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RE: Avenging Angels 2 - Destinys Call

(occ - yes bored again, anyway.  Quick post to get Ghedes about to die-ness under way!)


Fariel paused beside Zell and he looked at her warily as if half expecting to be punched, “If I can’t shoot you, then you certainly owe me a drink.”  She grinned before walking on, followed by Larek, Jacen and Eevee.

Zell smiled, Fariel would never come out with something as straight forward as ‘I forgive you’ but he knew that, that was one of her ways of putting the message across.


When the four of them arrived back at Trevor’s manor, it was on the verge of chaos.  General Beni and his team from Luca were all but under attack from the group of shouting Guardsmen.  The one leading the rather large group, to Fariel’s dislike, was the Commander from Kilika, Mathew Green.

Fariel, flanked by her four friends entered the large ballroom without failed confidence.  The refugees were in crowds along the edges of the room as The Guard row filled the centre.

“YOU!”  Mathew snarled, the group of them looked past General Beni to Fariel as the large door slammed behind them, drawing their attention.  “This is your doing!”  He continued to yell, pushing through to stand before Fariel who glared at him with disinterest.

“Move aside Green, I have business with the general.”  She spoke calmly.

“Business?!  I would hardly call your ‘alliance’ with The Guard, ‘Business,’ all you’ve been doing is slowly taking control of our numbers so you can get away with murders without anyone pointing the finger at you.”

“Your ability to jump to conclusions always amazed me.”  She smiled, “Where is the evidence to back up this accusation?”

“Well who else would have done it?!  You’re the only one without a conscience that would perform such an atrocity!”  A guado captain yelled, she recognised him as well; he was one of the few guado with a high rank.

“I’m flattered Mr Ciaphas, but your jumping to conclusions as well.”  She shrugged his rant away, “Why would I kill one of the few people that supply Kebel with its machina?  Not to mention he was a close friend to many of the angels.  Also, just to support my side of the argument, how could I have killed Trevor when Ghede got there first?”  She smiled as both men backed down temporarily.

“Ghede is one of Penances men?”  Beni asked from behind Mathew.

“Yes, he is.  He snuck into the city with the refugees, that, and I know he did it because we just met him outside kidnapping one of my people.”  Fariel answered him, Beni knitted his eyebrows together, “Before you ask, yes, he did get away.  And I’m about to take a team and follow him.”

“Like hell I’m letting you go anywhere!  Unless you all forgot!”  Mathew addressed the crowds watching, “This woman is a wanted criminal, the leader of the underground Kebel!  How many of you can say that you trust her?  How many of you can confidently say that you don’t believe she’s working with Penance to doom us all?!”

“Commander Green,” Beni roared over his yelling, “Stand down immediately!”  He ordered.

“Why should I?  Because you ordered me to?  I’m sorry Gerald, but I’m not taking orders from someone that conspires with the enemy!”  Mathew yelled and got a roar of support from the Guardsmen on his side of the argument.

“You are Guardsmen for frak sake!  Have you forgotten that?!  You will do as you’re frakking ordered and protect the people of Spira!”  General Beni retaliated, silencing the cheers from Mathew’s supporters.  “Now I’m ordering you, for the sake of all the people in this city, to stand down!”

Fariel and the others stayed quiet as the guardsmen fought, the crowds quickly started to fill the room with whispers of discussion.  “Fariel Oreen was indeed our enemy, but she is a minor threat compared to what we are faced with now!  Until this ordeal is over she is our ally, leave the past alone and open your frakking eyes to what’s happening now!”  Beni yelled out to everyone, “Fariel and the other Avenging Angels are our last hope to defeat Penance, I know the name Avenging Angels means little to you all but in due time it will!  But let’s fight to protect what little we have left, are you with me?!”  Beni smiled as the crowds burst into cheers, supporting him and his decision.

Mathew and Ciaphas growled, the pair of them and the little support they had left retreated from the ball room.  Ciaphas muttered curses as he caught a glimpse of Fariel waving at them with a gleeful smile on her face.

“Fariel Oreen, take who and what you need and hunt down Ghede, repay the favour in kind for Trevor.”  Fariel nodded.

“We’ll be back before you know it.” She winked, “And while I’m gone, keep everyone, including yourself, safe.”  Beni nodded and saluted to her; she repaid the gesture and turned to her friends.

“Jacen, Larek, Eevee, you three are coming with me, load up two cruisers and lets get going.”  She smiled, Larek and Jacen both nodded and quickly went off to load two of the cruisers sitting outside the manor, Eevee followed at her own pace, “Oh and General?”  Beni looked at her, “Look after Whisper while I’m gone.”  She smiled before jogging on after the others, Beni looked down beside him as the wolf licked his hand and he patted her on the head.

“Nice to meet you.”  He smiled to the wolf.


“What the heck are these things?”  A group of young pilots looked at a couple boxes of odd components they hadn’t seen before.

“Amateurs” Fariel grinned appearing beside them making them jump, “They are cloak spheres.”  She picked up one of the boxes and threw it to Larek who quickly removed the machina and attached them to the underbelly of one of the cruisers, Jacen did the second one.  “I might let you play with them when I get back.”  She waved, climbing into the front seat of the two man cruisers, Eevee got in behind her while Larek and Jacen manned the second one.

“Do we even know where we are going?”  Jacen asked unconvinced that they would find Ghede.

“Trust me Jacen; there is only one place in this forsaken world that creepy little men like Ghede hang out.”

Larek and Fariel powered up the engines of the cruisers and flew them out of Bevell in the direction of the Thunder Plains and Guadosalam beyond them.



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Tsunami swooped down at the gates of Penance's new castle, the demons surronding the farplain around all seperated offering a clear path for there princess. Tsunami ran her hand along a vile hound like demon, which soon flowed at her heels. The castle gates opened and Penance stood there greeting his daughter.

"Tsunami, finally," he said placing his hand on her shoulder and bekoning her in. They approached the massive, grotescly decorated throne room where too thrones stood.

"I'm sorry father I couldn't get Keiji's power,"

"I know I saw your failure, but I'm willing to forgive you, take a look," Penance lead Tsunami and her hound to his swirling ball of crystal dark energy, hovering his hand over he brought up an image of Keiji he sat leaning against the wall, still in shock and devestation by her betrayal.

"Just look at the poor boy, he had lost his will to fight, and it's all thanks to you,"

Tsunami stared at the crystal, "Idiot," she said to herself.

"Now lets get that disguise off you, white sickens me Penance said, reaching into his armor and pulling out a small jewel, he crushed it with his fingers, the sharps disappearing into the air, slowly Tsunami's wings began to peel, the white shimmering off to to be replaced by dark feathers.


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<ooc - Not well written by any stretch of the imagination, but hey, it’s a fun fight-scene>

The two cruisers skimmed over the uneven terrain as they approached the Thunder Plains, the rising winds and occasional flicker of lightning in the distance letting them know they were getting close. The hover bikes were visible only as brief flickers through the air, like the indistinct shimmer of heat haze - the Al’bed cloak spheres were doing their job well and rendering them almost totally invisible to the naked eye.

“We’re into enemy territory now, Fari!” Larek’s voice crackled over the radio in Fariel’s helmet.

Almost before the words were out of his mouth a winged demon swept out from behind one of the distant lightning rods, visible briefly as a black dot against the cloudy sky, and wheeled round to disappear towards Guadosalam.

“Look out,” Jacen warned from behind Larek as he spotted, rather closer to them, a patrol of four demons on foot guarding the edge of the arid Thunder Plains.

“Don’t worry Locke,” Fariel’s voice crackled back, a slightly mocking tone evident over the static, “They can’t see us.”

No sooner had she said this then a purple fireball came streaking towards them. Fariel swore and yanked the controls of the cruiser to one side in a tight barrel roll. The fireball streaked past the cruiser’s underbelly.

“Frak! You were saying?” Eevee yelled at her, having barely been able to hold on through the sudden manoeuvre.

“They can sense us even though they can’t see us? Aeons, I hate frakking demons!” Fariel growled as more Demon Balls followed and she was forced to jink the craft aside again. The four demons were extending their wings and soaring to intercept them, their bestial heads turning this way and that as they shouted alerts to each other.

“Hang on!” Larek said grimly to Jacen as he swung the cruiser round. It was only lightly armoured and not meant for combat - a direct hit would be the death of them. As he pulled sharply away Jacen let go of the handlebars in front of him, unslinging his rifle. Even at the high speed he brought it up to his shoulder and held his breath, holding the barrel steady despite the bumpy progress. In less than a second he had aimed, tracked and fired, and one of the demons spun back through the air in a welter of blood as the bullet tore through its skull.

“Good shot, Jacen!” Larek shouted in praise as the demon dissolved into dust and flames, and braked sharply so that the two of them could leap off the cruiser.

Fariel hadn’t braked. Instead she slammed her foot down on the accelerator and streaked towards the three remaining demons. Demon Balls flew by, so close to either side that Fariel and Eevee felt the heat of their passing, but did not hit. As they drew closer the demons roared a challenge and extended black talons as long as daggers from their fingers. The closest screeched at Fariel and Eevee as it rolled in the air and dived towards them. Fariel screamed back and jinked the cruiser’s nose up, and for a second the demon’s eyes opened wide in shock, but then it was suddenly gone as the cruiser ploughed into it at maximum speed, purple blood spattering Fariel’s visor and the nose of the hover bike.

Fariel glanced back to see the demon bounce and roll across the rocky ground in a tangle of shattered limbs before dissolving into flames.

“Bastard…” she grunted, but then another shrieking demon came out of nowhere and latched its claws onto the back of the cruiser, flames licking over it from the vehicles engines and searing its unnatural flesh.

“Frak!” yelled Fariel and braked hard, but with the unbalancing weight of the demon the crusier was pitched to one side, so that as it decelerated all three occupants were thrown clear and sent sprawling across the ground. The demon recovered and came screeching towards Eevee while she was still scrambling to her feet, and sent her rocketing back with a flying dropkick. Eevee landed hard on her back but quickly flipped back onto her feet and tore off her biker helmet to reveal a face contorted with rage. She let the hate flow through her and now she could feel another power swelling along with it - she felt her parents’ Aeons suddenly burst into consciousness inside her head, and the force lance she held in both hands blazed incandescent. She held it towards the sky, her thumb firmly down on one of its power runes, and the weapon physically shook with the power flowing into it. Lightning blasted down from the sky to connect with the lance’s tip once, twice, three times, and then a triple-helix of fire, ice and water joined it before it discharged in a white flash. A white shockwave sent small stones flying in all directions as she punched the lance forward and the gathered energy jolted from it in a glowing beam that smashed the demon back through the air, screaming as it was carried on the tip of the beam into the sky before annihilating in a white starburst.

The fourth demon aborted its attack run, beating its wings frantically to slow itself and whirling to retreat, but a three-round burst from Larek’s pistol caught it in the midsection and it pitched from the sky, dissolving to ashes before it touched the ground.

“Well, they won’t be telling anyone we’re here…” Fariel murmured as she pulled off her own helmet, “Eevee, that was the definition of overkill.”

Eevee was breathing heavily and didn’t reply as she lowered her force lance, retracted it, and stopped to catch her breath. Her face was hard and stern.
I believe my brothers are back, Fariel, Fariel heard Leviathan comment with amusement in her head.

“Yeah, no **** Leviathan…” she answered dryly.

The four of them parked the cruisers under one of the lightning rods at the edge of the Thunder Plains, with Guadosalam not far away to the south. They left the cloak spheres running so that no other demon patrols might discover their transports.

“I’m glad Ghede kept the lightning rods running…” Fariel commented, though she admitted privately that whatever Ghede was using the collected energy for could only be bad news.

“Now are you sure you can remember where you parked them?” Larek asked cheerfully as they ducked from lightning rod to lightning rod, stopping each time to look out for demons before proceeding towards the overthrown Guado city. Fari laughed and twirled a homing beacon in her fingers.

“Lets hope that creepy bastard hasn’t moved Tsu anywhere else, and that we can bust her out of there before too many of his lovely creations show up…”

Leviathan had been able to tell her that Ghede had set up a new laboratory in Maester Seymour’s old mansion, and she found the fact almost unbearably ironic.

“Right,” she went on, “This guy is due a serious ass-kicking…though don’t worry Eevee,” she said, turning to her goddaughter with a grin, “I’ll make sure I get the right one of him this time.”

She had been hoping to trigger a laugh, maybe one of Eevee’s characteristic sarcastic retorts, but she was disappointed. Eevee appeared to have withdrawn into herself again, her face betraying no emotion whatsoever as she looked up briefly at Fariel. She looked away again in complete silence.

Fariel sighed, suppressed an unpleasant mixture of sadness and frustration, and focused her mind back on what might await them in Guadosalam.

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Neji looked down at his son in his sorry state.


“Keiji on your feet,” Neji lifted Keiji to his, Keiji rose his head, his eyes were still wet from tears surrounded by a red rim.


“Father where did I go wrong?”


“What are you talking about Keiji?”


“Mother died because she came to rescue me, and Tsunami despite how much I thought she loved me betrayed me, I’m weak,”


“Keiji, have I ever told you about the two wolves who battle inside of all of us,” Keiji gave Neji a confused look.

 One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence,
empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." Keiji thought for a second.
 “Which one wins?” “The one you feed,” Neji replied. Keiji wiped his eyes, there was truth in Neji’s words. “Thank you father,” Neji pulled his son close and hugged him. “Melina, Sonya, Feyd, you have already lost you’re mother and invaluable friends, and now you’re love, I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you,” Keiji returned his fathers hug. “Zell come over here,” Neji yelled.  Zell came quickly and stood Next to Keiji. Neji placed one hand on each of there shoulder. 

“Now then, if you guys are gonna help me save Spira then we have to get that fighting sprit back, and I don’t care if it takes us all night or even longer, you do are going to fight eachother till you can't fight no more,”

Zell and Keiji sighed, "Do we have to fight eachother?" Zell complained

"Oh, would you rather fight me," Neji said sadistically. Zell sighed prefering his chances on survival with Keiji. Keiji managed a smile.

"No sir,"

"Good it will be just like the old days," Neji laughed, "A kid kicking your ass,"



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Cid, Gooey, the good guys and Soven badass army, had been waiting for what seemed hours. Some were wondering what would happen if Soven died, others wondered what they’d do next but one person was voicing her thoughts loudly, of what they should do. "Why are we sittin' on our butts when Soven needs us? We should be helping him instead of being cowards?"

Tanoj was holding Promise back as she kept trying to run down the path to catch up with Soven. Promise was slapping Tanoj with all the strengh she could muster as she said loudly, "Your his friend, aren’t you? Why did you stay behind instead of helping him? Why? WHY?!"

"Lass, I stuck 'hind cos 'Ven wouldnae like me tryin' t' fight 'is fight. He'd kill me 'fore he let me take 'is fight. 'Ven is too proud of 'is strength to allow 'elp. The 'est we can dae is t' stick by 'im, no matter wha'."

"Hmm, never thought I'd hear a ragged pirate say somewhat honourable words." Promise and Tanoj stared at the unwanted voice. Gau stood several paces away, with several of his own men behind him. Noting that Tanoj, neither Promise nor the rag-tag "army" made a sound, Gau spoke on, boldly. "Your great Soven is nothing more then a filthy pirate, too stubborn to know he can't wi-"

"SHUT UP!" Roared Promise. "You know nothin' of Soven, you just know he's a pirate and a better fighter then you so you talk down of him! You act tough but everyone's seen you shake when he offered to fight you! You don't like Soven cos your jealous!"

"Jealous? JEALOUS!? I have nothing to envy of that useless rogue! And don't praise him just because he saved your life. He has killed so many people, I doubt if he even considered himself human."

"Well, he's better off then. Cos if you consider YOURself human, then why would he wanna be a whiny, gutless arse with less brains then an upside down fiend!"

A cluster of laughing burst forth. Promise and Gau had forgotten the rest of the men who were obviously watching with great interest, and it seemed most of them thought Promise had gained a point. But Gau wasn't going to be out done by a child.

Gau sneered, "So, you think so highly of your great Soven that nothing can open your eyes to the truth? You think just because he did one good deed that he deserves to be redeemed for his past sins? Well, child, your great savoir is already dead and he more then deserved it. Everyone here knows that your pathetic "hero" can't beat an Aeon by himself and-"

A loud static hiss crack through the air. Men jumped to their feet, readied their weapons for an attack. Nothing happened. Bitter silence filled the air as the men stood ready to face anything. Another broke through the air. Promise pulled her beautiful dirk out and waited for the fight. Again, nothing happened. Another hiss sounded. Promise snorted and nearly broke down in tears of laughter. She fell her knees, clutching her stomach as the realisation poured over her.

"Ta-Ta-Tanoj (hahaha)... wh-why don't you (burst of giggles)..... ANSWER IT!" A fresh burst of giddiness over took her as she saw the look on Tanoj's face. She never knew it could get that red.

The men stared with rage at Tanoj as he fumbled with the device that Tara had given him to keep in touch with Soven.


Soven watched as his and Cid's men marched along the path that hugged the hill. Soven knew they could see them, by their pointing and shouting, they also saw the "Aeon" lying in three pieces around him. Soven waved at them and stopped. He saw Promise had broken from the rest and ran down the hill as fast as she could and trailing behind her was Tanoj shouting for her to "Git back 'ere, lass!"

As she and Tanoj got closer, Soven saw Promise clutching something tightly in her hand. When the light glinted of it, Soven knew exactly what it was. Before Soven could speak, Promise screeched, "WHAT HAPPENED? WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE US? IT THAT YOUR BLOOD?!"

Soven opened his mouth to speak but the wind was knocked out of him when Promise threw her arms around him and hugged him fiercely. Soven was about to tell her to let go when noticed something. She was shaking and she was sniffing quickly and Soven knew she trying to stop herself from crying.

"Hey, kid. Come on, nothin's a match for me, huh. You don't have to worry about me. I can take care of myself." He gently patted her head and rubbed her back. Soven looked past her at Tanoj and saw the question in his eyes. Soven recounted to fight to Tanoj and Promise, if she listened. At the end Soven added, "That’s not all. I don't think this thing was an Aeon."

"Huh?" Tanoj glanced at the massive corpse. "Looks real te me, mate"

"Duh, of course it looks real, it was meant to. But this fake was... weird. Before we fought, it looked tired and really old, but I've never heard of an Aeon ever being tired or that there age ever affected them. And it never used magic. Aeons are supposed to have great magical powers, so why didn't it blast me to bits with magic instead fighting like an enraged drunk? I'm tellin' ya, this Penance guy is tryin' to be a god or somethin', recreating fake Aeons, and poorly made ones at that. Come on, let’s join the rest of them so when can make Penance cry or somethin' but breakin' into his home. Come on, you two."

Promise had stop crying but her eyes were still red and wet, she took no notice of them and neither of them mentioned it. As the walked back to eagerly awaiting force, Soven put his arm around Promise and whispered, "Thanks, kid."

After they reached the top of the hill several people tried to ask questions but Soven silenced them and ordered them to continue marching, all the while keeping his arm around Promise's shoulders. Soven and Promise walked to front of the massed troops where Cid and Gau waited patiently. Soven called for everyone to "Move it or lose it!" and started to march down the path, taking his arm away from Promise.

Soven spoke with Cid as they marched, ignoring Gau and the bet they made perilously. Cid was concerned about the Aeon but Soven thought that the Aeon was more of a one off thing rather then a serious creation and dismissed Cid's claims. Cid fell back and spoke quietly with Gau, leaving Promise and Soven alone.

"How’s you, kid?" Soven asked her.

"I'm mad at you. You’re unbelievable, takin' a risk like that. You could've died fightin' that thing and for what?! To prove your strength, your ability, your complete lack of thinkin’?!"

"Kid, calm down." Soven was surprised at how much her words stung and resisted the temptation to hung his head in disgrace. "I've always wanted to fight an Aeon, jus' to see if I could wi-"

"You mean you fought it, without knowin' if you COULD?!"

"Kid, come on. It not very likely it could've killed me, remember, I've wiped out armies, killed so many fiends that they run away from me before I can draw my sword. I'm near invincible-"

"Invincible? That’s not what I remember from... before."

Soven looked away. He did remember, the tower, Soren and Promise.... Soven glanced back at her and saw the vacant look of someone looking through the past. An uncomfortable silence hung over them. Soven broke into a small smile and said gently, "You'd like my mother."

Promise stared at Soven with the sudden change in conversation, looking startled. Soven saw her look and laughed loudly, "Really, you'd like her. She would always tell me things, things that were not normal of a carin' mother. She'd say, "Soven, if your goin' out, don't get into fights cos you know when your blood starts boiling, that you won't stop" or "Soven, if your find fiends, stay agile, alert and never turn you back unless you know their dead". Yevon, she was an inspiring mother, makin' you think anythin' was possible, that no goal was out of reach and made every victory even sweet with simple praise. Ha, I remember the day I killed my first fiend, I was a young boy, too young to kill a fiend but some how I did. I dragged it to our home and when she saw it, she smile and said "Well done". Most people need to show lots of enthusiasm to show their praise but with her, all she had to do was smile and say "Well done" and you felt the world shift, air become lighter, the wind sweeter. I haven't seen her for 10 years. When we're done with this, I’ll take you to meet her. You'll love her instantly. Guarantee it! You'll probably be her new daughter, which makes you my little sister."

Promise smiled, "That be great. I don't remember my mother..."

"Don't worry about which is lost but look ahead, you'll get your revenge, get a new mother, a new family and a big brother no one will mess with. Won't that be great."

Promise smiled widely as tears swelled in her eyes.

“Now, kid, don’t you remember? Cryin’ helps nothin’, not even your pain. Wipe those away and move it!”

Promise laughed, wiped her eyes dry and marched on, copying Soven, step for step. As they marched on the path went up a hill. When Soven reached the top, he stopped dead in their tracks. Before them was a huge citadel with huge, thick outer walls, tall towers and heaviest weight of ancient evil. They had reached Penance’s home, the heart (if it has one) of Sheol.



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(as rush job had no real motivation lol)

The rain still pouring outside Neji took Zell and Keiji to an open park in Bevelle.

"Right then, here is where your going to fight, and bare in mind we are in the middle of a city so nothing to flashy we want this place standing, and for those reasons, Keiji no magic and Zell now ranged weaponary you can however use your rifel for for close combat purposes,"

"But dad its late,"

"I already told you, even it takes us all night I not going to stop this fight until you both get back your fighting spirt, now begin,"

"What just like that?" Zell asked

"Would you like introductions?"

"Ok, ok, fine I'll fight, but it's abit unfair,"

"Trust me Zell, you will be surprised, now begin!"

Keiji faced Zell and crouched into position.

"Here I come Zell,"

"...yeh," Keiji jumped forward throwing his fist, Zell stepped back knowing of Keiji's demonic strength, but Zell's reactions were not to be taken lightly, without even thinking Zell brought up his hand and meet the fist and to his surprise the fist stopped, Zell had not only caught the fist but was now stronger enough to prevent it from hitting him. Zell smiled grabbing Keiji's wrist with his other hand he turned round lifting Keiji over his shoulder and threw Keiji away. Keiji flipped before hitting the ground landing on his feet.

Zell looked at his hands with shock, where did this strength come from? He thought to himself.  Neji's laugh could be heard.

"Surprised Zell? that's Penance's power, you may have severed the chain connecting you to that power source but your body had kept what it had already absorbed, so you see it's so unfair,"

Zell turned to Keiji, "lets continue," Keiji nodded leaping forward once again, Zell charged in response and they locked hands pushing against eachother, yet Keiji proved the stonger pushing Zell back, using Keiji's strength Zell fell back lifting his leg to flip Keiji over. Keiji jumped to his feet, and spun round, Zell was charging at him with his rifel out. Zell went high forcing Keiji to duck under the swipe, Keiji swept Zell's legs and casued him to crash into the grass. Zell flipped to his feet and continued to swing his rifel cutting the air as Keiji avoided every attack, Keiji returned with various punches and kicks but eachfailed to hit or do any real damage, the attacks somewhat sloppy.

Meanwhile in the background Neji sighed disappointed.

"I didn't think I would have to do this, but," Neji drew his swords, "Make way for me!" he shouted charging in. Zell and Keiji paniced as Neji charged, Zell blocked the swords.

"Neji what the hell?"

"You guys obviously weren't putting your heart into the fight, I was getting bored, so lets see you pair fight me,"

"Very well," Keiji said from behind jumped at Neji.

"Please...Diablos," Diablos emerged from Neji's body in purple mist, quickly formed infront of Keiji, Diablos' hand clasped on Keiji's face and threw him back. Keiji landed on his feet and leapt and Diablos locking, Diablos caught Keiji's hands and began to stare him.

"Your strong Keiji, but with your heart in it, you have no chance," Diablos kicked Keiji in the stomach, then punched him away before forming back into Neji and together forced Zell back.

"Well then boys? are you going to stare all day or attack?" Zell and Keiji formed up and attacked. Rite until morning Keiji and Zell srtuggled against Neji getting a royal beating and not even landing in one hit until the rain stopped and the sun began to slightly raise from the background. Keiji and Zell lay on the grass gasping for breath yet Neji stood unfazed, overlooking them.

"You aren't giving up so soon are you?"

"But Neji, we've reached our limit," Neji burst into a laugh

"Oh don't give me that bull****, I know you can go on, you just refuse to, Keiji you can't get your mind of Tsunami and its preventing you from going all out and Zell your afraid of the new power you have and choose not to use it,"

The pair were silent they knew Neji was right. Keiji and Zell forced themselves to there feet and looked at eachother before smiling.

"Fine then father,"

"You want us at out best you'll get us at our best,"

"The you better be quick!" Neji shouted lunging forward, and stong wind slowed him down yet Neji continued to charge, then suddenly he froze as he saw in Keiji's hands a strong force building up.

"I said no magic Keiji!" Neji yelled yet Keiji didn't listen and continued to build more energy. "Keiji! listen to me! you can't in Bevel-" It was then Neji relised why Keiji was doing that, he noticed that Zell was not standing where he had been before, Neji turned round to late to see Zell sweep his legs, and as he feel Keiji appeared infront of deliveing a powerful punch and cause him to crash into the ground. Neji laughed.

"Now that more like it," he said getting to feet to continue the fight. The fight erupted for about another hour. In the end all three men lay on the ground panting for breath, there bodies bruised, great smiles on there faces.

(Pretty lame i know, might redo it someother time once I get motivation)



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"The gates bigger then I expected,” Whispered Gau, "but it shouldn't be much of a problem.  Our explosives should take care of it.  What worries me is what’s inside?  We don't know how many Penance left behind and if he left too many we’ll have to fall back and come up with another plan."

Gau and Cid had been in a whispered conference since the moment they found Penance's home.  They had moved back down the path and everyone waited patiently while the goody leaders made plans.  Well, almost everyone.  Soven and Promise were bored and restless to get inside.  Soven wanted to see Penance "home, sweet home" and trash the place to the Farplanes and Promise, not focusing on the "Now" but the "Then".  In low tones, she paced whispering her plans for the future.  If Soven kept his promise to introduce her to his mother and if she did take Promise in as her own, then Promise needed to think over important details.  What was she like, Soven mother?  Was she nice or was she only nice to Soven?  What should she say when they were introduced? Would she be please with Promise or not?  What if she didn't?  What if she hated Promise and wanted her thrown out?  Would Soven stay with her or would he abandon her as well?  What if Mother is like Son?  What if - 

"Kid!  Your pacin' is drivin' me nuts!  What's up any way?"  Soven was re-braiding his hair into his single tail.  She knew he didn't care if it was tidy or not but he only did it out of boredom with nothing else to do.  "Are you worried about that place?  Don't be.  Nothin' will get near you as long as I'm around and Tanoj."

"Tanoj?"  Promise turned her gaze to the large man leaning his back against a tree with his feet propped up on a rock, trying to sleep.  "But he doesn't have a weapon.  How can he fight?"

Soven flashed one of his evil grins and chuckled to himself.  "Not everythin’ is as it seems.  'Noj, show her."

Promise and Soven waited but no reply came from the massive man.  Soven turned to Tanoj, saying louder, "Tanoj!  Show her!"

But Tanoj stayed silent and still.  Well, not completely.  Promise could see his chest moving and ... could hear him snoring.  Tanoj had fallen asleep just before Soven addressed him. 

Trying as hard as she could, Promise forced herself not to smile or laugh but what happened next was simply beyond her ability to stop laughing at.

Soven noticed that Tanoj had fallen asleep as well and was now standing with his arms crossed over his chest.  Several other pirates and evil people had noticed this and started to watch, hoping for a show.  Soven looked around for something and when it caught his eye, he grinned as if he as a child who found his birthday present a month early.  He walked, quietly over to a stop near Tanoj, his smile widening with every step.  Some people were nudging each other and pointing at Soven, whispering what he might do.  Soven stopped right in front of Tanoj, with his feet wide apart and his face constricted by pain as he tried to stop himself laughing.  One person, behind Promise nearly burst into laughter, catching on to what Soven was planning.  Promise heard another person whisper, "He wouldn't, would he?"

Promise watched in mix horror and mirth, as Soven pulled his black trouser down a bit and whipped his - "He's not goin' to-"

Tanoj woke slowly by a strange sensation over his chest and face.  It felt like rain but Tanoj couldn't remember it ever coming out in a single stream.  As the sensation continued, Tanoj smelt a strange smell.  It smells like piss but that can't b-

Tanoj's eyes flung opened as he saw - Soven pissing on him!!!

Soven and the audience burst out laughing when he saw Tanoj's wake up by being pissed on.  Tanoj roared with rage and leaped to his feet, Soven ran as fast as he could, fighting the urge to drop and stop his lungs from hurting.  The crowd laughed outrageously, watched Tanoj covered in piss chasing Soven who was still trying to pull his trousers up.  The chase continued for several minutes, with everyone watching and laughing so hard it physically hurt them, until Soven jumped into a tree and climbed as high as he could, laughing all the way.  Tanoj tried to grab the branch Soven used but it snapped and he fell flat on his back.  Tanoj roared life threatening swears at Soven but he only laughed harder, until Tanoj had given up trying to get him and stumped off, casting everyone with dark looks, in search of a stream to wash in.


An hour later, Tanoj returned, dried and the smell faded.  He still stumped and no one looked him in the eye and when he passed people they fell over in silent laughter.  Tanoj marched angrily to the tree Soven stilled called sanctuary.  Tanoj stared daggers at Soven; Soven glanced back and said, "Even?"

Tanoj growled and bared his teeth like a dog and a single word was heard.  "Even!"

Soven smiled and jumped back down, grinning stupidly at his huge friend.  Tanoj face slowly changed from anger to bitterness to sadness and then disgust.  "Did ya really hav' ta wake me like that?!  That’s one o' yar wors' thing's ya ever done."

"I know but couldn't resist, could I?  Beside, you clean up nicely."  Soven sniffed loudly, "See, can barely smell it."  Several people burst out laughing, including Promise although she felt guilty about it later.  Tanoj looked depressed then he smiled sheepishly and slapped Soven on the back.  Soven was pushed forward so hard that he tripped over a small stone and fell, landing on his face.  More laughter broke out as Soven turned over and stared annoyance at Tanoj.  "Feel better?"

Tanoj nodded and laughed.  He offered Soven his hand, but quickly ran it over his head as Soven reached for it.  Soven grinned and pulled himself to his feet.

"Anywa', why did ya wake me?  I wis havin' a cracker o' a dream."

"Sorry, but Promise wanted to see your weapon, that you've successfully hidden from her.  She thinks your unarmed, but we know better, don't we?"

Tanoj showed his own sly grin, though it was mostly hidden by his thick beard but if you looked at his eyes, you'd see it.

"Oh, aye, we ken better, don't we?"

"Why don't you show our curious trainee, your secret weapon?"

Promise had stepped closer, wondering Tanoj's hidden weapon might be.  Promise; full of wondering, watch as Tanoj reached behind his back and pull out ... his hands.  Empty hands.  Correction, empty hands with gloves on.  Big deal.  Promise stared blankly at the grinning pair, thinking they were playing a trick on her.

"Oh, she doesn't see.  Well, Tanoj, you should demonstrate for her."

Tanoj chuckled happily.  He walked over to a large rock with two baddies sitting on it.  Indicating they move, Tanoj turned back to Promise and smiled widely.  Suddenly, Tanoj turned back and punched the rock as hard as he could.  A tremendous crack ripped through the air.  Promise gasping, thinking he broke his, watched as Tanoj straighten and turned back with a smug look on his face.  Promise gaze turn puzzled, trying to work what happened.  Tanoj held a finger, showing it to the crowd who were watching.  He turned back to solid rock and flicked it.  The solid rock cracked into a hundred fractions, it shook and fell into a dust-covered rumble.

Promise mouth fell open, as did several others as Tanoj waved his hands in triumph, Soven started to explain.  "It's his gloves.  Tanoj has the strength and the gloves, not only protect his hands from damage; they also multiply the strength in his punches a thousand times over.  Basically, if he punches you without the gloves, you'll be knocked out, with the gloves, you'll be lucky if your head is still on or your guts still in place.  Ok! Everyone!"  Soven abruptly addressed them.  "No more waitin'!  We're gonna knock that place down.  Now, shift it!  You two!"  He pointed the stunned stricken pair, Cid and Gooey.  "Forget your plans, we're just gonna walk up, kick the door in and raise chaos.  As we do best!  Come on!  I wanna hurt someone so there better be someone in there!"

The ragtag army jumped to its feet and followed Soven, Tanoj and Promise jumping around saying how cool that was.  In a moment, only Cid and Gau were left behind, stunned into a coma.  Gau shook his off and ran after the force, shouting they need a plan not a simple whim.  Cid laughed loudly, wondering how such people came to be his recent companions.  Cid strolled after them wondering if he should ask the Angels if they could ask Soven and Tanoj to join them and laughed louder at their looks.  The Angels and Soven and Tanoj.


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Angsty emo kids’ll be the death of me… Fariel thought to herself, I’ve had it up to here with Eevee and now Keiji won’t stop moping either…the minute we get back to Bevelle I’m giving them both a good kick up the backside.

Leviathan gave a watery chuckle.

Now now, Fariel, he chided her, Try to show a bit more understanding.

Pfft, I’ll try…

They continued creeping in silence towards the Guado city, ducking behind the nearest lightning pylon every time a winged demon came sweeping round the city’s perimeter. Lightning crashed unceasingly overhead and the rain hammered down, though the four doggedly ignored the relentless downpour that was quickly soaking them all. Fariel finally stopped them behind one of the larger lightning rods and they sheltered beneath its protective umbrella, planning their next move.

“I think this is about as far as we can go without being seen,” Jacen whispered as he crouched down next to Larek and peered round the side of the lightning rod to see demons patrolling every level of the multi-storey city.

“Watch and learn, Jacen…” Fariel said mildly as she ran a hand over the pylon’s uneven surface. Jacen couldn’t see what she was looking for but she evidently found it, as with a whispered “Yes!” she tapped something with her thumb and the face of the pylon began to slide away, revealing a hollow cylindrical duct within that was just wide enough to squeeze down.

“Another one of your secret tunnels?” Eevee queried, ****ing an eyebrow as she peered down the duct. It opened up after a short drop into a dark passageway below.

“I told you, we’ve got them everywhere.” Fariel smirked, and drawing her wings close around her ducked into the pipe and shimmied down.

“Don’t worry, the duct’s insulated from the pylon,” she explained as Jacen commented on the loud humming coming from the unseen cables running down through the pylon to channel the lightning strikes.

One by one the others followed Fariel down, Larek bringing up the rear and tapping a pressure pad on the inside of the duct to slide the face of the pylon back into place.

* * *

They came up through a trapdoor in the basement of one of Guadosalam’s buildings.

“Where are we?” Jacen asked.

“Seymour’s old mansion,” Fariel replied, “Although,” she looked around in distaste, “The décor’s changed a bit…”

The walls were lined with tubes and specimen jars, thankfully made from frosted glass so that they couldn’t see the contents. Cables and tube ran between some and up along the walls and ceiling. Piles of equipment and sinister-looking instruments that Fariel decided she didn’t want to examine too closely were stacked haphazardly across the tables and floor.

“Stay close,” Fariel warned the three as they made their way up the stairs into the main hall, weapons drawn. An uneasy silence that set them all on edge permeated the mansion, and around every corner they expected to run into some unspeakable monster. But the place seemed deserted.

“Are you sure they’re here?” Larek whispered as they stepped into the main hall, which had fallen into disrepair over the years.

“Oh, they’re here alright…” Fariel muttered, scanning the hall and the staircases which led up to the second floor and down to the dungeons where she herself had once been held. A damaged chandelier hung from the ceiling.

A sudden noise of footsteps coming from an arched corridor opposite the main entrance made them whirl round. Jacen raised his rifle to his shoulder, flicking the safety catch off with his thumb, while Larek whipped out his machina pistol, Eevee her force lance, and Fariel instantly had a swirling Ishara charged and ready in her hand.

“Tsunami?” Fariel called out warily.

“You wish,” said Ghede mildly as he stepped through the arch. Fariel hurled her spell in a roaring tidal wave of water, but Ghede vanished just before it struck and it broke harmlessly against the stone wall, splashing to the floor before fading away. When Ghede reappeared he was standing by one of the staircases, leaning nonchalantly against the banister.

“What have you done with Tsunami?” Fariel demanded as the four turned to face him.

“Done?” Ghede laughed, “I haven’t done anything with her. She’s not here.”

“Liar! We know you’re controlling her mind somehow!”

“Now that’s your friend Keiji talking. Stupid boy. Stupid, stubborn, weak little boy…”

“Shut up!” Eevee shouted at him from behind Fariel, shooting a bolt of energy at Ghede from her force lance. It exploded against the banister, scorching the wood, as once again Ghede Timeshifted and this time reappeared at the railing on the top level.

“You Angels,” he said blandly, “So predictable. You fell for Tsunami’s act hook, line and sinker, and now you’re proving your stupidity yet again by coming here. Oh,” he added as an afterthought, “You’ll have to forgive me for the state of the mansion, but I hadn’t finished unpacking all my lab equipment before you arrived.”

He laughed lightly, a chilling hollow sound that didn’t echo despite the vastness of the room.

“But I digress. As I say, it was very stupid of you to come here.”

Hidden doors suddenly slid back to reveal alcoves in the walls, from which a dozen of Ghede’s twisted creations lurched forward. Ranks of demons materialised in swirls of flame around the upper floor, coldly regarding the four below with yellow eyes glowing with malice. Ghede laughed again.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, Penance needs me to build him some rather special soldiers for the assault on Bevelle…”

With a silent flash he transformed into a black raven and soared out through one of the large windows.

“Damn!” Fariel swore and grabbing Jacen launched upwards, blasting a hole through the wall with a cyclone of water and flying through it after Ghede. The demons roared and leapt down to the ground floor, the stone floor cracking beneath their weight as they landed. Eevee and Larek turned and ran for the main entrance, Larek blasting away with his pistol as they retreated. Two demons pitched back and disintegrated as a volley of Demon Balls hammered into the ground where Larek and Eevee had been a second before. Larek cursed and threw down his now-empty pistol, smashing the rusty lock on the main doors and kicking them open. Eevee whirled round to see demons leaping through the air towards them.

SHEA NUDH ELTHIR ERREINTHA!” she screamed, the shockwave of white fire sweeping into the monsters in midair and blasting their demonic flesh clean from their bones.

* * *

“Where is he? Can you see him?” Fariel asked urgently as she alighted on the flat roof of one of Guadosalam’s taller buildings.

“There he is!” Jacen hissed, dropping to his knees and bringing his rifle up to his shoulder. He centred the crosshairs on the black raven that was wheeling and dodging through the air to evade the lightning as it soared away across the Thunder Plains.

“Dammit…” he cursed as he fought to keep Ghede in his sights. It was a long range shot even for him and the bird’s erratic dodging only increased the difficulty of the shot. Holding his breath, he squeezed the trigger. The high velocity rifle roared above the thunder crashing overhead and suddenly the raven was tumbling through the air in a welter of blood. Ghede reverted back to his human form as he fell, slamming into the rocky landscape in a tangle of limbs.

“Not up to your usual standard, Jacen,” Fariel commented, “You only hit him in the wing.”

“I thought I’d let you finish him off,” Jacen returned the joke. Fariel grinned and flapped skywards, dodging through the slashing lightning bolts towards the fallen Ghede, who had begun to stagger to his feet.

An inhuman screech made Jacen turn. He whirled to see a squadron of winged demons sweeping down towards him, weaving through the city’s tall buildings.

“Damn!” he swore and raised his rifle again.

* * *

As the skeletal remains of the demons dissolved to ash, their malicious spirits banished back to the demon world, Larek and Eevee bolted from the mansion and split up down separate streets. First through the door after them were two of Ghede’s monstrous creations, hulking brutes that smashed the heavy oak doors aside in their career as they pounded after their targets. Demons followed, pouring from the doors and windows of the mansion and the surrounding buildings, backed up by yet more twisted mutants.

Eevee blasted two more demons in her path with a powerful Bisingr and ducked behind a building to catch her breath. Another demon blindsided her from the right, smashing through the wall of the building. Screaming, she hurled another elvish fireball at it but missed.

“Focus, Angel!” Ramuh’s voice flashed urgently in her mind, “You are using your anger as the energy source which gives you power but not control - concentrate.”

With an effort Eevee calmed her mind and let the power of the two Aeons flow through her. Instantly her mind cleared and spells she didn’t even know flooded into her mind, suddenly not only possible but easy. She punched her hands forward, wrists together, and a triple-helix of fire, ice and lightning lanced out to obliterate the demon.

“What is this?” she gasped, ducking into another side-street as the howls of demons grew closer.

“Two Aeons have never combined in the same host before,” Ramuh offered an explanation, “You can call on powers even we didn’t know existed. Interesting.”

Look out! Tritoch warned in a flash of his Farsight, and Eevee whirled to see a mutant with metal blades instead of fingernails drop from an upper-floor window into the alley behind her. Automatically Eevee hurled her force lance, sending it spinning towards the mutant. Leaping into a Timeshift she streaked up to the monster, crossing her hands and drawing her daggers from their forearm sheathes as she ran.
Bisingr du knifr!” she yelled and the daggers blazed into white light; she slashed the blades through the mutant in a windmilling one-two lunge then reached up as the Timeshift ended, catching her force lance as it flew towards her and spinning it up into the mutant’s face. She channelled her Aeons’ power through the half-magic, half-machina weapon and a powerful blast of energy shot forth, annihilating the mutant in a white fireball.

Eevee twirled the lance and it retracted with a low hiss, powering down.

Eradris,” she whispered. Cloak of Shadows, the elven answer to demon magic’s Bringer of Darkness. It was spell she had never even attempted before, and she watched as a white mist began to rise up from the ground and blanket the city in a concealing haze.

“That should even the odds a bit…” she grinned, then closed her eyes, summoning even more of her Aeons’ power.

“Help me Ramuh, Tritoch…”

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“Hey Ghede!” Fariel yelled as she swept down and drew her wave swords.

Ghede turned slowly round and fixed his ice-blue eyes on Fariel, his face not showing any indication of the pain that must have been wracking him as he bound a strip of cloth round the bullet wound in his arm. There was a white flash behind him as a bolt of lightning lanced down and struck a nearby pylon with a ringing concussion. Neither combatant flinched.

“Persistent, aren’t you?” Ghede commented mildly, a small knife appearing in his hand.

“Shut up and fight,” Fariel growled and threw her fist forward to send a spiralling pillar of water roaring towards Ghede. In a blur he Timeshifted and was gone, the water slamming into the lightning-struck pylon and causing loose static to discharge in all directions.

He reappeared in a swirl of black right in front of Fariel. He punched the knife forward into Fariel’s stomach.

“If you insist?” he said softly. His eyes were fixed on Fariel’s. Unblinking. Expressionless.

Fariel’s wave swords clattered to the ground. She let out a stifled choking sound as Ghede ripped the knife out and turned on his heel, walking dismissively away with his black overcoat dancing behind him in the storm as Fariel fell to her knees.

“Leviathan…” Fariel whispered, clutching her wound, and water began to swirl around her hands.

Hearing the soft rushing noise, Ghede looked back curiously to see Fariel raise her head and stand, her wave swords now back in her hands. There was a tense silence.

“The hard way then?” Ghede asked conversationally, and a Lightning Edge began to crackle around his right fist.

“You so have to die…” Fariel snarled, and leapt at him.

* * *


Jacen brought his rifle up to his shoulder and had time to fire one shot before a glowing Demon Ball came screaming towards him and he had to dive aside, twisting in the air and landing hard on his back as it fireballed against the roof. A feral winged demon came screaming through the dissipating explosion with claws extended. Jacen automatically brought his rifle up and the demon slammed against it, keening a high-pitched shriek as it slashed at his face. Jacen kicked out as the demon rolled over him, keeping his rifle barrel between him and it as it flew past his head and landed hard in a tangle of wings. Jacen flipped back onto his feet and drew one of his knives just as the demon regained its feet and launched at him again, bowling him over. It disappeared in a jet of purple fire as it impaled itself on his blade. Jacen got up, slung his rifle over his back and looked up to see more demons descending. He leapt from the roof as a flurry of demonic fireballs burst against it, catching a window sill on his way down and hauling himself through the shattered window. Finding himself in a wrecked bedroom, he stood up and ran for the door, unslinging his rifle and fumbling to reload it as he went. He had just pressed the last bullet home when there was an inhuman screech behind him. A flying demon had appeared at the window. Jacen whirled and fired reflexively from the hip as he spun, shattering the demon’s chest in an explosion of blood. It disappeared, bursting into flame and fading to ash as it fell. Jacen threw himself down the stairs as demons flapped and screeched around the upper level, glancing behind him as he ducked through the unlocked door into the street outside.

“What the…?” he whispered to himself - the street was shrouded in dense fog. Flattening himself against the wall, Jacen sidestepped round the side of the building, his eyes darting all around for any signs of his pursuers. He could hear them, their inhuman screeches and snarls were everywhere, but he could not see them.

He grinned. Which meant they couldn’t see him either.

Hefting his rifle in his hands, he stalked quickly but silently down the street, ducking from cover to cover, alert to possible enemies and looking for a good firing position among the surrounding buildings as they hazed into view. He was in his element now.

* * *


“Spread out! Find them!” the demon leader roared to the other demons and mutants following him up the street. A thick mist had suddenly fallen across the city, drastically reducing visibility to even the demons’ unnatural eyes. As the demons darted off in various directions or teleported in swirls of fire, the lead demon growled. This was clearly a magical mist and therefore it could be dispelled, but all of their attempts had inexplicably failed.

“You two, with me,” he growled to a pair of bull-headed demons who remained as Ghede’s mutants shambled off into the mist, hissing to themselves. The two minotaur hefted their glowing, fire-wreathed axes and followed him up a side street. The lead demon could sense that their target was close…

“There she is…” one of the minotaurs growled as a silhouette appeared in the alley ahead, shrouded in fog. All three demons roared a challenge and hurled Demon Balls at the figure, but they detonated harmlessly against a golden haze a few metres in front of her. They growled and advanced, but suddenly a bright light pierced the fog and they stepped back in spite of themselves.

Eevee stood regarding them coldly, a white halo swirling around her. Slowly she put up a hand and flicked open the hooked catches of her overcoat, never taking her eyes off the demons as she shrugged the heavy jacket off and let it fall to the ground.

“Fools! What are you waiting for!?” the demon leader snarled, but as they charged forward a bright light lifted Eevee into the air, collecting behind her and materialising into two angelic wings. Her eyes flashed gold, with white pupils, her force lance flicking out and becoming wreathed in a corona of incandescent lightning. She suddenly darted forward and the three demons were hurled back by a white shockwave, slamming against a building wall and splintering the timbers as she soared off into the mist. Roaring in anger they pulled themselves free of the wreckage, hurling demonic fireballs blindly into the mist, but Eevee had disappeared. A silence fell.

A silence that was shattered a few seconds later by a blue energy bolt that pulsed out of nowhere, immolating one of the minotaurs in a bright glare. The leader whirled round and hurled yet another Demon Ball, but the spell just vanished into the mist without hitting anything, and then a half-glimpsed blur swept by on his left and suddenly the second minotaur too was gone in a swirl of purple flames. His axe clattered to the ground, its fiery aura fading, and once again there was silence.

The now-alone lead demon backed up against the wall. Even demons could feel fear.

He whipped round as his inhuman senses screamed in warning, casting a flurry of dark fireballs at a white thunderbolt that suddenly came streaking out of nowhere towards him. The thunderbolt darted through the barrage and the demon saw it resolve itself into the shape of the winged girl, her eyes blazing white/gold and her crackling staff pointed towards him…

And that was all he saw.


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The lone mutant stalking the interior of the wrecked Guado shop was suddenly pulled backwards as a shadow detached itself from the debris and grabbed it from behind. Jacen latched an arm round the creature’s malformed head, covering its mouth with his forearm, and flicked the knife in his other hand up before catching it with the grip reversed and jabbing it down into the creature’s chest. He lowered the mutant quietly to the floor and let it die with a long, spasmic shudder.

“Another one down…” he whispered to himself.

After wiping his knife clean of the mutant’s black-coloured blood Jacen proceeded quietly up the stairs, cursing silently as he inspected his arm. The mutant’s jagged, protruding teeth had torn several shallow cuts on his forearm. Ignoring it he ghosted up to the second floor and crept up to a window overlooking the street below. A demon and three mutants, one hugely-muscled and standing at least a foot taller than its companions, were stalking the foggy street. Grinning, Jacen raised his rifle, standing well back from the window so that the darkness inside the room would conceal him, and also to prevent his rifle barrel protruding from the window giving him away if one of them looked up. He centred his sights on the largest mutant, his aim rock-steady.

The rifle’s report thundered in the narrow street and the mutant spun round as the high-velocity round shattered its face, the mist around its head turning red. The bullet carried on and tore through the throat of the mutant behind, so that it too was hurled back in a spray of blood.

The two survivors whipped round as Jacen vanished back into the room, but the cunning demon could still make a good guess as to which direction the shot had come from.

“Up there!” he roared to the snarling mutant, and they sprinted for Jacen’s building, the demon hurling a spread of purple fireballs at the upper floor windows to discourage any follow-up attack from the sniper.

The mutant smashed aside the door and the next thing through was another demonic fireball, followed a second later by the demon himself with glowing sword raised. Glancing quickly around they headed for the stairs and cautiously made their way up.

“Where are you…?” the demon growled under his breath, spinning his blade in one hand.

The mutant burst into the room the shot had come from with a menacing hiss, landing in a crouch in the centre of the room as its three eyes swept the broken furniture. Nothing moved.

Suddenly there was a choked-off cry and the demon framing the door burst into flames, the throwing-knife that had thudded into the back of his neck falling to the floor as the demon dissolved around it. Leaping through the dissipating flames came Jacen with a second knife ready in his hand. The mutant spun round and Jacen dodged aside as it spat something green at him, which splattered against the wall and hissed as it began to melt through the plaster. Jacen and the mutant circled and then the creature struck, its mouth flying open and a monstrously-long tongue set with barbs and spikes punching out. Jacen twisted back as it flew past his shoulder and recoiled. They circled again.

The mutant snarled and once again the lashing tongue flicked out, but this time Jacen spun forwards past it and slammed his knife down into the mutant’s throat. He tore it free and jabbed it back down into the back of the mutant’s neck as it fell past him, leaving the blade stuck in the corpse as it thudded wetly to the floor.

Slowing his heavy breathing, Jacen retrieved both his knives and stalked back downstairs.

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Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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Neji, Keiji and Zell paced through the scorched Ellessar woods into its most deepest acre.

"Here we are," Neji said haulting.

"What? I thought we were going to Melinas grave? This is just more burnt forest," Zell complained

"Look more closey,"

Zell and Keiji skinted as they stared deep into the forest ahead of them, slowly the air began to swirl fade away revealing the elfen burial grounds.

"See, the elfs most sacred grounds, protected by an illusion,"

"incredible..." Keiji said stepping onto the dark green area infront of them.  The three men approached Melinas grave staring down at the still beautiful flowers laided around, as they stared down at the tomestone they were all brought back to the moment of her death, something they all witnessed. Zell crouched down and placed his hand on the grass.

"I'm sorry I wasn't her for you'r funeral, and I'm sorry for my mistakes, I know they must of upset you,"

"You are forgiven Zell, Melina never blamed you, she's just happy you are still alive,"

"Mother, if I could avenge you..." Keiji said a hint of anger in his voice.

"Enough of that Keiji," Neji snapped, "You have it all wrong, your fighting for her not to avenge her, she isn't gone yet, she is still supporting us,"

"Your right dad,"

After a moments silence the screaming sound of an airship could be heard from the distance. Zell immediatly regonised that sound.

"The shadow! Gau must be here!" Zell shouted spinned round to see the airship skim over the burnt land looking for any trace of life, the three stepped out of the illusion and waved to the sky.


"Gau! we have spotted life," Gau rushed over the main window and gazed down at the three figures waving up to him. He smiled.

"Land the ship," he said turning to his crew.


The shadow swung back round, and landed close to right next to trio causing them to sheild there eyes from dust and mud whipped up from the ground as it landed softly. The ramped lower and Gau stepped out waving.

"Gau! you better of taken good care of my baby while I was gone," Zell shouted

"Ofcourse, think I made a better captain than you,"

"Whatever kid,"

Neji attention was soon drawn to another figure staggering out of the airship, it was an elderly man with white hair, he placed his hand on the enterence of the airship holding his bandaged rips in the other. He looked at Neji and smiled.

"Long time no see Neji,"

Neji smiled, "Indeed, glad your back Cid,"

(That all my character reunited, they just gonna head back to Bevelle in the airship, Zell will take over command on the shadow, and Cid's will get healed, yeh Cids gonna take damage in Shoal dont worry aint gonna kill him its nothing life threatening, just broken rips, but he continues the fight reguardless)



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Soven and Tanoj marched over the rise in the path and down the path.  Tanoj was cracking his knuckles and Soven sword was drawn.  The forces were following, many confused as to the sudden need to move and others were scared of what waited in the Citadel.  Gau was running to catch up with Soven, inventing new curses for him with every step. 

Gau pushed past a pair of his own men and ran hard to get in front of Soven and Tanoj, there he turned, faced them and spread his arms shouting for them to stop.  Instead, Soven and Tanoj continued to march on and when they reached Gooey, they each grabbed an arm and lifted him off the ground and carried him.  In the air, Gau was shouting for them to let go, ordering them to put him down and so they did.  Soven flashed Tanoj a cheeky smile and tilted his head towards the forces.  Tanoj glanced back and grinned.  Soven spoke, "On the count of three: one, two.... three!"  Together, they flung Gau over their shoulders, watched him flip in mid air and land on his face.

A woman cackled near Gau as he groaned and started to rise. Reaching his feet, Gau continued to try to stop Soven but from a saver distance.  "What are you doing, pirate?  We need a plan; we can't just walk up, knock and ask them to let us in!"

"Why not?" Soven called over his shoulder.  "Sounds like a good plan to me.  Although, I have one tiny change to it in mind and I’m pretty sure, your gonna like it.  Tanoj will knock and I'll slice."

"Huh?  That doesn't make sense, you - "

"Will in a minute!" 

Gau had only just realised that they were less then a hundred yards from the massive gate to Penance's dark home.  Gau could see that the gate stood at least 50 feet high and 20 feet wide.  It was a pitch black, wooden arch shaped gate.  Strange demonic designs were craved into gate, Gau shivered with an eerie feeling that this gate was the doorway to unimaginable horrors.  Gau stopped at stare at gaze stealing gate as well as the rest of the forces.

"Hey!"  Several people around Gau jumped as he looked at Soven and Tanoj.  "Get ready.  In a moment, the gate will be destroyed and whatever's in there will come out.  Everyone take a position."  As Soven turned back to the gate, he stopped and looked back over his shoulder.  "Oh, yeah.  Anythin' happens to the kid, I'm gonna show you why I'm the most feared this on this island, huh?"

Gau glanced down and only just noticed the brat that followed Soven everywhere was standing next to him, with a strange golden dirk.  Or was it silver?  Gau saw her eyes and felt another shiver.  Her eyes were set for a fight, for pain and for death.  Gau had seen this look in fighters but never in a child.  Gau also saw several of the largest men crowd around her, either for genuine affection for her or fear of Soven, it was clear that they won't allow anything near her.

"Goody!"  Said Soven happily.

Gau was abut to demand what they plan was when Soven and Tanoj moved in a dead run to the gate.  Gau mouth dropped in amazement at what he witnessed.

Soven was faster then Tanoj and he raced out in front.  When Soven had covered half the distance, he jumped on a rock and pushed himself high into the air, taller then the gate.  Soven raised his sword in both hands above his head, arched his back and with all the force he could manage, he slammed his blade into one side of the gate but Soven didn't stop.  Soven blade sliced through the gate as he fell back to earth, with his blade enbedded in the balck gate.  When Soven was about touch the ground, Tanoj had reached the other side.  Tanoj threw his arm back and punched the other side of the gate.  Tanoj created such force, dust blew apart at his feet as one side of the gate cracked and creaked and groaned in humane pain.  Soven blade had sliced completed through the gate and both of them, Soven and Tanoj stood back, admiring their work as one side of the gate shattered into a million pieces and the other fell two ways, one falling into the Citadel the other falling out and both landing with a tremendus slam in the silence.  Gau held his breathe through the whole thing and he only breathed again when Soven roared:



Soven and the forces ran through the courtyard, meeting only a dozen demonic creatures that were killed easily.  They raced up to the large doors that led into Penance's Citadel, through the doors they found a huge hall with several pillars on both sides, like they were showing the direction to go.  The hall was empty but Soven held up his hand for everyone to stop and silence.  Soven looked behind him and pointed at three people with rifles.  Indacting that one goes past the left pillars and another goes past the right and the last one to lead Soven up the middle.  The four them walked quietly down the hall, the three with rifles held them at the ready, waiting for any moment for an attack.  They tip toed down the hall for what seemed hours but was barely minutes past, when they reached the far wall.  Soven found two statues that was once a single statue that stood on either side of the door.  It was a massive stone statue of a demon with thick muscles down its arms to stumps for hands.  It had four legs on each side and had eight legs when joined.  It head was a skull that was crushed and force to form a V with it eyes on the tips and a gaping mouth at the bottom.

Soven shivered; glad he didn't have to face this beast but also longing to face a new challenge.  He turned to the others that he took with him.  They all indicated that they could find nothing wrong.  Soven turned back at the others and said, "Coast clear.  OK, here’s the plan, I wa-"

Promise screamed and shouted, two loud slams were made behind Soven.  Soven spun around expecting anything.  Well, almost anything.  The strange statues had sprung to live and had squashed two of the guides and were closing on Soven and the remaining guide.  Soven called a charge while the rifle woman raised her gun and was firing at the demon.  With fours legs it moved extremely past, both went behind the pillars as shoot were fired.  Moving too fast both half’s reached back down hall and were attacking the force from both sides.  The people fought as hard as they could but the two halves were too strong and were pushing them back, killing as they went, no wounded.  Soven raced back and tried to stab the closer one but it sidestepped him and it threw its stump at Soven's head.  He ducked and jumped back only to realise that both halves were following, punches out with their stumps.  Soven swung and parried but they moved too fast too for a good hit.  Soven was getting mad.  His fury was growing with every step back, every missed swing.  Until Soven snapped.  Roaring with intense rage, he threw himself onto one statue and climbed up it, taunting the other. 

"Come on, hit ME!  You wanna be piece or art!  Piece of art?!  More like a piece of ****!"

Soven had climbed up the statue and stood on its shoulder and saw out the corner of his eye, the single arm was aimed for him.  Soven swung as hard as he could and sliced the arm off but before it hit the ground, Soven leaped off its shoulder and chopped the other one's head off, turn back to the first, cutting through the middle then finally, turning back second, he raised his sword and stabbed as hard as he could, shattering the last half of the statue.

Soven stood up and turned back to fighters.  "As I was saying!  Cid, Gooey, take your guys and do what you have to do!  Everyone else,” Soven spread his arms, "Plunder and take what you want!  We'll call it your first payment and take extra for Tara and the gang in the...air..."

Soven smacked himself in the face.  "I forgot to ask them to help out.  Oh, well." Soven poked the thing in his ear and said, "Hey, Tara?"

"Aye, boss?" replied Tara in her slow rumbling voice.

"If you can find us, I need a pick up in about an hour.  Anythin' to report?"

"No' much.  We encountered some weird creatures wi' wings but we kicked their butts."

"Good, Tara.  Pass on to the other for pick in one hour at the Citadel."

"I've got it.  Ya did remember that I could track you, 'ight?"

"Of course," Soven lied and broke off the link.  "Kid, go with Tanoj and grab whatever you want, OK?"

"What are you gonna do, then?"

"Nothin'.  Jus' gonna sit on my arse waitin'."

"For what?"

"In every story and in life, when things are really good, somethin' gonna come and wreak it, but this time, I'm gonna wreak IT first."

"Don't do anythin' stupid."

"Hey, its me!"

As she and Tanoj and the others scatter for plunder, she said "Exactly!"

(I'll finish it tomorrow)



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(I wrote this at 6.30am at work.  I could have written it better, but i can't be arsed re-writing it at the moment, i'll write some more at work tomorrow.  Still trying to figure out how i can make thisfight scene good XD LOL  My mind is blank of inspiration at the moment :p  I'll come up with something, eventually.  Also i'll make it more obvious in my second part that she's actually shapeshifting into a mouse and scurrying away and then reappearing as herself, just to be annoying)

Ghede time shifted straight towards Fariel, she saw the blur of the charged lightning edge fly towards her, “Leviathan!”  She yelled jumping into the air and flipping forwards just as Ghede thrust the attack towards her, sheathing her sword she grabbed his attacking wrist and twisted it back as she flipped over him, his time shift broke as she finished her flip by kicking off his back, his bottom half continued forwards as his upper half went backwards because of Fariel’s tight grip around his wrist.

Releasing his wrist she landed on the rough terrain and instantly drew her second sword, looking over her shoulder with a grin as she saw Ghede roll onto his front and pick himself up.  “How did you…?”  He mumbled.

“Timing!”  Fariel said with a sly grin, “Something I learnt after having known Feyd for so long.”  Ghede sneered at her, “That and you’ll never hit anything with such an obvious attack.” 

With that Ghede disappeared, “Thanks for the advice.”  His voice appeared from all directions, and disturbingly a ring of clones surrounded her.

“This trick again?  Tut tut.”  She mocked; the clones drew their blades and time shifted in for the attack.

But nothing happened.

The attacks just passed by without touching anything, the clones stopped in their tracks and looked around, she was gone, “What trivial games you play.”  Fariel slashed down two of the clones with one strike and spun around to cut down another before disappearing again.  “Can I play too?”  Several Fariel’s appeared in amongst the Ghedes.

Fariel’s clones burst into puddles of water as they were cut down one by one, “This grows tiresome!”  Ghedes voice appeared again.

“Yes it does, so why don’t you come out.  That way I can kill you and it’ll be one less thing for me to do later.”  The puddles of water separated into pairs and became more water clones of Fariel, all speaking with smug grins.



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"Come on, Come on!" Gau shouted back at his men, "We have to find something before Soven's men steal or destroy it all!"

"Split into groups of 5, and be careful who knows what stalks these corridors and search for anything that appears useful!" Cid called out, the elderly man panting as he struggled to keep up with Gau.

Gau ended up in a group with Cid and three other highly capable soilders, they decided to have 30 stay on the airship and 30 of the best fight with them. The others groups fanned out seperating each taking a corridor as they approached, systematically they burst through each door one at a time killing anything in it with a hail of bullets.

After running for sometime Gau and Cid finally came up to what they thought the end of the line, before them stood a grand double door at the top a stair case.

"This must be Penance's throne room," Cid said

"And since we've made it this far without encountering him I take it he's not here,"

"Good for us, but no doute he left someone capable to defend his castle,"

"Well shall we burst in?"

"Ok, everyone in position," The three capable soilders lined up behind Gau and Cid, Gau raised his pistol, leaning against the door, he pressed his ear hard against it.

"I here chanting,"

"We have no time to waste, we will take them now," Gau nodded in respones singling to his men, they raised there rifels, Cid pressed against the door along with Gau, holding his rifel close. Gau and Cid burst open the door stepping to the side so there three soilders could line up between them.  In the room stood 6 purple and gold hodded men in robes, they stood around a hexagon drawn, candles filled the room and a earey purple light rediated from the Hexagon, the men jumped as the door burst open.

"Fire!" Cid and Gau shouted, all five men opened fire, the bullets through the air killing 2 of the robbed men instandly, a second volly through the air in wake of the first, but this time the men ready, three cast up purple walls, much like dark encampment wall but weaker, the bullets cracked the walls just protecting the men, but one slow to cast got brought down. The three remaining men looked at the one at the top of the hexagon and nodded, they stood infront of him in a protective barrier.

"Kill them all!" Gau yelled leveling his pistol and firing, the bullets once again hit off weakend barrier leaving all three men unharmed.

"Fear our demonic magic," one said in a deep voice reaching into there robes and bringing decorated skulls, they punched forward with the skulls unleashing purple demon balls of magic.

"Down!" Cid shouted and all five men ducked the balls flying over head eventually fading away behind them, Gau turned round to look at the fading balls.

"Demon balls? No, what poor range, they barely made it to us, not to mention they are far to slow,"

"It's those skulls, it appears these men have found away of mimicing demon magic, if but a poor copy,"

Gau laughed "you think crappy magic can beat me? I'll take all three of you on my own,"

"Gau, don't be hasty,"

"I can handle this," Gau said stepping forward and drawing his sword, the hooded men looked at eachother and nodded, discarding there skulls into there robes they produced two more, one stepped forward punching forward with both skulls unleashing a pair of purple dragons, Gau side stepped one bringing in his sword down cutting the magic in half, he slashed his sword cutting the second in a head on collision. Gau head his sword in twin hands bringing it his side he roared as he charged forward, his sword dragging along the ground. The man paniced jumping back, the second stepped forward and by slamming his skulls together unleashed the mighty dark element explosion, Gau rolled to the side avoiding the attack completely, and continued his charge, the men looked at eachother again, casting aside there skulls they flipped back there robes to reveal egg shaped bracers, they clenched there fist and springing out came three sharp blades.


The men were surprisingly fast, sprinting towards Gau, the first charged punched forward but Gau easily side stepped cutting him slighty with his blade, he went for a finishing blow when the second closed in, he lunged his blades forward causing Gau to leap in the air and flip over him, the man lost his footing and stumbled forward, while landing Gau caught sight of the one he cut coming in again, he punched his blades forward Gau retaliating by slashing his sword upwards stiking him the blades and parrying the attack upwards.  He came in again with the other arm, Gau leaned back and forced the blades downwards stiking the mans bracer with a down handed slash following up and forcing the blades to the ground, the second man came from behind leaping to air, seeing this at the corner of his eye Gau raised his foot and kicked him in stomach, turning back to the first man he knocked aside another strike this time getting in on the inside and slashing him down the middle, he man roared as he fell back, spunning round Gau ducked a swipe from the second attack following up by running his sword through his stomach. Gau withdrew his sword with aggression spraying red blood on the ground.

"Know your place!"
he turned to the final man still chanting at the hexagon.

"Your next,"

"Damn I was so close," he shouted turning around and fleeing to a door at the back of the room.

"Hey wait!" Gau shouted, to distracted to noticed that one of those men he shot remained alive, he reached into his robes slamming together the two skull unleashing a blast of dark element explosion. Gau turned round to late.

"Gau!" Cid shouted jumping infront of the young man, bracing his rifel. The blast collided with Cid's rifel with enough force to launch the old man through the air and slam him into the wall.

"Cid," Gau said running to his side. The three soilders riddled the man bullets before he could launch another attack. "Cid are you alrite?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Cid said struggling to his feet, he winched in pain and fell to the ground holding his ribs. "I'm getting too old for this," he complained.  Gau tried to aid him but was soon pushed back.  "Don't worry about me, go after that man," Gau nodded and took after the man.

Gau chased the man up several flights of stairs before finally reaching an open balcony, the man stood there over looking the burning castle.

"It's the end of the road I see, and I was hopeing to get a promtion, very well," he said as he spun round to face Gau pulling back his hood to reveal a weak looking man with white hair and freaky eyes. He flung open his robes revealing his black armor, hanging from his robe dangled several decorated skull each one glowing with dark energy.

"You like them? I invented them myself, yet never could perfect these skulls, no no, I'm nowhere near as gifted as my brother, now then, if I can't defend this castle then I might as well blow the place along with everyone in it,"

"What, are you nuts,"

"Yes, yes, driven mad with jealousy but now I see my call for greatness, yes I prepared for this, the black shockwave, you see several of these skulls rest all around this castle and I can control them all! By explouding them all at the same time I can create a mighty explosion one that could perhaps destroy this island!"

"You think I'll let you," Gau said drewing his pistol.

"Go on shoot, shoot me," he laughed

"If you insisit,"

"But before you do I suggest you look behind you,"

"Like I'd fall for that," Gau said flexing his finger on the trigger, then suddenly he heard foot steps charge up to him, Gau spun round to see a 7th hooded man charge at him with his claws out, Gau tried to fire but his gun was quickly knocked aside, the man followed up with and upward slash, quickly Gau avoided the attack the claws taring his clothes, he drew his sword but was soon pounced upon and pinned to the ground, using his sword Gau pushed against the attackers blades struggling against his opponents force.

Meanwhile the leader turned towards the balcony spreading his arms wide holding a skull in each hand he laughed as the skull around him and around the castle began to glow ready to exploud.

"Hahaha! Ghede! watch me surpass your pow-" the mans sentence was cut off by the sound of a gun firing, he looked down his chest to see a patch of blood grow on his chest through his leather armor. Slowly the skulls lost there glow has there masters life blood drained out through where his was, without a sound he fell forward, tumbling off the balcony and landing on ground below.  Gau took this opportunity to push his attack off, drilling his sword into his chest, he looked towards the enterence of the balcony to see Cid lean against the wall holding his ribs in one hand and a smoking pistol in the other.

"Thanks old man," Gau smiled when his communicator began to flash. "Gau, here,"

"Sir we found something,"




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[BOSS]Asreal wrote:

(I wrote this at 6.30am at work. I could have written it better, but i can't be arsed re-writing it at the moment, i'll write some more at work tomorrow. Still trying to figure out how i can make thisfight scene good XD LOL My mind is blank of inspiration at the moment :p I'll come up with something, eventually. Also i'll make it more obvious in my second part that she's actually shapeshifting into a mouse and scurrying away and then reappearing as herself, just to be annoying)

Ghede time shifted straight towards Fariel, she saw the blur of the charged lightning edge fly towards her, “Leviathan, Lets kill this bastard!” She yelled jumping into the air and flipping forwards just as Ghede thrust the attack towards her, sheathing her sword she grabbed his attacking wrist and twisted it back as she flipped over him, his time shift broke as she finished her flip by kicking off his back, his bottom half continued forwards as his upper half went backwards because of Fariel’s tight grip around his wrist.

Releasing his wrist she landed on the rough terrain and instantly drew her second sword, looking over her shoulder with a grin as she saw Ghede roll onto his front and pick himself up. “How did you…?” He mumbled.

“Timing!” Fariel said with a sly grin, “Something I learnt after having known Feyd for so long.” Ghede sneered at her, “That and you’ll never hit anything with such an obvious attack.”

With that Ghede disappeared, “Thanks for the advice.” His voice appeared from all directions, and disturbingly a ring of clones surrounded her.

“This trick again? Tut tut.” She mocked; the clones drew their blades and time shifted in for the attack.

But nothing happened.

The attacks just passed by without touching anything, the clones stopped in their tracks and looked around, she was gone, “What trivial games you play.” Fariel slashed down two of the clones with one strike and spun around to cut down another before disappearing again. “Can I play too?” Several Fariel’s appeared in amongst the Ghedes.

Fariel’s clones burst into puddles of water as they were cut down one by one, “This grows tiresome!” Ghedes voice appeared again.

“Yes it does, so why don’t you come out. That way I can kill you and it’ll be one less thing for me to do later.” The puddles of water separated into pairs and became more water clones of Fariel, all speaking with smug grins.

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Anyway i put in what should have been in at the beginning, so Fenix will stop bitching :p

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Larek kept running. Ghede's mutants were impossibly fast but he had lost his pursuers in the mist. Not far behind, the sound of claws scraping against wood as mutants scuttled on all fours along the sheer walls of Guado houses and leapt between buildings and walkways faded away as they slowed to a creep and began searching for him. Slowing his breathing and trying to make as little noise as possible, Larek ducked into a side alley and listened. He could hear nothing of his pursuers as they went into stalking mode and he fought down fear, flexing his hands on the grips of his twin short-swords. At least, he reflected, he wouldnt have to worry about the two giant mutants that had burst from the mansion right after he and Eevee had left, as he'd surely hear them coming and be able to avoid them.

Ive got to find Jacen and Eevee, he thought. He knew Fariel could more than take care of herself.

He began moving silently down the side streets, away from where he had last heard his pursuers. Every house and walkway was a sinister outline in the mist, their appearances softened into ghostly dark shapes in which anything might lurk, but Larek knew the fog was concealing him just as effectively and so he pressed on. Once or twice something would scuttle across the walkways overhead and he would flatten himself against the wall with his heart in his mouth, but each time the creature would disappear back into the fog and all would be quiet, and after a long pause he would continue. Thinking that Jacen, a sniper, would head for the high ground, Larek made for a tower that loomed hazily in the distance, stalking down a narrow side street that was thickly shrouded by the mist.

A flicker of movement made him duck into cover. A lone mutant was stalking the narrow alley ahead, barring his path. From his hiding place Larek glanced covertly around, making sure the mutant was alone. It hissed curiously, its head turning for some time in Larek's general direction, but if it had heard him it couldn't pinpoint the sounds origin and it began to scan the walkways above. As soon as it turned away from him Larek acted, visible only as a dark blur and a brief flash of metal as his short sword slammed into the mutant's back. Its eyes and mouth opened wide in a silent scream that was choked off by the blood rising in its throat, then it fell without a sound. The blade jammed in the mutants ribs, but the curious hiss of another mutant and the clack clack of claws against stone came from the street behind so Larek released his weapon and slunk away as fast as he dared. In the next street he ducked into the doorway of a wrecked house and tried to listen for his pursuers over the hammering of his own heartbeat in his ears.

There was an angry snarl as the mutant discovered the body. It was followed by scuttling footsteps and a loud crack as the mutant gave a feral leap up onto an overhead walkway, then a hiss as it looked around, and more scuttling. It faded, and Larek breathed a sigh of temporary relief as he realised the mutant had gone the wrong way. Not daring to go back for his sword, he kept on towards the tower.

* * *

Larek did not realise he was being hunted. Occasionally he would stop and listen and his pursuer would freeze, making no sound, silently unfreezing and stalking ever closer as Larek began moving again. The hunter's face was a mask of concentration, every footstep carefully placed so as to make no sound as he moved, but all of his targets senses were now focussed forward.

* * *


Larek glanced back over his shoulder, but he saw only mists and shadows, and the dark buildings rising up either side of him. Ahead was the tower in a mist-shrouded square, where he hoped hed find Jacen. Regripping his sword, Larek made for it, scanning the dark windows for any signs of movement. The hunter held his breath - all he needed was a few more seconds to catch his prey completely unawares.

* * *


A sixth sense made Larek whirl round with his remaining sword gripped in both hands, just as something that was all claws and teeth came leaping out of the fog towards him. But suddenly it twitched in mid-spring and Larek realised that it wasn't leaping anymore but falling, and it crashed into the ground in front of him, skidding to a halt in front of Larek with a throwing knife stuck in the back of its neck.

A black-clad shape emerged out of the mist and Larek lowered his sword, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Jacen." he said.

"Got your back, Larek," the sniper grinned. The mutant had been so intent on stalking Larek that it hadnt noticed that it too was being hunted.

"Have you seen Eevee?" Larek whispered.

"No. But Fariels out on the Thunder Plains going one-on-one with Ghede."

Larek's eyes suddenly opened wide, and at first Jacen thought it was out of concern for Fariel, but then he saw that Larek was focussing past him, purple fire reflected in his eyes.

"Look out!"

Just as they dived aside a Demon Ball exploded between them. A demon appeared on a walkway behind them with black leathery wings spread wide behind it. Its yellow eyes glowed, cutting through the mist and fixed on the two sprawling men. It screeched a warning to its unseen fellows.

"Quickly! Here, by the tower!"

Jacen rolled and brought up his rifle, aiming between those two yellow points of light, and fired. The bullet shattered into sparks a good metre in front of the demons face as it raised a hand to cast Dark Encampment Wall. While still scrambling to his feet, Jacen was lifted into the air as a second Demon Ball detonated right in front of him. Larek meanwhile had drawn a small vial from his belt, tipping a drop of the bright red contents onto his blade. Standing, he drew back his arm and sent his short sword spinning through the air towards the demon. The Dark Encampment Wall rose up again in a black haze to meet it.

The blade flew straight through it.

The sword embedded itself in the demons chest, skewering it all the way through so that the tip of the blade burst several inches from the demons back. The demon screamed, exploded into flames and incinerated.

Larek ran over to Jacen, who had his teeth gritted in pain. His face and hands were burnt, though one hand still resolutely gripped his rifle so tightly that his knuckles were white. The other was clapped to his right leg. The demonic flare had exploded right in front of him and his legs had taken the worst of the fireball - under clothes torn ragged by the blast, bone was visible beneath charred flesh. Jacen was almost faint with pain, but he was still lucid enough to stammer to Larek,

"What...what was that? It went right through his Shield!"

"Soul-render poison, courtesy of Fariel." Larek grinned.

"Soul-render? That stuff they developed specifically to assassinate mages?"

"Seems to work on demons too," Larek said as he examined Jacens leg, flinching when he saw the extent of the damage.

"Where'd Fariel get it?"

"Off the body of some Guado assassin, ages ago. Feyd speared him with his own dagger and he burst into flames but a couple of vials fell clear and Fari picked them up. She gave this one to me right before we left, saying I'd need it if we got separated and ran into magic-using demons."

"How does she feel about being right all the time?" Jacen said, managing a slight smile.

"Can you walk?"

Jacen tried to stand, and failed with a yelp of pain.

"Aargh! No. Sorry Larek"

He drew two knives from hidden sheathes and handed them to Larek, who had just lost his second sword in the process of killing the demon, as the snarls and screeches of mutants responding to the demon's warning rose up in the distance.

"You'd better go before more of them get here."

"And leave you here?" Larek challenged the sniper, but their argument was cut off by a heavy thud, accompanied by a loud splintering sound.

It came again and they looked round to see the walls of a Guado building twist and warp. Then the timbers burst outwards in a cascade of splinters and the building itself came crashing down on itself, and through the dust and rubbish came a roaring mutant, twice as high as either of the men and monstrously bulky. Slabs of ropy muscle bulged beneath its arms as it extended hooked claws towards them.

"Frak!" Larek swore. He thought he had given this guy the slip outside the mansion. He hurled one of Jacens daggers, which flew past the mutant's clumsy blow as it tried to swat the missile aside, but to his horror simply bounced off the creature's chest leaving nothing more than a score across the dark leathery skin. The mutant slammed the ground with its fists, cracking the pavement and knocking Larek off his feet with the shockwave as it roared its anger at him.

But that proved its undoing, as lying on his back Jacen managed to bring his rifle up to his cheek and fire. Blood sprayed from a neat hole in the back of the mutant's head as the bullet tore through its open mouth. The mutant crashed to its knees, but even in death it sought to kill, reaching towards Larek and Jacen with clawed hands until its strength gave out and it fell. Larek rolled out the way as the creature fell and its fist came crashing down on the ground where he had been lying. As the mutant toppled so did Jacen, keeling over onto his back with a groan of pain and letting his rifle drop. Still gripping his dagger, Larek crawled away from the slowly-spreading pool of mutant blood to Jacens side.

"You okay?"

"For Aeons' sake Larek, get out of here!"

But even as he said it a hissing screech announced the arrival of more mutants, coming howling out of the mist from all sides and blocking all the avenues of escape. More appeared on the tower. In swirls of flame, demons appeared atop building roofs and on overhead walkways, until the multi-storey Guado city was filled with twisted figures.

As Jacen lapsed into unconsciousness, Larek stood up and defiantly stared down the nightmarish creatures surrounding him. Though his only weapon now was Jacen's borrowed dagger, he did not throw it down in surrender.

Suddenly a bright light from above made Larek shield his eyes, and Ghede's creations howl in alarm. Streaking down towards them came a white thunderbolt - a blazing girl with white wings.

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Kaboom! Bye bye corrupted city >:)

"Fariel?" Larek shouted.

The blazing winged figure landed gracefully on one knee next to him, the bright light surrounding her discharging as a white shockwave that ripped out in all directions, throwing mutants and demons into the air. But the light faded to reveal not Fariel, but Eevee.

Ignoring Larek Eevee rose, extended her force lance, and taking it in both hands slammed the weapon into the ground in front of her. A quake-like shockwave emanated, rippling and cracking the stone in a straight line ahead of her. It shook mutants and demons off their feet, flinging them to the ground and finally terminating with a ringing concussion as it ploughed into the foundations of a Guado building. The building shook, groaned and collapsed in on itself.

"Look out!" Larek called as demons released their magical fireballs from all sides, but with a sweeping motion of Eevees hand they rebounded off an invisible wall a few metres away from the three humans, and demons were sent ducking and diving from their own missiles as they flew back the way they had come. Throwing her force lance to Larek, Eevee punched a fist forward and in a bright glare another building came crashing down on the mutant-filled street, pulling down a raised walkway and the fire-throwing demons on it in the process.

Now their enemies surrounded them, but Eevee drew her daggers and lit them with elven fire, flicking them up and throwing out her arms so that bouyed up by magic they whirled round her in an expanding orbit, slashing a blazing white trail through the air and any of Ghede's creations that tried to get too close; so fast that they blurred together into what might have been two or a hundred daggers. Safe behind the impassable wall of flying blades, Eevee raised her arms, her eyes glowing white within gold and arcs of magic spinning incandescent around her.

"Shemash caman!" she cried out in three voices at once - the sonorous boom of Ramuh, the piercing cry of Tritoch, and just audible beneath the other two, her own.

As she reached out and let the spinning daggers fly back into her hands, an invisible shockwave rippled the air and shook the ground. Pyraflies rose up and spiralled around her; for a second they formed indistinct shapes that Larek thought might have been a man and a giant bird, then they discharging into the sky above and the rocks below. Lareks vision began to white out as a blinding light rose up out of nowhere, then he felt a small hand grab his arm and he was jerked upwards as Eevee swept her wings down and launched the three of them into the air. For a second time seemed to stop and Larek saw the white-lit air around him ripple and glitter. Then they landed hard and gasping with the after-effects of the Timeshift, Larek saw that they were outside the city and in amongst the stark metal pylons jutting above the arid Thunder Plains.

As behind them the world exploded.

The storm clouds above the corrupted Guado city swirled and roiled, flashes of lightning hammering down from the boiling sky in a never-ending stream as the ground heaved and split apart in the throes of a mighty earthquake. Buildings hit by lightning caught fire and others fell apart as the earthquake ripped the ground asunder in a series of coughing, jerking seizures. As desecrated Guadosalam died by fire and stone, Eevees wings and swirling aura faded, so that she seemed to shrink as she looked out impassively over the destruction.

"Shemash caman - natures fury," she translated the elvish for the benefit of an overawed and slightly fearful Larek as she turned to Jacen who was propped up with his back to a large rock.

"Are you okay?" she asked the sniper as she swept her hands over his wounds, so that they instantly healed themselves in a halo of blue light. Jacen nodded and stood, shouldering his rifle as Eevee took back her force lance from Larek. Behind them the lightning and earthquake reached a final crescendo before fading away in a slow flash of white light to leave the city in blasted ruins.

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RE: Avenging Angels 2 - Destinys Call

Eevee's wings and glowing aura faded away, so that Larek thought she seemed to shrink. Now just a 16-year-old girl again, she looked tired and worn. Looking at her face, for a second Larek thought she looked...desolate. He took a step forward to try and say something, but the words died on his lips as he saw the warning look in her eyes. He dropped his gaze from his girlfriend's godchild as they began walking. Thunder rumbled overhead, but it brought no rain, and the lightning bolts that flickered down from time to time seemed subdued in comparison to the storm that had engulfed Guadosalam.

"I wonder where Fari is..." Larek wondered aloud. In response Eevee closed her eyes in the way Larek had often seen Sonya do when she called upon Tritoch's Farsight, her eyes moving visibly beneath the lids.

"That way. Not far." she said simply, opening her eyes again and pointing out across the lightning-struck desert.

They began running, Eevee in the lead, and suddenly a kneeling figure came into view ahead with blood-streaked wings hunched over her.

"Fari!" Larek called out.

Fariel looked up, saw Eevee, and leapt to her feet. Her face was a mask of alarm, which melted into anger.

"DIE GHEDE!" she yelled, throwing herself at them. Jacen stepped back in alarm but Fariel just skidded to a halt a few paces in front of them, doubled over with laughter.

"Oh come on, it was only a joke..." she admonished Eevees taciturn expression, "For frak sake you used to be fun to wind up..."

She stepped forward to hug Larek, wrapping her wings around him, then nodded to Jacen.

"Wheres Ghede then?" Larek asked.

"I beat him to a pulp then dropped him about a thousand feet onto Guadosalam."


"Speaking of Guadosalam..." she said, making another brave stab at conversation with Eevee, "What did I tell you about overkill? What the frak did you do?"

"A spell Ramuh and Tritoch came up with. Something like..." she paused and ****ed her head as if listening to someone only she could hear, "Tritoch gathers up nearby elemental energy and Ramuh channels it into a concerted attack. Sharing a host means they can combine their powers. They call it Nature's Fury."

"But," Fariel laughed, "What do I do now if I decide to become evil and creepy? Where am I supposed to hide out now you've blown up Guadosalam?"

She smiled at Eevee, who returned it unconvincingly and without warmth. She could feel Fariel pressing down on the diamond-hard core she had crushed her feelings into, and she pushed back. She didn't want to open up to someone again only to lose them, just like...

She turned away.

Fariel, Larek and Jacen began walking back to the cloaked cruisers, debriefing each other on their separate exploits. Eevee took no part in the conversation, following at a distance sufficient to convey that she didnt want to talk.

"I give up on her," Fariel muttered under her breath, "You say she'll talk when she's ready but at this rate well all die of old age first."

Patience was one thing you never had, Fariel, Leviathan chuckled to her, Maybe you should try and get Keiji to talk to her? He's more her age and he's suffered similar losses.

"Aye, Melina and Tsunami..." Fariel agreed, "How the frak am I supposed to tell him that Ghede wasn't mind-controlling her and that she really has been working for Penance all along?"

With a bit of tact, one presumes.

"Frakking stubborn angsty emo kids..." Fariel said, mirroring the statement she had made earlier, "Godchildren or not, when we get back to Bevelle Im gonna give them both a good kick up the..."

That wont help, Fariel.

"Pfft. You know what you're right, Keiji can talk to her and they can mope together. Im sick of trying."

<ooc - Tried to include some helpful ideas for the as-yet-unwritten fight between Fariel and Ghede ie pick him up and drop him from a great height lol>

* * *

Guadosalam lay in silent, burnt-out ruins. The endless ash-plain of smashed rock and splintered wood suddenly moved - shifting subtly, then cracking apart as a bloodstained hand burst up out of the debris. Slowly, a tattered figure dragged itself clear of the wreckage and hissed its defiance at the turbulent sky. A faint purple aura pulsing around him and glowing from his many wounds, Ghede emerged and collapsed on the urban desert. Blood dripped into the dust and Ghede's teeth were gritted in pain as the reanimating powers of Penance fought a desperate holding action against his massive injuries. Nevertheless his eyes blazed defiantly. In a silent swirl of flame he disappeared, the demonic teleportation spell rematerialising him in the vast lab he had constructed beneath Seymour's old mansion. The lab was in a reinforced bunker deep below ground and had survived both the earthquake and the catastrophic lightning storm. Hazing into existence before a complex control panel connected by snaking wires and cables to five great cryogenic stasis pods arranged in a line before it, Ghede cried out and fell to his knees, blood pooling beneath him. He fixed his eyes on the pods and the indistinct shadows that lay behind the frost-covered glass canopies. Forcing rapidly-failing muscles to obey, he reached out with shaking, gory fingers and after several tries closed them around a great lever on one side of the panel.

"I will not fail you, Penance," he whispered, and with the last of his strength pulled the lever down, collapsing onto the floor as he did so. Lights blinked, conduits sparked, locks sprang back with an ominous clank, and with a high-pitched hissing sound the pods began to open, filling that corner of the lab with chill mist.

Ghede smiled as he watched the pods. One by one, the shadows began to come alive, moving sluggishly behind the misty haze.

"You may have killed me, Fariel," he said in the barest whisper, "But my work is done, regardless."

But Penances power could do no more, and as the cryogenic fog filled the lab Ghede sank slowly to the floor, the purple glow finally fading.


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Gau paced triumphantly down the dark corridors of Shoel castle; with Cid supported by two soldiers close behind the bodies of demons and unsent alike lay in heaps there bodies mutilated by the brutality of Sovens troops who still were running round the castle like kids in candy store grapping what they thought looked valuable. They came to a room guarded by two crew members.


Ah Gau over here! one shouted


What did you find? Gau asked getting straight to business before any of Sovens crew could be around.


It wasnt us, go in and see for yourself, he smiled.


Gau pushed open the door to see three slender figure in full machine armor, Gau did not recognize these soldiers, yet still they wore the armor traditional to Nejis combat trained crewmen a mixture of Albed and leather armor painted black to match the color of Nejis power.


The three figures slowly removed there helmets to let loose there long hair and unique features similar to that of an elves.


Silarion, Tyrion, Alariele, Gau said pleased to see them, How long have you guys been here,


Retala asked us to sneak on board the shadow with you guys, he knew that you would end up traveling here and wanted us to do some scouting work and also look for Cid, when we over heard that you were going to storm the castle we had to join in and so borrowed some armor,


So you guys were on board all along and no one knew, looks like our crew are getting sloppy, Cid said stepping into the room clutching his ribs.


Sorry for the deception but if you knew of us and our mission, Gau no doubt would want to come with us and our mission was too dangerous to have him tag along,


Gau scowled but let the comment slide as he pressed on with the business at hand.


Ok, so you guys said you found something?


Ah yes, something magical drawn us to this room yet it appear any other room until we found this, Silarion said pointing to a wall. Cid and Gau gave Silarion an odd, until Tyrion nodded and waved their hand at the wall casting an elfish dispel spell, slowly the wall began to shimmer and slowly fade away to reveal a blood stained and corridor littered with the bodies of demons, Atellians and unsent. Gau approached the corridor and gazed in marvel at how well the corridor was hidden and also at the destruction inside the walls were covered in blood and charred rock from spell, a tough battle took place here, it was then Gau realized as he turned to elves again, they sported several healed wounds and there hands and weapons were still stained by blood. Alariele brushed past Gau and walked down the corridor.


They defended this place well from the minute we dispelled the door, it was better guarded than the castle itself,


Alariele led Cid and Gau down the battle worn stone corridor, the corridor wasnt long and they found themselves in a circular room which just like the corridor was battle worn and blood stained. In the middle of the room sat an empty pedestal, Gau examined the room yet saw nothing special until his eyes were immediately drawn to a glowing orb surrounded by a purple haze.


We were attacked by a large group of unsent, there appeared no end to them until Tyrion accidentally knocked the pedestal and the orb dropped then suddenly the unsent vanished, the Atellians used to stress that Penances army was ever growing no matter how many were killed, it was believed that Penance had found means of resurrecting the dead yet no one could find out what allowed him to the myths were that he possessed a powerful artifact, we believe this is that artifact,


So basically with this we could bring back the dead to fight Penance, Alariele gave Gau a disgusted look reading exactly what he had planned.


Never, the dead are dead and should stay that way to reverse that is deemed evil, and it causes great suffering to those resurrected,


Ok, ok, but what else could we do with this,


It appears we have already done enough, the unsent have vanished and Penance had lost a great portion of his army, all we have to do is make sure Penance does not re-obtain it,


Great, then why did you leave it here?


I could never touch a vile thing, beside its demon it would repulse and harm me,


Gau smirked and approached the orb coolly, slowly he bent over and seized it, and proceeded to wrap his jacket around it so the elf did not have to see it, and he turned to Alariele and smiled.


Thank you Gau, the elf smiled while the other two elves came up from behind them.


Gau, we will entrust you with protecting the orb, under no circumstances should it fall into the hands of anyone other than you, Cid, Zell or the angels, Gau nodded in response.


Leave it to me,



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(I do like decapitating people <3 <3 <3 totally love it...But yes. What is it i'm supposed to be asking Ghede again? Where Tsunami is and something else?)

Leviathan, can you sense where he is?Fariel queried her aeon as she found herself surrounded by several of Ghedes clones, as did her own clones.

Fighting the guard for so many years has dulled your senses, Fariel.Leviathan chuckled light heartedly, not at all worried by his hosts predicament.

This is not the time, can you sense him or not?!Fariel snapped, Tell me which one to attack.


The many Ghedes started to circle her, she looked at each one of them warily, trying to figure if any of them were real, then the attacks started, when she was looking the other way one of the Ghedes broke the circle, dagger drawn, and dashed towards her, she spun into a duck and his blade flew over head.Instantly she had her swords sheathed and pistol drawn.

A second charged at her while the first recovered but she kicked him harshly in the chest sending him staggering back, pivoting around on the spot she shot the first one, a bullet hole appeared in its forehead before it dissolved into dust.The second one recovered and slashed at her, she used the same manoeuvre to dodge out the way and again of a third Ghede coming in for an attack.

She rose from her spin onto to be confronted with a forth, it slashed down, she rose her pistol to defend herself, the dagger lodged into the gun and the pair of them wrestled their weapons from each other, on parting a bullet flew from the barrel and turned the attacker to dust.Which ones the real one?!Fariel growled in frustration.

Quickly back flipping out the way of another slash she shot that one into dust mid-flight as well, another two ran forwards, one attempted a high kick but she ducked out the way and launched into a back flip; shooting the second Ghede, running up behind her in the process.

She rolled to her feet quickly but had to launch away as the previous one attacked again with his dagger, she shot him promptly.Ive found him; hes fleeing back to Guadosalam!Fariel was thankful for the information, even at the late stage in the battle.

Though the Leviathans revelation had only distracted Fariel from the fight, another Ghede ran forwards, she was too slow to defend and was rewarded with a gash right across her chest just below her collar bone.If she hadnt backed way in time it would have been deeper then it could have been.She kicked him back and shot a second Ghede coming from her right before finishing the lucky clone that had gotten in a hit.

She took her chance, no clones were around her anymore, she broke into a run in pursuit of the real Ghede, but typically enough another clone tried to bar her path, arm out with dagger in hand, she jumped, into a flying cartwheel over the clones arm which disintegrated to dust as she shot it in the back before landing.

The other clones were two slow to catch her or were intercepted by her own water clones, Fariel smiled as it started to rain.He may have been able to hide from me but he cant hide from the rain.

As if water washing a canvas of its colour, each of the rain drops that landed upon Fariel seemingly washed her away.By the time the real downpour started she was completely invisible, washed away by the waters that fell from the clouds above.

Thats when Ghede came into view, There, I see him, finally.

The empty magazine from her pistol fell lose and hit the ground as she ran on, Ghede was closer now, she drew a second magazine from one of the pouches on her belt and slid it into the gun with a click.

A click.

Thats all it took.

Ghede spun around, dagger drawn; Fariels mouth gaped as the front half of her gun fell away.That was my favourite gunShe growled, drawing her own dagger.

He knew he had made contact with something, cut through something but he couldnt see that something.About to step back he let out a yowl as something tore through his arm.Or what previously was his arm; it laid a few feet away now, his dagger with it.

Ghede grabbed his wound, blood gushed through his fingers.Fariel spun into a high kick, Ghede went stumbling sideways with a soon to be a very bruised jaw, but it didnt stop there.

Soon he was being attacked by all sides by the invisible force.Broken ribs, cuts and bruises soon joined his previous injuries.A kick to the chest sent him crashing to the ground and skidding a few meters across the muddy terrain.

Ghede couldnt stand by that point; he just laid there, especially since there was a sharp point sitting under his chin.Fariel reappeared and looked down at the pathetic excuse for a human being."You cut my gun in half."Ghede didnt respond. "But before i gut you further, I have a few questions for you." she raised her sword slightly so he was forced to look back up at her, "which you are going to answer, or you will start loosing body parts one at a time."

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<ooc - Are you sure you've got the right word there? Decapitating is to cut someone's head off.  And yes Fariel asks him what he's done with Tsu but he just laughs at her for not understanding that it was nothing to do with him, and that she was working for Penance all along.>


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(So not as good as i wanted it to be but that's easily fixable. Anyway, the last sentence is from Fenix's last post so they join together better. So yeah. There we go, not i have to tell the angsty, emo kids about Tsu and then start plotting things in Bevelle for our return :D LOL)

"Wheres Tsunami?"Fariel started in an emotionless tone, no different to any other time in which she had to interrogate someone.Ghede ignored her; she pushed her blade into his neck so a dribble of blood ran down from the nick in his skin."Tell me where she is, now.No answer.Alright answer me this, why did you kill Trevor Stead?"

"Who is that?" Ghede laughed but spat out a mouth of blood as Fariel backhanded him across the face with the flat side of her sword.

"Ive had enough of your games, Ghede, answer me." Just looking at the man made her blood boil, it annoyed her.

"Even if I was willing to tell you, you wouldnt like the answer." He laughed to himself.

"Dont make me ask again."She lowered her sword and shot it into his upper leg, he flinched then, she hid a smile, twisting the blade she tore it out again.

"Tsunami isnt here, obviously." Ghede continued to laugh weakly, defiant to the end, Fariel lifted her sword for another slicing attack through his other leg."Shes with Penance."He spoke quickly, "As she should be, he is her father after all."Fariels eyes narrowed and she stabbed his other leg anyway.

"So why kill Trevor, he had nothing to do with you."

"Who said I killed Trevor?" He smiled, even as wounded as he was he could still manage to smiled, inside she wanted to cut him to pieces but she didnt let it show.

"Youre saying Tsunami did it, arent you."Ghede nodded his grin widening.

The rain stopped as the ground started to rumble, lightning crackled down upon Guadosalam. "You obviously wanted to get back to Guadosalam for a reason, so Ill help you get there." Fariel smiled, grabbing him by the arm he had left and jumping into flight.

"Youll die a painful death, Fariel Oreen.Penance will suck out your aeons power from you, make you watch the rest of your friends die and then no doubt torture you until you die".Ghede cackled from where he hung from her grasp.

Fariel growled, her hand became a ball of blue fire that burnt Ghedes arm."Take a deep breath Ghede; itll be your last." Hovering high in the sky above Guadosalam Fariel released him.

"He already got two of your friends, Penance has already won!"Ghede yelled as he fell away from her, a picture of Kobie and Sonya flared up in her mind.

Ghede cried out as a barrage of fireballs rained down upon him as he fell, Fariel watched as the half dead burning body as it disappeared into the city, a fork of lightning drowned out the thud as he hit the ground.Well thisll be fun to tell the kids aboutShe flew out of the rising storm and headed back out to the thunder plains, all of Ghedes clones had disappeared.She let her own spell go and the duplicates returned to the puddles of water they started as.

Laying on the ground in a puddle of blood Ghedes arm still grasped his dagger, "Well he doesnt need it anymore." She knelt down and examined it but paused as she heard footfalls.

"Fari!" Larek called out.

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When they got back to Bevelle, Eevee made her way back to the Stead mansion, which was still full of refugees and Guardsmen, and where several Machina Faction Al'bed had cordoned off Trevor Stead's room after removing the body as quietly as possible. Eevee went straight to her room and shut the door behind her, leaning back against it for a moment with her head in her hands. She walked over to the bed, pulled off her jacket and boots and flopped down on the four-poster, exhausted. She lay there in silence for a while, staring at the ceiling with her hands behind her head, thinking about what Fariel had told her about Tsunami on the way back.

"So weve really lost her then." she whispered, "Why did none of us see it coming?"

Even we Aeons cannot easily see into the souls of others, Tritoch's voice ghosted up from inside her head, Especially one as well-guarded as Tsunami's.

"Poor Keiji..." Eevee said, "He still believes that she loves him, that it wasn't a total lie."

"Maybe it wasnt," Ramuh responded, "Who can tell?"

"Not me," Eevee sighed, getting up and walking over to the balcony, resting her hands against the doorframe, "Anyway it's not my problem."

Evelyn, Tritoch admonished her gently, We may not be able to see into Tsunami's mind but we can see into yours. We know you too have been shaken by your erstwhile friends betrayal. We also know the pain and sympathy you feel for Keiji. Why won't you let your emotions out?

"Because they'll destroy me if I do!" Eevee snapped, turning and beginning to pace the room in her socks.
"Can't you see you're pushing those who care about you away?" Ramuh chided her.

"I've already lost enough."

"And yet you won't allow yourself to grieve."

"Don't you understand, I already have! It got me nowhere! Fari was right about one thing - the only thing my grief is good for is a focus to kill Penance!"

And after Penance is gone, it will all be okay? Tritoch asked pointedly.

"No," Eevee said, "I'll feel just as hollow then as I do now. But Im an Avenging Angel, right? Fighting Penance is what I'm supposed to do."

Let your feelings out, Evelyn, the Aeon insisted, It will hurt, but it's the only way to move on. Facing up to your emotions won't destroy you, but running from them will.

"Shut up!" Eevee snarled, punching the wall. Blood trickled down her knuckles, and the pain was almost comforting somehow. She snapped round as there was a soft knock on the bedroom door.

"Yes, come in..." she said tiredly, sitting down on the bed again and hiding her injured hand behind her back. The door opened and to her surprise it was Keiji who stepped into the room.

"I thought I heard you shouting," he said, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Im fine" Eevee replied tonelessly. She sighed inwardly at the automatic lie - she had been pitching that line at everyone and still no-one was buying it. Keiji didn't. He came and sat down beside her.

"Tsunami wasn't at Guadosalam," Eevee said to him, wanting to get it over with before he heard a rather harsher version from Fari, "I've no idea where she's gone. I'm sorry."

She saw Keijis eyes drop to the floor and felt vaguely guilty, but what else was she supposed to tell him? How were you supposed to deliver that kind of news?

"Are you going to join us downstairs?" Keiji asked at length.

"Maybe in a bit," Eevee shrugged.

Keiji didn't press the point, and stood up to leave.

"Hey Keiji, wait a second." she called after him. He stopped and looked back at her, his hand resting on the door, "What were you doing while we were away?"

"Training with my dad. Also got these."

He proudly turned the backs of his hands towards her so she could see his new knuckle-dusters. Eevee mulled it over. If she was going to have to take on Penance, some extra practice to hone her Aeons' new abilities couldn't hurt.

"Do you think he could teach me too?"

"Sure, why not?" Keiji replied, "I'll come with you."


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Neji swung and twirled the Set sword slowly through the air around him, switching effortlessly from a one-handed to a two-handed grip and back again as he loosened up his muscles.
Neji stopped the practice swings and turned to see his son coming towards him, accompanied - to his surprise - by Eevee. That was an improvement, he thought - it was about time she stopped isolating herself.
"Dad, do you have a minute?" Keiji continued.
Neji sheathed the Set sword, "Sure."
"Eevee was wondering if you could train her for a bit as well as me."
Neji saw Eevee flare up slightly at Keiji asking the question for her rather than letting her do it herself, but she quickly controlled the impulse and withdrew back behind her expressionless mask.
"Of course," Neji said, turning and beginning to lead them towards the same park where he had previously conducted Keiji and Zells training. He watched Eevee passively as they walked, wondering what she was thinking, and being left with the uncomfortable thought that it should have been Feyd and Sonya helping her get to grips with the First Aeons, not him.
"Right," he said as they arrived, "I've told you this already Keiji, but we're in the middle of a city so no magic - we don't want any collateral damage."
A smile flickered at the corner of his mouth. Keiji returned it; Eevee didn't, merely nodding. Not insolently, just silently obedient.
"Right," Neji said again, turning businesslike, "I want you two to fight each other hand to hand. I need to know," he explained as Keiji gave him a puzzled look - he had been expecting his father to teach them both some new moves, "How Eevee fights before I can pick something to work on."
Keiji grinned, putting on the knuckle-dusters that Zell and Retala had so recently made for him, and flexing his fingers so that flickers of fire and lightning magic crackled across them. He was clearly looking forward to trying them out.
Eevee, to make the fight fair, handed her force lance to Neji and crossed her hands to pull her twin daggers from their sheathes.
"Geuloth du knifr," she said, causing them to glow green for a second and dulling their edge so they could not injure Keiji by accident.
Thus prepared, the two walked into the centre of the park and stood facing each other, Keiji side-on with his right fist drawn back. He smiled nervously as they stood motionless for several seconds, their eyes locked and their muscles taut.
"Come on then!" Neji called out, "Spending a few moments to study an opponent for weaknesses is well and good, but this is only practice. And you should find out more about possible weaknesses in the initial spar anyway."
Eevee was still looking at Keiji expressionlessly, and he realised she was going to let him make the first move. Keiji felt a smile tug at the corner of his mouth, let his nascent demon powers flow through him, and then, like a coiled viper striking, he attacked.
He swung backhand with his left fist and followed through like lightning with his right. Eevee didn't fall for the initial feint and merely bobbed back and deflected his second, harder, punch with her forearm, but she didn't realise that that attack too had been a feint and left herself open to Keiji's foot driving into her side. As she twisted away he drove her to her knees with a third, downward punch and stepped forward ready to knock her back up again with a swift uppercut. Eevee however had been only momentarily stunned and raised her hand to meet Keiji's. The knuckle-duster that would have gashed her palm ground instead against the handle of the dagger she still held in two fingers while the other three wrapped round Keijis fist. Keiji blinked in surprise as she caught his punch and stopped it dead - her wiry arms were surprisingly strong.
But in that eyeblink Eevee had reversed his momentum and dragged his fist in a circle and down, pulling him forward off balance. Keiji grunted as a sharp jab of pain marked the dagger in Eevees other hand hooking round and pressing hard against his exposed back.
Keiji glanced up to see Eevee giving him a questioning look as if to suggest they should break apart, and they did so.
"Touché," Keiji admitted as he straightened.
"You don't pull your punches, do you Keiji?" Eevee remarked with a flicker of her old smile as she touched her head, which was red where Keijis knuckle-duster had grazed her.
"Sharpen up, Keiji," Neji commented from the sidelines. He was pleased to note that Keiji didn't get annoyed, just took the criticism on board and squared up for another round. Again it was Keiji who launched the attack, swinging his fist in a flailing hook that Eevee easily ducked. This was, however, what Keiji had expected her to do and he stepped forward to drive his elbow low into her face so that she fell backwards. Eevee regained her feet only to have Keiji flip over her head. Eevee pirouetted on the spot but Keiji's fist swung to meet her as she turned, the sharp knuckle-duster grazing her face in a narrow miss even as she tried to jerk her head back out of harm's way. Eevee was spun round by the hit and fell to her knees. Keiji leapt forward with a shout in a flying dropkick but she was feigning worse than actual injury and dodged aside, slashing her blunt dagger across his leg. It was only a glancing blow and though Keiji landed awkwardly and staggered forward, he caught himself in time to turn and catch Eevee's fist as she lunged out at him, catching her off-balance and throwing her to the floor.
"That was a mistake, Eevee," Neji said, "You overextended yourself. Remember your balance."
Inside his head Diablos chuckled, remembering Neji giving Keiji the same advice many years ago in a spar against Retala. Think about your feet. To fall is to die.
"They're doing well though,"
the demon observed, "They're matching each other point for point, and learning from each other's tricks."
Neji nodded in agreement as Eevee stood, her face still impassive and quietly determined, though now she had a second scratch across her cheek where Keiji's glancing blow had caught her. This time it was Eevee who launched an attack, sweeping Keiji's defensive fist aside with a forearm and lunging with the dagger in her right hand. Keiji caught her wrist and twirled her round, twisting Eevee's arm up behind her back. Eevee yelped in pain but thought fast, hammering her free elbow back into Keiji's chest, and then back again into his face. She felt his grip loosen as he instinctively twisted away, and kicked out of the arm-lock. Her dagger dropped to the ground between them as they staggered apart. Eevee spun and dived for her fallen weapon, but Keiji slid forward and kicked it away, his foot sweeping back again to connect with Eevee's face. Spun to the ground, Eevee rolled away and they both flipped back onto their feet.
Neji chuckled as he saw the tell-tale glow in both teenagers' eyes which indicated they were drawing on their Aeons' strength.
"Time for some demonic kung fu I think," Diablos whispered dryly to Neji as he watched Keiji draw on his power.
As a faint shimmering aura hazed into life around him, Keiji lunged forward with a high kick that Eevee blocked with both hands, but followed up with a series of rapid punches that drove Eevee back on the defensive. He landed two solid body-blows before she ducked the third and tried to counterattack, but Keiji grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward off balance, driving his knee into Eevees stomach. He knocked her reeling with a swinging punch that put enough distance between them for a sweeping kick that collided with Eevee's temple and floored her.
"Two-one," Neji quoted the score approvingly while Eevee lay there gasping, "Good work Keiji."
Keiji stepped forward to help Eevee up but she deliberately forced herself to her feet first. He shrugged and stepped back.
"Let's go again," Neji said, beginning to form a training plan in his mind based on the two teenagers' performances.
Keiji launched a high kick and followed through with a powerful right hook which left a trail of lightning sparking through the air, but Eevee ducked rather than try to parry and stepped into Keiji's guard, driving her elbow down into his shoulder and slashing backhand with the dagger she was still holding. It raked across Keiji's face in what would have been a painful cut if the dagger hadn't been magically blunted. Keiji shook it off and countered with a gut-punch that almost doubled Eevee over, but she too shook off the hit and spun round twice in a double-slash across Keiji's chest, hopping from one foot to the other on the third pirouette to finish with a roundhouse kick that knocked Keiji to the floor.
"Two all," Diablos noted inside Nejis head.
"She learned that one from Alarielle," Neji whispered back with a grin, recognising the elf-maidens style in Eevee's balletic attack.
Keiji got up. They circled. Eevee suddenly hurled her remaining dagger to send it spinning towards Keiji. He sidestepped to let it fly past him. Neji raised an eyebrow at Eevee thus disarming herself, and then realised that she had circled round towards her other fallen dagger and now she ran to retrieve it. As she skidded forward on her knees to pick it up Keiji lunged at her from behind. There was a blur as Eevee leaned aside in a Timeshift dodge. Keiji went flying past her but broke his fall with a diving roll and came up. He lunged again but Eevee blocked his arm with her's and swept her newly-recovered dagger back and forth across Keiji's chest, vaulting over him as he fell with a hiss of pain and allowing him to stand.
Keiji turned, a mix of enjoyment and grim determination on his face.
"Three-two..." he admitted, then grinned as energy began to gather and spark about his right hand. As the Lightning Edge reached full power, he leapt forward. Eevee skipped back from several sweeping strikes, then sprang forward off her back foot in an unexpected counterattack. Reacting fast to the unexpected manoeuvre, Keiji twisted to let the knife thrust go past him and swung his lightning-wreathed fist at Eevee's head. She ducked to one knee and tried to counter with a fast uppercut, but Keiji blocked with his forearm and as he swept her dagger aside, punched down for what would have been a clean hit. With perfect control, he stopped the Lightning Edge centimetres in front of Eevee's face.
"Three all now," he grinned. Eevee grinned back and for the first time the smile reached her eyes, just for an instant. Then she winced. Keiji withdrew his lightning-sheathed hand, which was so close it was starting to burn Eevee's skin, and cancelled the spell. The power it required was draining him.
Eevee stood and picked up her other dagger. Her face was hard and inscrutable again. She attacked, crossing her hands and sweeping the twin blades outward. Keiji jumped back, his arms thrown wide for balance as the daggers scythed through the air a harmless six inches from his stomach. Eevee lunged again but Keiji backflipped away, landing on his hands and flipping back over to attack. Eevee caught both his fists in hers, hissing in pain as the knuckle-dusters dug into her palms deeply enough to draw blood. The sheer momentum of Keiji's attack drove Eevee to her knees. Keiji drove his knee into Eevees face and then kicked her backwards, leaping after her. Eevee kicked up into Keijis stomach to send him rolling over her head. They rolled across the ground and Keiji came out on top, his sparking knuckle-duster held at Eevee's throat, but at the same time he felt something digging into his solar plexus and looked down to see one of Eevee's daggers jammed against his chest.
Neji was laughing, clapping his hands slowly as he walked towards them."Well call that four all! Right you two, that'll do, I think I've got a few things I can teach you..."
Keiji looked back at Eevee who was still pinned underneath him. She was ****ing an eyebrow at him. Suddenly embarrassed, Keiji scrambled off her and let the girl stand up.

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Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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Neji took a look at the bandaged Cid and raised an eyebrow.

"The crash?"

Cid laughed, "No the crash was nothing, it was the battle,"

"Battle?" Zell asked stepping forward

"We have much to talk about," Neji said heading into the airship.

The five men discussed much in the Shadow, Neji and Keiji explained the situation in Spira and the fate of Luca, Cid and Gau told of their meeting with Soven and the taking of Shoel, Neji expressed great interest in the artifact they spoke of and the conversation immediatly led to Gau leading Neji to the artifact.

"So this is it?"

"Yeh, the elves said it has connections with the farplain,"

Neji approached the orb and cautiously hovered his hand over it, suddenly the orb sprang to life reacting to Neji's demonic prescence causing all in the room to jump back. Gau and Neji exchanged looks and slowly Neji approached the orb only to jump back again once again when a voice rang from it.

"Neji?" the voice said

"hello?" Neji replied dumbfounded

"It is you, oh good I thought it was Penance,"



"What's going on?"

"Basically what you have here is a means of contacting the farplain, allows you to withdraw souls, and since you have it, hmm I never for saw you getting your hands on this, but it is welcome news, Neji this artifact must never fall into the hands of Penance,"

"Yeh, yeh we know,"

"But since your here I have something urgent to tell you, I feel Ghede has gotten his hands on the remains of the previous angels, but need to make sure,"

"How do we find out?"

"You will need to locate the halls of the angels a buried temple where the previous angels are remembered, you can access it from the back of the elf graveyard, you will need to find an underground stairwell,"

"So basically we have to dig up the graveyard? Yeh Don't think I want to do that,"

"The stairwell is already open, Ghede would not have covered his tracks when there is no need to,"

"Alright, I'll get right on it,"


Neji, Cid, Keiji, Zell and Gau searched the massive graveyard for over an hour yet found nothing, fed up Keiji took the sky scanning the area below him, it was then he saw it, not so much at the back of the graveyard but more off several feet from it he caught site of a small whole in the ground.

"Father!" he called out, grabbing everyones attention, "I think I found it!"


Keiji had indeed found the whole, it was small enough for one man to slide down, the five men surronded it gazing down, Gau dropped a rock down and they listened carefully, the stone hit what sounded like stone, followed by the sound of a rock tumbling down stairs they smiled and with Neji taking the lead they jumped down, Keiji carrying the injured Cid, all landed smoothly but Zell who stumbled upon landing a tumbled down several stairs.

The only light was that of the sun creeping in through the whole, the five men stared down the dark stairs which seemed to end in a wall of black, switching on the lights on there guns Zell and Gau took the lead, the stair looked ancient and grand, the carved stone on the old walls were cracked and covered in roots and mud. the stairwell took them deep into the ground until they finally came across an arch which opened up into a tall, narrow temple, decorated with gems and gold, the massive underground temple was kept safe from the crushing land above by a thick stone roof supported up by massive pillers, inbetween the pillers stood great golden statues of Atellians and elves, heroic looking with there weapons in hand.

"Kinda creepy huh guys?" Zell said uneasy

"Yeh, its so quite," Keiji said also with the feeling of ineasyness Just then there was a sound of scurrying, Zell and Gau jumped on the alert readying there weapons.

"Easy guys," Neji said creeping his hand towards his swords.

All stood deadly silent, listening carefully...."There!" Zell said quickly moving slightly to fire a bullet into a pitch of black, an inhuman scream echoed and bursting out charged a fiend of darkness, its form twisted from many long years of nothing but darkness, he moved to avoid the light coming from Zells torch and charged, Gau joined Zell in filling the creature with bullet holes, with another screech it collapsed onto the ground and faded away into darkness bursting into shaded pyrflies.  With the death of the creature the five companions were swamped by screeches and scurrys, Zell and Gau turned flashing there thin beams of light along the many disfigured fiends. Neji in flash had both sword drawn and ready.

"Stay close and help eachother, god knows how many of these creatures infest this hall,"

Spreading out into a pentegon formation. As the creatures closed in.

"Cid you gonna be alright?" Keiji shouted concerned for old man.

"Broken ribs are nothing, I can handle it,"

One brave creature brave enough to charge leapt at Neji but found itself cut in two with a dismisive swipe from his sword.

"They aint very stong guys, lets give them hell, Charge!"

Neji and Keiji eagerly leapt forward there demon blood fueling there first for battle, Neji spun round in a whirlwind of blades, his enchanted sword slicing killing blows left right and center.

Keiji flipped an attacker on its back, and send another flying with a powerful punch, the creature immediatly back off causing Keiji to smirk, and raise his guard.

Zell cast aside his rifel and began rapidly blowing holes through the enemies, dodging attacks from all angles.

Gau got in close using rapid strikes from his thin sword, keeping enemies off Cids back as the injured old man struggled to swing his sword golden sword and soon instead withdrew a pistol which worked just aswell.

The battle raged on, Neji making full use of his two swords to attack enemies from all around spinning round in a whirl wind not allowing there claws to come close. Neji jumped in the air to avoided a slashing claw but was soon chased by the creatures, spinning round Neji slashed through the creatures, and on his decent threw one of his sword, flying the air like a pinwheel the sword cut through the enimes easily and the set sword returning to its master by the time he landed.

Keiji forward flipped in the air over many creatures bringing his heel down hard on ones head, swinging his leg round he swept the feet of many in as he spun 180, rising with an uppercut catching one enemy as it flew through the air, the enemies pounced once again this time Keiji unleashed a small Black shockwave powerful enuff to obliterate many around him and through others back but not enough to endanger his allies.

Zell pressed forward firing in all angles with highly accrate shots, he flipped one coming for a head on attack, opening his arms out wide he shot those foolish enough to think they found an opening, landing with a roll he crossed his pistols while crouched and killed a further two before running out of bullets on the rise Zell flicked out his rifel swining and knocking aside another attacker, swining his rifel in an upward slash Zell knocked one in the air and proceded to fire a round tearing through the creatures stomach.

"I've had enough of this," Zell said taking out his mana gun, and loading in a holy capsuel he aimed at a creature which stepped back in fear, with a smirk he re-aimed towards the sky and fired, the shot burst into a powerful bright light, the creatures screamed as the light destroyed there eyes and obliterated those around Zell, in sheer terror the remaining creature fled.

Zell spun his mana gun placing it in it hoister. Neji turned to Zell impressed.

"Nice call,"

(Will do rest later way out)



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(And while Eevee and Keiji are upstairs fighting, we have assasination plots and that kinda fun stuff :D LOL.  Also because its never come up i thought i'd tell you know, Fariel's mother is called Duenan and her father is called Sid! :o lol)

It was in the early hours of the morning when Fariel and her companions returned back at Bevelle, everyone in the great hall was asleep.  Eevee was quick to head straight upstairs, the quiet thud from upstairs as she slammed her door was all Fariel heard, she sighed and looked at Keiji who was following.

Well this is new; I didnt even have to ask him, hes going at his own accord.


Yes, but is he going after Eevee or is he going to his own room to punch some walls?  Leviathan was as cynical as always.

Fariel rolled her eyes, Thank you Leviathan, she answered sarcastically.


Larek patted her on the shoulder before heading upstairs, Jacen stayed behind and stepped up beside her.  So what happens now?  He asked in a very pessimistic tone.

Thats almost as dumb as asking me how long a piece of string is, Jacen, but right now lets just survive the night?  She smiled, Go to bed.  Fariel looked out the corner of her eye at one of the side corridors.



Ciaphas watched from the shadows and smiled, scurrying away he informed Mathew of Fariels return.  Then shell have no alibi.  Mathew grinned.


The pair of them took the servants staircase upstairs, out of sight from everyone and headed to what was temporarily General Benis room.  The General had retired to his room a few hours prior to Fariels arrival and all sound of movement within had stopped.  He was asleep.



Gerald laid on the large four posted bed staring out the window at the stars, Whisper he had noticed as extraordinarily tame, she laid by his side, her ears moved occasionally to follow the sounds from outside the room.  Gerald found the little twitches entertaining, it meant that the wolf was aware of its surrounding even while sleeping, which would make her a perfect companion for Fariel.

The old crusader closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but he couldnt.  He heard the sound of a door handle turning, he opened his eyes and stared at the door as a crack of dim light widened, he looked to Whisper, he only caught a glimpse of her tail as she disappeared off the bed, her head appeared again though and looked at him, he nodded and she scurried under the bed.  How did she train such a creature?


He watched the door out the corner of his eye, two figures slipped in, the light from the window flashed off one of the figures weapon, a sword, a familiar sword.  Duenans sword?! 

The two figures neared, the crusader was perfectly aware of what they were planning, and was even more aware of their identities.  They obviously hadnt noticed that he was awake; the man in front raised the sword ready to strike.  Gerald remained still; the sword came down towards him but was thrown away with a yell as Whisper jumped out from under the bed and seized the mans arm within her powerful jaws.  Mathew fell backwards and was pinned beneath the weight and jaws of the wolf.  Ciaphas turned to escape but fell to the ground as a throwing knife appeared in his back.

What amateurs  Fariel laughed balanced atop one of the bed posts.  Who do you think you are?  You sad fraks.


Mathew didnt answer, his words held back by the pain in his arm.  Jacen, Larek, you can come in now.  The pair she called entered with several guardsmen behind them.  General? 


You are both under arrest for the attempted assassination, of myself.  Take them away.  Gerald ordered, Whisper released Mathew and sat down beside the General.

Thanks guys.  Fariel smiled at her two companions that left with the guardsmen.  And thank you for taking care of Whisper.  Fariel jumped down and petted her pet.


I think it was rather she took care of me.  Gerald knelt down and retrieved the sword that had been discarded.  I believe this is yours?  He handed the blade to Fariel.

Thats the last time I leave anything lying around where your men can get to it!  Fariel laughed, accepting the weapon and looking at it for a moment.  Mother would be disappointed in me if I let her sword get covered in a crusaders blood.


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It was dawn the next day and Keiji rose early, just as a shaft of pale sunlight filtered in through the embroidered curtains of his room. He jumped out of bed and pulled on a shirt and some loose black trousers, then walked out along the corridor towards the bathroom to splash the remaining cobwebs of sleep out of his eyes. On the way he passed Eevee's bedroom door, and paused. It was ajar.

On an impulse, Keiji knocked. There was no response so, pushing the door open, Keiji looked in to see Eevee sitting on the rich carpet with her back up against the four-poster bed, facing the fireplace opposite where she had lit a small fire to help warm the large room. Her arm-warmers, force lance and sheathed daggers lay discarded on the bedside table. As her usual outfit had gone in the wash again the previous evening, she had borrowed a set of clothes from Trevor Stead's extensive collection - being the Steads' it was mainly expensive dresses and ball gowns, but Eevee seemed to have chosen one of the least extravagant ones she could find. She wore a black, full length strapless dress that clung to her body, giving her a kind of wistful elegance as she sat with her hair falling about her shoulders, her legs pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped round her shins as she stared listlessly at the fire, seemingly oblivious to his presence.

Keiji was strongly reminded of Tsunami on the first day they met, gazing into the fireplace at Rin's as she struggled with her bottled-up emotions. He immediately felt a pang at the memory, and pushed it away.

"You okay?" he asked as he sat down next to Eevee.

"Why does everybody keep asking me that?" she replied wearily, letting her feet slide along the carpet so her legs lay flat.

"Because you dont talk to any of us any more. We used to never be able to shut you up," he smiled slightly, "But now it's like pulling teeth just trying to get a 'hello' out of you."

"And that surprises you?" Eevee countered with a slight edge to her tone. Keiji let it slide.

"Please tell me you haven't been up all night?" he asked, noticing how pale and drawn his friend looked.

Eevee opened her mouth to answer, but realising he had already seen through the lie she was about to tell just sighed and nodded her head. Keiji shook his slowly.

"What are you like?"

He put out a hand and began to wrap it comfortingly round her shoulders, but with startling speed her hand shot out and grabbed his wrist, stopping him before he could touch her. They stared at each other for several seconds.
"Everyone has to sleep, Eevee." Keiji said in a level tone. Eevees eyes were stony, but then Keiji looked closer, and wondered...did she look almost...frightened?
Eevee blinked.

"I can't face my dreams." she whispered.

At first, Keiji had no answer but silence as she broke eye contact and looked down at the floor, letting his hand go in the process. Keiji rubbed the back of his neck.
"Look, Eevee..."

"Keiji, just don't." Eevee replied flatly, realising she'd said too much.

"No, listen to me. I know how you feel."

"How the frak do you know?" Eevee snarled back, deliberately getting up and walking over to the glass doors that led out onto the balcony.

"I know," Keiji replied, flaring up, "Because I lost my mother too! Or had you forgotten?"

Eevee stiffened, and flushed red. Then she bit her lip and turned away from Keiji.
"I'm sorry," she mumbled.

Keiji too got up and followed Eevee as she stepped outside. She was leaning against the balcony, her wings rising up behind her as she materialised them. The soft white feathers contrasted sharply with her dark hair and the black material of her dress. She was looking up at the dawn - the wan sunlight gave little warmth to a sky which, despite the dawn lights pink tint, was grey with the threat of rain. She turned back to Keiji as he approached.

"Look, don't run off." he said, "I know it's a subject neither of us want to broach. At the moment just about any conversation at all would be an improvement on the amount of speaking we've done lately."

The corner of Eevee's mouth flickered as she turned her hands over and looked at the bloody marks caused by trying to block Keijis diving punch in their earlier spar.

"Like how much harder you punch since Retala gave you those knuckle-dusters?"

"Whats one punch between friends?"

Another memory rose up in Keiji's mind, this time of him, Eevee and Tsunami placing their fists together in friendship just before he left for the demon world.

"We should do it again sometime."

But once again Tsunami's face rose to the front of his mind and he had to push the memory down again, angrily.

He still managed to smile at Eevee. For the briefest of moments, she began to smile back, but then she caught herself at it and closed down again completely.
"I'm sorry Keiji," she said frostily, "But...could you leave me alone for a bit, please?"

"Why?" Keiji queried as she climbed up onto the balcony wall, "Have I said something wrong?"

"No, I just need to clear my head."

With that Eevee all but threw herself off the balcony, spreading her wings to glide down across the garden before sweeping them down to climb above the estate wall and the buildings beyond, soaring away into the overcast sky.

Keiji shook his head in weary disbelief at Eevee's stubbornness.

"Oh no you don't..." he growled, materialising his own wings and launching himself skyward after her.

* * *


Keiji banked and weaved through the labyrinth of concrete and metal, his head turning from side to side. Eevee couldn't have gone far - Penance's troops surrounded the city in a ring of fire, preventing anyone moving beyond the safety of the city walls. At last he spotted a small dark figure standing atop the flat roof of one of Bevelles tallest skyscrapers, facing away from him towards the rising sun with a slight breeze ruffling her wing feathers and tugging at the hem of her dress. He soared upward and alighted softly on the metal plateau, folding his bat-like wings away behind him.

"To be alone is the last thing any of us need right now." he said, walking towards her.

"Go away, Keiji," Eevee said acidly, without looking at him.

"Okay, so our circumstances aren't exactly the same - I've still got my dad to help me through this..."

Once again he tried to put a hand on her shoulder but Eevee turned on her heel and walked away to the other side of the platform. Keiji followed.

"But you've got people too," he persisted, "Fari and my dad are your godparents, aren't they? And what about me?"

"You're a relentless little bastard, aren't you?" Eevee said scathingly as she turned again in an attempt to walk away from him. This time Keiji spread his wings and swept over her head to block her path.

"Yes, I am," he said, "Because that's what friends are like. I'm seeing one of my friends in trouble and I'm trying to offer support - but so far she won't let me."

"I don't need your goddamn support!" Eevee yelled at him, "You come back from the demon world all high and mighty and claiming you can take care of yourself so what makes you think that I can't? I don't need Fari and I don't need your dad and I don't need you!"

"Yes I can take care of myself!" Keiji shouted back, his patience finally snapping, "But I can also realise that I still sometimes need other people's advice and support! I counted the Eevee who talked and laughed and was there for her friends no matter what as one of my closest friends - but I'm getting very sick of this bad-tempered selfish bitch Eevee who's so sunk in her own self-pity she doesn't recognise when her friends are trying to be there for her!"

He turned on his heel in disgust and beat his leathery wings to launch himself off the building, disappearing into the maze of streets below. His eyes fixed on the Stead mansion in the distance had a tortured look about them; he was already regretting his outburst.

Eevee remained standing on the edge of the building, gazing after Keiji long after he had vanished into the concrete labyrinth, her fists clenched at her sides. She had pushed Keiji away because she was terrified of getting hurt any more, but she had ended up hurting them both regardless. She hid her face in her hands and burst into tears.

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Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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Keiji lowered his guard as the last of the creatures scurried away into the darkest shadows, slowly one by one there eyes peered out staring in sheer fear at the invaders.

"What are these things?" he asked turning to Neji

"Clumsy or curiose fiends and animals who have fallen into the hole Ghede made, being deprived of the light and being forced to live in complete darkness has mutated there bodies, god knows how long they have been down here,"

"Just how long has it been since Ghede was down here? a progress like this would of taken years," Zell asked before jumping when Laconfir's voice echoed in his head.

"Thousands of years, Ghede would of travelled down here when the bodies were fresh,"

"And we are just getting told this now?"

"We elves had no way of telling, Ghede is sneaking, I could not know until I died and my connection with the earth strengthed,"

"Still you would of thought you would of have found this hole and thought something was up,"

"This temple is the resting place of Avenging Angels, it is also where all those angels who have fought Penance are remembered, it was buried to conceal the dark history of Spira, for us to unburie would be sacrilidge, the dead should be left to rest,"

"Ummm, I've got one question," Keiji asked stepping in, "You say it must of been thousands of years since Ghede trespassed here, so just how old is Ghede?"

"Older than Penance," Laconfir replied, his voice fading.

Zell and Gau continued to light the way with there thin torches occasionally moving to check on the hoards of Dark creatures that followed them, eventually the five men reached the end of the corridor and were faced with a great stone door, Zell ran his torch light from top to bottom, the door was decorated with encraved pictures of all the previous angels the first at the top leading all the way down till eventually there was six pictures which Neji reconised one being him. He ran his hand down the door, every picture seemed to be cracked down the middle but those of him and Fariel and to his surprise a picture of Eevee which sat below the picture of Kobie and Sonya, he touched the picture and bits of freshly cut stone fell to the ground.

"Increidible, a stone which refreshes itself," he looked down to the blank rows below the row he was in, those bits of rock were smooth and ready for carving.

"Lets hope these spaces don't get filled Neji,"

"Couldn't agree with you more," Neji said in his head to Diablos. Neji placed his hand on the door and turned to his companions. "Lets go in,"

It took all five of them to heave open the ancients door just enough so they could enter, this room unlike the rest of the temple was fully lit, the roof was decorated in ancient stones of stored light, there beams brightening up the room like many bright stars, Zell and Gau had no need for there lights and switched them off to conserve energy.

The room unlike the temple was wide and opened up into a semi-circle, at the points built into large arch shaped holes in the walls were stone caskets decorated with jewels and gold. They all approached a casket and investicated, the evidence was clear, Ghede seeing no need to cover his tracks had left the caskets open the stone lids half off to reveal emptyness inside.

"Not good?" Cid said turning round

"There no way to tell what Ghede did with the bodies, but if its anything like what he does to other bodies then we could have trouble," Gau said grimly remembering what he saw in Ghede's tower

"Indeed, but if Ghede had the old angels enslaved he would of used them by now, would he have not?" Keiji said remembering his fight with the old elf leader he fought revived by Ghede. "I mean we proberly would of heard tales of them, I've seen what his revived bodies can do they seem to keep there old powers,"

"This is something we can not over look, we must be prepared incase these old angels attack,"

"Aww man, Penance has now possibly got five Avenging Angels and his disposal and we only have two,"

"Three, Eevee now has Ramuh and Tritoch," Keiji said reminding Zell

"Still that 3 v 5,"

"Well then Zell, looks like you are gonna have to play your part once again," Cid said to Zell with a smile.

"And don't forget about me," Keiji smiled in overconfidence.

"Enough talk, lets get out of here, we have no more business here,"



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Back on the ship Neji comfirmed the grim news with Laconfir, the elf sighed.

"As I feared, looks like things have gotten far worse than we anticpated, with all but Bevelle standing things look grim for Spira,"

"The battle is not all gloom, Penance has lost much as well in this war,"

"Indeed you have all done well, but the deaths of Kiba, Xipetotec and Gaget is a minor set back they are only three of his best, we must not forget the most powerful of Penance's bodyguards still remain,"

"We have severed his control in the farplain and he has lost his undead support, surely that must count as something" Cid said stepping forward

"That has only delayed his invasion, Penance is resourceful if he can't get allies from the realms of the dead then he will look from the realm of the living,"

"but who would join such a monster," Gau said bitterly

"those who have lost there god and are now lost without a real home or faith,"


"Their still around?" Gau asked turning to Neji

"Tho utterly defeated at the hands of the crusaders and sin those few who have survived went into exile, evading the crusaders and hiding in the far reaches they sat in there misery, confused and without a prayer," Neji said looking out the window of the airship.

"Then imagin a man comes along after the defeat of Sin, preaching Sin's return in the form of a four winged angel in 17 years times to lead them, with no hope they would have to believe him and so silently, secretly they crew there numbers and waited there hatred for Yevon and the rest of spira rising," Laconfir said grimly

"And sure enough 17 years later the purple thunder storm a clear sign of something big was happening, and from that point on Penance would have had there alligance," Cid said coming to relisation on how probable Laconfir was predicting was.

"Surely the custrodians aren't that blind not to see Penance is no Sin, no god, just an evil creature with evil motives," Gau said giving the Custrodians credit

"Think about about it Gau, someone tells them sin will returned as a four winged angels and sure enough a man of great power comes to them fitting that desciption, leading an army of angels and tamed demons, he could raise the dead and defeat an army single handed," Keiji said grimly.

"In this time of need Penance will surely use them in the battle to come, add them to his demons, kill as many of them as you like a demon can not be killed in our world only in there own, instead they get sent back to that pit and re-summoned, Penance still has the bulk of his Atellian army, they were sealed with him, they never age via Penance's power and can only die if they are killed,"

"Penance will be at full strength again in no time," Neji growled, "We must get back to Bevelle and inform Retala,"

"Make haste Neji," Laconfir said his voice fading

The five men left the room when Neji noticed Keiji rubbing his fist.

"What wrong?"

"It's nothing really," Neji looked unconfinced

"Let me see your hands," Keiji held out his fists looking away from Neji, Keiji's hands were bloodied and bruised from all the fighting he has done.

"This won't do, you can't fight like this,"

"Don't worry about it, I'm fine, their just marked,"

"Clearly Keiji all this fighting you've been doing is taking its tool on you'r fists, your mother would kill me if she was here," Keiji smiled

"She'd kill you for letting me fight in the first place,"

"It's not as much as a case of me letting you fight its more of I can't stop you from fighting and getting involved, your just like her if she wanted to do something she would do it despite the dangers," Just then Zell poked his head into the conversation staring hard at Keiji's had before smile and looking up at Keiji.

"I have just the thing in mind to help ya," with that Zell rushed out.

Once back in Bevelle Zell was eager to get off the ship carring something in a box, when asked he simply said was gonna get Retala and told the others to wait in the Stead mansion.

Zell returned an hour later behind him a battle worn Retala. The elf smiled seeing all his friends save a smile the others returned with the same feelings.

"It's great to see you all again,"

"You to, I hear you've gotten a big promotion Retala," Neji smirked, Retala smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeh just what I need another thing to worry about," Retala smile faded to seriousness, "But seriously, I need to know all that has happened, any information you have gathered, I need it all, I need a full debreifing on everything,"

"Ok, ok we get it, take your information stocks are low,"

"I don't know much outside of what is happening here, I know the Al'bed capital is gone, Luca has fallen and Guadosalam has been abandoned,"

"How goes the battle in the Calm Lands,"

"Grim we pulled all troops back into the city once Penance withdrew, Penance appears to be constucting a stronghold in the calm lands and is regathering his forces as of at the moment if he attacks we could finish his troops with the defensive capabilties of the city thats our only hope but Penance isn't that stupid, but if we step out we would be massacured even with the Al'bed airial support, now then shall we start your debreifing follow me to the temple the other leaders are waiting,"

Everyone began to leave when Zell grabbed Keiji by the shoulder.

"You guys go on ahead we'll catch up," Zell smiled and opened the small box he was carring earier.  "Here you go try these on," inside was a pair and black gloves, Keiji picked them and examided they were fingerless and fitted with black metal studded knuckledusters.

"How you like them, call them battle gloves, knuckledusters, studded gloves or whatever you want,"

Keiji slipped them on and flexed his fingers, they comfy and flexible. "Increidble..." Keiji said admiring the work.

"These should protect your hands when fighting comfortably, designed to be flexible and sturdy, also," Zell tapped the studded metal along the knuckles, "Make from what I could rustle up of the dark matter metal for added power, you should know the strength of this metal when punching not only will they increase the damage you will cause but also provide extra protection,"

Keiji punched the air a couple times then closed his fist tight with a smile, "These are awsome,"

"Don't get all excited now Keiji I'm not finshed, see those small holes all over the glove not only will they stop your hand from sweating its also designed so you can channel magic out of them,"

Keiji held his hand and started to gether his stardust, the sparkling specs flowed out his glove and swirled round his hand just like if he didn't have the glove on. "You thought of everything Zell," Keiji smiled.

"And there more!" Zell laughed "this is what I wanted Retala for, run your finger along the metal, you feel the written encraved, its enchanted, one fist fire, the other lightning, now tell me what ya think?"

"Zell you didn't have to do this,"

"Please what are brothers for," Zell smiled, "Also felt sorry for ya, your the only one who doesnt have a magically enchanted weapon, should put you more on level terms with everyone else, but remember although these weapons allow you to potentially cause more damage they don't make you invincible, far from it infact, they only protect your knuckles from wear and tear, not you the person,"

"Zell...thank you,"

"Anytime, now lets catch up with the others so you can tell them how owned Xipetotec in Lu..." just then Zell looked down to the ground remembering that he was part of the destrction in Luca.

"Zell?" Zell looked up smiling,

"Sorry, just thinking,"

"Zell...what happened to Luca is in the past, you could not help what happened you weren't in control that day,"

"I know, I was just thinking about how I could boast about killing Gaget, oh yeh baby, who was the first to kill one of Penance's elite and best,"

(That me caught up, no point in posting about the debreifing so yeh if that everyone caught then lets keep the ball rolling)


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