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RE: Avenging Angels 2 - Destinys Call

Keiji leapt forward and started fighting his way towards Tsunami, while Eevee stood her ground and spun her daggers into a downward grip as two winged Atellians leapt skyward and came down at her from different angles.

Bisingr du knifr!” <literal translation - “fire the blade” LOL> she cried aloud in elvish and her daggers immediately lit up with white fire. She waited as the first Atellian thrusted with his sword towards her, parrying at the last minute by sweeping her arm across, her blazing dagger cutting right through his blade and shearing it in half. She turned on the spot and brought her other dagger round to clash with the flat of the Atellian’s broken blade, keeping it away from her as he swept past her with a curse and threw aside the useless sword. The second Atellian wasn’t caught out by the same trick, and channelled a blazing light into his own sword as he swept it towards her. Not as strong as the full-grown Atellian, Eevee instead used his own momentum against him and with another late parry, trapped his blade between both of hers and pulled it down as she twisted out the way, spinning it out of his overextended grip. The sword’s magical light faded as it left its owner’s grip and clattered to the ground. The Atellian threw himself backwards, beating his wings frantically to keep balance as Eevee counterattacked with a sweeping diagonal cut, glittering white contrails arcing through the air around her for a second in the wake of her glowing blades. She crossed her blades behind her to counter the first Atellian returning to the attack, and forced him to fall back also with a sweeping double-cut.

“Fools! Get her!” one of the hooded men roared. The Atellians drew secondary weapons and came forward, but were thrown back as Eevee cast a fireball with each hand. It wasn’t the strongest of magical attacks, but was enough to leave them floored and temporarily stunned.

“Dammit, I really can’t fight in this…” she muttered, speaking of the dress she was wearing as she looked around.

“Look out, Keiji!” she suddenly yelled as she saw one of the demons swing his great scimitar towards Keiji’s neck while he was preoccupied with two Unsent, “Gueloth du knifr!”

The demon’s weapon glowed green just before contact, and thudded hard into the side of Keiji’s face. Keiji yelped and was spun half round by the hit, but the blade having been magically blunted by Eevee’s spell had merely bruised him instead of taking his head off. Recovering quickly he punched down the demon, dispatched the two Unsent with a powerful spin-kick, and leapt towards the three demonic henchmen holding Tsunami. She was still struggling and screaming, but was unable to break their grip.

“Take the girl and get out of here!” the one of the hooded men shouted.

“NO!” Keiji screamed, fighting his way desperately through the henchmen barring his path.

Suddenly the hooded leader whirled as an Unsent beside him was transfixed by a long-shafted arrow, which then burst into flames and incinerated the Unsent to send his spirit back to the Farplane. This was followed up almost immediately by a barrage of Firannon lightning that threw the hooded man himself off his feet. There was a blur of something moving impossibly fast past him, a few flickering arcs of white light flashed through the air around Tsunami, and it was only as the three henchmen holding her crumpled to the ground together and dissolved into Pyraflies that the hooded leader saw the man with sweeping golden blades glittering on each forearm that had suddenly appeared next to Tsunami. As he picked himself up he saw a magical tempest whirl overhead and a female mage land crouched in a blaze of light beside Eevee.

Feyd and Sonya had arrived on the scene.

<ooc - So there you go, a couple of less overtly destructive but nonetheless useful spells from Eevee, and a bit of bladework as well :P I figured her dagger tactics would be more about defence and disarming as her main weapon is supposed to be her force lance. Anyway, go kick ass Sean>


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(OCC - LIKE OMG! XD LOL For once, I'm, the center of conversation lol!)

“Not to be forward, but is Fariel always that tense and angry?” Jacen managed a half smile and Dante chuckled.

“Not really, she’s just been really uptight since that weird storm a couple nights back, she hasn’t really talked to anyone about anything but work since. Occasionally she’ll talk to Larek…” Dante answered.

“But even he’s in the dark about what’s on her nerves.” Lei added with a laugh, “She’s not really one to talk.” He smiled, a never ending supply of cheeriness radiated from the young man which made Jacen smile.

“From what I’ve heard from Rico and Sheana, she used to be very talkative, a real enthusiastic, hyper thief. Though after Sin was defeated, she kinda, what’s the word?” Zeke looked to his brother.

“Matured,” Dante finished his sentence and Zeke nodded, “She took on her duties here in Kebel and hasn’t said a word about her past since.”

“What did Sin’s defeat have to do with it…?” Jacen pushed for more information.

“He killed Fariel’s family, she wanted revenge, and she never got it.” Breezer who having been silent finally spoke, “Though what’s all this to you? You were probably no bigger then us when all this happened. It’s history.” He took the chance to turn the conversation back to him.

“I guess Fariel didn’t tell you. I’m searching for my brother…he used to be friends with Fariel when they were still young thieves in Luca.”

“Oh yeah?” Dante sat down beside him, “What’s his name?”

“Kerr Locke.” Jacen said proudly, and noticed that the four men had looked to the ceiling in thought, “What’s wrong, you heard of him?”

“Nope, can’t say I have.” Dante looked at him and grinned, it was a total lie, but Jacen didn’t know that.

“Oh, well I guess I won’t be able to ask you about him then.” He shrugged.


Fariel who had returned shortly before the degrading conversation had begun watched the screen, watching for any signs that Jacen was lying when he talked. Though when she had told her team to talk to him she didn’t mean about her.

Fariel, give him a chance? I can almost hear the argument in your head ranting over weather you should talk to him or not. If your going to argue with anyone, argue with me.

Fariel laughed, “Leviathan, if I argued with you, I’d never win.” Faber looked over his shoulder at her and she smiled, “Sorry, Leviathan’s being a pest.”

Just give him a chance. I am always here to eat him if you need me to. Leviathan chuckled.

“That’s the best thing you’ve said to me in years. Alright…I’ll go talk to him.”


The five men sitting in the cave stopped talking a listened as they heard light steps echoing down the cave towards them. Looking up they saw a wolf emerge from the shadows and sit down, “Isn’t that Fariel’s wolf? Whisper, isn’t it?” Jacen whispered to Dante and Dante shook his head.

“Jacen.” The wolf spoke and Jacen looked to Dante who smiled and nodded to Fariel, he instantly remembered her saying she could shape shift.

Hesitating, she calmed her nerves and carried on talking, battling an argument with Leviathan over the whole ordeal in her head at the same time. “I’m willing to give you a chance…”



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The Henchmen were over powered with the arrival of the two angels, and with Kobie now close to Tsunami it appeared a sure victory but as if from no where a black scalely hand grabbed ahold of Tsunami and pulled her in, it came from the one of hooded men, his arm strectching to an unbeliable length, and with a quick knock Tsunami slump to the ground and slung over his shoulder.

"Come on lets get out of here!" he yelled

"No Tsunami!" Keiji shouted and he and Kobie charged towards the three men only to get thrown back by a wall sand. When the sand cleared the hooded men where no where to be seen yet it appeared more Henchmen had arrived.

"Damn it!" Kobie yelled as he blocked a blow from a charging undead Ronso.

"Tsunami..." Keiji hung his head, "Tsunami I'm coming!" he yelled before pushing his way through the attacking henchmen, and brushing past Eevee and Sonya.

"Keiji, where the hell are you going?" Eevee yelled but the quick Keiji had already disappeared into the dark street.

"Eevee worry about Keiji some other time, we must deal with these first,"

Keiji had ran blindly out of Bevelle, and soon found himself at the beach just outside, there standing on the shore was the three hooded men still carring Tsunami.

"Stop!" he shouted

"How the hell did you find us?" one barked, Keiji honestly had no idea but something inside him said go to the beach. Keiji explouded in rage and began to charge up his fathers favourite attack, his hand turned into a lightning blue colour, and crackled with the sound of thousand chirping birds.

"I know this technique," one said to himself

"Another trick boy, I'll deal with him, you guys go on ahead," another said

"No you fool have not heard of the lightning edge before, he truely is Neji's son," Keiji charged at the three men, lightning edge pointed forward.

"Let her go!" Keiji yelled, one of the hooded men stepped forward and slammed his fist into sand, a great wave of sand enguffed Keiji and threw him back.

"Come on lets go," Keiji could only watch as the three hooded men when turned around and made there way accross the water, one began to float under and cloud of sand, one crew to an increible size and walked and the final one grew wings of metal. Keiji ran into the water but soon collapsed on his knees as he watched them disappear into the distance.

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" Keiji yelled tears swelling in his eyes, he punched the water, "I promised! I promised her! Tsunami...I'm sorry,"

"What you crying for kid!" a rough voice said from the shore. Keiji turned around to see a rough looking man, sitting on a hover bike, he was wearing a black open vest, loose black trousers and knee high boots, his long dark hair was braded and tied back.

Keiji got up and approached the man, "Its nothing,"

"I saw what happened ki..." The man stopped and looked at Keiji as if reconising him.


"No my names Keiji, my father is called Neji,"

"ah so you're,"


"it's nothing, so kid you need across the water? My names Soven and Well today is you're lucky day, cause I'm gonna take you across, I'm sure by jet bike can handle it, you know where to go?"

"Keiji thought for abit...Yes,"



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"Atta boy!  Now you wanna hop on or you wanna cry more?"  Soven sounded amoused,  "Boo-hoo! they nicked me girl!  What am I to do-ooo!"  Soven laughed hard untill he flew from his bike and landed on his ass.

Soven snarled, "Whatchit, boy!  You had a lucky shot with me having fun but try it again and it won't matter if you are my Demon's son, I'll kill you myself.  Clear?"

Keiji face was covered with rage and his eyes were still wet from his tears.  "Stop messing around, we have to save her!!  I promised... her."  Keiji lowered his eyes.

Soven sighed, "Stop it kid.  If you wanna act like a man then pull your finger out and do something!  Crying doesnt help nothin'.  Not even your pain."  Soven hauled himself to his feet.  "Now boy.  You'd best get your weapon cos those guys looked better then average and you need to pull it together."

"Theres no time!" Declared Keiji,  "We have to move now!"  Keiji jumped on the bike and impateinly waited for soven.

Soven hopped on the bike, there was a jump as the engine turned and the bike flew forward when Soven floored it and headed over the water.

After a moment, Soven spoke,  "So, your the Demon's son, huh?  Funny, I pictured you bigger but your uglier then I ever could imagin."  He chuckled but Keiji was silent.  "Hmm, so. Was that your girl or your wife or your sister.  If shes the first 2 then shes all yours but if shes your sister, then she'll have to resit my charms."

After a silent moment, "Only if she can stand your smell for more then a moment."  Soven gasped then burst out laughing.  "And she's not my sister, shes my... shes my..."

"Oh, kid!  Don't tell me you love her, do you?"  Soven took Keiji's silence as yes.  "Well, dont worry.  We'll get her, find a bar and drink till we forget our troubles, huh?  Who knows, maybe she'll fall head-over-heels in love,....wtih me..."  Soven heard Keiji growl but Soven laughed.  "Kid!  Get a sense of humour, huh?  Otherwise you wont like me, huh?"  Keiji made no reply.

Soven sighed.  Why was Demon's kid so, whats the word?  Young!  He was so childish.  Whining and crying when he should do something, anything.  Ahh, Demon.  Si this why you want me here?  With your son?  To ensure he learns what a loving family can never teach?  How to turn you heart off.  Closing all feelings when it is the wrong time to have them.

Then something occured to Soven.  "Hey, kid.  Ever hear of a man called Soren, huh?  I'm looking for him.  I heard back West that he headed here to meet a guy called Penance.  ever heard of either of them?  I need Soren and I wanna see Penance again.  Just to remind myself what a fat, ugly slug that he is and maybe squash him, huh?  Wanna squash Penance or do you wanna bitch about your own self-pity about the girl, aka, my future wife, huh?"  Soven laughed agian as he drove of the sea.


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<ooc - ROFL I love this guy, he’s hilarious! XD>

Feyd had retracted his Atellian claws and raised his elven bow, his thumb resting on the Thundara rune etched on its long shaft. The arrow was sparking ominously with magic potential. As the Unsent Ronso came at him again, he loosed and the arrow blazed forward in an arc of lightning, impaling both the Unsent and a demon following close behind so they were both hurled back in a haze of Pyraflies. Clenching his fist to extend the blades on the hand that wasn’t holding his bow, he leapt forward to engage a second demon - a monster with a devilish visage, curved horns and scythe-like talons. They met in midair, Feyd spinning round the demon’s wild slash and cutting him in half with his return blow. His blades hissing back into their bracer, Feyd landed crouched with his bow arm thrown back and his other hand touching the ground for balance. The demon landed heavily, fell to its knees and began to slide apart before dissolving into another Pyrafly.

Nearby three Unsent came at Sonya, but as thy did she raised her fist, a glowing elven spell whirling from her magic-amplifying Atellian ring.

Shea nudh elthir erreintha!” she cried the elvish Banishing spell as she punched her open hand forward, and a crescent-shaped shockwave of white light swept out.

It passed harmlessly through Feyd, Eevee and the Atellians, but the Unsent and the demons screamed as if burnt, crumbling to dust and obliterating in white flares as the shockwave swept through them.

<ooc - sorry, thought I’d shorten that damn Banishing spell coz it annoyed me…oh, forgot to mention - Sonya doesn’t need her staff anymore coz she uses her ring :D If things get up close and personal she can wreathe her hands in magical energy and use them to block sword-blows>

The Atellians began to falter and draw back. One particularly hard-bitten and muscular Atellian with black wings, a scarred face and a spear stood his ground, snarling a challenge at Eevee as he came at her.

He hurled his heavy spear towards her with impossible strength. Casting a localised Shield spell around her right hand, Eevee deflected it aside enough so she could twist her left shoulder back out of harms way. She twirled her still-glowing daggers in her hands, facing off against the Atellian.

“You’re going down!” she snarled at him.

The Atellian let out a sound that was half a contemptuous laugh and half a snarl of rage and leapt skyward, drawing two short swords that were sheathed at his waist.

Drawing on all her nascent magical ability, Eevee punched her fist skyward, attempting to cast a Thundara - a spell she had recently perfected under Alarielle’s teaching - at him. But it wasn’t a Thundara that happened. Instead a great bolt of lightning flashed down from the sky to link with her fist, forming a crackling thread of stuttering electricity. Slipstreams of fire, ice and water appeared, corkscrewing down and round the bolt in a swirling triple-helix. The combined magical forces coruscated over Eevee’s hand for a second, surrounding her with a bright nimbus of light, then blasted outwards and lanced into the Atellian with a blinding flash. The Atellian was smashed from the sky to disappear in an explosion of magic as he hit the ground, a Pyrafly spiralling upwards all that remained once the smoke had cleared.

<Ramuh + Tritoch = aceness XD>

The other Atellians didn’t hang around.

“Go, go! We’ve got what we came for now let’s get out of here!”

Turning they took to the sky and soared away as fast as their angelic wings would carry them. Feyd, Sonya and Eevee let them go.

“Wow,” Eevee stuttered, “Did I just do that?”

* * *

Using his demonic second sight from a far-away island, Penance watched with interest.

* * *

The two Angels and their daughter didn’t have time to celebrate their victory.

“Where’s Keiji?” Feyd asked sharply, looking around.

“He went after the hooded men who took Tsunami.” Sonya replied pensively, “What do they want with her?”

“We’re in over our heads here,” Feyd said, “I’ll go after Keiji, you two go back to the elves and tell them what’s happened.”

“Feyd, no!” Sonya protested. Feyd stepped forward and hugged her.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, we don’t have a choice. I love you,” he kissed her and turned to his daughter, “Take care, Eevee.”

“Watch yourself out there, dad,” she replied, before running back towards the Stead mansion to get back her normal clothes and her force lance.

Feyd held up his hand and summoned Ramuh in a crackling lightning storm, the Judgement Aeon rising up in a swarm of Pyraflies. He jumped up onto the robed mage’s shoulder, who immediately ascended skyward and glided down towards the beach on a magically-conjured wind.

Looking down Feyd saw the footprints of Keiji and the three hooded men he had been chasing end abruptly at the water’s edge, the tracks partially washed away by surf.

“Let’s go Ramuh,” he said grimly, and on the giant Aeon’s shoulder, soared upwards and headed out to sea.


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.


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(A very long post, I tried to cover much in it, many cause i got it all planned out)

The hover bike skimmed across the water leaving behind a trail of rippling water.

"Can't this thing go any faster?" Keiji asked

"Shut it kid, be greatful you're the son of my demon or I wouldn't even be doing this, and are you sure you know where to go,"

"Yeh just keep heading in this direction,"

Looming over the horizon was a desolace island had even darker by the dead of night.

"This it?"

"yeh this is where Tsunami and Penance are,"

"Kinda of **** hole don't you think, even the air here smells evil, my kinda place,"

The pair landed on an empty beach with black sand, the place had no colour, the trees in the background where dead and a charcol black colour, there was no grass just barren and rocks, the stood far below the black mist which blocked any light, yet they could still see plain as day.

"What the hell is this place with no wind, no light gets through yet I can see plain as day, this is abit too dank even for me,"

"Penance and Soren are likely to be somewhere on this island, thank you for you're assistance but I can handle it from here,"

Soven looked at Keiji and raised anybrow, this wasn't the sinvelling wimp he saw back at the beach of Bevelle, his eyes were stern like his fathers his face bore determination and ruthlessness, maybe it was the air but Keiji seemed to have found anger, or maybe he always had that power yet never wanted to show it.

"So you wanna fight, but you don't look dressed for battle kid, looks more like a formal due to me,"

"I'll be fine, I know you have you're own mission and I don't want to stray you from that,"

Soven shrugged "ok kid, maybe you're not as weak as I thought," Soven started up his jet bike and blasted away deep into the island. Keiji walked forward through the sand and onto the mainland, he could see far off a tower and he knew Tsunami was there, yet it wasn't tightly guarded just two Ronso guards carry spears, was it a trap or did they just not expect Keiji to follow, either way Keiji didn't care he approached the tower.  The Ronso look at eachother when Keiji came into sight, together they charged spears pointed forward.

"Dark encampment wall!" Keiji yelled and a black shield appeared infront of him, the stone spears splintered and snapped in half against the mighty wall, which faded away after contact (in case u havent figured it out, Dark Encampment wall is a power shield which fades away after contact is made, Demon Magic is powerful yet not as reilable as other kinds of magic, thats its major weakness) The ronso's stepped back and Keiji threw himself at them, his fist piled into ones stomach Keiji followed up with knee to his face and the Ronso fell back defeated, the second swung its massive fist, Keiji ducked and weaved to dodge the ruthless attack, he eventually sweeped the Ronsos leg and twirling to his feet, the ronso started to fall backwards when Keiji lifted his leg high and slammed his heel into his Stomach just before he hit the ground. Keiji walked cooly into the tower, upon bursting into the main floor, a group of about 10 Atellian's sprang to there feet and took up arms.

"Bringer of Darkness," he mumbled and all the enemys froze, trapped within an illision of Darkness, one by one Keiji went to each and dispatched them with ease. He gazed up the massive tower, it was just massive spiral stair case leading to a room at the top. And some how he knew Tsunami was in that room.

Keiji ran up what seemed like an endless spiral, the stairs were decorated with a red carpet with a gold edge. After runninf for what seemed like an enternity Keiji finally arrived at the massive dar wood doors with a golden handle, he wiped the sweat from his brow and pushed through.

Keiji gasped at the horrific room, great test tubes lined the walls, what was in them he could not tell as the windows where frozen with ice, Jars of remains from all types of creatures filled the shelves, books were scatter around the room and great book cases were dotted around, the room stank of death and decay, a table lay in the middle bloodied tools around it and blood stained the floor. On the table lay Tsunami still unconsicence standing over her was a strange looking individual, he wore a black overcoat, undernieth was a white flurry shirt with a tie, his trousers were tight and matched the colour of his overcoat. Keiji could not see his face for his long white hair, he stood over Tsunami a strange crystal in his hands.

"Get away from her!" Keiji shouted and threw a demon ball at him, the ball blasted off his face a clean hit, yet he looked up at Keiji not a mark on him. His face was pale and gentle his eyes were a piercing cold blue.

"Ah, the demons son," he said in chilling soft voice.

"Step away from her," Keiji said, but suddenly in a blink of an eye he changed into blur and was soon behind Keiji pressing a rusted dagger against his throat. He was much smaller than Keiji and was deadly thin.

"I could kill you now and use you're body, yet I don't like getting my hands roughed up, you can have the girl back, if you can beat one of my prettys I promise, she's not quite ready yet but I warn you we will be back for her,"

In a flash the strange man threw the rusted Dagger at consel below one of the frozen tubes, with a hiss the window slowly slipped open and stepping out came a faceless, bald, tall figure, it had elf ears and wore Elvish clothers, it had no arms and stood silent. The mysterious person vanished into a blur again and sat on a bed at the far corner of the room. Was he timeshifting? but Keiji thought only the elves and Kobie could do such a thing.

"Who are you? and what is that?" Keiji asked

"I am Ghead, master mind behind many of Penances army, and that is one of my experiements, once an elf who lived 5000 years ago, he was their old leader stupid enough to oppose Penance,"

"You fiend, you have robbed him of everything, his senses, his pride, his arms,"

"and mind," Ghead laugh, "he didn't need those things anyway, besides he cans still hear you," Ghead let out a large sinister laugh. "kill him, I want his body!"

The once elf unleashed a flurry of fireballs which Keiji dodged nimbuly, getting on the inside Keiji threw a punch and knocked him back against the wall.

"Impressive," Ghead said

The elf got up and once again launched fireballs at Keiji, this time following up with arcs of lightning. ducked and rolled behind the elf, a lightning edge quickly formed in his hand, and Keiji's hand burst through the chest of the elf spraying blood across the floor, the elf slumped onto the ground a pool of blood formed round him. Ghead smiled.

"He was a failure anyway, I just wanted to see you're power, I'm sure Penance would want it,"

"Ghead you're next!"

"Don't be a fool," Ghead said before transforming into a Raven and flying out the window. Keiji ran towards Tsunami, there was not a mark on her, it appeared Keiji arrived just in time, gently he shook her.

"Tsunami," he said and steadily Tsunami came to, her eyes opened

"Keiji!" she shouted while hugging him.

"I had to keep my promise Tsunami,"


"come on we can't waste anytime, we have to get out of here," Keiji took her hand they ran down the spiral steps, and out the way door to the desolace outside. Tsunami gasped.

"Keiji how do we get off this island,"

"Tsunami you can fly away, don't worry about me I'll make sure nobody chased you,"

"No, I can't let you take the risk, those men were to much for you to handle,"

"The girls got a point," Keiji spun round and there standing behind was the three hooded men.

"Don't know how you got here kid, but now we can't let you leave,"

"Tsunami stay back," Keiji pushed Tsunami away and unbuttoned his white top and cast it aside, he now stood bare chested and where the black trouser of his formal gear.

"Getting serious? well then I quess we will to," The three hooded cast off there brown robes to reavel the person behind. One revealed to be a grusome looking black creature from the depths, his body was covered in black dragon like scales, his face was demonic, mouth baring many sharp teeth and behind a long pink toung, he wore only white baggy trousers with a black sash "I am Xipetotec, master of pain," he snarled in a serpent like voice.

The second was a man of huge stature, grand armor covered his body, his face mean and had a great scar down his eye, he spun round a massive sword which tip was desingned by a touble edged axe, "Remember me from you're fathers tales, I am Kiba, Bandit lord and master of the sand," Keiji gasped remember Kiba from is fathers tales.

The final man revealed to be tall thin man clad in a black metal armor which gripped to his body, the armor was decoredted by sheets of red, his hair was silver and streched down to below his waste, crafted into his arm was a large cylinder, edeged with blades and spikes, his arm was metal and rebotic looking, attached the one side of his face was green screen infront of his eye, he stretched out his wings made of silver metal, "I am Gaget, master engineer,"

"Keiji you are overwhelmed, give up and you will die quickly," Kiba said in a deep voice.

"I will protect Tsunami no matter what!" Keiji charged at the three, he jumped an and attempted a kick on Kiba who side stepped the attack, landing on his feet he spun round swing his leg to kick Kiba again he connected yet his foot travelled through Kiba who turned into sand and reformed. Keiji blocked a strike from Xipetotec with his fore arm and jumped to avoid the fist of Gaget. Keiji had a good momentum going he spun round in the hair and forced his foot down to land on Gaget, but he drifted back and Keiji foot smacked into the ground spliting it. Gaget drew a pistol from his belt but Keiji kicked it away and saw an opening, he threw his fist forward to Gagets unprotected belly, suddenly a black scaled hand appeared and grapped Keijis wrist, Keiji twisted his wirst free with a series of back flips flipped back toward were Tsunami was, Keiji looked at his opponents the stood unharmed from his ficous attack, they smiled mockenly.

Keiji was ready for another charge when sand flared up from the ground, the stinging particlues went into his eyes and Keiji jumped back rubbing them, the next thing he felt was solid fist crash into his belly, and then again on his chin, Keiji was thrown into air and then sent back down to the ground by a metal fist crashing into the ground with a heavy thud which would of normally killed a normal man. Keiji down on his back defeated, as the three evils closed in on him, laughing at his misfortune.

"Allow me to finsh him off, I was denied the plessure of killing the father so I must kill the son,"

"Keiji!" Tsunami shouted and ran to his side. Keiji was able to sit up on one knee.

"Tsunami get away," he shouted and pushed her aside. Kiba's massive sword rose to the sky and started to come down hard, Keiji closed his eyes and readied for death when he heard the clatter of Steel. Keiji's eyes opened wide and there standing before him holding off Kiba's massive sword was Soven.

"Kid, get back," Soven said cooly, Soven pushed Kiba away.

"If you want to get to this kid, then you have to go through me,"

"Soven...thank you, you saved my life," Keiji said releaved.

"Once again Kid you got lucky that we now share enemys,"

Soven charged at the three men when he was halted by a forth hooded man. "So you want to die to?" Soven snarled, but the hooded person only replied.


Soven froze as he gazed into the mans hood to see eyes of pure white. Bitter hate appeared on Sovens face, and he swung at him with his Scimtar, the hooded man jumped back a great distance, and threw off his cloak, he looked much like Soven except his eyes were pure white, his armor shone a bright white to match his.

"I am you're opponent brother," he said

With Soven distracted Kiba returned to Keiji but before he could attack, bursting out of the clouds came an airship of pure black, it landed swifty on the ground, and a hatch immediatly opened, Marching out first came Retala, flowed by Zell and Gau, and finally Melina.

"Keiji Melina shouted and she ran to her son, and started casting healing spells.

"Well what do ya know, Melina was right," Zell commented before reconising the face of Kiba. Gau drew his sword and readied to for battle  and Zell took out his rifel.

"No, you guys step back," Retala said as he walked forward

"Wheres the hole you rats are crawling out of!" Kiba yelled. Melina summoned Eden.

"You will pay for what you did to my son,"

Xipetotec smiled and grew to a size to match Eden, meanwhile Retala walked inbetween Kiba and Gaget.

Gau and Zell were soon surronded by troops of Penance who had arrived to investicate the air ship.

"Remember everyone protect Keiji," Retala called out.



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(this post should have been done first)

After the battle in Ellessar woods, Laconfir ordered a meeting, attending, was Zell, Retala, Laconfir and varieus other high ranking elves.

"Clearly tonights attack on us was Penance showing us that he is ready to invade Spira,"

"Then why are we all sitting here, the wrest of the world is oblivous to Penance and are unprepared,"

"Indeed we must inform them, and mount a defensive,"

"We could cause world wide Panic if we do such a thing!"

"You're right we must relie on the Angels, to end it quickly,"

"Neji is gone, Fariel is nowhere to be seen as is Tanis, and Feyd and Sonya are trying to find Keiji, and Penance is sure to attack soon,"

"we can't handle him by ourselves, perhaps the time is now to come out of hiding, the peoples of Spira are now fully united, apart from us we should reveal ourselves and join them in fighting Penance and we way be able to stand our ground, what do you think High Preist," all the elves in room turned to Laconfor who sat silent deep in thought.

"I just don't know if the word is ready for our return,"

"They aren't ready for Penances return yet they have no choice do they! If you truely want to fight him on you're own we need to gather allies, I will take the shadow and go find Cid, he'll know what to do, I can also pick up the others," Zell shouted

"Cid's airship crashed on that island, we don't even know if he is alive, and beside the Shadow is our best weapon you can't take it out already and reveal it to them," an Elf argued

"I'm the captain of the ship and current leader of the Neji's team, I decide what to do with airship,"

"Zell, calm down my friend, they have a point," Retala said putting his hand on Zell's shoulder. Zell stood up.

"Enough of this! you elves are cowards! you fear the outside world, you stay snug in you're little forest surronded by goodness afraid to face the big bad reality, the harshness of the natural world, most of you are well over 100 years old yet you act like children relying on the brave people outside this forest to deal with current problems, the angels are out there they gave it there all against Sin along with the people of Spira and the angels and friends are currently giving it there all against Penance while you hide, rooting from the shadow, you are a dying race but you weren't always when you intercted with other races, shared magic, technology, medicines you were at you're prime, but when you're allies perished you hide from the others who survived in fear of ridcule, war, disese and look at them, the humans, Ronso, Guado, Al'bed sure they fought eachother yet they never hid from eachother and the outside world and now they stand supream, together as a united world, and look at you, those who hid, doomed to fade away in there forest, if you ask me, now is no better time to come out of hiding, mix with other races and rebuild with the help of allies, you can't stand against Penance alone, and they can't without you, I feel you're cowardice has doomed the world, think about it!"

Zell stormed out of the room followed by Retala, leaving the elves who sat quite after Zells rant.

"Zell where are you going?"

"To that island, I'm going to find Cid and Keiji,"

"You heard the council,"

"**** the Council," Retala smiled.

"Then I will come to," Zell turned around surprised at what he just heard Retala say.

"You were right Zell, I'm tired of hiding, I'm going fight along side you all and face the demons of the past,"

Zell and Retala arrived at the landing bay, sitting by the airship was Gau.

"Where are you guys going?"

"To find Cid and battle against Penance,"

"I've Penance's power are you wise to go oppose him, if so then count me in,"

"My son is fighting out there, as are my friends, and all I did was sit a cry about my husband, no more," they heard a voice say from behind, they turned round to see Melina, Atellian Staff in hand.

"I'm coming to,"

The three nodded and together they all went into the airship and jetted towards the island.


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Feyd leapt off Ramuh’s shoulder, landing on one knee on the sandy beach below as they reached the coast of the island Keiji and Tsunami’s captors had disappeared towards. It was an ominous landscape - jagged rocks and black, dead-looking trees covered a ground devoid of grass or any other vegetation. The air was still, quiet, oppressive.

Looking up he saw a black tower in the distance, crooked battlements clawing at the sky like twisted fingers. As he watched, a blinding flash emanated from it, followed shortly by another, though the sound did not carry down to him. Someone was casting spells up there.

“You must hurry, Avenger,” Ramuh’s sonorous voice said from behind him, before the Aeon faded away in a swirling mass of Pyraflies.

Leaping into a Timeshift, Feyd streaked across the scarred landscape towards the tower as more flashes of magic blazed from its windows.

* * *

Penance frowned with closed eyes as he followed the course of the battle in the tower with his second sight.

“Is something wrong, master?” one of the hooded men by his side, an Atellian, asked.

“The boy’s friends have arrived in an airship,” Penance said, opening his eyes, “And another is making his way towards the tower as we speak. But it is of no concern to me for the moment. Come.”

The hooded man obediently followed Penance to a circle of standing stones, which were carved with strange runes and splashed with blood both dried and fresh.

“You are prepared for your ascension?” Penance asked.

The Atellian nodded, cast off his cloak and stood between two pillars in the centre of the circle, his hands resting on two jagged glyphs carved in the stone.

A group of black-robed priests stepped out from behind the standing stones, and began chanting softly in a strange language.

Penance stood back as the ritual proceeded, the priests’ chanting slowly rising in pitch and intensity. What he had heard from the Atellian soldiers who had made it back from Bevelle interested him greatly. He had verified their story by tearing the memories from their minds and looking at them for himself. The teenage girl who had obliterated the Atellian captain, the spell she had used…it was no ordinary power. The spell bore the mark of the First Aeons, which were familiar to Penance after his many battles against all the previous Angels - but the strange thing was that this spell bore the signature of not just Ramuh, but Tritoch also. Interesting.

The glyphs under the Atellian’s hands had begun to glow.

The Atellians who had brought him the news were dead. Their blood now stained the standing stones as a sacrifice for the ritual he was now orchestrating.

The chanting rose in tempo.

Was it possible that this girl could be the daughter of not one, but two Avenging Angels? If so, then her power would indeed be great. If he could vanquish her and take that power for himself, then he would become far more powerful than if he absorbed the energy of just one Angel.

The priests’ chanting reached a screaming crescendo.

But to defeat her and bring her to him would require a special servant.

The Atellian screamed, falling to his knees with a crash of armour though his hands remained bound to the glyphs, purple light swirling around him, passing through him, blasting from his eyes and his mouth as he retched and vomited blood upon the ground. As the light consumed him he began to mutate horribly, his fingernails extending into sharp black talons as they clawed at the stone pillars, his black feathered wings morphing into leathery bat-like ones. As he opened his mouth to scream in pain, his canine teeth elongated and sharpened into vampiric fangs. Two tusk-like mandibles burst from the sides of his mouth.

There was an explosion of purple light, which slowly faded to reveal the Atellian collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily. The priests fell silent. Penance approached the Atellian as he slowly picked himself up.

“Is he with you?”

“He is, master.” the Atellian replied. He bowed his head, and as he raised it again his eyes were a fierce glowing red with yellow slit pupils.

Sherukh’ta shrekta’naj, Penance.” he growled in a completely different voice - dark, menacing, otherworldly. Penance understood the strange language and smiled.

“Yes, demon Shuruk’jaar, I have released you from the imprisonment you were placed in when Diablos defeated you and took your kingdom within the demon-world for his own. And now in return I ask that you do my bidding.”

The demon growled softly, nodding his head. His eyes cleared and the mutated warrior spoke with the Atellian’s voice once more.

“He is willing, master, and he knows what you ask of us.”

“Then go.” Penance said simply.

The Atellian’s eyes flashed red.

Uhr gt’cha!” he roared, and with a mighty flap of his bat-like wings took to the skies. Penance left the summoning circle and went back to his group of hooded followers, who were waiting patiently for him.

“And you,” he said, addressing one of the shrouded figures - another of the spirits willing to aid his cause whom he had summoned back from the Farplane, much like Kiba, “I have a special task for you also.”

The figure, slightly smaller than the others but no less menacing, gave a sinister leering smile from beneath the hood that concealed his face.

* * *

As Sonya and Eevee swept down towards the Ellessar woods on Tritoch’s back, they could tell something was wrong. Something had sliced great scars out of the once-beautiful forest, here and there the trees were blackened and charred, and several of the houses within the forest town where the elves and Neji’s crew lived had been gutted by fire.

“What happened here?” Sonya asked, appalled, as they alighted in the sparse trees at the edge of the desecrated forest.

Suddenly they sensed movement in the trees on their right. Whirling round, the two saw a tall figure in black robes emerge from the shadows. Sonya gasped as she saw his face.


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Tsunami held the beaten Keiji up as they watched an epic battle take place before them, Soven was engaging Soren and bitter battle, Retala created a massive dome of shield magic to protect him from the combined attacks of Kiba and Gaget as he spun round throwing balls of fiery lava.

Eden's sword clashed with Xipetotec's fist. And Zell and Gau fought against the small number of troops, Zell blasted smoking holes through there undead bodys with Neji's pistols, using his rifel to fight in close combat to those who pushed close enough. Gau clashed blades with beasts cutting through there tender bodys with ease.

"You really think that shield will hold Retala?" Kiba taunted "Behold one of my deadlest techniques, Diamond hands," Kiba gathered sand into his hand, the sand quickly solidified into a a sparkling diamond shaped blade, he charged at Retala and thrusted his arm forward similar to the action used in the lightning edge. Kiba collided with the sheild and after not much of standoff the shield shattered causing Retala to falture and lose balance.

"Now you die," Gaget shouted and he aimed his cannon gun, it charged with many differn't colours before unleashing a round ball of magical energy. Retala crossed his arms infront of his face and took the attack, sending him flying back. Retala lay on the ground his body smoking as a result, he healed himself quickly yet could not heal himself fully and could not take away the memory of the pain. Kiba and Gaget laughed as Retala tried the steady himself standing.

"Eden use Halo Blade!" Melina shouted at her aeon, Edens bright sword glowed with celestrial colour and she swiped at the mighty Xipetotec. the Blade successfully cut through Xipetotec and slowly back seperated into two, Melina thought she had one until the massive body changed into a liquid black goo and gathered together to regrow into Xipetotec.

"Foolish girl, I won't be so easily between," he laughed before stretching his arms to ensnare Eden, Xipetotec laughed as his arms tied tighter round Eden crushing the mighty Aeon. He slowly opened his mouth and a pink glow formed soon launching itself at Eden in a stream of energy, when the blasted faded Xipetotec still head a now headless Eden, whos body soon followed, dissolving into an army of Pryfiles. Melina gripped her shoulder and collapsed on one knee, Edens voice whispered in her ear.

"I'm sorry Melina, he is just to strong,"

Zell and Gau continued to battle the undead and demons they stood back to back.

"It's not going good for them Zell,"

"I noticed,"

"What are we gonna do,"

"Keep fighting there is nothing we can do we are surronded," Zell and Gau continued there fight against the evil enemys unable to help there friends.

The three powerful servents of Penance lined up to stare at there beaten opponents.

"So Kiba, who do we kill first," Gaget said aiming his arm cannon at the brave warriors. "The annoying brat, the summoner or the worthless elf," the three laughed wickedly but the laughter was soon cut shorts, when the all heard the sound of the sky cracking, and then bursting through the mist above came a what looked like dark angel, it charged at tremedous speed to the battle leaving behind a trail of purple energy.

The winged being, slowed before crashing into the ground on both feet, standing in the middle of a swirl of dark energy, was a tall greatly built man, holding two massive swords in his hands.

"It-it can't be!" Kiba yelled in disbelieve

"My demon," Soven said to himself

"Father!" Keiji

Neji had returned from the depths of the underworld to save his family.

"Soven, I have come to tell you, you are free from you're dedt, and that you three have one hell of mad demon to deal with!" Neji yelled

Xipetotec and Gaget stepped back in disbeleive, but Kiba stood snarling at Neji.

"I never thought this day would come, to day for my revenge!" Kiba yelled and charged at Keiji, lifting his heavy sword high and coming down in a flashing arc, Neji crossed his blades and blocked the attack with ease. Neji now looking 17 years younger, bearly even flinched as he blocked the massive attack.

Kiba jumped back and threw five solid sand spikes at Neji, yet Neji's sword shatter everyone. Kobie ran over the horizon to witness the return of Neji, "so Keiji was right all alone, he mused before seeing Zell and Gau struggle against the small army around them. In a blurred flash he disappeared, suddenly he reappeared inbetween Zell and Gau crouched arms against his chest in a cross, blood stained blades extented from his arms. Zell and Gau turned to him surprised when suddenly all of the surronding monsters collapsed into the ground. Zell and Gau cheered and patted Kobie on the back, cheering both for Kobie's rescue and the return of Neji.

Kiba angered by the now stronger Neji, raised his hand to form a diamond spike. Neji smiled undazed by Kiba's new powerful attack unaware of it capabilties, yet Melina knew. Kiba threw the spike at Neji and Neji did not move planning on taking the attack.

"No!" Melina shouted and she ran inbetween her husband and the spike, it drilling into stomach, spraying blood in the air. Neji's eyes wided never taking his eye off Kiba yet knew what had just happened, he froze and dropped to knees, catching Melina as she feel.

"MOTHER!" Keiji shouted

Neji held Melina gazing down at her, blood at spread everywhere, and blood ran from her mouth.

"Me-Melina," Neji said softly tears pouring from his eye. Melina opened her eyes and smiled at her husband.

"I-I-I'm glad I got to see love,"

"No Melina, don't give up. Retala!" Neji shouted and Retala ran to there side, he pressed his hands down on gaping wound in her stomach and healed desperatly, but it was to no avail.

"Its ok Neji,"

"Melina, its not ok, why, why did you do that,"

"The attack would of killed you, I didn't want that to happen,"

Tears poured down Nejis face, Keiji ran to his mothers side crying loudly.

"No, mother you can't go, you can't!"

Zell wiped the tears from his eyes, and turned the Gau, "get everyone on the airship and get out of here," Gau nodded sadly and ran up Neji, Keiji and Retala, Neji scooped up Melina still holding on for life and walked to the airship, to devestated to fight any more, Tsunami gently pushed Keiji on the airship followed by Retala.

"Kobie go with them," Zell said

"Those bastards must pay," Kobie said wiping the tears from his face

"The others need you now, please go," Kobie stubbornly headed onto the airship knowing Zell was right.

"Gau, take them back to Ellessar woods, I'll stay and hold them off,"

"No I'll stay to!"

"Someone needs to fly the airship, now go, I'll be fine, pick me up tomorrow, I'll be here," Gau headed onto the airship, slowly the doors closed and it jetted off leaving Zell behind, facing down the three meneces.

"Shall we chase," Gaget said

"No lets leave them to there misery for now," Kiba laughed "Let's return to Penance,"

"Stop!" Zell shouted

"One of you must pay for today!" The three looked at eachother, and then Gaget stepped forth.

"I'll deal with him, you guys go on ahead," with that Kiba and Xipetotec disappered into the island leaving Zell and Gaget.


Melina lay on a blood soaked bed, her wound now bandaged, Neji sat by her side holding her bloodied hand tight, Keiji sat at the far end of the room, Tsunami holding him trying to comfort him.

"Melina..." Neji weeped and she opened her eyes once again smiling.

"I can feel my end Neji,"

"No! you can't what am I without you! I'm nothing,"

"Neji...hold on the me," she said tears in her eyes, Neji scooped his hands under Melina and came in closer.

"Neji, all I want to say is a I love, and I'm not afraid to die,"

"but my promsie to you,"

"It doesn't matter Neji, you have to carry on living, for everyone in Spira don't let my death hold you back, now I want to speak to my son,"

Keiji walked slowly over to his mother.

"Keiji, I love you, continue to grow, become stronger, marry a good women and have a good life, my greatest achievement in life was having a family, and I've never looked back,"

"Mum...please," Keiji held his mothers hand tight

"I know you both have taken in what I have said, I can taste it in you're tears, Neji kiss me one last time," Neji leaned in and kissed his wife, and as the kiss ended so did Melina, her soft mother hand gently slipping out of Keijis hands. Neji put his head on her stomach and wept and Keiji ran out the room. Where Kobie and Retala sat leaning against the wall and hanging there heads. Outside the airship it began to rain gently as Melina's spirt left for the farplain.

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Soven snarled and ran at his brother and swung his blade at Soren's face, but Soren jumped back and opened a hidden door.

"Come, brother!  Leave the mortals!  Come with me!"  and Soren ran through the door.

"Damn!", Soven turned back to Keiji, "See ya, kid!  I need to kill this whining bitch first!"  Soven ran for the door and as he left he shouted, "If you cry again, I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Soven ran past the door into a dark hall with a single light at the end.  His step-brother was standing there, waiting.

"Soren!  What the hell is wrong with!  What are you doing with Penance!  You-"

"I'm not with Penance, brother."  Soven stopped ranting.  "I'm here because of you, Son of Shadow."

"Wha-  Soren, what are you on about?"

"Our fathers, Soven.  Have you never wandered about them?  Why we don't remember them and why doesn't anyone remember them?"  Soren paused, waiting for Soven answer but he didnt have one.  "I have.  But not always.  It happened 3 years ago, when an old book come into my possion.  Its written in an acient text.  I calculated that the text is at least 100,00 years old.  Maybe older.  Its written an alien language but I can read it easily.  Do you wish to know what it said?"

Soren took Soven's silence as yes, but Soven was only silent because he was trying to find a nice way to say -

"It said:

"Ren, the creator of Light and Ven, the creator of Dark desended upon Spira and fought.  The battle lasted for a 1000 years before one fell, the other declared 'Peace shall dominate this world for a 1000 years and then a War must be fought untill Ven and Ren return so neither Light not Dark gain supramancy."

At first I didnt believe it but then I started to dream about Spira.  I saw alll the problems, all the mistakes and I knew the solution.  I can repair the land.  The Ronco, the Al Bhed need to die, the Thunder Plains need to be destroy and Bevelle must not stand.  I can do all these things and more, brother.  Don't you see? Ren, Soren, Ven, Soven.  I am the Light and you are the Dark.  Remember the Machina War?  That was fought a thousand years ago.  Don't you see?  We, my brother, are Gods!"

Soven was quiet for a moment,  "Huh? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.  What were you saying?"

Soren laughed.  "Joke all you want but I know the truth.  I've always been special, always been... important.  I always knew I was better than those mortals.  I just knew it.  And Penance... I joined him because I needed more power if I was to kill you and I have.  I'm faster stronger then ever and you can never beat me agian.  Once your dead I shall destoy Penance and rule in his stead.  I shall purge this world and make it anew.  I shall create Paradise!"

"Lovly speach but I dont believe it and I don't really care about that or you.  I only came here to ask you: where is our mother?"

"Mother?"  Soren looked confused then he smiled.  "Oh, the motal woman.  Why do you care?  She's weak and useless."

"What your mouth, your All Mighty Ass!  Tell me where she is and then we can fight.  Or should I say, Ill kick your ass and you'll go crying to Penance where he'll spank you for being such a wuss and then I'll kick his ass and shove you up in his ASS!!"

Soren snarled.  "You always did think you were funny.  Well, you can find out about "mother" from Penance when I drag your bloody, limp body to him."

Soren raised his hand and graped air.  Suddenly, a bright light appeared and it formed a sword in Soren's hand. With his new blade, Soren charged his brother and Soven met the challange.


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"Hello Sonya. It's been a while."

"T-Tanis!? but where-how-why...? it's been so long..i.."

Tanis looked at her with his cynical amused expression.

A small, shrill voice popped up from behing Sonya.

"Do you know him mum? who is he?"

Tanis peered behind the still shocked Sonya to see a little girl well not little as such...but young, and weak.

"Ah. So this is Evelyn. I was hoping for more...but i guess she will have to do."

"Hey! I'm stronger than i look! I learned from Fariel Oreen herself."

"Yes, yes, and she learned from me."

"Wait...your THE Tanis!!!"

"The one and only. Now, Sonya"

Sonya looked up at Tanis. Realising what was coming next.

"Were in trouble arent we?"

"Yes. I need you to contact Feyd. Tell him to meet us in the calm lands as soon as he can. I have already contacted Fariel and was hoping to get to Melina in time, but time is too short. You know about Neji?"

Sonya teared up.

"Yes.." she began to cry 

"Please now is not the time for indecisiveness. We must find his child and Melina. But first, tell Feyd to get to the calm lands."

"O..Ok Tanis." Sonya suddenly stopped and looked up.

" said us...does that mean...?"

"Yes Sonya, i shall be joining you. It's been too long since i have seen all of you my friends. Come let us be off."

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“Okay, Tanis.” Sonya agreed, “Come on, Eevee.”

There was no reply. She looked round.


Tanis chuckled.

“Is she always wandering off?”

“She gets it from her auntie Fariel,” Sonya said with an exasperated smile. They headed into the woods to go and find her.

* * *

While her mother and Tanis had been talking, Eevee had walked off further into the forest, hoping to find someone who could tell her what happened. Within a couple of minutes she had reached the forest town, but there was nobody about. Some of the houses had suffered extensive fire damage.

“Hello?” she called, “Anyone here?”

No answer.

She wandered on through the ghostly, derelict town. Maybe the elves had all gone to a council? But then where were all of Neji’s crew and their families? Had they moved too? She decided to try the airship hanger - there was always someone coming and going about there. Hopefully she’d find Zell or Gau or maybe Melina.

As she jogged over to the partially-ruined building she noticed that the Highwind was still in its berth but the Shadow was gone. Perhaps Zell had finally finished repairing the ancient piece of tech they had dug up in the desert around Atellier?

She entered through the open main doors and walked down the wide corridor beyond towards the hanger, her boots thudding softly against the metal floor. All the lights were out. She drew one of her daggers from inside the sleeve of her coat.

Bisingr du knifr.” she whispered, and the blade immediately lit up with a comforting white glow. She smiled and proceeded down the twisting corridor, calling out every now and then but not expecting to find anyone - the place looked derelict.

As she moved through an area which had obviously suffered severe fire damage, her illuminated dagger revealing black scorch-marks on the walls, the metal floor shuddered under her feet. She jerked her foot back as the ominous grinding sound faded.

“Doesn’t look very stable…” she muttered to herself. Whatever had hit the elven woods had damaged the hanger more badly than she had thought by looking at it from the outside. Part of her, the curious, adventurous part, wanted to go on, but reason told her that there was nobody here. All was quiet, the lights were dead and the only movement she had run into so far was a damaged piece of machina on the far wall further up the fire-blackened corridor, which sparked fitfully every now and again. Shrugging, she turned to go back.

She froze as a menacing growl echoed down the corridor from behind her. She whirled round, her hand flying to the short, white-metal tube of her force lance, but when she looked back down the corridor she couldn’t see anything. Her eyes flicked around the dark corridor for a few seconds, her fingers flexing nervously on the handle of her force lance where it rested on her belt. The broken machina abruptly let out another stutter of sparks and in the light they cast Eevee saw, for the briefest of moments…something standing watching her from the other end of the corridor.

The sparks died, plunging Eevee into darkness again. Her heartbeat pounded in her head as she held her glowing dagger up higher, trying to illuminate further down the corridor. She squinted into the darkness for what seemed like a small eternity, and slowly, she thought she could make out a darker shape among the shadows. Her heart skipped a beat. It looked vaguely human, but taller, and…were those bat-like wings swaying slightly to and fro behind its shoulders? Or was it just a trick of the light?

Whatever it was it just stood there, as if regarding her in turn. Another low growl echoed around the walls. Eevee tore her force lance from her belt, whipping it up to aim at whatever the nightmare was down the corridor, but at the same moment, the broken machina suddenly exploded in fire and shrapnel, searing her vision and throwing her down hard on her back. Her dagger clattered away across the floor and went out.

“Eevee?” she heard a voice call out from somewhere behind her. Pulling up her knees and flipping back onto her feet, Eevee went to retrieve her dagger and turned her gaze back down the corridor. She couldn’t see anything. All was quiet. A warm glow emanating from Sonya’s ring filled the dark corridor, before Sonya herself accompanied by Tanis rounded the corner. In the new light, Eevee could see that the corridor ahead was empty. The shape, the nightmare, whatever it had been, had disappeared. She frowned.

“Evelyn Jenae Kobie, you don‘t half pick your times to wander off,” her mother reprimanded her gently, “Are you okay? What are you doing here?”

“I’m fine, mum. I was just looking for someone who could tell me who made such a mess of this place.”

“There’s nobody around,” Tanis said, “Everyone was moved to safety deeper in the forest while elven sweepers searched the town for any demons that remained.”

“Demons?” Sonya and Eevee asked together.

“Yes, Penance’s minions attacked our forest. But we drove them back. If Penance is growing bold enough to launch a direct attack on the Ellessar woods then time is indeed growing short. We must go, now.”

Eevee looked back down the corridor again, wondering if she had imagined the whole dream-like encounter. Demons? Someone had once told her that the dark can play tricks on your mind more effectively than almost anything. Frowning again, she followed her mother and Tanis out of the damaged hanger.

“I wonder where dad is?” she asked her mum at length as they stepped out once again into the moonlight, “I hope he’s okay.”

Sonya, who had been wondering the same thing, closed her eyes and was about to use her Farsight to contact Feyd when a roar of turbines overhead made her look up. A darker shape against the deep blue of the midnight sky, the Shadow glided down towards them.

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Zell aimed his rifel and the thin Gaget, Gaget smirked and pushed a botton on the tiny computer attached to his ear, the green screen infront of his eye began to blink rapidly.  Zell raised an eyebrow at the strange tech. The blinking finally stopped and Gaget let out a mocking laugh.

"Name - Zell Gizmo, age - 32, perdicted fighing style - Technology, chance of victory - 95%,  Adequate counter - clolse combat, well you don't pose much a challenge then,"

"hmph, you might want to recheck you're equipment it seems faulty," Zell replied and he fired a round from his rifel. Gaget crouched and slid to avoid the bullet and producing a small blade from a sheath in his arm charged at Zell, before Zell new it Gaget was at his side, ready to thrust his dagger. Zell drew Loki and aimed it below his other arm, Gaget soon found himself staring down the barrel of Zell's high powered pistol, he moved his head to avoid the bullet which tour through the side of his cheek, Gaget spun round with his long dagger but Zell using his rifel blocked the attack forcing Gaget to drift back. His computer started to bleep rapidly.

"Added data - Zell, Quick Reflexs, close combat skill, chance of victory decreased to 75%, adequate counter - quick finish, Mana cannon, not bad Zell, you surprised me, but you still have no chance,"

Gaget aimed his arm cannon, it began to glow as a massive charge of raw magic energy gathered and blasted out the cannon in a ball of white light.

"Ok Zell, no time to panic, I'll have to use this baby," Zell said looking ruby crystal attached to his armor on back of his hand, I haven't tested it yet so it better work," Zell withdrew his rifel and pistols he grapped his wrist and held it bravely infront of his face. The massive blast collided with the crystal sucking it in and causing it to glow in bright red. Gagets eyed widened, and Zell took the chance for a counter, opening his palm to reveal another crystal attacked to his armor he released to the blast at Gaget who paniced.

"Hidden magical artifact, chance of voctory decreased to 55%?! adequate counter, fly," Gaget jetted to the sky flapping his metalic wings, in anger he produced a small pistol, which let out a high burst of bullets, Zell dived behind a rock, and took out his mana gun and loaded a fire capsule, he dived out from the rock and fired and great ball of fire at Gaget who swooped to ground to avoid it.

"Mana gun, Chance of victory decreased to 50%!!!" Gaget roared in disbelive.

(The rest to come soon, but for now i've gotta go)


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O.O.C- fixed some errors. and fenix you gotta remember...Tanis is still in deep **** with the elves. He wouldent be helping them lol...Heed have been avoiding them like the plague! oh yea i'll post tomorrow :P


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<ooc - right, I’ve just spent the last 3 hours messing around with dew point data for a report and hit the ground running to post this scene. Now cut me some friggin’ slack, As XD. And yeah, Zell looks like he’s having fun :P “Compute this, motherfrakker!”>

“Come with me, Jacen,” Fariel said simply, walking off into the cave network. Jacen obeyed, and they headed through the warren or tunnels and rocky pillars that made up Kebel’s upper levels until they were out of earshot of Dante and the others.

Jacen noted with interest that there were no security cameras in this cave - Fariel obviously wanted to talk in private away from even her own men.

“What’s up, Fariel?” Jacen asked her as she motioned for him to sit down on a smooth rock, folded her wings and sat down next to him, “What exactly did you mean when you said ‘a chance’?”

Fariel looked away from him and muttered something under her breath, as if she was arguing with someone he couldn’t see. At length, she sighed and looked back at him.

“I’m going to let you come with us on a little op I’ve got planned at midnight. We’re going to meet an informant who Breezer says has some very interesting news for us regarding Guard activity in Luca. Call it a test of your skills. But before I let you come, I need to talk to you. I need to tell you the truth.”

Jacen’s heart missed a beat - he knew he was on to something with Fariel, and it looked like his suspicions had just been confirmed.  She did have the answers after all, and after all these years, he’d be able to see his older brother again.

“Maybe I should have told you this right at the start, I don’t know…” she said awkwardly, “And if I was a little…”

“Fraught?” Jacen suggested with a grin. Fariel favoured him with a slanted smile.

“Yeah, and well…I’m sorry. You just brought up bad memories and reopened wounds I really had hoped would stay closed.”

“You and Kerr didn’t part as friends, did you?”

“No,” Fariel said sadly, “You could say that.”

“But you can still tell me where he is? Where he’s been all these years?”

“Yes. But Jacen, I want you to promise me before I do that you’ll hear me out. That you’ll let me explain.”

“Not that I have much of a choice,” Jacen said wryly, tapping the tracking device Dante had attached to his wrist. At the contact it sparked momentarily and Jacen hissed in pain as a mild electrical jolt shot up his arm in a painful spasm, “But it’s nice to be offered the option.”

Fariel smiled again. He sensed that maybe now they were talking on even terms she was warming to him slightly. And he couldn’t help but admire her as well for her talents, her determination and - he grinned to himself - her ferocity.

He looked at her steadily, giving her his full attention.  All the searching he had done over the last few years had led him at last to this moment.  To this master thief who could finally give him the answers he saught.

Fariel drew a deep breath.


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(OCC - OMG LONG! Ya don't really have to read it seeing as you know what i'm going to say, but it's for the benifit of Jacen and out readers ;) lol Isn't it all very sad ^_^ lol kinda worded badly but it is like, 7am so you understand XD lol)

“It’s complicated…and a long story, I never usually tell anyone it…” Fariel started.

“I’m listening to you Fariel.”

Fariel sighed, “I used to be in The Crusaders with my parents; I was a captain and was very proud of my position. In a battle with the Custodians, Sin killed my parents, and I fled to Kilika. I was so messed up with everything that was happening I didn’t really realise what I was going to do. I saw a kid, being chased by a fiend, instinctively fulfilling my duties as a Crusader I killed it and saved the child.” She paused.

“The child was called Kerr Locke; he was a very inexperienced thief, pretty unskilled as well…” She smiled as she remembered him, “We went our separate ways, and quickly I blamed the meastors, yevon and Sin for my parent’s death and left the Crusaders and became a thief to survive, training to become strong enough to avenge my parents as well as find others that would team with me to defeat him. It was a few months later that by chance I met Kerr again in the street, fleeing from a merchant he had robbed. I swung down from the rooftops and scooped him away to safety.”

“I think because with the loose of my family I needed someone that I could connect to. He never mentioned having a family, I assumed he was in the same situation as me and didn’t bring the subject up. I took him with me, as a student, to become a better thief and fighter, and the months that followed he soon became more a rival and friend then a student. We both had our half of Luca, and be would fight over the position of top thief.”

“Soon I found a team to travel with to go and defeat Sin…though…I did, being my immature self at the time, piss of Meastor Seymour…”

“What did you do?” Jacen enquired, Fariel sighed

“I stole his Meastors Amulet, I don’t know how he figured it was me but he pretty much turned Luca upside down looking for me. But I was in Guadosalam at the time. Me and my friends moved out into the Thunder Plains and ran into Kerr…who, even though had the whole of Luca to himself, made a greedy deal with Seymour.”

“A deal…?”

“While raiding Luca, Seymour discovered Kerr and his record of criminal acts, he made a deal with him that if he helped capture me then he would be allowed to continue what he was doing without interference from him…which knowing Seymour was a total lie. So Kerr set us up. The guado appeared all around us and we tried to fight them off but Seymour turned up and pretty much beat the hell out of me.”

“We got taken back to Seymour’s mansion and locked up to sit and wait our sending to the farplane…By the time I came to, I was fuming, I couldn’t believe that Kerr would betray me. We managed to get out of our restraints just before the door opened and I dragged in the one opening the door…it turned out to be Kerr, busting us out. But the damage was already done, he had betrayed me, and trying to make amends for it because he felt guilty doesn’t work. Betraying your own kind for greed is not acceptable. I locked him in there and fled with my friends…”

Jacen lowered his eyes; a mix of emotions filled his head. He was upset because she had trapped him but somehow understood why she did it. He would have felt the same if he was betrayed by someone close to him.

“It pretty much degraded from there…I suppose he felt betrayed by me for leaving him in that cell, which I don’t understand because it’s hard to betray someone you’ve been betrayed by only hours before. I don’t know the story behind it but he hooked up with Mika, of all people, and along with four others, came hunting me and my friends.”


“The five of them were hired to assassinate us.”

“Kerr…was so pissed off that he tried to assassinate you?” Jacen looked at her in disbelief, “I don’t understand, all you did was lock him up in a cell. He’s more then skilled to break out.”

“Exactly my thoughts…but he tried several times to kill me, he came close a couple times…I still have a few scars from the various blades he stabbed me with.” She chuckled.

“So then, what happened?”

“Eventually it came down to the final battle between the two of us…I don’t know how he managed it but he screwed up and I pinned him, I was going to kill him but I didn’t…I couldn’t do it.”

Jacen let out the breath he had been holding without noticing, he thought he was going to say something he didn’t want to hear.

“He took the chance to disable me with a sword through the side.” Jacen flinched, imagining how much it would have hurt. “He said something to me, that really pissed me off, I gathered up my remaining strength and launched at him just as he was about to finish me off.”

“You…killed him…didn’t you…?”

Fariel drew one of her wave swords, stabbing it into the ground before her, “I sent him to the farplane with this sword, all those years’ve been searching for a memory all these years…because that’s all he is now…a memory.”

Jacen fell silent; he opened his mouth to speak but closed it again as he saw a tear roll down Fariel’s cheek, “So that’s it, that’s the story of your brother.” She drew her sword out the ground and sheathed it again. “And no matter how I believe that it was an act of self defence, and that he deserved what he got. It still haunts me, he wasn’t my friend when I kill him but I still killed the memory of a friend when I did it.” She got up and left.


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Jacen just sat stunned as everything he had worked towards for the past 3 years came crashing down around him. A part of him was hoping that what she had told him wasn’t true, that his brother was not dead, but the regret in Fariel’s voice, the tears in her eyes, told him that was just a forlorn wish. And though he had always looked up to his brother as a child, he knew deep down that what she had told him all made sense. Kerr had been a great older brother to Jacen, quick to laugh and up for any challenge, but there had also been a darker side to his personality that Jacen seldom thought about. At times Kerr had been overambitious and selfish, doing whatever it took to look after his own interests, sometimes at the expense of his friends. And when he felt he had been wronged, he never let it go.

Kerr had been a great man, but it seemed that in the end the bitter side of his nature had destroyed him.

Jacen took his head out of his hands and ran them back through his hair, clasping them behind his head. He let them fall numbly to his sides and stood up. No matter what his brother had meant to him, it didn’t change the fact that - if Fariel was right, and all his instincts told his she was - Kerr was gone now and had been for years. Nothing he could do would bring him back.

Jacen was left feeling numb. What was he supposed to do now?

Well, he had nothing really to go back to. He was now in Kebel, and amongst others like himself. And, in spite of what she had just told him, he couldn’t help but respect Fariel. She possessed all the traits he had once admired in his brother, and she had more…he searched for the right word… integrity. Scruples.

“Fariel!” he called after her, “You said you had an op planned in Bevelle tonight? Count me in.”


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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“Count me in.” He called, Fariel paused and looked back at him with a warm smile, wiping away her tears, concealing her admiration for him not shooting her in the back and instead accepting the news in his stride.

“Well then,” She turned, “let’s get you properly kitted out.” She waved at him to follow, putting her memories aside and returning to her normal self, “Dante, where did you scamper off child!” She turned and jogged off with Jacen following. “We got work to do!”


Fariel and Sheana walked together through the shadows of Bevel’s streets in single file, Fariel flanking. Breezer had filled them in with the general information of the meeting on their way through the tunnels before emerging on the outskirts of the city.

The contact was one of their usual ones, an Al’bed that worked in one of the larger workshops of the city. The Al’bed were very cooperative with Kebel, they would accept payments for their ships to be ‘stolen’ by Kebel. Usually the ships that were due to be collected by The Guard the day after, which left The Guard lacking in aircrafts.

Dante and his brother scurried across the roof top silently, their soft based shoes making no sound on the tiled roofs, a few buildings a long, Breezer jumped across a thin alley onto the building on the other side. Ahead of him, Lei and Jacen were already moving on.

Before leaving Kebel, Fariel explained that they did not kill without reason and took his rifle from him, she said it was too powerful a weapon to use darts so she issued him with another sniper rifle, or similar design but took tranquiliser darts. Each of the five men on the rooftops held various guns that suited them; each had darts instead of bullets. On their shoulders sat small cameras, they all each had their radios as well to communicate with each other as well as Kebel.

Faber and his team were back in their cave at Kebel monitoring their progress through the cameras and radios, as well as guiding them from other cameras hidden across the city.

“Dante.” Jacen whispered into the microphone as they neared their destination, and started taking up positions with the best view of around the workshop where their contact was supposed to meet them outside.

“What’s up?” Dante answered, looking across to Jacen on the other building.

“I’m getting a no-go signal. My trackers stopped working. You think it’s interference?” Jacen, who was laying on a flat roof with his rifle sitting ready, tapped the tracker on his wrist.

“That can’t be right; they are supposed to work through anything…”

Fariel and Sheana who were waiting at the meeting place listened to their conversation curiously and their surroundings cautiously, “Can you hear it too…?” Sheana whispered.

“Sure can, they try really hard to be sneaky but they simply can’t…” Fariel smiled at The Guards incompetence, their contact wasn’t there which was a sure give away that something was wrong.

“Maybe someone’s jamming it?”

“But who could jam it, the only person who knows where going to be here is the contact…” Dante fell silent as he realised what was about to happen.

“You’ve got company Fariel.” Faber appeared on the radio, “All the camera’s are out in your area, including your mini-cams.”

“Though the radios are intact…they really are incompetent…” Sheana agreed with Fariel.

“FREEZE!” A flood of men in Guard uniform appeared from their poor hiding places and surrounded them, Fariel ****ed a brow, there were more then we originally though, though she knew that if Gerald got information on her whereabouts he would send an army. “DISCARD YOUR WEAPONS AND PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!” They kept yelling, but Fariel and Sheana smiled.

“This isn’t the most open of places to fight in.” Sheana commented.

“We’ll just have to make due.” Fariel laughed, “Keep hidden.” She voiced into the radio. And the five men lowered against the roofs and peered through the sight on their guns, aiming up for the first strike.

“Well, I guess you got us.” Fariel mocked sarcastically reaching behind her to pull out her swords; all the men raised their guns and watched her with itchy fingers on the trigger. “Sheana.” Sheana nodded.

All the uniformed men yelped and fell backwards as a shockwaves of magic were sent out in all directions, a volley of darts shot down and pinned into a select few and they collapsed asleep. “They have snipers!” Someone yelled, “FIRE!”

The bullet’s shattered on contact with a shield of water that encompassed both Sheana and Fariel, “Guns are useless as long as they can use magic.” Someone growled and threw his gun aside, and more followed suit, drawing their secondary weapons, swords.

Fariel and Sheana ran away from each other, splashing through the diminishing shield, the unexpected movement of the pair made the men jump, “Attack!”

Drawing her wave swords Fariel laughed as she danced around the blades coming at her, a few retrieved their guns fired at her again but a shield of water always blocked them. Sheana broke out quickly with a barrage of magic that sent the men recoiling.

From above Dante and the others fired as quickly as they could but there were a lot more then they thought, they were surprised at how quickly Jacen adapted to his new weapon, a target fell every second to his skilful firing. All the men surrounding Sheana collapsed in a heap as the tranquiliser took effect.

Dante moved across the rooftops to Jacen’s side and watched as he moved the gun in such small motions yet his aim was dead on. “You’re good.” He praised.

“Why thank you.” Jacen grinned wolfishly.

Fariel cut a small wound into a soldiers arm and smiled as he fell to the ground, it was barely noticeable but her blades had a slight blue gleam to them from where she had laced them with a poison that would knock the men out. Spinning out the way of a sword she clipped a man in the back of the head with the hilt of her sword and laughed as he fell down unconscious.

Sheana was more protecting herself then attacking, the snipers above took the soldiers out without hurting the, she didn’t want to risk hurting them badly with her magic so instead danced around in similar movements to Fariel, her knife like Fariel’s was poisoned to occasionally she would take the opportunity to knock someone out with it.

It didn’t take long until there were only a few soldiers left, Sheana smiled, Fariel was about to take one down but growled as a dart embedded in his neck and knocked him out, she looked up at Jacen who had taken her prey from her and grinned, he only grinned back. She turned to see all the other men fall to his skill.

Sheathing her blades she looked to Sheana who said something while covering the microphone so that the snipers didn’t hear, “He’s talented, you got to admit.”

Fariel smiled and patted Sheana on the shoulder, “I didn’t deny it to begin with.”

Jacen smiled, his lip reading sufficed and he could tell they were speaking about him, movement caught the corner of his eye and he looked to see what it was, there was one man left, creeping up behind Fariel with his sword.

“Damn.” He cursed, running across the roof and launching off the side he free fell to the street below.

Sheana yelled a warning and instantly a barrier of water shot to life between Fariel and the soldier, Fariel rose a brow as she saw a blur fall from the sky and then a yelp, lowering her shield she saw Jacen standing proudly on the soldiers back, rifle slung over his shoulders.

“You missed one.” He announced with a grin, a smile itched at Fariel’s face.

“He even has a sense of humour.” Sheana laughed.



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Soven and Soren blades clashed and clanged as the other tried to best his brother.  Soren wish Soven death because through their lives, Soven had always defeated Soren and Soven wished his brother dead since his earliest memories.  But Soven never questioned why, it just always felt right.  The two warriors swung, stab and slashed at the other but neither could land a blow.  Untill Soren punched his brother in his the face, Soven lost his balance and started to fall.  Soren laughed madly and grapped his blade in both hands and stabbed soven in the stomach.

Soven gasped as the blade slid in but Soren couldnt follow Soven down fast enough and Soven slid off the blade.  Soven lay on the ground holding his wound, Soren stood over him grinning madly.  Soren began to laugh and a dripple of drool ran down his cheek.

"Finally!!  I WIN!!  DIE, SOVEN!!"

Soren raised his blade and was about to strike when he stopped and looked behind him.

"What?  What do you want?" He spat.

Soven looked past his brother and down the hall.

But no one was there.  The hall was empty except for Soren and his defeated elder brother.

"Get someone else to take care of it!  I dont care!  Wha-  Damnmit, leave me alone!!"  Soren turned his back on his brother and argued with the air.

Soven, glad for the destraction, looked at his wound.  It was deep but it didnt seem to have peiced anything.  Its just a hole with blood, thought Soven, easliy fixed.  Instead, Soven looked for an escape from his brother.  He saw a door to his right.  Weird, didnt see it before.  Soven silently dragged his body away from his brother and towards the door.  The going was slow and painful, everly movement made soven quake from pain, soven bite on his lid to stop himself from making a sound.  Soven was sure he had bitten through the skin and could feel trickal down his lips.  Soven reached the door and hauled himself to his feet, the pain shooting through him was unbearable and he almost shouted, but his held himself silent.  Now, on his feet, Soven needed to make a choice, leave his weapons and hold the wound to open the door or vice versa.  Soven took his hand away from his stomach and gripped the handle.  He opened the door silently and glanced at his brother, waving his arms and shouting at the air.

Soven slipped through the dooor and closed it as quietly as possible and not a moment too soon.  A second after the door closed Soren yelled,  "WHERE THE HELL IS HE?!!  FIND HIM, FIND HIM, FOOL!!  BROTHER , brother... brother... brother..."  Soven heard his get voice getting smaller, assuming he went running down the hal loooking for him.

"Soren, arhg, you...were always... such an... id-idiot!"

Soven looked down.  His lower half was covered in blood and he would bleed out if he didn't stop the flow.  He started to slowly removed his vest when he realised his weapons were still drawn.  Chuckling, he gently sheaved them and then removed his vest.  As best as he could, he wrapped the vest around himand tied it at his side.  The sudden pressure on his wound made him gasp and he fell to his knees,  his eyes clouded with pain.

He held his head down and controled his breathing, pushing the pain down and clearing his head when he held a clank.  Soven's head snapped up and he whipped his sword out but the tip quickly tocuhed the ground.

Soven looked for the person who caused the noise when he noticed the room.  It was a dark room with a single light above the door but the light revealed that the room was full of weapons and devices used for touror.  He saw whips, stick with spikes and a large table with a shackels in the middle with blood spilled here anf there and that when Soven noticed the girl.

A little girl, no more than 7 was chained to the table, she was sitting with her knees tooked under her chin.  Soven gasped at what he saw.  Her face was down but saw that she was covered with dirk and dried blood and she was naked except for a collar around her neck.  Her hair was fuzzed and greasy and soven saw a small eye stare at him.

"Wow.  Kid, what are you doing here?  Why did they- What did they do to you?"

She began to cry and Soven's heart ached.  "PLease!  Leave me alone, I don't want to... please, don't, please!"

Soven felt a tear in his eye.  "I'm not gonna hurt you kid.  I just fough Soren and I came in here to fix my wound.  I wouldn't hurt you.  See, I'm putting my sword away, see?"  Soven slowly sheathed his sword.  He gasped  and remembered his stomach.  "Say kid.   You wanna leave, huh?  Want to leave this place for ever, huh?  I'll take you away from here, forever and ever."

She slowly stopped crying.  "You-you promise?"  She sounded so sad, so hopeless, it made Soven sick that someone would do this to a child!

"Of course I promise.  I only lie to people I hate and I don't hate you."  he told her softly.  Forcing his voice to hold steady from his stomach and his heart.

"Now, come on.  Lets leave, huh?" Soven pulled himself to his feet and walked over to her making sure she could see his hands.  He grapped her chains and pulled but his wound made him stop.  The pain was too much.  Instead he grapped his sword.  "Now, don't be scared, huh?  I'm not gonna hurt you but I need to break the chain, ok?"  She nodded slowly.

He pulled his sword out and grapped it with both hands and said, "Ready?"  She nodded  and closed her eyes.  Soven swung and hit the chain.  It broke with a single stike but the effort almost made Soven fall and his eyes were misted by the pain.  With the girl free, she slowly came closer and he looked at her and smiled.  "Ok, now.  We have a small problem.  I only know one way down and that means we have to through some fighting but dont worry.  No will get near you, I sware."

She was quiet a moment,  "You promise?"

Soven grinned, "Trust me kid.  From now on, if anyone, and I mean anyone, tries to mess with you, they'll wish they hadn't, ok.  I Promise you that iIwill always protect you, huh?  That sound good to you?"

She smiled weakly and her eyes stared to gather tears and she quickly hugged Soven.  Soven was stunned.  No child ever wanted to be near him, ever.  But he could feel her desperation and it moved him more stongly then anything he had ever felt.  He gently hugged her back, and whispered,  "Come now, kid.  No time to get teary, huh?"  He pushed her back slowly and wiped the tears from her eyes.  "Crying helps nothin', not even your pain, huh?  Come on. Lets leave."

Soven stood up and she stood next to him.  They walked over to the door and Soven peared out but saw no one.  He grapped his swords in 2 hands and nodded his head forward and he stepped out first.  The girl just behind him.  They walked quickly down the hall to the door and Soven put his hand on the door.  "Ok, kid.  Stay close and don't let anyone grap you and you'll be fine.  No matter waht you see or hear, stay close.  Lets go."

Soven pulled the door open and jumped out and quickly cut two men down, to Soven they looked to be dead already but he didnt have time to dwelll.


Soven and the girl stared to jog to the large doors at the other side of the hall, slicing and stabbing as he went.  Scores of people fell to Soven blade as he made for the door, with one eye on the girl to make sure she was still there.


Soven chopped a guys head off and looked behind him and saw his brother with his white light sword in his hand.  Soren charged for them but a ball of energy was thrown at him and he was flung away.  Soven guess the person who did it and shouted  "CHEERS KID! FIRST PINTS ON ME."

Soven grapped the girls hand and they ran for the doors, killing as he went.



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With a hiss the door to the airship slidded open, and a great ramp lowered, Eevee, Sonya and Tanis gathered at the bottom, expecting to see someone who could give them answers of what has happened to Ellessar woods. The first one to come was Kobie, Sonya ran up to her lover and wrapped her arms around him, but she could tell by the grim look on his face something was wrong. Retala and Gau walked out shorty after, sharing the same grim look.

"Feyd? whats wrong? did something happen to Keiji? or Tsunami?" Sonya fixed her look on Gau and Retala both were baring battle scars. "What happened? tell me,"

"Mum..." Eevee said, and Sonya looked up to the airship, walking silently down was Neji caring the lifeless Melina.

"Is she?" Sonya asked, and Kobie nodded. "No,"

Neji said nothing and brushed past his friends, Keiji trailing behind him hanging his head, ignoring any of Tsunami's attempts to comfort him.

"The elves have retreated deeper into the forest, please follow me," Retala said.


That night Melina's funeral took place, deep within Ellessar woods in the elves most sacred grounds, rarely ventured due to Elves living so long, the graves of those buried due to the attack were still fresh and the candles still burned. Melina's body had been cleaned and dressed in pretty white elvish cloth, a crown of flowers round her head, her hands rested on her chest holding her Atellian Staff and a photo of her family. Tears flowed in the funeral as Laconfir chanted above Melina's corpse in Elvish, Candles lit around her body, even Tanis attended the funeral standing a fair distance.


The funeral over and Melina buried slowly one by one everyone began to return home until left standing alone before his mothers grave was Keiji Neji dragged away to the elf council even despite the circumstances, Keiji's face was blank as he stared down at the tomestone.

"Keiji," Neji said returning to his wifes grave, Keiji did not answear, Neji placed his hand on his son shoulder. "Come with me," Keiji followed his father through the forest until they came to a crystal lake. They sat for around an hour.

"Father? why did she have to die?"

"I find myself asking the same question, yet I can't find no answear because there is no answear, she died to save my life, she did it because she loved me, we do some stupid things for the ones we love," They went silent once again staring down at the sparkling lake.

"Father, I want to get back at them, I want to get back at Kiba for killing mother, I want to get Penance because its all his fault,"

"As do I, but if we seek them out on revenge alone we are sure to die, and Melina didn't die so we could, she died so we could live, Spira is about to go through something major and I feel we both have a part in it, and no matter what happens, you are always mine and Melinas son, she will watch over both of us, so lets not let her down, I can feel she is upset cause you and I are upset and push for revenge, we are letting her death perhaps lead to ours, we must move forward not to avenge her, but for her, make her proud,"

"...father, you're right, thank you,"

"Neji?" a voice said from the trees, "the council needs to speak to you, it's urgent,"

"Sorry Keiji I must leave, the world won't stop and events won't come any slower due to Melina's death," Neji left and disappeared in the forests, leaving Keiji behind still sitting by the lake.


Many Elves had gathered in the council room, Neji amoung them as well as Retala and Laconfir.

"Now then, Retala I beleive you have made a discovery?"

"My subordinates found a text predicting Penances return we had over looked it before because the text was mainly about Yevon creator of Sin, aparently when Penance was sealed he gathered a large portion of his energy, and with it created a child, Penance had hoped that the child would mature and carry on his conquest until he returned but the child turned out to be a normal Atellian the power laying harmlessly inside of them, when the last of the summoners went to start Zanarkind the child was agmounst them and lived a full live, marrying and having one child, he died aged 66 and people believed that all traces of Penance had now vanished from the world and thus it was forgotten about, but one man believed that the energy had a mind of its own, and that it passed down to the daughter, he recorded there family tree as it grew, passing on the knowledge to a friend or child and them passing the work onto another, the result being this," Retala unraveled a great family tree on the table.

"It may look normal enough until we came to this," Retala pointed to a point low down on the tree, and written in bold letters was the name 'Yevon' the room went silent till one elf stepped forth.

"so? Yevon is related to the man created by Penances power, what is you're point being?"

"I thought that also, until I had a chance to speak with Keiji's friend Tsunami, she does not know her real parents, and her adopted father found her a new born on the beach after Sin was killed and do I need to remind you that Yevon is Sin," Retala pointed to Yevon's name again on family tree,

"If you look Yevon has a direct route back the this man created by the power, I have a theroy that that energy did pass down the line, and it ended up in Yevon, and stuck in him when he became Sin and when Sin was killed the energy survived and formed once again into a new born child, sitting harmlessly within them until Panance can take it back, and to back up my theroy, Tsunami has been kidnapped by Penances men twice, the second time he sent three of his best men, and Keiji said something about Ghead saying she's not ready yet, so that energy is within her but not ready to detach itself from her," The room went silent.

"So the child is here, the person Penance need to become complete is here, in Ellessar woods, we could not ask for a better opportunity, if we kill her then Penance can't get the energy," one elf said

"You can't kill her! she is living person!" another shouted standing up.

"keeping her alive is to risky, Penance is strong enough as it is and if he gets the girl again and reclaims his energy, he'll be almost unbeatable!" the elves in the room rose in conflict, some saying to hide the girl, other to kill her. Kobie burst into the room wondering what was with the racket and soon got filled in from Retala and Neji, who sat back from the arguement along with Laconfir.

Eventually Laconfir stood up and brought order to the room.

"I have thought about it, and although its brings me great pain to say this, the child is too risky to be kept alive," Laconfir turned to the elf guards and ordered them to seek her out and terminate her.

"Neji, Keiji will protect her, if the elves go to kill her," Kobie said once the room was empty. Neji sat silent.

"In that chase we must explain it to Keiji, Laconfir is right she can't be left alive," Retala said in response.

"If Keiji defends her he will fight to the end against the elves, many elves could die, and so would Keiji no dout," Neji said grimly

"Then we must go, we must find them before the elves do,"


Keiji continued to sit by the crystal lake, he relaxed and lay back on the grass looking up at the nights sky, soon his view was blocked by a smiling Tsunami leaning over him.

"Took me forever to find you," she said, Keiji smiled looking up but soon felt a bundle land on top of his stomach as Tsunami dropped something on him. "There for you from the elves, since you're fighting close are at my house," Keiji looked at the bundle of clothes given to him and swifty changed into them, they were exactly the same as his prevous fighting gear, apart from they came with a black T-shirt to wear underneith until he got his white T-shirt and Shirt back.

"Look what the elves gave me, man never thought I would be saying that," she laughed pointing at her new clothes, she wore a white short sleeved robe, which showed her neck and the top of her chest a black leather band was round her neck leading down and braching off into the three leather straps which were attached to the dress holding the loose fighting robes securely on, the robe came down to a half short half long skirt, the front coming down to just above her knees and the back flowing all the way down to her angles like a wavey cape, she wore black leather knee high boots and long arm length black leather clothes. She twirled for Keiji.

"Like it?" she said smiling, Keiji responed with a thumps up and a smile. "Aww you're sweet," she said mockenly, Keiji half chuckled and rubbed the back of his head nervously. Suddenly they heard a voice in the bushes call out.

"She's here! she's here," it called, Tsunami paniced and stepped back, "they're not back are they?" she said. Keiji stood ready when running out of the dark woods came a group of six elves all holding bows ready to fire.

"Step aside Keiji, we have been ordered to teminiate the child of Penances power," Keiji looked back at Tsunami, "You mean to kill her! no way, I won't allow it!"

"she is to much of a threat to remain alive, step aside,"

"No!" Keiji shouted and he he split into a large group of dark clones, they all charged and grapped the elves bow, who struggled to snatch them back, Keiji grapped Tsunami's hand and ran into the forest.

"We have to hurry, those clones will only stay long if I'm close by, they'll fade soon and we have to be a fair distance," he said while running.

Eventually the pair came to the edge of a cliff over a grassy field and leading to Machilani forest, they turned around but as they did they saw Kobie standing. He had a serious look and slowly he walked towards them. "Tsunami fly, I'll lead them astary,"

"Do you mean, to hurt her too,"

"Keiji," Keiji charged at Kobie and launched his fist, but Kobie merly twisted his body in a flash to avoid, again Keiji swung but once again Kobie again dodging the blow, moving in a blur, Keiji swung round for a spinning kick but Kobie vanished before his foot, appearing behind Keiji, Keiji turned swifty throwing a punch, but in a flash Kobie caught his fist.

"Keiji, settled down, I don't want you, or Tsunami"

"Liar!" Keiji threw his other fist but Kobie caught that too with his spare hand, and in one quick motion pinned Keiji to the ground, his arms crossed across his chest and forced to the ground.

"Tsunami fly now!" he shouted and but Tsunami did move

"I won't leave you Keiji!" she shouted

"Keiji settle down and I'll let you go, I told you I don't want to hurt Tsunami, but we do need her stay here,"

Keiji continued to struggle and eventually threw Kobie off with black shockwave attack, he sprang to his feet, standing there when he rose was his father Neji. Keiji buckled knowing he would be unable to defend himself against both his father and godfather.

"I'm sorry, but I can't stay here, not if the elves want Tsunami, dead, I promised her I wouldn't let anything happen to her," Neji froze, he made a promise like that to Melina so many years ago and he could see in his sons eyes just how much he ment it just like Neji did when we was around his age.

"What if it was Melina they were after or Sonya, I know you guys would the exact same," Kobie and Neji knew he was right, they truely would do the same even if it did mean putting the world in jeapordy.

"Father you said yourself we do the stupidest things for the one we love," deep within the forest the sound of the elves looking franticlly for Tsunami could be heard, and suddenly jumping out of the bushes emerged a worried Eevee.

"Guys whats going on, why to the Elves plan on killing Tsu? They are getting real close,"

"Keiji run, run with Tsunami and keep you're promise to her," Neji said


"You have grown so much my son, I beleaved you lacked what it would take to be a truely strong warrior, but seeing you now has proved me wrong, I wanted to protect you from any harm, but now i can truely see you are more than capable, I'm proud of you, now go,"

"Eevee I want you to go with them," Kobie said turning to his daughter


"Me and you're mother will have to leave soon with Tanis, and we can't take you with us, I beleive these two will need you for now,"


"Eevee, go," another voice said within the forest, walking out came Sonya. "We will all meet again but for now we must seperate," Eevee walked over to Keiji and Tsunami and Sonya began to cast an aero spell.

"Look after eachother," Sonya said

"try not to get into too much trouble," Kobie said smiling

"You three have you're part in this story, play it well and lets us meet again," with those words the mighty aero spell lifted the three young heroes and lowered them down the cliff.



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(occ - So Fariel's starting to like Jacen, hes skilled and has a sense of humour :p lol His dropping on the soldier made her smile cause it reminded her of Tanis's annoying habit. ANyway yeah. I still like to climb, just cause i have wings dosn't mean i'll take advantage of them ^_^ lol)

“So what happened to our contact?” Jacen queried, Fariel smiled at his use of ‘our’ rather then ‘your’ as they moved through the cave back to Kebel.

“He’s probably under The Guards protection, he must have given information about the meeting and thinks we will be out to get him now.” Fariel explained dismissively.

“Probably means that the Al’bed are less willing to cooperate due to The Guards movements lately.” Lei laughed behind them.

“Welcome back!” Larek waved from up ahead, Whisper sitting beside him, Fariel’s mood lightened when she saw him, and the fact they were finally back at Kebel. “I’m glad you’re still with me Fariel…” He smiled taking her hand as she stepped up to him.

Fariel looked at him oddly and he smiled, then she remembered, Tanis had said to meet him in the Calm Lands, it had been two days, she felt almost guilty when she thought of her fellow Angel’s and their guide sitting waiting in the giant meadow waiting for her.

“I wouldn’t just run off, you know me better then that.” She replied with a grin and he hugged her. Jacen smiled, she wasn’t as cold anymore then when he first met her, he guessed that getting the weight of her history off her chest helped her accept it, and accept him.

“Okay guy’s, you’re free now, you can go do what you like.” Fariel laughed, they cheered and ran off in various directions, though Jacen stayed. “What’s up Jacen?” She turned to him.

“I was wondering if we could talk some more?” He ventured.

Fariel chuckled, “I need to check on something, so walk with me.” Still with Larek in tow, walked off, Jacen nodded and followed, very wary of the wolf right beside him. “Don’t worry she only bites bad guys.” Fariel spoke from ahead as if reading his mind.


When she said ‘walk with me’ he thought she actually meant walk, but he found himself hiking up a icy hill and then climbing up a near vertical cliff face, luckily it wasn’t too windy and it wasn’t snowing. He was beginning to wonder why he was still following her; Larek was faring well, obviously used to living in the terrain. Both of them were slightly jealous when Fariel had carried Whisper up to their destination with her magic, though he was slightly bemused by the fact that Fariel was climbing instead of flying.

Larek seemed to know where she was heading, and didn’t seem happy about it but he trusted Fariel and followed anyway, Jacen remained oblivious of their destination but was glad when they got there.

They stopped their hike at the top of the cliff; from it they could see for miles in all directions, it was high enough that they could see the majority of the Gagazet range, all of the calm lands and even the tall buildings far away in Bevell.

Fariel and Larek stood watching the calm lands; Whisper looked around randomly looking for something of interest to amuse her. Jacen knelt down beside Whisper and smiled, reaching out to pet her and to no foul reaction scratched her behind the ear while watching the calm lands where Fariel seemed to be looking.

“What is it you’re waiting for?” Jacen asked.


“What do you mean?”

“Someone I knew a long time ago, appeared out of nowhere two days ago and said to meet him in the calm lands today, others were supposed to be meeting us as well but it doesn’t seem like any of them have arrived.”

“Is that why Larek was so relieved to see you, because you were going to go meet them? Is it bad to meet them?”

“I don’t want her to.” Larek answered, “If she does-“ Fariel cut him off.

“I might not come back...” Fariel sighed.

Jacen was confused by her answer and looked up to her. “Why?” It was such a childish thing to say and he regretted asking.

“Because I’ll probably die.” Fariel looked down to him as if unaffected by the fact.

“So the people that you are supposed to be meeting are the group you travelled with to try and defeat sin?” Jacen guessed.

Fariel ****ed a brow, “That’s them, yeah.”

“Are they going to try and kill you too?” Jacen laughed.

“No, they just want to drag me into something that has nothing to do with me.”


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<ooc - *sigh* great, you’re back in Kebel LOL now I’m going to have to come up with a slightly less plausible way for you to meet the threatening threesome :P>

The Aero dissipated to set Keiji, Tsunami and Eevee safely down a fair distance south of the Ellessar woods.

“So where do we go now?” Keiji wondered out loud.

“Our best bet for a first stop is probably Bevelle,” Tsunami said after a pause, “The elves won’t risk exposing themselves around somewhere as crowded as the capital city even if they do figure out where we’ve gone. Plus I need to let my dad know I’m okay and pick up a couple of things…it’s not safe to be wandering around unarmed any more and I’m sick of being a damsel in distress - no offence, Keiji.” she added with a wink.

“I don’t understand, Tsu,” <ooc - well picked up on that btw, Sean :D> Eevee said, chewing at her nails, “What’s up with the elves? You didn’t do anything wrong - why would they want to hurt you all of a sudden?”

“Apparently Penance lost some of his power when he escaped the demon-world, and it now resides inside Tsunami here. If he gets it back then he’ll be all but invincible, and the elves didn’t want to take that chance. To their credit a lot of them were against it, but even Master Laconfir had to give in to the majority in the end. They thought Penance capturing Tsunami and getting the last part of his power back was too great a risk to take.”

“Even though you’re completely innocent?” Eevee said, looking at Tsunami with horrified disbelief.

“Yeah, but that’s coz the Ellessar are cold, calculating bastards,” Keiji said grimly, “Come on, we’d better get moving.”

* * *

“They’re not here,” Sonya said with closed eyes as she pretended to use her Farsight to search for Keiji and Tsunami, “They’ve left the woods and they’re heading north to the Calm Lands. We’ll head out after them, you go and tell Master Laconfir.”

The two elven archers nodded and bounded back the way they had come, leaping over fallen logs and other obstacles to quickly disappear into the trees.

Once they had gone, Tanis detached himself from the shadows and came to stand by Neji, Feyd and Sonya, an amused look on his face.

“Very well, my friends,” he said, “It seems we have a ready-made excuse to take our leave. I’m sorry to drag you off on another insane quest like this but I told Fariel to meet us in the Calm Lands this morning, and it is almost time.”

He turned and looked over the trees towards the eastern horizon, where the moon was fading and a grey light was beginning to creep into the air as dawn approached.

“They’ll be fine,” he added, apparently without cause.

“Are you reading our minds again?” Neji snapped.

“No, I don’t need to. I could sense your concern for your children from a mile away. Do not be troubled - they are more than capable, as were you when we set out on our first little adventure, though you did not know it at the time. The path of the Avenging Angel is written on their fate.”

That thought brought a slight ease to Sonya’s worry as they turned and began walking through the peaceful night-time forest towards the northern treeline and the road to the Calm Lands.

* * *

Sleet lashed down onto the three young travellers as they struggled through the snowy landscape. The weather had turned bad shortly after they had entered Macalania, and the driving snow whipped their hair and coats about them as they went, biting at exposed ears and hands. Keiji was up front bent, pushing implacably through the knee-deep snow and bent double against the storm, for if he looked up he couldn’t see more than ten yards in any direction anyway.

“Are you sure we’re still going the right way?” Tsunami yelled over the wind. Keiji frowned.

“I hope so! We should have passed the deserted travel agency by now…must be a bit further on.”

Tsunami laughed.

“Keiji, don’t tell me you’ve got us lost already?”

But she said it with a twinkle in her eye.

“Gotta ask yourself the question; where are you now…?” Eevee sang from behind them, spinning her force lance blithely in one hand, until it slipped out of her numb fingers and fell into the snow, “Come a bit closer guys, this is silly,” she said as she picked it up, “Nullfrost!”

As she held up her hand, a hemisphere of pale blue light enveloped the three of them, pushing back the snowstorm.

“Much better,” Eevee said as she brushed snow off her black coat, “Well, now that we can see a bit further, do you know where we are?”

Keiji looked around, and thought he saw a dark shape in the distance that might have been a building.

“Yes!” he said, “Rin’s is right over there!”

They headed towards the building and sure enough it turned out to be Rin’s deserted travel agency, and soon they had taken shelter inside and built up the log fire to keep them warm, Keiji igniting it with a Demon Ball.

“Well, here we are again,” Tsunami said cheerfully, winking at Keiji as she slipped her arm into his and sat down in front of the fire, “Where we first met.”

“Not much point moving on until the storm clears.” Keiji said in a business-like way, trying to cover his embarrassed blush at the memory.

“Not necessarily,” Eevee put in, “If you want to go then let’s go.”

“What are you talking about, Eevee?” Keiji asked her, “Surely not even you’re nuts enough to want to go back out there with that blizzard still going on?”

Eevee rolled her eyes and started shifting broken furniture off a carpet that lay more or less in the middle of the room, kicking the rug aside with her booted foot to reveal a trap door underneath.

“How did you know that was there?” Tsunami said in surprise as Eevee busied herself pulling up the trap door with a loud groan of rusty hinges.

“This is one of auntie Fari’s secret tunnels - there’s a network of them all across Spira, apparently. She took me down this one the one time she let me visit Kebel. More to the point though, if you go down it the other way it leads straight to Bevelle.”

Tsunami made an impressed noise.

“Well, you coming then?” Eevee said as she dropped down through the trap door, into a narrow, roughly-hewn tunnel just about big enough for them to stand upright in, buttressed every few feet by wooden supports.

Keiji and Tsunami followed and closed the trap-door behind them as Eevee cast an illumination spell on one of her daggers and held it up like a torch to light their way as they began walking down the tunnel, the muffled noise of the snowstorm sounding comfortably remote above them.

* * *

It was dawn, and still nothing stirred in the Calm Lands apart from the occasional flock of Chocobo racing across the open grasslands kwehing to each other.

Jacen detached the sniper scope from his rifle and used it as a telescope to scan the horizon, but he couldn’t yet see the group Fariel had claimed might be arriving any time now. Evidently Fariel couldn’t either. She slumped down next to Larek with an impatient noise as the sun began to creep over the horizon east of them, causing the snow around them to glisten. At this altitude it was almost completely quiet; there was no wind to speak of and the only sound was the faint breathing of the three humans and Whisper as their breath misted the cool early-morning air.

They all started slightly when the silence was broken by a loud triple-beep. Fariel tapped the machina device on her wrist and held it up to her mouth.

“Yeah, what is it Faber?”

“Fariel, we’ve got a problem down here.”

“What kind of a problem?”

“Motion sensor 572 just picked up unidentified movement in the Macalania tunnel, three people heading towards Bevelle.”

“We don’t have anyone scheduled to be coming in from there?”


“Damn,” Fariel cursed, “If a Guard patrol has found one of the entrances to the tunnel network then the ****’s really gonna hit the fan…okay Faber order a team to lock down the tunnel, I’m on my way.”

“Fariel?” Jacen asked curiously.

“I’m gonna check this out myself - come on Larek.”

She unceremoniously grabbed his hand and led him towards the edge of the steep-sided precipice.

“Jacen, look after Whisper for me til I get back will you? And call Faber or Dante if you see anyone approaching across the Calm Lands.”

“Uh, okay…” said Jacen, not sure how else to respond as Fariel grabbed Larek tight, flexed her wings and dived off the cliff, spreading her wings to catch a thermal as she neared the bottom and swooping down towards the cave entrance into Kebel’s lower level.

* * *

Eevee, Keiji and Tsunami pulled up short as a blinding machina torch-light snapped into life ahead of them, forcing them to shield their eyes.

“Halt!” a voice ordered, and there was the unmistakable sound of several machina guns being ****ed, “Identify yourselves!”

“Eevee, what the hell have you led us into!?” Keiji hissed.

“Oh frak…” was Eevee’s reply.

* * *

Fariel and Larek strode purposefully down the cramped tunnel as the helmet and gun lights of her interdiction team came into view ahead of them. Raised voices reached their ears as they rounded a corner and saw three young-looking people standing with their hands up in the torchlight - a young woman dressed in angelic white with black boots and gloves, a tough-looking boy in casual combat gear, and a goth teenage girl, the last of whom seemed to be arguing with her men.

“…Look, I told you already! Do you not remember me coming to Kebel with Fari Oreen once before? No? Let’s see, my name’s Eevee Kobie, I’m the daughter of Feyd and Sonya Kobie, I’m Fari’s favourite niece and my favourite music group is Effervescence.”

Fariel smiled in spite of herself.

“It’s alright guys, lower your weapons - I know these people. Eevee what the hell did you think you were doing just waltzing into the tunnel network?”

“Thankyou!” Eevee said testily as the Kebelites slowly dropped their gunpoints and flicked safety catches, “Auntie Fari, could you please explain to these guys who we are?”

Fariel couldn’t help but laugh.

“False alarm guys, it’s just Feyd and Sonya’s hyperactive daughter and a couple of her friends. Heya Keiji. So what you been up to?”

“We were trying to get to Bevelle.” Keiji answered, rolling his eyes at Eevee. She pretended to pull a face back at him.

Larek, standing behind Fariel, laughed as the Kebelite security team turned and disappeared back up the tunnel.

“So these are your friends’ kids you’re always going on about.”

“Yeah,” Fariel said fondly, “Oh of course, you haven’t met, have you? This is Eevee, Keiji, and…?” she paused as her eyes fell upon the unfamiliar face of Tsunami.

“Tsunami Stead.” she introduced herself, putting her arm around Keiji.

“Cool. Kids, this is Larek Atlen.”

“You’re Larek?” Eevee said, looking impressed.

Larek grinned at her, “Yep.”

“Ah,” said Eevee, turning to Fariel, “So this is the guy you’re always referring to as ‘your bitch’, then?”

She flashed a mischievous grin at Larek’s expression, pressing her tongue up against her front teeth. Fariel avoided Larek’s eyes awkwardly.

<ooc - felt like a comedy post XD>


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"50% huh? I still think you're computers on the blink, yeh haven't got a chance," Zell laughed

"Foolish human! 50% is all I need to beat you, watch as you're odds quickly go down," Gaget pushed a bottom on the tiny computer "I'm always prepared for anything, this computer reads you're movement and skills and tells me the best counter long before you can attack, for example - adequate counter - Air raid," Gaget took to the sky quickly and once again began firing upon Zell, Zell dived behind the rock again.

"Hiding won't help you!" Gaget shouted, and Zell heard Gagets Mana Cannon charge, he dived forward and covered his head as the blast obliterated his cover scattering rocks and dust. Zell looked over his shoulder to see Gaget flex his finger on gun, Zell sprang to his feet and ran for his life, the seemingly never ending barrage of bullets chasing him from rock to rock. Gaget laughed until eventually he ran out of bullets, frantically he changed clips, but soon found himself dodging bullets as Zell fired at him with both pistols. Gaget used his wings as a shield and began firing back, the two exchanged bullets for some time, Zell running from rock to rock, and Gaget staying in one place hidden safetly behind his metal wings.

"Ok then," Zell thought, "Lets see you're wings deflect this," Zell loaded a thunder capsuel into fired a bolt of lightning, Gaget burst out of the sancuty of his wings holding a black rod, the lightning got drawn to it and channeled harmlessly into the rod. Gaget laughed, and pushed a button on the rod. The rod sparked to life, an electric barrier encased the black rod.

"Thank you for the power boost Zell, chance of victory - 75%, I like those odds," Gaget straighted up and thrusted towards Zell, he slashed with his rod leaving behind a visible blue trail, Zell drifted back and avoided the rod, but loose bolts of electricty sparked off the rod and stuck him sending a low volt through out his body, Zells muscles contracted causing him to drop his Mana Gun, and leaving him fonrriable. The black electifiyed rod smacked off Zells arm sending charges through his body and causing him to collapse. Gaget tried to slam down on him, but Zell rolled and the electric charge passed harmlessly into the ground, Gaget slammed the rod down once again, but this time Zell sprang to his feet, he spun round drawing his rifel and blocked Gagets third failed attempt, the rifel absorbed the current and discharged it harmlessly, allowing Zell the push against his much stronger opponent, the electified rod drew closer to Zell he drifted back and Gaget stumpled over him, grabbing his wrist Zell kicked him over as they fell back, both losing there weapons, springing to there feet they grabbed there weapons, both spun round and pointed there weapons at eachother, inches away from eachothers throat. Zell smiled.

(occ more to come later)



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(occ - if you want me to change it slightly to fit what you had planned for eevee and stuff, Fenix, just say)

Larek looked at Fariel with a smug grin and then looked to Eevee, resisting the urge to make a sarcastic come back, instead he changed the subject back to the matter at hand, “So why is it you little people need to go to Bevell so badly that you had to use our tunnel system?”

“Ah…” Eevee looked away at Larek’s accusing glare but then he smiled and she calmed down, “We have stuff to do.”

“Is such stuff important?” Fariel asked, Keiji and Tsunami nodded, “Well then, we won’t keep you any longer. Eevee, you do know if you kept going in this tunnel you would have ended back up in Macalania?” She teased, and Eevee looked at her in disbelief, “I’m joking. Follow the tunnel and take the left at the fork and you’ll come out at the edge of Bevell. Do you want someone to go with you, make sure you don’t get lost?”

They shook their heads, “We’ll manage.”

“Okay. Oh and next time you want to use one of my tunnels, make yourself known first so we don’t have this problem again?” Larek laughed.

“How?” Eevee asked flatly.

Fariel unclipped Larek’s radio from his belt without objection and handed it to her, “If you ever need me, use this. My friend Faber will patch you through to me, okay?” Eevee nodded and smiled. “Now go on, I’m a busy woman and can’t spend all my time dealing with trespassers.” She winked and stepped aside so the three could pass.

Keiji took Tsunami by the hand and went first; Eevee waited a second and smiled, “Thanks Fari.” She smiled; Fariel nodded and let her pass.

“Fariel, Jacen is calling for you.” Faber spoke on the radio, Fariel and Larek looked to each other and rushed through the tunnels towards Jacen’s position.


Instead of wasting time climbing Fariel carried Larek up to the cliff top with magic as she flew. Jacen sat with one arm around Whisper while holding his rifle sight as a telescope with his other hand.

“Did they arrive?” Fariel composed herself as she landed and knelt down beside him.

“I don’t know, you didn’t tell me what they looked like.” He grinned, Fariel glared at him and a string of curses ran through his head, he was in for it now.

Larek smiled at Jacen’s horrified expression as Fariel burst into laughter, “That’s a good point!” Fariel sat down wiping a tear from her eye, “Ah well, I guess we are back to waiting.



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"I think I win," Zell said confindently, Gaget raised an eye brow, and examind Zell's rifel, Zell held the gun by the end quite, his fingers not near the triggers, then he saw Zell's finger move slightly to a small button within reach of his fingers, the gun clicked and suddenly launching out of a fold near the end of the barrel sprouted a sharp blade, the blade came out to quick of Gaget to dodge and it pierced through his throat, Gaget's eyes winden as he attempted one last breath. Zell pulled his gun out, spraying blood on the barren ground, Gaget collapsed to his knees before before his face slammed into the cold ground.

Zell couldn't beleive it, he had won, beaten an enemy far more powerful than himself. He turned his back and walked triumphantly to retreive his mana gun, but as he bent over to retreive it, a feeling as if something cold and evil was breathing down his neck. Zell spun round loading a fire capsuel in his mana gun, yet jumped back when he whitnessed what was happening. Gaget's body had sprung to life once again, his body was still limp and appeared to be held up by some strange purple light, rays of purple shown out of his eyes and nose, long pink tenticles sprouted out of his back, and quickly his skin began to rot and decay, chunks falling off and splashing on the ground, a putrid stench filled the area as he opened his mouth releashing more purple light to let out a horrible sceeching groan. Zell readied his mana gun, but one of the tenticles slashed forward smacking it away.

"What the hell?" Zell thought to himself "must be a side effect to Penances power," Gaget lashed forward all six tenticles wrapping them around Zell, his arms, legs, torso and neck firmly held. Zell could feel the tenticles tighten around his throat and try to pull him apart piece by piece and he fought back desperately. Zell felt the end near when something took over him, a will to carry on, something pushed him forward, Zell managed to pull his arm close to his pouch of mana capsules, he grapped one, not caring which one, leaving it down to luck, he flicked a switch on the capsule and dropped it on the ground, hoping the strike lucky, and he did, bursting out to capsule came ray of white light which spread all around him, the light burned away at Gagets tenticles and slowly they began to bubble and burn, Gaget dropped Zell and withdrew his fast dissolving tenticles he screeched painfully. Zell gasped for breath and choked for air.

"Holy capsule...thank you Melina," he said to himself as he drew Neji's twin pistols and began releashing a flurry of high powered bullets, they tore through Gagets rusted armor and weak flesh causing him to jerk back violently before finally collapsed onto the ground. Zell spun his pistols still smoking, smirking. Yet the smirk soon faded as Gaget's body began to jerk violent and slowly raise up. Zell sighed.

"How many time's must I kill you!" he shouted, Gagets cannon arm raised slowly and began to charge. Zell's eyes widened he knew what was coming and readied his crystal, as expected the blast was sucked in, and by one simple motion sent right back at Gaget who took the attack, unharmed.

"Mmm, gonna need more power,"

Gaget fired again and Zell absorbed the blast but this time he stored it in crystal, again Gaget fired and again Zell stored it, this time the crystal flashed violently stuggling to hold all the high power, the crystal began to weigh down on Zells arm. Gaget fired once again Zell pushed himself to lift his arm, and caught the blast, the crystal began to crack and flash more rapidly, Zell's arms began to shake as the energy tried desperatly to escape, the crystal weight far more than Zell expecked he couldn't even lift his arm as it shook. Gaget charged forward, seeing Zell was helpless.

"Come on Zell, you can do it," he said to himself, and he grapped his wrist with his other arm, Zell pulled his arm back and slighty began to unleash the enegy, forming a bubble of mixed magic light, and when Gaget was within striking range he heaved his arm forward unleashing the energy in one massive blast directly to the face of Gaget, it blast engulffed Gaget, and threw Zell back.

Zell landed heavily on his back, bloodied and sore, yet still alive, he heaved himself to one and looked up at the smoking cloud left behind from the blast, waiting anxiously to see what might be standing behind it. The smoke settled and to Zell's delight not a trace of Gaget was left, his body completely dimolished. Zell smiled and fell back laughing.

"Pfft odds, the underdog always wins," he said to himself.



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"mmm, Beelzebub!" Penance called out

"Yes my lord," a deep voice replied from the shadows

"It appears, our friend Gaget has fallen,"

"Impossible, by who?"

"A human, well Al'bed to be precise,"

"Gaget killed by an Al'bed? shall I exterminate him my lord,"

"No, I want you to watch over him, there are creatures of this island who would have him dead, ensure he has safe passage to me,"

"But why my lord, he is but an Al'bed,"

"An Al'bed who killed one of my best men, and now I need a replacement,"

Beelzebub stepped out of the shadows to reveal his massive figure, he stood 8 foot tall and a body made of muscle, and red skin, stange markings covered his body, he had two great bull like horns, his head and face was clean cut and his eyes gleamed a sinister yellow. Strapped to his bare back was heavy looking double edged axe, he wore only dark mail leggins and a metal bronze plate. He bowed down to one knee, "Yes my master," and with that, he took his leave.

"Now then, Xipetotec!" he called and Xipetotec, slipped into sight.

"I want that girl and our little nusicence Keiji, and make sure you don't lose her this time,"

"Yes sir!"



"As you know Neji has come back, I know all to well about you're history and thats why I shall grant you the plessure of killing him yourself,"


"And don't fail me, or I shall feed you to the shadows, that goes for all of you!"


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Keiji, Tsunami and Eevee followed the tunnel as per Fariel’s instructions, and found that it ended by sloping upwards into a small cave, with the door cleverly disguised to look like part of the rock wall around it. They stepped out, blinking in the midmorning sunshine, and found themselves just beyond the outskirts of Bevelle, which was in its usual busy working-day state. Eevee slipped her force lance into her belt and did up her long coat to cover it in case there were any Guardsmen on patrol as Tsunami again led them through the winding streets of the business district and up to the walled-off part of town where her father’s mansion was situated. As they approached the great archway which allowed the main thoroughfare to pass through into the rich side of Bevelle, a Guard sergeant standing by the gate stepped forward to meet them.

“Ah miss Stead, thank the Aeons, your father had half the Guardsmen in Bevelle out looking for you when you disappeared for the second time last night.”

“Yes, I’m sorry. Keiji asked me to show him around Bevelle and we lost track of time.” Tsunami lied smoothly, “When we headed back the gates were locked and we had to spend the night in one of the nearby hotels.”

“You should have been more careful, miss Stead - it’s not safe to be wandering around the city at night.”

Tsunami gave that airy laugh of hers.

“Really, sergeant, Keiji here is more capable than half of the professional bodyguards my father employs.”

Keiji turned slightly red at the compliment, but calmed as Tsunami squeezed his hand reassuringly.

“Very well, miss Stead, I will inform your father that you’re safe and you’re on your way.”

“Thankyou sergeant.” Tsunami said with a nod of acknowledgement as the Guardsmen stepped back and opened the great gates to allow them to pass through the arch.

* * *

“Oh my dear Tsunami, thank goodness you’re alright,” Trevor Stead boomed from the staircase as the three young travellers were let in the front door by Jeeves. He came forward and pulled Tsunami into a hug before she could object, then held her by the shoulders at arms length as he spoke to her sternly, “The Guard told me what happened. My girl, you really shouldn’t have just wandered off like that without telling me, especially after your first incident!”

His face melted into a smile, apparently too relieved to stay angry at his adopted daughter for long.

“And I see you’ve been spending my hard-earned fortune on new clothes as well!” he added jovially, noting the white dress with its black gloves and boots that the elves had given her, “Very nice though I must say, Tsunami, you always did have expensive tastes…”

“I’m sorry, father,” Tsunami said.

“Well at least you had this fine boy here to look after you, eh?” Trevor laughed as he clapped a hand on Keiji’s shoulder, “And you, my dear, yes I remember you’re Keiji’s friend and you were at the party too, you were wearing that pretty red ball gown…but tell me, where are your parents?”

“Oh,” Eevee said, “Sorry sir, they…”

“How many times must I ask you young people to call me Trevor?” Trevor laughed, throwing up his arms melodramatically.

“Sorry, Trevor…they had other things to do. Busy people you know. But they wanted me to tell you it was a kick-a…” she stopped herself just in time, “A really good party last night.” she corrected herself.

“Well I’m glad. I should have hoped so anyway - it’s not every day your little girl turns 17 now, is it?” Trevor replied, casting a fond look at Tsunami.

“Father,” Tsunami began.

“Yes, my dear?”

“Would it be possible for Keiji and Eevee to stay for the night?”

“Of course, of course,” Trevor boomed happily, “It’ll give me a chance to talk more with you, Keiji. And Eevee I never got the chance to speak to you last night so it would be most pleasant to hear about you and your family. Jeeves, show our friends to two of the guest bedrooms and have them prepared for them by tonight.”

“Very good, sir.” Jeeves said with a low bow, and led Keiji and Eevee up the stairs.

* * *

Eevee took a minute to look around the sumptuously-decorated guest room, with its balcony window looking out over the sea to the west, a deep blue-green sheet which glittered in the morning light, and its huge 4-poster bed with elaborately-patterned duvet covers and pillows. As Jeeves bowed his way out to escort Keiji to the next room along, Eevee took off her jacket and folded it over a chair at the room’s small writing desk, taking her force lance from her belt and placing it on the chair beside it as she walked over to the balcony and stood with her hands resting on the doorframe either side of her, listening to the sea-birds’ harsh crying as they swooped and wheeled over the ocean below her.

She suddenly stifled a yawn, and realised that she hadn’t slept in well over 24 hours. While they had been trekking through the landscapes of Bevelle, the Ellessar woods and Macalania, the activity and the adrenaline rush of battling Penance’s servants had kept her from feeling fatigue, but now the constant exertion and lack of sleep were beginning to catch up with her. All of a sudden her arms and legs began to ache with tiredness. Without bothering to undress first, she turned back into the bedroom and flopped down on the 4-poster bed. As she finally allowed herself to relax her body’s natural instincts quickly took over, knowing what she needed better than she did herself, and Eevee was soon fast asleep.

<ooc - she may have crazy Aeon power, but the poor girl's still only human >


Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
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As night fell the young angels all rested there tired heads in the comfortable Stead mansion except Tsunami, who could not seem to drift off, slowly she got up from her bed and approached the balcony sliding open the great door, she leaned on the edge staring up at the stars, it was a cool night, the breeze gently brushed through her hair, she was at ease, which she found hard to beleive due to all that she had been through and witnessed over these past few days, yet aside from that she got to meet many new interesting people and taken a liking to all of them, she got to see the beautiful Ellessar woods and meet the graceful elves, and learned the storys of the avenging angels and the true battle against Sin and Yevon, and all this started with her having the fortune of Keiji being near when she was in need, Keiji not only saved her life a number of times, he had opened her eyes to the truth, she had seen things that the normal people of Spira can not.

"Hello Tsunami," a mysterious angelic voice said from behind her. Tsunami spun round, behind her stood a mysterious spectal form of a beatiful women, two shining angelic wings curled in to rest, her hair was long and white with great pointed ears poking out of them. Tsunami stepped back.

"You're not one of Penances troops are you?"

"No, do not be alarmed child, I am the half elf half Atellian faith, Eden,"

"Eden? Melina's summoning,"

"Yes I bring a message from Melina, all the way from the farplain," Tsunami looked on confused but relaxed since it wasn't one of Penances troops. "Melina want's you to look out for her son, he can be rash some times, which often leads to him getting beaten, he say's he'll protect you with his life and since he's just like his father he will, but you need to be there to protect him also again just like his father he can often take on a much larger load than he can handle,"

"but how could I protect him, I'm weak,"

"Child you not weak, you are also a full blooded Atellian, you have great potential and hidden strength, and don't worry I'll be there to assit you,"

"I'm no summoner lady Eden,"

"I don't mean summon dear," Eden spread her wings and took to the nights sky, she began to shine in a celestrail white colour, Tsunami shielded her eyes until the light faded, she looked up and drifting down to her came a golden shining staff, shaped as a cross, the staff floated before Tsunami, held up by a faint white light, Tsunami slowly grapped the staff and held it in both hands, she felt a strange energy surge through her, the staff was light and easily swung despite it being far longer than.

Edens faint voice echoed from the staff "From this point on, my power is you're power, this staff my appear blint but can cut through evil like any sword, can you feel the magic flow through you? it is white magic, not destructive to those of kind hearts capable of healing wounds to however you choose, use this power wisely," and with that Eden's voice drifted away leaving Tsunami in the silentness of night.


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<ooc - back in time a few hours>

“Fariel,” Jacen called out, making her look up. She got to her feet and went to stand beside him on the other side of the cliff-face.

“Call me Fari, Jacen, everyone else does.” she said.

“Alright,” Jacen said with a smile, “Fari then. There’s something coming.”

He handed her his improvised telescope and pointed towards the horizon, where a dark dot was visible against the blue morning sky. Through the scope Fariel could make out that the shape was a giant bird, with contrails of light glittering with fire, ice and lightning streaming from its vast wings as it soared across the Calm Lands towards Mt Gagazet. Four figures were clinging on to its back. Fariel smiled.

“Looks like Sonya couldn’t be bothered to walk…”

“That your friends?” Jacen asked, and Fariel nodded, “They don’t half travel in style.”

The dry comment made Fariel laugh.

“So are you going down to meet them, then?” Jacen continued, while Larek just watched impassively from beside Whisper.

* * *

<ooc - present>

Eevee’s eyes flickered open to find that night had fallen outside, the stars visible through the balcony door. It was a warm night and all was quiet, so the fact that the glass door stood open had not disturbed her. Yawning, she wondered vaguely about getting a shower and something to eat, but the 4-poster bed was so comfortable she decided those things could wait a bit longer. She closed her eyes and tried to drift off again.

But for some reason it didn’t work. After a couple of minutes she sat up with a sigh of annoyance. Something was nagging at the back of her mind, making it impossible for her to sleep. The same restless feeling she had got the night of the storm, and at Tsunami’s birthday party. She was learning to start taking these instincts seriously.

Cautiously she got up and looked around the room, but nothing appeared out of the ordinary. She padded softly over to the writing desk and picked up her Atellian force lance from where it still lay next to her coat, then approached the window, peering as far as she could round the doorframes before stepping out onto the balcony. She quickly spun, but their was nothing lurking above the doors or up on the mansion’s high roof. Going to the edge of the balcony she surveyed the extensive gardens below, apple trees and rose bushes faintly visible through the veil of darkness, but again nothing sinister or unusual. She frowned.

It was then she heard a faint whooshing noise in the bedroom behind her. She spun round and saw an armoured Atellian with white wings and cold slate-grey eyes appear in a swirl of purple fire in the middle of her room. He appeared unarmed, but she gripped her deactivated force lance tighter just the same - she couldn’t think of any benign reason why a stranger would magically teleport in on her without warning.

“Who are you!?” she challenged the Atellian, but he did not answer her question directly.

“My master Penance,” Eevee’s blood froze at the mention of the name, “Believes you are worthy of his interest. You are going to come with me, now.”

“Am I frak!” Eevee snarled back defiantly. The Atellian’s unfathomable expression hardened, and he made a swift gesture with his hands. Two bursts of purple light shot down from on high to land next to Eevee, and in swirls of fire two demons materialised either side of her. They were reptilian, with serpentine heads and bird-like feet that ended in huge claws reminiscent of the prehistoric raptors Eevee had read about. They hissed menacingly through fanged mouths, jet-black eyes regarding her coldly. Each of them held a battle staff in one hand, topped with a thin, pulsing green crystal with three blades equispaced around it.

“You are going to come with me,” the Atellian repeated, “And you are going to do so quietly.”

Eevee seemed to deflate as the demons flanking her shuffled menacingly, their talons clicking against the stone floor of the balcony. Slowly, she raised her hands to shoulder height, holding her force lance with just her thumb, fingers spread non-threateningly.

But her thumb was resting against the activation rune.

As she tensed her hand the staff sprang into life, the telescopic weapon extending in one sharp snap, the ends smashing into the demon’s faces. As the demons screeched in pain and staggered back, Eevee grabbed the staff with her other hand as well and swung it low at one demon’s legs, sweeping its feet out from under it and sending it down hard on its back. A green bolt of energy discharged accidentally from the crystal topping its staff as it fell, streaking harmlessly into the ceiling and leaving a dark blast-mark. Eevee spun her force lance to bring the weapon end to bear on the fallen demon, and with a blast of white light the demon disappeared screeching in a flare of purple flames. Eevee ducked as the deadly blades of the second demon’s staff scythed towards her, and swept her own weapon upwards to knock it back. She struck out at the demon, sending it reeling with consecutive stunning strikes, before finally sending it screaming back to the demon world with another pulse of energy from the lance’s weapon barrel. She pirouetted and spun her force lance to point towards the Atellian, who stood with a disbelieving expression on his face. The stunned look dissolved into a snarl and suddenly the Atellian began to morph, shifting and mutating grotesquely, his wings transforming into leathery bat-like pinions as great curved tusks burst from the sides of his face. His skin darkened to jet black, his hands extended into vicious talons, his canine teeth protruded over his lower lip as cruel fangs, and his eyes blazed red.

Uhr gt’cha!” the mutated Atellian roared a challenge at her.

As the demon Atellian swept his vast wings and surged towards her, Eevee swore in terror and threw herself off the balcony, using the elven Anistara spell to create a slipstream of ice that allowed her to slide safely to the ground below. Landing in a diving roll she picked herself up and sprinted into the trees, hoping the darkness would cover her. She finally halted and ducked behind a large tree, flattening herself against its trunk and gripping her force lance tightly as she tried to slow her pounding heartbeat and listen for the demon.

Not far away the demon landed with a loud thump, raising his hands to summon several more of the reptilian demons to his side.

Ai hrur gru’ach!” he growled to them in a guttural snarl, and they began to fan out across the garden, their crystal-topped battle staffs glowing with a faint green light as they started searching for Eevee.

As quietly as she could, Eevee shifted her force lance to a one-handed grip and grabbed one of the leafy branches overhead, pulling herself up into the tree and crouching among its lower branches. She closed her eyes and focussed hard on Keiji and Tsunami, hoping fervently that the Farsight trick she had pulled at the party had not been a one-off.

* * *

On the other side of the garden Tsunami whirled round and up in the mansion Keiji jerked upright in his bed as a single word flashed simultaneously in both their minds.


<ooc - alright then, here’s an opportunity for Tsunami to take her new cross-staff for a test drive :P Oh, and this is just my take on it but “she got to meet many new interesting people and taken a liking to all of them, she got to see the beautiful Ellessar woods and meet the graceful elves” seems a bit out of place when they, well, tried to kill her…

FYI Shuruk’jaar’s little pets can fight at range by blasting energy bolts from their staffs but they’re martial demons so they prefer to take folk on up close with all manner of staff-spinning nastiness. And Shuruk’jaar himself fights with his claws, some demon magic, and can shoot his spike-tipped wings out over his shoulders to impale people ala Marcus from Underworld: Evolution>

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Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. All we have seen are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror then.

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