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Avenging Angels 2 - Destinys Call

OOC - Threw this together at the weekend!  Its a little ending for Fariel of some kind :P  I read AA1 and 2 and she needed an ending, like seriously, AA2 ends somewhat abruptly.  Anyway, any plans for AA3? lol just kidding.  Anyway, have an ending, i decided to give Fariel a break (after all the crap i put her through for comical value) and i also couldn't come up with a good name for chess lol!!

Cheer's echoed all around the streets of Spira the demon army had been defeated and vanished forever, its was an impossible battle for the Spirian's to win but there determination and iron wills forced them to stand and fight and it payed off, there patients was rewarded by victory and one more chance to see there fallen loved ones. But despite victory the world of Spira still stood in ruins and for the survivors a many long years of rebuilding stood before them.

Fariel looking around the open expanse that had only moments before been a raging battlefield, the surviving soldiers, unsent, allies from kebel and civilians were all that stood now, cheering.  The Angel laughed, but it was a laugh of relief and also loss, rather that of happiness.  Lady Rayne, Larek, Tanis and her other friends approached her from there separated positions across the field and she smiled at them but found tears forming in her eyes, "What am I going to do without you lot?"  She said with more despair the she meant to.

"Rebuild Kebel, return it to its former glory, for the sake of all those who survived."  Rayne smiled, "You need to continue your duty as an angel and help lead Spira into better times."

Fariel nodded slowly, "Id prefer to do that with all of you by my side though..."

"You will always have us by your side, in spirit if not in body, but promise to visit us in the farplane!"  Lei added; he remained ever cheerful despite his predicament, Zeke and Faber agreed.

Tanis and Selina stood slightly back from the huddle of people, "Congratulate the young angels upon their return for me."

"Why not stay and do it yourself?"  Fariel said with a slanted smile, Tanis once again following his habits of leaving abruptly.

"No particular reason, though Im sure youll be glad to see the guests they are bringing back with them."  Tanis smiled slightly, before Fariel could object they turned and headed towards Lady Yuna who was sending the fallen souls to the Farplane.

"Typical."  Fariel snorted, but ignored him and turned to Larek, who despite everything, wore a smile on his face.  "Its going to be hard...not having you around."

"Im sure youll manage, youll have Leviathan to keep you company, and besides...I wont be too far away like Lei said, youll just have to come and visit."

"You make it sound like youre not really leaving..."  Fariel frowned.

"Well, we are and we arent."  Larek danced around the topic and looked past Fariel to an oncoming patrol of guardsmen led by general Beni, you have visitors.  He pointed, Fariel turned around and saw the approaching group. "Try to be diplomatic."  He laughed, Fariel turned back to retaliate against the comment but they were all moving away towards Yuna.

"Wait!"  She cried, "You cant leave."  Watching them leave again made her feel suddenly alone, Jacen and Kerr half turned but continued to walk away.

"Youll be okay," Kerr said confidently, "Arent you always?"  He smiled before turning back to look where he was going, Jacen waved with a warm smile before following suit.

"I hope so."  She said quietly.

"Fariel."  Beni announced, the angel turned to address him, "Thank you, for all your help during this...mess."

Fariel paused, looking over her shoulder to see her friends disappearing into the skies as pyreflies as Yuna sent them, she found herself smiling, "Youre welcome, she replied, Im sorry you lost so many men, I couldnt protect them all."

"Thank you, but they died honourably, protecting Spira...I do regret losing them but I also must apologise, youve lost many friends and family today."

"Please dont apologise, it wasnt your fault."  Beni smiled slightly, he still felt partially responsible for the destruction of Kebel and its occupants.  After so many years of petty fights with the community, its end was not a comfort to him, if anything he felt saddened by it.

"Come, we have a lot to discuss and even more to rebuild...The people of Spira will want to know what happened, and I can think of no one better to explain then one of the Avenging Angels." Fariel laughed.

"I guess its about time the world knew the truth...Its going to take a long time to explain I would think."

"Well, with both sin and penance gone, we have all the time in the world.  Will you aid us in rebuilding Spira?"

Fariel looked at the general, he somehow along the line had come to accept her, despite their differences in the past, "Of course."


Something about Kobie and Sonya and kids returning, dunno what, just something :p


Several months later...

Fariel swooped down through the cloudless skies, the moon was rising steadily, the sun only just disappearing from the horizon, Luca looked clean and fresh in the orange and pinks that shadowed over it.  The newly built harbour was still busy with late inbound ships sailing in despite the hour and people, despite still being slightly uneasy after everything they had been through, crowded the streets and went about their daily lives as they did before Penances invasion, some waved to Fariel as she flew by and she smiled and waved back.

Bevelle being less damaged in comparison to the likes of Luca, was repaired first and quickly in the aftermath of the battle against Penance.  The refugees misplaced from their homes elsewhere all settled in the big city while Fariel lead both Kebel, the gaurd and civilian volunteers out to repair Luca and clear up the scared Calm lands.

The rebuilding of Luca was quick and efficient, Bevelle wasnt built to hold so many so it was of first priority to build new homes for everyone.  After everything had settled, Fariel flew out to Sheol and found nothing there but a dead waste land, nothing stood there anymore, it was all just dust, satisfied Fariel returned and began to work on resurrecting Kebel.

But before any of this could be started, General Beni had Fariel address the whole of Bevelle and explain everything from start to finish, from the history of the avenging angels, sins final battle and penances uprising and defeat.  At first, when she has started to speak people werent sure, thinking this is Fariel Oreen, but once all the events started to come together they began to come around to the thinking that everything was true and that Fariel was not one to fear, she and the other angels were saviours.

Despite the sudden acceptance by Spiras populace, it still didnt rid her of the lonely feeling she had from loosing Larek and the others.

Fariels thoughts kept wondering through everything that had happened recently, she and her magical talent were called upon non-stop to help rebuild with other mages.  She couldnt remember the last time she had time to herself, though now everything had calmed slightly and she was using it to visit a new friend.

The new Guard precinct was built in traditional crusader style; Fariel had suggested the idea and Beni surprisingly agreed.  As Fariel lowered herself closer to Lucas streets and past the glare of the street lights, she made out Gerald standing on the balcony of his upstairs reception room, leaning against the railing, taking in the fresh night air.  Fariel landed silently upon the railing on the other side of the balcony, resting on the thick bar on the ball of her foot.  "Good evening."  She said light heartedly, even if she didnt feel it, taking a hold of one of her wings and dusting off some of the dirt that had gathered one the feathers during her flight over.

Gerald turned to look at the angel, not at all startled by her sudden appearance after having grown used to it from her regular visits.  "Its a nice night to be flying, I thought you would come."

"Well, you know me, between rebuilding Spira and Kebel visiting you is the only time where I get to just sit down and relax." She laughed sarcastically, though she was tired.

"Well, care for a game and a drink?"  He beckoned to the door.

"A game yes, but a drink, maybe not...shouldnt drink and fly you know."  She pretended to lecture but the general just laughed it off and headed inside.

The first time she had visited him after Penances defeat, he asked her in for a game of chess, intrigued she had accepted and it had become a regular occurrence, Gerald had been greatly entertained when Fariel took her queen and used her magic to mould it into a little winged woman, and performing the same thing on Benis king to make a man wearing a guard uniform and sword.

"How is Kebel doing?  Are all the renovations finished?"

"Not even close!"  Fariel pondered her next move, "There is so much work yet to do, but Sheana has it under control."

Kebel and the Guard seemed to create a mutual understanding after Penances defeat; they left each other alone for the most part.  The guard looked after the cities and anyone that stirred up trouble was assessed, some were sent to Kebel to be put under Fariels guidance or like tradition put in jail, and between the two options crime rates fell through the floor.  Fariel patrolled the skies, an angel watching over the cities some said, for peace had finally settled over Spira.

"Hows your new grandson?"  Fariel moved one of her peices across the chess board as Beni took a sip of his alcoholic smelling beverage.

"Growing faster by the day!"  He chuckled, "Hes going to be tall and strapping just like his granddad!"

"Im assuming you mean his other granddad then!"  Fariel joked, Gerald almost choked on his drink as he laughed.  "Check mate."  She said shortly after as he calmed down.

"What, hey!  Theres no way, you cheated!"

"Me, cheat?  No way, Id never do such a thing!  Youre just rubbish at playing chess!"


Something about Fariel visiting Sonya, Kobie and Eevee at some point.

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