xipetotec.

"He...he's just to strong, I never stood a chance," Xipetotec slowly approached Keiji, picking him up and holding him up high by the throat, Keiji feet dangled quite abit off the ground and slowly Xipetotec began to strangle him. First he started to feel light headed, everything went blurrly before he finally lost consience.

Tsunami had awoken in time to see Keiji battle for his life slowly being strangled.

"Tsunami, we must help him,"

"But my staff,"

"I'm still here, you still have the power," Tsunami nodded and ran towards Xipetotec shouting "Put him down!" Tsunami trusted her arms forward unleashing a bright light. Xipetotec shielded his eyes and roared as the light enguffled him but when it faded he still stood there holding Keiji by the throat. Tsunami gasped in horror, how did he survive her holy attack.

"Foolish girl, I am a demon not an undead, you'll have to come up with something better than that," Xipetotec laughed and launched his other arm towards Tsunami grapping her by the throat and squeshing tightly, struggled yet was all invain as slowly he felt live drain from her body.

Just then Keiji's eyes shot open, seeing Xipetotec distracted drilled his knee into his face with power he did not possess before. Xipetotec released both Tsunami and Keiji and gripped his face in pain.

"Keiji?" Tsunami said slowly approaching her friend. Keiji stood there dark power swirling round him, he was tense and shaking, growling in pain the growls switching from his voice and some other deeper voice. Slowly his skin began to change colour switching to pure black as night colour, his eyes changed to a bright yellow, no pupil, just yellow, his face disappeared under a fog of black they yellow eyes piercing through. The painful transformation complete Keiji stood no longer Keiji, but a voiceless shadow in solid form with two great black bat wings.

"Keiji? whats happened to you?" Tsunami said approaching Keiji with a worried expression on her face, suddenly her advance was halted when a black fist lashed out striking her across the cheek, Tsunami was knocked back with brutal force she scurryed back as Keiji approached her his yellow eyes toturing her soul. He lashed forward once again but Tsunami quickly cast up a bright shield and blocked the attack. Xipetotec still in some pain from Keiji's crushing knee from that form wiped the blood from his nose and spat blood from his cut lip, angered he looked up to see Keiji attack Tsunami which washed away his anger, he laughed.

"Good luck girl," he laughed before running away and disappearing into the distance.

"Keiji! Stop it now!" Tsunami yelled sternly has Keiji continued to pound into her shield "This isn't you, please stop!" she said now pleading heart broken never thinking Keiji was capable of such brutality, her pleas feel on deaf ears and Keiji continued the assault.

"I never thought I would have to fight you, but...I have no choice," Tsunami cancelled her shield and brought all its energy into her hand, stepping forward she unleashed a wave of white wind which pushed Keiji back. Keiji. Keiji sprang to his feet and with an unseen roar charged once again towards Tsunami.

"Eden lend me you're strength," white chains began to fly out of the sky and ground they wrapped themselves round Keiji's arms and legs and held him firmly in place. Tsunami walked up to him and stared deep into his yellow eyes, Keiji struggled desperatly but the holy chains would not be so easily broken.

"Keiji, I know you're in there, I can feel it," Keiji continued to struggle. "I can feel you're kindness...please find yourself," Keiji contined to struggle, but his attempts began to grow weaker until he eventually stopped.

"I'm going to release the chains," Tsunami closed her eyes and the chains faded, Keiji now free once again lashed out hand open and dark nails pointed forward at Tsunami who continued to stand eyes closed, iches away from Tsunami's throat the attack ceased and Keiji pulled his arm back, Tsunami opened her eyes to see the shadow Keiji grip his head in pain, he dropped to his knees trembling. Tsunami wrapped her arms around him and held him close to her chest the shadow cowering into her.

"Listen to my heart beat Keiji, use that to find you're way out of the darkness," Slowly the black skin began to fade like a mist to reveal the person hiding within, Keiji's wings began to fade into him and his eyes turned back to there normal colour. He was normal again yet the strain caused him to pass out yet he continued to tremble having just emerged from a cold oblivion. When the shivering ceased Tsunami lay the still passed Keiji on his back flat on the ground and placed his head on her knees, slowly she stroked his brow smiling.

"You did it, I'm proud of you, my love,"


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They were standing at the edge of a cliff that fell sharply into a deep ravine, through which an oily black river thickly wound its way. As Eevee watched from behind the swirling nimbus of her Shield spell, the armoured Atellian slowly transformed back into the hideous demon, his great bat-like wings rising up behind him as he let out an ominous growl.

Eevee braced herself as he snarled something in the demon language, and two streams of dark energy burst from his hands, coiling forwards in the shape of two roaring dragons. The glittering twin-missile swept into Eevee’s Shield in a fiery explosion, overwhelming the young Angel’s spell and throwing her backwards. She fell screaming off the edge of the precipice, tumbling downwards to disappear into the dust-choked haze below. Shuruk’jaar let out an odd sound that might have been laughter and spread his wings to follow. <ooc - that was my interpretation of the “Black Dragons” spell>

* * *

Eevee twisted cat-like as she fell through the air and punched her arm down towards the fast-approaching ground.

Anistara!” she cried aloud again and a helical stream of ice materialised below her, breaking her fall so that she slid safely down onto a rocky plateau that stood atop a precarious sandstone pillar rising up out of the sluggish black river below. The ice shattered around her as she landed crouched, one arm thrown out behind her for balance.

She picked herself up and looked around. The ravine she had fallen into was hazy with black steam that seemed to rise from the thick, oily water below, but she could make out the forbidding weather-scarred cliffs that rose up on either side of her. Several more rocky platforms and bridges that seemed to defy logic jutted out from the sheer rock faces and criss-crossed the gorge both above and below. No sign of her demonic nemesis.

Eevee whirled round as a sixth sense warned her of something behind her. She spun, heart pounding, but saw nothing else on the wide platform. Then a roar from above made her look up in horror as something hurtled down towards her, black-taloned hand scything down. Eevee backwards-rolled out of the way and landed crouched as the bat-winged demon slammed into the rocky platform ahead of her. Eevee felt a sudden sting on her cheek and put up her hand - her fingers came away wet. A few drops of blood dripped from the demon’s claws. Eevee snarled as they both slowly stood up, shrugging off her black coat and crossing her hands to draw Fariel’s daggers from their forearm sheathes as she did so. The two circled in silence, sidestepping around the sandstone arena as the dark river churned below them.

Bisingr du knifr!” Eevee shouted in elvish and launched into a lightning-fast lunge as her daggers lit up with a white glow, leaping backwards again as the demon dodged and counterattacked with a sweeping strike of his clawed hand. She spun forward again in a windmilling one-two lunge but again was thrown back and had to jerk her head backwards as the demon’s claws swiped at her neck. She pirouetted gracefully to retreat from a horizontal slash, and executed a standing backflip to dodge the lightning-fast uppercut that followed it. They drifted back from each other and circled again - Eevee breathing heavily, the demon’s only sound a low growl.

They lunged, fire-wreathed dagger clashing with demonic claw. The demon closed his hand around the fiery blade, ignoring or simply immune to the bluish-white flames that licked around his claws, and ripped it from Eevee’s grasp, throwing it aside so that it whirled away off the platform and disappeared. Eevee spun back with her one remaining dagger to avoid the demon’s follow-up attack. Not giving her any respite the demon’s claws jack-knifed open and a ball of black fire flared into life in his hand. He hurled it at Eevee, who stepped back and only just deflected the Demon Ball by throwing up her hands in a hasty Nullblaze spell, and while she was still on the back foot he leapt forward to attack. Her knife rose to meet his claw and the dagger’s pommel hammered against his palm as he slammed into her, the force of his tackle knocking them both back over the edge of the plateau onto another slab of rock below. The demon beat his vast wings as he fell and landed lightly for something so large, and Eevee landed in a diving roll behind him, facing the opposite direction.

She whirled and rushed at the demon, who turned aside several slashing blows by bashing her wrist aside until in an eye-blink Eevee flipped her knife up, caught it in her other hand and spun 360 degrees to bring it scything down in a white vapour-trail across the demon’s armoured chest. The demon spun back from the blow, keeping balance with his wings, and looked down curiously at the trickle of dark purple blood that was flowing from the rent in his breastplate. His features melted and shifted like wax, morphing back into his original Atellian form.

“Hmmm…” he said, touching the wound and examining his bloody fingers with interest, “It’s been a long time since Shuruk’jaar last saw the sight of his own blood…”

His bloodstained hand closed into a fist and when he opened his eyes again they were blazing red. As he reassumed his demonic form he leapt forward, his clawed hand lunging high towards Eevee’s face. Eevee stepped back and caught his wrist above her head, pirouetting to gain enough leverage to drag the stronger demon’s hand down. She flipped her dagger up and disengaged her right hand to catch it in midair, stabbing down, but Shuruk’jaar’s other hand rose to meet it and caught her wrist. Arms locked, Eevee struggled face-to-face with the bestial visage of the demon, but he was stronger by far. A smile crept up Shuruk’jaar’s tusked face, baring his vampiric fangs as he constricted his grip, beginning to crush Eevee’s knife hand. He started to push her back and the girl gasped in pain, but then she raised her head and yelled


A small fireball flared between them, breaking the demon’s grip and making them both stagger back. Shuruk’jaar recovered first and roared in anger, flexing his blade-tipped wings. Eevee twisted first one shoulder then the other back out of the way as they shot out over the demon’s shoulders one after the other, lancing past her. The demon charged, engaged Eevee’s knife hand, then spun round outside her guard to kick her in the back and send her tumbling off the edge of the sandstone arena and down onto another lower platform. He swept his wings to leap skyward and hurtled down after Eevee as she landed hard with a cry of pain. Rolling onto her back she saw Shuruk’jaar land and his wing-spikes shoot out towards her, and ducked as they slammed into the ground either side of her neck, where her shoulders had been a split-second before. Shuruk’jaar then used the embedded claws to pull himself towards her, leaping forward.

Suddenly Eevee saw something glitter at the corner of her eye - by some fortune her other dagger lay just a few feet to one side of her, where it had fallen after Shuruk’jaar had disarmed her. Reaching out she grabbed the weapon, spun the blade round and brought both daggers up to shield her face just as Shuruk’jaar’s claws slashed down. The demon’s palms impaled themselves on the glowing blades, the dagger tips bursting from the backs of his hands in a spray of purple blood, but Shuruk’jaar seemed too enraged to care - with an angry snarl he began to push down on the blades that had skewered his hands, slowly forcing his black claws towards Eevee’s face. She was no match for his strength - within a few seconds Shuruk’jaar’s talons hovered just a few millimetres above her eyes…

Shea nudh elthir erreintha!” Eevee screamed. She didn’t even know what the spell meant - the words had inexplicably popped into her head - but the effect was immediate.

A blinding shockwave of white light exploded outwards from her crossed daggers, and Shuruk’jaar let out an inhuman howl as he ripped his hands free of the blades and recoiled into the air, beating his vast wings frantically to retreat, but part of the blast caught him just the same and white fire engulfed his hands and his face. The demon collapsed thrashing on a rocky platform some way above Eevee, his hands over his face. His armour burned, and the jet-black flesh that had been seared by the elven Banishing spell began to disintegrate. Shuruk’jaar shrank back to his Atellian form, hideous burns covering his hands and half of his face.

“I’ll be back for you!” he cursed, and with a scream of agonised fury he took to the skies and was lost to view in the dusty haze that clung to the air above.

Her heart still racing, Eevee picked herself up and looked at her daggers. The demon’s blood had vaporised from the blades in the wake of the elvish spell, leaving them clean. She sheathed them and stood for a long minute getting her breath back, then used Aero first to jet herself back up to the platform above and retrieve her coat, then again to lift herself out of the ravine. She landed exhausted on the ash-covered rocks at the edge of the ravine and fell to her knees in sheer fatigue, oblivious to the jagged edges of the stones. After a minute she stood up, dusted down her clothes, and looked around.

She got her bearings and looked in the direction Fariel had disappeared, though she couldn’t see far due to the dark haze that seemed to cling to the ground in this place. She knew exactly what she was going to do. She was going to help Fariel find that bastard Ghede, stop him from escaping with Tsunami’s power, and get her force lance back.

She pulled her coat closer around her against the chill wind and began running.

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Deep in Ellessar woods, the elves continued to sit at there council arguing on what to do next. It came to the point Retala had had enough pounding on the table he rose to his feet, all eyes in the room met his attention and the room went silent with a hush.

"We could argue for years like this and still not come up with a solution, look at us, the once nobel elves now squabbling children, we speak of defending our own borders, our own lands at leave the angels to do all the work and leave the good people of Spira to defend themselves against an unbeatable foe, we have decided on killing an innocent 17 year old girl, did you not listen to what Zell said before leaving, I did and I agree, the time has come let us join the rest of Spira, help them fight Penance and maybe we could stand a chance, I know there was once a time we elves wouldn't think twice about it, I'm going to leave Ellessar woods, travel to Bevelle and present myself to the leaders warn them of the threat looming all who which to join me stand now,"

The room went silent for about a minute until some 5 elves gathered there courage and rose to there feet. Retala smiled, "gather all the elves in Ellessar woods, and send word to the elves around Spira, we will need many allies." The five brave Elves nodded and left the room in silently. The room continued its silence as the others chose to avoid eye contact with Retala.

"Meeting is ajourned you may all leave, Retala please stay," Laconfir spoke out.

With all the other elves gone Laconfir apporached Retala.

"It is as my dream predicted," Retala gave him a confused look "I saw Penance's return, yet was to fearful to act until it was to late, I also so the girl and Penance becoming complete, I thought I could change fate by killing the girl, I was a fool, it won't be long now until Penance is complete and he will start his invashion a day after, I have seen it,"

"High Priest, I am certain that with enough effort we can change the future, the angels are strong as are there children and allies,"

"Lately I have been having other dreams, and they are dreams of hope, the other elves will join you, every elf in Spira will, I have seen you emerge from Ellessar woods an army behind you, I have seen great and many battles ahead for everyone yet I could not see the outcomes, all I know that out of the ashes of the final battle a new world will spring to life, be it a world of darkness or a world of light I can not tell, the only thing certain is that I have no place in this new world,"

"What do you mean?"

"Retala leave Ellessar woods in a day at most take the elfs with you and tell Gau to lead Neji's men out, the sooner the better,"

"Is something going to happen? We can not leave our leader,"

"I am a failure of a leader I can not compare to the likes of the great leaders of the past, I hid the elves which would leave to there eventualy death, I tried to change fate by killing an innocent girl, I refused to help the good Spiran people like a coward, I tried to have an elf sentenced to death even though I knew Spira would have no chance to survive without him, for my sins I will die along with Ellessar woods,"


"Leave Retala, gather the elves and leave,"

(Yeh i'm gonna kill off another person, but what do you expect its war)

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<ooc - Great LOL now he's killing off my characters :P Ah well, Laconfir's been an arse so far throughout this second story anyway...BTW were Silarion, Tyrion and Alarielle among the five who joined Retala?>

The game was going quite well for Jacen. He slammed his cards down on the table in celebration of winning another trick, to the drunken laughter of his companions.

“You sure you haven’t played this before?” Zeke asked Jacen, clapping a hand on his shoulder as he said it.

“Beginner’s luck, I guess.” Jacen laughed. Then he froze.

Behind the cheerfully oblivious group of card-players, the same hooded figure was standing silently in the background as before, half-wreathed in shadows. Jacen jumped to his feet, nearly knocking over the table and drawing confused shouts from the others. Once again, apart from the initial brief glance, the shadow-Kerr had vanished.

“Hey, what gives Jacen?” Breezer complained as he mopped up his spilt drink.

“Sorry…sorry, guys…” Jacen murmured indistinctly and headed out of the cave.

“Jace, where you going?” Lei shouted after him in confusion as Jacen disappeared round the corner.

“He can’t hold his drink,” Dante shrugged, to the laughter of the others. They dealt out another hand.

Jacen returned to his cave and stopped in front of the mirror affixed to the wall above the water spring, looking deep into the harassed eyes of his reflection. He dropped his head and gripped the bridge of his nose with one hand, rubbing his eyes.

“What’s wrong with you, Jacen!?” he muttered to himself.

“Nothing.” came a calm reply from just behind him.

Jacen’s head shot up and he saw reflected in the mirror his dead brother, Kerr, his hood now cast aside to throw his impassive face into sharp relief in the light of the machina lamps that illuminated the cave. He whirled to face the apparition.


“Hello, Jacen.” Kerr replied with a friendly but somehow unnerving smile.

“You can’t be here - you’re not real!” Jacen shouted, swinging his fist at his brother to make the phantom disappear. Kerr raised his hand and caught Jacen’s wrist to block the blow.

“Am I not?” he said with a raised eyebrow. He released Jacen’s arm, which fell limply to his side.

“But, you’re dead!”

“True enough,” Kerr agreed with an ironic laugh.

“But then, how are you here? Why can no-one else see you!?”

“Because I want it that way. They’ll see me soon enough. I’m back because I have unfinished business here.”

“You’re an Unsent?”

Kerr frowned.

“Well…yes and no.”

“But Fariel told me she Sent you!”

Kerr’s face darkened.

“Did she now?”

“This is wrong!” Jacen yelled, pushing past his brother and striding out of the cave with his head in his hands, “She told me what happened! You’re not real! Get out of my mind!”

“Blood ties run deep, brother.” Kerr called after him as Jacen fled the cave.

* * *

“Okay, this is about as far as we can fly without attracting attention…” Sonya called back over her shoulder to the three other passengers clinging on to Tritoch’s back behind her. Feyd and Neji were holding on grimly to the great bird’s shimmering feathers, though Tanis was standing obliviously, bent only slightly against the slipstream that whipped his loose ninjitsu robes about him and keeping his balance with apparent ease, “We can set down behind that wood over there and make our way up to Luca via the Mi’ihen Highroad.”

Behind her, Feyd smiled and nodded his agreement. He looked down at the calm landscape below; it brought up strange feeling in him - memories of where their last great journey had first started. Once again in his mind’s eye he walked the streets of Luca during the time of the Maestors’ supremacy, relived the desperate Operation Mi’ihen that had been his first encounter with Sin, walked with Fariel and Tanis on the long road towards the Moonflow, met Sonya again for the first time at the beach near Luca. According to what the elves and Ramuh had told him later, it had not been a chance meeting, and - he laughed quietly to himself at the memory - at first it hadn’t been a friendly one either.

Feyd raised his eyes to see Sonya looking back at him. She winked and smiled, as if she knew what was on his mind.

With a soft sweep of his majestic wings, Tritoch touched down lightly next to the small wood in a starburst of multicoloured light.

* * *

Jacen stopped running when he reached the cave entrance that led out onto the snowy plateau. It was early afternoon, but the thick grey clouds that roiled overhead shadowed the sun and blocked off most of its warmth. Snow was falling gently through the still air as Jacen collapsed against a flat rock and rubbed his eyes with one hand, turning to look out over the grim, half-lit mountains below. He heard someone step softly out of the cave after him, and looked round wearily as Kerr sat down beside him, pulling his hooded cloak closer round him against the cold.

“Why did you do it, Kerr?” Jacen asked his brother softly, “You abandoned us and then you let your darker side rule your judgement. I used to look up to you. But all these years I’ve been searching for a lie whose own greed destroyed him.”

Kerr’s jaw tensed, just slightly.

“What did Fari tell you?”


Kerr sighed.

“I didn’t abandon you, Jacen. Like you I wanted to provide for our family. We deserved more! I wanted to come back with wealth that would make our parents proud of me, and I thought Fari could help me do that. But the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months…”

That made Jacen pause for a second. But it didn’t dispel the new outlook he had gained upon Fariel’s revelation.

“That doesn’t change the fact that you abandoned her, your best friend, out of greed.”

“Greed!?” Kerr snarled, “That may be Fari’s opinion of it but how would she know what happened after she left Luca? How would she know what choices I had and didn’t have? She’s poisoned your mind with lies, brother!”

“I know what you were like, Kerr,” Jacen said defiantly, “For too long I just couldn’t see it. Everything she told me fitted what I had known about you all along.”

For a second Kerr’s eyes blazed, then he calmed.

“People change, Jacen.” he said, “I’m sure Fari has in the last 17 years, and so did I. Whatever that bitch has told you, I didn’t betray her to Seymour for my own benefit. I knew what he was offering me was a complete lie. I only did it because it was the only way I had a chance to save both myself and her. I didn’t like it any more than she did, but there was no other way. Honour among thieves, right?”

Jacen just looked at him impassively. At length, Kerr said:

“Fari can offer you words, Jacen, but I can show you what really happened.”

He raised a hand and reached towards Jacen, who instinctively drew back. Kerr raised an eyebrow.

“Brother, it’s me.”

Jacen hesitated for a second, then let Kerr’s fingertips touch his forehead.

* * *

Eevee pulled up short as she saw two figures in the haze off to her left through the corner of her eye. She turned and a longer look confirmed it - two people in amongst the debris of rocks and ash, one lying unconscious on the ground, the other kneeling silently next to them. She advanced cautiously, but dropped her hands from the hilts of her sheathed daggers as she saw who it was.

“Tsu? Are you okay? What happened to Keiji?” she asked as she jogged over to them, deciding that she would head after Fariel - alone if necessary - after making sure that her friends were alright.

* * *

Instantly, Jacen’s mind was filled with whirling images. He felt his consciousness leave his body and spin through the air, landing hard in a different place, a different time.

He was in the barren and arid Thunder Plains, with the permanent storm rolling and crashing overhead, lightning flickering down every now and then to strike with concussive force one of the great lightning rods that rose up out of the cracked ground. Through the lashing rain, Jacen could make out a desperate fight going on nearby - a younger-looking Fariel and two people he didn’t know were fighting for their lives against a company of Guado warriors, in the livery of Maestor Seymour’s personal guard, who were closing in around them.

“Kerr!” Fariel was shouting as she frantically dodged the attacks of the Guado, “Stop frakking about and give us a hand! And what’s so funny!?” she added snappishly.

Jacen looked round and saw his brother sitting on a nearby rock, spinning a dagger lazily in his hand and with an amused expression on his face.

“Your faces mainly,” he said.

“Kerr! For Yevon’s sake get up here and help me!”

“I’m sorry, Fari - it was either you or me.”

"You set us up you bastard!" she screeched at him, her eyes widening in sudden shock before hardening into a look of rage. She launched herself at Kerr and knocked him backwards off the rock.  Jacen watched as they scuffled on the ground, yelling incoherently at each other. Kerr sent Fariel flying back with a series of Firas, relieving her of an ornate curved dagger as he did so.
"Give it back!" Fariel shrieked, charging towards him. She dodged the fireballs he hurled at her, took him down with a flying tackle and grabbed the knife, sheathing it quickly in a hidden holster inside her boot and starting to strangle him. Kerr yelled and brought his knee up into her stomach, and Fariel was thrown over him with a cry.
Suddenly the ground shook as powerful Thundaga spells began to hammer down from on high, and looking round Jacen saw a Guado in Maestor’s robes striding across the Calm Lands towards the fight. As Kerr leapt out the way and Fariel’s two companions were bludgeoned unconscious by the Guado, a pillar of flame came blasting down towards Fariel as Maestor Seymour hurled a Firaga spell at her.
"****!" was all Fariel had time to say as it sent her flying back into a lightning rod, knocking her out instantly.

Kerr had dived behind another nearby lightning rod and flattened himself against it as the Guado picked up the three fallen humans and carried them away. As he watched them go, the smug smile dropped from Kerr’s face and he fell to his knees, looking like he was about to break down in tears.

“I’m sorry Fari,” he whispered, punching the ground, “I had no other choice. I swear I’ll find you and get you out of there…”

The scene swirled and faded away, to be replaced by another - this time Jacen was inside Seymour’s mansion in Guadosalam, in the dingy prison level. As a pair of Guado guards marched past, he saw Kerr emerge from a shadowy alcove and creep up to one of the cell doors. He looked around cautiously then pulled a sliver of metal from his pocket and began to professionally pick the lock. After a few seconds he grinned as the mechanism clicked and the door swung open.

“Hello folks, this is a rescue,” he said cheerfully, "You guys alright?"

Suddenly he yelped in surprised protest as he was dragged into the cell and thrown hard to the ground, the lock-pick falling from his hand and clattering to the floor outside.
"Who’s side are you frakking on, you two-faced bastard!?" Fariel’s voice bitched from the other side of the door. Jacen moved to get a better view of inside the cell, and watched stunned as Fariel and Kerr argued.
"Neither,” Kerr was growling at her, “Like any good thief. But I ain't going to leave you in here. Seymour thinks I gave you to him, and he won’t know it was me who let you out again so he can't do anything about it.”

“What are you on about?”

“I told you I had no frakking choice! Look, I don’t have time to explain now, just take it as you saved my arse from that fiend in Kilika five years ago and now I'm repaying the favour; now go before I lock you back in here. Your weapons are stashed in the armoury downstairs."
"What about Seymour? How can we trust you’re not setting us up again?"
"Look, Seymour is upstairs showing off to summoner Yuna and her Guardians, and his little army of Guado have gone to help out at the Highroad. You’re safe to get out of here and get to Rin's."
"If you’re lying Kerr…"
"I'm not! Honour among thieves, remember?"
"You made it perfectly clear today that you don’t know **** about thieves’ honour! If I EVER see your face again don't think I won't stab it!"

Jacen stepped back instinctively as Fariel and her two friends dashed out of the cell, though he was but a bystander in this memory and they passed him without so much as glancing in his direction.
"That’s friendly…” Kerr complained as they disappeared, “But Far-"

He fell silent as the door suddenly closed in front of him, the lock turning with an ominous click.

"Fariel!" he yelled futilely, a look of horrified disbelief coming over his face.

The vision faded to black, and Jacen jerked awake to find himself back on Mt Gagazet, his heart pounding. He looked at Kerr, who wore a grim, resigned expression, in stunned disbelief.

“She just…left you there? Even though you were only trying to help? She was the bitter one?”

Kerr nodded.

“After that all I could think about was getting my revenge, and maybe that was a fault, but at least now you can see why I did it.”

As Jacen looked at his brother, he felt his respect returning. No-one could be blamed for doing as Kerr had done. Fariel may have told him her half of the story, but she had not told him the whole truth. Now he understood why his brother was back, and why he had abandoned his best friend - not out of greed, but because she had abandoned him. And he would stand by Kerr to see that wrong righted.

“Blood ties run deep, brother,” he said softly, his face hardening, “What do you want me to do?”

A smile flickered across Kerr’s face.

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(occ - OMG I CAN'T WRITE TO SAVE MY LIFE! It would have been easier if Ghede was one i my characters and i could come up with something better but i was just going on what you were talking about. BUT OMG IS SUCKS! Total artist/writers block going on. Yeah, this'll probably be after Eevee leaves Tsu and comes a running :p And also, omg nuuuu Jacen don't do it! XD LOL)

Scanning the scoured landscape around her she watched for any sign of Ghede, they were still a way away from Penance’s castle but it was getting close. Then she felt something, she had found him, or he had found her, veering out the way Fariel cursed as the attack clipped her wing, flying lower she landed and skidded to a stop, her scaled tail twitching behind her apprehensively.

“Come on out, Ghede.” Fariel hissed, and was surprised when he did, stalking out from behind a tree his cold blue eyes cutting through the darkness.

Fariel eyed him up; she was hoping for more of a challenge, he didn’t look as if she should waste the effort of even drawing her swords. She narrowed her eyes as she found herself staring down a dragon, identical to herself but blue eyes instead of red.

“Interesting.” She grinned, “You time shift and shape shift, maybe you’re not such a waste of time. Show me what else you can do.” She laughed darkly.

Fariel ran towards him, changing into a wolf, Ghede changed back into his human form and took a step back, drawing his knife he stepped to the side as Fariel was about to land upon him, time shifting, Fariel cursed as he cut her front leg.

Ghede reappeared a few meters behind her; she turned to him and saw the blade he held. Narrowing her eyes at him she launched at him again but again Ghede time shifted behind her cutting her other front leg.

“Stop being a coward and fight me properly!” She growled but flinched as she found herself surrounded by several images of the man, clones? She eyed each of them cautiously, she tried to sense which one was the real one but each of them seemed real. She inched back and watched them for any movement, she yelled out as in a blink they were gone and then back again in the same positions, a collection of new cuts covering her legs, some where deep gashes on her back legs and she nearly lost her balance from the pain. “Damn you.” She growled.

They time shifted again, Fariel jumped back and they criss-crossed ahead of her but she growled, as she landed a hand appeared on her head. Her eyes went wide as she suddenly realised what was going on. Shifting into human form before she wasn’t able she drew her dagger and lashed out at Ghede who stood behind her as he sapped her of her energy, he time shifted away before she could hit him.

All the images of Ghede flickered and merged back into the one, “There you are.” She muttered but movement behind her caught her eye, another Ghede, running towards her, taking a chance that the one behind her was the real one she got up and ran towards him, spinning around she tried a high kick towards his head but he ducked out the way and jumped back, following it up with her dagger she grinned as he blocked with his own knife, “So you are the real one.” their knives clashed and their forced each other back.

Crouching low she tried to hook the legs out from under him but he flipped back, launching up she spun again and caught him off guard with a kick in side making him fall to the ground. “Die, Ghede.” She hissed as he got up, but before he had even finished trying to stand she had already impaled his stomach with her dagger.

He fell to the ground and looked at the dagger and then at Fariel, hearing a mocking laugh Fariel spun around and saw the other Ghede still standing there backing away step at a time, looking back at the one she had stabbed her heart all but stopped as she saw Eevee laying there gasping for air between the pair from Fariel’s attack.

“Eevee!” She cried.

“Far-Fariel?! Why?” She choked.

“Eevee, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know!” She looked back to Ghede, “You bastard!” she growled through tears, “Ishara!” She yelled, Ghede dodged the powerful shots of water that flew at him at all directions but even with his speed he couldn’t dodge all of them, one hit him in the back and sent him stumbling forwards, he dropped Eevee’s and Tsunami’s weapons and without caring about them time shifted away.

“Leviathan…” Fariel pulled the dagger out slowly and discarded it, putting her hands together just over Eevee’s wound, water weaved around her hands a blue glow spreading from her hands to Eevee’s wound, “I’m sorry Eevee…” She continued to apologise as she cast her healing spell, hoping it was enough.

Eevee looked up at her and managed to smile before falling unconscious, drawing her hands away Fariel smiled crookedly as all that was left was a red line, she thanked Laguna, Sonya and Leviathan silently in her head for teaching her to heal.

Blood ran down from her arms and legs and it wasn’t until she had finished healing Eevee that she realised how painful the wounds were. Tired she got up and collected the two staffs from where Ghede had fled and moved back to Eevee, “I can’t leave you like this…” She complained, “please forgive me for letting Ghede escape and what I’ve done to you, for the next time I see that man I will kill him.”


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Jacen headed down the rocky tunnel, his mind fixed on what Kerr had told him he must do.  His brother's plan was elegant in its simplicity - there was one sure way to bring Fariel back to where he wanted her, where he and Jacen could confront her and call her to account.

Glancing around and verifying that all was clear, Jacen walked casually into the computer room and pulled up a chair in front of one of the consoles. He typed in a few commands and brought up data of the layout of Kebel and its extensive network of camera and sensor rigged tunnels throughout Spira. He whistled appreciatively - the criss-crossing warren of underground passageways had well hidden exits everywhere, from Luca to the Thunder Plains to even the heavily-patrolled capital of Bevelle. He wondered vaguely why almost none of this potentially-sensitive information - maps, data codes, defensive emplacement locations, instant camera access - was restricted, or even encrypted. Apparently they weren’t as worried about enemy infiltration as the Guard were, given that the enemies they had were clueless as to Kebel’s location and the rigorous testing all aspiring Kebelites had to go through before being accepted. A smile flickered across his face. It really was too easy. He slipped a disk into the machina console’s CD drive and began copying everything onto it. Just as the extensive download was finishing, the sudden sound of footsteps behind Jacen nearly gave him a heart attack.

“There you are!” Dante said loudly, looking a little worse for wear after an evening of alcoholic drinks. He frowned as he looked unsteadily over Jacen’s shoulder, “What you doing, Jace?”

“I was looking at the map to try and find the armoury,” Jacen said dismissively, waving a hand at the screen, “This place is such a maze to new recruits like me.”

Dante laughed, “Don’t worry mate, it’ll take you a while but you’ll get used to it. It took me MONTHS as a kid to explore all the secret caves and passageways around Kebel. So until you get your bearings just stick close to me and Zeke, huh? What did you want to go to the armoury for?”

“I will,” Jacen said with a smile, “And oh, I was wanting to see if you had any ammo of the right calibre for my rifle. It’s not easy to come by out and about Spira and I was running low.”

“Ah, no problem - remind me and I’ll take you down there later. We’ve got all kinds of crap down there; machina, Al’bed tech, loads of experimental weaponry from Neji’s lot that we’re not supposed to have…”

Jacen nodded and smiled as he shut down the console, ejecting the disk and palming it with clever sleight-of-hand so that Dante didn’t see. He pocketed it as he allowed Dante to lead him out of the computer room and back towards the party.

“We got everything, man," Dante continued proudly, "We got swords, rifles, automatics, mech suits, smart missiles, air-to-air ordnance for our airships…we got lasers, pulse rifles, ancient Atellian tech, EMPs…we got sonic eeee-lectronic missiles, we got nukes - no flukes! - we got knives, sharp sticks…”

* * *

Eevee slowly hazed back into consciousness to find she was lying on her back in the rock-strewn wasteland near to Penance’s city - the dark fortress itself looming threateningly in the distance. She tried to sit up but a sharp pain shot through her abdomen and she had to lie back down again, gritting her teeth against the hurt.

“Oh, thank the Aeons you’re okay…” came a voice she recognised from somewhere above her, and she turned her head to see Fariel kneeling next to her with a very worried look on her face, “I’m so sorry, Eevee, I didn’t know it was you, I swear…” she continued as she took Eevee’s pale hand in both of hers.

Eevee offered her a ghost of her usual cheeky smile.

“Tell me, Fari,” she whispered, “What exactly did I do to deserve that, huh?”

She tried to laugh but it hurt too much and she ended up wincing instead.

“Honest to Aeons, Eevee, I am so sorry I did that to you! Ghede cast some kind of illusion spell and I thought you were him…”

Eevee nodded weakly, “It’s okay. I understand.”

She let Fariel wrap her black trench coat around her like a blanket against the wind, which though it had died down, still had a cold bite to it.

“For…” Eevee began, but she coughed and had to start again, “For frak sake Fari, don’t fuss over me. What about you? You’re hurt.”

She reached out with the intention of casting a Cure spell on one of the deep cuts on Fariel’s arms, but the older woman pushed her hand away.

“No, save your strength. Will Keiji and Tsunami be along soon?”

“I expect so,” Eevee replied with a weak shrug, “By the way, what did that creep Ghede do with my force lance?”

“Oh yeah,” Fariel said, reaching behind her to pick up the rune-covered weapon and put it down next to Eevee, “Take more care of it in future, okay?”

Now the colour was beginning to return to Eevee’s face, and she managed something that was more like her old smile. She giggled weakly.

“You know, my mum and dad are not going to be happy with you when they hear about this…”

Fariel laughed, Eevee’s modest attempt at humour dispelling some of her tension.

* * *

“Sweet Aeons, Dante,” Jacen complained as he blinked rapidly and rubbed his eyes. He picked up his nearly-empty glass and squinted at the lethally strong brown liquid that remained in it - Dante's own, highly illegal, homemade brew, “What do you put in that stuff, battery acid?”

“Just to add a little colour,” Dante replied defensively. Zeke laughed and the two brothers slapped palms. Breezer and Lei had already retired.

“Sorry guys, but I think I’m gonna have to call it a night,” Jacen laughed, tottering unsteadily as he stood up.

“Why bother?” Zeke countered with a drunken hiccough, “It’s so late it’s early so we might as well stay another night.”

Jacen laughed and almost fell against the rock wall as he tried to exit the cave.

“Enjoy the feeling while it lasts, Jace,” Dante called after him, “Coz this baby’ll give you one beauty of a headache when you wake up!”

Jacen smiled weakly and saluted with three fingers as he left the cave.

“See you, guys.”

“See you, Jacen,” Dante replied with a friendly wave, then turned to Zeke, “One more round, bro?”

Jacen reeled down the deserted main tunnel, but after he had put some distance between himself and Dante’s cave he straightened up, perfectly sober, and strode purposefully towards the tunnel entrance that would take him to the small shuttle which allowed fast travel between Kebel and one of the Luca safe-houses.

* * *

Gerald Beni looked up tiredly from his paperwork as the stranger was shown in through the door. He regarded him steadily. The man was tall with unruly dark hair and penetrating eyes that missed nothing as they flicked over the office - a marksman’s eyes. He wore loose dark clothes that broke up the shape of his body and would make him almost impossible to pick out in a shadowy area. He had already been searched for weapons by the guards, and passed through a series of metal detectors without incident. General Beni wasn’t taking any chances after the last fiasco.

“May I ask what’s with the sniper, sir?” the stranger commented, indicating the almost-invisible red dot of a laser designator that played across his chest and looking towards a portrait concealing a small hole in the wall of the office where a gunman was indeed hiding in a concealed alcove.

“My apologies, but its just a precaution,” Beni said, impressed with the stranger's perception, though he did not let it show, “We have had several…incidents lately.”

The stranger gave a mocking smile as he glanced at the sling supporting the General’s right arm.

“Anyway, I guess you’re wondering why I’m barging into your office and demanding to see you this late at night?"

Beni rested his chin on one hand thoughtfully, stroking his neat white beard.

“You could say that,” he said slowly, never taking his penetrating hazel eyes off the stranger.

“Very well then, General,” the stranger said with another mocking smile, “I won’t waste any more of your valuable time. What would you say if I could give you the location of Kebel, and detailed information about its layout and defences?”

He produced a disk from his pocket and spun it in his fingers. Beni leaned slightly further forward in his chair.

“I’m listening…”

* * *

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,” General Beni said, standing tall at the head of a long table at which his most trusted senior commanders were seated. There were guards posted outside the soundproofed conference room, no surveillance cameras inside, and the room had been painstakingly swept for bugs and other listening devices prior to the meeting. Beni knew that Kebelite infiltration had long been a problem for his organisation, and though his recent shake-up had removed this threat for the time being, he was a wary man and not given to carelessness. This meeting was completely secure.

“Thank you for coming at such short notice, and at such an inconvenient hour,” he continued, turning his penetrating gaze on each Guard commander in turn. Human, Al’bed, Guado, Ronso - some sat with steepled fingers returning his gaze with interest, others were leaning back in their seats watching impassively, and others looked confused. One or two were stifling yawns - it was after all 2 o'clock in the morning - but all were giving the General their full attention.

The pleasantries dispensed with, General Beni fed a disk into the machina console on the wall, prompting the large screen covering most of that wall to light up and display a map.

“We have been searching for the hidden stronghold of Kebel for a long time without success, but now we finally have the information we need to neutralise the threat posed by this crime syndicate that has been a thorn in Spira’s side for nearly two decades. We are going to mobilise as quickly as possible to act on this new information and put a stop to Oreen and her mafia once and for all.”

Several of the Guard officers had sat up a little straighter while the General had been speaking, which pleased Beni.

“No regular police units are to be used for this operation - Special Weapons and Tactics teams and elite stormtrooper units only. This is possibly the biggest and most important operation the Guard has ever embarked upon, and as such only professional troops are to be used. It would be preferable to capture all of the Kebelites alive, but our informant has given us reason to believe that they will be well-equipped and unlikely to surrender without a fight. Therefore violent action is quite likely, and while non-lethal methods are to be used wherever possible, you are not to hesitate in using lethal force should it become necessary.”

The faces of the commanders were grim, as was that of the General himself.

“To this end we are going to deploy Guardsmen units to cover all the exits to the Kebelite tunnel network, which as you can see stretches quite extensively across the Spiran mainland. This will form a cordon to prevent the Kebelites escaping. At dawn the stormtroopers and SWAT teams are going to begin the assault on the stronghold within Mt Gagazet, attacking via these same tunnels and also by combat drop within the mountain range itself. Major Ciaphas?”

“Sir?” a Guado with spider-like, long-nailed hands steepled in front of his angular face responded from the lower end of the table.

“Your troops are to spearhead the attack with stun-guns, smoke grenades and tear-gas. We have been informed that Kebel mounts extensive automated defences, so directed EMP devices will be deployed to release a powerful electro-magnetic pulse immediately prior to the attack, knocking out the defence systems and also blinding the Kebelites’ surveillance systems.”

“Yes sir.” the hatchet-faced Guado called Ciaphas acknowledged, his expression stony.

“Captain Kerek, the combat drop is the most dangerous part of the mission, so I am entrusting it to you and your elite Ronso stormtroopers.”

“Yes, General,” the massively built Ronso answered in a deep voice, lowering his great horned head in acceptance. Unlike most Ronso who still preferred the traditional hand-to-hand style of combat with their rightly-feared spears, Kerek and his men had embraced machina as their chosen method of combat. Kerek himself was a hard-bitten and implacable warrior, who had been an almost unstoppable force in the Crusaders two decades ago before joining the Guard.

<ooc - for future aceness his weapon of choice is a chain-gun >

“We have also been told that Kebel has a powerful force of airships and other flying craft, so Captain Hartlock, it will be your task to attack the hangers indicated here and here - destroy as many of the Kebelite assets as you can on the ground to gain air superiority. This will also prevent them from escaping by air.”

Hartlock, a wiry human with long red hair and a cynical expression, nodded to the General as her name was called. Hartlock was a wild one like many in the Guard airforce, and this had perhaps prevented her from rising through the ranks as quickly as she could have done. Nevertheless she was an iron-willed leader and consummate pilot, if prone to impulsive hot-headedness in the heat of action.

“Yes sir - locked, ****ed and good to go.” she responded with a slanted smile.

<ooc - think Lara Croft at the helm of an Apache gunship>

Used to the airforce Captain’s gung-ho attitude and tolerant of it because of her many redeeming qualities, General Beni merely nodded. He tapped the touch-sensitive screen to bring up yet-more detailed plans of Kebel, its assets, key locations, and possible weak points.

“This is going to be a delicate operation. I want minimal casualties and no mistakes. Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentlemen - this day may well go down in history.”

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Keiji's eyes slowly opened to look up upon Tsunami she smiled as she saw him coming too.

"Finally awake, you sure can sleep Keiji," she joked yet Keiji was in no mood, he sat up and rubbed his tired eyes.

"Tsunami...I'm sorry,"

"For what?"

"For hurting you," Tsunami rubbed the face where Keiji hit her

"Don't worry about it, it wasn't you who attacked me,"

"It was I could see everything, yet couldn't stop it, it was cold and terrifying if that body,"

"Keiji, its fine now,"

"Its not! what if it happens again! I can't control my own power and I attack the person I swore to protect!"

"Keiji...lets not think about it now, Fariel and Eevee are still after Ghede we should join them,"


"But what?"

"If that is my true power then I shouldn't fight anymore, you were able to defend yourself what if I attack someone who can't, an innocent, or what if you aren't there to pull me back from dark, I could lose myself,"

"Keiji for someone so young you worry to much, you shouldn't think about bad things so much it isn't healthy, remember you are 17 you should try to act less serious like Eevee she has the right idea," Keiji looked to the ground a part of him knew Tsunami was right, yet another part still remember what it was like when he attacked her.

"Keiji, earlier you had wings,"

"Yeh so?"

"Would you like to learn how to fly,"

"I can't I'm half human,"

"You're father has wings, and you had wings when you transformed, those wings are inside you, you just have to bring them out,"

"I can't," Keiji said stubornly, Tsunami frowned in response

"You coward, you can't live up you're life afraid of yourself," Tsunami approached Keiji and placed her hands on his shoulder blades. "Can you feel them, I can,"

"Those are my shoulder blades Tsunami,"

"Don't take me for an idiot Keiji," Keiji silenced put in his place, "Feel them and bring them out,"

"This is stupid," Keiji said to himself yet he did as instructed and then he started to feel something, Tsunami stepped back as Keiji pushed from his back two red bat like wings with black trims, Keiji immediatly looked to his hands yet there was no change.

"See nothing to be scared of," It felt odd to Keiji he had just sprouted two new limbs, he moved about getting the general feel of them. Tsunami approached Keiji and placed her hands on the wings, "not the prettiest of things but we can't all be angels like me," she joked, "now Keiji follow me," Tsunami brought out her white wings and immediatly took flight gracefully. Keiji started to move his wings rapidily yet got no where.

"Keiji, simply moving you're wings won't get you to fly, you have to push you're way up with the wind, aim the air to the ground, it's easier to jump. Keiji did so, he jumped in the hair and rapily flabbed his wings yet got no where. "You have to be steady, one flab should be all you need to take flight you've got to catch the winds and gently push it below you. Keiji did so and finally made progress he was able to take flight yet couldn't get very high. Tsunami swooped down. "Give me your hands," Tsunami took Keiji's hands and together they soared high into the air, Keiji looked down and nearly paniced on how high they got, to fall would be to die, yet he felt save with Tsunami holding his hands, "Ok, I'm going to let you go now, remember graceful steady flaps push the air below you to force yourself up. Steadily Tsunami released Keiji's hands and he started to drift down, remaining calm he flapped his wings and steadily rose to eye level with Tsunami, everytime he started to fall one flap was enough to steady him again.

"You're doing good Keiji, a fast learner,"

"You're a good teacher,"

"I've been flying for years its second nature to me, now catch the wind under you're wings to stay afloat,"

"easy," the now confindent Keiji replied with a smile.

"easy? well I guess I better heat things up abit, try to keep up," Tsunami twisted in the air and began to fly away from Keiji, who could only watch knowing only how to stay afloat.

"No fair," he shouted, Tsunami turned around a flew back to him she began to fly circles round him.

"This is actually the easiest part, use you're weight to go in the direction you want, its like swimming yet you use you're wings to move, now keep up," the pair sored through the black sky Keiji struggling to keep up with Tsunami, who flew circles around him, they landed smoothly.

"See Keiji, you're power is nothing to be afraid of, with a little help you can control it,"

"Thank you Tsunami, now lets hurry to Eevee and Fariel,"


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<ooc - Er, sorry, this was as brief as I could make it :P>

The four travellers had been waiting in the safe-house Larek had told them about - an abandoned, half-collapsed warehouse that the authorities had never bothered so far to demolish properly - for what seemed like hours. The safe-house was a dilapidated, cheerless place - the only light filtered in through dirty windows and various pieces of rusty machina were packed into stacks of metal crates or scattered on the floor. There was still no sign of Fariel.

“What’s she playing at…?” Feyd muttered angrily.

“I reckon she just doesn’t want to see us and sent us to the wrong place.” Neji growled.

“I could try Farsighting for her?” Sonya suggested.

She never got an answer, as there was a sudden sound of rapid footsteps outside.

“Damn!” Tanis cursed, looking out the window before quickly ducking back down, “Hide!”

Sonya motioned her companions closer and whispered something in elvish. Immediately they began to haze away until they appeared almost transparent - invisible against the dark walls of the warehouse and its strewn and broken contents except as slight flickers when they moved. At that second the doors burst open and a squad of Guardsmen in full combat gear came jogging into the warehouse. The four Angels held their breath, but the Guardsmen did not notice them as they headed straight for a broken lift at the back of the warehouse, and tapped a series of numbers into the dusty keypad so that the apparently-broken door slid aside to reveal a wide, well-lit tunnel beyond.

“Go, go, go!” the sergeant leading the squad ordered softly, and they disappeared down the tunnel. As they disappeared and the four Angels were just about to breathe a sigh of relief, more Guardsmen appeared, also fully kitted out with kevlar flak-jackets and stun guns, and headed after the first squad.

“Come on,” Sonya whispered, and the four began to edge along the back wall towards the door, hidden from the preoccupied Guardsmen by the shadows within the dim warehouse and Sonya’s spell. Not daring despite their near-invisibility to break into a run until they were outside, they headed away from the warehouse and flattened themselves against the wall of a tenament block nearby, where Sonya cancelled the spell and returned them all to solid form.

“What was that all about, then?” Tanis mused quietly.

* * *

Dawn broke serenely over the aptly-named Calm Lands, the first rays of sunlight catching the snow atop Mt Gagazet and glittering brightly. On the plains, Chocobo were stirring, stretching their wings and calling to each other.

The tranquil scene was shattered by screaming jet engines as a squadron of 3 Guard helijets scythed across the open plain at low altitude and leaving contrails in the cold air. The Chocobo scattered as the vanguard of gunships was followed by a pair of huge airships - heavily armoured, blocky craft whose menacing, functional appearance perfectly matched the nature of their cargo.

Inside the main cabin of the lead transport, Kerek sat at the end of a line of Ronso commandos all suited up in heavy combat armour and carrying wicked-looking firearms, his eyes fixed on the trio of lights above the drop-hatch. For the moment the doors were closed and the only bulb lit was red. Kerek shifted position slightly, adjusting the straps of his parachute. Attached to the vambrace of the Captain’s armour by powerful shock-absorbers was a snub-nosed multi-barrelled chain gun, the armoured ammo-feed magnetically clamped across his chest and over his shoulders. Even for a Ronso, such a massive weapon required incredible strength to wield without the savage recoil breaking his shoulders. However the menacing weapon was cold and dormant for now - in his other massive fist Kerek held a stun gun, twirling it impatiently by the trigger guard around his finger. Beni had ordered no casualties if at all possible, after all.

The Ronso Captain tapped a button on the side of his high-tech combat helmet, superimposing a set of holographic images over the inside of his visor. Each was real-time linked to the helmet-camera of one of his commandos, allowing him to see what they saw. Under each small picture was a pulsing heart-rate indicator. Kerek was pleased to note that none of his commandos’ heartbeats were significantly above resting as an amber light flicked on next to the red one.

“Stand by, men,” he growled softly, needing to say nothing more. They all knew what to do.

He adjusted the radio within his helmet to Hartlock’s frequency and patched himself through to the helijet pilot.

“Hartlock, what’s your status? Over.”

Inside the ****pit of her sleek gunship, Hartlock was nonchalantly whistling an Effervescence tune to herself and flicking controls on her dashboard. She turned, flicked another switch and replied,

“Five by five, Kerek - we’re closing in on the hangers now. Don’t worry - we’ll leave some of it standing for you Ronso boys.”

She could hear Kerek laughing quietly over the radio. The two captains got on well as they complimented each other perfectly - Kerek was uncompromisingly results-driven while Hartlock was ruthlessly competitive.

“Hands up,” she radioed to her two wingmen as her console bleeped, locking on to a seemingly-blank rock face ahead of them. Now that they knew it was there, the wide-open plateau did look like a good location to carve out an airbase in spite of the deceptive holographic projection concealing the main doors, “There’s the target - let’s dance!”

As the 3 helijets swept down one after the other in a screaming dive, small clusters of missiles detached themselves from their stubby wings and shot towards the mountain plateau. As Hartlock watched, hidden iris-hatches began to slide back to deploy automated SAM batteries, but Beni’s intelligence had been good and some of the missiles slammed into the defensive emplacements before they could fully deploy, blowing them apart in spectacular fireballs. The remainder tore into the hanger doors and the hologram covering them flickered and died as the steel doors exploded in a shower of metal confetti. The helijets swept away to strafe the second hanger as the dropship loomed large overhead, and a group of dark shapes began dropping like beads from a side door, parachutes twice the size of those needed for normal humans snapping open as Kerek’s commandos descended on the burning hanger.

* * *

An alarm began to screech loudly in the Kebel command centre.

“What the…?” Faber said in confusion, springing up from his console and running over to a harassed-looking tech at another machine, “What’s going on?”

“Intruders, sir!” the tech said, pointing at his screen which showed a map of the Kebel tunnel network. Several sections were flashing red, and more and more were lighting up before Faber’s eyes - frakking Farplane, but they were getting alarms all over, from Luca to Bevelle.

“Are these motion sensors working properly?” he asked in disbelief. They only had a few interdiction teams out on patrol and the nearest was down by Macalania, so Faber seized his radio and yelled into it:

“Delta team, what’s going on in the Macalania tunnel? We’re getting unidentified contacts in your area.”

There was a reply, but it was panicked and garbled by static.

“Say again?” Faber called in frustration, “Somebody down there talk to me!”

This time the reply came through loud and clear.

“Guard! Guard! Guard!”

As an incredulous Faber continued to listen, there were more shouts over the radio. A brief rattle of gunfire. A dull thump-hiss like a smoke-grenade going off. Choking sounds. More shouting. Then, very distinctly:

“Get down! Get down! Drop your weapons, hands in the air!” and

“We’re in position - fire the EMP!”

There was an explosion of sparks throughout the command centre and the radio went dead.

“Holy frak!” Faber yelled as with a loud screech all the monitor screens exploded into static, the entire network suddenly shorting out. He swore loudly, and turned to a tech.

“Close the blast doors - seal off all the tunnels!”

The tech hammered his computer’s keyboard in frustration.

“That EMP took them all out, Faber! We’ve lost security locks, surveillance, holofields, automated defences…everything.”

“Call out the interdiction teams and evacuate the civilians.”

“We can’t sir!” the tech protested helplessly, “The Guard are covering every exit and they’re in the process of torching the airship hangers!”

“This can’t be happening!” Faber shouted in disbelief, “How the frak did they get our location AND infiltrate the entire tunnel network? And how did they know to EMP us!?”

Knowing he wasn’t going to get an answer, Faber grabbed the radio again and opened all the frequencies. Everything in the tunnels and outer caves was down, but some of the internal comms were still working.

“Everybody, this is Faber - battle stations, battle stations, this is not a drill! We are under attack!”

As all the techs around him who no longer had working machines scattered from the room, Faber sprinted through the cave network towards the armoury and the lift that would take him up to the main hanger.

“I don’t know how the frak you got the drop on us but no intruding bastards are gonna get into my hanger bay…”

* * *

On Kerek’s holographic visor, his stormtroopers’ helmet-cams were pitching and swinging crazily as they darted around the hanger, their heart-rate monitors pulsing much more rapidly now, but having been taken by surprise and dazed by the helijet assault most of the unarmed technicians and engineers who had been manning the hanger had surrendered on the spot and now were being lined up against the back wall by two commandos ready to be taken aboard the second dropship, which was a holding vessel. Kerek grinned to himself behind his visor - so far all was going flawlessly to plan. Even as his crack team of Ronso were occupying the hanger, Ciaphas’ stormtroopers would be pushing up through the tunnels and Hartlock would be strafing the other hanger.

* * *

Having gathered as many of his companions as he could find and armed himself with a powerful shock-rifle and an array of gadgets of his own design, Faber all but threw himself out of the lift as soon as the doors began to open and went pounding towards the hanger and the sounds of combat, paying no attention to his bemused comrades who had always figured him as a quiet one.

“Alright then you Guard bastards!” he yelled, “You can’t invade my home and get away with it! Who wants some!?” he roared as he rounded a corner of the steel corridor. And ran straight into a massive armoured Ronso wielding a stun gun.

He yelped and threw himself backwards as the Ronso swung a huge fist at him, blasting away with his shock-rifle in midair and continuing to fire as he hit the ground on his back and slid backwards. The shots tore into the Ronso stormtrooper, sending shards flying from his armour, shattering his visor, blowing off the miniature camera attached to his helmet in a cloud of metal fragments. The Ronso was spun round by the impacts and went down hard.

* * *

Kerek heard an angry roar over his commlink and glanced towards the hologram representing Biraal’s camera. For a second it showed a group of armed Kebelites running towards him, but then then the picture suddenly spun and went dark, followed by an almost immediate flattening of Biraal’s bio-readings.

Kerek was frozen for a second in stunned disbelief. Then his face twisted into a snarl. Slamming the stun gun back into his holster, he flicked the safety catch on the trigger-grip of his chain-gun with the thumb of his other hand. It lit up and the barrels began to spin as they warmed up for firing.

“Look sharp boys, Kebelite resistance inbound and they just took out Biraal!”

Several of the Ronso commandos spun round in response to his call and rallied to Kerek, their guns trained on the back door of the hanger <ooc - *rolleyes* Stupid Ronso...Faber’s gonna use the secret entrance, duh :P>.

If the Kebelites were prepared to use lethal force, then by the Aeons so was Kerek.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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"I've have brought it my lord," Ghede said as he paced through the door to his masters chambers.

"Excellent Ghede, now quickly give it to me," Penance held out his hand eager to retrieve his lost power, Ghede placed the glowing crystal in his hand and Penance embraced it by shutting his hand and shaking his fist. "Finally! To be complete again, gather Zell, I'm sure he would want to see this, and gather our my generals," Penance barked before pacing out of the dark room.


Zell was kept well in Penance's castle, he stayed in a well furnished room, he was aloud to keep all his weapons an ammunition as he requested, servants would deliver him delicious food and Penance would occasionally sent a beautiful maiden though Zell would turn them down refusing to have relations with an undead temperest no matter how beautiful they looked.  Zell sat on a comfy chair his weapons laid out on a desk in front of him, suddenly there came a knock on the door, walking in came the frail looking Ghede. Zell loaded a holy capsule in his mana gun and turned to face him.

"Penance as requested for you,"

"Well he can keep calling cause I aint joining him,"

"He merely wants you to witness something,"

"In that case no chance, I know what that weirdo is into and its not quite my taste,"

"Well then Penance has ordered for you, you can come with me or you get dragged to Penance," Ghede clicked his fingers and two of his creations staggered in one at a time. Zell readied to fight. "Need I remind you where you are Zell."

Zell paused, Ghede was right should he take out the two creatures he would have more on him in a blink of an eye, also he didn't fancy his chances against those things, they looked, well he didn't know what, a mix of many different fiends and possibly human. "Ok Ghede, I'll come," Zell put down his weapons and followed Ghede, they paced along the halls, climbing many stairs, until they finally came to the highest point of the castle, they came out the castle into a wide open balcony, below them stood Penance's entire army, normal looking Atellian stood side by side with pale zombies dragged from the farplain, beast from the deepest depths of the farplain, undead demons and monsters from the now deserted demon world and finally in a section by themselves a vast army of Ghede's creations, an army he had worked on for many years. Penance stood at the far edge overlooking his army, behind him stood a group of powerful looking individuals. Penance spun round arms wide. "Zell my newest officer, please meet you're comrades,"

"I never agreed to join you Penance,"

"But in due time you will, everyone meet Gagets replacement, Zell," The group turned around and two instantly caught his eye. "Kiba!" Zell yelled, a confused look came on Kiba's face.

"Do I know you? oh wait I remember the one that came out of the airship and stayed to fight Ghede,"

"We go further back than that, remember 17 years ago the airship you stole,"

Kiba laughed "Ah I remember now, so you're the coward who hid and cried," Kiba taunted

"Kiba! you killed my family on that day, and you killed Melina, you will not get away with this,"

Kiba smiled and calmly and opened his arms out provoking Zell to attack, "come on then coward," Zell was ready to attack when he froze fear getting the better of him, "as expected once a coward always a coward, killing Gaget must of been a fluke,"

"Kiba! enough!" Penanced boomed, Zell smiled, "the proud bandit kill is still a lap dog, once a lap dog to Mika and now to Penance, I don't want to kill you, I'm going to leave that to Neji," Kiba growled "Oh did I hit a soft spot," Kiba's growl soon faded as he controlled his anger, "Neji can not beat me now, just you wait and see,"

"Enough of this, lets get on with the show," Penance said turning round to face his army, he Penance opened his hand and in it was a shining crystal, Slowly Penance placed it on his head and slowly it began to glow brighter and fade into his skin, at first nothing happened until as if something gripped him Penance jerked his arms spread out wide and a purple light shined great rays from his eyes and mouth, he began to float as a the sprayed out his body, Zell covered his eyes from the purple flash which lead into an explosion which through all those on the balcony off there feet, the light faded and Zell staggered to his feet, Penance was done on one knee, his four wings spread wide, and black smoke drifted from his body. Penance turned round to look at Zell, his physical appearance had not changed yet Zell could feel the change in his power, evil seemed to gather round him.

Penance looked at his hand palm and clenched his fist, "Finally, this is the power I have always dreamed of having," Penances his eyes changed to a pure black as he faced Zell, "I can see further than before, and I can see deep into ones soul," he said smiling. "Now then Zell, do you still refuse to join me?"

Zell was terrified of Penance yet a single spark still laid deep in him, "I will never join you Penance,"

"You are a coward Zell, I can see it in you're soul, I can change that, give you greater power, you will know no fear,"

"Penance, No,"

"Zell, you will join me, Ghede, Kiba, Soren, Beelzebub!" Penance called out, and all four surrounded him weapons drawn and ready for a kill blow, "You have only two choices Zell, I can kill you and have you serve my army as a mindless servant to be cast into depths of nothingness once my use for you is over, or you can choose to join me and you will remain alive serve as one of my high ranking generals, you will live forever in luxury, I can see into you're soul you are scared, you don't want to die,"

"That maybe, but I don't want to fight against my friends, I could never fight for you knowing I would be hurting innocents,"

"Join me and that won't bother you, you're old memories of happy times will vanish, I can make it so you won't even recognise you're friends, I bring out the evil in you and give you power, The fear of death is to great within you, you will join me,"

Zell dropped down to his knees sobbing, "I'm sorry everyone, ok Penance I'll join you," Penance smiled "I knew you would see thing my way," Suddenly something snapped in Zell a great pain shot through his body, memories, fear, guilt, kindness everything that was previously Zell vanished from his mind, and replaced with evil and loyalty to one man, Penance, he felt stronger, faster. Zell's face had changed, his eyes were darker the occasionally dark mist swirled in them, his face was mean, violent and sharper looking.

"How do you feel Zell,"

"I feel great,"

"and what of Neji," Zell looked confused, but then suddenly something in his heart rang, bring more confusing, yet the feeling soon vanished.

"Who?" he replied

"Excellent," Penance smiled

"Now, time to begin our invasion, Beelzebub, Xipetotec, Kiba, Soren, Shuruk’jaar, (and anyone else who you want to add as generals, let me know please so I can add them in) and finally Zell, follow me we must plan our invasion."



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Soven slowly opened his heavy eyes.  The dark room and clouded and lights shot about.  SOven tried to remember where he was.  He forced his eyes to focus.  He tried to sit up but fell back down gasping.  He noticed he was on a large bed and across the dark room a faint out line of a door could be seen.  He looked drunkly down and saw his bare chest and saw on his stomach a patch of skin much paler then the rest of his body.  The wound?  Soven remembered he had a wound from a white sword?  No!  Soren's sword!  His memory shot back to him like lighting, illumined his ordel with his step-brother, Soren.

He remembered after he escaped the tower he met a dozen men, but something wasn't right about them.  They all had white hair but none of them were old,  they had pupils but no irises, no colour at all.  They had white swords too but they were poor fighters.  Soven chuckled weakly remembering the fight.  Calling it a fight was an act of charity, it was more like a slaughter.




As one, they charged at Soven.  Soven smiled and readied himself for a fight.

The first to reach him came from the centre and he swung his sword for Soven’s neck but Soven’s blade caught it and Soven flicked it away and brought his sword over the man's arm, chopping through it.  His blood splattered over Soven but he simply kicked the wounded man away as 2 others came from his left and right but Soven ducked towards the right, stabbed the guy in the lung and used his momentum and pushed him into the guy coming from the left.  They both fell to the ground and Soven swung his blade, cutting another's head clean off then spuned round and cut a throat, almost through the neck.  Soven laughed as the head toppled back as the man fell. 

The rest stayed back, hesitated by Soven skill and his savagery.  Soven used this moment to run.

He gripped his wound and he felt the blood soaking through.  Not much time, until....

He stopped with his blade pointed behind him as one ran onto his blade.  He jumped forward and cut one's bellow open as he swung around and saw his guts fall out.  Another tried to bring his blade down on Soven's head but he jumped back again and chopped down on his head, splitting his skull.  He heard an engine sputter and purr into life.  Soven dropped to one knee and sliced his blade through the ground, causing a dust cloud to sprout in front of the survivors.

Soven laughed, ran to the bike.  "Sorry, lads.  But don’t worry, I'll kill yous later, huh?  See ya's!"  Soven kicked the bike into gear and they sped away.




Soven smiled but it fainted instanly.  How did I start the bike when I was fighting?

His sandy eyes were almost closed when they flew open.

"Kid!  Wheres the kid!?"

A door to his right was flung open and a big women with a large stomach waddled in.  She was dirty and her clothes were rags.  She smiled sweety, "It's so good you awake.  The child's been worried sick about you."

She waddled up to Soven and pushed him back down.  "Calm down laddy.  Don't want you to hurt yourself no-"

Soven's hand shot out and grapped her by the throat,choking her.  "Where is the kid!?"

SHe wheezed and struggled against Soven's hold, she tried to pry his hand away.  Soven may have killed her if a voiced hadden pipped up.

"Your awake!"  A small person had jumped on top of Soven and hugged his head as soven lost his grip on the obese women.

"ARG!  Kid!  Not so rough, huh?  I was gonna die from a stab now I'm gonna die if you don't get off my lungs!"  Wheezed Soven as he tried to find air, with a sudden understanding for the large woman he almost killed.

She jumped down but kept hugging him.  Soven found air again and laid his hand on her head. "Hell, kid.  Your heavy.  I thought the sky fell on me, huh?"  He looked down at her and said, "You didn't think I'd die, do you?  Nah, kid.  Not me, I'm gonna die from drinking.  Speakin' of drinkin'... Hey lass, you couldn't get a glass of mead, could ya?"

Before she could reply, Soven felt a sharp pain in his arm.  "Ow!"

"NO!  Your not drinkin' 'till your better!"  Soven stared at the kid.  She was staring hard at him, making him feel uncomfortable.  For some reason he felt increadliable bad, like... since he was little.

"Ok, kid... No drinkin'."  Her eyes got harder.  "OK, I promise I won't drink 'till you say i'm well, ok?"

A harsh barking laugh came from the door.  Soven stared at a tall man, with bulging muscles and a beard covering his face and chest.  "The Greatest Pirate, the Most Feared Human and murderer of thousands cowers to a child, ha, ha.  Oh, Soven.  I thought you had more respect for yourslef then that, but i guess not.  Remember me?"

Soven groaned, "No, not you.  Not the biggest card cheat in Bevelle, not the guy who thinks smashing heads are funny.  Not Tanoj."

"The 1 and only and what are you on about?  You were the 1 who laughed when I smashed those guys together."

"I was drunk!  But your still a card cheat!"

Tanoj looked hurt.  "I never cheat.  Like you said, you were drunk.  How would you know?"

"Ooh, I dunno, maybe its becasue you were drunk enough to TELL ME YOU WERE CHEATING!"

He scrathed his chin and coughed.  "Hmm, maybe."

Soven laughed.  "Its been a long time and we'll have to catch up but first, why are we here and where is here?"

"Simple, I was walkin' the beach, lookin for anythin' valueable when I came across a 'over bike.  I rans over to find ma mate, with a hole gapping in his belly, pissin' blood and this lassy tryin' to push it back in.  I says to the lass, ''cuse me lassy, but your mate seems to have a hole bigger then mine but it's in the wrong place and the wrong stuff is comin' oot.  Oot the way, so's i can have a lookee.'  She says to me, 'Please save him.'  I tells her, 'Nae worry lass, but shift it so I can have a lookee'.  She shifts it and i sees right awa' that ye were dead but the lass liked ye so I had to help.  I picks ye up and rans to me hame, tells a lad to steal a good potion.  We didnae have anyone who can do magic so's we steals what we needs.  After a mo' the lads back with a powerful potion, I thanks him, saves your arse and stops you pissin blood over me bed. Now, I answered your question, so you can answer mine: why does a lad, who dissappears for 6 years shows up on a beach with a hole in his belly and a naked lass tryin to save him?"

"Nice story 'Noj, but I cant tell who why you found us there and anyway I have to get gonna, I've got to give my brother a bad haircut.  Is cutting 6" below the hairline a bad thing?"  Soven chuckled when a small bump noise was made.

"WE, you mean.  I'm not stayin' behind."

"Come on, kid.  Don't you wanna stay with uncle 'Noj?  He's funny, doesn't drink much and he's dead handy to have someone at your back.  You don't need me kid."

"I never said I did.  All I need is a knife."

"Come on kid.  Who would you wanna ki-"  My Queen.... Soven's stealing my Queen.


Soven pulled himself up and swung his feet to the ground.

"Tanoj.  Can you give us a minute?"

Tanoj nods slowly and quietly leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

Soven was silent for a long time.  The kid's patience was running out, she was about to say something when Soven said.

"Do you know what I am, kid?  Do you know what I do, huh?  Everthing you think about me is wrong.  Im not a hero.  I wasn't on that island tryin; to save someone, or anyone.  Do you wanna know what I am?  Im a killer, kid.  I kill people.  I kill bad guys along with good people for simple reasons.  I kill for money, for pride and in my darker days, for fun.  I can kill anyone and everone and sleep easliy at night.  You wanna know why?  Its becasue I have the killer instinct.  I can kill in defence and at will.  I know alot of people who want to kill someone, or they say they want to.  But only a handfull in hundreds of thousands will kill.  Some kill in anger, others in a panic and most, by fear.  Some then build a taste for killing and they kill lots of people and others are driven mad with grive and remorse for what they did.  Those people always end their own lives.  The few uneffected, have the killer instinct.  Now, knowing all this, the instinct and the price for discovering it, answer this.  Can you kill and live with it or not?"

The silcence lasted a long time.  Long minutes dragged by when she answered in a whisper.

"Yes.  I can't promise I won't enjoy it but I promise to not let it consume me.  But Soren must die!"

Soven smiled softly and hugged her.  She threw her arms around him and Soven felt warm tears on his shoulder. 

"Hey, kid.  Dont cry.  You've taken a big step today.  Im very proud of you.  Your braver then I was at your age.  Hey.  You dont have a name do you?"  She slowly shook her head.  "Ha!  How about Promise?  You make me promise about everying so it should suit you fine.  Unless, you wanna stay as kid?"

She stepped back and smiled "No, I'm Promise and I promise to save Spira."

"Im Soven and I promise to save Spira and then get drunk."



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(Warning very very long post, and Im sorry but I had to cover much)

Penance sat back on his high chair a smiling schemingly over a great map of Spira his officers around him.

"Excellent, Spira will not know what hit them,"

"My lord, tell us you're plan so we can begin immediatly," Beelzebub asked

"Zell I want you to lead a small number of troops about a boat load and invade Besaid island, Xipetotec I will give you a much larger force and invade Kilika, expect much resistance from the Youth League and New Yevon, Zell join him once you have occupided Besaid, then I will send more troops and you will invade Luca, then make you're accross Spira and head towards Bevelle dispose of any resistance along the way, hopefully Guadosalam should be taken by the time you arrive, now go get ready," Zell and Xipetotec bowed and left.

"Now, Soren and Shuruk’jaar I want Ellessar woods destroyed, that shouldn't take long then occupy Macalania I will give you a large force for this, cast a shadow over Bevelle but do not invade until I give the word, instead I want you to march through the Thunder Plains and invade Guadosalam the Guado capital, now leave" Soren and Shuruk'jaar left

"Kiba, I shall accompany you in taking the Al'bed capital Home, its surronded by Sand, thats up you're alley, the Al'bed they have great technology and I want them silenced quickly, we will leave immediatly, once Home has been taken make for the Calm lands," Kiba sat back.

"Beelzebub, I want you to capture Zanarkand ruins, expect little resistance in Zanarkand, then make you're way accross mount Gagazet to the Calm lands, I will give you a considerable sized force, watch out for the Ronso,"

"And finally Ghede, attack the Calm lands, the calm lands are bare so expect open fighting, the Spirains hold the Calm lands sacred so expect much reisistance, push to Bevelle and then wait for my orders, I trust you have you're own forces,"

"An army years in the making my lord,"

"I will send a small group of troops to march with you, now leave," once Ghede had left Penance turned to Kiba, "lets go, we leave immediatly,"


Bikanel sands - Al'bed Capital Home

"Sid! Sid!" an Al'bed shouted in panic from his consel(not our Cid, Sid from FF10)

Sid who was running Home in the absence of Gibbal the Al'bed leader was busy monitering the many machines in the main control room of the high tech Machina city of Home. "Whats all the rucus about?"

"Something is heading this way,"

"Something? care to be more pathific?"

"I don't know, I just got a message from one of our excavation teams, it was jumbled, listen," appearing on one of the many screens appeared the face of a paniced Al'bed, a strong sandstorm blowing around him.

"This is North sector Evcavation group D, we are under attack, they aren't anything we have seen before, they look like angels and demons, help us!" sudden something swept accross the screen knocking the Al'bed away, then all could be heard was his desperate screams.

"Put me on the main com now,"

"Right away,"

Sid voiced boomed from all around Bikanel sands, "EVERYONE RETREAT TO HOME, THIS IS NOT A DRILL WE ARE UNDER ATTACK,"

"Sid, something approaches Home," Sid looked up at a great monitor and saw marching towards Home a great army of angels and demons, at the front stood an evil looking for winged man, and to his side a great build man sporting a massive sword.

"Ready for battle!" Cid yelled into the main Com. "shortly after the main door to home slid open and out marched a well disicplied army of Al'bed carring Machina rifels, the doors to garges open and scimming out came armored Hovers carrying gun turrets. "Ready the defences," Cid said turning to the Al'bed. The Outside of home began hiss as Gun Turrets and Cannons slid out of the walls.

"Home is a great underground City, with only one enterence which is heavily armored and defended, there is noway they are getting in, but just incase order all Civilians to retreat to the airship hangers, tells the pilots to be ready to leave on my command,"

"Yes sir," the Al'bed said before calling for an exacuation.

"Alrite, All guns fire!" Sid yelled through to com and flying out of home came a huge barrage of bullets and cannon fire, the Al'bed lied up at the enterence opened fire.

"Kiba," Penance said turning to his officer. Kiba placed both hands on the sand and a massive wall arrose catching every single bullets.

"No way!" Sid yelled as the sand wall faded away.

"Attack!" Penance yelled and with a great roar his arm charged, the Al'bed opened fire, but it wasn't long until the enemy reached there front line, pushing the Al'bed into a confused close combat battle. The Hovers stood strong cutting down the forces of Penance as they skimmed across the battle field.

"Hmm those hovers are a powerful, perhaps I underestimated the Al'bed, I must dispose of them," two purple balls formed in Penances hand and with great accracy Penance threw them at the Hovers, the exploded on contact sending the pilots of flying, Kiba brought more Hovers down by causing a great pillar of sand to rise up below them causing the Pilots to lose control and crash. Kiba then drew his sword and charged into battle cutting the Al'bed in two.

Sid watched helplessly as his brave men and women fought to defend there Home against the fearsome enemy, eventually the last of the hovers fell. "Everyone Retreat into Home," the forces of the Al'bed immediatly fell back but were chased by the mighty enemy, it was then a few brave Al'bed led by Sids daughter Rikku turned around and fired at the enemy, Rikku speed was great and she danced around the enemy cutting them, the bulk of the forces had retreated into Home.

"Rikku, get the hell out of there! I'm locking Home down," Sid yelled.

Great thick metal doors began to shut and the brave troops began to fall back, Rikku was last the last to retreat diving under the great door just before it closed, banging could be heard from outside.

"Get to the airships, we are getting the hell outta here," Sid yelled through the main com.

Meanwhile outside Home Penance called back his forces and approached the great metal door, with one blast the door flew open and Penances troops poured into home and immediatly began to burn everything. Home was now empty yet Penance could sense where the Al'bed were. he walked down alone many stairs to a long corridor, at the end he could see many ships in a massive hanger, the Al'bed pouring onto them it was then a guard saw him.

"There are here!" he yelled, and many Al'bed ran out of the hanger and lined up along the corridor.

"go! go!" one yelled back to hanger smashing the consel for the door causing it to hiss shut. "Ok everyone, don't let them in hanger,"

"Fools, you choose to die," Penance said as the Al'bed opened fire, Penance walked into the hail of bullets, the bullets pounding off him, when close he drew his sword and cut through all the brave Al'bed with fast and deeply swings, he reached the end of the corridor unharmed leaving a bloodly trail behind him. He blasted open the door but cursed to see the hanger empty. Kiba approached Penance, "My lord, Home is now ours,"


Zanarkand Ruins - foot of mount Gagazet

Children played agmougst the ruins of the now popular attraction of Zanarkand, the tour guilds led groups of about 20 people round the perfectly presevered ruins telling the history. Suddenly dropping from the sky came many winged creatures and angel like people, they landed on the innocent and tour though the flesh of the screaming civillians, at the same time marching from the direction of the sea came an army of many armed demons and undead, led by a massive figure carrying a double bladed axe, with no mercy they charged though anyone they came across and despite the best efforts of the Guard troops stationed there Zanarkand began a bloody massacure. The Guard troops did however manage to evacuate some civillians, they boarded hovers and jetted across mount Gagazet. To the nearest city, the small low tech Ronso capital.

A wounded Guard trooper ran to the Ronso cheif Kimahri, "Some unknown force is attacking Zanarkand, they slaughter many," Kimahri's eyes widened in rage

"What!? Gather all Ronso! We will head to Zanarkand, and inform Bevelle!" the old cheif yelled reaching for his Spear.

The Ronso forces soon gathered and headed across Mount Gagazet to the edge of Zanarkand, Beelzebubs army had formed up and begun there ascend yet haulted once seening the small yet powerful looking Ronso army.

"Mount Gagazet is sacred, do not allow these fiends to step foot on it!" Kimahri yelled to his troops. Beelzebub ordered the attack and the great army charged.

"Steady!" Kimahri yelled, he waited till the enemy were close before finally giving the order, and then to Beelzebub's surprise the Ronso pulled back there mighty spears anf those in front line released a stream of blue fire, the blue fire set Beelzebubs army a blaze and greatly lowered the moral of his forces. Then the Ronso army charged, crashing into and then pounded the demonic forces, Beelzebub ordered the retreat and his troops fled into Zanarkand, The Ronso lined up and set up camp along the foot of mount Gagazet, the battle was not over yet.


Bevelle - Calm Lands

Retala arrived at the gates of Bevelle at his back a large group of Elfs, the Guards not sure what to make of there claims took in only Retala.

Retala was led into the biggest building in Bevelle, the New Yevon temple. There sitting at the opposite end were the leaders of the humans of Spira, New Yevon leader Baralai and leader of the Youth League Nooj.

They were not sure what to make of this, standing infront of them was a man claiming to be an elf, and at the gates of Bevelle stood an army of elves.

"So then master Elf, what brings you here," Baralai asked

"I have come to warn you of a great evil which approaches, hell bend on wiping out Spira and creating a new world, a world of darkness,"

"And what is this threat," Nooj asked leaning forward interested on what Retala had to say.

"An evil, far older than Sin, an evil has emerged after 5000 years, an evil which nearly destroyed the world 5000 years ago, his name is Penances and he has a great army of undead, an ancient race known as Atellian and demons,"

"This all seems a little farfetched,"

"I assure you, this threat is serious,"

"Tell us everything you know master Elf,"

Retala explained everything, about Penance and the Angels.

"And who are these angels?"

"You may of heard of a couple, Sonya and Feyd Kobie, and Tanis another Elf you may not know, but I'm sure you have heard of Fariel Oreen and Neji Leingod,"

"That is some tale Master Elf, I find it hard to believe but then again, I am here talking with an elf," Baralai mused

Just then bursting into Bevelle Temple came a messenger from Mount Gagazet.

"A great army of demons have attacked Zanarkand, they have massacured everyone they could see, the Ronso are currently fighting them,"

Baralie and Nooj rose from there seats, "inexcusable!" Nooj shouted

"See what I mean it has already begun,"

"I fear I have to agree with you Master Elf, you're help will be greatly apprecaited but how can we trust you,"

"You can't just now, but know this, our home was destroyed by Penance resently, we are also a dying race, we have hid to long and our survival rests on us forming Allies, defeating our 5000 year old enemy,"

welcome to the alliance, Master..." Baralie said to Retala


"Very well, we shall go through all the formalitys later but now we must defend our lands," Baralie turned to the messenger.

"Send word out to Gibbal in Djose Temple, and to Tromwell in Guadosalam," it was then another messenger burst into the temple an Al'bed.

"The Al'bed capital home has been attacked and taken by a mysterious force, we have retreated and request shelter in Bevelle,"

"Certainly," Baralie reply, and turned his guards, "See the Al'bed land safely, shelter them a care the wounded, it is in a time like these allies must stick together,"

"Mmm Penance must be planning on a quick take over with numours invasions,"

"We must stop the him before he reaches the Calm lands, I will take the Youth League," Nooj said

"The elves will march with you," Retala said

The two forces gathered and marched onto the Calm lands, it was then a scout approached Nooj, "A massive army approaches us from the east,"

Nooj and Retala turned there troops around and marched east, then they saw it at the edge of the Calm lands a huge army of mutants, demons and Atellians were marching towards Bevelle. Nooj turned Retala.

"What in the world,"

"That must be Ghede and his creations, Ghede is one of Penances greatest generals and an evil genius, we must not let them get near Bevelle,"

Nooj nodded, right. The Human and Elf armys lined up in to face the forces of Ghede. A massive battle was about to take place.


Thunder plains

A shadow began to loom over Bevelle, as the combined forces of Soren and Shuruk’jaar covered Macalania woods, but instead of marching to Bevelle they turned south ward to head to Guadosalam, luckly, the word had already spread to Tromwell who asmassed an army of Guado, human and Al'bed, with help of the LeBlanc Syndicate, they headed to the calm lands to assits there allies, it was then they saw it, a great force marching down the Thunder Plains. The Guado had little time to plan, with the help of the few Al'bed who were currently in Guadosalam they deactivated the great lightining towers, greating an area were the lighting stuck freely, haulting the advance of the enemy, setting up ambushes along the mountains they battle the enemy brilliantly and pushed them back Macalania, there the two forces gathered for a great battle.



Zell landed on Besaid beach, back up by the small army. He smiled, as those on the beautiful beach screamed and ran from the hideous army, then forming up from Besaid lined a small number of Guard troops.

"What is you're business here!" the general yelled

"annihilation," Zell smiled, drawing his rifel he fired a round which tore through the skull of the general, the troops rose there weapons and fired. Yet they were two few and were overwhelmed by Zell's forces. Suddenly bursting flying out of nowhere came a ball of fire, Zell ducked the and the ball rebounded off a a demon setting it alight, and hitting another, before coming back to be caught by a middle aged looking man with orange the ball changed to a regular Blitz ball.

"I still got it Ya," he laughed, spinning the ball in his finger, this time it began to spark with lightining, he kicked the ball with increidble force, and Zell once again ducked out the way, his troops taking the hit.

"Sir Wakka," Zell smiled "Perhaps today won't be such a bore after all,"

"What are you doing here," a stern female voice came from behind Wakka. "whos there?" Zell demanded. Suddenly coming from the sky came a flurry of lightining bolts, Zell danced around dodging the bolts yet some of his men were not as lucky and collapsed into the sand in smoking heaps. A tall women stepped out from behind a walk, where a black dress.

"Lady Lulu, now, very well, anyone else want to step forward," Zell heard a familar sound of bullets being loaded into a gun, he used a troop as a sheild as a flurry of bullets flew at him.

"Who dares!"

"Leave here now, I'm warning you," a gentle voice rang out

"It can't be, High Summoner Yuna,"

Yuna stepped out from Besaid and onto the beach, "What good will you be, you can't summon Aeons anymore,"

"You'll find I'm strong enough on my own, I don't need aeons anymore,"

"You'll die first!" Zell yelled as he charged. He ducked Wakka's blitz ball and dodged and firey spell from Lulu, to charge at Yuna, she opened it fire but Zell, now stronger as a result from Penance's power out ran the bullets, he flicked out the blade from his gun and leaped at Yuna when suddenly his blow was blocked, there standing inbetween him and Yuna was a blond haired man carring a long wide sword.


"You won't touch Yuna," Tidus yelled as he kicked Zell back.

"Damn, maybe this won't be that easy," he said ordering his forces to charge



Xipetotec desended on Kilika with great force, the Youth League fought back hard and backed up by New Yevon from the temple forced Xipetotec to grow in size, the sheer size of him caused the defenders to lose moral and retreat, Xipetotec killed many as the people of Kilika bored ships and fled to Luca. (just a short battle)

Xipetotec waited sometime for Zell, eventually he grew inpaitent and personally headed towards Besaid.


Back on Besaid Zell and his forces could not seem to get through Wakka, Lulu, Yuna and Tidus, Wakka's blitz ball knocked them back, while Lulu's magic blasted them back, as Yuna's bullets tour through Demonic forces, eventually more allies came from Besaid and defeat was certain for Zell, who was currently fighting Tidus in a one on one, there speed matching eachothers. Suddenly looming over Besaid came a great Giant, Xipetotec, he bagan smashing the temple and the many buildings all around to islands. Yuna and her old Guardians were forced to abandon there battle and retreat to the boats, and headed for Luca.


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As the wind picked up again and began to blow the black sand and ash around in shifting whirlpools near the ground, Fariel helped Eevee slowly to her feet and the two began walking away from Penance’s fortress. They knew they had no chance in the Farplane of catching Ghede now, and needed to start thinking about finding some shelter off this open black desert. Fariel had self-healed the worst of her injuries and was now walking resolutely across the barren ground with her wings hooded protectively over herself and Eevee against the screaming wind. Eevee - having almost ordered her godmother to let her get up, start walking and stop fretting over her - was for her part trying valiantly to hide her residual weakness and discomfort, though the way she was walking slightly doubled over with one hand on her stomach betrayed the fact that the newly-healed wound was still tender.

“What’s that?” Fariel suddenly wondered aloud, her hands drifting to the hilts of her wave swords as two dark shapes appeared out of the dim mist of the pale, hazy sky ahead and began to descend. Eevee slowly drew her force lance from inside her trech coat, flicked her wrist to extend the weapon and spun it to bear on the two approaching flyers, bracing it against her hip.

“Hello!” they heard a girl’s voice shout, and relaxed as the two shapes resolved themselves into Keiji and Tsunami, who alighted in front of them - Keiji slightly less gracefully than Tsunami - and folded away their wings.

“Very stylish, Keiji,” Eevee commented with good-natured sarcasm, her eyes flicking to his red and black bat’s wings.

“Ah, it’s been done, get some originality,” Fariel added dismissively and gave a slanted smile, fluttering her own wings playfully.

Eevee feigned a sigh as she looked from Fariel to Keiji to Tsunami.

“I feel like such a misfit.”

Fariel ****ed an eyebrow and ran her eyes deliberately down Eevee’s gothic coat.

“Since when did that ever bother you?”

She broke into a broad grin and the two laughed.

“Where have you two been then?” Fariel asked. Eevee ****ed her head curiously also, as during their brief previous meeting Tsunami had given her only a few vague details about battling Xipetotec before assuring her that they’d be fine and telling her she should run and catch up with Fariel.

Tsunami recounted her story to them, Keiji staying quiet and allowing her to talk. Eevee wore a serious, concerned expression as Tsunami told them about Keiji’s terrifying transformation and desperate struggle against his demonic powers, but regained her usual slightly-mocking smile as she related Keiji’s first attempts at learning to fly.

“Don’t worry Keiji,” Fariel told him reasonably once Tsunami had finished, “Your dad had the same trouble controlling his powers when he first tried to use them,” she shuddered as the words brought back the memory of their sparring match against Tanis at the elven woods, where Neji had gone berserk after their elven guide had accidentally injured Melina, and nearly killed them all, “But he got the hang of it fairly quickly. He’d be proud that you’ve done the same. Though be thankful he never saw you flapping around on the ground like an idiot.”

She gave a mocking smile.

Suddenly, without any warning, Eevee gasped in pain and staggered back a pace. Keiji also stumbled, putting a hand to his head, and Fariel flinched.

“What’s the matter?” Tsunami asked anxiously as the three regained their balance.

“Did you…feel that?” Keiji gasped, blinking in the after-effects of the sudden stabbing pain in his head that had blurred his vision.

“Yeah…what just happened?” Eevee replied in pained confusion.

“It’s Penance,” Fariel growled softly, “He’s got the last of his powers back.”

<ooc - Just realised what I’d written previously doesn’t tally with Fariel’s stance on Penance ATM, so I’m changing it :P>

Her expression turned grave as she listened to Leviathan’s grim words inside her head but she shrugged it off, forcing the Aeon’s words down out of her conscious mind.

“What are we going to do now?” Tsunami said, biting her lip.

“No idea,” Fariel replied, “I came here to save you guys from the jam you got yourselves into, not go toe-to-toe with Penance.”

Tsunami looked worried and Eevee looked downright shocked.

“But…but we have to…”

“No, I don’t have to do anything,” Fariel said firmly, “I have a home now, lots of people I’m responsible for. And a bitch to look after.” she added slyly with a sideways glance at Eevee, remembering her comment in the Macalania tunnel.

“But aren’t you one of the Avenging Angels? The elves said…”

“Urgh, the elves!” Fariel said disparagingly, “I don’t owe them anything. I’ve already sorted out their mess for them once by frakking Sin over. They can go stick it in their pointy ears.”

“But the prophesies! Laconfir said…”

“Oh Aeons, not more prophesies? You go tell Laconfir he can shove his prophesies up his self-righteous…”

“Fariel.” Eevee pleaded with her.

“I thought I’d taught you better than to get mixed up with the elves, Eevee? Frak, like mother like daughter…” she stopped and sighed, “Okay, I didn’t mean that, but you have to understand it’s not my problem any more.”

“It’s everybody’s problem!” Tsunami snapped from the back. Keiji backed her up - after all his vendetta against Penance was much more personal, having lost his mother to him, and nearly his father and his new love as well.

“Look kids, I’m not going to argue with you any more. We have to get off this frakked-up island and I’ll see you safe back to the mainland but after that I’m going back to Kebel, okay?”

And you can’t stop me either, she snapped silently at Leviathan, This doesn’t change anything.

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Tanoj and his large woman were siting at a small table drinking when Soven kicked the bedroom door open.  The woman jumped but Tanoj just focused his eyes on Soven as he stepped into the small room.  Tanoj didn't have a big home, only two rooms, but the front room was stuffed with bits and bobs.  Swords stood in a corner, guns stuck out of 2 barrles and clothes were scattered everywhere.  The only furniture was a table and 2 chairs and the bed in the back.

Tanoj stood up as Soven and the kid walked through the doorway, side by side.  The kid seemed older and somehow taller, Soven walk with pride although he still held his stomach with one hand and in the other his large scitmar.

Soven stood tall and silent untill he spoke.  "Tanoj, Promise and me are goin' to slice my brother to bits but I need some help."

Tanoj laughed evily, "O' 'course, 'Ven, I be honoured to kick your brother's bony butt, yous didnae hav' to ask."

Soven smiled, "Thanks Tanoj, but we need more than you.  A lot more."

Tanoj's smile fainter, "Why?  And whats 'A lot mor'?  Give us a number, at leas'."

"Everyone."  Tanoj's face, what could be seen, looked puzzled.  "I mean, everyone I know.  Everyone I declared I'd kill, everyone who pissed me off, everyone who so scared of me that they actually bow before me.  'Noj, I need an army.  But not any army.  I need an army full of murderers, cut throats, fearsome pirates, talented fighters, arsonists, sappers and crack shot assians.  I need an evil army, because, Tanoj,.... we're gonna fight a demon, a real demon with terrible powers and my brother, Soren, is with him.  This demon, has an army of the dead and I need the meanest, toughtest bastards Spira has to offer.  Care to help?"

Tanoj was stunned.  Shock filled his eyes and his shook a little.  He swallowed spit that had gathered in his mouth.  "S-sure, 'Ven.  Wh-when dae ye need 'em?"





Tanoj, after Soven declared he needed an evil army, went outside and spoke with a gang of boys.  After a few minutes he came back in.  "The lads'll spread th' word.  In an hour, 'Ven, you'll have an army, th' mos' evil army ever seen."  Tanoj kicked a bunch of clothes into a tall pile and sat on it.  "Now wha'?"

Soven sat on 1 of the 2 chairs with a sword on his lap and a sharping stone.  The large woman sat in the other chair and she had guns in front of her, some in pieces with her checking them and cleaning them.  Promise stood over in the corner with a small sword, swinging and slashing at her shadow.  Soven looked up at Tanoj and was silent in thought.

Soven laughed loudly.  "Well, 'Noj.  I'm sharping swords, the big lass is checking your guns and Promise is practising.  Now can you name something, other then weapons an army commanded by me needs?"

Tanoj's eyes squinted, thinking hard but he couldn't find an answer.  Soven spoke up, "I'll tell you, shall I?  We need, Tanoj......... uniforms and I remember that you can sew, so get to work."

"WHAT!!" Roared Tanoj.  "I'm no some woman to dae the bloody SEWING!  I'm a warrior, you bastard.  Stitch your own uniform then show the needle up ya arse!"

Soven laughed, "Now, 'Nojee.  That's not nice and beside what else are you gonna do?  Be a lazy, fat bastard while we work?  Tut tut, Tanoj, whatever shall your mother say if she could see you now?"

Tanoj fumed with his eyes shooting daggers at Soven when he stood up and stumped around looking for the sewing kit.  Soven chuckled softly, "Oh, the uniform is all black, an open vest, boots and trousers.  Ask the wifes down the road to help if you want."

"SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE, 'VEN!!"  Yelled Tanoj and slammed the door.

Soven fell off his chair laughing his ass off, with real tears rolling down his checks.




Some time later, a knock was heard at the door and SOven opened the door to find a boy standing there with his arms cross.  "Yous Soven?"

Soven's eyes narrored, "Maybe, whos askin'?"

"'Noj sent me.  He says that your mates are 'ere but they're hold up at the Hanging Guard.  A pub down the way.  Now, wheres my pay?"

Soven smiled and gave the boy a gil before closing the door.  He turned to the women.  Promise was still practising but Nina, the large woman who introduced herself a long time after Soven almost killed her, was sitting at the table having a drink.  Soven looked at they're arsenal.  All the swords were sharp, the guns were in working order and Tanoj and the wifes should be done a few of the uniforms.

"OK! Nina! Proomise!  Tanoj reports that the people who are gonna join my army are here so lets go meet them!"  Soven was excited, he never had a crew before and now he was going to be a general in his own evil army.  Then Soven stopped.  He didn't understand why but he desided that before anything else is done, he must name his army.  Soven's Wolf's?  No! Too good, needs more evil.  Soven's Corpse'?  No!  He was gonna fight the undead and he wants to name his army after them.  Soren's Nightmare?  Better but Soven decided not to glorive Soren in anyway.  Then he remember that Soren believed he was the god of light and that Soven was the god of shadows.  Soven smiled then burst out laughing.  "Thats it!  Thats it, thats it!  Soven's Shadows.  Its scary, noble, romantic and it'll piss Soren off.  I love it!  Come on, girls!  Lets make Soven's Shadows!"

"Whats Soven's Shadows?"  Asked Promise.

"My army.  Its the name that'll make Soren wet himself, if he can stop shouting at the air.  Now that I think about it, what were those men?  They looked like Soren, but they still had the black bits in their eyes.  They even had those white swords.  What are they?"

Soven looked back at the girls, realising he was rambling.  "Sorry.  But come on!  We need to go!"  Soven walked quickly to the open and opened it, only to close it again.  He cursed, "Sorry, my bad.  I forgot somethin',"

Soven walked quickly over to Promise and went down on 1 knee.  "Hey, hows your practise comin'?  You any better?"

"Yeah!  Of course."  She flashed a quick smile to Nina.

"Good.  'Cos now I need to arm you and those swords are all too big for you and there arn't any long knifes, so here."  Soven unbuckled his sheath with his dirk in it.  Promise squealed of joy and graped the dirk with both hands.  She was saying thank you, over and over.  She stop saying thank you long enough to take the dirk out the sheath.  It took her breath away,  The dirk looked solid gold but turned it and it shone silver, as if the dirk changed it's skin with every movement.  The handle was a black hide, strong but soft to touch. 

She raised her eye brow at Soven.  He chuckled, "I know.  Not a weapon often found on a pirate but it is important to me.  My mother gave it to me, when I was 10.  She told me it was old and maybe from an aniect magic, probable a story but I still wonder.  She made me swear I would never kill with it, so I always used it to deflect blades on my blind side, I have never killed with it.  Now its yours, to keep.  And don't try to keep my promise to my mother, kill if you have to, don't leave yourself vulnerable tryin' not to kill."  Soven fastened the sheath around her waist and she sheathed her dirk.  "Goody.  Lets go!  We LATE!"




The Hanging Guard was a good size pub, near the beach and a dock so most of its customers were sailers and other people who work the dock but not today.  When Soven, Promise and Nina arrived at the pub it was full of fighters.  Men and women, pirates, swords men, sharpshooters, thugs and a small group shaking so badly that they drinks were over themselfs rather then over their lips.  When Soven pushed the door open the common room fell deadly quite.  Many shot daggers at Soven, some smiled, others paled, but most looked shocked.  Soven the Unbeatable, Soven the Warrior and, someday, Soven the Beast.  At the back was a kind of stage set up with Tanoj standing on the stage.  He gave Soven a quick one finger solute then waved him forward.  Soven placed his hand on his scitmar's handle as he marched forward, wading through the tension.  Half way through the mob Soven heard a chair behind him scrap.  In 1 move, Soven spun, pulled his blade free and held the blade so close to an eye that when the shocked man blinked, several of his eye lashes fell into his drink.  An awed silence now stilled the room.  Without sheathing his blade Soven marched on to the stage without a noise being made.  When he stood on the stage, he put the tip of blade to the floor and spoke.

"I'm Soven.  Some of you know me.  Some of you have heard of me.  Some of you have had the misfortune to annoy me in the past.  Some here are my friends.  Some are my spineless bitches.  Others are my enemies.  I bring you all together because the fates have forced us together.  Not long ago, I was a captive of my soon-be-to-late step brother, Soren.  But I escape, only to travel to an unknown island.  Where I met demons.  A lot of you won't believe me but has anyone here heard of Penance or Neiji?"  An buzzing erupted around the room, most words were "can't be", "impossible" or "not real".  "Believe me when I say, I was shocked too.  But what was more shocking is that, for some reason, that island offends me so much that I want to wipe it off the map.  But I also found somethin' that I'm not too sure if I saw or not, but there maybe a large army there.  Now, those who know me and heard of me, its not uncommon for me to kill hundreds in a single fight, so why should I run when I used to fight?  Because this army, is made of the dead.  Now, I know most people would run when they heard of the dead rising so thats why we need the hardest, the toughest and the most evil people we have to offer to kick these wimps back to the Farplane.  Thanks for comin' and 'cos you came that means that you all wanna join up, so we..."

The rest of Soven's speech was lost when everyone stood crying out with rage.  An enraged swords man drew his blade and rushed at Soven, holding his blade low.  The swords man leap into the air, aiming his blade for Soven, but simplely, when the man came close enough he threw a punch into his, side stepped the attack, chopped the attacker's blade in half and as the man landed rested his blade on the man's bare neck.  Silence seized everyone.  The attack lay motionless, fearful for the slightest movement would mean death.  Suddenly, Soven raised his bladeand his boot and kicked the man full force in the face.  The man flew from the stage into several tables and patrons, spilling drinks and over turning tables.  Everyone stared at Soven fearfully, thinking he might go on a killing spree.

But Soven only rested his blade on his shoulder.  "Attack me and I will kill you.  Understand!  Now that you all remember how to shut up, I'll tell you what you get from joinin my army.  The island probalbe once belonged to a pirate long ago and because no seems to know about it means that's propally over flowing with gold, jewals and other shiney things.  My offer is this: Join me, be my army and you all get a fair share of the treasure, which I will not have any as my target is my brother or Leave, get the treasure seperatly and die.  Now, what do you have to say?"



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As Retala ordered Gau took all of Neji's men who resided in Ellessar woods and left on the airship, but Gau did not plan to follow any more orders, instead of going to Bevelle he decided to head to Shoel Zell had asked him to pick him up the following day and it had been two days.


Gau landed on Ellessar woods but there was no sign of Zell anywhere, he gazed up at Ghede's tower, he dreaded to think that Zell lost and was taken prisoner but he had to investigate the few crew on bored the ship armed themselves with Machina Rifels and Al'bed armor Gau had his normal Thin sword and single pistol. He gave the sign and the men burst in through main door yet the tower was empty, the fanned out covering the ground floor yet no trace of anything. They climed the stairs until they came to the enterence to Ghede's room Gau opened the door slightly then burst in five men at his back, there came a roar and a great half human half fiend charged they opened fire and the creture collasped in the ground before reaching them. The tower was searched and three more strange creatures were taken down but no sign of any other life.

"This is too strange, why is there hardly anything here,"

"Gau!" a man called out

"What is it?"

"We just revieced a distress call from the The Al'bed home," Gau ran towards the airship

"Play the message," the message was jumbled yet two words were clear, Attack and Creatures.

"Has it already begun?"

"I fear so Gau, Penance has begun his invasion," the room was silent, "I'm getting another transmition, this one is from Bevelle, I'll go ahead and play it,"

On a large screen Baralie's face appeared "This is an emergancy call from Bevelle, Spira is under siege from a recently idenified enemy, a man named Penance is leading an army of Undead and demons all those brave enough to combat this new enemy report to Bevelle New Yevon Temple asap, others are recommended to remain in doors until notified by there local athority,"

"Gau shall we go?"

"We will have to, leave Zell for now," Gau was away to call back his men when the crew member called out again.

"What is it now?"

"Life forms headed this way,"

"Crap," Gau said to himself, he ran outside and ordered his men get back into the airship, yet couldn't gather them in time appearing over the horizon came a group of about 20 men, Gau currently had 40 under him.

"Wait, we seem to have the advantage, line up and get ready to fire on my word! Get the airship guns preped and ready!" Gau shouted.

"wait for it," Gau said, the apporached group came into sight and Gau looked upon a very welcomed face. "Drop arms!" he shouted running forward.

"Cid! you're ok!"


Tsunami, Fariel, Eevee and Keiji reached the coast of Shoel. "Ok it's time to get the hell out of here,"

Tsunami and Keiji took flight and Fariel began to walk along the water.

"Excuse me guys," Eevee called out, Keiji smiled, "oops, sorry Eevee,"

"Can't beleive you guys would of left me here, could one of you guys carry me,"

Keiji went slighty red, he had still not sorted his shyness and didn't know if he could handle carrying a girl across the water even if it was good friend. Tsunami swooped down

"I might not be able to fly for long with someone on my back,"

"I struggle to stay on top of the water by myself,"

"Can't you just turn into a Dragon again?"

"You know shape shifting into something that big isn't all that easy and I'm pretty worn out and soar,"

"Then what we gonna do," the three women turned to Keiji

"well umm, my flying aint that great,"

"You'll be fine Keiji," Tsunami encouraged

"Yeh come on Mr big strong hero, I'm sure you could handle a little girl on you're back,"

Keiji signed, and lowered himself, "jump on then," Eevee lept on Keiji's back, the take off was sketchy and Eevee gripped tight for dear life.

"I think I would be better swimming,"

"I could drop you here if you want?"

"No!" Eevee shouted looking down at the water below.


"Cid, I can't believe you're safe,"

"Yeh it was some landing when Penance hit us but 20 of us survived, thankfully, is that the Shadow?"

"Yeh Zell managed to complete it,"

"Speaking of Zell where is he?"

"I'm not sure, this isn't our first time here, the first time we stayed Zell stayed behind to fight one of Penance's generals, we came to collect him,"

"So my eyes didn't decieve me then,"


"We were hiding in a cave near Penance's castle, and not that long ago the massive army left, leaving the castle poorly defended, but the shocking thing is we witnessed Penance's power return to him and we thought we saw Zell march out with them,"

"Impossible! Zell would never do that!"

"Penance can brainwash people,"

"Damn him, anyway what brings you here,"

"We came to investigate this tower once Penance had left the island, running into you was a great fortune, now we can fight back against him," Gau looked on confused.

"What do you mean?"

"The majority of Penance's troops and all his generals have left the island, clearly he never would expect an attack here, we could take this island,"

"Cid we are 60 strong, hardly enough to take a castle,"

"60 men, plus a super powered airship,"

"Even if we did take the castle wouldn't Penance just turn around and retake it,"

"True, but we might be able to fool him, get his attention and relief some pressure off Spira, plus there has gotta be something in that castle that could help us, we could take the castle search it then high tail it to Bevelle with whatever we find,"

"I still don't think 60 men and 1 airship will be enough, we will need allies,"

"Then for now lets find somewhere more praticle on this island for a base,"

"We have to return to Spira and help with the fighting,"

"Think boy we could do more here,"


Fariel and the three young angels arrived back at main land Spira on a cost near Bevelle.

"Ok then kids, I've away back to Kebel, you are on you're own from here on out,"

The three young angels thanked Fariel and watched as she made her way back to Mount Gagazet. Spira seemed at peace but as they walked back to Bevelle the sound of gun fire could be heard far off in the distance.

"Has it already begun?" Tsunami asked

"Damn," Keiji said to himself

"we couldn't stop it, but there is no point getting down it was bound to happen let's just help where ever we can," Eevee said optimisticaly

It didn't take long for them to get back to Bevelle, Bevelle was silent and the sercurity was tighter than usual, they were lectured by the guards for being out of Bevelle at a time like this as they entered via the main gate, the sound of heavy fighting could be heard from both the Calm Lands and Macilania. A shadow had been cast over Bevelle yet the people tried to carry on with there lives even with the battles raging around them, though most chose to stay indoors and many once busy streets were empty other had people but were silent. They arrived at the Stead mansion, Treavor could been seen at one of the many windows gazing out, his eyes widened as he saw his daughter approached and he ran to door to great them hugging his daughter, Treavor still bore a bloodied bandage where he was hit.

"I can't beleive it, you are all alright, I was worried about all of you,"

"Don't worry father we aren't like most teenagers,"

"I know that, I have always known that, thats three times you have been captured and everytime you have come home safe, and I can't help but think I have you two to thank," Treavor said turning to Eevee and Keiji. "But enough of this, you must leave Bevelle it is too dangorus here,"

"So we can tell, whats the story about the rest of Spira?" Keiji asked

"The Al'bed capital home has been taken, so has Zanarkand, the Ronso are fighting at the foot of Mount Gagazet, the Guado at the Thunder Plains and you won't beleave this but I heard Elves have joined up with the Youth League and are fighting in the Calm Lands," the three teenagers gave a false surprised face at the mention of the elves.

"You three must leave,"

"Noway we can fight," Keiji argued

"No doute you could but do you really think the leaders are going to let a three teenagers they have never heard off join them in battle, the minium age to join the force is 17 and they are only letting experiance soilders at least 20 fight,"

"We have to try and help,"

"I feel you three will have to help but you can't do anything here, there is no fighting down south or so I have heard, head to Luca maybe you could be useful there,"

"Ok father we'll go,"

"Great, but all exits out of Bevelle are blocked, it isn't safe, but I do know there is a ship with a messenger to Luca leaving soon, sneak on bored,"

"We will,"



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Drunkness, Love and Friendship. The stuff animes are made off

(Yeh I thought I would do a long cheesy post just cause im board)

With Bevelle's security tight getting to the off limits port was no easy task but with Eevee's cunning the three teens managed to infultrate the port and found there way to ship carring the messenger. They took cover behind the many crates which littered the once busy port. There was only one enterence to the tiny yet sturdy boat and it was guarded be two Guard soilders.

"So what now?" Keiji asked, Eevee thought for a second and scanned the port.

"Wait here, I'll be as quick as I can," she said, before scurry off, using the many crates as cover. The day drew late and the workers had started loading many crates onto the ship.  Eevee soon returned and threw at Keiji's feet a guard uniform.

"Don't just look at it, put it on," Keiji quickly changed to the uniform it suited Keiji but the uniform was too tight for his liking Keiji prefering baggy clothes for easier movement in battle.

Tsunami smiled "Looking good Keiji,"

"It's pretty tight,"

"Don't complain, besides thats a good look for," Keiji blushed slighty from the girls compliments

"How did you get these?"

Eevee winked, "Thats a secret," she said while handed Keiji a standard Guard rifel.

"But what about you two?"

"Where are gonna hind in one of those crates, and when we are on the ship you better hurry and get us out,"

Keiji nodded and scooped up his clothes and handed them to Tsunami. "We'll look after you're clothes, Keiji just don't leave us"

"also Keiji take this, a gift and it'll help you blend in," Eevee said handing Keiji a long red band.

"How will this help me blend in?"

"Just tie it to you're head," (Think Rambo sorry been watching Rambo and the red band is just so cool). Keiji did as instructed.

"Like this?"

"Now that is a good look for you Keiji," Tsunami said half laughing

"Yeh like that,"

Keiji studied for a second how the guards in the port walked and held there guns and started to mimic. He turned to Eevee and Tsunami, "Ok, think im ready,"

"Well what are you waiting for then? get in line soilder!" Eevee ordered, Tsunami laughed from behind her watching as Keiji scurried off to filter into a group of guard lining up and awaiting orders to board the ship.  Keiji stood for sometime until the commander came, mimicing the other soilder in the group Keiji stood at attention as the the commander in charge of the escort walked up his troops. Keiji bit his lip as the commander came close preying not to get caught, Keiji breathed a sigh of relief as the commander walked past him not even giving him a second look.

"Men, you're job is to assure that the escort arrives at Luca safely, we stand now in a bitter war against a powerful enemy and Luca has no idea of the approaching threat, therefore it is fital that the messenger and cargo arrive safely, understood?"

"Sir, Yes, Sir!"

"Good, now then gentlemen, about face and bored the vessel," Keiji moving with the group of about 8 soilders bored the ship without incident. There they lined up and the ship cast off towards Luca.

The commander began to allocate who will be on guard duty first, two were to patrol the ship while two guarded the messenger, the other four would be off duty until the time to rotate, the general began to pick at random calling out his mens name, until he came to Keiji, he pointed at him but could not put name to the face.

"You there," Keiji jolted more up right thinking he was busted.

"You must be the new comer, who was running late this morning, Johnston," Keiji couldn't beleive his luck.

"Yes Sir, my apologies Sir,"

"You are to guard the messenger first along with Kent,"

"Yes Sir," Keiji relaxed.

"Oh and Johnston, nice bandana," Then Keiji paniced again

"Tsunami! Eevee!" he thought to himself, he couldn't let them out if he was stuck on guard duty "Oh man, I'm screwed,"


Keiji was guarding for several hours, occasionally engaging in conversation with Kent about bandanas, which made Keiji smirk to himself, Eevee was right it did help him blend in since he just found out that alot of guard troops especially in Bevelle wear them.  It soon became late and the sky was dark and Keiji began to feel the strain of standing in one place for so long. Finally it came, two more troops approached them.

"You're reliefed guys," Keiji sign in relief he could finally go get Eevee and Tsunami out of there crate.

Kent approached Keiji, "ya know Johnson you're alrite, feel like a drink? there is a bar on the ship and since there ain't no bartender its open bar self service,"

"Oh no, I'm um pretty tired," Keiji and Kent met the other two Guards who just came off duty.

"Kent you feel like drink? We are just away to the bar,"

"Yeh, I'm trying to get Johnston to come,"

"Ofcourse he gonna come, day off tomorow, come on Johnston, we've finshed for night and besides at times like these you never know when you gonna have you're last drink so use every day off you got,"

"Are you sure we are aloud?"

"What do you think the commander was doing while we were guarding," one of the soilders laughed.

"Yeh he would of been drinking with the crew, this is usually a leisure boat," Keiji found himself getting dragged off to the lower levels of the boat, the ship was silent everyone but them and the new rested up Guardsmen were up. Kent jumped behind the bar and began pouring glasses and dishing them out, Keiji in a hurry drank quickly but upon finishing his drink immediatly got handed another, and no matter how much he refused he still ended up drinking.  The four men drank and spoke about bandanas, Keiji was surprised on how much these guys could speak about banadanas for. As more drinks were poured Keiji started to feel giddy and happy and the four men became drunker and more rowdy. Eventually after awhile the three guardmen decided to head to bed and staggered off. Instead hurried to the cargo hold.

Drunkenly he shouted out, "Tsunami! Eevee!"

"Keiji over here," he heard a faint voice


"Keep it down! and over here," Keiji's attention was drawn to a very large crate with serveral smaller boxes stacked onto. He pushed aside the boxes and swung open the crate, Tsunami and Eevee spring out of it.

"Keiji what the hell took you so long?" Eevee complained, Keiji smiled in response

"Are you drunk?" Tsunami asked and Keiji nodded

"You mean we were stuck in that crate while you got drunk,"

"No, no I was on guard duty first and when I was coming to go let you guys out I got dragged off by the other guardmens, they forced me to drink," Keiji said drunkenly. Eevee and Tsunami looked at Keiji as he tried to defend himself, I couldn't help but almost laugh after seeing the drunken state he was in. Keiji stepped forward and hugged Tsunami something she would of never expected, apolgising for not letting them out sooner, Tsunami hugged him back laughing and then Keiji turned and hugged Eevee once again apologising. The girls although surprised laughed at him.

"Ok Keiji, we'll forgive you, but you got to keep it down, what if we get caught,"

"There is planty crew on the ship just say you are crew members, a Guard soilder told me that he snuck his wife onboard posing her as a crew member so he could get her out of Bevelle, it is a leisure ship after all,"

Keiji began to settle down and started to drift off, falling asleep on a crate.

"Think we should leave him there," Eevee suggested

"No we should get on deck and pose as crew members, we can get him to a bed,"

Eevee and Tsunami picked up Keiji and took him in on deck, posing as crew members got directions from a guard to his room.

(I just wanted to get Keiji drunk heehee)

The boat arrived at the busy Luca port during the early hours of the morning, and Keiji, Tsunami and Eevee were left to leave in there own time, getting up slightly later than usual a slightly hungover Keiji awoke, he looked around the room in a daze, next to him was Tsunami, and Eevee was no where to be seen. Tsunami handed Keiji his normals clothes and he changed swifty, but left on the band.

"keeping the band I see,"

"I actually like it, goes with my regular clothes," Keiji sat back on head holding his pounding head, and Tsunami sat down beside.

"you know you surprised me and Eevee last night, you weren't shy for a change," she teased

"I know, I don't know why I'm like this, I just get nervous sometimes, but I'm fine when its just you and me,"

"Like now?" Tsunami slid her hand closer to Keiji's, and they gripped eachothers hands, fingers interlocking. They moved closer together, there faces inches from eachother, when suddenly the door swung open and Keiji and Tsunami jumped apart. Eevee burst in.

"Morning drunken Sailor! You'll never guess who I found,"

Tsunami stood up.


"Come on Keiji, lets see who she found,"


Keiji and Tsunami walked onto the port and standing amougst the crowd to meet was a welcome sight indeed.

"Father," Keiji said happily

"Good to see you safe son, I was worried,"

"I found my mum and dad walking around Luca, turned out them, Neji and Tanis have been here for sometime,"

"Yeh we've been waiting for Fariel, she was ment to meet us here," Kobie said

"We saw untie Fari,"

"where is she?" Tanis demanded

"She came and rescued us from one of Penance's best general Ghede's dungeon, and then attempted to stop Ghede from making Penance complete but failed, she then escorted us back to Bevelle then headed back to Kebel, saying that what is happening at this moment is not her problem," Eevee said

"Damn her," Neji cursed "We won't be able to defeat Penance without her help, all angels will be needed, and now that he's complete,"

"If that is the case then there is nothing we can about it, she is in charge of her own life," Sonya said

"The situation has gotten far worse," Tanis said grimly

"Yeh Penance should invade sometime soon," Kobie replied also grimly

"It has already begun," Tsunami said and the adult angels turned to her in shock

"What!" they all shouted in unisen

"Just how much do you kids know?" Kobie laughed

"You guys must of had one hell a journey over this short period," Neji said impressed at the knowledge they all contain.

"And the fact that you are all here and appear in good condition is impressive indeed," Tanis said also quite impressed.

"And conidering neither of you are even 18 yet, we adults have will soon be outclassed," Sonya laughed

"Ummm, guys I'm going to take Keiji away to train along," Neji said changing to a more serious tone.

"Understood Neji, how long will you be gone for," Kobie asked and Neji mearly shrugged his shoulders.

"Eevee and Tsunami you need to tell us everything you know, and when will you be leaving Neji?" Tanis said

"Immediatly, no time can be wasted," Neji's face turned to a smile, "even if he is hungover," he joked hearing of his drunken night from Eevee. Keiji noticed at the corner of his eye disappointment in Tsunami's face.


The adult and teenage angels travelled to the gates of Luca.

"Are you ready to go Keiji?"

"Where are we going?"

"The demon world and I don't know when we will return if at all," Keiji turned to Tsunami who still stood a look of diappointment on her face. It trouble him but he had to leave. Neji and Keiji waved farewell, and turned there backs on the others. But just before they left the main gate, Tsunami called out. "Keiji wait!" Keiji turned round to see Tsunami run up to him and take his hand. "I need to speak to you before you go, we'll only be a minute," Neji nodded to Keiji and Tsunami dragged Keiji into the streets and took him down a deserted back alley.

"Tsunami whats wrong?" Keiji asked but Tsunami quickly swung and threw her arms round the back his neck pulled him down to her level and planted her lips on his. They kissed for sometime in the back alley, a kiss that was meant to happen way back at the start of there adventure at Tsunami's birthday.

"I didn't want to miss this chance also," Keiji smiled, no sign of nevousness in his face.

"Bout time you to," Eevee's voiced rang, Keiji looked around to see Eevee walk down the alley towards them. "We had some adventure didn't we?" Eevee said.

"Yeh it was fun in away," Keiji joked

"Scary at time, but funny at other times," Tsunami added

"Pushing through frozen wastelands,"

"Fighting demons in a garden,"

"being held in a wet prison,"

"Fighting freaks of nature,"

"Chasing after a freak on the back of Fariel,"

"Fighting powerful demons,"

"Dressing Keiji up as a soilder to sneak on a boat,"

"Getting drunk with a bunch of soilders,"

"Hiding in a crate for hours,"

The three friends gently placed pressed there fists together in middle of them as a bond of friendship.

"We should do it again sometime," Keiji added


All the farewells done Keiji and Neji left Luca to begin Keijis real training.



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RE: Avenging Angels 2 - Destinys Call

Soven stood like a statue as he watched the evil people.  He could see there minds at work: remembering old tales of pirates and bandits with a hoard of gold hidden somewhere, remembering old stories about Penance, belief growing in the fable Neji, the demon sent to Spira to rid the world of evil people, knowing that Soven does not ask help when in a fight. 

Soven began to doubt that his speech had any impact and was about so say something when a short, fat pirate shouted.  "Havok, Captain of the Claw, pleges his service to Soven."

"Tavna, assisian and gunner, joins Soven." Declared a middle age woman with a scar across her face.

"Tara, Captain of the Dagger, gives Soven, myself, my crew and my ship at his disposal."  Rumbled from a very tall and muscle woman.

"Davins, Master of the Blaves, 'ill join only if I get PAID!"  Slurred a drunk.

One by one, the pirates, thugs, murderers, all stood and swore to serve Soven with there men and there services.  Soven found that he had 9 airship captians, and if they were all fullly crewed as an average pirate airship had a crew of 40, then he all ready had a force of 360.  Soven did a quick count of the heads in the room and he burst into manic laughter.  50!  There were at least 50 warriors in the room and there were also 4 bands of bandits and if there had 15 men each, that gave Soven a grand total of 470.  Soven's Shadows were 470 strong!  Soven stopped laughing long enough to notice everyone staring at him,  he thought it was because of his laughing but suddenly realised he has to give them marching orders.

"Right!  You've all joined and you will all be paid BUT not before I realise you from the army.  Now,  Havok, Tara and the rest of the captians go your ships and stock them and throw anythin out you don't need.  Bandit chiefs, gather your men and be back here within an hour.  Everyone else, if you've got mates that you think will want some action get them here.  We leave in an hour, so get you gear, kiss your family goodbye, cos you may never see them again.  You have an hour.  Dismiss!"

The newly evil army, after some drained their drinks, marched out the door, leaving only Tanoj, Promise, Nina and Soven.  "'Noj, how many uniforms have you and the girls made?"  Asked Soven.

Tanoj opened his mouth to answer but another sound was made before he could speak.  Promise clapped her hands over her mouth and nose, Nina ran for a window and SOven pinched his nose saying, "Dirty bastard!" then coughed.

Tanoj chuckled, "Oops, but ya gotta admit, its nae a bad smell and it sounded abit wet an' all.  Ya reckon I've soiled meself abit?" 

"NINA, throw the windows open!  We need air."

Nina open the few windows and she, Promise and SOven, breathed in clean, fresh air.

"Right, assumin' 'Noojie's arse has said it's piece, now he can tell me his news."

"Well me an' the lassies had don' a good few.  About a hundred o' more."

Soven looked shocked that.  "What?"  He said.  "Come off it, 'Ven.  Ya cannae say ya didnae gie us a chalange.  Half were done 'for we picked up the needles, the rest jus' needed dyin'.  There'll be a thoosand afore the week's oot."

"Good."  After taking serveral deep breaths, and building a great deal of courage, SOven tore himself away from the window.  "Tanoj, you Nina and Promise go back to you place get the swords, guns and anythin else that might be useful.  I'm gonna find one of those airships and we'll plot a course that demon infeated island.  Cos, if yous still wanna go, huh?"

"Nae worry, mate.  I stood by ya when you called tha' blokes wife a bloated fiend, even when he brought half a hundred o' his mates to kick yar arse in."

"I'm goin' too.  I have a score to settle with Soren."

"Good.  I'll see yas in an hour."




Tanoj, Promise and Nina got back to 'Noj's place and started to gather the weapons they prepared earlier (Blue Peter, bastards) then they shifted Tanoj's junk looking for anything useful.  Their find was surpisingly large.  They found a create of gernades, 3 cases full of potions, a treasure chest over flowing with gil.  Tanoj was taken aback when they found that, he never knew he had it.  He started swearing and yelling about living like a peasant when he could be living in a mansion.  He decided, in his rage, that its was a good idea to kick the wall.  So he did.  Hard.  Only to find that it wasn't such a good idea after all.  He howled in pain and grapped his foot, hopping around like a mad man before falling on his face.  The pain in his face was unbelievable, he knew he was a big man but he knew felt his own weight before.  Well, not used against him, at least.  After blinking tears of pain, mind you, away, he noticed an empty bottle.  He picked it up and looked at the lable.  He remember it now.  It was the potion they used on Soven's wound.  He only now just noticed the name on the bottle.  It's was named "The Burst Potion".  Tanoj frowned, burst potion.  Odd name for a potion, but then again, Tanoj wouldn't know, he didn't use potions. "Nina, lass.  Ever hear' o' Th' Burst Potion.  I havenae."

"What?  Sorry, dear, but... did you say the Burst Potion?"

"Aye, I did, lass.  Why, does it matte'?"

"That can't be right, no way in SPira can that be right.  They were taken off the market.  Banned for being a waste of time.  Tanoj, give me the bottle, love."

Tanoj pulled himself up and passed the bottle behind himself, felt Nina take it from his hand and massaged his pulsing foot.  He heard Nina muttering to herself when she gasped and he heard the bottle smash.  Tanoj spun round and saw horror on her face.  He jumped to his, forgetting his foot and stood beside her.  "Nina.  Wha's wrong, lass?  Wha's wrong?"

Nina started to breath raggedly, so Tanoj gently guided her to a chair and sat her down.  He mumbled to her to stay calm, breath deeply and rubbed her back.  After several tense moments Nina spoke.  "That...po-potion we ga-...gave to-to-to Soven.  It's dan-dan-dangerous.  It was made a few years ago.  It was made here, in Bevelle.  The creator claimed it could save anyone from any aliment, any deaise, even when they were at the threshold of the Farplane.  And it worked, many people who were inches from death were saved.  There began a huge demand for them, before the New Tevon Praetor, Bavali, could declare it a legal potion people who took the potion died.  Their insides where writhered like prunes, their blood think and heavy so it couldn't go through the body proberly.  It took them days to die."  Nina burst into tears.  Tanoj hugged her and kissed the top of her heard.

"It'll be ok lass.  We'll gie him remedies to help agianst the decay and it might save 'im."

"That'll only work for about a month, no more then that."

"'En we'll pray to Yevon to save 'im."

Tanoj walked to the stack of potions and saw that Promise was shaking.

"Lass, 'Crin' 'elps nothin', no' even yar pain'.  Soven's words, lass."

He opened the door and walked out.


Tanoj found Soven talking to Tara the huge Woman with the airship.  Soven told him that because Tara's airship was the largest, she would carry most of the warriors.  Tara walked away, mumbling about checking her ship.  Tanoj told Soven about the potion and gave him the remedy.  SOven laughed and gulped the remedy down and threw the bottle away.  An hour later the army was gathered and on the 9 airships.  They took off for Penances island.


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<ooc - Luca, later that evening, more to come soon>

“Luca coming up ahead, sir,” a shadowy demon with large slanted eyes that glowed sinisterly in the dark growled from the front of the landing craft.

Zell, not possessing the same night vision as the demon, instead flicked down a green-tinted visor built into his armour as he stepped up to the bow. No emotion registered on the hard lines of his new, crueller face. The strange machina of his visor pierced the darkness as though it were day, illuminating the dormant-looking silhouette of night-time Luca up ahead. Around and behind them was a small fleet of assault ships, carrying the troops who had recently over-run and put to the torch Besaid.

Next to Zell, a snakelike grin crept up Xipetotec’s reptilian face.

“Luca won’t know what hit it.” he gloated in a sibilant hiss, “Stand by for the assault on the dock. Are the flyers prepared?”

This was to a second demon who stood behind him.

“All strike forces report ready, general.”

At that the rows of armoured Atellian warriors standing on deck wheeled right to face Zell and Xipetotec in perfect synchronisation, flicking their wrists one after the other to activate dully-glowing force lances with a menacing snap-hiss.

* * *

<ooc - Kebel, several hours earlier>

The hanger door hissed open, and the Ronso stormtroopers immediately trained their weapons and let loose a storm of bullets. Chips and shards flew off the walls and hid the entrance in smoke, but Kerek could tell something was wrong. There was no advance, no screaming of injured Kebelites, no return fire.

“Cease fire!” he roared, cycling the spectrum frequencies of his visor to try and penetrate the smoke.

Then the Ronso beside him’s head exploded. Kerek saw it as an immediate blackout of the stormtrooper’s camera feed and he was showered with blood as he turned to see his companion pitch forward, hit by an unknown assailant. The stormtrooper captain immediately launched himself to one side in a diving roll as his squad ducked for cover, coming up and swinging his multi-barrelled chain gun up towards a cross-hatched grating on one wall. His instincts were good - as bullets sprayed from his motor-driven weapon in a roaring whine, the heavy gun kicking back fiercely against his arm, a Kebel sniper pitched forward from the hidden tunnel behind the hatch, torn ragged by the shots. But even as the bloodied corpse fell to the floor more Kebelites were bursting from other hidden entrances, wielding a miscellaneous collection of swords and machina ranged weapons. They leapt across the hanger, ducking from cover to cover among the crates, aircraft and broken debris, and an intense firefight developed as the Guard stormtroopers were forced back on the defensive. Another of the camera feeds on Kerek’s visor spun crazily before slamming down to give a sideways view of the ground, the heart-rate monitor underneath flat-lining along with it. With an angry roar Kerek spun round and the sweeping line of his fire cut a second Kebel soldier almost clean in half with a scythe-like burst before he could duck into cover. The wall the Kebelite was thrown back against exploded with bullet-holes, but even as Kerek watched his target slide to the floor in a bloody heap, his eyes widened in shock as he heard someone shout a challenge from behind him. He was still turning as his attacker flew out of nowhere and connected a flying dropkick with the Guard captain’s head.

* * *

Faber rolled and came up shooting as the Ronso sprawled across the metal floor. Before he could stand he was thrown backwards with a smoking fist-sized hole in his armoured stomach, bullets spraying towards the ceiling from his arm-mounted chain gun as his hand tensed on the trigger in death reflex.

Shouting wildly Faber sprinted round the side of a damaged airship, surprising another Guard stormtrooper who turned too slow and started jerking and twisting under the impacts of Faber’s rapid-fire shock rifle, shots sparking off his armour. The rifle clicked empty so Faber reversed it without breaking stride and finished the Ronso by swinging it two-handed at his visored face. The stormtrooper fell backwards in an explosion of shattering pyrex.

“Go! Go!” Faber shouted to the bewildered technicians who had been captured in the initial Guard attack, and were now cowering bewildered behind any cover they could find to avoid the crossfire. They didn’t need telling twice and bolted for the main exit, but before they could reach it two or three screamed out and slid forward on their knees or their faces as they were hit from behind by a murderous hail of bullets. Faber turned in horrified fury as the stormtrooper captain came pounding towards him with chain gun smoking. The wound in his abdomen was bleeding heavily and he had lost his helmet, but his blue leonine face was contorted with rage as he dropped his head and head-butted Faber hard in the chest. The charge knocked Faber flying and he thought he felt some of his ribs break as the Ronso’s rhino-like horn tore a deep gash up his chest. Luckily it was only a glancing blow - a direct hit would have gored him. Nevertheless he still cried out in pain as he slammed into the deck, the impact driving the air from his lungs, and coughed up blood. Forcing back the pain he scrambled behind a large metal crate as the Ronso’s whining chain-gun peppered the other side and sent sparks flying with the ricochets.

“****!” he coughed, wiping blood from his mouth and pressing a hand to his wounded ribcage, “Why won’t you die?”

Anger gripped him, and forcing back the pain he pulled two pistols from their hip holsters, spinning them in his hands before breaking cover and blasting away. The Ronso jumped back and rolled away as Faber’s bullets chased him across the floor, throwing up sparks from near misses. Faber had to duck as the stormtrooper leader rolled to a stop and returned fire with frightening accuracy, almost taking his head off despite his awkward prone position.

With a grunt and a loud clank of heavy armour, the Ronso flipped himself back onto his feet. He seemed to have reached such a pitch of adrenaline-fuelled anger that the bleeding stomach-wound didn’t bother him at all.

The firefight continued around them, bullets whipping and singing past. Suddenly there was a roaring blast as a concussion grenade thrown by an unknown hand hit the ground, bounced once then exploded between the two enemies. Faber brought his hands up to his blinded eyes and fell spinning back as the searing hot blast wave swept over him. The Ronso, who had been much closer to the blast, was lifted into the air and thrown a good ten metres, hurled actually out of the hanger to go rolling down the icy plateau outside. Blinking to clear the coloured blobs from his seared vision, Faber ducked and weaved through a hail of bullets to follow. The Ronso lay unmoving in the middle of the runway that terminated in a cliff at the end of the ravine, half hidden by smoke from the still-burning SAM silos that had been taken out by the Guard helijets in the first attack.

“Heh heh, bet that got you that time!” Faber sneered as he lowered his pistols.

He was answered by an ominous click, and the rising whir of a chain gun charging up to fire.

“No…?” he cried in disbelief as a spray of bullets forced him to leap to one side. The Ronso lurched back to his feet and kept firing. All that stood between Faber and death were agility and the scant protection of the obscuring smoke haze. He dived and rolled as bullets threw up plumes of snow where he had been a second before and opened fire on the Ronso who was circle-strafing across the runway as with a speed belied by his size as he fired. A bullet winged the stormtrooper’s shoulder, spinning him around and knocking him off balance long enough for Faber to charge in, guns blazing, for the kill. The Ronso wore heavy bullet-proof body armour, but Faber’s guns were packing high velocity armour-piercing rounds he had designed himself, and they sent sprays of blood into the air as they tore into the Ronso’s legs and torso. Faber’s enemy went down hard in a red mist, rolling to a stop near the edge of the icy precipice.

Faber ejected the empty magazines from his smoking guns and slammed the guns down onto two more that were hanging from the back of his belt, locking them into place. He advanced cautiously on the Guard Ronso, but this time the battered body stayed down.

He took a moment’s satisfaction from the battle, then turned and began running back towards the hanger. He had to get word to Fariel, then help Larek and the others repel the Guard attacks on the tunnel network.

A choking laugh made him turn in disbelief. The Ronso stormtrooper had half-risen again, onto his elbows. In his hand was a grenade.

“Now you’re just pissing me off!” Faber shouted as the Ronso drew back his arm to throw. He raised one arm and a single bullet tore through the Ronso’s forearm, making the grenade drop from his nerveless fingers. It rolled a short distance and buried itself in the snow, but nowhere near Faber. Faber saw the Ronso’s eyes open wide, and smiled.

A drift of snow bulged upwards and burst into the air in a fiery explosion, raining slush down on Faber. The snow-covered runway had taken part of the blast, but as a result the explosion sent tremors through the ice and rocks at the runway’s end, causing the edge of the cliff to crack and splinter loudly. With a deafening roar the edge of runway split apart and crumbled, giving way to slide down a good fifty metres to the ravine below in an avalanche of snow and shattered rock, taking the Ronso captain with it. His scream was lost in the louder chaos of the rockslide, and Faber stepped backwards as several cracks snaked along the runway towards him, though no further rocks gave way.

“Survive that one, you bastard.” Faber growled as he found the Ronso’s battered helmet and threw it down after him.

“Wrecked the hanger and now he’s done my frakking runway…” he added as he surveyed the devastation, but he couldn’t worry about that now. He turned and began running back towards the hanger as the wind picked up and more snow began to fall.

* * *

Badly wounded and barely able to move under a half-burying mass of snow that was turning red in a rapidly spreading stain, Kerek choked on blood and weakly turned his head as something fell out of the snowstorm haze and landed with a thud next to him. Dimly he saw his armoured helmet lying next to him, the glowing visor still projecting its status holograms. All the small square pictures from his team’s mini-cameras were black, fuzzed over with static, or showing motionless lopsided views of the hanger interior or ceiling. All hovered above flat-lined heart monitors.

Through the red haze of pain, Kerek registered a single emotion - anger.

He erratically tried to move a bloodied paw until he managed to reach out and hit the communicator button on the side of his helmet.

“Hartlock!” he coughed in a husky whisper.

* * *

Captain Hartlock banked her helijet away from the burning remnants of the other Kebel hanger and tapped her dashboard.

“Read you loud and clear, Kerek. What’s up? Over.”

“The Kebelites pushed us back - my team are dead.”

“What the frak!?” Hartlock cursed, leaning a little further towards the intercom. She had never before seen anyone successfully stand up to Kerek and his crack Ronso stormtroopers. She swung her gunship round and gunned the engines.

“Red Two, Red Three, keep air superiority at this position,” she ordered her two wingmen, “I’m heading back over to target alpha. We might have a problem. Stay in touch.”

“Roger that, Captain,” the reply crackled over her comm, “Red Two out.”

“Copy that, Red Leader.” was Red Three’s acknowledgement.

Hartlock sent her helijet screaming round the mountainside, leaving a misty contrail in her wake.

“Kerek, this is Hartlock, what’s your status? Over.”

Her fellow captain had sounded like he was having trouble speaking in the last communication, like he was hurt bad. The response was barely audible over the static, and ended in a choking cough.

“Hartlock, just get the bastards for me…”

Hartlock couldn’t see Kerek lying crippled at the bottom of the ravine, but she did see Faber heading back into the hanger as she swept round the runway in a scream of turbines, and behind her visor her eyes blazed.

Non-lethal force be damned. If you’re the motherfrakker who took out Kerek, then your ass is mine.

“Die, bitch!” she screamed as she swept in, her thumb firmly on the trigger of her helijet’s twin autocannons.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.

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